Informer (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - No Sleep Till Brooklyn - full transcript

A night out with his girlfriend goes badly wrong when Raza Shar is arrested and identified as a potential informant forLondon's Counter-Terrorism Special Unit (CTSU). Detective Sergeant ...


This is West India Quay.

WESLEY: Excuse me, Miss!

JUSTICE: On the morning of November 29th.

Wesley Ndoyo departed West India Quay
station through the Eldon Street exit.

At 10:30 am, Mr Ndoyo entered
the Eldon Street branch of Café 66.


WESLEY: Here you go.

Oh, thank you so much.
Where did I leave it?

On the DLR.
You're lucky I grabbed it.

It would have ended up in Shadwell.

Wait, you got off the train for me?

I guess so, yeah.

That is amazing,
let me give you something.

What? No. Seriously.

I've only got the debit, anyway.
Don't worry about it.

We've all been there.

I really hope not.

- You alright?
- Yes, um... sorry.

Let me buy you a coffee.

Or a tea maybe? Anything? Please.
Oh, man. Come on, man.

Alright, you twisted my arm.
I'll have a coffee.

Double shot for me today, I think.

I'm Emily.
ASSISTANT: Next please.

Sorry I didn't get your name?


MAN: Get out! Open the door! Move!
Don't move.

WESLEY: Mate, just put that down.

WOMAN: Oh, my God!


Mr Ndoyo was shot by the assailant in the
Eldon Street branch of Café 66.

Mr Ndoyo was pronounced
dead at the scene.

You were at your office when you were first
made aware of the attack, is that correct?

GABE: That's correct.

LADY JUSTICE: What did you know
at that moment in time?

GABE: Only what was reported
by the first responders.

Shots fired, multiple casualties,
the suspect was down.

LADY JUSTICE: By down you mean deceased?

GABE: I mean incapacitated.
He wasn't dead yet.

LADY JUSTICE: Witness K, was the
perpetrator known to you at this time?

I can't discuss that in an open forum.

SPENCER: Was the perpetrator
known to you at this time?

Yes, he was.

LADY JUSTICE: In what capacity
was he known to you?

MUSIC: "The Isle of Arran" by Loyle Carner
♪ Uh, no I don't believe him ♪

♪ Uh, but know that I've been grieving ♪

♪ Know that I've been holding out
Hoping to receive him ♪

♪ I've been holding out for G when he was
nowhere to be seen when I was bleeding ♪

♪ Cousin with the choking
and the wheezing ♪

♪ But still he dream
of smoking potent in the evening ♪

♪ This is only for the heathens ♪

♪ Hold until the souls who need
redeeming from the demons ♪

♪ Still ain't folded when it's freezing
There ain't no-one to believe in ♪

♪ I'm on that man side, damn right,
doing it myself from a landslide ♪

♪ Standby, didn't need no help
from no damn guy ♪

♪ Man by, I've been making
waves all my damn life ♪

HIPSTER DUDE: So, Raza, who are you, then?

RAZA: Kind of a heavy question, bruv.

Feels like I'm on X-Factor, innit.

Um... I guess I'd say
I go out, chill out, hang out.

But I'm clean, pay my rent.

I'm not too loud, but I'm not just sitting
in the corner like a weirdo neither.

PEOPLE LAUGH No, for real

I think I'd make a legit flatmate.

FIONA: Cool. Well look, we're all in the
arts, we use the studio to collaborate.

Do you do anything creative?

RAZA: Who's the photographer?

This one.

- Do you mind?
- No, go for it.

Are you into photography?

I like what Robert Capa said, you know

"the pictures are already there,
you just hafta take 'em."

You took all these? Sound.

Yeah, I do mainly street photography.

That's over by Altab Ali, innit.

I used to run around there as a kid.

Of course, you wouldn't wanna live here
back then, were a lot different.

Yeah, I use my lens to highlight
shifting urban environments.

Hold up, that's my street.

- What?
- No way. Bruv.

- What?
- No way. I'm in this one.

FIONA: What?

RAZA: No word of a lie, that is me.

- Shut-up.
- Really?

- That is actually me.
- No way.

FIONA: That is so random,
I took that, like, two years ago.


'Young Radicals", what's that?

Uh, the title of the piece.
Just a play on words.

That dude there's a tramp, a nutter,
no one's listening to him.

And there's me having a fag break,
what's radical about that?

No, it's more like the guy, in the
back-ground, handing out the flyers.

Oh, OK.

That's Tariq, he works over
at Aladdin's Garden.

Those are menus, bruv...

This been in galleries?

Uh... Yeah, I... had a show last year.

Cool, cool, well, keep me posted, yeah?

HIPSTER DUDE: Yeah, of course. Yeah...



Salaam Aunties.

Hi Raza.
Don't fret, I can't see nothing.

You do look lovely though.

What are you doing in bloody
Shoreditch looking for flats?

Don't think I don't have eyes everywhere.

You don't have eyes at the school, Ammi.
Nasir texted me, detention again.

Well, you'll have to go fetch him.

Drug money.

Please don't joke like that.

You remember Anara's boy?

He walked all the way
to Ipswich thinking he was Jesus.

Course he had to be high to go to Ipswich.

So, how was it, this flat?

Five hundred quid for a room
in an old handbag factory.


SADIA: He's not going anywhere.

Miss Woods?

I'm Raza Shar.
Yes, yes. Nasir's brother.

I was, really, expecting your mum.
She's stuck at work, Miss Woods.

What's he done?

Nasir is one of my brightest pupils

but I can't have this in my class,
you understand?

I'm going to have to suspend him.


Hold on, what were you telling him?

My father will deal with him.

Nasir won't shame us like this again.

It's not the end of the world.

They shouldn't really be selling
these things, let alone to kids.

There's no need to overreact.

BOTH BOYS LAUGH - You muj now?

Taking knives into school
and that, you gimp.

Protection, innit.

Someone's messing with you?

No. Mr Roy gave me A in math's,
so I gotta even out my street cred.

You're gonna be an astronaut.
What you need street cred for?

They barely let Pakis on planes,
how they gonna let me up into space?

Spaceman, samurai, multitudes, innit.

Like presto,
and now you're a photographer.

Fuck, this is old. It's got no screen.

Oh, so you don't want it then?
No, no, no, I do, don't blob

just show me how it works.

Alright. Wind, click. Google it.

NASIR: Yo, turn around.


Quick, get upstairs.

What's going on in the world, Abu?

Still spinning, barely.

Hm! Where's the shorter one?

Hiding in his room.
Bloody pocket knife?

It's a dangerous world out there.

Smells good, Ammi.

Get out, go. Nothing to see here, uh?

MUSIC: "Roman" by Cadell.




KARL: Hello, hello.
Yeah, I knew I could smell you up there.

That's what you got the big nose for.

Oh, yeah! Come down, come down,
let's see if you can fly.

Alright, coming right down.

Heads up, yeah?

Where you off to dressed like that?

Too much?
Nah, you look well sharp.

Oof... That's a lot of kush, big spender.

No bruv, I want them rolls.
Big night out then, who is she?

RAZA: How many's that fetch me?
- Ten, but gonna give you seven.

Any more is intent. Feds don't mess
around with that Class A shit.

There you go killer,
no sleep till Brooklyn.

under the leadership of Ahmed El Adoua

known to have been...

What you got chopsticks for?

Ammi thinks she's a comedian
or something.

He can't be trusted
with sharp objects, can he?

- You're not eating?
- Nah.

REPORTER: . Rotterdam yesterday,
Dutch authorities have confirmed that...

Hey, careful tonight, yeah.

Anyone picks on you, don't be brave,
tell them you're a Hindu.

"Don't freak, I'm a Sikh."
I'm a Sikh. That's my boy.

REPORTER: Have launched a
man-hunt for the perpetrator.

Ahmed El Adoua, is...

MUSIC: "GoGo!" by Baauer.

RAZA: Charlotte!

Raza. Sorry, the signal's crap.
I just got your texts.

RAZA: All good, I found you.

What're you all dressed up for?
I roll outta bed like this, innit.

Tristan, Angel, this is Raza.

With your birthday cake.

Oh, my birthday cake, fucking brilliant.

How goes it, Raza?
You good mate? You wanna...

Happy birthday, innit.

CHARLOTTE: Our usual bloke's
in Ibiza, rakes it in this time of year.

This ain't cut like the shit he gets you.
Lottie, where'd you meet this rascal?

Well... Swiped right, didn't she.

THEY LAUGH - You little piggy!

MUSIC: "Honey Badger" by Clark.

RAZA: You OK? You OK?
- You're a champion Raza.

CAB DRIVER: Oi, oi! Oi!
- Easy... Easy, easy.

Are you getting in, or what?
I'm not driving anyone like that.

Just take us to the nearest hospital.
Keep the change.

Yo, in here, in the back. You're joking.

Go. You got your money, go!

OK, OK, you're going to be OK.
Alright, alright, alright.

SIREN WAILS - Grab her legs.


Help! Can I get some help, please?

NURSE: Can you tell me your name, luv?
- Charlotte, Charlotte Humphreys.

NURSE: Tell me what she took.
- RAZA: MDMA, just the one.

How long ago was that?
Three hours at most.

Do you have a number
I can contact a parent or guardian?

She's got her mobile, probably in her
purse. Is she gonna be OK?

- Hey!
- Can't go back there, sir.

Is she gonna be OK?
I need you to step aside, please.

That's for the doctors now.

Put your hands against the wall.
What am I doing?

Sir, put your hands against the wall.

Do you have any weapons
or sharp objects in your pockets?


This what you gave the young lady?

I'm arresting you on possession of a class
A drug. You do not have to say anything...

SHARON SINGS ♪ Wise men say ♪

♪ Only fools rush in ♪

♪ But I can't help ♪

♪ Falling in love with you ♪

♪ Take my hand ♪

♪ Take my whole life too ♪

♪ But I can't help ♪

♪ Falling in love with you ♪


Welcome to CTSU, Miss Morten.

Would you like to introduce yourself?


Apparently not much of a charmer.

I'll leave you to make
your own assessments.

Gabriel, Holly will ride with you.

Yes, Guv.

ROSE: Now, you will have heard
about the untimely death of El Adoua

in a drone strike, last night.

The Dutch confirmed he recruited
the Rotterdam bombers late last year.

But, before conspiring to deliver
the caliphate to Holland.

Mr El Adoua might have brought
a piece of it here. Shall we?

WORRAL: AIVD or whatever the Dutch
are calling themselves these days

found El A...
Is it El Adoua or El Adoua?

ALL: El Adoua.

Either way,
AIVD found his travel documents.

One of the passports got a hit -
flight to London-Stansted on June 11th.

CCTV trawls from Stansted that day
show El Adoua disembarking.

Until they have something to share,
that's as much as the Gods have given us.

We paint the rest of the picture ourselves.

Prior to his death, he was in London.

Where did he stay? With whom?

And why in Christ
was Mr El Adoua in my lovely city?

- ALL: Yes, Guv.
- Yes, Guv.


Number 3 says 5
to at the Croxford Street café?

No, tell 'em, Nunhead Road.

Then text him at 5 to and tell him
Harness Street at quarter past.

We set the agenda, always.

You haven't worked informants before,
have you?

Not personally.

There's no other way to do it
other than personally.

Obviously, I understand,
that building relationships

is crucial to gathering intelligence
and preventing terror attacks.

You like to win, don't you?

Who wants to lose?

Well, let me spare you
the grief, we'll fail.

And when we do people die.

Someone always slips through the net.

Yeah, stand there please, mate.

Turn to your right.

Look at the blue dot on the wall.

Excuse me son, can you
step to the desk please. Thank you.


You have reached
the voice mailbox of Hanif Shar.

Stop messing with me, not now.

Raza luv, you gotta lighten up.

Yeah, I got arrested, Abu.

Ah! You broke your cherry.

Yeah, listen. I need you
to open up the salon, OK?

I can't, I'll be coming down
there to read them your rights.

No, no, I don't need that,
I need you to open up the salon.

Hang on, bloody battery's... Hello?

Abu? Abu?


Of course! Of course,
you've not charged your phone!

Just be on the lookout for new snouts.
And don't bother with the mosques

all my best assets were on the
Devil's wishlist already.

Junkies, dealers, perverts,
anyone you can get leverage on.

They'll grass on their mates, their families,
they'll just as easily turn on you.

They're not your friends.

You squeeze them, rinse them, if they give
you trouble, you drop them, move on.

This guy here, El Adoua.

PAKISTANI MAN: Yeah, I think I saw this
bhenchod come in my shop this morning.

- GABE: Really?
- Yeah.

GABE: Cause he spent most of yesterday
in a bomb crater in Syria.

Well, maybe I'll have an improved
memory if you catch

the wanker that keeps
graffitiing my windows.

MOROCCAN MAN: Never seen this
shithead, I'd have lamped him if I had.

Ay there's this one bloke though,
come up to me in Masjid

bigging up Al Qaeda and them.
Who's this?

Dunno, like long hair, henna beard -

looks like a Bangla Hagrid.

You're drawing attention to yourself.

Stop trying instigate Jihad in the mosques.

I get another complaint, I'll arrest you.

I'm trying my best.
How else do I get these people exposed?



Looks like he can afford it, though, innit.


Other wrap must've busted in my belly,
I'm cheesing my tits off.

Yeah, I'm regretting
that Mandy right about now.

Don't matter, though,
only the guilty sleep in rusty.

That's from that movie.

Keyser Soze, that you?


We all got a little haram in us, bruv.



Raza the Rizla, him'ma burn you up.

What's your postcode, brother?


What's that, what're you writing?

21:23, source meeting, Bow Canal.

Hey. Do me a favour,
leave this one out, yeah.

Yousef's a bit skittish.

And maybe hang back here, yeah?


What on Earth is she doing out there?

It's her first day.

I didn't know feds come in that size.

She gonna make it to day two?

One of the Rotterdam bombers
was spotted in London.

El Adoua, you heard of him?

Yeah. I got a telly, yeah.

Look, it's gotta be a bit of give
and take today.

Feds got my brother on possession.

You saw El Adoua in London?

What about my brother?

You're gonna have to
sell me a little harder.

I saw your man around, yeah.

Like back in the summer.

Hanging near Bridge Town
with this Big Shot dude.

Word was they met
in the Raqqa whiles back.

Raqqa? You been holding out on me?
You're the one asks the questions.

Big shot, what's his name?

Look. My brother's out, we talk.

I'll see what I can do.
See what you can do then, innit.

Oi! Don't dream
of dodging me on this one.

Aye, get shorty an umbrella.

She gonna catch the death.


Yo, wake up, wake up.





Right, Dadir Hasan's release
should be processed by the morning.

His case officer
will have a bleeding hissy fit.

CPS approved. Hey, we all have to make
sacrifices to win the war on terror, John.

- Lee.
- Yep.

Dadir Hassan, evidence compromised.

OK. Cheers.

This guy with Dadir Hasan,
did they get picked up together?

That chappie is one Raza Shar.

I'll take a look, please. Thanks.

Bought in on his own.

Seems like a potential source.

What gave him away?
Nice tan, funny name?

Young IC-4 male, lives in council housing.

That possession
could be bumped up to intent.

That's how you want to turn him?
First arrest, he'll want home.

You got an interview room for us, John?

He hasn't spoken
to his defence solicitor yet.

He'll get around to it.

Come on then.
Let's go and meet your first recruit.

Raza Shar let's have you.

DADIR: Raza the Rizla.

Come by Bridge Town,
yeah, we'll kick it.

- Be easy, bruv.
- Come on.

Come on.

Nah mate, I'm getting released.
Life's full of disappointments.

HOLLY: Have a seat, Raza.


Interview commencing at 12:24am,
with Raza Shar.

Don't I get a lawyer?

It doesn't have to come to that.

If you enrol in our confidential
informant program

we'll drop the charges,
and you'll be free to go home.


Go on, share the joke.

You want me to grass on possession?

With intent to supply.

Four pills?

They didn't catch me
with scales and baggies.

No intent, no previous -
my mate got the same rap

walked away with forty hours,
community service.

If I'm choosing between being a snitch
and working the counter at Age Concern.

Yeah, bring on the grey army, bruv.

Is that a high school blazer
you're wearing?

Was, yeah.

Why'd you take the badge off?

Had a date. Needed a jacket.

Interview terminated at 12:26 am.

Raza Shar, you are hereby charged with
Possession of a Class A substance.

You've been deemed a flight risk,
and will be remanded in custody

until you face the Magistrates...
Flight risk? What're you on about?

I've never even left the country. You're
supposed to charge me, turn me out.

Park him in bin five.

How is he a flight risk?
They'll toss his case.

There's no case, the boy'll walk.

I got you 24 hours to find
some real leverage.

Or get yourself another snout.



IMRAN: Pigs! Yo, this is mad.

Come on, Faisal, stand up.

IMRAN: Yo, what have I even done?
You gonna do this again?

OFFICER: Keep still.
- IMRAN: Yo, this is profiling, man.


Beard's coming along.
It itches like a dog's arse.

You should try coconut oil.

How's that limp working out for you?

Slows me down, but it's all part
of building out the legend, darling.

Who's your friend?

D.C. Holly Morten, first week.

This is D.C. Imran Aziz, the local level 2.

- HOLLY: Hi.
- Hi.

One of my snouts reckons El Adoua
was seen knocking around your patch

back when he was still breathing.

No. No chance.

I've still gotta kick it up the chain.

I'll see you back at home.

OFFICER: What's his name then?
- HANIF: Raza Shar.

OFFICER: Raza Shar?


- And you're his father?
- Yes.

ID please.

- Expired.
- Is it?

I need valid identification.

That's my face, that's my name.
It's not bloody complicated.

Sir, you need to lower your tone.

Where's my son,
then I'll lower my bastard tone.

Sir, I believe you've had a drink or two.

Take a breath,
think about what you're gonna say next.

OK. I say
up yours until you release my son!

HANIF SHOUTS - That's it.

HANIF: Hands off, fascist bastards!

DADIR: Go on, boy.
- HANIF: Police state!

Hey. When you gonna
catch the real baddies?




You're a dickhead, man.

Hey, look, I told Mum
you were at the new girl's.

Why'd you done that?
You got her planning a wedding now.

I tell her the truth,
she be planning a prison break.

They didn't charge you then?

Nah, see, I'm in there all night,
then this morning they said

them clowns lost my gear at the lab.

- Can you imagine?
- Idiots, man.

God's smiling
on me today, you know.

YOUSEF LAUGHS - Astaghfirullah.

He's got better things to do
than fuck about with you, bruv.

Shut-up, man. Drive.

Way too tired for your shit.


"All For One" by Brand Nubian.

Mr Hassan, this is the post office

we have a package ready
for you at the Harley Street branch.

We close half an hour early today.

DADIR: Yousef, let's go.

Yeah, yeah, in a bit.

Hey, come on, bruv, they're waiting.

Two seconds, man.
Yousef, seriously, play it later, yeah.

MUSIC STOP - Long man.

Aye, go on, man. Jab. Jab. Jab.

- Yo, buddy!
- OK, round!

YOUSEF: You OK, yeah? You alright?
- Yeah. Oi, Yousef, I swear down.



SAL: Good work today, bruv.

DADIR: Yo, you headed home?
- Gotta work.

DADIR: I beg you, drop me off on the way.

I don't want
your sweat stinking up my leather.

Are you for real?

You're a mug, you know that.
You're a snake.

You're supposed
to be my big brother, it's cold.



This is Yousef, you know what to do.

Hello Yousef, Post Office again.

Better collect that package soon,
or we're gonna toss it.

You know, in all my years on this job

I have never come across an informer
lying to get what they want

leaving their handler pissing in the wind.

This is... unprecedented.

Look, he's just telling you
what you want to hear.

If I had a pound for every idiot informer
blathering on about Raqqa and Daesh

I could buy you all a Black Flag,
for Christmas.

He's been on my books
for three years, always been kosher.

Well, they all cash out eventually,
I'd say we're looking at his end game.

GABE: Yeah, we'll see.

Look, El Adoua was nowhere
near Bridge Town Estate

because, if he was, I'd've seen him.

If you were psychic,
darling, you'd be in my chair.

Yes, Guvna.

He's defensive.

Because he's wrong.

BSS traced El Adoua's emails
to an IP address

of an Internet Café
on the Bridgetown Estate.

Imran's been undercover awhile,
it gets foggy.

Don't like foggy, Gabriel.

Yousef Hassan dropped you,
we're supposed to handle the sources

not the other way around.

We need more eyes in Bridge Town.

There you go. It's all yours.

GABE: Holly, where are you
at with that kid, Raza Shar?

I have found something, quite interesting.

The Shar family own Delights Hair
and Beauty Salon on Romford Street.

I pulled this photo from their website.

We have the two boys, Raza and Nasir.
And that's mum and dad.

Happy days.

Except I searched the GRO and found
Maryam Shar's death certificate.

Raza's mother died in 2002.

So, who's the mother here then?

The website says Sadia Shar.

But I couldn't find a marriage certificate.
No NI number, no passport.

Another intruder to fortress Britain?

- Possibly.
- Could be leverage.

- I think so.
- Know so.

I'll crosscheck travel with Border Agency.
Too slow.

Our boy's up in court in sixteen
hours after that he's not our boy.

I can request an extension
from Home Office.

GABE: On minor possession?

Good luck with that,
they'd rather ship her home.

What are we supposed to do,
interview the family?

Not we. Two strangers turn up
on your doorstep that's the Police.

Anyone in here police? ALL: No.

GABE: Understood?


Hello, is your mum home?

- Ammi?
- SADIA: Yeah.

Hello, can I help you?

Mrs Shar, I'm a counsellor
from Cornell Parkside Primary School.

My boy goes to Ashton Wood.

I'm here to talk about Raza.
He's not here right now.

HOLLY: OK, but you are.

Would you like to invite me in?

SADIA: Go to your room, beta.

Come, this way.

What is it you want?

It's been years since Raza left primary.
What's left to say?

Before I begin I just need to see proof
that you're his legal guardian.

Now's really not a good time.

I just need to check a passport,
driving license, anything really.

And I'm politely telling you,
come back another time.

Mrs Shar,
I think you'll want to sit down.

A former teacher
at our school has been accused

of sexually molesting some of his students.

Raza may have been one of them.


What bastard teacher did this?

I can only say he followed a pattern.
Children short on friends.

Foreign nationals mainly.

He'd convince them that if they talked,
he could have their parents deported.

Does that sound like Raza's situation?

Where were you born, Mrs Shar?

Are the police looking into this?

I can't go into any more details until
I see some proof that you're his mother.

Mrs Shar, I'm trying to understand
what happened to your son.

So, I was born in Pakistan

what bloody difference does that make?
How did you come to be in the UK?

What did this teacher do to him?

If you're living here illegally,
Mrs Shar, it alters our procedure.

SADIA: What did...

Go and play on your computer.

What's she saying about, Raza?
Someone been touching him?

Nothing, no, no, no. Nothing, go on.

What is the name of this...


ROSE: Cornell Parkside Primary wants
to launch a nationwide manhunt for you.

Fortunately, the mother doesn't
want to make this a police matter.

Because she's undocumented.

Which I was able to confirm.

I was under the instructions
of a superior officer.

D.S. Waters has flaunted the letter
of the law

on numerous occasions...

It's unbecoming.

I did warn you, she's no charmer.

But I'll let you be Caesar.

Let's see if you can
cause less damage tomorrow.

Peado routine's a new one.

Marks for originality.

HOLLY: Piss off.

She'll get there.

You were a babe once yourself.

An old case of yours has
come up for parole.

Belmarsh appears
to have had enough of him.

Skittle's out on good behaviour?

I'm afraid CPS needs you at the hearing.

Gabriel, it was
a long road bringing you back.

I haven't worn that guy in a long time.

He was a beautiful boy,
scared the daylights out of me though.



Yo, look, if you're not gonna answer it,
can you put that thing on silent, please.

Yousef, yo!


This is Yousef, you know what to do.


Don't sleep just yet, lad.

Nightmare's almost over.

Adrian Hodge, your Legal Aid.

I've been chasing your ghost all day.

First things first,
anyone you need to call?

Just plead me guilty already,
I've been here forever.

When do I go home?

You'll be going in front
of the Magistrate, first thing.

Now, why are you here, Raza?

Should've turned you out
already with a charge.

Said I was a flight risk.
You don't have an accent.

Got family abroad, have you?

Someone's pulling your chain, lad.

Look, what I'd like to do tomorrow
is lodge a formal complaint...

Nah man, no complaints.

Look. I'm not just gonna get you out, lad.

I'll get the case dropped.

Keep your record clean.
That's for your future -

look, if they mark you, brand you.

Career, mortgage, loan.

For the rest of your life,
that's the first question they ask.

And I promise you Raza,
Simon Whiteface or whoever

with his Jesus, and his Eton
and his Oxbridge?

He's not checking that box.

I'm not trying to bleed the Matrix, bruv.

Just get me out.


Christ, don't you ever knock?

How intelligent do you look
getting duped by a low rent pusher?


You told me you had a snout with a bead
on El Adoua's man in London.

You swore up and down,
your man was reliable

now he's in the wind
and I'm left cursing the weather.

Some bear fruit, most don't.

Italian AISI are closing in on
an attack cell in Turin.

If El Adoua has taught those pillocks

how to build the same bomb
that took seventeen lives in Rotterdam

he was in London long
enough to do the same.

I promise you, we're doing everything
we can to find his network.

So, I promise Downing Street,
Rotterdam won't happen here.

You promise me your snouts good word.

History teaches us wars are fought
with bombs and bullets

promises are buried
along with the dead.

Here he is, Mr Get-out-of-jail-free.

Take care of my parking tickets

I'll tell you how to find
the Loch Ness Monster.

Oh. Not even a smile, he's been
working on that joke all morning.

GABE: Time well spent, lads.

Found El Adoua's London contact,
have we?

Right, today we're in the haystack.

Right, pull up the watch list,
I'll take A to E. You take F to J.

Let's see who was in the country.

What about Yousef?

We're not looking for Yousef.

Oh, it's just, I've found him.

So, here's Yousef leaving his flat.

Wait for it.

White van.

Here he is again, leaving the gym,
twenty minutes prior to your meet.

Looks like the same
white van tailing him.

See. And here,
is six minutes later on Knowlson.

Plates on the van?
Unreadable, reflectors.

Did he know to watch for tails?

Yeah. Where did they go next?

I checked the surrounding feeds,
both vehicles disappeared.

I'll keep sifting.

Four hundred thousand camera's in London,
that's not sifting, that's drowning.

Check with Audi,
see if his GPS is still pinging.

I'll ask the Guv to put in for a warrant.

Nah, she won't want the bother,
just get the VIN number

and tell them you're
hunting for joy riders.

Good work.


Karol Jeder-Jeder...

MAN: Jederszynski.

That'll be the one!

Are they dodge?

- Not bad.
- What's that?

Your creps, where'd you nab them?

Deptford market.

Got a mate who runs a stall, Watney
market, does fakes for a tenner.

You always wanted to be a lawyer, then?

Why? You thinking
of joining the cause, lad?

Good to have options, innit.
Life's not an orchard.

You don't get to stroll through,
pick the fruit you want.

Nah, I could do lawyer, seems legit.

So, you got like assistants and that?

Interns. But they're not pratting
around, getting themselves arrested.

What you didn't fancy Uni, then?

Circumstances, bruv.
Didn't matter what I fancied.

What keeps you busy now?

Domestic shipping.

A Postman then?

Nah, packing boxes...

Interns... A bit like slave labour, innit.

The day I can afford real kicks,
is the day I pay my interns.


NFA. Your case is dismissed.

ADRIAN: We've been sat here
all morning, when did that happen?

About thirty seconds ago,
when CPS phoned the Clerk.

Go on then.

Get out while you still can.

GABE: Freedooooom!

You look tired, mate, you need a lift?

I ain't got nothing to say to you.

What, not even thank you?

Who do you think got
your charges dropped?

Same twat that had me locked up
in the first place, seems like.

Same twat that ain't got shit
on me now anyway.

Not you, I don't...
your mum on the other hand.

Overstayed her visa
by about, ooh, sixteen years.

Jump in the car, we'll talk about it.

What do you want with my mum?

So, he does speak.

She's not your mum, is she?

Look, I've got some friends
at the Home Office

they won't go anywhere near her.
As long as I say.

You mean as long as I snitch.

You just have to report
to me once a week.

Right? Keep me posted on people
you talk to, things that you hear.

Who am I talking to?

I work counterterrorism.

I don't know
any fucking terrorists, bruv!

Not yet, you don't.
But, we'll get you there.

Look, your identity will be protected.

And there's perks
to knowing people like me.

Your dad's been released already,
I've taken care of that.

My dad, how's that?

A bit of a card, isn't he, your dad?

Look, I really don't know
how I'm supposed to help you.

I've gotta run a quick errand.
So, pardon the detour, yeah?


RAZA: What is this place?

Why are you bringing me here?

You heard about
that Rotterdam bombing?

Seventeen dead, 63 injured.

Why do you think they do it?

To hurt people? To scare people.

People don't feel safe, they panic, blame
anyone that doesn't look like them.

Then they start building places like this.

Say it loud, say it clear...

ALL: Refugees are welcome here!


Afternoon, Neil.
How's the private sector?

Underworked, overpaid.

We're always looking for new blood
if you fancy a pay rise.

You're alright, thank you.

How's everything with the lads?

NEIL: Young 'un got
in a fight at Sunday League. Bloody mess.

Line up's ready for you.

GABE: Thank you.

Poor sods lost the game
of snakes and ladders.

Now their back at the bottom.

I'll grass for you,
you don't need to threaten me.

Relax, Raza.

Pick one.

One what?
Whichever man you choose, gets to stay.

Stay like... stay? How?

Just choose one.

Why do you want me to do it?
Because we're working together now.

This is fucked.

Neil, no one gets to ride free today.

No, OO, shit... I'll do it.

How am I supposed to choose?

I don't know. Nicest hat, friendliest face.


Which one?

Come and point him out, to me.

This guy. Stand up.

Yeah. Stand up.

Come here.

Do you understand English?

Where you from?

Afghanistan, boss.

What's your name?
Rostam Afshar, boss.

Welcome to England, Rostam.


Remember this face.

This is the man that changed your life.

Thank you.

GUARD: Rostam, come with me.



This is Yousef, you know what to do.

GABE: Yousef, post office, I'm afraid
we've dumped that package of yours.

That does leave an outstanding balance
on your account.

GABE: You'll be hearing from us.



How are my two favourite ladies?

- EMILY: Fine.
- LORI: Hi, Daddy.

Hey. No hugs for me then?

LORI: You don't want paint
all over you, Daddy.

GABE: Hey Ems, I thought
we settled on the duck egg.

Don't ask me, I'm not in charge.

Come on then, I'll take over from here.
But I'm not done yet.

Hey, it's late, come on, Lori.

You've got paint all over you,
go and get cleaned up.

And I'll know if you haven't
brushed your teeth.

Alright, alright.

GABE: You look tired.
- Oh, thanks.

Still look a lot better than the last guy
that came to paint my walls.

Hello, stranger. What've you been up to?

This and that. You?

This and that.

British Transport Police

on 61016, see it, say it...


Beta, you're back.

I thought you'd moved
to bloody Shoreditch.

GABE: You don't just send a canary
straight down the mine

you've gotta put him in a cage first.

HOLLY: He knew the risks.

GABE: No, he didn't.

They never do.

If they did they wouldn't do it.

HOLLY: What happened to

"they're not-your-friends?"

GABE: They're not.

But you're theirs.

You know their biggest secret.

All they wanna know is...

are you gonna keep it safe?

You lie about anything else,
but you don't lie about that.