Inspector Lewis (2006–2015): Season 4, Episode 4 - Falling Darkness - full transcript

One Halloween, Ligiea Willard, stem-cell researcher and ex-roommate of Laura Hobson, is killed on her way to a reunion with Laura and another old friend named Ellen Jacoby. Her work attracted protests, and she was about to go public on shady practices at her institute. Psychic Ursula Van Tressell senses the killing and exorcises a house where the three women once lived at its owners' request. The next day, a resident is found slain, and a message on the fridge urges to find Mary Gwilliam, who was also murdered after trying to phone Laura. Mary was a nurse at a mental hospital where another of Laura's roommates--and boyfriend--died. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Ellen, Lewis, her boyfriend, realizes that Laura has not been honest with him. But is she a killer?

(Clock strikes five)

Yeah. That's fine.

(Mobile rings)


WOMAN: When shall we three meet

My diary says 8:30 at the Turl Club.
Why? Problems?

Well, the traffic's nose-to
and I'm not even out of town yet.

(Car horn)

Ellen, it's fine. Don't worry.
You've saved me a call.

Late arrivals from this afternoon's

"Denn die Toten reiten schnell."


Trick or treat?

(Chuckles) Look at you lot.

Fantastic, eh?

Go on. Help yourselves. Just a couple

MAN: Mm.

Clerval's not back yet, is he?

He's going to meet us there.

I think.

(Maddie giggles)

MAN: ..have you thought about that?

I mean, have you thought about that?
WOMAN: Morning Tide?

Yes. Dammit. Morning Tide! Morning

WOMAN: I'm sorry. That's all right,
then. So long as you're sorry.

(Rock music and laughter)


Have you seen Clerval?

(Mobile rings)


(Knock at door)

Five minutes, Ms Van Tessel.

He's coming. He's going to be here.









I'm afraid not.

You've reached the voicemail
of Dr Ellen Jacoby. Please leave a


Hi. It's me.

I'm sorry. I've just got a call-out.

You two press on. I'll be as quick
as I can.

(Police radio chatter)


Doctor, you're looking

I was aiming a little higher than
"er", Sergeant.

But it's the thought that counts.

Shall we?

The body was found just before

Just a quick once-over and that's
your lot.

Going somewhere nice?
I do have a life, you know.

A small one, but it's my own,
and I'm running late, so...

You think I'd be used to it.

Not like this.

Strangers, sure,
you can find some distance, but...

How did you know her?


We were at college here together,
the same year.


Oh, thanks.

We were due to meet tonight, believe
it or not.

Oh, God.

Ellen will be wondering where we

Ellen Jacoby.

When she's in town, we try to get
together, to meet up,
the three of us.

We're going to need the twelfth man
in, with Dr Hobson knowing the

Dr Rawbone's on his way.

Aberdeen Angus?

Beggars can't be choosers.

So, who was she?

Professor Willard. A scientist.

Attached to the Institute For
Molecular Biology
And Human Genetics.

Ligeia Willard?

You've heard of her?
In a purely professional capacity.

There's been threats. Stem-cell

Not overly popular with some of
the more spiritually certain.

Well, I know you said "late", but...

Laura, what is it?

What's happened?

(Music over speech)

(Dog barks)

♪ Lullaby



Is she back?

I've no idea. I've only been home
ten minutes and I walked in to all

Where the hell have you been?

Something came up.

It wouldn't have killed you to phone
Rowena and let her know, would it?

Have you any idea how upset she is?
What's it got to do with you?

She's my friend, Victor.

I don't want to see her get hurt.



What happened to you?

Some Hearties from Beaufort thought
it might be larks to start lobbing
champagne flutes.

(Maddie sniggers)

You'd better get a shot.

Ooh, yes. Thank you, Dr Clerval.

So, what's to drink?

DR RAWBONE: Cause of death?

Well, it's a close-run thing.

First among equals, blunt trauma to
the left parietal bone,

with a resultant fracture
and massive subdural haematoma.

Someone hit her on the back of the

I do know some big words, thank you.

What about the rest?

A ten-inch length of wooden dowel,
approximately one inch in diameter.

Sharpened at one end,
driven into the victim's chest.

A friend of Dr Hobson's,
I understand.

Taking it hard, I'd imagine.

Is that it?

You'd think anything else would be
de trop, wouldn't you? But, no,
there is something more.

I recovered a foreign object
from the victim's oral cavity.

It's a bulb of garlic.

INNOCENT: A full moon last night,
wasn't it? It was.

Some sort of lunatic, do we think?
A stake through the heart, garlic.
I mean, that's...

Vampires, ma'am?

So, anything on the CCTV from the
car park?

Fog. Lots of it. Pretty useless.

Starting preliminary interviews at
ten. James says there'd been threats
to do with her work.

From the devout to the doolally.
Some genuine, well-argued ethical
reservations, but the rest...

The Green Ink Brigade. A whole group
of them keeps a daily vigil outside
the Institute.


Oi! Oi, you! Move back! Right back.

Come on.

What the hell's going on?
I had to put my car on a meter.


I'm so sorry, Nicolae.


When did you last see Professor
Willard? Around seven thirty.

I popped my head round the door
to say good night.

How did she seem?

Nothing bothering her?

No personal problems or...
Not that I'm aware.

I gather she was divorced. Anyone in
her life at the moment? Anyone we
should be talking to?

Ligeia didn't invite confidences,
nor share them.

I admired that.

It's stem cells you're involved in
here. Is that right?

With a view to the treatment of
progressive, degenerative illnesses.
That's right.

Parkinson's. Alzheimer's.
Motor-neurone disease. MS.

Important work.
We like to think so.

But not without its critics.

Professor Strickfaden?

Science is about the pursuit of

That always threatens someone.

Did you know Professor Willard well?

She was a valued colleague.


Diligent. A brilliant scientist.

And personally? Any change in
her demeanour recently? Nothing
worrying her?

Besides the threats?

I think you are better
to go and talk to the crazy people

that attack us every day
as we come and go to work.

Rest assured, Dr Belisarius.
All avenues of inquiry are being

Of course.

Now, now everything is being pursued
with seriousness.

But if the police had done their job
properly from the first, Ligeia
might still be alive.

No, Rowena, I didn't do it. Well, it
wasn't like that last night, Roddy.

And I know it wasn't me.

Don't look at me.

It'll just be Victor messing about.

Not guilty.

MADDIE: That'll be a first.

And what is that supposed to mean?

We should call the police.

Why? It's just gibberish.

Murder. Help me.

Maybe, like, there was a murder done
here, in this house, maybe, like,
when it was built...

I'm not sleeping in a house with a
ghost in it. We need like an

Yeah, right, cos I'm sure they're
listed in the local small ads.

Actually, Rowena, it's erm...

funny you should say that.

Dr Belisarius says
he last saw Willard mid-afternoon.

I suppose an alibi'd be too much to
hope for. Of course it would.

What about Strickfaden?
Drove to his father's at Kidlington.

Will he confirm?

Strickfaden says he's in his
nineties, housebound, memory is...


Not for his father.

(All chant) Shame! Shame! Shame!

Let's have background checks
on this lot while we're at it.

There's a lady over there to see
you, sir.

I was waiting to go on.

Go on where?
At the Old Chapel Theatre.

I'm there all

You're an author, is it?

I am published, yes, but, for the
most part, it's a conversation with
the audience.

I convey messages to them from the
other side.

You're a medium.

I prefer "sensitive".

So, what was it you wanted to tell
us, Ms Van Tessel?

You were waiting to go on and what?

You had a feeling?
A premonition, was it?

Something along those lines?
She was stabbed, wasn't she?

I felt it. It was...


We're very grateful for your
information, I'm sure.

If you'd give your details to
Sergeant Hathaway, somebody will come
by and take a statement.

I see. Well, bye, then.

Oh. She didn't suffer.

You've lost someone, someone close.

Ms Van Tessel...
It was very quick.

There was no suffering, just

I don't wish to be rude, madam, but
there is a very serious offence
called "wasting police time".

Is that what you think I'm doing?

I don't doubt you're very well
intentioned, miss,

but take my advice.

Leave death to the professionals.
All right?

(Knocking at door)

I was looking for Dr Hobson.

And you are?

DI Lewis.

Oh, come in.

Dr Jacoby, would it be?

Laura said you'd want the details
for Ligeia's ex.

I'm afraid they're on my machine at

Oh, it's all right. His number was on
her mobile.


Would you know if she was seeing
anyone at the moment?

There had been someone, I think,
up until quite recently.

But...Ligeia said she was off men.

And you were all due to meet up last
night. That's right.

I left work about half-four, home,

I set off just before six.

Anyone can confirm that?

Work will tell you what time I left.


A sad and long-standing singleton,
I'm afraid.

Not through any failing on your part,
I'm sure.

Laura said you were a sweetie.

Am I right in thinking that you were
at college with Professor Willard and

We shared a house together.

There were five of us.

Three girls and...

two smelly boys.

You're up.

I'll fix some coffee.

What were the results
of Rawbone's postmortem?

They'll tell me at work.
Are you up to it?

What else am I going to do?

It's not like we were sisters.

Ligeia was just...

someone I used to know.

I should have been a better friend.

(Alarm beeps)
Oh, hell!


(Alarm wails)
Oh, damn!

(Mobile rings)

Yeah? What?

HATHAWAY: Where are you?
I'm at Willard's flat.

What's that noise?
The bloody burglar alarm!

What does it sound like?
Enter her birthday into the keypad.

Yeah. I've tried that.

Listen, get onto ARD Home Security,
will you?

Let them know I'm on the scene.

Are you going in?

What are you planning to do?

I thought... I mean, you're welcome
to stay here.

Would you mind?
No. Of course not.

(Picks up keys)

Do you think we should call Alec?

I mean, they were, you know...

20-odd years back. Are you going to
seek Pete out, as well?

Well, there'll be a funeral and...

I'm sure she'd want Alec to be
there. Ellie.

Didn't you ever read the

"Never return to a firework once

(Vehicle engine starts)

The code is 30-71, if you need it

30-71? Right.

I got the engineer to write it down.

My "memoire" doesn't need any "aide".

No. Of course. I just find it helps
to jot things down.

Well, jot this down.

Golf. Four. Two. Two.

A partial registration of a
dark-coloured saloon.

Noticed parked out there, last night,
from just before eight to just gone

The woman next door had trouble last
year at Halloween, with kids throwing
eggs at the door.

So, this year she decided to keep
a lookout? Yeah, I've seen her
twitching at her window.

The driver was a white male.
Thirties. Tried the bell
and drove off.

I'll get onto it.
Yeah. Run it past Traffic.

What's the word on Mr Willard?

In the middle of the North Sea.
Oil rig Lima Bravo. He's a risk

There's a daughter, isn't there?
Yeah. Chloe.

She lives with his parents.

And Ligeia was happy about that?

Well, presumably. Scotland's a long
way. Less upheaval for the kid.


(Soft thud of footsteps)


No, there's nothing.

Perhaps I might see the rest of the

VICTOR: Of course. Follow me.


Yes. Something happened here.

Oh, God. Why my room?

Something terrible.

A long time ago.

There's a young man.
ROWENA: What's his name?

Maybe it's Casper.
Sssh, Roddy.

There's pain.

And great sadness.

That's why he can't pass over.

His life force is bound by grief...

..and memories of...earthly

(Inhales deeply)


You may let go.

All is well.


You may depart.


Is that it?

He's gone now.
I don't care.

I'm not sleeping in here tonight.

It's all right. Sometimes they just
need a helping hand to pass over.

This house is at peace now.

Can you feel it?

(Soft thud of footsteps)

No. Just going through the
background checks that Uniform got
us on the protesters.

Willard's flat. Double-checking.
Making sure we didn't miss anything.


Oh, erm...

The usual odds and...


Minor form.

Drink-driving. Shoplifting.



No, I'm still here.



(Scream echoes)

I didn't think it was important.

That you were having a relationship
with the victim?

Had had.

Which this torn photograph
would seem to confirm.

kept it quiet.

Ligeia didn't want everyone knowing
our business.

But er...I think Strickfaden knew.

What makes you say that?

He's been so kind to me since...

..since what happened to Ligeia.

Why did it finish?

I asked her to marry me.

I thought that's what she wanted.


(Mobile rings)

She turned you down?

Yeah? Lewis.

Next, she says she wants to end

Says she could never make me happy,
which, of course, means I could
never make her happy.

Was there someone else?
She said not.

And I believed her.
LEWIS: At what time?

This is wrong.
Laura? What...

When the address came through,
I...thought I'd got the wrong

I lived here.

We lived here. Ligeia, Ellen and me.

This was our house.

This was our house.

Her friend is murdered and now this,
in the house they shared?

Devil's advocate. Any other

This is Dr Hobson we're talking
about. I've known her for more than
ten years.

Worked with her.
Maybe that's the problem.

So far, she's the only link you've

Come on. You don't really think
she... No.

I don't think. I follow procedure.

Get a statement. Her movements last
night and Halloween.

Hi, I'm just...

I could erm...take her statement.


It's all right.

Probably better coming from me.


There's no sign of a forced entry,
but then they don't lock the front
and the back.

Too much coming and going, I expect.
Four flatmates, including the

Between two and four this morning,
to save you asking.

Have to wait for the PM for anything
else. First impressions?

Throat cut from left to right.

Finger marks around the lips and

I think we can discount suicide.

What he lacks in bedside manner,
he more than makes up for in basic

Get house-to-house started.

Have a quick word with the
housemates, then formal interviews
down at the station.

Separate cars.
Get off. It's my house.

What the hell's going on?
Mr Clerval, is it?

The police were in again.

Everything all right?





Makes the heart grow fonder.

What do you reckon to this, sir?

The girl who found the body was
babbling to Uniform about a ghost
leaving a message.

They even had your friend round,
apparently. What friend?

Ursula Van Tassel or Tessel.
She was here?

Rowena was so freaked out, she spent
last night on the sofa. Now what do
you make of that?

That would be one of those rhetorical
questions you're so fond of.

Ah, but, seriously, Ursula knew that
Ligeia had been...through the chest.

It couldn't be an educated guess,
could it?

A murdered woman. What are the odds
it's going to be a knife attack?

Better than 50%. It's a numbers game.

As for all that stuff about, "Is
there anyone here
with a name beginning with a J"...

Yeah, it's a cold reading.
I'm familiar with the technique.

Go on, then. Read that. Make yourself

LIG I WI LLAR - Ligeia Willard.

MURDER - Murder.
LHOB - Laura Hobson.

Help me.
What about the rest?

Well, this is new, apparently.
It wasn't here last night.

Find Mary Gwilliam.

Who's Mary Gwilliam?

I was hoping you might be able to
tell me.

Sorry. It doesn't mean anything.

Might your friend know, Dr Jacoby?


Well, it's not a name I've ever
heard her...


This was Ligeia's room.

Come on. I'll buy you a drink.

Then I think you need to tell me
as much as you can about your time


I'll go and have a word now, sir.

Sergeant Hathaway. Oxford Police.
I wonder if I might have a word,


Corwin. Charlotte.

You're with that lot, then, are you?

May I?

(Baby cries) I didn't see anything
last night. I'm sorry.

But the one before...


No, I can't imagine it's anything.

I was up feeding Harry and...

looking out of the window and...

The nursery is at the front of the

One of the boys from across the road
was coming in. That's all.

What time would that have been?

It was the two o'clock feed,
so anything between two and half

Halloween, I suppose.

Do you know which one it was?

At first, I thought it was the
speccy one, but...


Oh, here. What's with all the Old
Bill round the weirdos?

Erm, this is my husband.

Vince, this is Sergeant...


What's wrong? It's not Harry, is it?
Oh, no, no. He's fine.

That's the baby.
(Persistent crying)

One of the students has been killed.

(Crying continues)

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to...

Weirdos, Mr Corwin?

Well, Goths or Emos or whatever it is
they call themselves.

How well do you know them?

Not at all really. We've only just
moved in, so...

But you haven't had any trouble?
They have some loud parties.

We wouldn't mind but for the baby. I
did have a word. Not that they took
much notice.

OK, well, look, thanks for your
time. If there is anything that
strikes you...

Sure. ..just ask for Detective
Sergeant Hathaway.

Have you tried Mr Jeffreys next door?

Yeah, I rang the bell.
Be at work.

Usually gets back about six,
if you want to try again.

Thanks very much.

Is this your van?

Why? Need some plumbing doing?
Were you at home last night?

No, I was on shift, up at the new
superstore in Kidlington.

I've got the docket in the van.
Check it. No, you're all right.

Who else was with you?

Ellen mentioned a couple of lads.

Oh, erm...

Peter and Alec.

Peter Hawkins and Alec Pickman.

Are you still in touch?

I saw Alec a couple of years back,
on The Broad, not to talk to, I was
driving, but...

Where is he now?

Around. From all I heard,
he'd given up poetry to become an

He read English.

He took a gap year and then did his

To be honest...I think the only
reason he stayed on was because of

They were an item?

The item.

For her part, anyway.

Alec was...

mad, bad and lock up your daughters.

And Peter Hawkins?
I wouldn't have a clue.

When did you see him last?

Now you're asking...

Erm, a couple of days
before the after-finals bash.

I came down with mumps, of all

"So, Cinders, you shall not go to
the ball."

My dad picked me up and drove me

By the time I'd recovered,
we'd all gone our separate ways.

So you didn't see him again?

I called him a couple of times.
I never heard back.

People slip through the cracks.

If you're not careful.

Alec Pickman?

DI Lewis. DS Hathaway. Oxford Police.


It was in the paper.

I understand you and Professor
Willard were close when you were

"And all the world is green."
I haven't seen Ligeia in...

Oh, it must be 20 years.
Who was it who put you on to me?

If I might ask, sir,
where were you on Halloween?

Was it a week night?

Er, drunk and incapable. Unless, of
course, it was the weekend, in which
case I'd have been...

Oh, yeah, drunk and incapable.
And last night?

I would refer my Honourable Friend
to the answer I gave some moments

Speaking of which...


Can I interest either of you?

No. Thank you.

"My candle burns at both ends.
It will not last the night.

But O my foes and O my friends,
it gives a lovely light."


Do you know a girl called Rowena

No. Not had the pleasure. Sorry to
say. Why? Is she pretty?

She was. Only she was killed last
night, at the house on Nethermoor.


When were you last there?


You're digging up Pete Hawkins and
the rest of the Wyrd Sisters, then,
are you? Collect the set?

The Wyrd Sisters?

They're the two girls who used to
live with us.

A pet name for them.

Ellen Jacoby and Laura Hobson.

'Scuse. Need some air.

Does the name Mary Gwilliam
mean anything to you?

Whatever you might have heard,

there are some women in Oxford
with whom I've not been intimately

In truth, I fear I've not always
been as kind to the ladies as I
should have

or, indeed, as they deserve.

They do have this...

..unreasonable need for someone
to...rely on.

Have you noticed that?

I can't say I quite get it. Do you?

Actually, I rather suspect you do.
You look the dependable sort.

Petey was a bit like you.

The type that thinks girls need to
ask to be kissed.

You know, the kind of sap whose
shirt is always wet through at the
shoulder with tears.

"Oh, Petey, you're such a good


You didn't like him?

He was the best friend I ever had.

He carried a torch for Ligeia
all the way through our time at

She never gave him a second thought.
Not like that, anyway.

Any idea where we could find him?

Living with his sister in...


The last I heard.

Christine. Came to visit once or

A good-looking girl.

Is that it? Am I...erm... Am I in
the clear or am I still "in the
frame", as it were?

What do you think? I think you're a
bit of a fraud, Mr Pickman.

A ragbag of bits of poetry
and lines from old songs.

"A wand'ring minstrel, I, indeed,

a thing of shreds and patches,
of ballad songs and snatches."

And half-cut at two in the
afternoon. It's sad, isn't it?

Sad, love?

Tragic is what it is.

Well, we'll leave you to your picture
painting, sir.

(Bottles clink)
You're not planning to go anywhere?



What is it?
Oh, nothing.

Nothing. I'm just being silly.

Oh, my God! Where did you find

Amongst my souvenirs.

My hair!

Call the fashion police.

Where's Petey?
Probably taking the photograph.

Oh, God. Look at us.

So young.

So full of...

How do we get from that to this?

Life, my dear.

We've not done too badly.

You're happy, aren't you?

I just keep looking at Ligeia and
thinking... Sometimes, I got the

Here. Don't upset yourself.

(Bottles clink)
Oh. Sorry.

Where did you get to? Not fair to
drink you out of house and home.


Fancy a nightcap?

Better make it a night top hat.

I went to a gig at The Bear.

What time did that pack up?

Around half-eleven, twelve.

Too much to drink.

Ended up on the bench in the Botanic


MADDIE: It was that woman coming.

If we hadn't had her round...

We should have just left it alone.

How did you find her?
Victor knew her.

How was that?
I don't know.

A flyer in the local paper, I think.

It was just supposed to be a bit of

HATHAWAY: What about Halloween? I
understand you were meant to attend
a party in Ambrose Quad.

I said I might go. In the end, I
didn't fancy it.

So what did you do?

I went to the theatre.

The Old Chapel.
There was a seancey-type show.

What time did you get home?

I don't know. Around midnight.

I had a couple of drinks after the

Is that how you knew Ursula Van

And how was everything in the house
between you all?

No arguments?


We all get on. Everyone liked her.

What would make someone do that?

That's what we mean to find out.

They seem decent enough, ma'am,
but the alibis for all three are
pretty shaky.

Last night and Halloween.

Particularly that Clerval lad.

What about Dr Hobson?

You have taken a statement?

It might be worth taking a formal
statement, sir, purely for
elimination purposes.

Did you want something?

We got a match on that car parked
outside Willard's the night she was

Oh, aye? Lover-boy, was it?

I had been refused
some trifling additional

So I accessed the Institute's
accounts. Accessed, Doctor?

There was no criminal intent.
I simply hoped to prove my argument.

By chance, I came upon an irregular

For the last five years, each
annual underspend has been set aside

and drawn on to make payments
to a clinic in Jeddah.

For what?

Embryonic stem cells.

The Human Fertilisation and
Embryology Act

is quite clear about the use
of illegally obtained stem cells.

So why did you take this to Professor

She'd been the last person to access
the file.

I wanted her advice.

And who would have the authority
to OK a payment for something such as

God said, "Let there be life."
ALL: God said, "Let there be life."

The natural choice is God.
ALL: The natural...

I have to assume that your
benefactors would take a dim view

of this Institute being involved in
criminal activity.

That is, if you'll forgive me,
quite a naive assessment.

The bottom line for Morning Tide is
just that.

It's about profit.
It's about results, saving lives.

A breakthrough here could help
hundreds of thousands, perhaps
millions of people,

but we cannot make those advances
without a ready and reliable supply
of material.

Look, we're close.

We're so close.

Every month that goes by puts the
availability of treatment back
by...a year.

All those patients, each day,
becoming more
and more lost to their loved ones.

If it were in your power to save
them, what would you do?

Is that how Ligeia Willard felt?

I tried to talk her out of it,
but she was resolved to go public,

to bring the sky down upon all our

I believe she had lost her faith.

Her faith?

In science.

Yeah, I've got an address for Mary
Gwilliam. The only one on the
electoral roll. Cowley.


Dead about a week, ten days.

There is some evidence of...

What is one supposed to call it now?

"Enhanced interrogation technique."

She's been tortured?
So it would appear.

Cause of death would appear to be

You can see where the ligature
has bitten into the neck.

It's even driven the chain
of her St Christopher
or whatever it is into the flesh.

She seems to have been a nurse, sir.

This one was taken at St W, Perth.

Or Australia.

So, who was Mary Gwilliam?

I've got Hathaway looking into
her background now, ma'am,

but, according to the neighbours,
she was a retired nurse.

Divorced. No kids. Kept herself to

Connections to the other victims?

Beyond the message on the fridge
at Nethermoor Avenue? Nothing.

It's my feeling that the murderer was
getting a bit jumpy that we hadn't
found her yet.

So what is he trying to say?

And where does Dr Hobson
fit into it?

We don't know she does, for sure,
yet, ma'am.

All right. Well... Keep me posted.

Oh, Robbie.

I've had the Chief Constable on.

How did Rowena's postmortem go?

Nothing new.

The formal ID was...

Never gets any easier, does it?

The parents?

Very decent.

Distraught, obviously.

They did say she'd been dating that
Roddy lad for a bit, before he hooked
up with Madeleine.

No residual ill feeling?

Apparently not on Rowena's part.

She'd set her cap at Victor lately,
according to the mother.

Set her cap at?

It's an expression.

Perhaps they used to listen to
the wireless together, sir,

or step out once in a while to the
picture house.


Just for that...

Mary Gwilliam's valuables.

Bagged and tagged for the Exhibits
Officer, when you've got a minute.

You're welcome.

Any joy with this hospital, St W's?

50 different Williams, at least.

There's literally hundreds,
from St Waccar to St Wulsin,

calling by Wendolinus, Winifred,
Wilfretrudis and all points in

None so far with a hospital named
after them in Perth, Scotland or
Western Australia.

So far.

There is... There's one other thing,

I've been going through
Mary Gwilliam's outgoing calls.


Well, a couple she made recently,
to the same number, stand out.

One was made seven months ago
and one was the last call she ever

You don't remember speaking to her?

That's because I didn't speak to

When was this meant to be? Last call
was three weeks ago. October 8th.


Nine seconds in duration.


There was...

I did get this weird message,
but that was aeons back.

The first call. March 17th.

Twenty-past four in the afternoon.
One minute and eight seconds in

Well, I don't know if it was this
woman, but it was a woman's voice.

I can't even really remember what
she said.

Something along the lines of
she'd found my number in the

and if I was the Laura Hobson
she was looking for, I'd know what
it was about.

Anything else?

There was... It sounds a bit odd,
but I'm pretty sure she mentioned

ELLEN: Rochester?
LAURA: I've never been to Rochester.

You never called her back?
No. I just...

I assumed she'd got hold of
the wrong Laura Hobson.

Look... (Sighs)

I know this is going to sound...

Can anyone can vouch for your
movements the night Professor Willard


It's procedure.

No. There isn't.

I left work about six-thirty...and
went home.

I got ready and I was just about to
leave for the Turl Club when I got
the call to attend...


I phoned Ellen and left a message to
say I'd be late and I drove straight
to the Institute.

Anything else?

Do you want me to account for the
night that the girl got killed, too?


I took a valium and had an early

Ellen was watching TV downstairs.
She'll tell you I never left the

She didn't.

You had to follow it up, sir.

That makes me feel a whole lot

So where to now?

"Collect the set", Alec Pickman said.

So far, the only one we haven't had
sight of is Peter Hawkins.


Uniform sent me a last-known address.

My brother was never the same after
he came back from Oxford. He seemed


In what way?

Our mother died when we were ten,

of what, I have since come to learn,
was an autosomal dominant inherited
prion disease.


Or, to give it its proper name,
Fatal Familial Insomnia.

There's no cure and it is invariably

It's caused by plaques
developing on the thalamus.

The area of the brain responsible
for the regulation of sleep.


Everyone has bouts of sleeplessness,
but for someone with FFI,

it may herald a downward spiral,
which leads inevitably to madness
and death.

Are there no tests he could have had?
Not then.

Peter and I simply grew up in the
knowledge that our blood was in some
way tainted.

That one day we might go the same
way as our mother.

LEWIS: Can't have been easy.

Well, one lives with it.

Or dies with it.

Even if only one parent has the

any offspring have a 50% chance
of inheriting the disease.


About a year after he came back

..Peter drove out to Wytham Wood.

And in the early hours of the

..ran a hose from the exhaust.

I don't suppose you'd have held onto
any of his personal effects still.

My father closed and locked this
room 19 years ago.

No-one has entered it since.

You'll find Peter's diaries in the

He was depressed, yes, but...

Well, there was something else.



For what?

I don't know. We were sitting
looking at the fire,
one afternoon.

Suddenly, he turned to me and said,
"Would you still love me if I'd done
something terrible?"

You didn't press him on it?
We gave each other space.

I knew he'd tell me when he was

A week later, he was dead.

You look very alike.

Was he older or younger?


By 20 minutes.


James Hathaway, you are a dolt.

I've been a bit of an idiot, sir.

I've been looking for hospitals in

As requested.

But it's not in Perth.

It's of Perth. You know, the
medallion that Gwilliam wore, it's
not a St Christopher.

It's St William, sir. St William of

Should I be sitting down for this?

Thank you.

William is this...wild youth,
but upon reaching manhood,

he decides he's going to change his
ways and devote his life to the
service of God.

Anyway, one morning on his way to
mass, he comes across a child,

abandoned on the steps of the church
and he decides to adopt him.

And this is going somewhere, is it?

In the summer of 1201,

he sets out with his son on a
pilgrimage to all the holy places
in England.

Having spent three days in

on his way to Canterbury,

his son strikes his father round the
head, cuts his throat and robs him.

A local madwoman comes across the

and lays a garland of flowers,
first on William's head,
then on her own.

Whereupon, she's miraculously cured
of her insanity.

St William of Perth,
aka St William of Rochester.

The patron saint of adoptees and

And all this gets us where?

Well, up until the late '80s, the St
William of Perth Foundation ran a
number of hospitals,

including Holmwood Park, situate

HATHAWAY: It was built in the 1870s,
as an asylum,

before being acquired in the '50s
and run as a private hospital by the
St William of Perth Trust.

It's the asylum graveyard.

The developers are in the process of
removing the remains for reburial

And this was a private hospital?

So far as I've been able to make
out, mixed use.

And that's a polite way of saying

I think admin is this way.

And this is where Mary Gwilliam

It was used as a place where the
well-to-do could send those

deemed for some reason or another to
be not quite up to snuff. Out of
mind, out of sight.

The St William of Perth Trust
welcomed all with open arms.

Open chequebooks, more like.

Hang on.

This way.

We're after Mary Gwilliam's staff

Or any colleagues who were here
at the same time.

Yeah. If it will point us towards
a link with Dr Hobson.

Right. The best of luck. I'll leave
you to it.

Why? Where are you off to?
A trip to the theatre.

How am I meant to get back?

I'm sure Uniform will be happy to
give you a lift.

I wouldn't leave it too late, mind.

I reckon this place would get quite
spooky after dark.


(Song echoes)

♪ To be what I know I'm not how

♪ Even if I could tell you

♪ I wouldn't say

♪ Hey there, darling

♪ Take my blood

♪ But let me fly away

♪ Keep my love

♪ But come back another day

♪ Another day

♪ Take my blood

♪ But let me fly away...

VAN TESSEL: Our loved ones are not
lost to us.

They merely wait in a place
where there are no goodbyes.

Thank you.


So what's the trick, Ms Van Tessel?

Oh, it's you.

I've three people murdered, two of
whom you seem to have been involved


You attended a seance at a house
on Nethermoor Avenue.

There was a young girl there called
Rowena Trevanion

and the next morning she was found


No premonitions?

No voices in your ears?

I can't explain the gift, Inspector.

You came to us to help publicise
your little sideshow.

That was my agent's idea.

Coming to see you was mine.

It was a genuine impulse.

I've been trying to call you.
What is it, man?

There's been another attack. She's
alive, just.

Not Laura?
No, sir, Dr Jacoby.

I heard screaming and I
just...started running.

I found her up the towpath
about a hundred yards...

face down.

I thought she was a goner, but...

Did you see anyone else?

No. Thank God.

No. I was shouting as I went,
I suppose, trying to scare the
bastard off.

They must have heard me coming
and...thought better of it.




When can we speak to her?

They're keeping her in an induced
coma until the brain swelling goes
down. A couple of days.

It's possible that she might not
remember anything of the attack,

On the upside...

There's an upside? What with all the
excitement, I forgot.

Mary Gwilliam. I managed to trace a
colleague. And?

Gwilliam leaves Holmwood Park in
1987. Dismissed. Suddenly. Under a

My contact wasn't specific,

but was under the impression
that her licence to nurse had been

So get onto the College Of Nursing.

They'll call me back tomorrow.

What we do know is she reappears
on the radar in the late '90s

working as Co-Director
of the Rochester House Foundation,

an agency specialising in rehoming
Romanian orphans in the West.

You mean, an adoption agency?
Of sorts.

But no questions asked, if the money
was right.

Don't stare, Alec.


I know I asked before about Mary
Gwilliam, but it seems she worked at
Holmwood Park Hospital.

What? You know it?

Oxford is not for everyone,

Hand-in-hand with a first-class
education goes a first-class nervous

Holmwood, amongst other things,
is where you got sent if you went
off your head.


Victor, we've been looking
everywhere for you.
Where have you been?


Are you all right?
Of course I'm not!

Come on.

Hey, hey, hey!
Get off!

Just leave me alone. Yeah?

LEWIS: Did Peter Hawkins ever spend
any time at Holmwood?

Not to my knowledge. Why?

It's just his sister said he was a
changed man
when he came down from Oxford.

"Haunted" was the word she used.

Any idea what she might have meant by
that? Haunted?

I don't know.

But aren't we all? Aren't you?

The heart is an unquiet house.

What did you mean, when you said
"amongst other things", with regard
to Holmwood?

Well, dons of a certain age muttered
of it as a place where girls would
go, who...

What was the phrase my tutor used?


"Found themselves in difficulty."

But you never had any cause
to call on their services?

Even if I had, I'd think twice
before mentioning it.

There's a rather disagreeable whiff
of the Presbytery about you, Lewis.

I'd hate to lower
your opinion of me.

In that particular, sir, you might
find yourself a bit hard pressed.

Oh. I see. It's like that, is it?
Are you...?

No. No, of course not. No.
She likes 'em a bit wilder does our


You'll find a uniformed officer
posted alongside your boat until this
is over, Mr Pickman.

I think everyone was a bit in love
with him back then...or infatuated.

Some of us move on.

But Ellen...


I thought...

No. Alec broke it off with Ligeia
as soon as she'd sat her finals.

It's the one decent thing he ever
did for her.

We all knew there was someone else.

It wasn't till years later
I discovered it was Ellen.

Did Ligeia know?

Well, it was all water long under
by then.

They were close.

I certainly wasn't going to open
that particular can of worms.


We've known each other a long time.

As colleagues and...

Well, friends, I hope.

You know you can rely on my

There's nothing else you can think of
that I ought to know?

(Bells chime)

Peter Hawkins's diaries
would seem to bear it out, sir.

Only as far as he's concerned,
Alec's new squeeze was Laura Hobson,
not Ellen Jacoby.

I know. Why would he think that?
I don't know.

Unless that's what Ellen Jacoby told
Ligeia, to spare her own blushes.

That's assuming that Hobson is
telling the truth.

Any reason to doubt it?

Look, sir, I can understand
that this is difficult for you.

Oh, do you? Really? You don't seem
to be having too much trouble
with it.

I'm just trying to keep a sense of
detachment, that's all, the same as
any other case.

There is one other thing.

Hawkins is a fairly diligent
diarist, but come the end of his
time at Oxford, he just stops dead.

He doesn't pick up his pen again
until a couple of months before he

Listen, make a note of the date when
Hawkins breaks off from his journals,
all right,

and check it against
when they had this finals bash.

You think it has a bearing?
I do, yeah.

And let's get the Clerval lad in.

See if a line-up can't shake his

Mr and Mrs Corwin, sir.

Ah. Detective Inspector Lewis. Thanks
very much for coming. Much

Charlotte won't actually have to
talk to him? No. A one-way glass.

Are you all right with that, Mrs

We've been up with Harry. Colic.

Ah, my sympathies. Me and my wife
had terrible times with our eldest.

Shall we?

Not bring him with you, then?

Erm, no, no. Mum's looking after.

Sergeant Murray just needs a few
details from you, Mrs Corwin. Date of
birth. Home address.


I'm sorry about this. I would let
you go in with her, but rules of

No, sure. She'll be all right.

I don't suppose you've got a light?

You can't smoke in here, mate.
Of course. Sorry.

I'm going to leave you with Sergeant
Woods. Duty calls.

All right?

Toe the line, then, gents.

Those with glasses, please remove

Take your time.

So where did you get to last night?

I told you. Just knocking around.

Come on, Victor.
You'll have to do better than that.

We've got two murders and an

and you not able to give a straight
account of your whereabouts for any
of them.

All right.

Let's try Halloween.

You've made a statement to the effect
that you were at the theatre

and you got home around midnight.


But we've just had positive
visual identification, Victor.

You were recognised by someone
who saw you come back to Nethermoor

at two in the morning,
so, which is it?

It's my fault.

All of it.


We'd kind of been seeing each other

And then I went to that show.

I hung around the bar afterwards
and I got talking to Ursula.

Van Tessel?

Go on.


Well, I don't know, you know.


Had a couple of drinks and...

One thing led to another, did it?



So that's where you were till two in
the morning?

And the night Rowena died?

You went back for seconds, did you?

(Victor sobs)

There's something you should see,

Bottom of the page and top of the
next page.

What am I looking at?

Hospital Admissions.

Look here. Between the 16th
and the 21st March 1986.

I don't und...

She never mentioned...
There's more, I'm afraid.

Given the Mary Gwilliam connection
to the Rochester House Foundation

and their particular line of
business, I took a look at this.

The hospital register. 17th March.
Bottom right-hand corner of the

March 17th.

Birth: male.


Six pounds, seven ounces.

Mother: Hobson L.

It's a mistake. It has to be.

Check the next entry.

March 18th.

Birth: female.

00:35. Five pounds, 11 ounces.

Mother's name...

Hobson L.

She had twins, sir.

I don't believe this.

She'd have told me. I mean, I asked
her outright if there was anything I
ought to know.

She lied.
She wouldn't.


The Public Records have the birth of
two children, John and Susan,

registered in Oxford in the first
quarter of 1986.

Mother: Laura Hobson. Father: Peter

Mary Gwilliam helped her have them
adopted, through the Rochester House

But not together. She separated

Bring her in.

A formal interview down the station,
under caution.

On what charge?

Obstructing a murder inquiry.

What do we think we're dealing with?

They are exacting some bizarre
revenge against Dr Hobson? For what?

Giving her up maybe? Who knows?

(Mobile rings)


The Adoptions Registry.

Yeah. Go ahead.

The boy, John, went straight from
Holmwood Park to a family called
Moreau at Woodstock

and the girl, Susan, at around three
months, to a couple, the Renfields,
in Cowley.

You get an address?

For the Renfields, Susan's adoptive
parents. But not for John?

No. The Moreaus moved from Woodstock
in '89 and then just vanish off the
electoral roll.

Went abroad maybe?

Tea. One sugar.
Thank you very much.

Mrs Renfield?

DI Lewis, DS Hathaway, Oxford Police.
May we come in?


We haven't seen Susan for...


We had a bit of a falling out.


What's all this about?

Is this Susan, Mrs Renfield?

Because we know her as Charlotte.

It's Susan Charlotte.

But she didn't like Susan.

But this is Vince Corwin, right?

Her husband.

No, that's John.

John Moreau.


Stay where you are!


(Crying stops)





Are you all right? Are you all


Ambulance and backup, please,
117, Valdemar Close. We have a man

See if you can get a trace on her

No. Nothing as yet.


Why didn't she tell us what was
going on?

Because she didn't know.

We should never have doubted her.

If anything happens...
(Mobile rings)


Yeah. Got it.

Hobson's mobile.
Heading west out of Abingdon, 415.

Holmwood Park.

How could Dr Hobson not know
what all this was about?

Well, Alec Pickman and Ligeia Willard
were an item, right?

But straight after finals,
he dumps her for somebody else.

Now, who would Ligeia Willard turn to
for a shoulder to cry on?

Peter Hawkins.

But I think that that closeness, her
clinging to him for comfort, was more
than he could stand.

I think he lost control. That
terrible thing he couldn't get over.

He raped her?

I think he left her pregnant.
With twins.

(Muffled yelps)

You saw Charlotte at that ID parade.

What was it they said? She'd been up
all night with the baby?

That isn't why she's not sleeping.

She'd inherited Hawkins' condition.

Who are you? Why are you doing this?

What have I done to you?
What did you do?

You gave us a living death.

How long can you hold your breath
for, do you think?

Please don't.


Why didn't Ligeia Willard report it?

Who would Ligeia blame
for what had happened?

I mean, in her mind,
who had betrayed her?

So she just checks
into Holmwood Park,

gives the children to Mary Gwilliam
who handles the adoption, but the
mother is registered as...






(Laura screams)


Get her out of there!


Sssh. It's James. It's James.
It's James.

You're fine, you're fine, you're
fine. You're fine.

You're fine.

(Bottle clinks)

(Glass shatters)

(Bottle clinks)



Not nice being scared, is it?

To live in fear.

Is that why you did it?

We wanted her to know how it felt.

To make her suffer.

We gave her enough clues. Her

The place she lived. Messages on the
fridge. But she wouldn't admit it.

Laura Hobson isn't your mother.

Ligeia Willard was your mother.

He's lying.

She registered your birth
in Laura Hobson's name.

He's lying!





We lost three kids inside a year.

So, we had tests.

And that's how you found
you were brother and sister?

That wasn't all you discovered,
though, was it?

She can't sleep, can she?

She should never have had us.

(Distant sirens)

We can get you help.

I'm so tired, Vince.

Oh, I know, baby.

I'm scared.

It's all right.


You can sleep now.


We belong dead.

HATHAWAY: What do you think will
happen to her?

Too ill to stand trial, I suppose.

Hospital. Madness.

Death in the end.

For the want of a nail.

If Vince's parents hadn't split up,
his mum would never have moved him
away from Woodstock.

He'd never have ended up
in the same school as Charlotte.

None of this might ever have

A simple twist of fate.

Nah, fate's too easy.

It's lies.

Family secrets.

If Ellen hadn't lied about her affair
with Alec...

See you in the Trout later?

I can't save you, Alec.

I never could.

Do the right thing for once, eh?


Thank you.

If you hadn't...
We did.

And we always will.

Blow the cobwebs?