In the Dark (2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Now reconciled Helen and Paul return to Manchester but their happiness is short-lived when he becomes a fatality in a shooting. Meanwhile a gang of youths, including the reluctant Theo, are...

I'm pregnant.

You were a cute kid.

I'm excited, Helen.
This is a new start for us. it mine?

I want to be a part of it's life
and I want to be a part of yours.

Adam Perrin? Tell me it's not his.

Helen! Tell me.

I don't know. Why?

Why would you do this to me?

Please come home, let's at least try.

Do you know, Helen,
right now I can't even look at you.

T. Everyone's nervous the first time.
Be cool.

What's with the AC in this
piece of shit?

No-one else is busting a sweat.
S'all I'm saying.

Can we have some tunes on, or summat?

No tunes. You need to concentrate.

Yeah, lad, you want to join the crew,
you've gotta do this.

Right, that's the one.

Why this one? She chose herself.

Right, do it.

Do it!

Take the shot.

Go, go, go on, drive!

There you go, Helen.


Come in.


Woo! guys.

We knew you were going to try
and sneak out quietly.

We weren't going to let that happen.
Come here.

Right, how does this work? Hold on.

How do, how do we do this? Just...

There you go.


Are you all right?

Helen, is it the baby?

Shit, call an ambulance.

No! Surprise!

Oh, come on, I've got
loads of hormones flying around.

That's really funny!

Thank you, Brian.

Ah, thanks.

Was that for me? Thank you.

So are you ready for all of this?

Maternity leave? Yeah.

I've read the manual.

The main thing is you just
try and keep them alive.

No, it's... No, Adam. Let me take that.

It's... That's all right, come on.

Actually, yeah. Thanks.



In here.

Hiya. Hi.

They threw me a party.

Yeah, I, er, I know,
they invited me along.

Oh, you declined?

Well, I know how much you hate
that kind of stuff. Yeah.

Who was there?

Oh, just the usual.

Right. This thing can't sit
still for two minutes.

Well, it, er...

It takes after its mother.

Have you not eaten since breakfast?

No, but I've got a mountain of work
to get through so I'm not...

Oh, I can, I can make something quick?

Yeah, yeah, all right. Something quick.


This is good.

Are you off this weekend?

Erm, 50-50, why?

We spoke about looking at houses

and I thought I'd set up some

Yeah, I-I don't know what I'm doing,
I'm sorry.

We are going to have to get a bigger
place with a baby.

Helen, babies are like this big,
you know, they sleep in Moses baskets.

But the prams and changing tables
and all the other crap that

we've yet to assemble,
that doesn't take up any space at all.

So we're going to kill
ourselves with a massive mortgage

because we're a little bit cramped?
We can afford it.

Yeah, we can, if we never go out again.

We're having a baby, of course we're
never going to go out again.

Have you spoken to the DCI yet?

About what?

About extending paternity leave.

No, I haven't, Helen. He's got more
important things to think about.

And, do you know what,
quite frankly, so have I.

More important than your child?
My child?

Oh, let's hope so, hey.

Hey, Daddy's got a new job.

Shhh, but don't tell Mummy.


All right.

It's started again with Paul.

The Adam hating?

He doesn't want to kill him any more,

which I'm seeing as progress, but...

It's just cos the baby's getting closer.

Maybe Paul is worried about how he's
going to feel when he sees it.

He'll love it.

He'll be a really good dad.

I just want Paul to be there for me.

He will be.

He will.

Every time he looks at me it's like I've
got whore written across my forehead.

just go out together and have some fun.

It's a female conspiracy.

Is it bollocks! It's like shelling peas.

What?! Shelling peas.

It's all designed to make us
men feel like we couldn't do it.

You couldn't. I'll tell you what,
I got kicked in the...

In fact, Paul was there,
he'll back me up on this.

This I have to hear.

I got kicked in the nuts by a guy
with a machinegun.

We've all been there.

Er, are you seriously trying to tell me

that childbirth's any more
painful than that?

Well, I'll tell you what,
how about you come with me to the

labour and we'll use your arm to
bite down on

and then we can gauge how
much pain I'm in. There you are.

It's nature. Why would Mother Nature
make it painful? You tell us.

Are you going to back
me up here? You lost us

at shelling peas, Gaz,
I'm not getting involved.

We're supposed to be partners!
Godfather material? Yeah.

Godfather, fairy godmother...

I'm scared.

What of?

They say that having a baby puts
a strain on a relationship.

Do you think we can handle any more?


I wish things could be different too.


But they're not

and we just have to make the best of it.

I am so...

I'm so, so sorry.

Yeah, I know.

I know.


Hi, it's Paul...leave a message.

Hey! You're late, call me.

Love you.

And again!

Helen, I'm sorry.

It's Paul.

So what was he doing there?

We don't know.

A bus stop, in Gorton, at midnight...

It must've been work?

We assume. What do his notes say?

He hasn't been writing them.

Since when?

Paul's movements have been a bit
sketchy lately.


We didn't even know
he was working last night.

He told Gary he was staying at home.

There isn't anywhere you think he
might've been that might explain...

Are you asking me
if I think he was cheating on me?

Are you asking me if I think my dead
partner was screwing around?

Is that seriously what you're asking?

No, Helen, not at all!

We'll get to the bottom of it.


Manchester Metropolitan Police
have launched a major

investigation following the death
of one of their officers,

Detective Inspector Paul Hopkins.


He was distracted.

Maybe it was the baby coming,
I don't know.

A lot of time away from the office,
vague explanations,

I tried talking to him about it
but he just batted it away.

We all have times like that though,
don't we?

It's a stressful job.

So what was he working on?

Don't know. They're checking.
Well, you're partners.

So were you.

Did he tell you everything?

What was he doing in Gorton
at a bus stop

when he has a car?

If you start torturing yourself with
questions you're going to get ill.

You need to grieve.
Look after yourself and the baby.

Are you all right? What's up, T?

What's that you're looking at?

Oh, it's just the news.

Right, bro, you need to
forget about that now, it's done.

Right? C'mon.

Easy, about that shooting...

You passed the test.
You smashed it, bro.

He was a police officer,
he had a kid on the way.

So? That's one less fed, bro...

They're not just going to let us
kill one of their own.

The feds don't know nothing,

they don't even know where to start
looking so, as long as you

keep that shut,
and that means no fucking pillow talk,

we'll be sweet.

All right, just relax.


Right, so,
Wave and Mikey stay in the car,

they handle first contact with the cat.

Find out what he wants,
take the cash, then send them

over to the youths.
Where do you think he's going?

To get the stuff for...

Exactly, so he's going to go off,
get the food,

and then bring it back to the cat
and then back to square one.

Then Mikey, every time he hits four,
five ton,

take it back to the flat,
drop it off and then come back.

What's happening, bro? Sweet.

All right, boy. All right.

Right, come on.

Make sure the cash goes in this box
after every drop off.

Then at the end of the day,
I'll come and collect.

It's easy work.
If Snap can do it anyone can!

Yeah. Right, wait there, actually.

Right, never bring your phone to work,
keep this one,

and don't save numbers in it either.

Right. See?

Take a seat, bro, part of the fam now.

They are two evenly matched teams...

Is this Fifa?

Play nice, yeah?

See ya!

Well, I'm not going to bullshit you,
Helen, we haven't got much.

We suspect the BMW was
targeted at random.

The driver does PR for a charity,
no previous.

Is it gang related?

Well, the car was stolen in Didsbury,
doing the shooting

on the other side of town might've
been a territorial thing.

Why target a random woman?

CCTV? We're on it now.

Forensics? The Mondeo was burnt out
when we found it,

so we're not going to find much there.

The BMW is still being examined.


We're doing everything as quickly
as we can, trust me.

Any witnesses?

A couple passing by in a car think
they might've seen another

man talking to Paul.
It's possible he was just a passer-by.

What about...

What about the woman in the car?

She's doing OK,
she broke her collarbone.

Her face is pretty smashed up.

Have you got someone staying with you?

Yeah, my sister lives close by.

And what about Paul's parents?
They're at a hotel.

Have you decided on a funeral?

I mean, we're definitely having one.

I think that's for the best, don't you?

I meant whether you wanted an
official police...

Yeah, I know.

Can I have her address? I'm sorry?

The woman in the BMW.
I want to talk to her.

Is that a good idea?

What do you want me to do, Ted?

Sit around wondering if I'll...
Helen, go home.




Hey. Have you got a second?

Thank you.

Will you be OK?

I'm his girlfriend.

The dead copper.

Come in.

When are you due?

Just over a week.

Is it a boy or a girl?

It's definitely one of those.

Have you got any names yet?

We couldn't agree.

So I'll either have my way or I can
honour his memory.

I'll probably just decide when I see
its face, see what it suits.

I'm sorry.

Patrick, this is Helen,
she's a police officer.

Jesus, we've done all that.

She's made a dozen statements. Patrick.

It was Helen's husband that got
killed at the bus stop.

Partner, actually...

we weren't married.

It must've been terrifying
being shot at.

It all happened incredibly fast.

I know everyone says that,

but one minute this car was alongside me

and there were shots.

Next thing, I'm in an ambulance.

What were you doing in Gorton?

What's that got to do with anything?

Once a cop, always a cop.

I'm not here in an official capacity.

Then, what...why are you here? Patrick!

I'm trying to understand
why my boyfriend died.

Oh, yes.

I'd been for a drink, with a friend.

And before you ask, it was only one
drink and I wasn't over the limit.

Did you think you were going to hate me,

cos it was my car that...


I thought I might,

but that would be stupid,

you're just as much a victim as I am.

I'm sorry, I don't know why I came,
I just...

Do you think they'll ever find
the lads in that car?

Well, where gangs are concerned it's
usually hard to get people to

talk, but I'm sure my colleagues
will do their best.

Oh, if you speak to them,
your colleagues,

I wonder if you could do me a favour.
Of course.

It's the BMW.

I need to know if they've
finished with it.

Until we get the car back we can't
get the insurance sorted out, you see.

I'll put it at the top
of my priority list.

Don't worry, Sarah,
I'll walk myself out.

How much blood is there?

I'm not, I'm not sure...a lot.

Is there a problem?

There can't, there can't be a problem.

Try and stay calm,
we'll get you checked out.

The baby's fine.

Which is more than can be said for you.

You really need to rest, Helen.

"The best way to feel your baby kick..."

I can feel you kick all the time,
can't I?

Boom like a shotgun.

All right. What's going on?

Eh, are we going to get paid today?

Yeah, I'll sort it out for you now.


Easy, will you sort him out?

Know what you're going to
spend it on yet?

No, I don't know.

Enjoy it, bro!

Thank you.

That's a lot of money, bro,
what are you going to spend it on?

I dunno.

No, you must know,
what you going to spend it on?

He's joking, bro, go!

I asked you a question...
SNAP! Taking the piss.

T, go back to your baby. All right.

See you later. What?

Hiya! Hiya, babe.


How are you doing? Are you all right?

Good. Exhausted. He won't stop feeding.

He's going to end up like a big,
fat bruiser.

You seen filth all over the street?

Yeah, yeah, what's all that about?

Be about the dead cop, I suppose.
What dead cop?

You must've saw it on the TV!


How was your day?

Yeah, yeah, good, erm, wait there.

Like I'm going anywhere.



You got one.

I said I would. Told ya,

I'm going to sort stuff out for you
and Leon, and I did, didn't I?



I can do it...move down,
I want a better background.

Make it look professional.

Right, smile like you love me.

God, that's so bad.

Paul's things. We're clearing out
his locker cos someone needed it.

You have two new messages.

Hey, you're late. Call me.

Love you.

Paul? Is this Frank?

Who's this?

My name's Helen, I'm, er...

I'm Paul's girlfriend. OK.

I'm sorry to call you like this.

I was just going through
his phone and...

I'm afraid to tell you Paul's dead.

You didn't know?


It's been on the news.

What news?

How did it happen?

Accident. Accident?

Car accident. Was Paul driving?


No, erm...

he was hit.

At a bus stop.

Bus stop? He had a car.

Yes, he did.

We don't have the details...

Dates yet for the funeral.

Um, I have to wait
until they release his body

but if you give me your address I can,

I can send you the details
when I have them.

It just,
it just says Frank on his phone, so...

What's your surname?

Linnell. Frank Linnell.

And, er, an, an address?

I'll call you.

I want to know about Frank Linnell.

Linnell? Where do you get that name?
Who is he?

Ask Organised Crime,
he ran chunks of Manchester.

I've never heard of him.

He's old school.
He's had everyone in his pocket.

Now he employs dubious methods
securing contracts with

building and development companies.

He's not someone you'd want to
get on the wrong side of.

Is there any reason Paul would've
been in contact with him through work?

No. Why?

They were in touch, like text messages.
One was friendly.

You know what you were saying
the other day about...

About how he was distracted and it
was affecting his work. Helen...

No! Tell me the truth. Was he involved
in something that he shouldn't have been?

I'm not saying that.

Well, then why was he hanging out
with criminals? All right.

He told me what happened.

Your affair.

If I'm honest,
I think it did his fucking head in.

Me screwing around,
it doesn't explain, it doesn't explain

why a man who's given his life to
banging people up

would suddenly turn bent.
He wasn't bent. How do you know?

Cos he hated corruption, we all do,
don't we? Well, I hated infidelity,

still ended up doing it.

We're not always what we seem, Gary.

Yeah, all right.

All right, we'll get your answers,
I promise.

But in the meantime,
you promise me something.

Stay away from Frank Linnell.

All right?

Just promise me, Helen.

Come here.

He ain't dead, right.

Cos if he's dead people are going to
ask questions

and they'll want answers.

So he ain't dead.
You don't know where he is.

You ain't heard from him,
you don't know nothing.

All right?

All right!

Take him out.

Rest in peace, bro.

Never thought it'd be you before me.

What if it's the feds, bro?

It ain't the feds, bro.

Then who is it?

Just trust me, it's not the feds.

Then why was the newspaper there?

Well, someone knows.

Someone wants revenge, man.

Go get in the car. Now.

Come here.

No, come here!

Right, we're going to find who did
it and hit back.

But in the meantime, we need to stay
on our toes and watch our backs.

But business carries on as usual.
All right?

Yeah? Yeah.

Get in the car.

You know, legally speaking,
that's trespassing.

Adam's here.

You are joking? He wanted to see you.

You let him in?!

Look, when Paul was alive things
were different.

But he might be the father
of your baby and you might need him

in your life, so...

What are you doing here, Adam?

I just wanted to offer my condolences.

You send a card,
you send flowers, you don't

turn up unannounced at someone's house.

You wanted to see me, why?

Because of this?

Come on, you're a detective,
work it out.

We had a fling.

An illicit, mucky little...


And I want to be here for you.

Thank you...

that's beautiful.

You're going to need me, Helen.

Maybe not now, but in the weeks to come.

God, you sound like my sister.

You might...Helen.

You want a relationship...

with me?

With a woman who gets pregnant

and doesn't even know who the father is.

You don't know me,
so don't wait, OK, Adam,

cos I know what you're like,
Mr It'll All Be OK In The End.

Life isn't like that, it's just a series

of random events and sometimes you
win and sometimes you lose.

And right now, I'm...

I'm on a losing streak.

Well, I love you.

Are you sure you don't want me
to drive it home?

It's only a car.

Yes, but erm...

isn't it going to be rather upsetting?

It's Paul's car.

I'll deal with it.

If it gets too much I'll call you.

Given up, my arse.

Your daddy was a liar.

Excuse me?

Is Frank in?

Who are you?

Paul's girlfriend.

It's Paul's girlfriend.

He says come through.


It's a privilege.

No, I'm fine, thanks.

Nice place...when it's finished.

It's been sat here derelict for years.

Just needs some love.

How long left? It can't be long now.

Don't make any loud noises.

Are you taking time off or are you
one of these modern types?

I came here to talk about Paul.

I'd like that.

How did you know him?

We met six years ago.

He was part of a team on a case
I was close to

the murder of someone I loved.

Paul was terrific.

One or two of his colleagues weren't
quite so sympathetic,

if you know what I mean.

I've got a bit of a reputation.

Means some people see me a certain way.

But Paul wasn't like that.

And after?

We stayed in touch.

Is that it?

We became friends, I suppose.

We were friends.

He was a good man.

So you, you'd go to lunch,
go out for a drink together?

Yeah, lunch, talk about this and that,

sometimes we'd go to the cricket.


Oh, yeah, he loved a bit of cricket.

So this reputation of yours...

Paul knew about that, presumably,

and it was never a problem for him?

Didn't seem so.

When did you last see him?

Day before he died.

No, I know that, I saw the text.

So why are you asking?

I also saw his text to you.

"I need this."

What was that about, what did he need?

I can't remember now.

Oh, come on. "I need this" -

sounds quite significant, doesn't it?

Was it money?

Paul asked me to help him out.

To pass on a few names.

People I thought he could talk to.

What kind of people?

I told him I couldn't help.

Well, that I didn't want to.

What kind of people?

People in my line of work.


Why did he ask, Frank?


Paul was my friend.

I'm devastated by what has happened.

But if you're looking to point fingers,

you're pointing in the wrong place.

Good luck with the baby,

parenthood's a wonderful thing.

What does "no fucking tuna" mean?

In your text you said,
"no fucking tuna", what does it mean?

He was bringing me lunch,


Can't stand the stuff.

All right. See you later.

Later. In a bit, Mikey.

Mikey, it's Theo, I've got a problem.

Which is?

I think I'm being followed,
there's two guys, what shall I do?

Are you sure you're just not
being paranoid, T?

Yeah, I'm sure. OK.

Go somewhere lively, then,
get to the pub quick time.

I'll get the boys
and we'll come grab you.

But what if I don't reach you in time...


So...have you found anything?

Yes, do you mind if I just see those,
er, those parking tickets?

Ah, yeah.

Thank you.

Yes, I got it right.

Would you like to see the first
recording? Please.

He looks like a right dodgy so and so,
doesn't he?

So, would you, erm,
would you like to see the next one?

OK, here we go.

Same bloke,

Mr Dodgy.

He must have a few quid, eh,
jumping in taxis left, right and centre.

Can you push up on that last clip?

Erm, yeah.
Freeze frame on the taxi? Mmm-hmm.

It's the same taxi.

Oh, yeah! Good spot.

Same reg number.

Theo, Theo, what's going on?

I aimed to miss.
Something's wrong, like.

I wasn't even aiming at her but,
but he's dead.

A copper's dead
and now they're coming for us.

What have you done?

Javine! Right, someone is coming to
get us. We have to go now, help me.

We've got a baby! JAVINE!

They're going to kill us,
they'll kill us all. Help me!

Put that in there!

Are you all right, love?

Sorry, I'm only just about to
start my first shift.

Are you, er, are you Ray Jackson?


Do you, er, do you want to
hop into the back of your car?

We can have a talk there.

Is this going to take long?

No, it's not going to take long. Good.

I just want to ask you about a passenger,

officer, that you had in your cab on Friday.

Which one? I'm sorry?

Which Friday? September the 30th
and the Friday before that.

Have you got any idea how many
passengers I carry in a week?

You picked him up outside the
NCP building on Briary Street.

OK, I'll take your word for it.

you don't need to take my word for it.

We've got both pick-ups on CCTV.

So? I wasn't speeding,
I didn't park on double yellows.

I just want to know who the other
passenger was,

the man who was already in the cab
when you picked him up.

I don't have to talk to you,
I've done nothing wrong.

The police officer I'm
talking about was killed last week

so actually, you do need to talk to me,
unless you want a whole

load of other police officers
all over you like shit on a blanket.

Who was the other passenger, Ray?

I drive for a client sometimes.

He's a respected businessman,

it's an exclusive basis,
and he supplements my fares.


Kevin Sherwood.

Where did you take them?

Mr Sherwood and the police officer?

I really think you need to go home.

Things can go wrong,

I've seen it happen.

The last thing you want is for
something to happen to your baby.

Mr Sherwood doesn't like people sticking
their nose in where it's not wanted.

Please stop asking questions...

..or you might find out
something you don't want to know...

..about that dead cop.

Who are you, then?

Kevin Sherwood. It's best if you
leave it alone. Is that a warning?

You need to let me in.

It's kill or be killed, boys.

I've got bleach and I will use
it in your fucking eyes!

Be careful...

Don't go where people know ya.

Well, there you go,
you reap what you sow.