How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Call It Mother's Intuition - full transcript

Annalise and her students take on a case of conspiracy to murder by two siblings, as Frank's actions lead to painful consequences.

Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

Uh, Thomas, I'm... Can
we pause for a second?

Till date number two?

The police are at my apartment.

Are they still there?

Yeah. They're from New York.

- Miss? Is that him?
- No.

This is Frank... He gave
the police your name

to make you a suspect.

A detective called
looking for Wes Gibbins.

He was absent from class today.

I just have to tell the police

I went to New York on my own.

The suspect in custody is
Wallace Mahoney's own son,

- Charles Mahoney.
- Frank.

I told you... He just
wants to come home.

Annalise Keating, you're under arrest.


You sure you don't want us
to wait for your attorney?

Just tell me.

The official charge...

Arson and first-degree murder.

- The evidence?
- An anonymous source.

They've provided information
that ties you to the charges.

Now do you want your attorney?

You lost your phone?

Last I had it was at the library.

You must have been in
contact with your girlfriend,

Meggy Travers.

We actually broke up.

To be clear, my client contacted you

the minute he heard you
were looking for him.

Now he's reaffirmed
his original statement

about the shooting. So... can we go?

Any chance you saw this man

during the scene of the shooting?

You've had that man in
custody for days now.

Clearly, you have enough
evidence against him.

- Wes?
- Don't speak to my...

I saw him...

standing in a doorway across the street.

I remember because I was
gonna ask him for directions,

but he looked upset, so I
crossed the street and...

You know what happened then.

You're mad.

So you agree I have the right
to be pissed off at you?

- I wouldn't have said any...
- You lied. Why?

If Charles were your client,

you'd have that gun thrown out
before we even got to trial.

It's got his fingerprints on it.

Who shoots their father and
doesn't get rid of the gun?

How do you know Charles
doesn't have an alibi?

That this wasn't just their
way of catching you in a lie?

Tell me.

It's okay.

- Is it?
- Yeah, I called Eve,

and the NYPD's only
interested in Charles.

It's a good headline for them.

Have you heard from Frank?


Maybe we got lucky
and he killed himself.

Come on, our client's waiting.

They couldn't figure out
what was wrong with me.

Finally, they tested my blood

and realized I had been
poisoned with antifreeze.

What would you like to say
to those who did this to you?

I've searched my soul,

but there's no
understanding any of this.

What kind of children try
to kill their own mother?

That whole interview was
an Oscar performance.

Mr. Duvall.

She's no probably not even sick.

Jared, back me up on this.

She's not a nice lady.

We don't care.

Listen, from here on out,

the only feelings you
have for your mother

are love and devotion.

The prosecution has forced us

into holding depositions
before the trial.

Their excuse is that
Edith can die at any time,

so it would be in our best interest

to get the case out pre-trial...

Not an easy task
considering the evidence.

Is it true that you and your siblings

exchanged text messages
about killing your mother?

We were joking.

So you're claiming the text,

"Let's cut off her head and boil it

in the slow cooker with the chili"

was a joke?

If you knew how much Mom loves chili,

you'd get why that's funny.

Edith will be present
at all the depositions.

This is a ploy by the prosecution

to trigger our clients

into saying something stupid on camera.

Quite possible considering
who we're dealing with.

So you guys had family dinner
at the restaurant once a week,

was that right?

If we didn't show, even just once,

we'd be removed the will.

Jared, that's an example of a question

you might want to just
answer with a yes or no.

Excuse me, I'm in the middle of my prep.

And I'm just trying to make
sure that our client understands

the full weight of each and
every one of his responses.

- Yeah, I understand.
- Great.

But I do want to warn each of you

that Mom is a genius manipulator.

Show any weakness in front of her,

and she'll use it to her advantage.

The key to beating this

is to make the sure the
siblings present a united front.

Is it possible one of
your brothers did this?

No, Nelson and Jared both
love our mother dearly.

- And you?
- Of course.

Really? Even though her
pet name for you was

"Big Kahunas Karen"?

They need to speak in detail

about their affection for their mother.

I had matured quite early,

but she wouldn't let me wear a bra.

Instead, she just came
up with the nickname.

"Half Nelson" because she said
it fit my below-average IQ.

"Jerky Jared" 'cause she
caught me masturbating once.

This is a woman who read my diary

in front of all the
employees at a staff meeting.

If she smells blood, she
goes in for the kill.

So you did want her dead?

You tell me who did it,
and I'll buy him a drink.

Any of you get some major
Keating vibes in there?

What are you talking about?

A controlling, sadistic power-monger

who lies to her kids'
faces, verbally abusive.

Did you just admit you
want to poison Annalise?

- Wha... No.
- This what I heard you say.

- Hmm, me, too.
- Me three.

What a trainwreck.

Whenever you mention the word "Mommy,"

they turn into sniveling ingrates.

It would be malpractice to
put them in front of a camera.

So what? We file a motion to postpone?

No, we'll float the
prosecution a new suspect

and they'll cancel the
depositions completely.

Look into any disgruntled
restaurant employees first.

Wait... If there's no deposition,
then there can be no first chair.

What, you need a prize
in order to do your job?

We just started studying
for midterms, is all.

All right. Whoever
brings me a good suspect

gets an automatic "A" on my midterm.

Everyone happy?

Here... If we divide and conquer,

we can look into every
employee in the box.

How are we supposed to
divide and conquer an "A"?

We draw straws.

Ah! Like hell I'm letting a straw

determine by GPA.

Every woman for herself.

I'm gonna go talk to this busboy.

Wanna ride? I'll talk to people, too.


They're really going
to kill Frank, right?

Mm, as long they leave
us out of it for once.

Maybe we just tell them
before they find out.

I'm not worried about them,

I'm worried about Annalise.

Don't say that.

She still hates me.

Yeah, but I don't want

to be thinking about Annalise right now.

Or the fact that you lied
to the police this morning?


Distract me.

Maybe Laurel should call her dad.

He found Frank once.
Maybe he can do it again.

Or maybe you need to call him.

Tell him I'm here to
welcome him with open arms.

If he's going to reach out to any of us,

it's not going to be me.

Why not?

I said things he didn't take so well.


That he doesn't deserve you.

Do you really just want to
wait for him to show up?

I just think better when I drink.

It's only 6:00.

You've only been once this week.

A truck driver had called
911, said I'd fallen asleep.

Nico and Grace were in the car with me.

I'd picked them up at the nanny's...

At the nanny's after work...

Meaning the happy hour after work.


I pulled over to the side of the road,

fell asleep with the car running.

Nico ran into the street
to wave down help.

My husband, Raul, filed
for custody the next day.

Hope you divorced his ass.

It's not him I'm mad at.

It's me.

I'm a drunk mother,

and I have to live with
what I put my kids through

for the rest of my life.

Today's my, uh, one year anniversary.


And I'm doing okay.

I work my steps.

I see Nico and Grace twice a week...

Supervised visits.

They're still upset,
and they don't hide it,

and I get it. They get to
be upset with right now.

They get to hate me right now.


On the real,

I'm ashamed of what I did, of course,

but I'm... I'm pissed, too.

I'm their mother...

but they won't even look me in the eye.

And it just... it makes
me want to shake them

or yell or something so that they'll...

See that I'll do anything to
get them back... anything.

Oh, I...

I just don't think it means
that I should lose my kids.

- How's Frank?
- What?

That's where you snuck off to, right?

Are you kidding me?

You do look a little flush.

Tell me, does the beard
tickle down there?

I'm asking for a friend.

Did we find a suspect yet?

The, uh...

busboy did not pan out.


They think I was just with Frank.

Maybe you both were with him.

Oh, two beards, one girl.

That's hot.

Okay, that...

Sexualizing me without my permission...

Is creating a hostile work environment.

- She's right.
- Thank you.

Shut up. We're still not friends.


Ooh! There goes my "A," bitches.


Tell me my waitress is
a known black widow.

Uh, no. She moved to Maine six
months before the poisoning.

But look what Thomas sent me.

Mm, I thought I was gonna
get to see his penis.

Th... No! Thomas isn't like that.

We were talking about how we hate it

when guys send flowers, so
this is him being ironic.

- It's cute.
- I choose you, Hack-a-chu.

Roger Colby, Produce Manager.

I need you to hack his killer face.

Yeah, I've got like 20 other employees

people asked me to look into, so...

Mm, yet you have time to
send lame text messages

to your acupuncturist.

Oh, that's still going on?

Yeah, we're going on our
third date tomorrow night.

Ooh! Third date's the sex date.

You ready to get it in, or
is he the one getting it in?

Shh! Connor'll hear you.

Okay, I was fine with him
cruising Humpr in front of me.

Those were one-offs.

You're really falling for this guy.

- It's not that serious.
- Ah!

- It's not, guys!
- Ohh!

Aww, Little Oli's a terrible liar.

- E-e-e-e.
- Go away. Please, I'm busy.

Are you the one who signs these?


But I can't sign until
the meeting's over.

Otherwise, half this room
will bail on the break.

Would that be such a bad thing?

Show your face around here more often.

I'll hook you up one time.


I hear he's a 13th stepper.

He screws the new people.

Oh, well, he's barking
up the wrong tree.

That took guts.

Put me in front of a courtroom, sure.

But spilling my dirt to strangers...

You'll get there.

Mm, I doubt that.

So, uh, I heard you got
your student a lawyer...

The one the police were looking for.

I recommended a lawyer.

You need one, too?

Sounds like your husband's
got a pretty good case.

Look, I'm just... being friendly here

to the point where I'm questioning

my own self-respect.

You think I wanna be friends?

Listen, the only reason I have to come to
these stupid meetings is because of you.

No, you're here because
you smacked a client.

So let's just consider a scenario

where I'm not the enemy here.

I'm just hungry.

Excuse me while I see
about the stale doughnuts.

He's hot, right?

That's the dishwasher at the restaurant.

Whatever happened to you
being totally against

me doing any illegal hacking?

It's my GPA, Oliver.

You're being ridiculous.


You know what's ridiculous is
you not looking at your texts

- in front of me.
- Why?

Is it Thomas?

- Nope.
- Let me guess...

He's taking you to the
Poconos this weekend?

Oh, he could get you one of those rooms

with the champagne glass tub...

Booya! You smell that, people?!

That's the stank of
an automatic A-A-A-A!

Yeah, Oli hacked Produce Guy's e-mail.

Guess what he sent someone a link to

just three weeks before
Edith was poisoned?

It's an article about...


He e-mailed this article to someone

about three weeks before
your mother got sick.

I told you we could never do this.

- I know.
- Guys...

Seriously, can I give you a hug?

- No.
- You can hug me.


You can't show the
prosecutor that e-mail.

This is our "Get Out of
Jail Free" card, literally.

Why not, Karen?

Roger sent that e-mail to me.

We've been seeing each
other for the past year.

He knew about our texts,

so he e-mailed me the article as a joke.

Always a freakin' secret e-mail address.

Or a secret boyfriend!

I didn't want Mom to sabotage it.

Is that why you tried to kill her, too?

I didn't. Please, I love my mother.

I would never do anything to hurt her.

You need to drop her
and just represent us.

- Yeah.
- What?

You and your boyfriend
are the only idiots

they can connect this to.

That's not true. It's
a conspiracy charge.

All the texts implicate all of you.

So if there's proof one of you did it,

it proves you all did it.

You stupid bitch!

We're all gonna go down because of you!

Hey, maybe one of you
did this to set me up!


Your depositions are tomorrow,

so you all have to stick to the story

that we've prepared.

Can you do that?

Or should we just send
you all to jail right now?


Slow down.

What are you doing here?

Nothing, just got a
meeting with the D.A.


I haven't seen you
around the house much.



Well, it was, uh... it
was good to see you.


How'd it go with NYPD?

They came to the
station looking for you.

I overheard your name.

It's fine.

My, uh...

My lawyer took care of it.


No, this guy she recommended.

Just watch your ass.

I'm good.


"Let's make a skin suit out of her

and wear it to the funeral."

Mr. Duvall, you wrote that
text to your brother and sister

just two weeks before
your mother took ill,

- is that correct?
- I was just venting.

A dark sense of humor can get
anyone through hard times.

Are you speaking of the hard times

you experienced due to
working with your mother?

Anyone who works with
family knows it's not easy.

And how would you
describe your relationship

with your mother outside of work?

I'd say just like any other
mother/daughter relationship.

Because it was so contentious?


Even when we disagreed,

there was always love between us.

Jared, a co-worker of yours

stated that your mother humiliated you

in front of a woman you were dating.

Do you recall this event?

I do not.

Let me remind you.

"Edith then proceeded to tell a story"

about how Jared once reached
under his mother's dress

"at his birthday party when he was 13."

He was 14 and old enough to know better.

Strike Mrs. Duvall's last
statement from the record

and remind her she's
not allowed to speak.

I apologize.

You must have been
angry with your mother

for emasculating you like that,

especially in front of a woman

who you'd hoped to be intimate with.

She was never gonna screw him.

My client needs a break.

He's a virgin, probably
will be till he dies.

And you wonder why
people want you dead?!


What kind of monster gets
off on mocking her own son?

One of needs to get off.

I look forward to the day you die.

We say the depo was mandated
under false pretenses.

That way the footage can
never be shown in court.

And if we lose that motion,
the explosion gets played

for the entire jury at trial.

We argue that Jared had a mental break,

which made him legally incompetent

to testify as a witness.

A mental illness diagnosis

only makes him look more
capable of offing his mother.

So we just wait to get
our asses kicked in trail?

Well, unless you can pull
a rabbit out of your ass,

that's exactly what I'm saying.

I still get an "A" for finding
that secret e-mail though, right?

Professor Keating?

Have you heard from Meggy?


This would be easier if I
didn't actually like her.


I'm scared, Wes.

I don't want to wake up and realize

none of this was real.

It's real for me.

It is for me, too.

I wanted this since our
first day in class...

...when you answered
that question for me,

and Annalise destroyed you.

You never said anything.

I thought you were out of my league.


- Come on.
- What?

Seriously, though.

I thought I'd never stand a chance.

Look at you now.



Hey, what is it?

What it always is.

You being my personal herpes
sore that won't go away.

Okay, I'm just gonna hang up.

Charles Mahoney has an alibi.

My team was able to uncover evidence

concretely placing Charles at a location

far from the scene of
his father's shooting.

Once the D.A.'s office
reviews this evidence,

I'm confident that these
unwarranted, ludicrous charges

will be dropped,

and my client will be able
to get back to running

the company his father
built from the ground up...

You told me Eve said the
police were only interested...

That was a lie.

Eve moved to San Francisco. I
haven't spoken to her in weeks.

So we're not safe?

Who knows?

- Just talk to us.
- What are we supposed to do?

- Where are you going?
- Don't walk away.

I don't know what to do!

That's the truth.

Sometimes I lie to protect
you, to keep you from worrying,

because I know it can
drive a person insane.

No, it's the lies that drive us insane.

Seriously, you ask us to trust you,
and you keep hiding stuff from us.

She's doing the best she can.

But we're not asking her to be perfect.

Okay, we're just asking
her to be honest.

Or are you not capable of that?

Otherwise, we might find out

that you're not as smart
as we think you are.

So, you have things to get off
your chest... let's do this.

I don't want to end up poisoned.

So you tell me all the ways you
think I've ruined your life.

Come at me.

I said, come at me!

And then you pimped me out to Caleb
like I was some kind of hooker.

You knew I was vulnerable after Aiden,

so you sent me into
that psychopath's arms.

I never told you to screw that boy.

But you wanted me to.

In what world do you think
I have time to think about

who you pull down your skirt for?

You're not allowed to talk right now!

This is our time... You said that.

So sit there and take it.

None of this would have
happened if you just let us go

to the police after Sam.

But, you know, instead, you...

You started this insane game of chess

of... of running around and lying...

I thought you were this
amazing, powerful woman,

but look at your life.

You have no one.

I do whatever you say...

That's what our relationship is...

You controlling me and
me following your orders

like some... puppet.

I thought my father was a bully,

but you take it to a whole nother level.

And now we're... We're all basket cases.

But, you know, maybe you like that.

I mean, you don't respect any of us.

But the worst part is

that I don't think you respect yourself.

And it makes me feel
sick that some part of me

still just wants to please you.

- Cold, two-faced...
- Mean alcoholic...

I don't want to hate you...

angry in this way that I
didn't know was possible...

It just makes me feel alone...

You're not happy.

- And scared...
- We're not happy.

To the point that I
wake up every morning

and I think, "Maybe we
should just go to jail."

None of us are happy.

And it's making me act insane.

- Phony.
- Confused.

- Miserable.
- Pathetic.

- Pissed off.
- Sad.

- Hopeless.
- Toxic.

- Insane.
- Exhausted.

- Two-sided.
- Broken.


Go ahead.


I can take it, Wes.

It's not that.

You already know how I feel about you.

Get a good night's sleep.

We'll start fresh tomorrow.

What... you're shy?

You're not?

It's not how your body looks...

It's how you use it.

- Okay.
- Come here.

Come here.

All right, okay, okay, okay.

You... just stay right there.

I'm staying.

There's no shame in this.

He can react however he wants to react.

The most important thing is
that you just got to be you.

You got this, Hampton.

I, uh, hope you don't mind
I went into your drawer.

Just figured we could
probably use these.

Yeah, that, um... that depends.

Oh, I see.

Now you're gonna play hard to get.



I'm listening.

I'm poz.

Like, undetectable.

I-I went to the doctor a week ago,

which means, if we use a condom,

it's actually safer to have sex with me

than it is with someone
who says he's negative

but then, like, hasn't
been tested recently.

I'm just telling you
all of this because, uh,

you're naked, which is awesome.

Like, wow.

Uh, are you mad?

No, no, God, no. Of course not.

Uh, I was just really
starting to like you.

Is that such a bad thing?

Oh, my God, no. I'm... I'm sorry.

This is...

This is coming out all wrong.

- Is it?
- Yes.

'Cause I don't need you to mince words.

This is just new to me.

Yeah, it's new to me, too.

And you understand. I mean, it's just...

I don't know. It's a...
It's a lot to process.

Oliver, honestly, I...

I don't know if I'm ready
to deal with all this.

Finally, they tested my blood

and realized I had been
poisoned with antifreeze.

At this point, it's not a matter of if,

but when it takes my life.

What would like to say...

I thought you might be hungry.

Does it have rum in it?

A few more weeks of no drinking

and they can add fat-ass
to their list of insults.

They're just scared.

Was there a history of hostility?

The business put a roof over our heads,

but family was everything.

Help me salvage this case.

Who would believe that my children

would do this thing?

I sacrificed so much for them.

And police brought charges

against all three of
your children, correct?

How about using this interview?

You could say it biased the jury pool,

making a fair trail impossible.

You could motion for a bench trial.

Why do you think your children
would do this to you...

Or if we do have a jury trial

- seeking destruction?
- We can seek an instruction...

I don't know.

I've done nothing but love
them and gave them everything.

Limiting the depositions
to impeachment evidence

if our clients have to take the stand.

Because that's what a mother does.

- You're also the boss, correct?
- Bonnie.


You're the owner and
manager of Duvall's Kitchen.

Edith poisoned herself.

That's insane.

She must've known about
Karen's secret e-mails

- and did it to herself.
- You have no proof.

Let's just say I can
understand why a mother

would want to punish
her ungrateful children.

Okay, uh, so, you confront
her during her deposition?


You confront her during her deposition.

What... you don't want
the automatic "A"?

Uh, yeah, no, of course I do.

I just, uh...

why me?

Because you're my puppet.

Mrs. Duvall, during his
deposition yesterday,

your oldest son, Jared,
testified that...

My oldest is Nelson.

Oh, sorry.

Um, your... Nelson testified that, uh,

you depended on him for everything.

Is that what he said?

Uh... I believe so.

Is that not true?

I relied on my son for
things any mother would.

I just never thought he'd
try to murder me for that.

All right.

Hang on. My, uh, cards got mixed up.

She's a disaster.

Ms. Keating, perhaps
you should take over

so our witness isn't forced
to be up here for too long.

This is a teaching clinic.

Just let us know if you need a break.

Oh, no.

I've been waiting for
this for a long time.


Would you say you're involved
in your children's love lives?

There isn't much to
be involved in sadly.


They're all single, unhappily so.

Oh, because I believe Karen
mentioned she was involved

with a man who delivered your produce.

Oh, Roger Colby used her for sex.

That's not a real relationship.


Mrs. Duvall, Karen kept
her relationship with Roger

a secret.

So how'd you find out about it?

Call it mother's intuition.

Or did you find out by snooping
into her secret e-mail?

- Excuse me.
- Ms. Keating...

You require your employees

to lock their cellphones in your desk

while they're working, correct?

- You don't have to answer that.
- It's company policy.

A policy that allowed you
to read Karen's e-mail

about poisoning you,

which is why you decided
to poison yourself.

That's how angry you were at them.

I call for a break.

I will not be accused
of lies in this room.

- Then admit what you did.
- Mrs. Duvall...

Is this what you wanted... To
tell everyone how you feel?

You gave your children your life,

and they paid you back by
fantasizing about your death.

It devastated you...

to the point where that
you risked your life

to teach them a lesson.

Mrs. Duvall, you have the right
to seek advice of counsel.

Children always take
their mothers for granted.

Maybe now mine won't.

Nothing further.

The automatic "A" is
yours, Ms. Castillo.

The rest of you, I suggest
you start studying.

I'm in the mood to give some F's.

Oh, she handed you that
win. Don't look so cocky.


I'll trade you my outlines
for the rest of the year.

Never, but drinks on me, everyone,

at Liberty Hill.

Hey, want to walk over
to the bar... together?

Uh, you know, I should go study.

Wow, look at you, taking your
schoolwork all seriously.

Yeah, you know, fake
it till you make it.


Hey, are... are you okay?


President Hargrove.


Give me your phone.

I'm sorry?

I know the best family
attorney in the city.

Oh, no need.

Raul and I are trying
to work things out.

And you know he's not
going to change his mind?

Her name is Nina Horton. She's great.


Any time.

You finally want your
shot to come at me, too?

I ran in to Nate at the courthouse.

Did he say something to you?

He told me to be careful.

Of me?

I'm sorry I lied to the police.

It's fine.

Not if Charles has an alibi.

You'll just have say that you saw

someone who looked like him.

And then what?

We wait till the next
terrible thing happens?

I wanted to tell Nate it's you

who should be protected from me.

Ah, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I'm just saying what everyone thinks.

They're wrong.

You don't have the luxury
to feel guilty right now.

It's not fair to your mother.

She sacrificed for you
to have a good life.

So that's your job to
live as good as you can.

We both owe her that.



You're drunk.


Can I drink that water?

Did something happen with Thomas?

Yeah, Thomas isn't
ready to date a poz guy.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

It's fine.

It's not.

I want to say something,

but I'm not sure if it's
just me being selfish.

Say it.

I miss you,

and I-I know I shouldn't tell you that

'cause I-I broke up with you.

And I-I hurt you,

and I see that every single day.

So for me to come here

just because I'm, like,
sad and depressed,

that's... not fair.

You can always come
to me. You know that.

Isn't that just selfish, though?


'Cause I miss you, too.

Ah... She won't notice.

It's Michaela. Of course she will.


You were right...

that I need to go to
her, tell her everything.

I just felt like I
needed to do something

that proves she can still trust me.

I'm so sorry I left you.

Was Laurel not home?

She must've been your first stop.

I'm just your...

sloppy seconds.

You're mad.

I understand that.

I'm not mad.

I'm just bored.

I needed to go fix things on my own.

Then tell me that

instead of abandoning
me in some motel room.

I was afraid you'd stop me.

I don't believe you!

I lied to Annalise to help you,

risked everything.

And you just threw it back in my face.

You used me.


That meant something to me.

I can't believe anything
you say anymore.

I screwed up, a-and I
hate myself for that.

You should.

But I need you so bad right now.

You killed us the minute
you left me in that room.

This isn't you talking.

This is the most honest
I've ever been with you.

It's Annalise. She's in your head.

Annalise was the only one of
us who was right about you.

Sam just fell for your
act, and so did I,

and that was the worst
mistake any of us ever made.

Please don't do this.

Get out.

I'll do anything.

I said, get out.

Get out!

Get out!

Get out!

Oh, I hope to God Connor's not here.

I want to make noise.



Wait. You two are friends again?

We've always been friends.

Yay to my bro-mos!


Ah, sorry, gentlemen.

Duty calls.

Connor, why is my duvet upside-down?!

I'd probably be drunk, too,

if I already had an "A" on a midterm.

I'm not drunk.

I'm tipsy,

and I'll give you my "A" if you want it.

I know how hard tests are for you.

Ow! Ohh.

Okay, you should probably go to bed

before you hurt yourself.

I'll see you in class tomorrow, okay?


Good night.

Good night. Love you.


Page Dr. Lowell!

It's Meggy.

It's Meggy, Laurel. You're okay.

You have a tube in your throat,
and it's helping you breathe.

So I just need you stay calm.

The doctor's on her way,
okay? It's gonna be all right.

It's okay.

What? What? What? What is it?


Pen? This?

Okay, okay.

Here, here.

Here. Right here.

Oliver and I have been
trying to calling him, okay?

It's late, and he's probably sleeping.

As soon as he calls,
I will let you know.

I promise.

Well, here it is.


- The evidence?
- Anonymous source.

Provided information that
ties you to the charges.


You sure you don't want
an attorney present?


Your pen.

This is wrong, as is this.

You said this would cover

obstruction of justice and conspiracy,

so I want that in writing, too.

That's blanket immunity.

You want someone to help take her down?

This is the only way I talk.