Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You sure that's your key?

It is! It's...

Then open it.

You ok?


I like your place.

It's just an apartment. I only sleep here.

David Bowie.

Makes sense.

You like him?


Yeah, I like him.

How's it "makes sense?"


You're like him.

No one's like Bowie.

You are.

You have cool hair. You wear cool clothes.

You're more talented
than anyone I've ever met.

But I think...

You think you aren't good enough.

You think you know me?

You're right. You aren't Bowie.

He's an alien.

You're space.

From where everyone stands,
you look distant, cold, empty...



Good thing I'm an astronaut.

I'm not afraid to go out there.

Because I see you.

You're full of stars.

Like the sun. You make my skin warm
when I get close to you.

You aren't cold.

You're burning.

I'm like space?

I've always been into space.

In space,
you never run out of things to discover.

Like stars.

You know...

Stars are just ultra-massive balls of gas.

That's okay.

I know a personal trainer
I can introduce you to.

Look! Everyone is walking.

Kids are cute.

And this is a tree. See?

It's about to bloom, isn't it?

And the grass.

The sun is up in the sky.

It's fun to walk, isn't it?

Walk and talk.


The sun is up high in the sky
and shining brightly.

Look, look, this.

Wake up already!

I'll get pissed!

I'll come to you!







Can you hear me?



Hey, I need a doctor.
Are you a doctor? No?

Hey! Hey!

- Sir, hi. Are you a doctor?
- You can't barge in here.

- Are you a doctor? Are you a doctor?
- We've got contamination. Hey!

- I'm a US Navy SEAL. High military shit.
- Wait!

- This is military stuff.
- Mum!

Is this your mum's spot?

Neurology, code blue, station one.
Neurology, code blue, station one.

What's that?

Emergency, innit?

Who called blue?

You a neurologist?

Is this a prank?
We've people fighting for life here.

No. Look, I need help. Okay? I need...

You need to find your parent or guardian.

I'll have someone get you out of here.

I'm his guardian.

You a neurologist?


Dilation is normal.

Look, I can't just induce a seizure
in a child without a parent's consent.

He drew this.

All right? Before it even happened.

Look, I can help them,
all of them, all right?

I just need a seizure. Okay, but...

There are enough people
with real injuries here.

You should be taking medication
to avoid epilepsy.

Two hundred milligrams a day, okay?

I don't need meds. I need to see.

I can't induce a seizure in a child
without a medical reason. I won't.

We got a gun.

- That medical enough?
- Ma'am.

You gonna shoot me?

I've seen doctors induce
all kinds of shit on kids before.

Tests, procedures.

Hell, I've seen 'em do it when kids
are screaming and crying for them not to.

When those tests
and procedures don't... Look at me.

So, please, spare us all
the medical reason bullshit.

He's asking for help.

I'm asking.

'Cause I can't be here,

all the way across the world,
to be back here again for nothing.

'Cause there has to be a reason.

He's the reason.

That book is the reason.

So do whatever he needs.

Control survives acid bath.

Regenerating now.

Test the object now.

Bring her close, please.


Okay, PSI is stable.

Replication and ammonia discharge
has completely ceased.

Dousing the sample.

Trying hydrochloride.


Total structural disintegration.

We can kill it.

I think it can save
more than just my family.

Armed escort,
classified Yankee White, TS/SCI vanguard.

Miss Malik, thank you. We'll collect
your belongings and your family.

- Collect?
- I want transport in under 30.

- Wait, what transport?
- Full squad.

Ma'am, you say your son found this.
You killed one of them with it.

We don't know how it works,
just that it does.

For all we know, you or your family
is the key to this.

You wanna help? Get your kids.

- But where are we going now?
- To the Pentagon, sweetie.

What's the Pentagon?

- It's a...
- It's a very big, very safe house.

Do they have toys?

Yes, very, very expensive toys.

Oh, my God. Come on.


Are you in the capsule?

Are manual controls online?


If manual is online,

we can get backup systems working.




Tell me how.



- Who's "us"?
- Our crew.

Your crew is dead.
The enemy have full net superiority.

My contact with US command

is hanging by a thread
of enemy-jammed radio wire.

They scramble our comms,
and now they say, "Help us"?

What do you think that means?

I don't want her
negotiating on behalf of all mankind.

She's talking to our astronaut.

And you know that?

- She made contact when you could not.
- How do you know what she's talking to?

He does not want to remove her now.
We could lose contact.

We cannot lose contact.

That signal is giving us the clearest
target we have for missile defense.

You're going to nuke them?

As of now, we still have
our nuclear defense grid

and may not have it by dawn.

So yes, unless she can make peace
in the next 78 minutes,

we strike.

You're right, that isn't their astronaut.


They don't match breathing patterns.

Look. This pause here,

there's no space for inhale without
affecting vocal rhythm, without sibilance.

It's synthesized speech.


You're an audio engineer,

a scientist.

You know sound.

And you know your daughter.

Is that her?

Tell me how to save you.

Help them.


That's her voice.

It is Captain Murai's voice.



She isn't breathing.

But she isn't breathing.

That's not her.

It's pretending to be.

I'll be all right.

I know.

You shou...
You should go look for your mum.

I will.

I mean it.

I'm not alone.

All right.

If you're ready.

Go. Find her.

I'll be right here.

Friendly voice could help.


Try to relax and breathe.


Thanks, got it.

You've done this before, huh?

Now's different.

Hey, what was that about
"being back here," all that?


Where's your mom?

She's dead.

I'm sorry.

It's fine. You didn't know.

What about your dad?

He's gone.

He left a long time ago.

Maybe if he didn't leave,
Mum would be okay.

If he would have took care of her.

Would he have?

Like, took care of her?

He hurt her, and then he left.

Well, you're stronger without him.
All right?


Did something happen to you?

In a hospital?

Before, you said you're never going back.

Are you okay?

My son...

My son, he was born sick.

Yeah, so...

I spent a lot of nights
sleeping in hospitals.

That's all. Yeah.

Hey, what's your name?


I'm Caspar.

Curious Caspar.

Hey. What's up, Caspar.

That's me.

Thanks for bringing me here.

Means a lot.



I want you just to lay
as still as possible.

I'm going to
show you some visual stimulus.

Look directly ahead.

Did you say bye to your friend, Mommy?

Feels like we should each have a .50 cal.

They took out entire platoons,
all New York.

Our house is still there.

Is it really?



We got company?


Hey, who we got back there?

Hey, who we got back there?


Fuck are they doin'?

They flagging us?

- Shit!
- Down, down, down!

Get down! Down!

What do they want?

- Fuck!
- Down, down, down!


- Got 'em.
- On the left!

Fuck, hold on!

- What's happening? Is he all right?
- He's induced.

Whoa, what's that? What's happening?

I don't know.



Caspar? Caspar.

- Caspar.
- Taiyou.

What's he saying? What's going on?
What's happening right now?

- Listen. I don't know.
- You're a doctor. What do you mean?

Brain signals are arrhythmic...

- Wajo.
- ...asymmetrical,

even during a grand mal seizure.

But this...

Billions of neurons
moving in perfect sync.

- This is not how a brain works.
- But that's how his works?

No. No, this is something else.

- What do you mean?
- I've never seen anything like this.

- What are you talking about?
- There's never been anything like this.

It's like an overriding signal.



Mitsuki. Mitsuki.

Mitsuki. Mitsuki.


What does this mean?

- He's seeing what they're seeing.
- Who?





They're here!

Oh, my God.

It's coming here.

It's coming! It's coming!

- What is that?
- No, no, no.

They're in the building! I see!

- Hold on. Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- I can see!

I can see.

What can you see, kid? Huh?

- It's in the building.
- Lock the door!

- Get down. Get down.
- Jam, she's out there.

- No. Get off me!
- Hey, come on.

- Get down. Hey. Get down.
- Get off me! Jam!

- Jam!
- Shut up. Shut up!

Hey, shut up. Look at me!

Hey, shut up. I'm here to protect you.

- No, protect her too!
- I will, all right? Just be quiet.

It's coming here.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey. Hey.

They're here! They're downstairs.

It's downstairs.

We've still got time to save her.
Go, go, now. Now! Come on.

Ma'am? Ma'am. Be careful.

- Hey. Are you okay?
- Everyone okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Man down! Man down!

There you go.

Aneesha! Come. Come.




Please, let me in. Let me in!

Jam! Jam. I was looking for you.

I was looking for you.

I'm here.


It's coming here. Right here, right now.

- Right here?
- Yeah.

Elevator. It's in the elevator!

On my back, now. On my back, now.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!


Stop, stop.

It's down there.

You said the elevator.

There's more than one.


Come on, come on.

Hinata? Hinata.


You cut me off!

She could die!

Everyone could die!

That isn't Captain Murai!

You don't know her!

I know her.

You don't know her.

Let me talk to her.

Not her.

The enemy.

If you think it's "them,"

let me talk to them!

Why cut off contact?

Where's the American?

Readying the counterattack.

You fucking idiots!

We have less than an hour.

She's telling us not to attack!

Why don't you get it?

You'll kill her!

You could start a war!


Entire cities are falling.

People are dying.

They are changing our atmosphere
to poison.

That isn't Captain Murai.

It isn't human.

It's synthetic.

You're a communications specialist.
I know you can see.

It's her.

If that is Captain Murai,

then the only way she's still alive...

is if she's in another craft.

In one of theirs.

We have someone on the inside.

She could tell us about their defenses.

If that were true, we'd have to prove
it's her. Beyond any doubt.

There's no way we can do that here.

I can.


Turn it back on.

Come on, Sarah.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


It's stopped.

It's stopped.

Go to Mommy.

- They wanna kill us.
- No, no one wants to kill us.

I told him about it.

No, I did.


- Hey.
- Coming from over there.

Lady! It's okay!

I'm scared.

Don't be scared. It's okay. I'm here.


Hey, Sarah, we're just in the woods.

Now, remember when we found Luke?


- They'll find us.
- No.

No, no, no.

Remember, you were scared,
but we found that nice warm house, right?


But the monster came.

Hey, I killed the monster.

Lady, it's okay!

- Shit.
- Over here.


Lady! It's okay!

You can come out!

Go ahead. Take them.

Dad, we can be quiet.

No, it's okay. You three go and I'll...

- I'll talk to them.
- You can't talk to them.

- What if they...
- Nothing bad will happen, okay?




Come on, Aneesha, go!

Just go. Go, go, go.

Go, go.

- Daddy!
- Dad!


Lady, it's okay!

You can come out!

It's okay.

Stop! Stop, stop, stop. Ahead.


Back up.

Back up, back up, back up.

They know I'm here.

- They know I'm here.
- How?

They're coming for me.

They're coming for me.

Go! Go, go, go, go.

Let's go.


Let's go. Go inside. Open the door!

Stay down.

It burns! It burns! It burns!

- It burns! It burns! It burns!
- What? Where, Casp?

Fuck you!


You'll be okay.


Get out! Get out!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

It's safe!

It's all right.

- We got kids too!
- It's okay!

We'll protect you!

I hear 'em!

It's you.

- Okay.
- It's all right!

Hey, you all right?

- It's safe!
- It's okay!

My family... My family's alone.

Where is she? Your wife.

We got kids too.

- Hiding.
- Take me to her.


- I don't know where she's hiding, man.
- She knows me.

- Doc Lockhart, right?
- Yeah.

- Angela.
- Yeah, Angela.

- Okay.
- Angela, yeah.

You call her. Tell her it's all right.

It's okay, I got you.

- Okay. Yeah.
- You call her.



Tell her it's safe.

Angela, it's safe!


Come on. Stay down.

This way, guys!

It's safe. I'm here!

You can come out! It's all right.

Over here!

Keep looking. She's still hiding.

Go, go, go.

Look, I'm not gonna die.

We're not all gonna die 'cause of you.


You think I'm stupid, pal?

I will put a bullet in your brain,
and hers and theirs,

if you don't get her here now!

Run, Aneesha!

- Run, Aneesha!
- Go, go, go.


- Come.
- Dad! Stop! Mom!

- Daddy!
- No! Stop!

Let go of me!

Stop, Mom!

- Where are they? The other ones.
- The street.

Move! Move, move, move!

Back! Get down! Get down!

Back up! Back! Back!


Stay tight!

- Stop!
- No. Dad!

No. Mom, stop!




- Mommy!
- Mom!


Come on. Come.


What did you say

the first time

you came

home with me?

What is that?

David Bowie.





It wasn't us.

She loved Bowie.

- It's her.
- You do speak English.

Fix it!

Now they're playing our radio stations
back at us.

I put you back in there,

and we'll be listening to Johnny Cash
while they bomb us into the Stone Age.

It's her.

You think that changes anything?

You will kill her.

My president is willing to sacrifice
one life if it means saving billions.

Are you?

It's done.

For what it's worth,

I think you stalled them
long enough for us to fight back.

You gave us a target to strike.

Stay close.

They're in my head.

All of them.

I'm in theirs.






You did that.


Jedi shit.

Hey, you did it.

He did it.

My mum. My mum.

All right. Come on. Let's get you up.

It's all right, kid.

Come on. Let's go. Go. Come on.


- I'm not...
- What?

My mum.

Hey. Hey, Caspar.

- Hey. Hey, look at me, kid.
- Casp?

- Hey, look at me. Look at me.
- What's wrong with him?

No, no, no. Look at me.

- Come on, kid. Caspar, wake up! Caspar!
- Is he holding them? Is that why?

- What is it? Is he all right?
- Wake up. Look at me.