How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Not Everything's About Annalise - full transcript

As Annalise struggles to cope with prison life, Frank attempts to confess to Wes' murder with opposition from the DA. While the Keating 4 struggle over Annalise's innocence.

Previously on "How to
Get Away with Murder"...

Sam Keating went missing that night.

His remains were found
a few weeks later.

Did you all do that?

Do you really want to know?

I'm denying Ms. Keating's
request for bail

and ordering that she be remanded

to Philadelphia County Prison.

Dr. Bradfield

of the Philadelphia
Medical Examiner's Office

has confirmed that Mr.
Gibbins' cause of death

is asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation.

You said he died before the fire.

Before I did the official autopsy.

Our initial theories
change all the time.

I saw someone there. Was it you?


It should have been you.

We were told you wanted
to make a statement?

About the murder of Wes Gibbins.

What about it?

I did it.

How'd you know where to find me?

I've got contacts at the station.

You know that.

What'd they want?

They're investigating Annalise.

You tell them anything?


But I might.


That you killed my father.

You think Laurel would approve?

Why wouldn't she?

You'd be hurting me.

Maybe that's what she wants.

You don't know her.

Not like me.

I know that she deserves
better than you.

And you think that's you?

I'd never hurt her the way you have.

Or Annalise.

You don't know Annalise.

You killed her son.

She told me.

And now you're dead to her.

You know that. Otherwise,
you'd have hurt me by now.

But you're not gonna.

Because you know she would
never forgive you for it.

That's how much more I
mean to her than you.

I picked him up in my car,

told him Annalise wanted to see him.

He was nervous... I could tell.

But then he got in.

I took him to the house.

When he saw she wasn't there,
he got scared, tried to leave,

so I knocked him out.


Keating. On your feet.

I said, "On your feet"!

Where are you taking her?

Turn around.

Where you taking Fresh Fish?

I ain't even got a taste yet.

Dang, mama, I was gonna make you my boo.

Cut the gas line and left the
burner going on the stove.

Gave me time to get out
before it all went up.

Watch your head.

Where are we going?



Let's say we do believe you.

Why kill him?


She left me for him.

I tried to be okay with it, but...

I lost it when I found
out she was pregnant.

On the gate!

- Where's my lawyer?
- Quiet.

You're violating my Sixth
Amendment right to counsel.

She's all yours.

I demand to see my lawyer.

You wanted Laurel dead, too?


She was in the house when it exploded...

She wasn't supposed to be.

That's why I'm here.

I can't take that I hurt her.

I don't talk till I see Bonnie.

- She didn't answer her phone.
- It's the middle of the night.

And this is urgent.

Let's talk about Frank Delfino.

You were Delfino's lawyer, right?

When he was charged with attempting

to murder his father...
Got him out on parole.

After that, you gave him a job,
brought him into your home.

A little unorthodox.

Was he working as an
investigator for you?

I killed him.



and Elvis.

What else do you want to know?

All of it is inadmissible
until you get me my lawyer.

Ms. Winterbottom,

this is Officer Taylor
from the Philadelphia PD.

Get up. You're free to go.


Your confession can't be corroborated.

So either we arrest you

for obstruction of justice and perjury

or you get to go home... We
forget this ever happened.

You got street cameras
outside the station, right?

Ma'am, you can't just walk back there!

I'm Ms. Keating's lawyer.


You're gonna arrest
me but not charge me?

We can question you for 48 hours

before we have to charge you.

You got a lawyer you want us to call?

Nah. I'm done hiding.


No. Get him out of here.

I killed Wes.

Tell Annalise I'm sorry!

Please! Tell her I'm sorry!

Obviously, this is a difficult time.

I urge you to use the
resources we have available...

Talking to counselors, taking time off,

whatever you need.

The Office of the
President will support you.

Thanks. That means a lot.

Obviously, we have
some outside attention

because of Professor Keating's arrest...

Police, journalists.

So please know we are a resource

if you need any guidance.

He's a lawyer, right?

Um, Mike Richardson, a
trustee for the university.

With all due respect, the whole
"We're here for you" spiel

loses its intended effect

when you have legal
counsel taking notes.

It's university policy
to have adequate record

in situations like these.

You mean situations where you
need to protect the endowment.

I can assure you

my presence is simply about
safeguarding your welfare.

No, you're afraid we're going to sue...

You know, for negligence
and punitive damages

for not providing adequate
security to your students.

We simply wanted to
check how you're doing.

Wes was a close friend of yours.

Not that close, really.

Regardless, we've all lost

a member of this campus's family.

Did you ever even meet Wes?

No, but...

Have you scheduled a
memorial for him yet?

Of course not.

Because your immediate goal

is to distance this university
from Professor Keating.

Michaela, we should just...

Let me remind you that
the most basic legal tenet

is innocence until proven guilty.

That applies to Professor Keating,

who... let's be clear... Is being framed

for a crime she didn't commit.

Yet this office still
hasn't released a statement

of support for her, which I understand

from a covering-your-ass point of view,

but not from a
looking-to-the-future one.

Professor Keating is Middleton Law.

She is a brilliant, empowering
force of legal nature,

and you should think long and hard

before you hang her out to dry.

They're talking to Atwood.

She'll have to drop the charges
now that Frank's been arrested.

I've scheduled a call with Judge Malik

to get the paperwork moving.

I'm getting you out of here,
Annalise, by the end of the day.

Tomorrow at the latest.

Trust me.

I trusted you to get me out on bail.

Look how that went.

Where did the car go after?

Not sure, but we're checking
all the security cameras.

And you still haven't
found Wes Gibbins' phone?

No, so we're screwed.

We're on record that
Keating acted alone.

I know, but that doesn't
prove Delfino was involved.

He's the last person to
see our victim alive.

You think any jury's gonna
believe he didn't kill him?

Come in.

You wanted to see me?

Close the door.

What's this?

We need you back on the Keating case.

What changed?

Frank Delfino confessed to
killing Wes Gibbins last night.

Doing it for Annalise.

Of course.

What do you need?

To make sure his story checks out.

You know Laurel Castillo, right?

I haven't been back in a hospital

since my wife was sick.

Ovarian cancer.

The hardest thing...

Losing someone too soon.

You still work for the D.A.?

Who do you think sent me?

When did you know you were pregnant?

Frank turned himself in last night.

He says he killed Wes

because he found out about the baby.

So... you tell Frank you were pregnant?

I don't feel well.

So you didn't tell him.

I want you to leave.

I know what it's like to be
scared of Annalise, believe me.

Call me when you want to talk.


Did Frank confess?

Who told you that?

Just tell me.


Who told you?


Nate. He just wants to know
if Frank knew I was pregnant.

Did he?


I didn't even know.

Which means he's lying.

He's just trying to
save Annalise, right?

I don't know.

I'll call you back.


You have another suspect
who has confessed.

A suspect who has
every reason to do this

at your client's bidding.

If you don't believe him, why hold him?

That's the detectives' call.

This office hasn't even decided
if we even want to charge him.

Because you know you have to
release my client the minute you do.

We need more than this
very convenient confession

to believe a career criminal.

So you're saying you have
no other evidence yet?

Oh, we have evidence...
A mountain of it...

And it all points to Annalise Keating.

Atwood's lying.

They have evidence against Frank,

and if I can find it, I
can get Annalise released.

You're tired. So am I.

But this helps us all.

What do you need?

Call Oliver. Have him hack the D.A.


He did it for Annalise once already.

That was before.

Before what?

He knows about Sam.


I told him.

- You what?!
- Why would you do that?

'Cause I'm an ass.

Look, he already promised he
wouldn't go to the police.

You believe that?

Well, we haven't been
arrested yet, have we?

You thought things couldn't
get any worse, right?

- I'm gonna go talk to him.
- No.

You messed up. Now
it's my job to fix it.

How is that your job?

Who else is gonna be the
grown-up around here?

Hey, BonBon's here.

Oh, is that what you were doing
with the president this morning?

Because all I saw was an
entitled crazy person.

I was saving our asses.

You were defending Annalise
like she deserves it.

If they sell her out, which
you know they want to do,

then we all go down.

- Maybe we should.
- No!

When are we gonna stop helping Annalise,

when it only makes things worse?

You are the only one getting
us in trouble right now.

Wes is dead.

- Annalise probably killed him.
- She didn't.

Oh, sorry. Frank did.

He's just taking the fall.

- You would believe that.
- Listen!

Annalise is a mess.

She is losing it in there, and...

I'm scared...

more than I should admit to you.

So I need your help, and so does she,

and maybe you hate that... And her.

But it is your lives
on the line here, too.

It's as simple as that.

Well, looky who's
back... The boy-killer.

What, you didn't think
I knew how to read?

What was it?

One of them Mrs.
Robinson type of things?

Your boy toy got tired
of your sad old ta-tas,

so you torched his ass?

Leave it alone, girl.

Well, ain't it bad enough

our men getting shot up by the police.

Now they got to worry
about us killing them, too?

Like police don't frame innocent people?

She ain't innocent!

Says right there she
offed her husband, too!

Shoot, I'm scared, to be honest,

like maybe you're one
of them black widows

and you're gonna come
at me and Jas next.


You asleep?

I have 10 minutes before my rounds,

so I thought I would sneak you a-these.


So, I heard you could
get discharged soon.


Any news from the police?



Didn't I see that detective
in here this morning?

Uh, I thought you were
on an O.B. rotation.

I am.

So how come you were here this morning?

I came to visit you.

You never stopped by.

Well, that's because
that guy was in here.


What's going on?

We're not friends, Meggy.

Maybe we could have been

when Wes was still here, but he's dead.

And it's illegal for you to know
details about my medical care

when you're not actually
my doctor, so...

I really need to sleep.

Sit down.


Just sit. Then we'll explain.

My God. You're making this
worse than it has to be.

You've said enough on this topic,

so you can shut your mouth.

We know you know, Oliver.

You told them.

Don't look at him. Right here.

This is clearly a
stressful time for you,

as it is for all of us,
and I'm sorry about that.


We understand that you don't
know any of the details.

Yeah, and I don't want to.

I think that's smart,

because all you really need to know...

He just said that he
doesn't want to know.

Sam deserved it.

Even Annalise would tell
you that if she could.

Back here.

Every action you take right
now has consequences for us.

- Michaela.
- This is my life on the line,

and I've worked too
hard to have it ruined

because someone opened their fat mouth!

You understand... right?

I do.


Now you need to hack the D.A.

We checked every street
cam in a 10-mile radius.

We can't locate Delfino's
car in any of them.

So it's possible they
separated before Wes died.

Delfino says he drove Wes
straight to Keating's house.

I don't believe that.

We have enough to charge him.

- Give me more time.
- Why?

I just need to think. Please.

Come in.

- Should I come back?
- No, we're done.

Oh, keep it open.

You're the one who
cried sexual harassment.

Tell me you got something
out of the girl.

She won't talk to me.

Can I do anything else?

Help me get a new job after I get fired.

- Stop.
- The second the press hears

we wrongfully indicted
Annalise Keating, I'm done.

Ship me back to Tulsa.

Let me talk to Frank.

- No.
- I know the guy.

And I'm damn good at my job.

You're sure you don't want a lawyer?

I waive my rights.

Let's just get this over
with so you can charge me.

See, I'm not sure that's gonna happen.

I confessed.

You got me on candid camera.

What's so hard?

You're lying for Annalise.

And I understand why.

She's controlled you
for quite a long time.

Y'all have got 15 minutes!

Yeah, yeah. I heard you. Shoot.

Come on. Over here.

Put your stuff there.

Push to the front, get in, get out.

You were just a sad, angry criminal.

And Annalise showed
up, worked her magic,

and got you 10 years free.

And now you're sitting here,
paying her what she's owed.

She don't look as good
as she did in the paper.

She's still trying to keep
that weave tight, though.

Why she ain't turning around?

'Cause she rude.

Hey, yo!

Why you kill that boy?

Hey, I'm talking to you!

Annalise had nothing to do with this.

Of course she did.

She loved that kid.

No, she told you to be
a good little soldier

and take the fall for her.

You deaf, bitch?

I asked you a question.

Why'd you kill that boy?

I didn't.


Like hell you didn't.

Dumbass burnt down her
own big-ass crib, too.

Guess lawyers ain't as
smart as we thought.

Look at her running scared.

You're lying for her.

That camera shows Wes got
in your car at 4:24 p.m.,

but the house didn't explode
until a few hours later.

What happened in between?

I'm done.


Release me, call a public
defender to get you off my back,

but I'm done being interrogated.

You hear me? Done.

Yo, what this weave set you back?

Got to be at least half a G or so.

Enough to keep me in
smokes till my trial.

Get the hell away from me
before I beat your face!

Oh. Huh.

You gonna beat my ass?

Let's see.

Hey! Hey!

You want to roll up on
somebody, let's do it.

Or you just want to talk?

That's right! You better run!

Better sleep with one eye open, too.

You trying to get killed?


The only thing they like smelling more

than a man in here is fear.

Take it!



- I'm not who you were expecting.
- No.

I'm sorry if this is a shock.

It's just... I had a meeting
with your students this morning.


It's just protocol. Honestly.

Still, talking with them,

hearing how important you are to them...

What is this?

'Cause if you're here to
fire me, I got that part.


Then why are you here?

As my A.A. friend?

'Cause let me be clear...

If anyone offers me any liquor
in here, I'm drinking it.

Go. Say what you came to say.

Say it!

I just came to make sure you were okay.

That's all.

I'm sorry, Annalise.

I'm fine.

I know.

Still, I'm sorry.

You threatened him.

Oh, please! That was a gentle nudge.

You want to see a threat? Try me.

Oh, my God, you've lost it.

I am the only one holding
us together right now.

Because you're acting
like Mussolini right now.

Mussolini got things done, didn't he?

It may come as a surprise to you,

but I was not always the glue
that held this group together.

Yeah. I was late to the party, too.

Not... that it's a party.

It's a... murder.

That's bad, but...

I just... I get how scary this can be,

finding out about all the... awfulness.

So... I'm here if you
ever need to... talk

or... you just... want a hug.

Michaela! Connor!

What's wrong?

Uh, I got into Atwood's server

looking for stuff that
they had on Frank,

but it's mostly stuff
they had on Annalise.


They found a Jane Doe in the woods,

and the lab ran a bunch of DNA
tests to try to identify her.

Who is it?


It's the po-po.

We must have triggered an alarm.
They knew we were hacking...

No. No, no, no. I put
up a bunch of firewalls.

Shut up and act normal.

Did you find anything yet?

Look at that.

Either the D.A.'s
office is out of options

or they decided to send in the big guns.

Nice to see you, too.

New gig going well?

It'd be a whole lot better
if you told me the truth.

That's all I've done.

Yet here I sit.

No charge in sight.

Wes didn't die in the fire, man.

The M.E. report says he did.

So did you, in your... confession.

You screwed up with Annalise.

She told me that while you were away.

So this is your way of fixing things.

Not everything's about Annalise.

Did Frank kill Rebecca?


BonBon, please don't lie to us.

Why would I lie to you right now?

Are you being serious?

I don't know anything
that you don't know.

Please, just... everyone breathe.


Oh, God. What now?

They have a lot more on
Annalise than just Rebecca...

Like, tons.

They're investigating her
for Sam, the Hapstalls,

Emily Sinclair, Lila Stangard.

I can't do this anymore.

That's what I've been trying to say.


You were right.

They're not going to stop.

Even if they charge Frank for Wes,

they're just going to
keep coming at you.

For Sam..



You need to put it all on Frank.

We'll go to Atwood, ask for a deal,

say you'll talk.

Frank's a sociopath, you
were scared for your life,

so you didn't say anything,

but that's the reason he left town,

so you only knew for a few months.

He owes you this. He knows that.

You act like you're
bringing me a solution.

- It is.
- It's a lie.

It's the only shot you have right now.


Is Annalise gonna do it?

They're meeting with Atwood right now.


They don't extradite to the U.S.

They don't like gay people there.

Or black people.

I'm assuming.

Well, there have to be
other countries that...

Don't Google countries
where we can seek asylum.

The police might be tracking our phones.

All the more reason
for us to do something.

I'm serious.

We can... We can break Laurel
out of here, pick up Oli,

and Uber straight to the airport.

My passport's expired.

It's $100 to renew.

I didn't think I'd be able to
travel anywhere for a while.

Well, there goes that plan.

Meggy's acting sketchy.

She keeps visiting me.
She brought me jello.

Isn't that just nice?

Nice... or sketchy.

Oh, God.

How could we all be so stupid?

We have information relating
to various investigations.

In exchange, we'd like an immunity deal

for all charges against Ms. Keating.

You mean a "Get out of jail free" card

for crimes orchestrated by your client.

Ms. Keating played no
part in these crimes.

Therefore, there will be
no admission of guilt.

Of course not.

We came here to negotiate in good faith.

You mean to leverage
bodies for leniency.

I'm sure the state is
as interested as we are

in bringing closure to the
families of these unsolved cases.

To be clear, these are
unsolved murder cases.

We've told you everything
we're willing to tell you

without a deal.

One of your own students.

An orphan who fought his way through

a difficult foster-care
system to become something.

Ms. Keating is clearly devastated

by the loss of her student.

You were his professor,
and he trusted you.

It is in your interest
to negotiate with us.

He didn't have a mother figure, so you just
stepped right in and took advantage of that.

Speaking to my client in this way

- is an abuse of power.
- But that's what you do.

You get vulnerable, broken
people into your clutches,

- and you devour them.
- That's enough.

You insinuated yourself
into this boy's life.

This meeting is over.

You abused your power as his teacher.

You ruined his life.

You did this.

Burned this poor boy alive.

Just think about the pain
that he felt as he died.

The agony...

You want to know pain?!
I'll show you pain!

Uncuff me!

Look at my pain!

Uncuff me, I'll show you pain!

I'll show you pain.

Uncuff me. Uncuff me!

Look at my pain!

No deal.

Why is that funny?

No offense, Dorothy,

but your cupcakes are dry and tasteless.

Nobody ever likes your cupcakes.

My cupcakes are moist and delicious.

- Men love my cupcakes.
- Hey.

How'd it go?

She get the deal?

I need to talk to Laurel alone.


Just let me talk to her.

I'll be fine.

What is it?

You can fix this.

Give me all your 9s.

Go fish.

What the hell happened to you?

Give me the blade.

You're not gonna kill yourself, are you?

Just give it to me!


Would the lady like to
take off her clothes?

I am Gustav, and I heard

that the queen bee is
in need of a rubdown.


I'm under explicit instructions
to make sure you feel...

so very good.

Asher, stop.


Just... you were a boss today,

and, yeah, it's hot, but
also it was nice, too.

You know, feeling like
someone's in charge,

especially... right now.

So "Thank you" is all that I w...

Gustav was trying to say.

Focus on my shoulder blades.

That's where I carry all my stress.

As my lady commands.



Is Michaela behind you
to threaten me again?

Can I say anything, do anything?

Yeah, you can tell me this
is all just a terrible joke.

Like the time my brother told
me Mr. Giggles got hit by a car,

and I cried for hours,

until he brought the cat into my bedroom

and I learned all
about April Fools' Day.

How have you been doing this?

Get up in the morning and go to class,

listen to me complain about my role.

You don't have a role.


Even that... pretending like
things can be normal again.

I don't know how you've
been doing this by yourself

this whole time.

Now do you know why I wanted
you to go to the police?

- You were right to break up with me.
- Stop.

You wouldn't be in this mess

if it weren't for my big mouth.

I made you tell me.

I should have broken up with you, Oli.

A long time ago.

I should have rejected
you or made you hate me,

but instead, I... just needed you.

I need you, too.

Will you spoon me?

Don't let go.

I won't.

We dated off and on since first year.

When you say "off and on"...

It wasn't the most stable relationship.

So you broke up last spring,
and then you started dating Wes.

Then Frank killed him

because of your little love triangle?

It's more complicated than that.

I saw Frank last week.

I told him I was pregnant.

And that it was Wes'.

I would have never told him

if I ever thought he would hurt Wes.

Did Annalise put you up to this?

I haven't talked to
Annalise since the fire.

And Bonnie... she never
visited you in the hospital?

The visitors records will verify that.

I remember something
else from that night.

The doctors said that it would happen,

that the drugs would... wear off

and that I would remember things.

I, uh, saw Frank...

before the explosion.


In the basement.

He ran out of the storm door.

He did this.

Annalise uses you.

You do whatever she wants

because you know she'll
get rid of you otherwise.

What else have you done for her?

Killed people?


Rebecca ran away.

I know she was murdered.

Congratulations. You're
finally getting charged.

Frank Delfino, you are being charged

with the first-degree
murder of Wesley Gibbins.

Your bail hearing will be set

under the rules of criminal procedure.

Until then, you will be
residing in the county prison.

Clearly, you're still
hung up on this girl,

so... why don't we find her?

Can't be too hard to locate
a white girl with cornrows.

You killed her.

- Stop.
- Admit it.

I killed your dad.

Not Rebecca.

You know Frank didn't do this.

An eyewitness placed him at the scene.

We had no choice but to charge him.

Frank said he killed Wes in the fire,

but he died before that,
according to the M.E.

That was her initial report.

- Then run a second autopsy!
- That's not necessary.

Because it's a cover-up?

From where I stand,

the suspicious person
in all of this is you.

Is that it?

You're actually the one
covering up for Annalise?

My job here is to ask questions.

You're asking the wrong ones.

Am I?

Go home and get some sleep.
Clearly, you need it.

Take me back to the police station.


- You gonna tattle on us?
- Maybe.


I'll walk.

They charged Frank.


They charged him as your co-conspirator.

I thought that I could
do this, Annalise.

I really did.

I thought... that this
would get you out.

- It's okay.
- It's not.


I deserve this.

We got a puppy problem.


- He knows Rebecca's dead.
- How?

Cops, I guess.

- Are you still following him?
- Yeah.

You want me to do anything else?

Just don't lose him.

I'll call you soon.