Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
He watches over you.

Your home awaits.


Sir! Sir!

Sergeant, he wouldn't stop.

SOC Trevante Cole, US Navy SEAL.

I need your first plane back to America.
DC, Virginia, whatever the fuck you got.

Chief, there is no next plane.

This is an air base, an airfield.
What the fuck you talking about?

It is here for the defense
of these people.

We certainly aren't flying anyone
or anything to the US.

Fine. I'll get on a commercial. Private.
Just whatever you got.

I don't think you comprehend.
No one's flying to the US.

There's no longer any operating
air traffic control system.

We just got here, sir.

And we've grounded you.
You're one of the lucky few.

We've lost more aircraft
than I care to count.

A bloody good number over the Atlantic.

Just get me a pilot, a plane
or a fucking manual is all I'm asking.

No one is leaving here.
Not in the air and not on the ground.

We have no planes, no transports, Chief.

Sergeant, show him out.
Don't fucking touch me.

Hey! Listen, I got a wife.

And she's waiting for me, okay?

Please. I made a promise to her.

I've already come halfway across
the world, and I'm not stopping now, okay?

I made a promise.

And I'm not about to let
some tight-ass British motherfucker

like you or him
get in the way of that happening.

Do you comprehend that, sir?

Airman, tell our gunners

that Chief Cole here is clear
to leave the perimeter as he wishes.

We will allow him his sidearm,

and we wish him Godspeed on his journey
to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

May he find a worthy sailboat.

Hey, Luke.

You got a special mom here.

He's a lot more special than I am.

Can I go? I don't wanna eat this.

You need to eat something.

Can I please just go?

Where would you go?
To Dad.

Okay. You will go right to him.

Mom, he's literally right there.

Right to him.

I will.

Hey, hey, hey.

Take your backpack
and keep it with you. Okay?

Take your food.

You're a good mom.

I don't know. I try.

I didn't know you had a family.

I have them.


I had a family.

Oh. I'm sorry. I--

No, uh… No, no, not from this.

Uh, it's been a few years.
Nothing happened, just…

Highest rates among doctors and all.

Highest rates?



We made sense when we started.

Then things changed.

Or maybe I did.

I know what you mean.

I'm happy you found this place.

I mean, we need you here.

Doctor, you are smart.

You're skilled. You're instinctive.
We're all just making it up as we go.


Can I show you something?


I'm Jack.


Wanna see something cool, Luke?

I mean, scary cool, but cool.

It's the part of the place
they don't want us to see.

They're lying to you.

Whatever they've told you.

If you don't free me,
if you don't help me,

the whole world will die.

Everyone you care about will die.

You hear me?

What's your name?


How many times do I need to tell you to…

are you stupid?

Give us the room.



I didn't have a choice.

We need immediate access
to the Hoshi-12 communications system.

I was seconds from contact!

You stopped me --

We have fixed coordinates.

They're locked on.

We need access.

"Fixed coordinates"?

It's in geo-sync orbit.

It's being held.

By them.

It's the only contact.

The Hoshi-12 is the only
communications channel we have up there.

What's left of the Hoshi-12.

I won't give them anything.

She's gone.


Don't do this to yourself.

The Hoshi mission is over.

This is something else now.

To you maybe.

This is bigger than us.

There may be nobody left to save.

Tell them I'm the only chance
they have at making contact.

They know that--

And I'm only helping…

if I'm the one making contact.

I don't think you're in a position
to negotiate.

I don't think you have any other choice.

Tell them.

She'll run the comms team.

Unless you want

to waste six hours tripping the security
lockout protocols she's installed.

Then let's move.

Bring her team in.

"Lockout protocols"?

Like you said. We need you.

This is how it always is.

Is-Is that Dettol?


Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Come on. Fu--


Come on. Fuck it. Come on.
Work, work, work. Come on, work.

You worked before. Come on.

Okay. Fucking work.


It should work. Work.



Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Pick up.

Rah! Hey! It's Trev. Rah! Hello?

I don't even know
if you're gonna hear this…

But I don't have cell,
and this is the only landline I know, so…

I guess you know there's no work anymore.

Everyone's hiding. Everyone's running.

But maybe you'll call here anyway.

They're making us all leave. It's bad.

I don't know what's gonna happen
or where I'll be, so…

I can't promise I'm not scared.

I know you're worried.

I know you are, 'cause you worry a lot

even when you're not here.

And that's okay.

I worry about you too.
I'm always worried about you.


This is a war we can't win.

And I'm not mad at you.

I'm mad at what happened to us.

Because I didn't do that.

You didn't do that.

And-And there was nothing you could do,

except maybe be here with me.

And I know why you aren't. I know.

And-And like I said, I'm not mad, I…

Maybe I am. Maybe I am mad.

I'm mad because I love you.

I will always love you.

And I will always love him.

Me too.

Love doesn't die, Trev.

People do sometimes.

And I guess…


I'm in London.

I'm in London. I-I mean,
I don't really know where I am. I…

I don't know where I'm going.
I'm just…

I love him.

I love him too.

I can't stop loving him.

It hurts.

It hurts.

And I'm scared.

I'm scared.

There's no planes, Rah.

No people, just-just nothing.
The world's over.


Now it's just me and you.

I want you to know that I'm--
I'm there with you.

I'm holding you. I'm touching you.

I'm telling you that I love you.

I'm telling you I love you

when you're yelling at me
in the kitchen under the light,

throwing all types of shit at me
'cause you're mad.


And that's okay.

You're-That's okay.

Because I'm telling you that I'm sorry,
and that I mean it this time.

And maybe you'll…

And maybe you'll give me another chance.

And I'm holding you, you know.

And I'm telling you I love you.

I love you.

I love you. I love you.

I really love you.

Don't be scared, baby. I'm here.

You remember
when you used to have scary dreams

and you'd sleep with me and Mommy?

Remember what I told you?

That dreams aren't real.


It's just like watching movies
in your head.


And I sang you our song
and then you'd fall asleep,

and then you'd wake up in your own bed.

And you stopped having those bad dreams,

So you don't have to be afraid
of falling asleep.

I'm not afraid of falling asleep anymore.

I'm afraid of staying awake.

Where's Mommy?

Uh, she went with Luke.

Just to eat.

She's safe?
She's here. Yeah.

She's here, and we're here.

We're all together here.

Military's taken most of the useful stuff.

We had to race out of there.
Up here, we got no real equipment.

If anything else happens,
another attack happens, we're left with…

Antiseptics and Band-Aids.

We need people who can improvise now.

I think that's you.

You think?

I know.

How do you know so much about me?

I know you're a survivor.

I know you're good with your hands.

I know you're a good mom.

I know you're not wearing your ring.

Are you okay?

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Um, did you see a woman and a boy in here?

A lot of people fit that description.

Oh, yeah. Um, he's-he's-he's ten,
and she-she'll look like us.

They with another guy?


The boy left that way.

I didn't see where the other two went.

Yeah? Yeah, baby?

All right, thanks.

Okay, baby.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't--

Think I just got overwhelmed and…

That was nice.

I haven't been kissed like that
in a long time.


I haven't kissed anyone like that
in a long time.

You're a…

You're a very good doctor.

I'm not a doctor.

I mean, I was going to be.

I went to med school, but I'm a mom.

I'm a mom.

You're a mom
who saved your family's lives.

You got them here on your own.

It wasn't me.

We would've died without it.

Without what?


It's cool, right?

The aliens kill them…

and then they put that stuff on them.

My dad says
the aliens are gonna kill everyone.

Guns don't work on them.
Nothing works on them.

My mom killed one.

You're lying.

I'm not.

No way. How?

How could she kill one?

We got no time.

We need to learn their language.

We need to talk to them
so they understand us.

And we need
that shuttle comms channel to do it.

We might be all that stands
between life as we know it

and the end of all existence.

Does she speak English?



I need to transmit from the terminal.

Tell me what she's doing.

Tell me what you're doing.

Can you please tell me what you are doing?

He demands to know.

I'm sending a command.

To open the shuttle comms channel.


do you prefer being locked out?


we understand them better
than we understand each other.

Shuttle comms are open.

They can hear us now.

Tell me about your mum.

I wanna meet her.

Um… Um…

She couldn't stand.


It was like she was always taller
than everyone else, you know?



Sh-She would…

She would never tell me if I messed up.

I messed up a lot.

All the time.

She would buy dresses
from the '60s.

She'd listen to Kate Bush.

Cyndi Lauper.

DEVO. And they're all
really annoying.

We used to fight about it.

She's right. Kate Bush is ace.



God, she'd like you.

I like her.

Me too.

If I was here…

I would've killed it.
You couldn't.

Yes, I could.

I know I could.

I know I could like I know
we're gonna go and find your mum.

You don't know where my mum is.

Yes, I do. Okay.

She's at the hospital where she works.
Like you said.

We have to go there.

I have to go.

Why, Casp?

I have to go there
because I could've done something. Okay?

I could've stopped it.

I still can.

I think I can.


What could you do? Hmm?

I saw them. That satellite and this.

What is this?

I don't just see it when it happens, okay?

I taste it. I breathe it.

I feel it closing in on me, you know?
Like… It's-It's dark.

And whenever it happens,

it's like something else
behind the darkness, uh, moving.

I ran from it.

I've been running from it.

And then it came here.

I'm not gonna run from it anymore.

No more meds.

I need to talk to it.

"Talk to it"?

Look, I can.

I know I can.

I-If I…

Have a seizure.


One that doesn't stop.

You can't make that happen.

The hospital can.

They killed my mum.

So, you're gonna kill them? Hmm?

I-I don't know.

Okay? But I will. I will. I-I know it.
I-I feel it. I've been feeling it.

And now I know.

It's me against them.

You coming?

Does the queen shit in heels?

Let's kill 'em all.

Can you respond?

Recursiveness is the foundation
of all speech.

We won't be able to talk to them
unless we can decipher their rules.

We need that to find a shared meaning.

Can't just choose words.

All they ever do is fight.

I could help, if I knew what it was…

Training parallel neural nets
using live input

to approximate the signal data format,

so we can encode any data format back.


Machine translation?

They've sent entire dictionaries.

And no change in signal.

No matter what we send.

No response
from what's holding that shuttle.

Or the crew.

You told Hashimoto before you told me.

About you…


Should I have told you?


You don't own any part of me.

No one does.

Not you.

Not my mother.

Not my father.


Only her.

We all have someone…

we care about more than anyone else.

I have you.

I don't understand it.

That's because it's my language.

Maybe they'll speak it.

It's like another mile
to the hospital if we just cut across.

There's one of them.

No. We can't stop.

Come here.


Help. Help us.

Hey, you're a soldier.

Help us.

I'm an operator, kid.

Soldiers are- Never mind.



I need to get to the hospital. Now.

No. I'm not going
to another fucking hospital

as long as I fucking live.

Okay? And hopefully
that's not too long from now.

Get outta here.

Fuck him.


I said,
"I need to get to the hospital, now."

Do you see what's happening out there?
I've seen some shit, kid,

that you have no idea about.

I've seen more than you.

Seen more than me?

"I've seen more than you."

Come on, come on. All right, yeah?
Yeah? You've seen more than me?

Fuck you seen? Hmm?

I saw them.

But I saw them before they even got here.

I saw things that could've stopped them.

In my head, all right.

I need to get to the hospital.
You're a soldier and you can take us.


Same thing.


It's nice. It's cute. Nice coloring book.

I said, "Look."

Aren't you guys supposed to be
in school or some shit? Jesus.

What am I looking for?

This is nice. Cute.


What's that?

I told you.

When I seize, I-I-I see.

Yeah, but what's that?

I-I don't know. I just saw it.

Saw it how?

I see things when I seizure, okay?

And sometimes, my seizures,
they're big, really big. Things like--

And when-when did you do this?
Three or four days ago.

On the bus that night.

It was soldiers. Just shapes.

And then they were gone. That's all.

You gonna stare at pictures
or you gonna help us?

All right.

All right, let's go. Come on.

Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.

I'm sure they're with him.
I'm sorry. I can't.



I thought I lost you.

You stay back.

Is he yours?



One A is showing
the same defensive response.

Closing and hardening with contact.

No. No progress on communication.

Sir, yes, sir.
Pressure still increasing.

2.1. Still increasing. Point two.

No reaction.

Point three.

No, sir. I won't tell anyone.

Same as the others.

Thank you, sir.

Keeps growing.

Los Angeles has gone dark.


Your job is only to keep signals open.

You've done that.

Let the linguists work.

They'll never figure out their language.

They don't have a language.

Not like ours.

We'll never understand them.

I thought the neural net
could decode for us but,

the pattern changes.

Too complex.

Too intelligent.

Smarter than us.

Smarter than me.

So then…

what are you doing?




What files?

What files, Mitsuki?

What are you doing?

I had a dream we were in a band.

But we didn't play music.

There was a microphone, but

What is this?

My daughter.

We were the most famous band in the world.

There is the sun.

I feel so good.

Wake up!


See, kids are playing.

It's thousands of these.



All of her.

What have you done??


To their format.

Let them…

see us.


Sending on all frequencies…

on the dish I commandeered.

Oh, look at those flowers
with beautiful colors!

It's okay. Mitsuki.

It's okay.

Stop the transmission.

It's already been sent.

Are we all going to die?

Because she sent that?


no one down here could figure out
how to break through…

…all this noise.


we would have tried.

It's morning.

This is a park bench.

Look! Everyone is walking.

Kids are cute.

And this is a tree. See?

It's about to bloom, isn't it?

And the grass.

The sun is up in the sky.

It's fun to walk, isn't it?

Walk and talk.


The sun is up high
in the sky and shining brightly.

Look, look, this.

Wake up already!

I'll get pissed!

I'll come to you!

Wajo. Wajo. Wajo.

Wajo. Wajo. Wajo.