How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - We're Bad People - full transcript

With Annalise in jail on charges of arson and first-degree murder, the Keating 4 try to cope with Wes' death.

Previously on "How to Get
Away with Murder"...

A plane ticket home.

Your friends
aren't your family, Micky.

I remember you showing up

messed up
the night of the bonfire.

I wasn't high, Oli.
I was traumatized.

Traumatized from what?

Like you don't already know.

Hello? Don't get alarmed, but you
need to come to the police station.

His attorney's calling him
down here right now.

Land him.

We'd like Wes to cooperate
in an ongoing investigation.

A body was found in the woods.

Rebecca Sutter.
Here it is... immunity.

come to the house right away.


No, no!!

Wipe it clean.

Everything on it.

The official charge...
Arson and first-degree murder.

The evidence?

An anonymous source.

Laurel's pregnant.

- Who's dead?
- It's Wes.

He was already dead,
before the fire.

I didn't do this.

You're not gonna let me get it at all?
No, you have to get it yourself.

not gonna make it easy for you.

Professor Keating.

I, uh...
I got that internship.

What internship?

To work
with undocumented immigrants?

Oh, right.
You got it?



I take it that's Meggy?



She looks like
she wants an introduction.


That would be weird, right?

Uh, totally.

Just tell her I have a meeting.

Got it.


on the internship.



You're getting out of here.

I'm being released?

No, we're transferring you to
county till your bail hearing.

Up and at 'em.

Tilt your head forward.
I'm gonna search your hair.

Open your mouth.

Your wrist.

These are yours and yours alone
to take care of.

If you lose or destroy
any property in your cell,

you will receive a fine.


Everyone's in the waiting area.

They want to see you,

but the doctors
would only let me in.

I told them I was your lawyer.


Wes died before the fire.

The M.E. told me.

Did you see anything
before the explosion?


I know you're in pain,

but the detectives
will be here soon.


I want to tell them who did it.



Where is he, then?

I want to ask him to his face.

You know he would never
hurt any of us.

Of course he would.


If you tell the police,
it will hurt all of us.

or I'll tell them everything.

How is she?


Can we see her?

The doctor said she's too weak.

Does she remember anything?

She's in shock.

I'll call Meggy,
see if she can get us in.


She needs to be with people
right now.

She needs sleep.

Or you just don't want us
to see her.

You're scared that we might find
out what actually happened.

No one knows what happened.

The police seem pretty confident

that this was Annalise.

Someone's framing her.

And this is not the place
to talk about it.

Go home.
Take care of each other.

I will call you
once I know anything.

Where are you going?

To see Annalise.

Just... Tell her
I'm sorry.

Are you okay?


You should come back with us.

I think I'm just gonna go home.

Ol, it's not healthy
to be alone right now.

No, I... actually, I think that's
exactly what I need, so...

Laurel thinks it was you.

And what do you think?

Just answer me.

You think I'd do this
to Annalise?

After everything?

I don't know what to think

We know who did this.

It's the Mahoneys.

They must have found out
Wes is Wallace's son,

that you knew him.

They have money to make
whatever they need happen.


Doesn't matter who did it.

Only person locked up is me.

Your bail hearing
is tomorrow at 2:00.

I called Helen Hughes.
She wants the case.

Eve would be
a conflict of interest.

a conflict of interest.

You have to do this.


I will find someone you trust.

You need the best.

We're under attack here.

It has to be you.

Are you sure?

I showed you.

No, I know,
but what if it ripped

when you were taking it off?


"Yeah" as in
"that's what happened"?

I don't know.

Come here.

I hate my genes.

I was on the pill when I was 17,

but I turned into my mother...

Anxious, depressed.

I'm fine.

I just had my period, so...

Yeah, I'm just being paranoid.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

It is.

No, it's the condom
manufacturer's fault.

Yeah, but if I wasn't so big,

it never would've broke.

Come on.
That was funny.

It wasn't.

I thought it was.

It wasn't.


Those detectives are here.

Could these drugs hurt the baby?


They have you on Dilaudid
because it's safe for pregnancy.

Send them in.

I walked in,
I didn't see anyone,

so I looked in the kitchen.

That's when I saw that
the basement door was open,

so I went down there.

What did you see?


I just heard a... mm...

A noise coming from upstairs,

and then I woke up here.

When professor Keating
called you,

did she say why
she wanted you at the house?

You're trying to charge her

with my attempted murder, right?

Annalise didn't do this.

Because you know who did?

Well, that's your job
to figure out.

It's got to be Frank's, right?

He's only been back a week.

Yeah, well, it only takes
one orgasm to make a baby.

Can we please stop
talking about this,

especially in front of my mom?

Why? You afraid she's gonna want
to adopt it?




What does it say?

I'm sorry.

I told her to go.

Yeah, but that was before
she knew anyone was dead.

She knew.

She's probably at the AirPort.
I-i can go grab her.

I don't...

I don't care.

Look, anyone
would be upset by this.

I'm upset because
our friend is dead,

not because
of that terrible woman.

Did you really just call
Waitlist your friend?

'Cause I kind of
recall you hating him

before he became barbecue.

I'm gonna take a shower.

Dibs on the second shower.

You not eating?

What, you trying to keep it
tight for a conjugal,

or you just afraid of needing to
drop the kids off at the pool?

Look, you gonna pee,
drop a deuce,

get your period,
have sex in front of us.

Sooner you get over it
the better.



See, it's easy.

It's no different than you alone

in what I'm guessing
is some big Ol', fancy crib...

Bitch, will you just
leave her be?

Or do I need to drown you
in your own piss?

So, you admit

going to talk to Ms. Keating
in her holding cell,

and this is just an hour

after you talked
to the medical examiner?

Due to our prior relationship,

I felt she might disclose
key evidence for us.

To be clear,
you did this on your own.

No one in this office
cleared you to do that?


Well, Nate, I'm sorry,

but we're gonna need
to reassess your position here.

You tell him about us?


That's a no.

We've been sleeping together.

I imagine any demotion

might be construed
as sexual harassment.

Grabbing a woman's ass
is never okay.

I thought you were
my girlfriend.

That's the best excuse

you could come up with,
baby trump?

Mm, it's not an excuse.

You look just like her.

You might know her...
Michaela Pratt?

I might know her
'cause she's black?

We all look alike?

No. No, no.
That's not what I meant.

So you're a racist
and a pervert.

H-how does that
make me a racist?

I-I can understand a pervert,
sure, but...


This is my friend Wes.

He'll tell you.

Doesn't she look
exactly like Michaela?

Oh, my god.
You're just making this worse!

You do kind of look like her.

Not a racist.

Come anywhere near me again,

and I report you to the police.

You think that was racist,
don't you?

I just think you're white.

Please don't tell Michaela.

Stop it.


How you doing?

I just need sleep.

I told you I want to be alone.

I know.

I just didn't know
if you really meant that.

What's going on, Oli?

Annalise asked me

to delete everything
on her phone last night...

Before I knew Wes was dead.

That means she did this, right?


You told Bonnie
you thought she did it.

Yeah, I was wrong.
She's being framed.

Or maybe you're lying to me

the same way you lied about
the night of the bonfire.

Sam Keating went missing
that night.

His remains were found
a few weeks later.

Did you all do that?

Do you really want to know?

No, because
the minute you tell me...

I'm guilty, too, right?

Of conspiracy to commit murder,

obstruction of justice?

You could go to the police
right now.

Nobody would blame you.

I just want to be by myself right now.
Oli, look, I'll stay.

We don't even need to talk.
Connor, please.



I'll be at Michaela's.

Thanks for seeing me.

The autopsy report's
not out yet.

I know, but you must have
heard something...

I haven't.

I can't be telling you
when I do.

Why'd you go to her last night
if you don't want to help?

So I could look her in the eye
and see if she did this.

She didn't.

You know that for a fact?

This is your shot

to get on the right side
of this.

I can take you upstairs,
give you immunity.

You should go.

Don't call me again.


For who?

Your kids are here.

Oh, finally!


I won't look.

Hey, you gave in!

Now you got a visitor.

Don't forget to wipe.

I pushed the bail hearing a day.


They still haven't released
the autopsy reports,

which we need if we want
to challenge a bail denial.

Did you go to Nate?

We don't need Nate.

The M.E. will release
the cause of death soon,

and we're still looking
for who the source is.



I don't want him
anywhere near this.

He's not.

I promise.

Don't worry.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

Tell me you found something.

Call log from the station
last night...

Every call made or received.

Best I could do.

What's wrong?

She needs a real lawyer.

What would Sam say right now?

You're as good as Annalise.

Let's go.

Did you call your parents?

Do you want me to call them?

Mm, they'll just make it worse.

Bonbon said the police
will be stopping by.

Yeah, they were here.

They wanted me to tell them
it was Annalise.

Did you?


Why not?

Annalise wouldn't hurt Wes.

She would
if he was gonna turn her in.

She probably had Frank do it.

And you're just protecting Frank
'cause the baby's his, right?

Shut your mouth right now.

Annalise wouldn't do this.

Then why did she have Oliver

delete everything
from her phone?

What are you talking about?

She told him to clear her phone

before he knew
that Wes was dead.

And now he might go
to the police.

You have to stop him.


Have you lost your mind?
We'll all go to jail!

How do you know
that she didn't do this

or that she's coming
for one of us next?

It was the Mahoneys.
Wes testified against them.

How do we know this wasn't you?


Where were you last night?

I was with Thomas.
I told you.

And he'll verify that?

Because you haven't seemed
that upset by this.

Do you seriously think
I did this?

Wes is dead,
and you're not upset at all!

Who's the person
who started all this?

It's always been him.

Stop talking.
So, yeah.

Maybe part of me
is relieved that he's gone.

Connor! He did kill
someone, after all,

so maybe this is just karma.

The baby is Wes'.

Well, you should
just get an abortion now,

'cause Waitlist isn't the type of
father you want for your child.


Hit me!

Do it! Hit me!

Get off!
Get off of him!

Asher, what is wrong with you?!



You look like a picture

straight out
of a Middleton brochure.

You know, if they allowed
killers in there.

What do you want?

I just like looking at you.

I have to study, Connor.

I just got out of therapy.

It's the first time
I've been back since I was 17

and needed to talk through
all my gay stuff.

Now I just need to talk through

All my murder stuff.

I'm kidding.

I talked about Oliver
the whole time.

It's lame, I know.

He just needs space.

How do you know?

He got really drunk at my
birthday party the other night

and told Meggy.

We should let them go, right?

Like, if we were
at all good people,

we'd want them to be free of us.


What did you do to him?

I-I assume
there's a reason

that he went all frat boy
on you.

I said something stupid.

Grief makes people
do stupid things.

How are you?

I don't know.

I can't even
look at you right now.

Is that what you were like
when you ran over Sinclair?

You've got some crazy
rage problems or something?

I'm just upset.
We're all upset!

You don't seem that sad.

I'm sad.

I'm just not crying about it
every second like you.

Okay, but what about
when your mom left?

That clearly hurt you...

We're dealing with your mess
right now, not mine.

We're all a mess right now!

That's the point!

And maybe
I'm supposed to hide that

or pretend
that I'm some unfeeling jerk,

but... Wes is dead.

That doesn't mean you get
to act like an animal.

Go home.


I'm staying here with Laurel

to make sure you didn't
put her on suicide watch.


Look at this number...
Where it came from.

Brookline, mass.

Hannah Keating called the police
at 10:30 that night.

It was after the fire started.

I don't know how she could have
found out about it so soon

unless she knew
it was going to happen.

Or she was working
with the Mahoneys.

It seems insane, I know,

but she's always wanted
the house,

and she'd know that hurting Wes
would hurt you.

I called her.

Automated voice-mail box for...

Hannah Keating.

You always hated my black ass

living in your mommy
and daddy's house.

So take it, Hannah.

I'm done with it.

Not like anything good
happened to me

since the minute
I moved in here.

That's not enough
to incriminate you.

She thinks I killed Sam,

so she'll say
whatever it takes to ruin me.

She finally won.

It just took me helping her.

Shopping for Meggy?

You feel bad you dumped her

and think tacky jewelry
will win her back?


Then who's it for?

Do not say Annalise.

No. God.


Don't tell anyone.

Why not?

The same reason you didn't want
to tell us about Asher.

Because I was
embarrassed of him.

Which makes sense

if you're Laurel
in this situation,

but you...


You're worried
Frank's gonna find out.

He'll kill you.
You know that?

We're happy.

I just... Don't want
to ruin that.

I won't tell anyone.


But I do not approve.

You broke up with Meggy
like five minutes ago,

and now you're already buying
jewelry for some other girl?

It's not just some other girl.

I'm just saying,

maybe you need to be alone
for a second.

How would you know what I need?

This is the most
we've ever talked.


It's not like you come
talk to me, either.

How much can you spend?

'Cause our girl's rich, and
she'll know if you cheap out.

Your nurses are no joke.

They won't give up
the pain meds.

Should I get ice chips?

I could read you a conlaw brief.

That should put you
right to sleep.

How's your mom?

Uh, she left.


It doesn't matter.

I need to be distracted.


I kicked her out.

It was before
I knew what happened.

Or I'm just a horrible person.

You're not.

I am.

Whatever you need or decide,

I'm here for you, okay?

Oh, press it.

It's green.

Automated voice-mail box for...

Hannah Keating.

So, take it, Hannah.

I'm done with it.

No, no!!

You burned a boy in your house.

Or that's... What
I heard the guards say.

Good thing you a lawyer.

I knew I'd seen
your face before...

In court once,
waiting on one of my cases.

You was wearing this badass
red-leather jacket...

Had them Malaysian tracks

guns out, screaming
at that old-white-man D.A.

And I'm thinking,

"why can't this queen
defend me?"

Jacked up, ain't it?

No matter how high
or how far we climb,

they gonna find a way
to pull us back down.

I have a plan.

If I compel them to disclose
Hannah as their source,

I can undermine her testimony

She accused you of killing Sam.

It all speaks
to her bias against you.

Tell me you think
it's a good idea.

Whatever you think.

Due to the heinous
nature of this crime,

the murder of Wesley Gibbins,

we believe
Ms. Keating's release

would pose a threat
to the citizens of Philadelphia.

And with her financial resources...

We see little
impeding her flight.

the state strongly recommends

your honor deny her bail.

Ms. Winterbottom?

Your honor, the state's evidence

to support their allegations
against my client

is lacking,
if not non-existent.

We aren't arguing the facts
of this case today, your honor.

Any effort
to deny my client bail

must be based on credible evidence...

But the state's case
is based on an anonymous source.


My client was arrested

before an autopsy of the victim
could be conducted.

There's an independent basis
for probable cause.

It's our right to ask
that the source be identified

to know whether there's
any warrant to this case.

Mr. Denver,
may I ask why

you don't want
to reveal this source?

We are protecting their safety,
your honor.

Well, certainly
there's additional evidence

you could offer the court
to prove that the defendant

should remain in custody
until the trial,

otherwise I'm inclined
to set bail.

Your honor, we would ask
for a short recess

so that we may discuss
the matter internally?

15 minutes.

Oh, my god.
What happened?

I said some stuff
I shouldn't have.

Well, where is everyone?

Michaela's at the hospital.

Asher's at
Annalise's bail hearing.

And you didn't want to go?

I don't know what I want
to happen to Annalise right now.

Because you think she did it?

I don't know.

Oli, you got to go
to the police.


You can tell them

that you cleared her phone
because she threatened you.

She didn't.
You can get immunity.

And what about you?
It doesn't matter.

I-I'm not just gonna
go turn you in.

I'm gonna be fine, okay?

You're my life, Connor.

Well, you can find
someone better!

Don't say that.

I slept with Thomas.

That's what I was doing
last night.

I was... I was
sleeping with him.

I... I wasn't at Asher's.

You still want to protect me?

Of course.

You just slept with him
to hurt me.

Yeah, and I'm gonna
continue to hurt you.

It's... it's what I do.

It's who...
It's who I am.

It's who we all are.
We are bad people.

No, you're not.

Look, I don't even care
that Wes is dead.

I don't.
Honestly, I do...

I feel nothing.

I'm just broken and sick,

and I need all of this to stop.

So, please...

Please, just do
what I never could.

You're bleeding.


You can end all this.

Just be quiet.

This is a question
of safety, your honor,

which is why we cannot reveal
the identity of our source.

we are prepared to disclose

an additional piece of evidence
at this time.

Ms. Atwood.

Your honor,
I've been running point

on an investigation

into Annalise Keating's
potential involvement

in a number of unsolved crimes.

We approached Wesley Gibbins
with an immunity deal

in exchange for his cooperation

in building the case
against her.

Mr. Gibbins did not
sign the immunity deal,

but you can see
he made notations

which prove he was about
to accept the terms.

he left the station

and, in just a few hours,
was killed in a fire.

We proffer that Mr. Gibbins
went to Ms. Keating's,

told her about
the investigation,

which is why she killed him.

Your honor,
there are other suspects

the D.A.'s office
is refusing to look into.

our investigation...

The victim was an eyewitness

in the Charles Mahoney
murder trial.

All the evidence
points to Ms. Keating.

the Mahoney family had motive

to kill Mr. Gibbins.

Ms. Winterbottom,
you asked for more evidence.

This is it.
But, your honor...

I'm denying Ms. Keating's
request for bail

and ordering
that she be remanded

to Philadelphia county prison
to await trial.

Wes didn't sign the deal.

That means we can challenge
the theory of motive. Bonnie.

If that's all they have, I'll get it
thrown out. Didn't you hear them?

It's just the beginning.

You did your best.

Good afternoon.

On behalf of
the district attorney's office,

we're pleased
with the judge's decision

to keep Annalise Keating
in state custody

for the duration
of her prosecution.

A young man has been murdered,

and it is
of the utmost importance

to A.D.A. Atwood and myself

that Ms. Keating
be brought to justice

for this heinous crime.

You're right.

I acted like a neanderthal,

and... Clearly, that's
something I have to work on,

and I will, but...

To have to spend another night
in that dorm, alone...

Promise me I'll never see you
act that way again.

I promise.

I'm serious.

That's not behavior
I can handle.

I know, and I...


I'm not the only one
you need to apologize to.

We intend to hold
Ms. Keating accountable

for her violent, senseless actions.

took the life of this bright young man...


One of her own law students

at Middleton university.

He was someone who trusted her,
who worked for her,

and, ultimately,
was murdered by her.

Current charges
against Ms. Keating

are arson
and first-degree murder.

But we have just
scratched the surface

of the evidence
we plan to present.

In the past, Ms. Keating
has been questioned

for crimes close to her
that have gone unsolved...

Most notably the murder
of her husband, Sam Keating.

This trial will yield new
information about that murder.

We're also here today
to announce that we've received

the official autopsy report
for Mr. Gibbins.

Dr. Bradfield

of the Philadelphia
medical examiner's office

has confirmed
our initial suspicions

that Mr. Gibbins'
cause of death

is asphyxiation
due to smoke inhalation.

This reaffirms our belief

that Ms. Keating planned
and executed the fire

in order to kill
Mr. Gibbins.

Smells like fresh fish.

I saw someone there...

In the basement.

They ran out of the storm door.

Was it you?


It should have been you.

He'd still be alive

if you would have
just stayed away.

But he's dead.

I don't blame Annalise for that.

I blame you,
'cause it's always you.

I loved him so much more
than I have ever loved you.

It should have been you.

Well, look who's back.

You're not permitted to be here.

You said he died
before the fire.

Before I did
the official autopsy.

Our initial theories
change all the time.


I ain't trying to kill you.

What, y'all girlfriends now?

It's Frank.
Leave a message.

They're saying
Wes died in the fire,

and it's not true, so...

Just... I need you.

We were told you wanted
to make a statement?

About the murder of Wes Gibbins.

What about it?

I did it.


Get in.

Come on.
It's time we talk.


You've each been chosen for my
very first criminal-law clinic.

In here,
you're not just students

but actual practicing lawyers.

You finally get to be me.

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