Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Chapter Ten - full transcript

After Alba's found she's brought to the hospital, Jane and Xo stand vigil. Jane wants to pray but can't find Alba's rosary, thinking it fell out after she fell, Jane goes to the hotel to look for it. After finding it she tries to go back to the hospital but a storm hits keeping her there. Michael and Nadine follow the tunnel they found and discover an operating room. Petra gives Rafael the divorce papers and wants the money from their pre nup but Rafael refuses to honor it. She tries to tell him the truth but he doesn't believe her. Emilio has to leave and puts Rafael in charge and among the duties he gives him is to lay off some people. Rose overhears a phone call Emilio is having with someone and hears something unsettling. To find out what it is, she goes to see Luisa who is not happy to see her. The hospital informs Xo that because of Alba being an illegal alien, she will be deported. Jane's co-workers learn that lay offs are being implemented so they ask her to talk to Rafael.

Latin lover narrator: Is this thing on? Okay, good. (thumping)
Hi, friends. Let's jump right in. As you know, jane was
Accidentally inseminated with rafael's sperm.
But I've never had sex.
And, wow, a lot has happened since then.
First, jane and rafael discovered the truth
About his ex-wife petra's identity.
She's not who she says she is.
Natalia. Jane: Turns out the real petra,
Well, she died in the czech republic in 2008.
Latin lover narrator: Meanwhile, tensions between jane's ex-fiancé michael
And her current flame rafael were at
An all-time high, and jane was caught in the middle.
Something's going on with him-- something shady.
Latin lover narrator: See, michael was convinced
Rafael was involved with sin rostro,
A big, bad drug dealer.
He thought he had a lead, but it evaporated.
We lost a serbian war criminal.
Listen, I have a theory. Sin rostro went underground
Around the same time rafael got cancer.
As soon as rafael's better and takes over the hotel,
Sin rostro resurfaces and there are two murders.
Where's your evidence? Latin lover narrator: So he broke into
Rafael's office, where he found this.
Unfortunately, when he went back, with a warrant,
The safe was empty. And then this happened.
It was an omg moment, right?
And to make matters worse,
A tropical storm is heading their way.
It should be noted that at an early age,
Jane gloriana villanueva was already
A quick learner with many skills.
100 in math,
100 in social studies, 98 in spelling,
But that's because I used the british spelling
Of "amphitheater," so I think I can argue that tomorrow.
Xiomara: Great job, hon. Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that
Xiomara gloriana villanueva was also
A very quick learner with many skills.
Unfortunately, cooking was not one of them.
Thank you.
"ask your parent
To cook a dish from the country you're from."
Hey, honey, why didn't you tell me about this?
Latin lover narrator: Because she was going to ask alba to cook for heritage day.
I forgot.
It'll be fun.
Maybe I'll make, like, a chicken empanada or an arepa?
(gasps) young jane: Abuela?
Can you teach me how to pray?
Like, the right way, with your rosary?
I just want heritage day to go well.
Mom's cooking,
And I don't want anyone to get seriously sick.
Latin lover narrator: And from that moment on,
When jane felt especially desperate,
She would often turn to prayer.
(thunder rumbling)
And jane needed the power of prayer now
More than ever.
Hi, ms. Villanueva?
Yes. Yes.
She's my mother, her grandma.
What's going on? How is she?
Well, the good news is she's stable.
And she gives every indication that she will wake up.
Okay, so what's the bad news?
We don't know when that will be.
There was some internal bleeding caused by
The head injury. And until she does wake up,
We won't know whether there will be
Any long-term ramifications.
Like, you mean her memory? Or...
That, among other things--
Speech, certain skills.
All we can do is wait.
Okay. Thank you.
She would want us to pray.
Where's her rosary?
I don't know.
No, I saw her put it in her purse
Before we went to the awards show.
It must've fallen out when she fell.
Okay, I'm gonna go to the hotel to get it.
Come on, jane.
There's a tropical storm outside.
Mom, do you remember when I was applying
To get my teaching degree and she prayed with the rosary
That I'd get in?
Two days later, I got in.
Because you're smart, not because of some beads
She got at a church flea market.
Mom, I can't just sit around and do nothing.
Okay? I'll take the car--
Ten minutes there, ten minutes back.
Okay, let me know if anything changes.
Latin lover narrator: You'll recall we last left michael and nadine
In a rather exciting position.
Not that one, you perv.
They had discovered sin rostro's
Secret tunnel beneath the hotel.
You sure we shouldn't call for backup?
The serbian could still be down here.
We don't even know where this tunnel leads.
Hold up. (whispers): Whoa.
It's a retinal scanner.
This must be where sin rostro keeps the drugs.
We got to get inside.
Let's call for backup
And bust through this thing.
Lachlan is stuck in key largo.
Oh, that's too bad. Yes, it is,
Because I have to head out.
The storm's really picking up, darling.
Maybe you shouldn't fly.
I have to; it's-it's important.
Then don't worry.
I can handle the marbella in your absence.
Come on, dad. I've done it before.
And your tenure wasn't that successful.
And I've learned from my mistakes.
Come on, you have proven your point.
Just give me a chance.
There's a lot to do right now.
The storm is picking up. We got to prepare the hotel,
We have to relocate patients from their recovery suites
To hospital in case our generators fail.
Just let me get started.
All right.
One thing.
Lachlan was about to institute
15% layoffs across all departments
To offset our losses.
Now you can do it.
It's only fair,
Since it was your mistakes that put us
In this spot in the first place.
Will that be a problem?
No. Not at all.
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that,
Despite the unpleasant task,
Rafael found himself briefly optimistic.
Hello, rafael. Latin lover narrator: Yup.
What do you want, petra?
Or... Whatever your name is.
Latin lover narrator: Natalia, actually.
Look, I didn't come here to fight.
The divorce papers.
I signed them.
You won.
And I'll leave as soon as you pay out my prenup.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes, her prenup.
Petra's golden ticket.
Here's the thing about the prenup.
Petra andel signed it.
You're not petra andel.
Rafael, please. I have nothing.
And you deserve nothing. Yes, I know. You're right.
Let me at least tell you the truth about everything.
I lied about my identity
Because I've been running for a very long time
From a very evil man.
Yeah, so here's the problem.
I don't believe you.
It's the truth.
Should we go over all the crazy lies
And the things you've done just in the last six months?
'cause we can.
Latin lover narrator: Ooh, yes, let's.
Rafael, listen...
Man (over p.A.): Attention guests and staff.
Tropical storm florentina has gained speed and is now
A category 2 hurricane.
Authorities tell us the roads will soon be closed.
For your own safety, please stay indoors.
Latin lover narrator: Uh-oh. Jane still hadn't found alba's rosary.
I found this when I was cleaning up.
I heard you were looking for it.
It felt like a miracle.
Oh, my god. Thank you, regina. I owe you big-time.
Hey, you taught my gaby how to make the best
Grilled cheese on the planet.
It's the least I could do. (chuckles)
(thunder rumbling)
Please stay off the roads and in your homes.
The national weather service has upgraded this...
Wow! I have to say, the wind is really picking up out here!
Emilio: I told you, I have no choice.
I'm getting out before the storm hits.
The move is next week.
I'll need five million for allegria.
Darling. I didn't know you were awake.
Oh, I couldn't sleep, with the wind.
You sounded upset. Is everything all right?
Yes, yes. It's my driver, he's just waiting for me downstairs.
Latin lover narrator: Ooh. That didn't sound like his driver.
Do you really have to go tonight?
Yes, I do. But I'm gonna call you as soon as I get to prague.
And next week, you and me, we're going away together.
So you two found this
Hydraulic bathtub...
How, exactly?
Just good old-fashioned detective work.
Well, great job.
Thank you. (phone ringing)
Okay, we're on our way.
They got through the lock.
What the hell?
Maybe sin rostro
Kills people here from rival cartels.
Looks more like a...
Surgical room.
Yeah, but why the hell does sin rostro need a surgical room?
Make sure all the outdoor furniture is moved inside.
The wind will toss everything. And get those storm shutters up,
And remember, first sign of flooding,
We kill the main breaker.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?
I thought you were at the hospital. No, no, I...
I came to grab my grandmother's rosary. I have to get back.
No, the roads are really bad. No, but it's close.
You are pregnant. If something were to happen...
Hey, make an announcement. It's no longer safe for anyone
To leave the hotel. The marbella is now on lockdown.
I know you want to go, but it's not safe, okay?
Not until the road clears. No, you're right. I'm gonna call my mom.
I-I got to go talk to them. Do you want to wait out the storm in my penthouse?
No, no, no. I'm gonna find my friends, see how I can help. Go. I'll figure it out.
Go, go, go, go. Just-just text me if you need anything.
Okay, so this room
Is also connected to the hotel's medical recovery suites.
There were five patients
Registered there as of this afternoon.
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that michael and nadine
Are thinking the same exact thing.
Where are the patients?
They were relocated to holy crown hospital
Before the hurricane hit. What?
Apparently, the guy that runs the hotel
Did it as a precaution.
Rafael solano?
Yeah. Head over to holy crown.
I don't care if those roads are closed.
We need those patients identified immediately.
Got it.
It's rafael. I knew it. Okay, just calm down
And let's think this through. He ran this hotel.
He knows everything that happens here.
There's no way he didn't know about this place.
Nadine, think about it.
Roman zazo, one of sin rostro's contacts,
Was rafael's college roommate.
Then there's the multiple passports from different countries,
Cash and burner phone inside his safe...
Which we never found.
I know what I saw.
You know me well enough to know
I would not make that up.
He must have moved them.
Look, rafael is definitely a suspect, okay?
But if he's involved, I got to think
He's working for his father. I mean,
Emilio is the one that financed the hotel.
And zazo was murdered the same night
That emilio got here.
Either way, rafael's involved.
I bet the retinal scanner recognizes him.
The tech had to break the scanner to get through the door.
Then I'm gonna go rattle his cage.
Okay, I've seen titanic, like, a hundred times.
Nobody cares about the third-class passengers.
We're gonna get locked in here and drown.
Okay, you do know we're not actually on a boat,
Right? Guys.
What's wrong? Oh, my god, I knew it. I had a bad feeling.
I just heard from housekeeping carla, who's dating that bellboy
Whose sister works in hr, that people are getting fired.
Like, a lot of people.
(thunderclap) (gasps)
During a hurricane?!
Oh! Jane, jane, jane, come here.
Jane: Sorry, I was just changing.
I've been looking for you guys.
Frankie heard cuts are coming.
Will you ask rafael if it's true
And who's getting fired?
Oh, I-I don't think that's a good idea.
Oh, please, jane? I need this job.
I drink for free, and it's so close to my gym.
Yeah, I don't think I can use that argument with rafael.
Why? I-I don't want to take advantage of our relationship.
Luca: Come on, jane.
I just moved into a new place.
If I can't pay rent, I will literally
Be homeless. You guys, it's fine.
Don't pressure her.
We just need a heads up.
Okay. All right. I'll talk to him.
But he's been busy, so I-I'll just wait till I see him later.
Okay, well, he's over there talking to your ex-fiancé,
Right there.
I told you, I don't know anything about secret tunnels
And I want to see them. And I told you I don't believe you.
And you can't see them-- it's a potential crime scene.
Hey. Hey there. What are you guys talking about?
Uh, we're actually discussing police business.
I assume you don't want her to stay.
She can absolutely stay.
Okay, so what am I staying for exactly?
We discovered a secret tunnel underneath the marbella.
It leads to a surgical room,
Connecting to the recovery suites,
Which we believe is connected to a criminal enterprise.
What kind of criminal enterprise?
There's a big drug dealer.
He's known as sin rostro.
The man without a face? Yes.
No one's I.D.'d him, but we have reason to believe
He's based here; the most obvious reason being
That two of his known associates were murdered
In the marbella.
The police should have solved it.
Do your job.
I am.
Right now.
For the record, you're claiming
You have no connection to any of this?
For the record? Of course not.
Latin lover narrator: For the record, michael is really enjoying this.
Just like those passports and the burner phone
Weren't inside your safe?
Listen, I've already told you everything I know,
And this is all very upsetting.
And now I'm gonna have to hire my own security firm
Until you figure out how to catch this guy.
Excuse me, detective.
What was all that about?
That was your ex-fiancé trying to make me look bad.
Petra: Mother, enough.
Look, it's bad enough my whole life is falling apart.
You don't have to ride me every second of the day, okay?
(sighs) look, we have to move on.
And I have a plan.
Oh. I'm all ears.
I'll sell my wedding ring, the rest of my jewelry.
I'll be able to afford a little place, a one-bedroom.
Oh, yeah. Well, what about him?
(thunder rumbling)
Look, h-how about we let the bygones be bygones?
You all have been very nice to me.
You could let me go.
I will not tell milos. I promise.
Would make things easier.
Petra, don't be idiot.
We'd need two-bedroom.
Wait, what? I can't hear you.
I know. The reception is spotty.
How's grandma?
The same.
I'm just sitting here
With a big pile of forms that I wish you could fill out.
I know. I'll be there as soon as I can.
Yeah, because... (thunder rumbling)
Damn it.
Woman: El presidente.
How did you even get here with the storm?
I pulled some strings. I got a police escort.
What's that?
Oh. It's a swag bag.
From the after-after party.
I'm so glad you're here.
Of course I'm here.
We're family, and nothing is more important.
I'm sorry. So many designer gifts.
It's hard to find what you're looking for.
Oh, no. What's wrong?
We're all getting fired. That's it, isn't it?
You can tell us the truth.
Jane had completely forgotten about the layoffs.
I totally flaked.
I'm sorry.
There's a lot going on.
Jane was about to tell them about her grandmother.
Right. But then lina did that.
Did you just roll your eyes at me, dude?
It just seems like maybe you're not in a big rush
To find out if we're getting fired because obviously
You're not getting fired.
Wait, what does that mean? I could be.
Really? Your boyfriend's gonna fire you?
You know, probably not.
But that's because I've taken three sick days in four years,
And I've been twice voted employee of the month.
You keep telling yourself that.
Look, all lina's saying
Is... You're in a slightly different situation now.
You've got a rich dad suddenly and a rich baby daddy.
We just don't have
The same kind of safety net.
Yeah, I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Bad time?
No, come in.
I was just getting an update from our maintenance department.
(thunder rumbling)
Is everything okay?
It's just, uh... My friends heard
That there are gonna be layoffs, and they're freaking out.
And I hate to ask this, but is it true?
My dad wants to...
Institute a 15% cut across the board.
So I've just been up here trying to make a list.
Latin lover narrator: A list which jane absolutely did not want to see.
Can I see it?
You really think that's... Appropriate?
Probably not.
Yes. Good answer, jane.
But I feel like I have to because of my friends.
If it's that important to you.
Ms. Villanueva,
There's no easy way to say this.
Oh, no.
Did the test results... No, no.
Her condition remains unchanged.
Look, the hospital's cracking down... On what?
Your mother is in this country illegally.
She has no insurance.
And the hospital cannot afford to absorb the cost of her care.
I-I don't understand. What does that mean?
That when the hurricane lifts, we will have to notify ice,
And they will deport her to venezuela,
Where she can continue to receive care if she needs.
What? That can't be legal.
It's called medical repatriation.
Frankie: No.
I can't lose this job. I don't have anything saved.
Can't you ask rafael to not fire me?
Frankie, I...
When you were tired and needed someone to cover those shifts, I did it.
And you know I hate this. I fought for you to get this job.
You did. But now you can't even fight to help me keep it?
It's not my place.
Wow. You have changed.
Latin lover narrator: The truth is, jane didn't know quite what to do.
But she figured she could talk to rafael about it,
To clear her conscience and get back to normal.
Hold the elevator!
Are you following me?
I am in the middle of an investigation, jane.
(clears throat) and, yes, I am following you.
But only because I'm worried. Something bad's
Going on here, and it has to be connected to rafael.
Michael, what are you doing? I saw the passports and phone
Inside his safe myself. Stop. Can you just stop?
(loud clang)
What was that? That, my dear,
Is the classic telenovela trope
Known as the "stuck in the elevator" scenario,
In which two characters at odds are... Stuck in an elevator.
I did not do this.
This cannot be happening right now.
Oh, it's happening.
(groans) in the dark.
Latin lover narrator: Please note, michael was usually very good
At breaking the tension in awkward situations.
So, does this qualify as mood lighting? (chuckles)
I said "usually."
Well, I radioed nadine.
She's letting maintenance know.
Woman (over radio): ...Rapid development
Of a mid-city apartment building fire...
Wow. Impressed you even made it up that hill.
(thunder rumbling) I'm here to see luisa alver.
I'm her stepmother.
Latin lover narrator: That's one way to put it.
...Of north baird street and business loop 269.
Residents of the 12-story grayson apartment building...
We have a visitor here for luisa.
You know what? It's been a while.
I should stop and catch you up on luisa.
Surprisingly, luisa had actually been enjoying her time
In the mental hospital.
She got three balanced meals a day, plus dessert.
She thrived under the stability of a regular routine.
And best of all, her roommate was a really great listener.
And then my shaman was like,
"you're finally seeing the world through your third eye."
(thunder rumbling)
Luisa. Hi.
What are you doing here?
(whispers): It's rose.
I need to see you.
I feel so terribly about what happened.
What I did.
Latin lover narrator: That was true.
Rose did feel terrible about what happened.
It was not, however, the real reason she came.
Look, you were threatening to tell
About our affair, and I panicked.
I just panicked, and I feel... So ashamed.
I mean, I'm an adult, and it's 2015,
And I'm not ready to admit that I want to be with a woman.
That I want to be with you.
I just have such a nice life with your father.
Go back to it.
Luisa, please. I... I haven't been able to sleep.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm in a mental institution.
Do you realize what your father
Would put us through if he found out?
You could have broken up with me.
You didn't have to commit me!
Luisa, please... Get out of here!
(thunder rumbling)
Magda: Petra?
Are you back yet with the t.P.?
Jane: Rafael must know
That the elevators are stuck.
He'll send someone.
Right. Nothing ever happens in this hotel
Without rafael knowing about it.
Stop. The tunnels, the murders.
Please, stop, please!
I'm just done.
Between my friends and my grandma
Unconscious in the hospital...
Yeah. She fell.
Is it bad?
They say she may wake up, but they don't know...
If she'll have permanent damage.
I am so sorry.
Is, um...Is your mom... Is your mom with her?
But the last time I talked to them, I lost reception,
And I haven't heard from them in a while.
Um, there's a cop in the hospital.
I'll see if I can reach him on the radio
And get your mom on the line.
(static crackles) really?
Thank you.
She hasn't even opened her eyes yet,
And they want to deport her?
I mean, how can they do this?
Xiomara, I will figure this out. If my fame and money
Cannot help keep your mother in this country,
Then what is it all for?
Back off, buddy! You're not taking my mother anywhere!
You have a call. Push to talk.
Mom, it's me.
How is she?
Physically, no change.
What is it? What's going on?
Okay, yeah. I love you, mom.
(static crackles)
What's going on?
The hospital knows that my grandma doesn't have papers.
She can be deported.
(thunder rumbling) how dare she?
How dare she? You know what I mean?
How dare she just...
Just come in here and expect me...
(door creaks open)
Mother? Mother?!
Ivan: Hello, petra.
Let us talk.
You give me
The rest of your jewelry,
And I will not kill your mother.
Latin lover narrator: Petra knew that ivan's gun
Was inside that drawer.
What she didn't know
Was if she could get to it in time.
Go ahead. I know you're probably going
To kill her anyway. Petra!
You would rather me kill your mother
Than part with your jewelry?
I need to start over.
And you've seen the way she speaks to me.
(magda yells, ivan grunts)
Magda: Kill him, petra.
Now what?
It's my grandma's rosary.
Oh. The one you used before heritage day?
Dear god, please, please, let heritage day go well.
Latin lover narrator: And a few days later...
Mom, these are amazing.
Jane knew her prayer had worked.
I forgot I told you that story.
I haven't been around as much.
With everything going on-- the pregnancy
And the teaching job--
I just haven't been around as much.
She knows you love her.
I'm sorry.
Come here. Come here. It's okay.
(elevator hums, elevator bell dings)
Are-are you okay?
Um, let me know if you hear anything about your abuela.
Uh, I got to get back.
I will. Thank you.
Rogelio: Okay. I left word
With the un ambassador and gloria estefan.
One of them will stop the deportation.
Most probably gloria estefan.
I should hear back shortly.
Thank you.
(thunder rumbling)
I wasn't the daughter she wanted, you know?
I wasn't good or religious.
She loves you very much, xiomara.
I'm certain of that.
Oh, god, I must look like a mess right now.
Here. Have some concealer.
Wow. That swag bag really does have everything.
This is mine. I always carry it, just in case.
(thunder rumbling)
Rafael: Everything okay?
I wanted to talk to you about frankie.
Look, I looked up your friend. She's a new hire.
And she's been late a lot. (electricity crackling)
It's just...
We go way back, and she's got nothing saved.
And I just got my job back,
And I have to get the books in order,
And what you're asking me to do is...
It-it's out of line.
I know.
And I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important.
The next person on the list is...
Regina johnson.
Jane: Oh, no, no, no, no.
She's got two kids, and she's always so sweet.
It's either frankie or it's regina.
These things are never easy, but they have to be done.
Mr. Solano? Coming.
Check the circuit breaker.
I would have left, but the roads are closed.
Get out! Luisa,
Please just let me say one thing to you.
I'm sorry.
And I love you.
And... Here.
Latin lover narrator: You'll recall, powdered sugar donuts are
Rose and luisa's post-coital go-to snack.
You think this makes up for you locking me up?
No, no. I can't...
I can't make that up to you.
But I can do other things.
Aah. That hurts.
That's the point.
Look, I'm gonna tell your father the truth about us.
I will.
(sighs): It's just...
Now is not a good time.
He's been so on edge lately.
Have you ever heard of somebody named allegria?
That's my grandmother on my mom's side.
My dad really loved her.
Latin lover narrator: Rose wondered why emilio
Would be spending money on a dead woman.
He even named his house in croatia after her.
Ah, yes.
You see, this is the information rose came for.
It's me, xo.
Yeah, I know it's been a while.
Jane's not here. She went to get her rosary,
The one she used to pray that I wouldn't mess up heritage day.
So, I heard you and jane
Talking about how she's scared I'll mess up the food.
Can you make it?
I don't want to embarrass her.
But, ma!
Mom, these are amazing!
That's my mom.
She's always there.
Even though
I've made loads of mistakes, she's always there.
Help her, please.
And in exchange...
I'll live a better life.
More... Godlike and all that.
And maybe it was a coincidence, alba waking up as xo prayed.
Or maybe it really was a miracle.
I'll live a chaste life.
But the facts remain-- alba did wake up.
And I won't let a man between these legs again
Without a ring.
Not that she'd let xiomara know that.
Okay... Thanks for hearing me out.
(gasps): You're awake! Oh, my god!
Because sometimes faith needs a little nudge.
My mom! She's awake!
Do you remember the accident, ma?
All right, well, her vitals look good,
And the swelling has gone down.
Xiomara: Oh, thank god.
I think it's safe to say that there's no sign
Of any long-term damage.
But we will run tests to make certain.
Now, as to the other matter...
Oh. Please...
Not here.
Apparently, it has gone away.
You must have friends
In high places.
Anyway, I was glad to hear it.
In this moment, xiomara wanted to kiss rogelio
For what he had done.
But then she remembered her promise to god
About keeping her legs closed and all.
Thanks... For everything.
A-as much as I'd like to take credit,
This wasn't my doing.
Frankie: Hi. Well,
I guess I can finally say I "stayed" at the marbella.
So, look, I, uh...
I talked to rafael.
I'm sorry, frankie, there's nothing I can do.
Nothing you can do?
If it's not you, it's someone else. Wow.
What's going on? I'm fired.
Luca: Come on,
Let's get some breakfast.
(phone ringing)
Mom? How's abuela?
Thank god.
Hey. Going home to crash?
Mm, can't. I got to take the kids to school.
I swear, they drain all the life out of you. (chuckles)
Oh, um... But they're worth it.
Oh... (laughs) they are... They are so worth it.
Thank you.
I owe you an apology.
I put you in a terrible situation.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Can I ask you a question?
I wasn't on that list.
Of course not.
Because of my stellar record as a waitress?
Uh, yes.
Because we're having a baby?
It would be weird if I fired you, don't you think?
I just have to accept the fact that things have changed,
That I've changed, just like my friends said.
You have not changed. Okay? You would have never
Gotten someone else fired in frankie's place.
No, of course not.
But, like, in other ways.
I'm different now.
And I see babies, and I find myself
Trying to guess their age.
I do that, too.
And I am always so off, by the way.
Oh, my god, me, too!
Come here.
Rafael solano's prints weren't found anywhere in that room.
But here are the patient records from the recovery suites.
Michael: They were performing
Plastic surgery on criminals in this room.
Changing their faces.
What? Microscopic bone fragments were found on the floor.
That had to come from cutting into facial bones.
If you're performing boob jobs or harvesting organs,
You're not cutting through bone.
Oh, my god. The silicone we found
Could have been for... For chin or-or cheek implants.
Exactly. Then I found this in the recovery suite.
Patient 3-2-0.
Look at the two x-rays. They were taken 12 hours apart.
Same patient, but you can see their facial structure
Is slightly different post-surgery.
These were taken the same day the serbian disappeared.
Could he be patient 3-2-0?
Talk to me, talk to me.
Is he there?
He must have signed himself out when the roads reopened
About an hour ago.
We have his picture-- we can send out
An apb with his face on it.
Don't bother.
That is not his face anymore.
I'll sell my jewelry.
We'll be okay.
I'd say we got
48 hours before milos finds out
Where we are,
And then the real storm begins.
The aluminum windows should have withstood the hurricane.
If they need repairs, we'll have to talk
To the contractor, but I went over every square inch
Of the renovation plans with him.
Nothing ever happens in this hotel
Without rafael knowing about it.
Hey. Hi.
Are you ready to go see your grandma?
Yeah. Thanks for driving me.
Of course.
What's wrong?
Look, I-I'm...
I'm sorry to even ask this, but the passports
And the phone that michael said he saw in your safe,
Did he just make that all up?
No. Not all of it.
I do keep cash in there,
And I needed an international phone
When I traveled to find luisa.
And I heard that michael
Was snooping around, so I moved it.
The guy's got it in for me.
He's trying to get in your head, and he clearly has,
Because you are standing in front of me
Thinking that I might be some kind of bad guy.
That I might have something to do with this...
Crazy sin rostro.
I know you don't.
I'm sorry I even asked.
Please don't let michael get between us.
No. I won't.
Latin lover narrator: Remember when I said luisa
Had been enjoying her time in the mental hospital?
That was certainly true.
However, she enjoyed her freedom much, much more.
Hey, betty,
Do you know anything about picking locks?
Rose? What's going on? You sounded upset.
I am.
Rafael, it's your father.
I'm worried he's involved in something criminal.
Wait, what?
I heard him on the phone
Taking five million out of his account
And secretly planning to move to allegria,
His house in croatia.
I think he's going to try to flee the country.
Whoa, wait, wait, wait. Why do you think he would try to flee?
What if your father
Is sin rostro?
(phone beeps)
Detective cordero.
It's xo.
Oh, hey.
How's alba?
Much better, thanks to you.
What do you mean?
(sighs) come on, you're the only one
Besides jane and rogelio
Who knew that alba was in trouble with deportation.
This is detective cordero with the miami police department.
We need a patient of yours, alba villanueva.
She is a very important witness in an ongoing investigation.
Well, please don't tell jane.
She'll think I did it just to... Try and win her back.
You still love her, don't you?
I'm not just gonna give up on us.
You know?
We belong together.
And I'll never stop believing that.
Latin lover narrator: And for as long as michael lived,
Until he drew his very last breath,
He never did.
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