Inspector Lewis (2006–2015): Season 6, Episode 3 - Fearful Symmetry - full transcript

Nick and Honey Addams return home to find their baby-sitter, Jess Lake, murdered. She was tied to a bed and indeed often posed for bondage and fetish shots for photographer Marion Hammond. She also worked in a university lab with her boyfriend Gideon's father Dr. Massey, who is divorced from his unfeeling wife Stanza. Honey admits that Nick does not have an alibi but he seems to have no link to the next victim, Jess's house mate Silas, whose corpse is also arranged in the style of one of Marion's photos. Lewis finds himself tracking a killer who is a seemingly respectable citizen but who has a split personality rendering them an obsessive.

Now, where's Noo-Noo?

- Where's Noo-Noo?
- Where's Noo-Noo?

Hon? Where's Noo-Noo?

He's not... Where is he?

Ah! There's Noo-Noo!

Oh, you clever boy. Hon?

Have you seen my racquet?
Yes, he is!

Honey. No.

The number's on the fridge.
Call me if you need anything.

If you give him something about six,
he shouldn't need anything else.

I usually put him down around seven.

Hon? We should er...

What have you got there?

Got it.

Yours! Mine!

Mine. Ahh!

Yes! Well played, partner.


Mate in six.

I got it!

That's mine. Oh!

Great shot!
Great shot, Davina.

Nick! Nick!

What have we got?
Babysitter. Jessica Lake.18.

Found by Mr and Mrs Addams,
parents of the toddler she was

The child's unharmed.

Did anyone see anything?

Door to door's underway,
but there was a party next door last

Loud music. Lots of coming and going.
Uniform are compiling a guest list.

Point of entry's a conservatory door.
Forced, according to SOCO.

Back of the property gives out
onto the Arcadia Park golf course.

Smothered. Somewhere between
midnight and four this morning.

It's a buntline hitch. Aka a
four-in-hand knot.

Popular with yachties - boaty types.

This was planned.


Each wrist tied with rope six times.

The neatness of it.

He thought about this. A lot.

Our usual girl was booked to
baby-sit, but something came up last

So she recommended Jessica, didn't
she? Yeah. Yasmin Randall.

She's a student at Southey College.

I mean, we get her through an agency,
but so late in the day...

They'd looked after Joe for us once
or twice before together, so we
thought it'd be all right.

Obviously, we need to trace Jessica's
parents as soon as possible.

Can you help with that, or...?

We don't really know her very well.

You were where last night?
Lechlade. My boss's place.

Had a few drinks. Ended up staying

You were meant to come back?

Yeah. Yeah, we were.

He phoned through around ten
to ask Jessica if she'd mind stopping

Might not have been the intended
victim, then, if the Addams'
should've been here.

Else the other girl she'd stepped in
for... A Yasmin Randall?

I want to see her first. Anything
from Jessica's parents?

Techies are ripping a list of
contacts off her mobile now.

Are you all right with this? Are you

Yeah. All right.

How long have you lived in Arcadia
Park, Mr Addams?

Moved in a couple of years back.
Just before Joe was born.

Nice part of the world.

It was a bit of a stretch, but...
location, location and all that.

Bye, Robbie.

The house isn't alarmed?
It is.

We just don't tend to leave it on
when somebody's home.

This is all here, as far as I can

I don't keep any cash in the house.

Is that what you think this is all
about then? A robbery?

♪ Thou knowest, Lord,
the secrets of our heart

♪ Shut not

♪ Shut not thy merciful ears unto our

♪ But spare us, Lord

♪ Spare us, Lord most holy

♪ O God

♪ O God most mighty

♪ O holy and most merciful Saviour

♪ Thou most worthy Judge eternal ♪

I thought I'd be finished, but... one
of the dons wanted some work doing.

Where was this?

The ethology research lab. I help
out there unofficially.

And who was it that asked you to work
late? Doctor Ezrin. He's my tutor.

I don't suppose you could say no to
that. Not really.

So I called Jess.

She was meant to be seeing Gid that
night, but she needed the money

Gid is...? Her boyfriend.

Gideon Massey.
How long have they been together?

Six months maybe.

How is it that you know Jess?

We waitressed together for a while.
A coffee place on the High.

I was gonna meet up with Jess,
but she blew me out last minute.

Her friend asked her to do some...

Yasmin Randall. Yeah, we spoke to

So, you stayed with your mum last
night. You didn't go out, or...

No, I'd had a couple of beers, so I
couldn't be bothered to get the bus
back to college.

So... I just crashed there.

But all was well between you?

No arguments? No fallings out?

Yasmin told us that Jessica was
living in a squat?

Yeah. Boxgrove. It used to be a kids'

She'd been in care there.
She talk about that?

Not really. I didn't go there much.

The guys she was living with, Kyle
and Silas, they always saw me as
this... posh-oh.


This is a delicate question, Mr
Massey, but it's one I have to ask.

In your private lives, you and

did you use ties... restraints?

Did they play a part in that?


No, we... we were normal.

Is that how she was...?

Oh, that's...

Oh, God.

So this knot of yours is popular
with the boaty types, is it?

Mm. I'm going to call SOCO and

and have them check the polyprop rope
they've got in stock here for a

Yeah, and get a call into Social.

If she was in care, there'd be a case

The tech boys have pulled something
off Jessica's phone.

Couple of voicemails
from a woman called Marion. And um...


Here you go. Cheers.


Do you not...?
No. Only three mugs.

Here. Have this one.
No. Guests.

He'll be all right. He's just raw.

We wondered what had happened. Jess
didn't come back.

Silas was worried on account she
hadn't rung.

I assumed she was with her bloke.

What did you make of him, Kyle?

What about Jessica? What was she

One of us. Wanted to be a vet,
you know.

You all knew each other from care, is
that right?

From here, yeah.

Me and Silas drifted back
a couple of years since.

This spring, Jess turned up.

She was just passing through, you
know. Came to see if it was still

Stayed on. Peaceful.

It is now.

We're keen to trace any family
Jess might have had.

Anything you can tell us
that might help with that?

Not around.

His mum never liked her.

Gideon's mum. Never liked her.

Why do you say that, Silas?

Oh, this is her!

"The Ashmolean presents Marion
Hammond, Fallen?"

A meditation on post-lapsarian
female gender-identity.

Opens this week. I've got tickets.

The same Marion who left messages
on her answerphone?

Professional iconoclast.

Social-photo-anthropologist cum
cultural pundit.

Oxford type, then.
Oh, yeah.

Must be a good few bob in this
iconoclasm lark. These conversions
don't come cheap.

DI Lewis. DS Hathaway. I'm Midge
Davies. Marion's assistant.

Come on up.

Have you worked for Miss Hammond
long? About four years.

How do you know her?
From around. Through her work.

How's that, Miss Davies?

I was at a place for kids who fell
through the cracks.

M came and did a bunch of pictures

Studies. You know?

Where was this?
Place called Boxgrove.

Do you know a Jessica Lake there?


Why? What's this all about?

It's a line of inquiry we're

Have you been back recently?
To Boxgrove? Not a chance.

I couldn't wait to get out. Why
would I go back?

What's with all the weirdy bits and

Minkondi. Tribal nail fetishes.

Marion will be with you shortly.
You want something to drink?

Wine? Coffee? Tea?
No. Thank you.

An inanimate object
invested with supernatural powers.

The entity is invoked by driving
nails into wood.

Very House and Garden.

You're more a Green Lady type of guy,
I'd imagine.

More dogs playing pool, actually.

The way they get them to hold the
cue in their little paws.

What can I do for you?

You know a young woman named Jessica
Lake, Miss Hammond?

Jess? Sure. I've used her as a model
a couple of times.

You left some voicemails for her
last night. I'm trying to get her in
for another shoot.

Is everything OK?
I'm afraid not.

She was found dead this morning.

Is this yours?


It's from the first session we did

"Unaussprechliche Taten".

"Unspeakable Acts".

Bet that went down well in some

"If thine eye offend thee."

Not convinced that's the spirit of
Mark's gospel.

What about outside your professional
association? Were you close?

No. We didn't hang out.

Whose idea was that? The rope

Hers. Why?

The body of a young woman has
been found

in what police are describing as
suspicious circumstances,

at a property on the exclusive
Arcadia Park Estate.

Justin Maughan reports.

A body believed to be that
of a young woman

was discovered this morning at a
property on Oxford's exclusive
Arcadia Park Estate.

Police are treating the death as

And it is believed, though this has
not yet been...

A murder enquiry has begun.

The house where the body was found
has been sealed off

while Scene of Crime Officers conduct
a detailed forensic examination of
the property.

The name of the deceased,

believed to have been a babysitter
minding a child at the property, has
not yet been released.

But it is understood the child she
was looking...

Hey. Don't.

Mr and Mrs Addams were
driven away from Arcadia Park this

for an undisclosed destination.

I spoke to Addams' boss, Tom Garland,

and he confirmed that they stayed
with him and his wife last night.

What about the Randall girl?
Student, ma'am.

Helping out the university's ethology
research lab.

Teaching monkeys how to talk.

And they wonder where the funding

All right, then, crack on.




Car. Haven't you got a home to go

Oh, sorry. Triangle.

You off?
How are things with Lottie?

Still not talking?

Oh, she's talking. Just not to me.

Ah, women! Star.

Hi, love, it's your dad.

Yeah, I know. I just like to hear
myself say it sometimes.

"There's a line between good and

No wider than a razor's edge.

I hold the line.

I am the line.

While the good citizens of
New Providence slumber, I keep the

Back late, son.

I've kept your supper warm, though
it might be a bit dry.


The police came to see me.
The police?

Is it drugs?

It's Jess.

She's been killed.

Someone killed Jess.

Oh, my son. Oh, my son.


Hey. Hey.

I thought you'd gone.
Just finishing up.

Who'd do a thing like that, Midge?

I think... that someone's been in
the flat.

On and off. For a while.

They were here last night.
You sure?

I went out, the board was set to
Spassky-Fischer '72.

Black to play.

I got in this morning... they'd made
their move.

It's just...

now with all this stuff with

Do you want me to stay?


No, no, I'm fine. You go home.

Are you sure? Yes.

Really? Yes. Go home.

Home! OK. OK.





Dr Ezrin.

Josh Ezrin.

You have an undergrad, a Yasmin
Randall, who helps out here?

I understand you asked her to work
late on Saturday?

I needed some data collating. Can
you remember what time she finished?

She was still here about six when I
clocked out.

And all well in her world, so far as
you know?

No-one she'd had a falling out with?
A boyfriend or...?

Not that I'm aware of. What do you
actually study here, Dr Ezrin?

The parts of the brain relating to
learning. How data is imprinted and
stored in the memory.

Anything you've ever felt is down to
a microscopic variation

in the electro-chemical balance in

Everything we are. Love. Hate.

Anger. Jealousy.

Desire. Desire?

Ah, the need for a mate whereby we
can propagate our mitochondrial DNA.

It's about as basic an instinct as
you can get.

And the soul?

Sorry, there is no ghost in the

When the machine stops, we stop.

Can I ask what this is about?

A friend of Yasmin's was found
murdered yesterday morning.

A young woman called Jessica Lake.

Jessica? What, you know her?

Knew. Briefly.

She worked here on placement one

We're always short-staffed at that
time of year. She wasn't an
undergrad, though?

Er... no. No, indeed not.

So how did she end up working here?

Erm... a colleague recommended her, I

Bob. Bob Massey.

Gideon's father? That's right.

It's a coincidence, isn't it, that
both Jessica and Yasmin worked here?

I was hoping to get over to Tom
Garland's house this morning

and double-check that Addams' alibi.

You'd better take Mrs Massey. I'll
do the dad.

Gid asked me if I could find anything
for her.

She wanted to work with animals, and
being under 18 at the time,

she couldn't get insurance to work at
any of the vets or the kennels, so...

How well did you know her?

"Hello", "How are you?"

The odd late-night lift home.

There's so many of Gid's friends
through here, I don't know the half
of them.

What about Yasmin Randall?

Is that the rather fetching blonde?
Is one allowed to say fetching

Probably not. But, yeah, that sounds
about right.

She helps out at your research lab?
Yes, that's right. I believe she

Part time. It's not my section,
though. It's Josh Ezrin's.

Can you account for your movements
Saturday evening?

We're asking everybody that knew
Jessica, just as a matter of course.

Yeah, um... I worked till nine.

Then... got something to eat from the

Home. Cooked. Ate.

Conked out in front of the box.

Anyone confirm that? Home? No.

Just me. And probably too much

So as far as you're aware, Gideon
didn't go out again on Saturday

I didn't stay up and watch him.
But he seemed himself.

Whatever that means.

He comes round once or twice a week.
I don't know why.

He's perfectly decent rooms in

Are you close? He's my son.

How's he bearing up? Oh...

I thought I'd take the day off. Keep
him company.

Breakfast. Something normal.

One minute you hold them in the crook
of your arm.

And the next thing you know, it's the
reek of bad grass and Nick Drake till
all hours.

Sorry. Can we rewind on the grass

What the eye doesn't see.

How did your wife get on with

We haven't kept in touch, to be

Hm. That's tough. For the children

Yeah. Gid misses her terribly.

Well, we both do.

Have you taken your tablets?


I'm fine. Don't worry.

Did Jessica ever mention a Marion

Yeah. Yeah, she said she was nice.

A bit weird. Weird in what way?

Just generally weird. Arty, I

You know, a bit full-on.

How do you mean?
Well, like the calls and texts.

Jess thought it was all a bit, I
don't know, too much.

So... she just backed right off.

Did you ever see any of the pictures
she took?

Yeah. Yeah, she kept a couple of test

Did you show them to anyone? No.

No, they're not really the kind of
things you hand round your mates and
say, "That's my girlfriend".

Right, um... Oh. Excuse me, do you
mind if I just...

It'll cake on otherwise.

Right, OK. Are you all right?

If you need anything, just call me,

Will you be home later? Just so I
know what to get in for eats.

Um, I don't know. I've got an essay.

OK. Right.

Oh, um... I got the lime shampoo that
you like. I've left it by your door.

Cheers, Dad.

Sorry. Thanks for your help.


He fusses.

What dads do.
Yeah, well, I wish he wouldn't.

Not as much, anyway.

How did Jessica get on with your

And what about Yasmin? Were they

Well, yeah, I met Jess through
Yasmin, so...

And your mum?

My mother, she um... she never really
liked any of the girls I got with.

Look, do you know why she left?

To find herself.

"Me" time.

When did she ever have anything

I had my suspicions but the PM
confirms it.

Her wrists were bound to the
bedstead post mortem.

The pose was staged, then.

But for whose benefit? His or ours?

Well, both, possibly.

Maybe the idea of discovering her as
she was lent some kind of frisson.

That's assuming it was a man.
Wouldn't you think?

I'm an equal opportunities
pathologist. Jessica was attacked
while she slept.

It would've taken no particular
strength to smother her.

There was no obvious funny business,
was there?

Afraid that's not a medico-legal
term with which I'm familiar.

But, no. No obvious funny business.

It's your other half. Gotta go.

Something I said? Perish the thought.

Nah, she's up before Mr Justice
Crowther this morning.

How'd you get on with Mrs Massey?
Maternal instincts just this side of

She's the one that did her kids in,
right? Well done, you.

Well, I never know when you're going
to spring a test.

She stand Gideon's story up? Just
about. I'll tell you on the way.

What is it you do, Mr Garland?
Venture capital.

And how long's Nick been with you?
A year. Just over.

Dreadful thing for them.

Awful shock, I'd imagine, coming home
to find that.

Who was she, this girl? Nick said it
was a babysitter.

Jessica Lake.

You ever meet her? No.

Mr Addams never mentioned her?

Nick's childcare arrangements are
rarely on the agenda, I'm afraid.

Nice boat. Yeah.

We were gonna run her down to Bampton
on Saturday, but...

it looked like rain, so we settled on

Who won? The tennis?

Erm, Nick's wife and me.

Mixed doubles. Tom?


Excuse me a minute.

I think you're meant to have a
warrant, aren't you?

If you want to go poking through
people's private things.

I must have taken a wrong turn.

Easily done.

And what time did the Addamses
leave Sunday morning?

Davina heard their car go off about
eighty-thirty, nine-ish.

What, she didn't see them?
Davina likes a lie-in.

It's all very informal Chez Garland.

Look who I found wandering around.

And yourself, sir? Where were you?

I was out on the golf course first

It's the nearest thing I have to a

Where was that? Arcadia Park.

Yeah. It's weird to think...

I could've been going by around the
time they got back and found this

Who were you playing?

A couple of guys wanting me to look
at an alternative energy concern.

I can get you their names and numbers
if you like.

Did you back them?

No, the margins weren't good enough.

I'm a greedy dragon.

But they'll get into bed with me in
the end.

My husband gets what he wants,

What did you find in your
mooch around?

There's a photograph of his wife in
one of the bedrooms, looks like
Marion Hammond's work. You?

That launch of his was tethered with
a length of polypropylene rope.

Moored. Horses are tethered. Boats
are moored.

Whatever. Get on the phone for a
warrant, let SOCOs take a look.

Any results from that stuff up at
Gideon's chandlery?

Yeah, it's a match. But it's also
sold in nearly every sailing shop in

How you doing?

I don't know.

I can't believe she's gone.

Yeah. You want to talk or anything,
you know I'm here.

Always here.

You all right, Bob?


It's just this thing with Gideon.

Any news?


No, there's er...


I'm on to you, Gideon.
What do you mean?

You know what I mean. I'm on to you.

Both of you.

And there'll be a reckoning.

So you'd better sleep with one eye
open, cos I'm coming.

Do think there's any chance
Nick Addams went back to Arcadia

He wouldn't be the first man to lose
his head over a baby-sitter.

What, he thinks there's something on
offer that isn't? Things get out of

She threatens to go to Honey or... or
us, even.

Well, maybe.

What have you got there, then?

I spoke to social services about
Jessica and the Boxgrove lot.

There you go.
Foster home, care.

Foster home, care. Since she was two
years old.

That's the same age as the
Addamses' lad. Mm.

Mother with a class A drug problem.

Overdosed for the last time the same
year that was taken.

What did they say about the
housemates? Failure across the board.

Societal. Educational. Parental.

Silas Whittaker's been labelled
hyperactive and schizophrenic. Turns
out he's bi-polar.

Only diagnosed last year. String of
petty, non-violent form.

Possession. Class B, mainly.

What about the other one? Kyle

Burned down the school hall.

Anonymous has
played rook to A1. Your move.

Ladypawn 666
has played pawn to E5. Your move.

Nick's at work.

Actually, Mrs Addams, it was you we
wanted to see, if you don't mind.

I would quite like a word. I was
just about to get Joe down so...

It's all right. Sergeant Hathaway'll
keep an eye. He's good with kids.

Used to be one himself.

The police are like doctors, you
know, Mrs Addams.

We hear all sorts.

If it has no bearing on the case,
then it won't go any further.

But I do need the truth. For
Jessica's sake.

A couple of months ago Nick and I
went for dinner with Tom and Davina.

♪ Merrily, merrily, merrily,
merrily, life is such a dream

♪ Row, row, row your boat gently
down the stream

♪ Merrily, merrily, merrily,
merrily, life is... somewhat
repetitive ♪

Anyway, end of the meal, Nick was
getting the bill and Davina
was... somewhere.

It was just Tom and I at the table.

He leant across and said... perhaps
the four of us should...

What did you say? I was shocked.

I think I tried to laugh it off. Turn
it into a joke.

Did you tell your husband?

I thought he'd be angry.

Defend my honour. Something.

He said... maybe I should think about

Anyway, they kept asking for us to go
over and...

in the end, I thought, maybe it is
me. Maybe I'm being stuffy.

So we went. Saturday night.

It turned into a kind of...

too much booze, you know.

It was out of control.

Eventually, Davina and Nick

Tom had had a lot to drink and he
passed out.

I just wanted to go home. To get back
to Joe.

I knew that the car keys were in
Nick's bag, so I went down to the

Only it wasn't there.

I went outside, the car was gone.
They'd driven off somewhere.

What time was this? Gone midnight.

So, I went down to the boat and I
fell asleep.

Next thing I know, it's gone eight.

I came up to the house and the car
was back.

Nick was just sitting there.


I'm on my way to a meeting.
I'm worried.

What's new, Bob? Yes.

No. Um... it's about Gid.

About Gideon? Aren't you worried?

The police came. To the house.
They came to see me too.

Look, we've an opening tomorrow and
I haven't got time...

Have you spoken to him? Will you,
please? Will you, just this once,
just, can you...

What do you want me to do? What?
Something! Anything.

Act like his mother. Would it kill
you to... just act like it?

For him. Not for me.

For Gideon. I have already...

I won't do any more. I won't.

What did... What did we do, to make
you hate us so much?

Not the waterworks.

They don't work anymore.

I'm... sorry.

And the "sorry".

The tears. The sorry.

It's just white noise, Bob.

White noise.

I've filtered you out.

I can drop you outside.
No, the walk'll do me good.

You're on your own, I'm afraid.

I've got to go to the Addamses'
house and look for Noo-Noo. Cuddly

Honey Addams says the kid won't
sleep without it.

I'm just gonna...

There's money on the kitchen table.
I left it out for... something, I
can't remember what.

The window cleaner maybe. Take it.
Go on.

No, Dad.

Will you be back later?

I'll text.
Well, mind how you go.


I love you.

Do you ever do any work for Tom

I took some photographs of his wife
last year. Davina.

A present for her birthday.

His birthday, anniversary.

He had it made into a coffee-table

Very limited run. But he's money to

How do you know him? He's been an
admirer of my work for years.

We're friends. Kind of.

He's sponsoring my exhibition at the

It was a good session. We had a lot
of fun.

Beautiful body.

I suppose body means something
entirely different to you.

What's that like, being surrounded
by dead people all the time?

It's... a living.

What's it look like?

Well, there's quite a few to choose

Did she give you a description?

Sort of giraffe-y. All right, leave
it with me. I'll see what I can do.

The front door was open. I saw a

This where he did it?

That's as may be, Silas, but you
can't be here.

So, what about this rope business?

Did you get the impression that was
something in her private life?

She just offered it up as an image,
and we explored it.

Do you find that troubling?

I did three years in Vice in
Newcastle before I came down here.

It tends to knock the choir boy out
of a soul. Huh.

All this... we used to arrest people
for taking pics like this.

Thankfully, nowadays, we're all a
little more enlightened.

But we're not, though, are we? Not
all. That's the problem.

A bloke in a grubby mac snaps that,
it's obscene.

You do it, it's art.

Same picture. Same young woman.


Did it ever cross your mind that she
might have found the experience

Emotionally as well as

As you say, "playing at it" within a
safe environment.

She wasn't looking any too safe last
time I saw her.

Ah! The Knight Keeper.


If I'm not mistaken.

You know The Knight Keeper?

"There's a line between good and
evil. No wider than a razor's edge."

"I hold the line. I am the line."


Issue 18 is... epic face-off with
Mirrorface, isn't it?

When Knight Keeper has to defeat his
own reflection.

Knight Keeper's the best.

He's just this regular guy... people
wouldn't look at twice.

But he's out there, you know.

Making a difference.

It's work.

Can I drop you anywhere? No, I'm

See you later.


What you were saying...

about the Knight Keeper and making
a difference.

Is that what you were doing at
Arcadia Park?

I just wanted to see where it
happened. You've got to leave it
to us.

I know she's your friend and you
cared about her.

And I know you want to help, but
you've got to let us do our job. All

Gideon. Who are you?

He said I could wait.
What are you doing?


I'll call the police!

Good morning.
Morning, darling.

What do you think of this?

I like it.
Where would we put it?

Well, maybe on the wall over there. I
just love the composition.

Beautiful shading as well.

I saw him last night. At the

The hell was he doing there?

He'd got this idea in his head that
he was going to find Jessica's

What's with the poles? They're
mooring spikes.

Another homage to Marion Hammond's

Her take on Saint Sebastian tied to
a post and shot through with arrows.

The spikes were post mortem. As was
tying him up.

But it's the throat wound that did
for him.

He would have been unconsciousness
within 30 seconds and bled out soon

There's less blood than you'd expect
because he wasn't killed here.

Put a label on it for me, would you?


Would've been black as pitch under
here last night.

You could pass within a hand's
breadth of someone and not know it.

Get the underwater team down here.
Dredge this for a weapon.

And the clothes.

What the hell was he doing here?

More a question of where he was
going, wouldn't you say?

You know where I was last
night. I was here, with you.

And nobody came by? No. Why?

Another body was found this morning.
Not 300 yards from here.

A lad called Silas Whittaker. Friend
of Jessica's.

And you think he'd come here? Why
would he? I don't know him.

I've got two young people murdered.

Their bodies arranged in such a way
as to reference your work.

So, it's a fan. I do have them, you
know. Fanatics.

It's not a joke, Miss Hammond.
I'm not laughing.

But, come on, you can't seriously
think it has anything to do with me.

So sad.

Silas was such a sweet guy at

Didn't say much. That's because he
had this speech thing.

Couldn't sound his Rs properly, they
came out like Ws.

A therapist came in once a fortnight
to help him with it.

It worked, plainly. Yeah, she was

Miss Connie.

Coming up?

I don't like to point the finger,

but somebody is clearly going out of
their way to drag me into this.

I just can't believe it.

Can't believe what, Miss Hammond?

I play chess.

Most of the types I meet are wood

I'm lucky if they can think one move

Then... a couple of months ago I met

We were together for a while.

So, what happened?

Well, he started making these "I want
to stick around" signals.

And that's a bad thing? For me, yes.

I'm not good with tomorrow.

So how did he take it?

OK, I thought.

Then things started to go weird.

Calls in the middle of the night.
No-one there when you pick up.

I called him out on it, but he denied
it. Point blank.

He's been here too, though, hasn't
he? The night Jess was killed.

The chessboard.

The pieces keep being moved.

I didn't think it was anything
sinister. Just... game-playing.

Challenge. Like a friendly ghost.


I don't know.

So who is this guy?

His name is Josh.

Josh Ezrin.

You're aware, Dr Ezrin, that
stalking's an offence?

I'm not a stalker.

Look, I went to her place once or

Just as a... I don't know.

I was... jealous.

Those electro-chemical impulses can
be a nuisance.

I thought she was seeing someone

She kept banging on about her new
model just before she gave me the

in a breathless kind of way.

And then when I saw the flyer for the
new exhibition...

Jessica Lake?

I brought Marion to a drinks thing at

round about the time Jessica was
working in the laboratory.

I can't remember if they met or not.

And then when I saw the picture...

You thought Jessica Lake might be
this new model that Marion had been
talking about?

I don't know what I thought. I was
just... checking up on her, I suppose.

Checking her answerphone messages.
Moving chess pieces?



That would be creepy. Is that where
you were on Saturday night?

Marion Hammond's flat?

Can someone vouch for you? Yes.

I'd rather not say who.

I'd rather not arrest you on
suspicion of murder.

It's not something we really want

But, yeah. Josh, Dr Ezrin, stayed at

Saturday and last night. And he was
with you the whole night?

Both nights? Miss Bond?

Pretty much. What does that mean?

He was gone when I woke up.

It's a bloke thing, isn't it? I can't
be sure what time he left.

But, look, I really don't think it's
Josh you need to be worrying about.

Jessica confided to colleagues that
she had issues with you.

Your over-familiarity made her

Well, that's the world we live in

You lean over someone's shoulder to
help them with the work and suddenly
you're a lecherous...

I knew they wanted me out, but this
is really low.

Who's they, Dr Massey?

Lucy Bond's little canteen cabal.

The ladettes who lunch. I assume
that's where this has come from.

Well, hasn't it?

I mean, how am I meant to defend
myself against innuendo like that?

You deny it, then?

Yes. Course I deny it.

Why would Jessica say it, do you

Has it occurred to you that she
didn't say anything at all?

That someone is lying to you?

Have you any idea what it's like

Other than Josh Ezrin, I'm the only
man in this entire department.

That bother you? Yes.

Actually, yes, it does.

If there was a bunch of lads sat
there talking smut, something would
be said.

Quite rightly.

But I am expected to put up with it.

I complained to Human Resources, and
as a consequence of this,

they spread this kind of malicious

At least I know where I am with this
lot, hm?

Here we are, Lottie. Apples.

Come. Come, come, come...

Good girl.

Good girl.

What was he up to, Kyle? Was Jess

If they were part of something and
you're tied up in it...

Is there anything you want to tell


Silas was trying to get to the bottom
of who'd killed Jess.

He'd drawn up a list of suspects.

He never said.


You heard?

Silas? Yeah.

What's going on, Gid?

Yas, you've gotta stay away from me.


Please, whatever it is, I'm on your
side! Yas, please, for both our
sakes, stay away!

Please stay away.

Tom. Hey, Tom.


Mr Addams, I wonder if I could have
a word?

Super, thank you.

Ready? Nice smile. Lovely.

Where did you go to Saturday night
after you left the Garlands' house?

I've spoken to your wife, Mr Addams.
At length.

I didn't want to be there.

In the house while...

I mean, the idea was... I don't know,

But when it started, I um...
The fantasy was one thing, was it?

So, where did you go? Not very far.

I was madly over the limit. I... went
down the driveway about a mile.

And then I parked.

Then I was sick.

I just kept seeing Tom.

And Honey.

And that look on her face.

You see, I don't know whether she was
playing along for my benefit or...

I've never seen her like that before.

I just wanted to grab her hand and
run away. Then why didn't you?

What, you think I wouldn't turn the
clock back if I could?

What was I to say?

Tom's my boss. He's a legend.

And then Davina, she's dragging me
into the spare room.

I'm thinking I can't do this.
I mean, I really can't do this.

So what did you do?

I had this thumping headache and I...

I said I was going to go to the
bathroom, I think. I mean, anything
just to get away.

I never went back.

What about last night?

I was in the hotel with Honey. I've
spoken to Reception, Mr Addams.

The night man said you went out
late, came back around two.

I went by to Tom Garland's place,

with some paperwork that he said he
wanted me to look over.

So... with everything else that's been
going on, I'm afraid I left it

No sign of Gideon at college, sir.

I spoke to his father. He hasn't
seen him since last night.

He went out around eight to meet
somebody. Dr Massey doesn't know


The police came to see me.

You told them. About Saturday.

Not all of it.

Where did you go when you took the

Just up the driveway. I walked up
the drive.

The car wasn't there, Nick.


I'm really sorry.

Off on holiday, is it, Mr Garland?
Yeah, we've got a house in St

We usually go around this time of

I'm right in the middle of packing,
so perhaps we can keep this brief?

Right. Why did you fail to tell me
the true nature of your relationship
with Nick Addams and his wife?

I didn't see it as being any of your
business. You provided him with a
false alibi.

That makes it very much my business.
Look, what's the big deal?

You think just because we like to
party that makes us some sort of
what? Monsters?

I don't care what you get up to in
your private life...

but it might've been useful to know
that Nick Addams' alibi was unsound.

All right.

When he got out of bed, I was
worried. I went to look for him.

Yeah, he's already told me this.

He parked up and spent the night
about a mile down your drive.

That's not true. I went down as far
as the gate.

Nick's car wasn't there.

We've done nothing illegal,

You want to come at me with a serious
proposition, evidence of wrong-doing,

then, you know, by all means bring it

You get legalled, I'll get legalled,
and we'll get down to it.

Otherwise, we're done.

I've tried calling him, but he's not
picking up.

If he contacts you, can you get him
to ring me? Please.

Why would he call me?

I'm sure you'll tell me it's not my
place, but whatever's gone on
between you and his dad,

it's nothing to do with Gid.

He loves you, Mrs Massey. But,
frankly, God knows why.

You talking about Boxgrove got me

I wondered if maybe I had been there
with Jessica.

So I had a look through the old rolls
Marion took of us. And she's there.

Who's she?
That's why I wanted to meet.

It's the speech therapist I told you
about. The one that helped Silas.
Miss Connie.

But I've seen her again recently.
Yes, so have I. At the Ashmolean.

She's helping mount Marion's
exhibition. Yeah.

The thing is, Mr Addams, we've only
got your word for any of it.

In light of the repeated lies you've
told about pretty much everything,

I'm going to have to take you in for
further questioning.

Hey, it'll be OK.

Why have you brought me here?

Do you remember a boy called Silas
Whittaker... Mrs Massey?

After all these years?


Articulation disorder.

Ws for Rs.

Quite straight-forward. He was
squatting here.

With Jessica.

How was it that you came to be
working at Boxgrove?

It was my field before I married.

Speech therapy.

I came to Boxgrove as an act of
contrition. Atonement.

I thought if I couldn't love my own
child, the way nature meant me

perhaps I could love someone



Gideon was a difficult birth.

I remember the morning when Bob went
to work for the first time after we
came home.

Being alone with this... creature...

for whom I was totally

The fear was overwhelming.

I knew I could never be a natural

but I swore to myself that day
that I would be a dutiful one.

James is having a trawl through his
phone records and computer now.

You really think he's involved in
Jessica's death?

Well, if he's not, he's doing a damn
good impression of someone who is.

Noo-Noo, remember?

You dragged me away from my prime
suspect to show me a picture of a
cuddly toy?

The toy that Honey Addams has been
asking for.

Oh, very sweet. But you've already
turned the house inside out, haven't

It's not there. But I know where
I've seen it.

Don't look them in the eye.

This is Bob's last session with
Lottie. Day before yesterday.

Good girl, Lottie.

There. Go back.

Look what I have here for you.

Yes. New friend.

What shall we call her?


How about... Jessica? Hm?


Why don't we call her Jess, huh?

Do you like that?

Dr Massey?


He's got a pulse.


Word's gone out to all units,
approach with extreme caution.

Secure the premises. No-one in or
out until SOCO get here. Sir.


Things she left, or stuff he pinched.

Miss Hammond, this is DI Lewis.

Can you call me as soon as you get
this message. It's urgent.

My number's 07700929286.

It's Bob, isn't it?

You're a friend of Josh Ezrin's?

You took something from me.

I did?

I've been... forgetting things.

Losing time. I don't quite understand

I haven't been sleeping very well.
Bad er...

I have these dreams.

They keep going back to when I found
those pictures.


What pictures, Bob?

I mean... that wasn't her.

I know that wasn't Jessica.

So why would anyone take pictures
like that, Marion?

They're just pictures, Bob. It's...

It's just pretend.

That wasn't who she was.

She wasn't like that.

You know what I think?

I think maybe you liked those

I did? You think?

I think...

maybe you liked those pictures so
much that you wanted to make them

How does that sound?



She needed someone to look out for

To save her.

To try.

But you've ruined her!


You've ruined her.

So this, this is your fault.

This is your fault!

Put it down! Put it down,

Dr Massey.

All right?


Evening, ma'am. Across the road.

Sorry, could you loosen these cuffs?
I don't understand.

Why am I in cuffs?

Why am I in cuffs?

Ma'am. My hands... these cuffs.

What are we looking at, do you
think? Some sort of split
personality disorder?

Could he be faking?

One minute we're talking to him, he's
answering questions - bragging

Next minute, he doesn't know why he's
here. No memory of anything.

He put his hand up, though? To both

He overheard Yasmin phoning Jessica
from the lab that night.

About babysitting for the Addamses?

Psychiatric team's on its way.

Why pick on Jessica, his son's

Could be something as insignificant
as a smile.

A kind word.

Sets her on a pedestal and discovers
these pictures.

Instead of being revolted by them,
he's obsessed with them.

My son will be home soon. Gideon.



Come on, sir. Can you stand


So it was a toy giraffe put you on
to him in the end?


Perhaps in his mind it stood for

My boy.

My baby.

He's going to be OK.

Go home. Get your head down.

Bit early for a pint, I suppose.

Just a bit.

What's up?


I keep thinking I've let him down

Like you said, he wanted to make a

He held the line.
All any of us could hope for.

Come on, Boy Wonder. I'll buy you