Inspector Lewis (2006–2015): Season 6, Episode 2 - Generation of Vipers - full transcript

When it becomes widely known that a best-selling feminist author and lecturer has joined an Internet dating site, she apparently commits suicide.

Do me up, will you?


You're Unit D, OK? Holding this

I don't expect there to be any

but if there is, I'm sure we can
contain it at the farm.

Now... keep the press out of it.

Bring them up for interviews and
footage when it's all over.

They won't like that.

We're bending the rules
having them here as it is.

H Hour in... four minutes.

Best of luck.

"H Hour"?

I think it's kind of like happy hour.
Except without the drinks.

For every female character in
Shakespeare who conforms to society,

there is one who flouts it.

So for every Desdemona,
there's a Cleopatra.

For every Ophelia, a Lady Macbeth.

But before we applaud him as a

remember, for these women to deny

he feels they must also
deny themselves as women.

Witness Lady Macbeth -
"Unsex me here."

Cleopatra trying on Antony's sword.


Oliver, what's so funny?

Ah, it's nothing, really.

Please give it to me.

The rest of you, iPhones, iPods,
Twitters, whatever else... off.

Play with them outside, not in here.

Thank you. You can have it
at the end.


Where was I?


Yes, Cressida, who wished she was a

Cressida, who said of women,
"Who shall be true to us

when we are so unsecret
to ourselves?"

But when the planets,
in evil mixture to disorder wander,

what plagues and what portents, what

what raging of the sea, shaking of
earth, commotion in the winds,

frights, changes, horrors, divert
and crack

the unity and married calm of

Oh, when degree is shak'd,

which is the ladder of all high
designs, the enterprise is sick!

Take but degree away, untune that

and hark what discord follows!
On your knees!

Keep your hands where I can see
them! On the floor now!

You, on the ground now!

Strength should be lord of

and the rude son should strike his
father dead.

Force should be right or, rather,
right and wrong

should lose their names,
and so should justice too.

Ever appeal to you, the... actiony
side of things?

Running and fighting and stuff.

Oh... ran a bit as a young copper.

Shouted, "Oi, you!" Sometimes quite

Usually did the trick.

Unit D, perimeter breach!

Unit D is us, isn't it?

'Unit D, acknowledge!
We've got a runner.'

He's heading for that. Block him in!

OK, that's enough!



I said enough!

Are you recording?

And 'tis this fever that keeps Troy
on foot, not her own sinews.

To end a tale of length,
Troy in our weakness stands,

not in her strength.

Oh, man. A tale of length all right!
We're still only in Act One.

Right. Back here tomorrow, PM.

We're gonna get to the good stuff

Dopey Troilus and faithless

played by my tart of a girlfriend.

Professor Thornton.


You're still up?
Yep. I'm still up.

Just doing some recording, actually.
Shakespeare for the internet.

That sounds like a good idea.
It is.

Considering I didn't get
where I wanted to go.

Yes, that was a pity.

Still, good luck with the

Who was that?

Do you not know the once-famous
Miranda Thornton?

Fish Without A Bicycle.

Oh, wow!

She was your tutor? That's so cool.

You're just too nice for this world,

In you go.

Here she comes.

I hear you two saved
Inspector Peterson's bacon.

They certainly did. Quick thinking.
Good reactions. Very impressive.

You got beaten up, too? Excellent.

We can add assaulting a police
officer to the charges.

Glad to be of help, ma'am. And you
were. It was an unqualified success.

Three acres of cannabis
under hydroponic cultivation.

The street value's in the tens of

Personally, I'd legalise the lot.

Fortunately you're not in charge
of the country's drug policy.

Sorry, ma'am.
The press are ready for us, ma'am.

Inspector Lewis, would you like
to...? No, it's your show, mate.

He's gonna be Chief Constable
one day.

And I'm going to be retired...
thank God.

Are you gonna see a doctor
about your face?

It's just a little bump.

I'm sure Dr Hobson would take
a look at it. Funny.

Or do you have to be dead first?


I feared you wouldn't show.

We must do our duty, Master.

As bad as that, is it?

Promise not to throw anything
at him.

I can't promise, but I'll try.

Thank you.


Francis, what are you doing here?

Covering a very important man
for my paper.

Excuse me.
Look, he's not the reason I came.

I won't be put off so easily,

I know you. I know what you're
hiding. I can help.

Please, don't.
You're embarrassed. I understand.

You understand nothing.

Stay away.

Police arrested a notorious
cannabis gang,

unearthing a drugs haul with
a street value

of tens of millions of pounds.

Our reporter Samantha Earnshaw
witnessed the chase

and the capture of the gang's

and sent us this report from the

At exactly 3:35pm today,

more than 30 officers
from the Oxfordshire Police Force

stormed the farm at Sheep Ridge,

the centre of a major
cannabis-growing operation.

The raid was commanded by
Detective Inspector Alan Peterson,

though it didn't go entirely
to his plan.

We were on hand to capture a daring
bid for freedom by the gang's

who broke away from the main body
of the police,

escaped in a Land Rover
through open fields

and was only stopped from getting
clean away by the prompt action

of Detective Inspector Lewis
and Detective Sergeant Hathaway.

Detective Chief Superintendent

of the Oxfordshire Police Force...

reported that
more than three acres of cannabis

had been under hydroponic

Hi. You watching this too?

Best telly in years.

Hey, is that Miranda?

Saw your video and maybe we could
get together, you and I...

Professor Thornton?


Sorry. There's no answers...

Professor Miranda Thornton. Milton
Professor of English Literature.

Discovered by one of her students.
Oliver Bowcock.

Suppose to have a tutorial with
her. Morning, sir!

What's the matter with everybody

Thought you were really sexy last
night, sir. Quite the movie star.

They'll get over it eventually.

What about CCTV?

Nothing on this street,
apart from the one at Beaumont.

I've requested a half-mile sweep
in every direction.

She live alone?

No signs of a struggle.
No marks on the body.

Empty vodka bottle in the bin.
Washed glass in the sink downstairs.

Suicide. Well, I'd say yes,
but we haven't found a note

and as well as not owning a mobile

she has one of those answer

The sort that use a mini-cassette.
I remember them.

Yeah, better than these digital
things... The cassette is missing.


the machine's been wiped clean of

In the bathroom. Painkillers.

A bottle of these, half a bottle of
vodka, lie on the bed, fade out.

So it is suicide?

Don't jump the gun, Inspector.


What have you done to your face?
Haven't you seen the telly?

How me and Hathaway took down the
notorious Jones drug cartel of Sheep

You were on TV?
I can't believe I missed it.

Oh, well, my 15 seconds of fame,

She had her 15 seconds, too.

Wrote a book back in the '90s.
How women could survive without men.

It was quite influential.
Did it influence you?

Nah, course not.
I came to that conclusion years ago.

Miranda came to hate
all the attention.

She was delighted when it all
blew over.

She was an intensely private person.

Did this extend to not owning
a mobile phone?

Yes. Refused to acknowledge their
existence. Quite a Luddite.

Literature and landscape.
That's what she cared for.

What about family?
No family. Never married.

A few boyfriends over the years.

Nice enough. None seemed to stick.

This was in her hands when she died.

Who is this money man?

David Connelly. Hedge fund manager.

He'd been buying up land for a
housing development off Port Meadow.

All he needed to complete it was
a parcel of Beaumont College land.

Miranda was vehemently against it.

I had a drinks party here,
yesterday evening,

hoping that some compromise...

They met last night?

She didn't stay five minutes.

What will happen to this scheme?

Final vote by the governors
was due today.

We've postponed, obviously.

With Miranda out of the way,
how will the governors vote?

Most probably in favour.

It will make Beaumont a lot of money.

And we need money like Oxford
needs houses.

I heard about Professor Thornton.

The Master of Beaumont called.

He also said he gave you my name,
although I don't see how I can help.

We were told she was the only one
opposing your development scheme in
Port Meadow.

A scheme worth north of 50 million
to you.

Most people consider that
adequate motive for murder.

Given she was the only dissenting

outvoting her would have been
a lot less trouble than killing her.

Did you talk to her last night?

Why would I do that?

To try and persuade her?

It would have been pointless.

I knew her years ago, here at

and once her mind was set,
there was no changing it.

You don't seem upset by her death.

Well, I hadn't seen her for almost
20 years

and for the past two years
we've been fighting tooth and nail.

She cost me over seven million

in ridiculous environmental impact

so, no, I'm not very upset.

Well, she was upset about you.
She was clutching this as she died.

I have to take this.

We're done, aren't we?

Yeah, Alex. Hi.

Yeah. Yeah, I can talk.

Ah, yeah, I was looking at those

and I don't think they're gonna fly.

Hi, Robbie. What are you doing here?

I was just...

I wanted to know if you were ruling
suicide. Why?

You find anybody
who might have wanted to murder her?

Not really. Just a very rich man
who didn't like her at all.

And someone who was very keen to
remove all trace of him or her self
from her house...

but left a fingerprint on the
answering machine's eject mechanism.

Any matches? No, but it's something
to scare people with.

What people?

She didn't know anyone.

See what I mean?
One photo. Port Meadow.

No people in it.
No people anywhere.

Just books.

Literature and landscapes.

That's all the Master said she cared

Maybe it wasn't enough to stop her
reaching for vodka and painkillers.

Sorry, but I saw you come in here.

I just wondered if you had any news.

She wouldn't like that.

You know, she was very particular
about her books.

Ever see Professor Thornton with

No, she was always on her own.

Although, obviously,
she was trying to change that.

She was?
You didn't know?

The Barker tape.

There's Miranda Thornton.

My name is Miranda.

I teach English Literature at

which either sounds deathly dull
or completely out of touch.

Neither of which I hope I am.

I'm 39 and I am single.

And I am looking for someone
to share my life with.

And to share their life.

Your life.

I don't care what you do, what you
look like or how much you earn.

I just want someone to be with.
To talk to...

to make love to.

I'm tired of wasting my life.

I'm tired of lonely weekends.

I feel like I've had my life on
pause and...

and now I want to press Play.

So, if you feel like I do, then
please take a risk.

I have.

Bloody hell.

The writer of Fish Without A Bicycle
was hunting for men.

How many people would have seen that?


And they want people's comments?
What sort of comments?

Do you really want to know?

"I hope she dies..."

"..good riddance bitch."

Posted by bulldoglo.

Same as "hope she dies".
Who are these people?

Welcome to the world of internet

Leave your inhibitions at the door.

Leave your humanity at the door,
more like.

I mean, the video says who she is,
where she works.

Suppose somebody wanted to do more
than just write nasty stuff.

Suppose they wanted to do something.
Can we trace these people?

Internet service providers?
What have you.

The whole 54,000?
The worst. The most violent.

I mean, to subject somebody
to this level of abuse is...

It's not right. It's a hate crime.

Let's get the techies onto it and
onto this. Heart & Soul.

What is it? An internet dating site?

I thought that was supposed to be
private. Mm.

So why's it on this Barker site? And
why are The Barker still showing it?

Still making money off it.

Where are they, anyway?
America, I suppose.

No. Right here in Oxford.



Hello, police. Do you have ID?

He's Lewis. I'm Hathaway.

And I'm Briony. Come up.

Offices in Cambridge, London,
Manchester. Not Newcastle?

No, not yet. Why? Is that where
you're from?

For my sins.
Your sins are forgiven.

Do you work here? Really I'm
studying PPE at St Jude's.

But a girl's gotta pay the bills.

So...? So... Professor Thornton's
private videotape

on The Barker website.

Want to tell us how that happened?

It's all right, Briony,
I've got this one.

Who are you?
Oh, I'm the boss, Kit Renton.

Don't often get the bacon knocking
on my door.

"Bacon." That's funny.
And original.

Yes, well, I'm a professional

I don't care about original
but I do care about funny.

Why don't we repair to my office?

We want to know how Miranda
Thornton's video

got onto your website.

Well, since all postings are
anonymous, I have no idea.

Do you care what happened to her?

I'm sorry, but I didn't kill her.
She did it herself.

You got a hold of a private video of
her, broadcast it,

humiliating her in front of the whole

You don't think that contributed to
her death?

I didn't get hold of anything.

Some anonymous person... it could
have been Miranda herself...

posted it. You see, we're like a
bulletin board.

There's no editors. There's no
rules. You just let it all hang out.

Let the light shine in.

You see something you think is
funny, ridiculous, pompous, naff,

whatever, you...

You post it on the site, you sit

and you see how many people agree
with you.

You must have known
you'd cause this woman pain.

I didn't even know she was on the

The posting had 50,000 hits
before I even saw it.

The fact is Barker. Biz hasn't broken
any laws.

You're unbelievable.
Thank you very much.

As fun as this is, I've got a

Silicon Valley are falling over
themselves to throw money at me.

Will they like the fact that you make

by driving people to kill themselves?

As long as I get eyeballs on
screens, they won't give a damn.

The thing is, Mr Renton, we don't
know that she did kill herself.

And if it is murder,

I'll be after you and your website
as an accomplice.

Tell your Silicon Valley pals that.

Have you decided what you're gonna
do? Yeah.

Take a leaf out of Renton's book.

Use embarrassment as a weapon.

He might love publicity,

but I doubt whether a website
like Heart & Soul will.

I want to talk to them,
see who broke into their system

and stole Miranda's video.

OK, you do that and I'll have
another go at that girl Briony.

Oh, Briony.

She was nice. Pretty.

Was she?

I'll see you back at the office.

You must be Inspector Lewis.

You look like what I thought you'd
look like,

from your voice on the phone.
But rather more kind.


Downside of the trade... making snap
judgments. I'm Susanna Leland.

I thought that's what the trade was
meant to get rid of... snap judgments.

It is but it still comes down to

But you didn't come to talk about
that. Miranda Thornton.

Awful, awful business.

What I wanted to find out is how her
video got out of Heart & Soul.

I assume not everyone can just
log on

and check out one of your

Absolutely not.
First, we're a members-only website.

Not only do you pay a monthly

but we have a rigorous screening

Screening against what?
Perverts. Casual adulterers.

As opposed to determined adulterers?

Well, you joke, but yes.

Lots of people stuck in loveless

have found happiness through our

So how does one see
one of the members' videos?

Well, the videos are our unique

and we're especially protective of

Mm, not protective enough, obviously.

I'd like to see a list of everyone

who accessed Miranda Thornton's

whatever it is you call it.

That could be tens of thousands of

That's OK. That'll be our problem.

Actually, no, that would be
my problem.

I have to protect my members'

What about Miranda's privacy?

I would love to help, seriously,

but I know my lawyers will say
I can't give you what you want.

I'm very sorry.

Briony, what a coincidence.

Is it a coincidence?

No. I waited for you to leave your
college then followed.

So you're stalking me?

I'm a policeman. It's surveillance,
not stalking.

Well, that doesn't sound very fair.

It's fair if you're a policeman.

Can I talk to you about Miranda

Right. I want to know why her tape
got off Heart & Soul.

I think you can point me in the
right direction.

Oh, hi, Sebastian.

Who are you? Detective Sergeant
Hathaway? And you?

None of your business.
Why are you bothering her?

Why are you so aggressive?
I don't know.

Maybe because I saw a weirdo
chatting up my girlfriend.

It's all right. It's not all right.
We're late for the studio.

OK, well, you go and I'll catch
you up.

I mean it.

I'm sorry about that.
He's just under a lot of pressure.

Don't worry about it.
Studio? Are you a singer?

No, we're recording Shakespeare's
plays. All of them.

Mm. Sebastian's idea.
Wow, that is a lot of pressure.

Which one are you on?
Troilus And Cressida.

I'm Cressida.

The faithless Cressida.

Look, this is all I'm gonna say.

Barker's a bit like Wikipedia.
Like, the users can edit it?

Yeah, and get into the operating

If you pull the video, you might
find a source code embedded in it.

I'd better get going.

Ah, Robbie. I need to talk to you.

I've just been to an internet dating

Meet someone nice?
I said "to", not "on".

And it was for work, not the other.
Glad to hear it.

Not that there's anything wrong with
the other.

Over 20% of all married couples
now meet on the internet.

So I'm reliably informed by the
magazines at my hairdresser's.

Going online, exposing yourself to
millions of strangers. I don't know.

Well, don't knock it till you've
tried it.

You haven't?

Oh, a single woman my age... any age,

what are we supposed to do,
hang around in bars like...

Like lumberjacks?


Online you can reveal yourself
relatively painlessly.

Oh, Lewis, I um...

saw you on telly. Good stuff.

Oh, um... I'm sorry. We haven't met.

I'm kind of the new boy round here.

Alan Peterson.
Laura Hobson.

Got any dead or mutilated bodies,
I'm your girl.

I'll bear that in mind.

Anyway, the reason I was looking for
you was Miranda Thornton.

Oh, please tell me she was murdered.
Is that what you want?

Not what I want,

but I prefer that to the idea
that her life was so unbearable

she decided not to wake up again.

Jury's still out, I'm afraid.
Blood alcohol was high.

Stomach contents confirm
the ingestion of painkillers.

Certainly enough to kill her.

So why's the jury still out?

There was some odd material in her

Spores and fragments of herbs.

Sage, rosemary, thyme.

It's like Scarborough Fair.

"Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there."

Never mind that. So you're saying
that Miranda was... sniffing herbs?

Nobody inhales rosemary.

You do if you've been listening to
too much Simon & Garfunkel.

We're trying to have a sensible

The fact is, I don't know what it

We're doing more tests, but until

Was I interrupting something?


So what have you been doing?

Briony implied there may be clues in
the video.

I've got Gurdip looking on Barker's

Which is hardly legal, but I'll just
say I was obeying orders.

I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

However, I can't pretend I didn't
just have a call

from lawyers for a dating website...
Heart & Soul?

They said they would not give
members' details

whatever the harassment.
I didn't harass.

I asked. Politely.

Furthermore, why are you
investigating what's clearly a

The pathologist hasn't ruled yet.

So murder's still a possibility?
Have any suspects?

Excuse me, ma'am.

I've been recovering Miranda's
deleted emails. That website stuff.

She got a date. It was some

Thanks very much, chaps.
Good luck at the weekend.

Easy does it...

Francis Mitchell?

Your paper said you'd be here.

Here I am. Who are you?

It's about Miranda Thornton.

I assume because you found me you
know I had a date with her.

And you know it was through a dating
website. Heart & Soul.

I'm not ashamed of it.
No need to be.

20% of married couples get together
through the internet these days.

Is that true?
It is, yeah.

Information that's available
in any ladies' hairdresser.

Mind you, I think they're talking
about people

who aren't already married to
somebody else, like Mr Mitchell here.

I wasn't aware that it was a crime.

No. Just cheating.

When did you last see Miranda
Thornton? Just the one time.

At Beaumont there was a drinks party
two nights ago.

I went to meet David Connelly,
the financier.

Miranda was there. We spoke briefly.

Were you invited?

It's my job to get into places
I haven't been invited.

Does that include Miranda's home?
Of course not.

What time did you get home that
night? I don't know. About nine.

And your... wife will back you up on
that, will she?

Well, I doubt she was looking at her
watch, but yes, she will.

Thanks. We'll be in touch.

He was in her house, wasn't he?
Oh, yes.

It looks like Mitchell's telling
the truth.

8:35 he leaves Beaumont.

So, if he lives at...
Hang on, sarge.

David Connelly. Well, well.

Hedge fund guy and cheating journo.

I didn't see the other bloke again
- Connelly.

I thought I'd lost Mitchell, too.

Now, he lives up the Banbury Road
and he's on foot.

So he should appear here... or
here... or here...

within about ten minutes of leaving

But he doesn't. He disappears.

Until... I got him again at 10:13,
heading home.

An hour and a half after he left

An hour later than he said.

What's that?

Let's ask him.

We don't have enough to fingerprint
him, sir.

Well, we've got him lying
about what time he got home.

And the missing 90 minutes

when he was less than 100 yards from
Miranda Thornton's house.

What about the bin?
Emptied this morning.

Unless we go through the dump. As we
don't know what we're looking for...

Hang on.

He was looking round, like he was
checking no-one was watching him.

Takes it out of his pocket. It's
white. Crumples it in his hand.

Like it's paper or um...

Scarborough bloody Fair.

Thanks, James.

Hi, you still at work?

You know me. Party, party.

Miranda Thornton's lungs.

Herb fragments.

Parsley, sage... Was there anything
else in there, like...

I don't know... food, breadcrumbs,

How on earth did you know that?
I didn't. Am I right?

Not about the lungs.

But I found in the tracheal cilia...

herb spores, bread fragments, sugar

She'd have to inhale all that,
wouldn't she?

So if she had something like a...

plastic bag... a shopping bag, over
her head, would that explain it?

Well, yes, but...
That's what Mitchell was dumping.

A plastic bag. The murder weapon.

Hang on. What about the booze and
pills and the lack of a struggle?

My questions exactly.
It can all be done after death.

Mix the painkillers with the alcohol,
pour it down her throat,

arrange the body, tidy up, head for

Thanks, Laura.
Robbie, wait. Robbie.

We still don't know it was
a plastic bag.

Not yet.

So I told a porky-pie about being
out late

and the CCTV cameras caught me.

Doesn't prove a thing.

The CCTV cameras also caught you
dumping something in a rubbish bin.

Fortunately, that bin hadn't been

You can't connect me to anything...

Your fingerprints will be all over

It? What is "it"?

The plastic bag you took
from Miranda Thornton's.

Forensic teams
will be going back into her house,

and into yours.

They'll take both places apart.
There's nothing to find.

There's a cassette
from an answering machine to find.

It's gone.

I destroyed it.

I'm really sorry, but I didn't do
it. Do what?

Kill her.

She was already dead.

Why don't you tell us what happened?

I went round to her house that
night, after the drinks.

I was desperate to see her.

I knew I shouldn't.
She'd asked me not to.

But I'd had a lot to drink,
I couldn't help it.

I went into the...

She was lying there.

A plastic bag over her head.

I pulled it off.

She was...

I panicked. I...

I took the bag. I wiped the surfaces
I'd touched.

I took the answer machine cassette
and I...

and I left.

I left her.

I'm sorry.

Mr Connelly!

Excuse me for a moment.

You must be confident
of your scheme getting through.

I suppose you should be,

given the main opponent's out
of the way.

You left Beaumont College with
Francis Mitchell

at 8:35 the night Miranda died.

Where did you go?
I walked home.

Which would have taken you right
past Miranda's house.

Did you go in?

Can you prove that?
Why should I?

We believe Miranda was murdered.

Her death is convenient to you.

Her death makes no difference to me
at all.

Why do I get the feeling it was
something personal

between you and Miranda?

Because you have a very vivid

I've told you already. I haven't
seen Miranda in almost 20 years.

So what went on back then?

Look, I have people waiting for me.

I also have witnesses to the fact
I didn't go into Miranda's house.

Where are they?

After I'd talked to that journalist,

I took a conference call
from some investors in Palo Alto.

Lasted the whole way home.

It was about charging points
for electric cars, if you must know.

Why don't you talk to the people
on the call?

They'll tell you whether
I murdered anyone or not.

Until you play me a recording
of that call,

and I hear David Connelly talking
about electric cars for 50 minutes,

- he's a suspect.
- No, he's not.

Your theory's rubbish.
Oh, thanks very much.

Which theory? That she was murdered.
I did check.

From the levels in Miranda's blood,

the painkillers were not ingested
post mortem.

She was alive when she took them.

Then who put the bag over her head?
She did.

What... pills, booze and a bag?

With pills and booze, there's no
guarantee that you won't throw up

or be discovered before they've
worked. The bag guarantees it.

That's just speculation. No, Robbie,
it's deduction based on facts.

My version explains the absence of
struggle in the house,

injury to the body. Your version's
just a fantasy. I am here, you know!

I could go.
You stay.

So you're ruling suicide?
I'm ruling an open verdict.

Then you're still not certain.

I believe she killed herself.

What, you believe a brilliant woman
killed herself because of some
internet video?

Wouldn't she fight?
Try and find out who leaked it?

Instead of just giving up.
You'll have my report in two hours.

I found who downloaded the video.

It was a legitimate Heart & Soul

They said it was impossible to
identify who'd done the download.

It's not. It's easy.
Got a name?

Er, yeah. Mason Nouvel.
Sounds American.

It's a pun.

Mason Nouvel, maison nouvelle,
casa nueva...

Casanova, the great lover.

Even if I was willing to release
this information,

there are thousands of people...

We know that every Heart & Soul

has the name of the downloader

I told you. I can't release
confidential client information.

Is that it?
Not quite.

We'll be seeking a judicial order
to have your site closed down.

What? On what grounds?

On the grounds that you've recklessly

the identities and addresses of your
clients to potential predators.


Mason Nouvel. I only have a credit
card number

and a mobile telephone number.

No joy on the credit card.

It's registered to Chilcott Services
in Jersey.

Sounds like an off-the-shelf.
Well, the phone's real enough.

According to the GPS trace, it's
somewhere within half a mile of here.

Gurdip's just checking addresses.


OK. Hazel Graphics.

New Form Yoga.

And Galloways Recording Studios.

Recording studio. That's it.

What address is that?

Is this the lady Cressida?
Even she.

Most dearly welcome to the Greeks,
sweet lady.

Briony. She works at The Barker,

gets hold of Miranda's video,
gets herself a hit.

'Twere better she were kissed in

Damn it!

Who the hell forgot to turn their
phone off?

It's yours, Sebastian.


Mr Mason Nouvel.

Who is this?

The police.

Mason Nouvel.

Guilty. You went on the Heart &
Soul website?

Oh, come on. It was just a joke.

Casa nova...
No, I got it.

Subscribing to Heart & Soul...

was that a joke? Or were you looking
for romance? I've got my romance.

Beautiful Briony.

Why pick on Miranda Thornton?

I saw her um...

her... what do you call it?
Her entry.

Her profile.

Her bleeding heart.

The author that told women
that they didn't need men any more

basically begging for a shag.

I thought that was quite funny.

You find a lot of things funny.

Professor Thornton was your tutor.

Did you have a grudge against her?

No. Why should I?

Beaumont College have sent me a lot
of letters that you wrote...

angry letters, in which you blame her
for your not getting

a postgraduate place at Stanford
University in the United States.

Well, she gave me a pretty mediocre

Which was unfair, given that I'd
worked my guts out for her.

I mean, you know
what these Americans are like.

Everything has to be... first class
and triple-A plus with knobs on.

Any hint of English hesitation
or reservation and you're nowhere.

And, thanks to her,
that's exactly where I ended up.


How did you find Miranda
on Heart & Soul?

Sebastian, my name is Felicity

I'm here to represent you.
Don't say anything else.

On what grounds is he being
questioned? Harassment.

He put a woman's private video on
the internet,

causing her such distress she killed

Harassment is a pattern of activity
over a period of time,

not a one-off.

His alleged action might be in poor

but it's not a crime. Poor taste? A
woman died.

Has he been charged with a crime?

I thought not. Come on, Sebastian.

Excuse me, Ms Prior.

How did you know he was...
It's none of your business.

We've sent for Legal Aid for him,
but you're not Legal Aid, are you?

Who's paying you, Ms Prior?

What's the verdict?

They're all as shifty-looking
as each other.

Hathaway. Oh, yeah. Hang on a sec.
Go ahead.

First results on the ISP search

for the obnoxious trolls
on The Barker website.

Guess where bulldoglo lives.


Pretends to be in love with Miranda
while posting hate mail

and wishing she was dead.

My wife is upstairs
putting the kids to bed.

What the hell is all this about?

You posting 27 offensive messages
on The Barker website.

About Miranda Thornton.

Saying, amongst other things,
"you're a stuck-up cow"

and "I hope you die".

We traced your log-in name,

to the computer at this address.

Mrs Mitchell.

What's happening?

Have you been using my computer,

Have you been cheating on me,

Mrs Mitchell, did you post
on The Barker website?

And where were you three nights ago,

the night Miranda Thornton was

At home, making dinner for our

Then I went to work a night-shift
at the old people's home.

God knows what my husband's alibi

But it had better have nothing to do
with me.

What can I do for you this time?

We were questioning the ex-student

who leaked Miranda Thornton's video
onto the internet

when a lawyer named Felicity Prior
turned up,

put an end to the interview.

Did you send her?
No. As far as I'm concerned

you can question the little sod all
you want.

In fact, you can take him outside
and beat the truth out of him.

How did you know it was a him?
Same way as I made a lot of money.

By guessing.

Miranda had just the one picture in
her rooms.

A view across Port Meadow.
Why would she choose that?

I've no idea.

Why did you choose Port Meadow?
Oxford needs affordable housing.

Yeah, but why Port Meadow?

What did she do to you?


And thanks for meeting me.

A pleasure. Cheers.

Sorry, Robbie.
I was being a real cow.

Oh, my fault.

Wanting something to be true
and not waiting for all the facts.

You think you've got them now?

No, but... she's dead.

We move on.

Except not if you're taking her home
with you.

She took a risk.

Looked at her life... tried to change

She got... destroyed.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't take a

Lewis. Laura. I didn't know you came

It's my favourite pub. Mind if I...?

Not at all.
Great. Thanks.

Well, Oxford on a summer's evening.

Is there a lovelier place in the
world? Not a one.

Where were you before?
Sunderland. It's not exactly...

Steady. No slandering the north-east.

Sorry. My... My lips are sealed.


Hello. What do you want?

I want to talk to you about your
boyfriend and Miranda Thornton.

Well, talk to him, then, not me.

He is your boyfriend, isn't he?

Don't you want to know what he was
doing on a dating website,

calling himself Casanova, trawling
the web for women twice his age?

You think he downloaded the video?

I know he did.

Did you?

No. So either your boyfriend is a
worthless cheat,

or he went on that site
to find and humiliate Miranda.

Which he did either out of spite
or because someone put him up to it.

Now, who would that be?

And who gave him the idea to put it
on Barker's?

Was that you?

Then who?
Ask Sebastian.

He works at Barker.
He knows all about it.

Then he knows Renton.

Yes. Kit's the one funding these

And supplying him with lawyers.
What do you mean?

When we questioned him,
an expensive lawyer shut us down.

We know he wasn't working by himself
but we can't find out for sure.

And I can?

You can sit on the sidelines
or you can try and put things right.

Most dearly welcome to the Greeks,
sweet lady.

Is this the lady Cressida?
Even she.

Most dearly welcome to the

Gonna tell me what it was about?

You and the police. Why don't you
ask your new boyfriend?

The gangly copper.
Oh, Sebastian, that's not fair.

I just want to know what's going on.
I'm trying to finish this play!

Kit's given me deadlines. You know?

'Twere better she were kissed in

Kit means a lot to you, doesn't he?

Given he's the only one who's putting
food in my mouth, yeah, he does.

Most dearly welcome to the Greeks,
sweet lady.

Our general doth salute you with a

I'm tired of wasting my life.

I'm tired of lonely weekends.

In love, I'faith,
to the very tip of the nose.

He eats nothing but
doves, love,

and that breeds hot blood,

and hot blood begets hot thoughts,

and hot thoughts beget hot deeds
and hot deeds is love.

Is this the generation of love?

Hot blood, hot thoughts and hot

Why, they are vipers.

Is love a generation of vipers?

Sweet lord, who's afield today?


I'm really sorry about before.
I was um...

just, you know, er...

I finished Troilus. I thought you
might want to come listen.

Actually, I'm working.
Well, I'll come round.

Um... and I'll bring the disks.

It's good.

It's very good. You especially.
No, I said I'm working.

Listen, Bri. Is everything OK?

Look, I know I was a bit of a prat

I don't want to talk now, Sebastian.
Good night.

Beaten to death. Skull crushed by
three or four blows by... that.

Which, presumably, came from there.

Her purse and her phone are missing.

She could have been mugged.

Could it have been a mugging?

Well, it's hardly my job to say.
Any idea when?

Sometime last night.
From the lividity, it was done here.

Is um...

Hathaway OK?

If you're gonna ask what Briony was

in a blind alley that late... don't.

She's killed here.

Her college... St Jude's, is here.

Recording studio is here.

Barker. Biz is here.

So... she's on her way back to the

Either from the recording studio or
from Barker.

Why would she be at The Barker?

Because I made her go there.
I bullied her.

Into finding out more about her
boyfriend, Sebastian.

Again, why The Barker?
Because he works there.

Renton's his sugar-daddy.
He supplied the lawyer.

So Sebastian posted the video
on the internet

but Renton was pulling his strings?

Question is, did Briony find

that made her a target? If so, what?

Lewis. I suppose you want an
apology. Ma'am?

Briony's murder supports your theory

that were was a conspiracy
behind Miranda's death.

Apology accepted, ma'am..

You're welcome.
Now, do you have any leads?

I asked her to look into how her

was able to get hold of Miranda's

She must've uncovered a connection

between the people who wanted her
out of the way.

Unfortunate, but it is sometimes
necessary to ask help of the public.

Let's just hope it doesn't bite us
on our collective behind.

Lewis, Miranda Thornton's yours.

Hathaway, find who killed that girl.
DI Peterson will assist you.

Ma'am, I don't need any help.

By rights, I should remove you
from the case altogether.

We need to wrap this up asap.

Do it with DI Peterson or don't do
it at all.

I called Briony...

probably around 11:15.

I asked if I could come and see her
and she said she was busy.

Where was she?
I thought she was at St Jude's.

But when I went round, she wasn't
there. Then where was she?

I have no idea.

After that, where did you go?

My flat. I got drunk. I went to

Anyone back you up on that?

OK, am I a suspect here?

You're her boyfriend.

You were the last person
to talk to her.

We have to clear you
before we can proceed.

Then you're gonna have to wait
for my lawyer.

You know, saying that just makes it
seem like you're hiding something.

Yeah, cunning.
I'll wait for my lawyer.

Why do you think Briony lied to you
about where she was?


Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.

I didn't know Briony very well,

but from what I could see,
she was a very special person.

She had a kind heart and a brilliant
mind and...

Well, for her to be so brutally cut
off like this, it beggars belief.

My thoughts and prayers
go out to her family.

I just hope the police do
everything in their power...

Can old people use those?

Never seen her before.
Pretty girl.

She's dead.

Where were you between the hours of
9pm and two last night?

Not out killing young women.
Who said she was killed?

The news. I was asleep in bed.
Why are you asking me all this?

Miranda Thornton's death helps you.

This girl has information about
Miranda's death,

therefore her death helps you.

Therefore I murdered her?

Well, it just depends on what your
little property scheme means to you.

Tell me. What are you afraid of?

I came to Oxford 20 years ago with

I left with nothing.

Now I'm going to make my mark on it
for good.

That's what my little property scheme
means to me.

And to hell with anyone who gets in
your way.

I had... several drinks up in my

Tons of witnesses there if you want
to ask them.

I staggered back to my pad in

and slept the sleep of the just.

Alas, yes.

There's a chance Briony was working
here just before she was killed.

We'd like to send a crime scene unit

to search the offices
and its computers.

For what reason?

She may have obtained some
information relevant to our

I'm sorry. What...?
She was working for you?


Not exactly.

Well, which one? No or not exactly?

Right. OK, so... on the off chance
she might have been in my office,

and even off-er chance
that she might have found something

that might help you out of the hole
into which you've dug yourselves,

you want me to just throw my
business open to your prurient gaze?

No editors, no rules.

Let it all hang out. Let the light
shine in. Your words.

What are you afraid of?

Whatever. Search away.

Miranda Thornton. Did she make any
calls from her home

on the night she died?

Miranda had no mobile but we checked
her landline. No calls.

So she left the Master's drinks
party, went straight home,

didn't call anyone, didn't talk to

Actually, that's not completely

She spoke to the porter.

When I checked the CCTV around

I looked at the system in the
porter's lodge first.

Professor Thornton came through
around 6:30

and had a word with the porter.

It was really brief, like,
"Good night."

There she is.

What's she doing?

Well, that's Robin on duty.

Maybe he... Oh...

He's giving her change.

She was always asking.

Last person in the world
without a mobile.

But she doesn't use it.

Yeah, she does.

Check those numbers.

You've got the time.
Yes, sir.

Nothing from the crime scene or

Nothing from the interviews.
Searches at Barker offices ongoing.

But it doesn't look like
she logged into the system.

What does Inspector Lewis think?
In fact, where is he?


Miranda knew Kit Renton at Oxford.

They ran against each other
for presidency of the Union. 1995.

Miranda won.
Which helps us how?

Well, Renton pretended
he didn't even know her

until she popped up on his website.

But she talked to him the night
she died.

But we checked her phone records.

She called on the payphone
in the porter's office at Beaumont.

Why would she do that?
She wanted to confront the man

who'd caused the nightmare.

She spoke to him for five minutes.
I knew I was right.

We must have missed something.
Yes, we have.

Look who took the photo.

S Lel... Susanna Leland.

Heart & Soul. They all knew each

What a looker. She's not bad either.

Miranda phoned your Oxford home
the night she died.

Did she?
The call lasted five minutes.

What did you talk about?
I have no idea.

I get thousands of phone calls.
I can't remember them all.

Why didn't you tell us you knew
her? Why should I?

You didn't think it was relevant?

What, I have to do your thinking
for you, do I?

Relevance is your job.
That's right.

And what's relevant is that
you knew Miranda.

And for some reason, which we don't
know yet, you caused her death.

Why would I bother?

Can't you accept that single,
middle-aged women

sometimes commit suicide?

No, we can't, not now Briony Keagan's
been found dead as well.

What has she got to do with
Miranda? You.

You connect both women, and whatever
that connection is, we'll find it.

OK, you have harassed me,

disrupted my business
and got one of my employees killed.

I am warning you,
stay out of my life.

Are you threatening us, sir?

Smile, boys.

Let's go and talk to the other

What reason does Renton have
to kill Miranda?

He wouldn't care if she sued him.

In his business, all publicity's
good publicity.

Unless his Silicon Valley investors

don't want to be dragged through
the courts.


We forgot who else was at university
with Miranda.


Which means he was there at the same
time as Renton and Leland.

And here he is less than a mile
from Leland's office.

Why should I deny knowing
Miss Leland?

She invited me to lunch.

It's 4:30. Long lunch.
We were discussing her business.

Is this the first discussion? We've
been talking for about a month.

We meet whenever I'm back in Oxford.

You know Kit Renton, too, don't you?

Again, why should I deny it?

Why didn't you tell us this before?
All of you were at Oxford together.

Yet not one of you's mentioned
a single word about it.

Have you got something to hide?

I told you I knew Miranda. She was
who you were enquiring about.

Have you been in contact with

He came to me asking for money.

Things are a bit tough
in the modern media world.

He said he had investors
falling over him.

Falling over him to get out the

He has no head for business.

Did you give him any money?
I'm considering it.

Even though he has no head for

Well, maybe it's for old times'

Or because he helped you
get rid of Miranda Thornton.

Renton needs money, you say, "OK, but
I need help with a little problem."

That what Briony found out?
Evidence of a deal between you two?

I told you already, I know nothing
about that young woman.

Now, is that everything,

or shall I live in fear of you
driving your car into mine?

Yes, David was here.

Talking about your business?

I could be wrong,

but I sense that David's finally
looking to settle down.

What, he's interested in you?
Don't sound so surprised, Inspector.

Do you know anything about this?

Don't even know what I'm looking at.

Kit Renton, Miranda Thornton and S
Leland. That's you, isn't it?

I took a photo of two people
nearly two decades ago.

Hardly means...
Come on, don't embarrass yourself.

You were at Oxford at the same time
as Renton and Miranda.

Even in the same college as Miranda.
Why didn't you tell us?

Because I was embarrassed.

Because inadvertently
I'd hurt a friend.

Maybe even caused her death.

But you knew she was on your site?
Not until afterwards.

I don't vet every client.

I doubt Miranda knew I was involved.
We'd lost touch.

Well, how did Kit Renton know?

I thought that was the hacker.
What was his name? Mason Nouvel?

No, we think he was put up to it by
Renton. Why would Renton do that?

Kit and Miranda had history.

They ran against each other for
president of the Union

and Miranda won.

Hardly a surprise. She was clever,
pretty, queen of the town.

Well, Kit hates to lose... for all he
affects not to, and he got nasty.

He spread rumours
that she'd slept her way to victory.

It was "just a joke" but... that's

Always took it too far.

Like his horrible website.

So you're saying he went after her

because he hadn't got over some
student thing?

I don't know. Kit's complex.

So what's the story
with David Connelly and Miranda?

They went out for a little while,
odd as it may seem.

Well, in other words, she crooked
her finger, he came running.

He was such a gangly, shy,
minor public schoolboy then.

Quite out of his depth.

Look at him now... master of the

I know what happened is the worst
possible advertisement

for what we do here,

but try us out some time.

You're lonely, you needn't be.

Thanks... I was lucky.
I had the best.

What makes you think I'm not

Thanks a lot.

Hathaway. You need to get to the
station now.

Why? What's up?

Just come in.

Renton's revenge.
We've been Barkered.

I heard. A friend called... as did a
lot of people who weren't... friends.

Given out our telephone numbers,
our addresses,

and worse than that...

he says we used Briony
to investigate a case,

exposed her and got her killed.

You mean, he says
I used Briony.

Well, it's just malicious gossip

That's all it takes.

What if we're wrong?

We searched Barker, we found

We're not even sure Briony was

She used her code to sign in to the

her code to sign out 45 minutes

Yeah, but what did she find?
That's just the problem.

Apparently Briony didn't even
log onto their system.

She was there for 45 minutes.

Well, Gurdip did a full data

He's going through it now.

Where are you going?
You don't need to come.

Yes, I do.

Well, if it isn't the video stars.

That was her desk.

I hope you've picked the right side
here, Sebastian. I really do.

I just want to know why.
What point were you hoping to make?

Well, firstly, I warned you.

Second point...
I wanted to have some fun.

And, boy, did I. You and Briony.

Sebastian said you had a little

You shouldn't have made her
do all your dirty work, should you?

Third point...

A twenty... four per cent jump
in site traffic this morning.

I've got the dinosaurs... the old
media, knocking on my door.

So, please, gentlemen, arrest me.
Drag me out in cuffs.

You haven't done anything illegal.

Yet here you are harassing me again.

You keep it up, I'll keep it up.

Everyone thinks you two are prats

but with a couple of taps of the

I can make them love you again.

Does it bother you that we have
two murders still unsolved?

How can we do our jobs with this
going on?

You see, isn't that the real point?

You lot barge into people's lives,
expect everyone to stand to

answer your questions,
treat you with respect.

Well, guess what. You don't have
that respect. Not any more.

Oh, great.

Bully cops. That sounds about right.

Care to comment, Sergeant Hathaway?
Any truth to the allegations?

It's only a little internet story
now but my paper will take it.

One call to London and the tabloids
will come running.

Then you'll know how it is
to have your life turned inside-out.

Everything we did, we did to find
out why Miranda Thornton died.

A woman you claim to have had
feelings for.

And all we got was lies and
obstructions from people like you.

Now you're preventing us
investigating the murder of an
innocent girl.

Comment enough for you?

So it did bite us on the

The switchboard's been inundated
with calls.

I assume your phones have been too.

Oh, yes.

There have also been a few
rubberneckers outside your homes,

but I don't believe any petrol bombs
have been thrown... yet.

Dr Hobson is in the middle
of a tricky postmortem.

She asked me to give you these.

She said to use her place
for as long as you need to.

Make yourselves at home.
There's beer in the fridge.

The alarm's just inside the front
door and the code is 0-0-0-0.

Ooh, ta.


I know. I can't leave it alone.

And I also know that if I hadn't
pushed things,

a lot of other things wouldn't
have happened, like... Briony.

How many women do you know
who keep a fridge full of cold beer

and read Patrick O'Brian?

Who's Patrick O'...?
Fine historical novelist. What?

It may be nothing or...


You know that student... Oliver,
who turned the book around?

This photo was taken two months ago
for the college prospectus

and this is from the crime scene.

Look at the books on those two

They've been rearranged.

And not very well.

As I said, maybe it's nothing...
It isn't.

Paradise Lost next to Dickens.

Shakespeare next to Ulysses.
Either she was drunk or...

Or there was some kind of fight,

the bookcase got hit,
the books fell out,

got put back but not by Miranda.

Renton? Yeah, he did respond to
her phone call.

He came round. She said she would
sue him.

The publicity would scare off the
investors he badly needed.

They argued. She wouldn't back down.

What about the vodka and the pills?
We know she'd been drinking.

He just had to slip the painkillers
into her glass and put a bag over her

She'd fight but not for long.

I know Hobson would say that's
fantasy but we can test it...

get the SOCOs down here,
compare the photos.

Any book that's out of place, you
scan it for Renton's fingerprints.

Except we haven't got his damn

We do.

When he held the photo of him and

I'll call SOCO.

You don't give up, do you?

I've been doing my job, getting into
places I've not been invited.

This is from Miranda's locker
in the Radcliffe Camera.

Her papers on the Port Meadow

These were at the bottom.

Addressed to David Connelly. Written
20 years ago. Returned unopened.

David Connelly?

I asked her, on our one and only

how someone like her
could have been single for so long.

She said it was because she'd been
in love,

deeply in love, for nearly 20 years.

And she'd only just come to realise
what a fool she'd been.

Those letters explain why.

If she was murdered,
I hope you catch the man who did it.

I really do.

Oh, and one last thing.

The governors voted on Connelly's
scheme this afternoon.

Turned it down.

So Miranda won.
She won.

For what it's worth.

So she did cheat on him?

No, according to her,
somebody was spreading rumours,

writing scurrilous articles
that she did.

Guess who.


She denies it, tries to prove the
alleged infidelity never happened.

And he never opens the letters.

Minor public school boy
out of his depth.

Isn't that what Susanna Leland said?

Now Susanna says he's chasing
after her.

She didn't seem to mind.

Maybe it's because
he's a multimillionaire.

Oh, dear.

"This is where we were happy.
Please come back to me."

Oh, he came back all right.

Tried to build houses all over it.

What's his name? This one.
This lady here.

I knocked. The door was open.

What do you want?

You're leaving Oxford?

The country. The scheme is dead.
Why stay?

You're going too.

David invited me. We need a break.

Something to read on the beach.

No, thank you. I've had all the
explanations I need from that woman.

You haven't even read them.
She made a fool of me once.

I won't let her do it again.

What on earth are you talking about?
She's dead.

Here. Look at this.

What? What am I looking at?

Thersites. Read him.

Three separate reports of my

screwing her way around town.

And the ever-so-serious Mr
Connelly... always the last to know.

It's just gossip, man.
Read the last paragraph.

"I would never give credence
to such sordid rumours

had I not personally been offered
the goods."

Who is this creep?


Renton was Thersites?

He wrote that?
Come on, David.

Don't tell me you didn't know.

It doesn't mean it's not true.

I mean, why would he lie?

Because Miranda had won.

Because he hated to lose.

Because he's a vindictive,
trouble-making bastard.

For a clever man,
you're remarkably stupid.

Miranda wasn't cheating on you.

Read. And weep.

Please. Go.

Renton was your friend.

Get out!

Thank you.

Can I ask you a question?

Did you go out with David
when you were at Oxford?

If you can call it that.

Was this before or after Miranda?

Oh... what does it matter?

Miranda broke his heart.

Left it useless for everyone
and everything else.

Except making money.

Crime scene guys have finished.
Material's being analysed.

I don't see how this helps
with the Briony investigation.

Closer we get to Miranda's killer,
the closer we get to Briony's.

I've got something, sir. Off Barker.

From Briony?
She did log onto the system.

But not as herself,
as her boyfriend Sebastian.

She must have known his password.
What did she look at? All deleted.

Everything she looked at.

How does this help?
Whoever scrubbed the material

forgot to check Sebastian's emails.

She sent him one from his own

"Talk about a generation of vipers.

I can't believe what you did to that
woman. I'm taking it to the police."

Taking what to the police?
Evidence of a conspiracy.

But as all the files have been
scrubbed, we can only guess who's

Not true. Briony is accusing

Therefore she knows he's involved
and he knows who else is involved.

Then get him in here
and drag the truth out of him.

Lawyer or no lawyer.


We're on our way to Sebastian's
flat. Meet you there.

If I be false,
or swerve a hair from truth...

It's the play... when time is old
and hath forgot itself...

when waterdrops have worn the
stones of Troy,

and blind oblivion swallow'd
cities up... What happened?

The money guy happened. Connelly.
What did he want?

To know what Renton got me to do
with Miranda's video.

And you told him?
Yeah, cos I thought he'd kill me.

Briony emailed you. You knew she was
going to the police.

Did you tell Renton this?


Last night!

After she'd emailed me.

Look, I'm sorry. I didn't ever think
that he would do that.

So it's Renton?
Last to speak to Miranda.

Last to know about Briony.


Yep. We're on our way.
Disturbance at The Barker offices.


A man answering Connelly's

arrived at The Barker 15 minutes

made two employees leave,
locked the doors.

Renton in there?

Julie. Yes?

Good news. We got a match on the
prints at Professor Thornton's

On some of the books and in the
bathroom... the medicine cabinet.

Mr Connelly!

It's the police!

There's gotta be a back door.

Wait. Wait, wait.

Oh, God, no.

What happened? Coward locked
himself in his office.

I tried to break down the door.

Keep that lunatic away from me.

You see? You should lock him up!

That boy told me he killed Miranda
and then he killed that girl.

I didn't touch anyone!
You lying shit!

He's not lying. He didn't kill
Miranda. Fingerprints aren't his.

Susanna Leland?

Miranda warned you
she was gonna sue you.

You and Susanna.
You went and told Susanna.

Yes. Because the videotape thing was
her idea.

I didn't tell her to kill anyone.

You knew what she'd done
and you kept quiet.

You told her Briony was going to the
police. You let Briony be killed.

You can't prove a word of that.

Your phone records will prove it.

I want my lawyer.

I'll take him to the station
if you get Susanna.

Don't leave town, Mr Connelly.
We're gonna need your statement.

Why did Susanna do it?
Several reasons.

Most important, because she knew
while Miranda was alive

she'd never get you.

What'll happen to Renton?

Everything the law will allow.

He may not have killed Miranda
but his lies destroyed her.

Destroyed us.
Unfortunately, that's not a crime.

We could've been together.

Yeah. You just had to open
her letters.

I wondered if you'd come.

We know what happened.
Clever policemen.

Renton's talking. Forensics put you
in Miranda's house.

Poor Miranda. What a way to go.


I thought about it. But no.

You killed Miranda.

I hated her.

She could have had anyone
and she had to take mine.

And Briony? Why did she have to
stick her nose in?

Why? I didn't want to.

I didn't.

I... I... I'm sorry.

So how come her prints
were on our system?

Ah... clever.

In fact, sneaky.
I wondered why you'd taken it.

Her automatic assumption I was

I knew she had to be bad
to the bone.

Miranda and Connelly.

In love with each other for 20 years
and never said a word.

Scared of rejection.

So they bury themselves in their

become very successful...

and very alone.

Now, who does that remind me of?