In the Dark (2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

The possibility that her unborn child's father may be another colleague, Adam Perrin, with whom she had a brief fling, adds to Helen's concerns. There is some good news though when ...

I'm pregnant.

'Police in Polesford are continuing
their search for the missing

schoolgirls Poppy Johnston and
Abigail Toms. Shit. What?

Suspect's wife, I know her.
She was my best friend.

I'm going have to go to Polesford.
All right, I'll get them to endorse

access to Linda Bates,
but no stepping on anyone's toes.

We're going to be grandads! Come here.

It's just weird being back.

You know, seeing Linda.

Two girls,

one missing over three weeks.
What do you think?

'Abigail's burnt remains were
discovered in woodland yesterday.

'Poppy Johnston is still missing.'

So, let me guess... coppers.

How's the holiday in Murder Town?

I mean, no-one really knows anyone,
do they?

Do you ever think about what
happened all them years ago?

Yeah. Every day.

So, is it mine?

I used to come here when I was younger.

It wasn't deserted then.

We used to go crazy in those cornfields.

I was younger... getting off with boys,

fumbling around like we
knew what we were doing...

And this is relevant, is it?

To you being pregnant with my kid.

It's not yours.

Ah, come on!

It is relevant. If you just wait...

Fine. Tell me the story.

It's what I do, Adam.
I sabotage my life.

You know, you think I was unhappy,
but maybe it was the opposite.

Maybe I was just terrified of
the happiness I was feeling.

Does he know about us?

What do you think?

How about I tell him?

Oh, yeah, that's a great idea,

then how about I tell the rest of
the force? Cos that'll go down well,

shagging your colleague's girlfriend.

You'll be trusted undercover.

Helen, I didn't come here
to have a scrap with you.

I came here because...
Yes, to talk to you about the baby,

but also to say that, if it is mine...

and I reckon there's a pretty
high chance it is, don't you...?

that I want to be a part of its life.

And I want to be a part of yours.

As most of you will already know,
Stephen Bates,

the man we believe to be responsible
for the murder of Abigail Toms,

is now on remand awaiting trial.

While I commend Detective
Inspector Cornish

and his team for their excellent
work on this tragic case,

we must not lose sight of the fact
that there is an inquiry still ongoing,

so Poppy's parents, Michael and Annette,

are going to make a short statement,

after which I will be happy
to answer any questions.

Stephen Bates has persistently
refused to tell police

where our daughter is.

So today we are appealing to
anyone who might know anything

to please come forward and
help police find Poppy.

She has been missing for five days now

and we are desperate to hear from her.

Poppy is only 16 years
old and it's completely

out of character for her to
leave home without telling us.

And we just want her...

All I am saying is just go home...
let me have my space...

and then when I'm back in Manchester,
you know, we...

Oh, shit!

What's wrong?

'I'm at the hospital.'

Stephen Bates tried to kill himself.

Right, OK.

Thanks for letting me know,
I'll be over there as soon as I can.


I've got to go... you need to get out.

You what?
We're in the middle of nowhere!

Well, ring a cab.

I don't have a number.

Oh, Google it. I've got to go, now.

You need to tell him about
us and about the baby.

And you need to decide
what future you want.


He got hold of a ballpoint pen,
tried to do his wrists.

Is he all right?

No-one'll talk to me.

No-one'll tell me anything.

Looks like he was trying to
take the easy way out, don't it?

That's what they'll say, isn't it?

They'll say that in the papers.

Still think he didn't do it?

Admit it doesn't exactly
scream innocence.

But right now the entire country
thinks he's a child-killer.

How do you think that feels?

Pretty terrible.

Yeah, especially if it's not true.

Thought you'd been warned off.

Cornish told me he'd
told you to go home.

Yeah. I have.

Helen, people's careers can
get ruined by stuff like this.

Is she really worth it? Linda?

'You have two new messages
and five saved messages.

'Helen, it's Jenny. Have you
spoken to Paul yet? Ring me back.


'Hey, Hels, I'm just heading into town,

'why don't you meet me
in the pub in a bit?'

Paul, we need to talk.

Paul, I've got to tell you something.
Paul... I...

I really messed up, Paul, and, er...

I really hope this baby's yours,

Look who it is...
Linda Bates's girlfriend.

Fucking rug-muncher. Waiting for you
at home, is she? The murdering bitch.

All right, lads.
Shut your mouth!

Eh! You know I'm a policewoman, right?

We don't give a shit.
We knew Abi and we knew Poppy.

All right, this is intimidation, so if
you don't get out of my way, now, I'm...

Helen Weeks!

Phil! Wha...

Paul asked me to come.

I thought you hated the countryside.

Oh, not the countryside as such,
just everyone in it.

And how often do you find out
that one of your best friends

is having a... cause for a celebration?

I demand Champagne immediately,

or, er, failing that, several
pints of strong Continental lager.

Shall we?

I'd love to.


What is this place?

Hell on Earth.

So, I popped in to see the
coroner and I saw the body.

How did you do that?

What can I say, the guy must've
liked me, I have a certain charm.

'.. reporting from outside the
East Derbyshire Hospital where

'we've been informed Stephen Bates
has been admitted. Police...'

'.. refuse to comment on why...'

He tried to top himself,
couldn't live with it.

Looks like they've got their man.

So, how is the body?

Not a lot left of her, to be honest...

most of the skin had been
removed by insect invasion.

Tell me about the report.

Hello! Looks like I have an admirer.



Phil! Eyes on us! Front and centre.

Tell us about the PM report.

What about time of death?

Three weeks, give or take.

And this is where our
creepy crawlies come in.

Three different types of insect
were found in the remains.

Yes, I know, but, er...
we're all just insect feed in the end.

Oh, cheery!

Right, well, er, time for a tinkle.

Phillip! No!

Oh, ye of little faith.

Hi, Dad, Syd, this is Phil.
Phil, this is Dad and Syd.

Oh, my God, you've got a gay dad.
How fantastic.


Come in.
Hi. Hey, Syd.

Nice to meet you.
Pleased to meet you. Hello.

Phil, great to see you.

Oh, cheers.

There you go. There you go.

Ah, nice and cool.

Piercings. You guys have piercings.

I could never have piercings.
Scared of the pain.

It's the pain that
enhances the pleasure,

if you have it in the right place.

Interesting job you got.

Oh, yeah,
hanging out with dead people all day.

Yes, well, it pays very well but
the conversation's often lacking.

It's amazing what they can do now,
with all this tech.

I suppose you got to be smart
these days to be a criminal.

You just need a detective with a massive
ego who's happy to bang up the wrong person.

Cheers, everyone.

It's been a long day.

Oh, come on,
the party's just getting started.

Oh, you'll be fine without me. Have fun.


Right, let's crack out the poppers!

What do you think's going on?

I've no idea. But I think it's got
something to do with this place.

I mean, who leaves and never comes back?

Her father lives here,
her sister visits.

Yeah, yes, the labyrinthine
maze that is Helen's psyche.



God love the countryside.

So let's assume she wasn't
dead three or four weeks.

In fact, nothing like four weeks.

How do you make a body that's
actually relatively fresh

look as though it's
been rotting for a while?

Well, never mind how... why?

Well, to falsify the time of death,
I imagine,

but in that case... why burn the body?

Well, I was hoping you'd have an answer.

Well, it's just a theory,
but, er, to open it up.

I think he burned the body
just enough to open it up.

For what?

To put the bugs in.

OK, so, I'm him, I'm the killer, right?

Oh, dear.
Hell of a twist, but let's go with it.

I burn the body, open up the skin,
expose the muscles, organs,


Yeah. Transfer your colony across,
wrap it all up in a bag, job done.

Not forgetting to put the fag end in

with Stephen Bates's DNA all over it.

Yes. Wherever you managed
to acquire that from.

Maybe I followed him,
watched him drop it in the gutter.

There you go, love.
Thanks, love.


Right, so,
where does he get them all from?

All these flies, maggots,
different kinds of beetles.


I've checked his history.

Oh... Dark web? Bitcoin?

Normal people don't know how to use that.
I do.

You're not normal.

Thought it was you.


This is, er, Phil... he's a
colleague of mine from Manchester.

You bringing the whole force down?

You know this used to be a nice town,
before all this!

Now all we've got are
pigs and hacks everywhere.

Ah, he seems like a nice chap!

You really ought to get us
together for dinner some time.

Yeah, but he's right, though, isn't he?
What are we doing here?

Well, you're here for Helen.

And I'm here to escape a large
Nigerian man named Reuben

who seems to think we're
in a relationship.

Are we being followed?


How's Stephen?

Better... he's out of hospital.

They still won't let me see him,
though, or the kids.

It's killing 'em.

I know.

They shouldn't have to go through this,

because it's hard for them to
accept this hate towards him.

It's the worst thing
that's ever happened to me.

Is it... the worst?

I feel so guilty, Linda, for leaving.

It's a long time ago.

I was a coward.

That's shit.

You had the chance and you got out,
and if I...

God, if I'd've had that same chance
I would've done exactly the same.

I thought you'd hate me.

I was scared to death coming down here,
I thought you'd...



Sorry for staring.

I'm sorry... we're in the middle
of something here, private, so...

Oh, I just wanted to say, Linda,
I know who you are and I understand.

Thank you.

And if you ever want to talk...

I appreciate it.

Which paper are you from?

I beg your pardon?

Which newspaper?

All right.

Last chance, before I really hurt you.
What newspaper?

The-The Post!

Right. Why don't... We'll pay
you... to tell your side of the story.

Why don't you get out of here

before I shove those stupid
glasses up your bony tabloid arse?


"Bony tabloid arse"?

You're a good friend.

No, I...

and I never blamed you.

We were both victims.


it's because of me.

He got to you through me.


We were 13 years old.
We were little girls.

Adam knows. It's all going to come out,

and if it isn't me that tells Paul

it's going to be ten times worse...

Who told Adam?

Some prick at work, Mickey.

Well, how does he know?

Oh, he's the one who
drove me to the hospital.

Jen, I'm going to tell him tonight.
No, no, no, no, no.

No, listen, don't interrupt.

If it all blows up,

I'm going to need somewhere
to stay for a few days.

Yeah, of course, but you're
going to tear your life apart,

throw everything away,
and he doesn't need to know.

God, you're gorgeous.

I'm trying to belch.

Yeah, I know,
that's when I like you best.

So, where are you taking me tonight,

Thought we'd try this new
vegetarian place, Green Tomato.

Oh, right, OK, town famous for its
pork and you want to go veggie!

Shouldn't we invite Phil? I mean,

isn't it a bit rude to leave
him back with your dad and Syd?

No, it's Phil, he'll be fine.

He was amazing yesterday, you know.

He's got a brain the size of a planet.

So he thinks it's all about the insects,
does he?

Yeah, yeah, placed inside the body.

It would require some
pretty specialist knowledge,

I mean, let alone where you'd
actually acquire them from.

A layman just wouldn't know that stuff.


Pig farms.

You what?

The killer wouldn't need to buy
the bugs, he could harvest them.

I spent some time on farms growing up.

What happens when you let
an animal corpse decompose?

Flies. They feed on it
and they lay their eggs

and that is when the beetles and
the maggots make their appearance.

Oh, shit!

That's it...
the weird farmer, the guy in the bar,

accusing everyone of
stealing his piglets.

Mad Bob.
Right, OK, we should go down there.

Well, what about dinner?
Oh, I've lost my appetite. Ring Phil.

Ah, pigs!

I do love pigs, me!

I say pigs, I mean sausages.

Wonderful animals, pigs.
They're cleverer than dogs.

So, er...
why don't we have, er, guide pigs?

We could... easily.

Sniffer pigs?

OK, right, OK, we're getting off topic.
Can we ask you

some questions about the piglet
that you-you think was stolen?

Don't think. It was. Didn't just
disappear into thin air, did it?

Want a description?

Oh, no, I think-I think we
know what a pig looks like.

Know what a Saddleback looks like?

Thought not.

This isn't a big operation.

And you say it happened overnight, yeah?

Well, it was there last
time I changed the feed,

gone the next morning.

You don't have electric fences,
anything like that?

Nope. Have I seen you somewhere before?

Er, yeah, yeah, at the pub...

you came in accusing Trevor,
the landlord.

Could be him, easy,
amount of pork he serves,

and that cook he's got, Shelley,
cut-price bloody Shakespeare...

if he's such a good poet,
why's he cooking sausages?

Yes. What I don't fully understand
is that, well, you, er, clearly love

your pigs, so how do you handle
them being, you know, slaughtered?

Love 'em? They're money!

Somebody steals my pigs,
it's like mugging me in the street.

Well, thank you very much.

We'll let you know if we hear anything.

Why would someone go to all
that trouble to implicate Bates?

Well, so that everyone thinks
that Bates is the killer,

which is exactly what
the real killer wants.

But he can't get away
with killing a second time,

not with Bates in custody.

So what are you saying?
You think Poppy's still alive?

I think she might be, yeah.
I think it's possible.

That was your lovely friend.


Shall we follow him?

On what grounds?
Ah, fun.

He's been acting suspicious...

he was parked up by the
woods the other night.

Eh, what? Are we actually doing this,
guys? What if he sees us?

Oh, we will claim coincidence.

Mm-hm. Come on.

All right! Fine!

There he is.

Isn't this fun?

Yeah, that's him!

What the hell is he doing?

Only one way to find out.

Hey, listen,
just remember you're pregnant,

all right, so if it kicks off,
leave it to us.

All right, so now what?

Right, we follow him inside,

but one of us goes round
the side in case he bolts.

I'll go.

Wait here.


I've got him! I've got him!

OK, OK...

Look, it was just a bit of robbing.

They're insured.

It's the Poppy and Abi show, isn't it?

Everyone's making a nice
bit of coin out of it.

Oh, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Yeah, well, thanks for that,
school bully.

Helen! Helen!

You, you don't know anything about me,
or anything about my life

back then, so why don't you
just shut your stupid trap?

I've got to go back up to Manchester.

I was working on.

Can you stay tonight and
go back tomorrow morning?

Maybe we could have
dinner tonight together.

Is everything all right?

Hey, what's wrong?

Look, Helen, whatever it is,
just spit it out.

Just don't think I'm
ready to be a mother.

Y'know, coming back here and
seeing all this pain and anguish,

it's like people make themselves
vulnerable just by having kids,

just by loving something that much.

What's the alternative? Hey? Close
your heart to risk never being hurt?

I need the loo.

You've just been!

Yeah, but I've got a baby
pressing down on my bladder!

I saw your picture in the paper.


You're a friend of Linda Bates.


Can we talk?

Yeah. I'm coming out.

This is a bit of a nightmare, actually,

you being a friend of Steve's wife,

but I'm hoping you'll help me.

Help you?

Prove he didn't kill anyone.

Why do you think he didn't kill anyone?


that night everyone
reckons he took Abigail Toms,

he was with me.

It was me he was meeting in that pub.

So you, you and Steve,
you were together?


We had to meet in places
a bit out the way.

So you have an alibi for him?

Well, sort of.

He didn't have time to get back
to Polesford and kill someone.

Well, why not go to the police?

I'm only 16.

How long have you been
seeing each other?

We didn't do anything, you know,
sexual, not until my birthday.

He wouldn't. We kissed, but he didn't...

OK, there's no... no need to get upset.

I'm shitting myself,
cos you know what they'll say,

they'll say, "Well, there you are,
then, he was into young girls,

"it's proof, he did it with
Abigail and Poppy as well,

"but he killed them...
you could've been next,"

but that's crap, he's not like that.

OK, I understand, but you know we
need to take this to the police?

What did you say your name was again?

Ro... Rory Harcross.

Well, Aurora.

Blame my parents.


Oh, God, I need some air.
I'm pregnant. I'm sorry.


You learn some respect.

Don't be scared. He's fine.

always meet outside of Polesford...

the night Abi was taken...

You don't believe her, do you?

No. I don't.

Why? Because it means you're wrong?
Why would she lie?

What's she got to gain?

She's got text after
text proving the affair.

She gives Bates a rock-solid alibi

for the time you've got him
murdering Abigail Toms.

You're determined to prove me wrong,
aren't you?

Oh, my God.

It's not about you.

Why don't you see what's staring
you straight in the face?

You will not be the star
of this investigation

if you convict an innocent man.

Would you rather she take her
story straight to the papers?

Fine. I'll take it once round the block.

Ah, by the way, your mate Linda's here.

Would you like to be
the one to tell her?

She's lying. Polesford's full
of little bitches like that.

I don't think so.

Oh, and you'd know, would you?

I know it can't be easy to hear,
but it can't hurt to have an alibi.

Can't hurt?

How would you feel if
some little slut came along

saying she was screwing your Paul,
saying she loved him?

I would be upset.

But given these
particular circumstances,

I would rather he was a
shagger than a killer.

What am I going to tell the kids?

I don't know.

How can we tell Charli I
know her stepdad's innocent

cos he was with a girl
younger than she is?

What's she like? Is she pretty?

She's young.

Hm. Firm tits? Slim waist?

Know your enemy.

We learned that a long time ago,
didn't we?

Who is she?

Helen, please tell me, what's her name?

You don't want to know.

I s'pose that's why I
never came forward earlier,

because I knew they wouldn't believe me.

They'll investigate.
I'll make sure they do.

I knew her. Abi.

Went out together a few times.

Bonded when we found out
we had matching rose tats.

Tit tats, she called 'em,
because they were...

you know... there.

I can't believe she's dead.

Thanks, anyway.



Who, erm,
who lives with you in that house?

My-my dad... why?

Do you ever see your grandad?

He lives in Hull,
big deal on the council over there. Why?

I used to know him.


Are you going to tell me
what this is all about?


Oh, for God's sake, Helen!

You've been weird ever since we
came down here. There's something.

I know there's something.

I don't want to discuss it.

We're having a child together,
Helen, in case you'd forgotten...

I think that bonds us pretty tightly,
don't you, so if there's

any secrets, if there's something
that you're not telling me...


Helen! Helen!


Helen, Helen, stop! STOP!

I was abused. Raped.
Is that what you want to hear?

I was 13 years old and his
name was Peter Harcross.


Yeah, him.

He was a friend of my dad's
and my dad was a single father

and my mum had died and my
dad didn't know how to cope

and Peter pretended to be a helping hand

and he knew that my dad was gay,
and he used that against me.

He said if I ever told
anyone he would ruin him...

he would make sure that everyone knew,
and he was a councillor

and my dad was still
in the closet back then.

And it... You know, it wasn't just me.

It was Linda as well.
He got to her through me.

Helen, come here!


He wanted Jenny. I know he did.

He would turn up at the house

and he would pretend to be
surprised that my dad wasn't in.

He would help himself to a beer
and he would sit down next to me

and he would rub my leg
and-and I was so shit scared

that she would be next and I swore,
I swore that I would never...

I'd never let him get to her
and he said... he said that

I had to keep loving him
or he'd try someone else,

and I knew he meant her.

That's how he would describe it.

"Loving him."

Like-like loving means lying
still like you're dead

and throwing your guts
up after then running home

so fast you can't feel
your legs any more.

And Paula...


Paula calls me a bully.

I was looking after them.

I was a bitch to her and Jenny
because I was trying to protect them.

Like I hadn't with Linda.

And it's ruined our lives, you know,

because it... it never leaves you,
it never leaves you, not really,

it's fucking in here...
Every relationship,

every fucking relationship
I have ever had, I have...

I have fucked up and it's...
it's him that's to blame...

the filthy fucking bastard.

Hey, hey, no.


Helen, Helen, Helen,
look at me, look at me.

Hey, you haven't fucked
up every relationship, OK?

You've got me. You've still got me.

Not for long.

What do you mean?

What're you saying, Helen?

I slept with someone.

Adam Perrin.

And-and it didn't mean anything much,
it was just screwing, but...


And don't ask me for reasons,
because I've got none.

He was there and I fancied him and
I knew it would mess everything up

but I didn't stop myself

because I couldn't,
like I have never been able to.

The baby...

Tell me it's not his.

Helen, tell me.

I don't know.

Oh, shit!

I really don't. It could be his,
Paul, or it could be yours.

How could you do this to me?
How could you?

Why? Why would you do this to me?

Because it's who I am and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Adam Perrin?

I'm sorry.

I've got to go back to Manchester.

No, Paul...

You don't have any say any more.
No, Paul, Paul, please!

Just leave me alone!

Please... just... stay...

'Tit tats,
she called them cos they were...'

you know...



Paul, Paul, I know...

I know who killed Abigail Toms.

It's Trevor. Trevor Hare.
I'll meet you at the pub.

'Lovely girl, that Abigail.'

She had one of them stupid tattoos
they all have... huge rose.

'That's like goody
two shoes round here.'

Where's Trevor?

Where is he?
I don't know!

You can't go up there!

I'm police!
You can't!


he's heading for the lower villages,

and there's only one road there,
so I think we could catch him.

Trevor knew about Abigail's tattoo.

It's the same as Rory's. They both
had that rose in private places.

he's ex-police so he knows all about DNA

and time of death scenarios.

And he's had all the coppers in his pub

so he's had the inside
track on everything.

Hiding in plain sight.

More than that... flaunting it.

Telling people he used to give
Abigail and Poppy lifts in his car,

and it explains the fag end, too.

From the beer garden?
He knew Bates.

He knew exactly what
he was up to with Rory,

and knew he could set him up.

There he is.

I love you.

I know this road,
I know where he's going.

To the old pumping station.

Come on, it's this way.

You OK?

Yeah, it's not far.

Why the hell didn't they search
this place when they first came?

Probably under five foot of water.

Helen, be careful.

Oh, God.



You shouldn't've come here.

You've put me in a terrible position.

Because now there aren't many options.

You don't want to kill her, Trevor.
Kill her?

I love her.

You let us go or I will kill her.

You try and stop me and I will kill you.

Where are you going to go?
Live on a little island? It's over.

It's all over, Trevor.

No, it's not.

You OK?

Watch out!

It's my fault.

No! No, no, no, it isn't.

He was my friend, that...

My little girl.

My little girl.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so, sorry.

Yeah? One sec...

You're not supposed to be here

until after the Trevor
Hare investigation.

Yeah, I'm not here for that.

I'm here for something else.

I want to report a historic
case of child abuse.

Against who?


How historic?

20-odd years ago.

And the perpetrator?

Peter Harcross.

He was a local councillor in
my hometown, works in Hull now,

few years off retirement.

Local government?


This'll get attention.
I want him done for it.

I'm so sorry you've
had to live with this.

You've seen me...

drug dealers, criminals,
I can stand up to them...


that man...

Paul, please... please come home.

Let's-let's at least try?

Do you know, Helen,
right now I can't even look at you.

Mikey, I've got a problem.

They're going to kill us!
They'll kill us all!

Right, we're going to find
who did it and hit back.

The business carries on as usual.

Every time he looks at me it's like I've
got "whore" written across my forehead.

You want a relationship with a woman

who doesn't even know who the father is?
Well, I love you.

Stay away from Frank Linnell.

I've got a bit of a reputation.
Some people see me a certain way.

How much blood is there?

There can't be... a problem.