Inspector Lewis (2006–2015): Season 5, Episode 1 - Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things - full transcript

At a reunion at all female college Lady Matilda's,Poppy Toynton,bossy housemate of principal Diana Ellerby,is murdered.Years earlier Lewis had visited the same college when fifteen-year old Chloe Brooks,visiting her student sister Ruth,had been attacked,supposably by Ruth's American boyfriend Jud Havelock,who disappeared. Chloe went into a coma from which she has only recently recovered but has little recall of that night's events. Lewis visits Ali McLennan,a retired colleague who worked on the Havelock case but she has no leads for him. Then she too is murdered and Lewis discovers that she was blackmailing Poppy for killing Jud. Poppy was also responsible for a hate campaign against several of her former student contemporaries,whose lives suffered as a result. Most of them were present on the night of Jud's disappearance,which Hathaway,tracking down the costumes for the party for that night and using Poppy's video evidence,reconstructs,nailing the killer and their motives.

MP3 PLAYER: 'From this moment
you are a non-smoker.

You have left cigarettes behind.

Because smoking is a false friend.'

COX: You're digging.

You are breathing more easily,
because you do not smoke.

Wind it down.

Wind it down.


Mrs Turrill? Do you think someone
might meet and greet?

Point our guests in the right
direction? First impressions.

Thank you so much.



Oh, thank you, darling.
Just pop it over there, would you?

Is there anything else you need?

'...they will disgust you with their
filthy vice,

their bad breath, their stinking

their reeking clothes.

You despise their weakness,
because you are strong.

Because you are an ex-smoker.'


Excuse me. Can I have a top-up?

Freya. Hi.
Hi. How you doing?


Hello, Diana. Poppy.
It's Freya, Diana. Freya Carlisle.

I know it's Freya!

How are you?
Very well, thanks. How are you?

Very well. Didn't I read somewhere

about you being in line
for editor for Tribune? That erm...

Oh, I'm sorry.


As you know, this has been a
momentous year for the College.

The vote, to admit our first male
undergraduates next year, was won...

...after a robust contest... a convincing two-thirds


I would also like to take this
opportunity to pay tribute,

and bid the fondest of adieus
to Professor Ellerby

who after 30 years at Lady Matilda's
is forsaking us...for Princeton.



Pauline! Hello!

Oh, my God! As I live and breathe,
the female Enoch!

Shmi! What bloody time do you call

And Diana! Look at you!

You must have a picture in an attic
somewhere. Congratulations.

Or whatever it is one's meant to say
on such occasions.

Thanks. Mwah.

Poppy. Hey!

How weird is this!?

Lovely do. Well done.
Thank you. Thank you so much.





Hello? Who's there?


Is somebody there?

Something tells me you're not here

after the two-for-one dandelion and

Suspicious death.
Lady Matilda's College.

Lady Matilda's?

Last all-female college in Oxford,
about to go mixed.

I know what it is! So?

Holding a gaudy.
Information's a bit sketchy,

but a guest has been found dead.


Do we know who she was?
Poppy Toynton. 32. Alumna.

Worked here as a Development
Officer. Parents from Whitby.

She shared a house with one of the
dons from here,

Diana Ellerby, in Bicester.

Accommodation's been given over to
guests for the weekend.


What have you got?

Can't speak for you obviously,
but what I've got

is indigestion after another spoiled

What she's got, at first glance
anyway, appears to be a broken neck.

From the fall?
Too early to say if it was a fall.

According to uniform there's signs
of a break-in upstairs.

Scene of crime are taking a look

What time was she found?

Senior porter called it in
about an hour and half ago.

That'd agree with time of death
between nine and ten.

But it was the porter that found her?

No, one of the first-year students,
dobbing up here as a waitress
tonight for a bit of pin money.

Samantha Coyle.

My room's on the stair. I was on a
break, and I wanted to make a call.

I'd left my mobile in my room so...

You knew her from around college,

What was she like?

Bit bossy. Didn't want to get on the
wrong side of her.

You all done?
For now. PM's eight o'clock sharp.

Is there anything I should know?
Such as?

With himself? First mention of this
place, he got very...beady.

Ah, well, a young woman was attacked
here. Nine, ten years ago.

Sister of one of the undergrads.

Er...Chloe something. Robbie's case.
What happened?

A couple of days into the
investigation, his wife got killed.

So...keep an eye, eh?

I'll be right back.

Principal Ferber? DI Lewis.
You wanted a word?

Yes, I was wondering
how long you'd be?

I'm sorry to ask,
but it's an accommodation issue.

With staircase five out of bounds...

I'm afraid that'll be the case until
we establish exactly what's happened.

When did you last see her this

I suppose that would have been about

a quarter of an hour
before the balloon went up.

Diana Ellerby wondered
if someone might fetch her wrap.

I found Poppy in the bar a wee while
later and passed the message on.

She went and...

I didn't see her again.

What do you think we're looking at?
Burglary gone wrong?

Heck of a coincidence if not.

But if it was an accident, then
where's Professor Ellerby's wrap?

That's what Poppy Toynton went off to
fetch. So where is it?

And if you're going upstairs, your
whole momentum is forward, not back.

On the other hand,
if she fell on the way down...

Why didn't she have
the wrap with her?

What was Poppy Toynton like?

One doesn't like to speak ill,

A bit of a Head Girl.
Deputy Head Girl.


Terrific quality in a development

not always appreciated elsewhere.

Anyone with whom
she'd had a particular falling out?

There's always going to be

personality clashes in any large

It was all "systems" with Miss

Change this, change that.

While hardly scraping a Third!

Doesn't mean to say
I'd wish that on her.

I just hope you lot do better this
time round

and actually catch the swine.

How do you mean? Chloe Brooks? I'd
have thought you'd know all about it.

No, that was before my time.

Early bird.
Morning, ma'am.

Yeah, I've got a post-mortem
with Dr Hobson at eight.

Thought I might get some reading in

The "suspicious" at Lady Matilda's
College? Gaudy, wasn't it?

Last night. Former students of Diana

Have you seen her yet?
Seen, yes.

Spoken to - no. Not this time round,

I did actually meet her on a previous
case, briefly.

Hence the homework.

Crikey, I'd better get a wriggle on.

Laura doesn't mind her patients being
late, but woe betide...

What was she like?

It was years ago.

Bit prickly as I remember.

She would be.

Something of a termagant in her day.

Leading light in the struggle
for female empowerment.

How's that going, by the way?
You can mock.

The Glass Ceiling was required
reading when I was at college.

She's got form, you know. Trespass.
Breach of the peace.

Protesting against American missiles
back in the '80s.


Handier for tutorials, I suppose.

Quick bit of saving the world,
then back into college

in time for hot buttered muffins.

Missed the main event, I'm afraid.
But it is as I thought. Broken neck.

Don't look so disappointed.
It wasn't an accident.

She was helped on her way.

Single blow to the skull.
Temporal fracture about here.

With what?

Our old friend, the blunt

Circular trauma about yay big.

Erm...possibly a hammer.

She goes A over T down the stairs
and neck breaks in the ensuing fall.

What? I know that look.

Just thinking.
You all right?

Of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Lady Matilda's College.
Hardly the happiest of associations.

It's just a place, Laura.

So long as you're...
I'm fine. Thank you.

Any time.

What happened to the girl?

It's so weird. I didn't know who
else was going to be there.

But I couldn't really face seeing
them all again.

It's this one over here.
Ah, thanks.


Stupid, really.


DI Lewis, Oxford Police. Doctor...?

Oh. No, I'm not a doctor.
I work in the dispensary.

Ruth Brooks. Is it about my sister?

Not like that, no.

Somebody was killed last night.
At Lady Matilda's.

You knew her I believe. Poppy


What do you remember of her?

Beyond she was a first year
and I was a second, not much.

Lewis, did you say? Have we...?
I interviewed you at the time.

Last night brought Chloe to mind.

I just wanted to check how she was
doing, I suppose.

I know she's in there.


Trying to get home.

So I come and talk to her
first thing each morning,

and before I clock out.

And just hope.

What have we got?
Definite break-in.

Rooms on the second and third

Samantha Coyle's
already given us an inventory.

MP3 player and missing cash.

Right, so my phone,
my watch and my purse.

Is that what it was about? With
Poppy? She disturbed him?

Wouldn't you think?

At an exclusively female college?
Any bloke would stand out...

Like a sore thumb at a wedding?

How well did you know Poppy Toynton?

We were up around the same time,

but...Pops was definitely...lower

She was very keen to hang out with

I think she was a bit star-struck by

Diana and the whole "golden set"

What "golden set" thing?

Those of us Diana took under her
especial wing,

and groomed for greatness.

"A man's reach" and all that.

Sergeant Hathaway tells me you're a

Miss Carlisle. On The Post.

A columnist.
Is there a difference?

About 40K per annum,
and my picture above the copy.

Sex And The Single Girl is mine.
Can the modern Ms have it all?

What's the verdict?
The jury's still out.

It's quite true. Poppy lived with us
for a while at House Beautiful.

Diana provided lodgings to a handful

of second- and third-year students.
Her brightest and best.

I was there two years,
and Poppy came in my second year.

After Ruth Brooks left?
Yes. That's right.

Look, outside of her cadging letters
and the perennial round robin

I really didn't see or hear anything
of Poppy after uni.

We were very different people.

In what way?

I made a success of my life.

What was the nature of her
relationship with Professor Ellerby?

They were friends. Poppy was devoted
to Diana.

Nothing more?

Have you ever read any of Diana's

That's probably a silly question,
isn't it?

Man delights not Diana. Nor women

Professor Ellerby's
famously celibate.

Renouncing a life of the flesh
for the life of the mind.

Do you know how long we're going to
be here? I've work to get back to.

On a weekend?
I'm CEO of Guilty Secrets.

What's Guilty Secrets?
It's a lingerie chain.

Sergeant Hathaway
doesn't get out much.

Regular customer are you, sir, at
Guilty Secrets? Loyalty card holder?

Every high street's got one. It's a
major chain.

Online, and what have you.

Online? Well.

Just cos I've heard of something
and you've not.

My mind is on a higher plane.

Speaking of which, we should be
getting over

to that house. What is it again?

Beautiful, sir. What kind of a
name's that for a place?

It's from the Pilgrim's Progress.
John Bunyan.

"He who would valiant be."
Didn't you go to Sunday school?

We had a couple of missionaries
came up to Newcastle once.

They went in the pot, I think.

Christian stays at House Beautiful
on his way to the Celestial City.

It's where he meets the maidens

Prudence, Charity, Piety, and

Oh, and Porter Watchful, of course.
Of course.

What did you make of those two?

Professor Ellerby?

DS Hathaway. DI Lewis.
We wondered if we might have a word.

When you get to my age, you think

that life's got nothing left to
throw at you.

That you have no heart left to



Can you think of anyone
who would want to harm Miss Toynton?

Harm her? No.

No, I mean... I thought...

A robbery...Marion said. Principal

I can spell that for you slowly if
you need to write it in your book.

That won't be necessary, Professor.

But we will need to see Miss
Toynton's room.

Must you? She'd have so hated that.

Some lumbering great brute
pawing over her things.

I'm sure Sergeant Hathaway'll do his

not to lumber and paw more than
usual. Right?

Scout's Honour.

♪ Tinkly tune


LEWIS: Was there anyone special in
her life? Boyfriends, girlfriends?

She had friends of course,
but not in the way you mean.

Only, a couple of the people I've
been talking to, they've, well...

They say she wasn't the most
academically-minded of souls.

Yes. Is that right?

They thought her an unlikely

for you to have taken under your

Alongside the other girls here.

Young women.

Well, Poppy had other qualities.

Such as?

She was very nurturing.

I'm not sure everybody saw that side
of her, but...

We suited each other.

She was like a daughter to me,

I mean, they're all my daughters, of
course, but...

...Poppy was special.

Ruth Brooks was one of yours, wasn't
she? Ruth?

Yes, yes, she was.

What makes you ask that?

I was in charge of an inquiry looking
into what happened to her sister.

Oh, that American boy.

Judd Havelock.
Judd. Judd.

Yes, of course.
He came from money, didn't he?

Such a wicked thing to do.

Should I remember you?

I came off the investigation quite
early on.

Did you find anything of interest?

It's purely procedural,
but I'll need you

to come back to the college,
and make an inventory of your things,

check that nothing's missing.

Let me get my keys.


According to bank statements there'd
been a lot of money

withdrawn in the last year from the
hole in the wall.

How much is a lot?

More than you could possibly spend

unless you'd suddenly developed a
crack habit.


Hey, not here.

Come on, then.


You're meant to tell me if you're
thinking of going out.

What are you going to do,
Pauline, get me gated?

I graduated, remember?

Oh, yes, I remember you,
Miss Carlisle.

Princeton? Are they all right with
that? The criminal record?

America has a proud tradition of
direct action

when confronted by the forces of

Some might call it
sleeping with the enemy.

The enemy is already at the gates.

Next year they'll be
inside the citadel.

Where did Poppy Toynton fit in
with these plans of yours?

Poppy would have stayed on
at House Beautiful, of course.

It's still my home.

The plan was to split my time
between here and the States.

She would have...visited, of course.

Oh. Is it all right to erm...?

We were wondering, Diana, the drinks

Well, there's no possibility of
those going ahead, surely?

It's going to be very difficult

getting the word out to cancel at
such short notice.

I'm sure it's what Poppy would've

Well, we'll make it low key.

My necklace.

I had a jet necklace.

Oh, Diana. I'm so sorry.

Forgive me for asking, and tell me
if it's none of my business, but...

what's with the interest
in the Chloe Brooks case?

Laura Hobson told you.
I had to get the thumbscrews out.


Just...covering all angles.

Is there one beyond coincidence?

I know it has some weight for you

But it wasn't murder.
Might as well have been.

A 15-year-old kid left in a coma.

What was she doing there?

She'd come up to Oxford
to see her sister for the weekend.

There was a party. A masked ball.

It's all in the files.

Where? OK.

OK. We're on our way.

We've got a trace on Freya
Carlisle's mobile.

I felt at the time there was

I don't know. Something wasn't

I should've done something. Said

Oughtn't we to be concentrating on
the case at hand?

The one in the present.
I don't like leaving a job half-done.

You didn't. It was done.
Not by me.

Wish me luck.

Sweet dreams, Chloe.

Hello, Carl. My name's Detective
Sergeant Hathaway.

So you found the mobile out fishing?
Where was that?


On a scale of one to ten, ten being

one being "not very", how grisly is

Such a shame for Diana.

Oh, my God.

I don't believe it.

Hello, Shmi. Freya.

Ruth, what are you doing here? I
didn't think...

Diana invited me.

My God. How are you?
Oh, you know.

I'm sorry. Listen to me, babbling

and you without a drink in your

Good old Shmi.

I read your column sometimes.

Do you?

It's good.

You always had a way with words.

Except when it mattered.

What was there to say?

We were all afraid, I suppose.

We didn't want to dwell on what

Almost as though if we didn't say it,
it hadn't happened.

It's all right.
No. No, it was cowardly.

But that's the way it was.

Since, though, I don't think there's
a day gone by... Don't.

Not tonight.


Last night's haul. Dumped off a
bridge outside Abingdon.

This all of it?

Yeah, apart from the jewellery.
Might have gone in the river?

Maybe he panicked. Realised what
he'd done

and decided to off-load the spoils.

It's a scenario.
All right. Here's another.

Ten years ago, a girl's attacked.

And a decade later certain people who
were there

the night of the attack are reunited,

in the very place where it happens,
and hours later one of them's dead.

You don't believe this was a robbery
gone wrong any more than I do.

I'll see you in the morning.





Hello, you.

It's Ruth.

I couldn't find you.

It's all right.

I'm here now.

I don't think he's been home.



Sorry, sir, I just wanted to get the
last ones in order.

In order of what?

Would've been easier if I'd had the
lid of the box, obviously.

What box?
The jigsaw box.

I think I'll leave you to it.

And for those of whose MENSA

came back labelled Return to Sender?

40 or 50 people taking photos of
the same event over one evening.

You look at one set of photos
you'll have great gaps.

But what one person misses...
Someone else might have covered.

A few of the sets have gone missing
in the interim,

but at least a third are time-coded.

This gives us way-points. The rest
you just have to extrapolate.

Based on what?
Light levels.

Level of drink in people's glasses,
who's next to who. Who's doing what.

It would be easier if I knew who was
wearing what.

But we can shove it into a computer
and we're in.

No, no, no, it's good.

It's just...

All this. Why?

Well, you thought something wasn't

Come on. Get your coat.
Where are we going?

See an old mate.


Hello, Ali.

Rob. Sir.

No, I er...

I took an early bath about four,
five years ago.

Grabbed the lump sum and sunk it
into this.

Doing all right?

Oh, you know. Mustn't grumble.

It's without, right?

Well remembered.
I made you enough tea.

You have that.

You look more like a...
long tall skinny,

double-shot frappe-espresso.

Am I right?
Something like that.

What's that set you back?
Best part of a fiver?

More for the two of you. I don't

he sticks his hand in his pocket,
does he?

The bagman's lot.
We've all been there.

But keep your head down and your
nose clean... won't find a better guv'nor.

That's what he keeps telling me.

There you go.

Careful, it's hot.

So, come on.
You didn't use to be so bashful.

Much as I'd like to think you've

come all this way out of the

Lady Matilda's College.
Oh, what, this thing in the local?

We've not named her yet, but the
victim's name is Poppy Toynton.

You're looking at me like that's
supposed to mean something.

Yeah. We interviewed her on the Chloe
Brooks case.

Oh, Chloe Brooks. The...?

Oh, Rob. Best will in the world,

that's a lot of Chardonnay under the

Ten years. The old grey matter...

But Kerrison was certain he had the
right man with Judd Havelock?

Absolutely! DI Kerrison. Yeah.

We both were.
He's never been found.

The kid was connected.

His parents offered five million

for information as to his

Twelfth Night come early?
Of course they offered a reward.

How would it have looked if they
hadn't? (PHONE RINGS)

I mean, if you can afford five
million dollars,

you can afford to make someone

Right? Plastic surgery. A new life.
They know where he is.

He's probably in some bar somewhere
in downtown Bogota right now.

Sipping sundowners with Lucky Lucan.


It's all right.
We're amongst friends.

That was the hospital. Chloe Brooks

has just rejoined the land of the

You're sure there's nothing?
No loose threads, or...

Outside of we never pinched him?

Whatever the story with this Toynton

it's got nothing to do
with Judd Havelock.

I'm telling you, Rob. God's honest.

Old Kerrison had his faults, rest
his soul.

But in this instance? He didn't put
a foot.

Thanks for your time.
Don't be a stranger.

She's undergone manipulation
each week

to stop muscles from atrophying,
but, physically, she's very weak.

Five minutes. That's your lot.
And certainly not both of you.

I'll see you back at the station.

If she shows signs of distress or
not being able to cope,

you'll have to stop. Understood?
Yeah, I've got it.


Can you remember anything
about what happened to you?

The nurse tells us that when you woke
up, you said something.

A particular word.

Can you remember what that was?

You said "murder".

Do you remember?

Can you think why you said it?

It's all right, Chloe. Inspector
Lewis just wants to help.

You're not in trouble.

I couldn't find Ruth.

I went to look for her.

And...there was...

Go on.

I don't know. I can't remember.

I couldn't find you.

Where were you?

Where were you?

What...what did you find, Chloe?

I don't... I don't remember.

I don't. I don't. I don't.

It's all right.
It's all right, Chloe.

No-one is going to hurt you.
It's OK.

Good morning.
MAN: Have you seen Napoleon?

Yes, I know he should be with the
Admiral Nelsons, dear, but he's not.

Ah, sorry, sir. Bit of a crisis.

Napoleon's gone missing.
Looked everywhere. Nowhere to be seen.

You've tried St Helena?

Very droll, sir.

So, what are you after today, sir?

Tarts and vicars? Something for a

Because I'll tell you right now,

I don't know what I've got left in
your size.

What about a policeman?
Always very popular.

Comedy whistle. Floppy truncheon.

I can do you a policeman no trouble.

Small world.

If I hadn't got involved with

But it's that bad-boy thing.

Eddie warned me. Tried to.


Edward Florey.
Judd's roommate at Lonsdale?

He asked me out once and I turned
him down.

When I started seeing Judd, he told
me I was making a mistake.

That I'd get hurt.
At that age I was just...

But you had broken it up with Judd,
hadn't you? If I remember right.

The night it happened.

There was some...


Judd was all over her.

Not even trying to be subtle.

I asked him what he thought he was
up to, and he...

He stormed off.

I went inside after him.

We argued, and he...hit me.

I told him we were finished
and went off to get drunk.

The next thing I know, Chloe's...

I'll never forgive myself.

You've been a good sister.

No-one could've done more.

I'm just frightened, I guess.

We found this when we were clearing
out Poppy's locker.

It may have a bearing on your

I knew she was a nasty piece of
work. All that she put me through.

As can you see
there are letters towards the back.

I received several, almost identical,
this past year,

concerning Mrs Turrill's suitability
as Senior Porter at Lady Matilda's.

They said I'd had an inappropriate

with one of the freshers.

I really don't think we want to go
into the details, Mrs Turrill.

What's this?
Poppy Toynton's yearbook, ma'am.

Found in her locker.

Not Roedean, plainly.

She seems to have been following

her contemporaries' careers with
some diligence.

Not to say a vindictive jealousy
bordering on clinical psychopathy.

This is the lunatic scrapbook from

Those of her peers who failed to
shine she ignored,

but those who had made something
of themselves,

she went out of her way to try and
ruin them. How? Letters?

In the main. Anonymous, obviously.
Either to employers or family.

What did any of them do to her to
deserve this?

Belittled her? Ignored her?
Succeeded...where she'd failed?

She reserved an especial venom
for two in particular.

Freya Carlisle...
Don't tell me.

The other one's Lakshmi Eyre.

It's had consequences for both of

In Lakshmi's case, divorce.

The husband took the family out of
the country.

Freya was sacked and lost her chance
to be editor of Tribune. Now...

if they knew that Poppy
was behind this...


OK, come on.

You all right, sweetheart?
Yeah, thank you.

See you tomorrow.
Yeah. Good night.


See you soon.
Yeah, see you.


What time do you call this?

No gallows humour this morning,
please, Laura.

Just the whys and wherefores.

Killed midnight, one o'clock.
Multiple blows.

And I suppose nobody saw or heard
anything. Damn it!

Damn it to hell! I should have been

quicker off the mark, but I let the
grass grow.

You tried to tell me.
I didn't bloody listen. Sir?

I was too busy looking backwards,

instead of concentrating on the here
and now.

She's my girlfriend. Let me through!
Calm down, sir.

Calm down.
What do you mean, calm down?

I wanna see her!
See to him, will you?

You had no way of knowing the killer
was going to strike again, sir.

Right. Are we finished?
I want to see her.

He's right, Robbie.
There's no way you could've known.


She couldn't be sure, but...she
thought there was someone upstairs.

At the top of the landing.
Why didn't she say anything?

She didn't want you to think
she was just being silly, you know?

Keep an eye on him.

Thought you could probably use a

Look, I'd really rather like to go
home, to London.

I'm afraid that won't be possible
right now.

You want us to just sit here while
some nutter picks us off at random?

Well, it might not be random.

I spoke to the chair of Tribune's
board late last night.

You were hotly tipped
to get the editor's job last year.

Sorry. What's that got to do with

Are you aware why you were

Why you were dismissed by the sister

You see, the board received a letter
outlining your student activities

in the cause of Animal Liberation.
Illegal break-ins.

Incendiary devices mailed to
prominent research scientists.

That's not true.

But I... I was involved in a bit of

But nothing like that.
Where's this come from?

We believe it was written and sent
by Poppy Toynton.

No. I mean...

You weren't aware?

No, I wasn't aware.

Of course I wasn't aware!

If I'd have known do you think I would have
made small talk with her all evening?

If I'd have known, I'd have...

You'd have what...Miss Carlisle?

How did he seem, the boyfriend?

Jarvis Patterson. Pretty decent.

Do you want me to handle the ID?

No. No, I'll deal. Thanks.


DIANA: Who is it, Shmi?

I thought they'd be safer here.

If you're still insisting
that everyone must remain in Oxford.

I take it you've no objection?

What is it you want?

Chloe Brooks' bag.

According to the case-files it went
missing the night she was attacked.

Where'd you get that? House
Beautiful. Poppy Toynton's room.

Lakshmi and Freya are there for
their own safety, Ellerby's saying.

How do you know it's Chloe's?
It's one she's carrying in all the photos.

There's more. These are blow-ups
of what was inside.

SOCO have the originals. Could be
anywhere, but this...on the back...


What is that about? And why was it
stuck it in Chloe's bag?

Work it through over a pint?

Fit, Rob?

They're open, you know. Valuable
drinking time you're wasting.

Join us, James?
Yeah. Absolutely. More the merrier.

No, you're all right. I've got one
or two leads to follow up.

This the erm...Toynton case?

There's been another,
they're saying on the radio.

What leads are these?
It's just one or two things.

I'll twitch you
about them tomorrow.

♪ Opera

I still can't believe this.
I think the police might be mistaken.

No. They're not.

My husband, when we broke up...

...he said things, he knew things
he couldn't possibly have known...

...about me.

Private things that happened while I
was at uni

that only a few people knew about.

Which people?
You and Poppy.


At the time I was so chewed up over
the divorce,

I never stopped to ask myself how he
could have found out.

I just...assumed...

...people aren't very good
at keeping secrets.

The sick bitch.

My kids.

She cost me my kids.

I'm so sorry, darling.

I haven't thought about Judd in ten

You roomed with him at uni, though.
You shared a house afterwards.

My parents ran a paper-shop in

Judd had a lot of charm when he
turned it on.

It took me a long time to see past
that to the monster beneath.

Did you warn Ruth Brooks
against getting involved with him?


Yes. Yes, I did.

Were you in love with her?


I suppose I saw her
as some kind of damsel in distress.

I wanted to save her.

Out of everyone, I thought you'd have
gone the distance.

Taken your "Inspector's".

I woke up one morning
and my face didn't fit any more.

It was made clear
I wasn't going to go any further.

There'd been a complaint.

Some girl in the canteen,
of all places.


And she said I'd said something.

Racial - which I hadn't.

But, I mean, even if I had,
it wouldn't have been anything.

Just know,
bit of banter between colleagues.

Then suddenly,
they're gonna bust me down to DC.

Sounds a bit harsh. I thought, sod
you. I've played a straight bat.

And for what?

But enough about me. How you getting
on with this Lady Matilda's thing?

Look, I'll get another round,
and you can fill me in. How's that?

Go on, then.
Like old times.

Judd had several women on the go
from various colleges.

And then he hit the mother lode. Lady

Is that's where he met Ruth?

Actually, no. I think he met her
first at her digs in Bicester.

Professor Ellerby's House Beautiful?
Cold Comfort Farm, more like.

God! What a harpy.

You know, she wouldn't even let us
into the house to use the loo.

Can't imagine Judd was made welcome

Ah, you'd think, but needs must.

He put himself out as a bit of a
gardener at weekends for beer money.

Ellerby had broken her foot, so...

Do you remember who was wearing what
the night Chloe was attacked?

Judd went for Arlecchino,
I remember that.

I think I had a Zanni mask.

You take any photos?
I did. Video too.

I turned it in at the time.

Have you erm... Have you seen her?

I always meant to look her up. Call.

Why didn't you?

Time passes, and you think...

I don't know. I suppose I thought I'd
run into her somehow, if it was...

Meant to be?


Your new boy seems decent enough.
Hathaway, is it?

James. Yeah, he's a good lad.

No, Ali McLennan, though.

Who is?

You know, one thing I've always
wanted to ask.

All those late nights and long

How come you never tried it on?

I was married.
Yeah, so were many that did.

I don't know about them.

I loved my wife.

Hm. Simple as that.

And now? Have you got anyone?
Oh, come on.

Who'd have me?

Nah, I'm too set in my ways, man,

...I don't know, start over.

Ah, sometimes I think it'd be nice,

You shouldn't be alone.

You're one of the good guys, Rob.

Yeah, we should do this again.

No strings.

Just two old coppers out for a pint
now and then.

I'd like that.

Well, you've got my number.

Would you mind erm...

...blowing out the candles when you're

Good night, my darlings.

Good night.

It's strange being back here again.

Seeing Ruth.

Did she ever know?

You and Judd.

That was before they hooked up,
though, wasn't it?

Maybe a bit of a cross-over.

Besides, "glass houses".

It was just the once. For the
record. Right.

Do you think...Judd and Poppy?

She had a pulse, so... Oh.

I am so wasted.

Hit the hay, I think.


I'm gonna stay and finish this.

I'll see you in the morning.


Miss McLennan?


Oh, I say.

You shouldn't have.

Well, I just wanted to say thank you
for having us here.

Did I er...

Did I hear someone go out last night?
Don't think so.

Unless Freya went for smokes.

Though I can't think she'd have
driven anywhere in her state.

No. You're probably right.



Robbie. I wouldn't. It's not pretty.

Show me.


Early hours. Between two and four.

She wouldn't have known much about
it...after the first...

if that's any comfort.

I only saw her last night.

We went for a drink.

You were...?
Could've been.

Maybe. Who knows?

I'm sorry if I was...

Well, I was thinking rude.

You're entitled.
No. Not to you.

Sir. Something you should see.

LEWIS: It looks like Ali McLennan

was running her own inquiry into the
Chloe Brooks case.

The back office over there was
tricked out like an incident room.

Once a copper...

But why? That case was put to bed
ten years ago.

I reckon she found something out.

Something that had been missed
at the original inquiry.

What in God's name was she playing

And as I count backwards...

...the more relaxed and comfortable
you become.


I want you to remember a very special

DOCTOR: ...two...

A time of celebration.

You are going to a party.

A party with your sister Ruth
at her college in university.

You remember that?

That's good. That's right.


what do you see?

Everybody's wearing funny clothes.

Like...people in a play.

Do you recognise them?

They're wearing masks.

They're Ruth's friends.
I don't know who's who.

But I see Ruth. She's with a boy.


They're having an argument.

What does he look like?

He's got clown clothes on.

All diamonds in different colours.

And he's got a triangular hat.

I can't find Ruth.

She's not outside.

There's a door.

Open the door.
No, please...

Open the door, Chloe.

Oh...there's been an accident.

The boy in the clown clothes...

Only he's not wearing his mask.
I know who he is.

It's the one who kissed me
and put his hand up my top.

And there's...blood.

Aargh. My head.

There's a...
Wake her up.

There's a bird. A golden bird with
blood on its beak. bit me.

Wake her up.


Bring her back! Bring her back now!


"Some fresher", you said.

That Judd was all over some fresher.

Only it wasn't a fresher, was it?
It was your little sister.

This was taken, where? At Heyford?

The base? Of course.

When the forces of law and order
attacked the peace camp.

And you were arrested.

Could I...could I borrow a finger
for a moment, do you think?


I'm anxious to establish who was
wearing what

when Chloe Brooks was attacked.

Oh, good heavens. Well...

I'm afraid I'm unable to help you in
that regard.

Unable or unwilling?


By dint of the simple fact that I
wasn't there.

And why was that?

An undergraduate bash? One does have
a position to maintain.

Judd Havelock was a regular visitor
to House Beautiful around then.

Well, I wouldn't say a visitor.
Er...he did some work for me.

And was dating Ruth Brooks, of

Yes, but I had certain rules.

"Not under my roof"?

I don't expect you to understand

Being a regular, paid-up member of
the patriarchal hegemony, you mean?

I'm just trying to find out who
killed your friend, Professor.

And are you any closer to doing
that, do you think?

I believe so. But I could use some

I'm not the enemy.

Of course you are.

You just don't realise it.



How'd it go?

I'll fill you in when I've made sense
of it.

How about you?

Well, according to her books,

McLennan was in serious financial

The boat yard
was barely breaking even

and then about a year ago
she starts making cash deposits.

Four and a half thousand pounds

and then the best part of a grand a

going in around the first of the

And this would be around the same

that Poppy Toynton started making
huge withdrawals from her account.

Ali was blackmailing her.

Over what, though?

Well, then there's this.

WOMAN: What am I looking at?

Class A, Nicola. Five grams.

That's not just possession.
That's intent to supply.

WOMAN: Is there any way you can help
me out here?

Why would I do that?

A kind of "you scratch my back" sort
of thing.

Look, it's big. It's really big.

How big's really big?
Murder big.

Oh, murder big. Well...

So what can you do for me?

Pretty much anything. I say the word

and you'll be back on the street in
five minutes.

I say the other word and you're going
away for a very long time.

Tough on the kids, huh?

The arrestee is a Nicola Silman.
Known prostitute.

Died in a house fire last year.

The tape is dated 17th May, 2005,
but she was never charged.


And then this.

He drove me out of town. Somewhere

you know, so as to do the business.

Afterwards, we were sitting there,
having a smoke...

...waiting to see if he can go again.

And then this van pulled up.

The driver got out and he gets a
barrow out the back of the van.

Then he drags a bundle out,
and then I saw a hand fall out.

A hand?

MCLENNAN: You saw someone dump a
body? When was this?

NICOLA: Oh, God,
about five years back, maybe.

So, what, you just thought you'd
bank it against a rainy day?

Come on, Nicola. You've got to
convince me.

So far you just sound like some skag
whore clutching at straws.

Look, I swear it.
On my kid's life, I swear it.

OK. All right.

Where did you see this?

The old air force place.


Oh, God. I should believe you why?

Cos I got the registration...of the

BAZ. B-A-Z-8-3...


HATHAWAY: McLennan stopped the tape

and wrote the arrest off as
No Further Action.

Missing digit's "3".

Bravo, Alpha, Zulu, 8343.

White Escort van, registered to
Stuart Toynton.

Toynton. Poppy's father.
I spoke to him earlier.

He gave the vehicle to Poppy as a

So it looks like Poppy Toynton
brought Judd Havelock's body out here

and concealed it somewhere.

Poppy? Are you sure? It could've
been someone using her car.

If that was the case, why has she

paying off McLennan for the past

So what, Poppy refuses to pay
and McLennan kills her?

Not the Ali McLennan I knew.

Yeah, but she wasn't, sir, was she?

HATHAWAY: This is the latest
composite of the timeline.

I've been able to include
Edward Florey's photos

and a few bits of video,
recovered from Ali McLennan's place.

The people we can identify for sure:

Judd Havelock and Ruth Brooks.
He's in the harlequin costume.

Judd ducks out here
and that's the last we've got of him

on either video
or any of the photos.

Judd just disappears.

Never seen again.

Hold up. Who's that?

Dottore della Peste.
The Plague Doctor.

Whoever it is never seems to be

too far away from Judd over the
whole evening.

Can we go in closer?

Golden bird...with blood on its beak.
INNOCENT: Significance?

Chloe Brooks said she was attacked
by a golden bird.

I thought it was Judd Havelock?

If what Chloe remembers is true,
then Judd Havelock's already dead.

So whoever's wearing the bird

Probably killed Judd Havelock.

Except no one remembers
who was wearing which costume.

So they say.

All right?

We have guests.

Hey, Ruthie. What's up?

'Festing's Fancy Dress.'
Mr Festing, DS Hathaway.

We spoke the other day. I was
just wondering...

I think you might be in luck.'

There's one outfit in particular
that we need to account for.

The Dottore della Peste.

We want to know who was wearing it.


Well, it wasn't me.

What were you wearing?
I can't remember.

But not that.

It's not Poppy. I know that.
I think she had a Zanni costume on.

Miss Carlisle?

I don't know. It could have been
Principal Ferber. Lakshmi?

Yeah. Maybe.

Sorry, when did you say you were
looking for?

Michaelmas Term, last Saturday in

Adrian's father used to run a shop
just off the Broad.

We closed down about five years ago
when Dad died.

Fortunately, he was a meticulous

Yes, we did have a big hire of
Renaissance costumes that weekend,

including the masks, of course.

Bless him, he's written a note here
in the margin.

"Two costumes unreturned.
Deposit forfeit."

Arlecchino and Dottore della Peste.

Does it say who hired them?
It should do, yeah.

Oh. Actually, they were both signed

and hired on the same credit card.

Thank you.

Last night? No. We were all here.

Well, I can't vouch for Ruth,

Diana asked if someone had gone out
last night.

She thought she heard the door.

I went straight to sleep.
I didn't hear a thing.

What's so special about last night?

Another murder was committed.

By the same person responsible
for Miss Toynton's death,

for Samantha Coyle's and of Judd

Judd? What are you talking about?

He's dead.

Chloe found him
the night she was attacked.

It wasn't an accident that Poppy
Toynton was killed at the gaudy.

The murderer chose that moment,

so suspicion would fall on the widest
list of suspects possible.

Including us?
Including you.

So whatever loyalty
you think you owe to each other,

or to your old alma mater,

the killer doesn't share your view.

If there's anything you haven't told
me - anything you've held back -

for whatever reason, now might be the

Freya, you remember that...
about the costumes?

At Judd's?
That was nothing.

He was probably lying.

I don't know.
Well, it wasn't Ferber.

Tell him.

It wasn't Principal Ferber in the
bird mask, it was Diana.

How do you know that?

Judd told me. It was hanging
on the back of his bedroom door

along with the harlequin costume.
Diana paid for it, for both of them.

I thought it was a weird thing
for her to do at the time.

Why didn't you say so at the time?

Because she didn't want me to ask

what she was doing in Judd's

But why would Diana have paid for
Judd's costume?

It doesn't make sense.

Unless there was more to their
relationship than any of you knew.

Diana and Judd?

No...I can't believe it. I won't.

It's Ellerby.
It's what I came to tell you.

Great minds. I thought
you were her turning up.

Better get to the college.
Too late.

She left half an hour ago, traffic camera
has her heading north out of Oxford.

My car.


I still can't square it, sir.
Everything Ellerby's ever stood for.

Lust doesn't run to a timetable.

I was thinking more on Judd's part.

The opportunity for mischief
was too good to miss,

once he'd got his boots under the

Ruth, Lakshmi, Freya.

You can bet he wasn't very discreet.

If it had come out that Diana and
Judd had been lovers

she'd have been laughed out of

We had a trace on IR.

Possibly gone to ground
in one of the sheds.

Yeah, got it. We'll take it from

Eye in the sky picked her up on

She's gone to ground in a building.
They're sending a grid reference.

Got it? Good.

Who's there?

Police, Professor Ellerby.

Stay back!

Can we talk about this, Professor?

I never meant to kill him.

But the extent of his depravity... have no idea.

I think we have.

I begged him.

I begged him to stop.

I pleaded with him.
Don't come any nearer!

Careful, sir.

The night it happened.
It was...

It was Ruth's little sister.

Poor child.

And...and he was mocking me.

You see... He was mocking me
and I followed him indoors.

And he just said the most...

...wicked, wicked things!

And then there was a...

And there was just blood everywhere.
So much blood.

Poppy Toynton helped you to cover it

Yes. Yes.

Well, she did, yes.

But, you see...

"To be thus is nothing, but to be
safely thus..."

Yes. Things are never that easy,
are they?

If only he'd been kind.
He should have been kind.

Yes. He should.

Set the petrol down, Professor.
I betrayed everything.

I betrayed everything.

There has to be a reckoning, you
see. There has to be.

Because the worst of it is...after
all this time...

...I still love him.



See you later.

Hot work, eh?

Fancy a drink?

Make it dinner and I'm paying.

I owe you one.
No, you don't.

Eight o'clock? The Tail?

RUTH: All these years, I thought...
everything somehow was my fault.

You were all just bitter kids caught
up in something beyond your control.

I hope you don't mind the liberty,
Miss Brooks,

but there's someone here
who'd very much like to see you.


"Out flew the web and floated wide."

The Lady of Shalott?


What's brought that to mind?

A pure and virtuous maiden cursed to
fall in love

and die half-mad for the want of it.

Can't imagine.

Judd Havelock was no Lancelot.


Are you matchmaking?

You old softie.

Keep it under your hat.
Who'd believe me?

Just don't get any ideas on my

I wouldn't dream of it, sir.