How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - No More Blood - full transcript

An unlikely source of help is sought by Bonnie and Annalise, creating further tension amongst the Keating 5. Meanwhile, Annalise's new client offers a great deal of surprise.

Previously on "how to get away with murder"...
I'm poz.
Thomas isn't ready to date a poz guy.
You can always come to me. You know that.
She won't notice.
It's Michaela. Of course she will.
I'm a drunk mother.
I see Nico and grace twice a week --
supervised visits.
I know the best family attorney in the city.
Any chance you saw this man?
You need to look into someone's eyes
to know whether or not they're telling the truth.
I saw him.
Charles mahoney has an alibi.
My team was able to uncover evidence
concretely placing Charles at a location
far from the shooting.
Get out.
Get out!
Good night. Love you.
That's blanket immunity.
You want someone to help take her down?
This is the only way I talk.
An anonymous source.
That's all they would tell me.
Is it you?
Look me in the eye and say it's not.
Then I can move on.
It's not me.
I'm done, Bonnie.
I'm done.
I could get through it before
because I thought it would end, so...
But I can't...Do it anymore.
I'm tired.
I'll find out who it is.
Annalise. Wake up.
Wake up.
What time is it?
Frank's back.
So, you love him?
Like a...
Brotherly, "we've been through a lot together,"
kind of love, or...
The real kind?
Why are you here?
That not obvious?
I need you.
What about when I needed you, huh?
When I called you over and over again.
I didn't want to involve you.
Oh, and you're fine involving me now?!
'Cause I'm in love with you.
Oh, my god. Stop!
You know i always have been. No.
You know, i don't know anything
about you! You do.
You were in jail and you never told me.
I had to hear it from your father.
I'm sorry for that.
I don't care.
Just leave.
Get out right now.
I got nowhere else to go.
You have yourself to blame for that, frank!
I know. Okay?
And I get it.
I'm scared what I'll do if I got to be alone tonight.
It's Bonnie.
Answer it.
Is he there?
Are you safe?
Are you sure?
I'm fine.
You tell that bastard that if he comes
anywhere near this house, I'll shoot him.
Tell him, Laurel. I need to hear you say it.
He just wants to talk.
Is that Annalise?
Give me the phone.
No, he doesn't get to talk to me.
Give me the phone, Laurel.
Keep him there or he's dead.
What'd she say?
I'm going over there.
Frank, please, stop.
Frank, please. I said stop.
She said she'd kill you.
Would that really be so bad?
You say you love me, right?
Then come back inside.
It was the fastest hookup of my life.
That happened on top of my $400 duvet.
I'll wash it tonight.
No, you'll buy me a new one.
Or better, get an apartment
where you can soil your own linens.
Wait, soil as in, like...
You're obsessed with gay sex.
No, I just find it interesting.
Also, can we take a moment to enjoy the fact
that I get to cross gay wedding off my bucket list again?
It was just sex. Relax.
It wasn't just sex.
It was sex with a boy that broke your heart.
Thank god I know how to separate sex from feelings.
Even with Oliver?
Your mom's calling.
You're driving. Why?
So Asher and I can screw in your back seat
and leave you to clean it up.
Yes, please.
I thought all you young people were addicted to your phones.
My battery died.
What's wrong?
You just received your first subpoena.
It's a closed hearing.
I have to take the stand
and say I saw Charles that night.
Are you surprised?
His lawyer's trying to get your testimony
thrown out before the trial.
They can do that?
If they present a solid alibi --
his cell records, security footage.
An actual person that he's paid off
to say that they were with him.
It's what you said.
I can just claim I saw a guy who looked like Charles.
So he goes free and the prosecutor
looks into your life?
Then what do we do?
Find the alibi.
Tell me.
Where is he?
Oh, sorry.
What's up?
Annalise needs your help.
He was there all night?
Why didn't you call me?
I didn't want to worry you.
Now I am worried.
Oh, my god.
Tell me nothing happened.
Of course nothing happened!
You have to trust me right now.
I do.
I just...
I don't trust him.
No one does.
Annalise does.
Otherwise, why is she using him to help us?
Because she is protecting you.
Okay? That's all any of us want.
Did you tell him about us?
No, I don't care what he thinks.
How is Charles doing in prison?
Why haven't you released the name of his alibi?
I never said his alibi was a person.
So -- so it's not a person?
You'll know more after tomorrow's hearing.
It'll be worth the wait.
It's a 24-hour bug.
She'll be back in class tomorrow.
Thank you.
He'll call once he finds something.
What? You have a better plan?
Is that him?
President hargrove's office.
Divorce papers.
Raul served me here yesterday.
He wants full custody, the house, spousal support,
and if I don't comply,
he's threatening to take things public.
Didn't I give you Nina's number?
She said the fact that I pled guilty
to reckless endangerment of my kids
makes it nearly impossible to challenge this.
You pled guilty?
In order to keep the file sealed.
I didn't want the board to find out.
'Cause you're afraid you would be judged by one mistake
instead of the entirety of your hard-fought career.
What do you need?
Tell me what you would do.
If Nina's as good as you say
and even she thinks i should settle...
You'll defend me if I kill him?
All right, I'll read this
and see if I can find an alternative.
Thank you.
Hey, oli. I got you a present.
Just a little something to show you how much I care.
I'm kidding.
I told the delivery guy I'd bring them to you.
Aww, you got bae flowers.
That's so sweet.
Those aren't from me.
Secret admirer?
"I know this probably won't work,
but I'm begging for another chance.
A million ironic sorries -- Thomas."
Yeah, he's right. It won't work.
Hey, since Annalise is sick, do you maybe want to go...
Go fishing?
Go spelunking?
Yeah, spelunking you sounds perfect.
Connor, we have to go.
I think I'm gonna skip arbitration.
Bonnie needs us at the house.
Is something going on?
Sure that Annalise just wants to yell at us some more.
I'll come by later?
Yeah, sure.
You're having feelings. Stop it.
Sucks, right?
You can penetrate him, but never their inner circle.
Frank's the one that started this!
I know, and now he's going to help us get out of it.
Do you have any idea how insane you sound right now?
No one is saying all is forgiven.
That's exactly what you're saying.
Yeah, it's good to know, actually,
that we're allowed to shoot each other's fathers
and still get to stay in the cult.
You're missing the point. Do not stick up
for your boy toy right now.
Seriously, you guys probably went on some murder spree
and -- and banged on top of a corpse.
Okay, can we all just focus on what's important right now?
Finding the alibi.
If anyone can do that,
it's the beard.
He doesn't have a beard anymore.
We need to stall the hearing
so frank has time to find the alibi.
Do it.
We're in the middle of midterms.
He was the one stupid enough to lie to the police.
He can save his own ass for once.
Wes needs our help.
Don't come crying to me when you fail out.
Or die.
You never know around here.
Does frank really not have a beard?
Think of stall tactics --
grounds to challenge the subpoena
or a motion to disclose the alibi.
Uh, oli could hack the mahoneys' lawyer.
Or I could call my father.
He could track their phone calls.
Frank is finding the alibi.
We need to focus on ways to delay the hearing.
How about my medical records
from when I was at the psych ward?
If Charles' lawyers knew,
they'd want me to do a psych eval before I testify.
No, we're not giving your medical records
to the people who want to discredit you.
It buys us time.
Room 512.
You want to change your life,
or are you happy just to stay Annalise keating's bitch?
If they're meeting this close to the hearing,
she has to be the alibi.
Who is she?
Frank said she worked for the family
during Charles' first trial.
She's the one who gave frank the money.
I told him to follow her.
If we want him to take care of it...
She took your son from you, Annalise.
They don't mean it, Connor and Michaela.
They're just scared.
It's fine.
The only person whose opinion i care about is right here.
So, I was right.
If she's the reason that you wanted to break up,
you should've just said that.
No, meggy, it happened after --
Mr. gibbins. Your records.
Um...I was a patient here last year.
I don't care.
Just go.
Uh, nothing.
Just last I heard, uh,
frank killed Wes' dad,
and now he's working for a.K. Again,
so do we like frank -- do we not?
I'm just kind of lost.
Go home. Study for your midterms.
I'm all about the team.
"We're ducks, and ducks fly together."
It's "mighty ducks." It's a great movie.
Asher, I'm telling you,
Michaela and Connor weren't wrong to leave.
Bonbon, if something bad's about to happen --
something bad's always about to happen in this house.
Go home.
You got your medical records?
Messenger just dropped this off.
No sender.
The mahoneys filed a motion
challenging Wes' competency as a witness.
Hearing was pushed today so Wes can sit for a psych eval
before he testifies.
And you're telling me this why?
Because I know you slipped the defense his medical records.
That's quite an accusation.
I'll keep this one to myself.
But any more interference on my case,
and I'll have to report it to the disciplinary board.
As long as you're okay with me reporting
that you broke privilege by telling me
your client has mental-health issues.
We both want to protect the boy.
Let me do that.
Is frank still watching her?
Tell him to do nothing.
I mean it.
If he hurts anyone else, I'll turn us all in.
Annalise slapped a judge this time,
and she needs to blackmail him?
Or -- or she -- she killed Nate,
and she needs you all to help lift his incredibly buff body?
Or she -- or we don't talk about Annalise
while your penis is staring at me.
I'm flattered.
It's been what -- like 10 minutes?
Is it about Wes?
Oh, my god. Because he's been missing a lot of class lately.
Do you want to know the truth?
Wes and Annalise are working some crazy court case
in New York.
She asked for our help, and I said no for once,
because I'm working really hard at...You know,
trying to stay in the bubble of -- of work and school
and...You know, this.
Turn around.
What's the court case about?
Because, I mean, if Wes needs our help for him -- oli.
He has enough people worrying about him.
Otherwise Annalise would've called you
and made you go over there today, too,
but she didn't, so...
Or that's her right now.
You already have Thomas' photo on your phone?
That's before I realized he's a jerk.
Clearly doesn't know when to quit.
I don't blame him.
He got a taste, and now he wants seconds.
Just like me.
Okay, bossy pants.
Look, you're the one raring to go down there.
I'm just -- I'm being helpful.
We found a way to help Wes.
How nice.
Yeah, if we don't get arrested or killed first.
That would be bad.
How can you focus on school right now?
You're a sensitive person,
so you care about Wes, what happens to him.
You're only that way because you grew up in a family
that was nice to you.
That's not an accurate statement about my parents,
and what are you saying?
That it's your parents' fault that you're...Being cold?
I'm not cold.
I'm putting myself first.
Is that something your mom taught you,
to put yourself first?
What do you want to know?
But first thing is, why did she call?
I don't know.
I deleted the voicemail.
Our relationship is complicated.
Like my dad and me?
This is different.
Is it?
'Cause, you know,
sometimes I wish that he would leave me a voicemail,
but, oh, right, he's dead.
If I pick up the phone, she's gonna ask me for money,
or to give legal advice to some meth-y cousin
I never even knew I had.
Or maybe she's dying of cancer
and just wants to say goodbye.
I said goodbye...
A long time ago.
Now...Can I go back to studying,
or do you want to keep annoying me?
I'm good.
Wouldn't mind a little head rub, though.
The big one -- head.
Do you ever think about hurting yourself?
Have you ever intentionally
caused physical harm to another person?
Have you ever heard voices that others can't hear?
Are you gonna take frank back?
So, that's a yes.
I didn't say that.
Didn't say no. No.
I don't believe you.
Well, that's your right.
He's responsible for you losing your baby.
And you killed Sam!
I'm tired.
So am I.
How's Laurel?
Did she tell you?
She didn't need to.
I'm glad you have her.
Me too.
I'm going to bed.
It's frank.
Put it on speaker.
Check your e-mail.
Frank, where are you?
In her house.
Her name's Lisa Cameron.
She's got a kid --
I sent you some photos.
You need to leave.
This is what Annalise needs, bon.
It's an eye for an eye.
Frank, if you go anywhere near that woman or her child,
I'll send the police right to your ass.
You hear me?
No more blood.
Promise me, frank.
I want two stories.
Mommy will do her best, but I get to pick which ones.
No. Hey.
You promised two stories.
We'll finish this one,
and then it's to bed for both of us.
So, "he huffed and he puffed
and he puffed and he huffed,
and at last, he blew the house down.
The third little pig met a man with a load of bricks."
Annalise, I need you to stay calm. Is he dead?
Is he dead?
Take him!
Will that be all?
Where are you? I just snuck out.
I didn't do anything.
Tell Annalise.
Go back inside.
You were right.
This is what she needs.
Is that him?
He left. They're fine.
Here's an actual fix.
I'm a court-ordered psychologist.
This is a non-confidential evaluation,
which means i am legally bound
to report my findings to all parties involved.
Your attorney is present to advise you
of any legal ramifications of certain questions.
Have you ever wanted to hurt someone?
Physically? No.
Just emotionally?
We all get mad at people.
I'd say that's pretty normal.
Do you always tell the truth?
That'd be impossible.
Did you tell the truth about seeing Charles mahoney
on the street that night?
Yes, I would never lie about something as important as that.
Do you feel like you have
a good support system in place?
I do.
What's wrong?
I just need to talk about Wes.
Yeah, he, uh, told me you knew.
It's our lives,
and you can only have so much say.
Laurel, I'm happy for the two of you.
I just need your help.
On a scale of 1 to 10,
10 being the highest,
how would you rate this support system?
I've never felt more cared for in my life.
Annalise send you?
I heard you're working for the d.A. Now.
I'm not getting involved with whatever this is.
Even if it's for Wes?
He's in trouble.
That concludes the evaluation.
Any questions for me, Wes?
Did I pass?
How'd it go?
I've been cleared to testify.
I knew our boy wasn't cray-cray.
The state calls Wes gibbins to the stand.
Please raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear to tell the whole truth
and nothing but the truth?
I do.
Why did you approach Wallace mahoney that night?
I was lost.
I needed directions.
Did you see anyone before you crossed the street?
He's the gentleman sitting right there.
Let the record show that the witness
has identified the defendant, Charles mahoney,
as being present at the scene just prior to the shooting.
No further questions.
Mr. gibbins, you said you were lost that night.
Is it possible this is because you were disoriented?
But isn't it true you were placed
on a psychiatric hold due to exhaustion
just months before winding up at the scene of this crime?
The witness passed psychological evaluation.
Challenging recollection, your honor.
I'll allow it.
Don't you think your mental-health issues
might've confused you as to what you saw that night?
No, I know what I saw.
It was him.
What's driving you to tell this lie, Mr. gibbins?
Compound and argumentative.
My client has an alibi.
There are no phone records or surveillance footage
placing him at the scene.
Only you -- a law student
who happened to get lost at just the right time.
Counsel's testifying, your honor.
Are you working with someone
who wants to take my client down? Ms. Benton.
Or perhaps you're part of a plan to shoot and murder
my client's father in cold blood. Ms. Benton!
Keep going like this, and I will...
Send this case to trial right now
and censure you so you are unable
to represent your client...
He did great. You'd be proud.
You're just saying that to make me feel better.
No, he'd call you himself, but Vince won't leave his side.
It's fine -- just call me when you know something.
Recess is over. I'll call you after.
Nina was right. It's a loser case.
Please, don't hold back.
But there's a way to fix it.
You appeal the child-endangerment plea.
My alcohol level was off the charts.
I didn't say it was gonna be easy.
Easy is different than impossible. You know what?
I'm guessing you didn't get to this office
by quitting every time a man told you, "no."
This is about my kids.
If giving him my money lets me have them back --
with two visits a month,
supervised by a social worker who sees you as the enemy?
You fight this,
especially if your children mean as much as you say they do.
Of course they do.
Then why ain't you fighting?
I am. No, you're not.
You're calling me to your office
to cry for help.
That's not a mother anyone would want.
They want a beast. You have that.
You're just letting this one man
beat it out of you.
Is that what your husband did to you?
A lot of men.
I'll take this case if you want.
No, that's -- you don't --
You think you can do better?
How did you meet Charles mahoney?
At an investment-banking conference earlier this year.
That's when you two started sleeping together?
Yes, we would meet once or twice a week at my home.
What time did Charles come to your house
on the day that his father was murdered?
Around 9:00.
Did your daughter see him?
Because he wasn't there?
Because I don't introduce my daughter
to men I'm not serious with.
When's the last time you spoke with Charles?
Before he was arrested.
Has there been any contact since?
Nothing at all?
As I said, no.
Then explain the call you made yesterday
from your home to Charles in prison.
Here's an actual fix.
I'm not getting involved with whatever this is.
Even if it's for Wes?
He's in trouble.
This is Nate lahey -- I'm an investigator
in the Philly d.A.'S office.
Be quick -- I'm about to head into court.
We got a suspect here who says your guy up at rikers,
Charles mahoney, has a burner in his cell.
Who is this?
That is your home phone number, isn't it?
Assumes facts not in evidence.
Here's the burner phone
recovered from Mr. mahoney's cell,
along with records corroborating
the incoming call came from the defendant's home.
Ms. Cameron, did the mahoneys pay you
to lie on the stand today?
Objection! Badgering the witness!
Answer the question.
Oh, so your daughter made the call to Charles,
or more likely,
you snuck a burner into his cell
so that you could get your story straight today.
Judge, the defense requests a chain of custody hearing
to determine the veracity of these claims.
We have an eyewitness that places your client
at the scene of the crime,
his fingerprints on the murder weapon,
not to mention a financial motive
that exceeds $25 billion.
Please, your honor.
Let's not waste any more taxpayer money.
Just months ago,
a maniac with a gun took away the love of my life.
I have never felt such grief until today, when I realized
I might lose my only son, Charles, as well.
As a mother, I feel helpless
watching my son be persecuted for a crime he did not commit.
As a citizen, I feel anger
towards the system that allows innocent people...
What you reading? be wrongfully imprisoned.
Just the news.
Let's eat.
If I hacked your laptop,
would I find out that you're actually reading
about Wes' court case?
Did you not hear me when I said
that I wanted to stay in the bubble?
Yeah, I did.
Uh, I just don't believe you.
Come on, like you all aren't hiding a ton of crap from me.
I've always been honest with you
about how there are certain things I can't tell you
for your own protection.
Oh, boy, that line again.
You're kidding me.
All I've ever done
is tell you to stay away from Annalise,
but, instead, your dumb ass begged her for a job.
Here we go.
Been -- what? -- Like three nice days,
and I'm already remembering
why we broke up in the first place.
You said that you broke up with me
because you needed time to yourself.
Was that a lie? No.
Then how does this have anything to do with why you dumped me?
Because you've never been totally honest with me.
'Cause this is bigger than me.
If you're so curious, why don't you go ask Annalise?
Oh, so this is Annalise's fault now?
Yes! No! No!
You are the one choosing to not tell me about the stuff
going on about Wes! Because it's not my place.
Maybe it's because you're afraid
that I'll really know who you are
and not like him.
You do know me.
Parts of you, but guess what, Connor --
I want to know everything about the guy that I'm with --
the good and the bad -- that's what love is.
No, I think love is letting a guy stomp on your heart
and still being there for him when another guy rejects him!
Oh, you think that letting me cry on your shoulder
is proof that you love me?
Yes! Because I do.
I think you only love the idea of me.
No, I love you. Like I'm some security blanket
that you wrap around yourself
every time things get too intense with Annalise. That's not true.
And that -- that's not real love.
That is just some severe, messed-up emotional damage
that you've been carrying around with you
since the day I met you.
Is that what you think of me?
That I'm damaged?
I kept telling myself
that I was the jerk this whole time.
Think frank might stop by?
Don't joke about that.
You don't think i could take him?
You're worried.
Of course.
Don't be.
Today was a good day.
And tomorrow?
Let's not think about that.
Come here.
I've got you.
You're always looking out for me.
Now it's my turn.
I got you.
Well, I've got myself. Thank you very much.
I know...
But I'm gonna be there, too.
He in there?
Go home.
You had your time with him,
lied to my face about it.
This is my time.
Thank you for seeing me.
If you're gonna screw Oliver,
at least stay the night and give my couch a rest.
What's wrong?
I hate him.
I hate him so much!
What the hell happened in here?
I begged Sam to let me tell you.
Every day after we got back, you were just...
Locked up in that bedroom.
But...He wouldn't even let me in the house.
He knew me so well,
knew how to make me do what he wanted.
And the more time went on, i thought maybe he was right.
You went back to work,
got better.
I never got better.
You watched me suffer all those years.
You watched me think that I killed my boy.
You watched Sam and i fall apart.
And you said nothing.
Sam wouldn't let me.
You had all those months to apologize,
and all you can do is blame Sam.
You killed my son.
That was you.
And you had the nerve -- the nerve to stay in my life.
Make me trust you, take care of you.
I just want to fix this.
How can you do that?
How do you do that, frank?
You gonna erase it all?
Take everything away? Give me my baby back?
I can try.
You can't.
I can.
Let me fix it.
What's taking you so long, huh?
Think I'm gonna feel guilty? Because I won't.
I love you, Annalise.
Get out.
This just hurts her more.
You'll do this for me.
This isn't what she wants.
This is exactly what I want.
You made your point!
Pull that trigger! She can't survive this.
Pull it! Do it! I can't survive this.
Pull the trigger! Please don't, frank!
Do it! Pull it! Please don't do it!
Do it! Do it for me! Don't, please! Don't!
Don't do it! Pull it! Do it!
Do it! Do it! Don't!
Do it! Don't!
Do it! Do it! Don't!
Do it! Do it!
Bonnie. Bonnie, thank god. Why haven't you been answering your phone?
What the hell happened?
Someone went to the police.
-What are you talking about? -What?
Annalise was arrested because of an anonymous source.
Annalise called everyone over to the house.
Did you know about that?
She didn't do this.
Then why did she lie to my face?
She said she didn't know if somebody died in the fire,
but she did, didn't she?
What are you talking about?
It's all over the news. There's an unidentified male body.
Oh, my god, you know who it is.
You're not telling me because it's Connor, right?
I swear to god, if you lie to us right now,
I'll go to the police.
Just tell us who it is! Is Connor dead?
Please just tell us. Just tell me, please.
Oops. Sorry about that.
It happens.
Can it, uh...
Happen again?
You've each been chosen for my very first criminal-law clinic.
In here, you're not just students
but actual practicing lawyers.
You finally get to be me.
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This could destroy us all.
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It was nice knowing you.
Shut up.
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It's bad.
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