Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The following message is transmitted

at the request of the County
Emergency Management Agency.

The following evacuation notice remains...

Are we going to the hospital?

- ...Albany County, Allegany County...
- Baby, I'm fine. We're fine.

Just a li...

just a little bit of blood.

What was that thing back there?

Was it some kind of monster?

It wasn't a monster.

It was...

something else.

Luke, sweetheart, where did you get this?

- Luke, what is this?
- I don't know. I found it.



- Daddy? Daddy!
- Dad! Dad!



What the fuck?

Oh, shit.

Hands! Hands!

Get the kids' hands up, now!

Tell them, the kids!

Lift your shirt up. Lift it up!

Lift up your fucking shirt!

- Turn around!
- I speak English.

We are not danger.

Are you by yourself?

You know what the fuck happened here?

Death. The same.

The same? Same as what?

Tanks on fire, helicopters too.

- The fuck you talking about?
- Bad fight.

Much shooting at your base.
I only see the after.

You talking about where I'm going?
Camp Travis?

Those are coalition forces,
bunch of Germans and Canadians.

They dead, like the... like them.

No. No, no, no, no.

That's where I'm going. There's over
a thousand men there and a airfield.

Not anymore. Planes on fire.




- You are looking for plane?
- Yeah.

And then maybe you go like us to Kabul.

I know Kabul, it still has planes.

You know?

Yes, I believe.

We are walking to Kabul.

Did you... That's, like,
over 200 miles or something?

We will walk 200 miles.

It's dead.

We have no phones, no power, no people.

Terrorists, they offed everyone.

We should've stayed with the others.

They probably have a ride by now.

Or they're dead.

Only from diabetes.

Hey, knobs!


- Hey!
- Fucking salvation, innit?

- Hey!
- Wait!

- Stop, stop!
- Stop!

- Caspar, what are you doing?
- Casp, move!

Are you mad?

What are you doing out here,
all of you, alone?

We need help.

We need to get back home.

What home?

London. That way.

I'm not going back that way.

Wait, are you hurt?

It's not mine.

What happened?

My family.


John, our boy.

Our dog.

It killed them all.


What do you mean, "it"?

You haven't...

You don't know?


Was it in London?


It's everywhere.

What was it?

- It wasn't terrorists.
- What is it?


- Oh, come on.
- She's full of bullshit.

You can't be serious?

You're full of shit.

The US president was
on the telly last night.

First, we thought it was just there,

then just the cities, London,

but we're just a small town...

not but a few hundred.

We're alone.

We've been alone.

We need to get
back to our families in London.


Can't you do anything?


There's more of it... on the road.

De-noising doesn't work.

Nothing works.

I can't get anything out of this.

Drive faster.

We're going to be arrested on sight.

You know that.

We have no clearance.

We're carrying stolen
government agency equipment

and now we...


Mitsuki. Mitsuki.

Do you think anything you say
will stop me?

Based on past experience?


Then stop wasting energy talking.

Or if you want,
you can get out of this car right now.


No matter what
Director Hashimoto told you,

there's nothing in this transmission.

It's just sound.

The Hoshi-12 was destroyed.

We'll go to prison.

For nothing.

The entire crew is dead.

I'm... sorry.


You're wrong.

I know it.

I hear it.

Even if you can't.

We're here.


We're from JASA.


Yamato, Mitsuki.
Lead Project Specialist, SST Systems.

I'm here to take operational command.

Open the gate immediately.

"Lead Project Specialist"?

"SST Systems"?

20 minutes ago, Director Hashimoto
and Administrator Kouda...

issued a joint directive via email
to surrender all command. To me.

60 seconds later, this facility
lost all communications with headquarters.

What did you do?

I've hardly done anything.


They're going to arrest us.


What are you going to do now?

Make contact.


Ahmed? Come on, Ahmed.

Goddamn it.

Is he going to die?

- She's hurting him.
- No.

Come on. Come on.

- Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
- Daddy! Daddy!

Breathe, goddamn it!

Oh, no, no, no.

You saved my life.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

What's going on?

We got a couple of hours till Kabul.
Tell him to ration that.

- He's thirsty.
- Yeah, he's thirsty.

We got a couple more hours.
Just tell him to hold up.

Tell him to wait.

That was really dumb.

But he doesn't know that.
And he doesn't need to know it.

If I can help him, that is what I must do.


Okay, so in an hour when he's thirsty,
what are you gonna tell him?

I will tell him we're almost there.

Hope is like water also.

They have no idea what's going on,
do they?

They do.

Well, they seem pretty fucking relaxed,

seeing that there's an alien invasion
happening right now.

You know, Sahar, she was born in 2010,

two years into
your surge of men and weapon.

Ali, my son, now he was born in 2013,

two years after you killed bin Laden
and when still you had 50,000 troops here.

They have known invasion
their entire lives.

That is all they have known.

Well, this one's different.

I have heard that before.

- How old are yours?
- What?

How old are yours?

I know what a father's eyes looks like.

This is why you're going home, yes?

Ms. Yamato!

Welcome, let me acquaint you.

I'm Yoshi Fujimoto.

We've been feeding data
to the Ministry of Defense

and the Americans from our fixed position.

It's been pretty constant, mostly noise.

But global command wants
all scopes aimed in concert,

they haven't been telling us much, so...

Global command is not in charge.

I am.

Technician Kawaguchi.

Show him.


Project... supervisor.

What is this?

Get these connected on your local net
with full permissions.

I thought I loved her
more than anyone else ever could.


What you're hearing
is immediately after impact.

Our moment of first contact, a signal.

The sound has been analyzed
and turned into a spectral fingerprint.

You're going to find this signal
with that dish out there.

Ma'am, it's a radio telescope.

It finds astral bodies, stars, not...

It finds electromagnetic radiation.


This is a pattern.

A message.

We're going to find
whatever's broadcasting it.

And we're going to send a message back.

Send a message back, to...



Stay. It isn't safe. They're here.

You can stay with me.

Home's here.

Don't go.

It's safer in the countryside.

Wasn't safe for you.

Luck to you all.

Thank you.

This looks like where they came through.

What happened here?

Holy shit, what happened here?

Where is everyone?

What she said, innit? Aliens.

Wait. My aunt's is that way.

Yeah, my house is this way too.

Maybe you could come.
You could call your mum and...

I can't. Phones aren't working.


Yeah, my house is just past the station.


See you in school then.

Hey, tool.

Choke on it.

Is yours that way too?

I'm not going home.

Whatever's there can't be worse than this.

You ain't seen my house then, mate.

I bet it's not that different from mine.

- Probably just...
- Bigger.

Yeah, it's bigger than yours.

- Bit like my dick...
- All right.

I'll... I'll catch up with them later.

I'm sorry...

for everything.

It's okay, mate.

It's really not.

But, you know,
end of the world and everything, so...

Till later.

Let's go.


Keep up then.

It says "pull."

Thank you, boy.


Hey, Sarah, come check this out.
I almost got it.

So a stunt driver,
a surgeon and a fry cook.

What don't you know how to do?

Maybe there's a lot
you don't know about me.

Let me know how to help?

Pass me the bread.

I want this one.

How come we never did this before?


- Break into an abandoned diner?
- Yeah.

No. Having fun as a family, all together,

just easy.

We did.

You just weren't there for it.

I'm here now.

Don't let the fries burn.

How am I supposed to eat this?


Mom. Can we say our gratefuls?

Like to God?

Like we do on Thanksgiving.


Give your hands.


I'm thankful that Dad's okay...

that Mom saved us.

I'm thankful that we're still alive.

And we have food to eat
and a place to sit.

You're taking all mine!

It's beautiful.

Do you want to go, Sarah?

I'm thankful for milkshake.

He's my friend, all mine.

I'm thankful for milkshake too.

And me too.

- Everyone's stealing my grateful!
- That's right.

And now I'm stealing your fries.


- I'll take all your fries.
- Too slow.

So many frequencies...


But not the one from the Hoshi...

It's still searching?

For the pattern from that transmission?




We won't find it.

We're searching low orbit

which the telescope isn't designed to do.

That's noise.

Interference from satellites.

Satellites have been destroyed.

It's something else.

Something... big.

The Death Star.

The Death Star is 98% metal.

This is energy.

A lot of it.

Clustered frequencies, modulating.

It's a message.

I want to hear it.

These are radio waves.

If we turn it to sound waves,

it'll just be hisses and clicks.

See, it's all over the frequency range.

Play it.


Like static.

It's just noise.

I hear it. The pattern.

Like music.

Like a billion radios turned on at once.

A billion voices.

Separate beings.

But beating as one.

What if... isn't a broadcast?

What if it's a network.

We're listening in, behind their firewall,

like a supercomputer...

Controlling all nodes on its network.

A hive mind.


We're looking for a "voice." In a "hive."


Use signal filtering to subtract all
other patterns the ML net's identified.

Reduce the background pattern noise.

And we find the voice
from the Hoshi transmission.

This is gonna take a while.

No one sleeps tonight.

Where are we going?

Somewhere safe, sweetheart.

Go, go, go. Go, go, go!

Bravo one, you are clear
to triage tent, north campus.

It's a school.

Where's everyone?

Non-emergencies, follow the yellow.

If you need real help, follow the red.

They'll guide you.

- Go right here.
- Thanks.

- Red is for emergencies.
- That's right, sweetie.

Excuse me.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Okay, guys, let's just...

Dr. Lockhart.

You know him?

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yes.

This is my family.

Dr. Barton.

We just came from...

Sure. We're pretty secure here.

We've got a lot of soldiers.
They got a lot of guns.

Hey there.

Are you all right?

Yeah. I'm Ahmed.

Pneumothorax. I improvised.

It needs to be flushed,
cleaned and sealed. It wasn't sterile.

Course. Do you want to...

Where do we wait?

We barely got out of there.

Just two trucks,
a couple Humvees and an ambulance.

I thought everyone else was gone for good
when you left.

Sweetheart, you want me to carry you?

This is where everyone's holed up,
but I got you a private space for VIPs.


It's all yours.

I'll grab you some blankets
and pillows if we have 'em,

or something you can ball up.

You need food? You were on the road.

We had milkshakes.

- It's good to have you back, doc.
- Thank you.

They called you Dr. Lockhart.

He's confused.

You saved Dad.

I did.

Come on.

So you are a doctor.

I was. Almost.

But then you had me.

Did you want to be a doctor?

I wanted you,

both of you.


Yes, sweetheart?

What if the people go crazy?

What do you mean?

Like that lady in the house.

She went crazy, and I fell.

We're safe here.

But what if all the people go crazy?

We're all a little crazy.

We're not crazy. We're normal.

We may not be crazy,
but we're not normal either.

Nobody is.

Not anymore.

Are you scared?

Aren't you?

Yeah. But I got you.

It's this way, yeah?

You know something.

Something they don't know, right?

Or you saw something before the crash,
before everything.

In your drawings, all that.

You can tell me.

I won't tell anyone.

Why won't you tell me?

My head,

it's always been wrong
ever since I was born.

Epilepsy and...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, but now it's different.

It's like something...

I don't know. There's...

It's like I see things.
And I can feel things.

And there's this...

There's something outside me,
but it's inside me.

And there's this voice.


It's like it...

It's coming from inside my head.

Does it hurt?

When it happens, yeah.

- Run.
- Don't. Don't run.

I've got to get to my mum's.

Yeah. Our mums'.

Let's go.

Hey! Hey!

We missed the planes. There's nobody here.

We can hope.

There is a plane!

Hey! US Navy SEAL!


He says they will shoot you, my friend!

US Navy SEAL, out of Kandahar.

Come on. Tell him!

United States Military.

Okay? I'm boarding this plane
right fucking now.

And I'm going wherever you're going...
Hey! Get the fuck back!

Back the fuck up!

Yes? Yeah?

Yes! Get 'em! Get 'em! Get 'em!

Come on. Hurry up. Hurry.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey! Hey! He's with me.

The fuck are you doing, man?

It's fine! He's fine! He's good!

Tell him! He's with me! Hey! No!

Hey! Let him go! No!

Let him go! Shit.

Take it. Here. Here. Okay?

Navy M4 with a tac scope.
It's a $1,000 right there.

I'll give this to you.

Let him in, him and his family. Tell him.



God watches over you.

If you knew me, you wouldn't say that.

God ain't the one watching over me, man.

Moses crossed the desert
in search of home.

God watches over you.


That pattern could've stopped
repeating hours or days ago.

You could be looking for something
that doesn't exist anymore.

No. It has to be there.

It's gone now.

It isn't gone.

89 million and counting patterns
that it's recognized.

The pattern from the Hoshi
isn't one of them.

What's this?

Clustering results.

No! Here!

It's alone.

An anomaly.

Maybe a birdie in the equipment.

Or one of those satellites
you said were destroyed.

Isolate that pattern.

Pull it up.

Here it is.

That isn't your pattern.

Play it.

Why? It's just...

It's the...

It's the Hoshi-12.

It's their distress beacon.

Slew the antenna!

Find it...

Lock on it!

She's locking on...

Find it...


Hinata, I'm coming...

Step away from the workstations!

Stop everything!

I found you!

No!! NO!!

Hinata? Hinata?