How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - Anna Mae - full transcript

Annalise starts to break under pressure and wants to escape; Frank needs to accept the things he has done; Wes is one step closer to learning about his past.

Previously on "How to
Get Away with Murder"...

- Explain the cash.
- Hush money for Rebecca.

Stanford. I want you to come with me.

Your students were at the crime scene

the night my A.D.A. was murdered.

Use these e-mails to find Philip.

Stop fighting me!

They knew Philip was in town.

- What?
- Caleb. He's missing.

Nobody goes anywhere by themselves
until the police catch him.

I blame myself for all of it.

- Take him!
- You raped her.

And then came that boy,
your son, Christophe.

My father, he's dead.

He's very much alive,

and his name is Wallace Mahoney.

You did it for Sam.

She can't know.

You're the one that
ordered Frank to kill Lila.

There's my baby! She come home!

- You were the last person to see her.
- We don't know that.

Well, we do know that she kicked
everyone out of the house except for you.

Seriously, what did she
want to talk to you about?

That's none of your business.

Annalise is missing. Caleb is missing.

Everything's our business now.

- Annalise is missing?
- Where have you been?

Hung over. Where'd she go?

Do you need us to define
the word "missing" for you?

Oh, can everyone stop yelling, please?

I can hack into her credit cards.

- Perfect.
- O-man to the rescue.

- No one's hacking Annalise.
- Are you sure?

Nate hasn't seen her since yesterday.

What time did you leave here last night?

I don't know. 9:00?

And do you have someone that can
vouch for your whereabouts after that?

- Do you?
- Yeah. He's sitting right there.

Shouldn't we be calling the police?

No, no, no, O-man. We don't
trust the po-po in this house.

- I need to talk to you.
- Not now.


I was drunk and mad and stupid,

but I told her I wouldn't
tell anyone else,

so it doesn't really make sense, right,
that it's related to why she's gone?

- It does.
- Why?

Frank, just tell me.

Room 512.

Are you coming?

You ever been to Fishtown?


Something wrong?

What's better than sex?

You think I'm a gigolo?

I know what you are.

So, you want to change your life,

or are you happy just to stay
Annalise Keating's bitch?


Just tell me.

We found her.

Well, Oliver did.

She bought a plane ticket to Memphis.

- What's in Memphis?
- Her mother.

Why would she go there?

You want to tell her?


I'm sorry.

I forgot you're around
murderers all the time.

You were snoring so nice.

I thought I was 10 years old again.

You just home from work?

I stopped by to check on Mama,

but only got two words
in before she told me

to quiet my loud mouth
so as not to wake you.

I figured she'd come down with
a spontaneous case of dementia.

She said she's not sure
how long you're staying.

Fine. I won't pry.

Unless that's why you came.

You need to stop right there,

or else I'm gonna make you leave.

- Make me?
- Mm-hmm.

This is more my room than yours.

I only see my trophies over there.

You still haven't lost that big head.

That's 'cause I can back it up.

It's your big head you can back up?

And I could still back that up, too.

Didn't I send you up
here about an hour ago?

Anna Mae wouldn't let me leave.

Anna Mae begging you to leave

just so she can get her some more sleep.

The answer's no.

In a few minutes, you'll have
some people coming up here.

And you up under these covers
looking like "Who shot John?"

Girl, get up and get in the shower.

Oh, Mama.

What's wrong with you? You stupid?

You think we won't have
a little get-together

when we know you're back?

Get in the shower, Anna Mae.

I said get in the shower!

It's just a few people.

I'm lying. It's everyone.


I told them the first person

to bring up any of your
drama gets kicked out.

No banana pudding.

Anna Mae!

Look who's come on home to the holler!

Oh, Auntie, you're so country.

Is that Michelle Obama?!

We just glad to have
you for a visit, cuz.

You ready to jump on a
plane back to Philly?

Oh, you and all this hair.

Where did she come from?

Somewhere fancy, I'm guessing.

Hey, listen, did, uh, Celestine
tell you about Marlene?

Don't, Theo.

Oh, I'm telling her this story.

Marlene comes down here last year.

You know, Christmas, right?

She bragging about her new
boyfriend down in Atlanta.

That's where she living.

He's some old big-money
guy, works finance.

You know, fancy car this,
diamond earring that.

These suits are too good to go to waste.

Stop it.

Thelonius can use them
for his job search.

Now, who does she want to call? You.

Like you gonna help
her sad-ass boyfriend

that she been knowing for two months?


You got this pot on too high.

Nice, isn't it?


All those people still love you.

I tried to stop them from coming,

but the minute they
heard you were in town...

"The minute they heard"?

You're lucky to find any of us here.

Going to funerals is all I've been doing

ever since the last time I saw you.

You know, Buddy and Jacklyn.

I just thank God I didn't
have to add you to the list.

Mama. Look at me. I'm here, I'm better.

Better than being shot up.

But that doesn't make you all better.

Otherwise, why would you
drag your behind out here?

I'm your daughter, and I miss you.

Is that a fact?

Want to help me?

Go get me some butter from
the refrigerator, baby.

Well, you're not gonna
get it standing there.

I asked you to stay outside.

I know, but it's not every day

a daddy hears his baby
girl's come home for a visit.

How you doing, Anna Mae?

Anna Mae?

What's better than sex?

I know what you are.

You want to change your life?

Or are you happy just to stay
Annalise Keating's bitch?

Why are you here, anyway?

Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?

You know, you brought
me here to help you.

But if all I get is abuse from you...

- Abuse?
- Yeah.

All you do is rip on me.

I'll go get another job
if you hate me so much.

Oh, please. Sam dragged
you out of the gutter,

then guilted me into hiring you,

and all I've done is
baby your ass ever since.

You call that abuse, then you deserve

whatever white-trash future I
was trying to save you from.

Glad you got that off your chest.

What the hell are they
gonna arrest her for?

All I heard was the
D.A.'s getting a warrant.

But only for Annalise.

As far as I know.

But she has immunity for that night.


And you guys don't do any
other illegal crap around here?

You two do something stupid?

We're always doing stupid things.

Never made her jump ship before.

There's an arrest warrant for Annalise.

What are they charging her with?

He doesn't know.

Hey, Oliver.

Aren't you in the mood
to do a little hacking?

No. He doesn't do that anymore.

- I can speak for myself.
- No, you can't.

And let me remind everyone
how we pissed off a sociopath

the last time we let him
hack something for us.

Right, but this is just the police,

so it's not as dangerous.

For once, I agree with Connor.

We're in enough trouble
with the police already.

It's for Annalise. We need
a copy of her warrant.

Annalise would stop this,
too, if she were here.


Does he come here a lot?

Tell me, Mama.

We've been seeing each other.

You see.

I knew you'd get that
judgy look on your face.

So you're back together?

Well, you can call it courtship,
dating, or anything you want.

- I just call it "nice."
- For how long?

Were you with him when you visited me?

I would've told you if I were.

Well, since when, then?

Well, we heard that you'd been shot

and stopped by to see
how you were doing.

So it's all my fault.

I did not say that.

After everything that he's done...

You act like he beat me.

No, the worst thing he did
was to move across town.

How do you know he's
not gonna leave again?

I don't.

But you live to be as old as I am

and see if you don't eat a cupcake

when it's placed before you.

It's a little above your head,
but you'll get used to it.

I won't.

Well, then don't.

- Mama!
- Lavinia?

- Yeah?
- Listen, baby.

I want you to hide this
telephone from Auntie, okay?

I hate you.

You love me.

Everybody love me.


You okay?

No, not really.


Annalise was protecting me.

That's what she says.

'Cause, according to her,
Wallace Mahoney is my father.


I know. She's... probably lying.


He lives in New York.

Okay. No. You cannot...

I need to at least
find out if it's true.

How? By going over there and asking him?

- No, but I need to find some...
- Stop.

Your dad has nothing
to do with who you are.

So, please just...

don't do anything else
till Annalise is back.

You're right.

Of course I am.

We kissed... once... but it's
never gonna happen again.

And I think we've got
way more pressing issues

than who both of us are screwing.

- You're screwing him, too?
- No. God!

Fine. You want to know
what we were talking about?

Our crappy fathers.

What are you talking about?

You know who my dad is.


Who the hell's the puppy's?

- You don't know?
- Just tell me.

Wallace Mahoney.

He's some rich guy Annalise
did a case for in Ohio.

Why don't you know this?

You know how she likes her secrets.



Mama, you here?

What's wrong?

She left the stove on.


What did I do now?

Disappeared from your own party.

Mama's party. And you know why I left.

She's happier with him around, Anna Mae.

- And when he leaves again?
- Let's see if that happens.

Oh, no. It's gonna happen.

I, for one, am happy

that Mama isn't spending every
night alone in this house.

He's been sleeping here?

You try being an old
lady living alone...

I live alone. It's not that bad.

And you like it like that?

- Do you?
- Excuse me?

Dating these days,

or is your job still
keeping you warm at night?

Which job?

The one at the hospital

or the one taking care of our mother?

Anna Mae?

Anna Mae, I need you in here.

Gentleman caller say he come to see you.


Lord, have mercy.

Oh, Father, forgive me.


He get your juices going, girl?


What you say, what you say?

God didn't miss a beat on that.

So, they haven't issued a warrant?

Not yet.

- So I'm fine.
- Right.

I came down here for no reason.

You're Annalise Keating.
Nothing can touch you.

- Is that what you want me to say?
- What do you want me to do?

Right now, come home.
Deal with this head-on.

- I can't.
- Why not?

'Cause I just got here. How is
that gonna look to my family?

I think they'd rather
you were out of jail.


This ain't normal, Annalise.

Running away, not answering my calls.

- I lost my phone.
- Then call your voice-mail.

I ran away because I was attacked,

and now you're coming here telling
me I'm about to be arrested.

Tell me, in what world do
I not deserve to run away?!


Y'all hungry? Got the food all laid out.

Nate needs to get home, Mama.

Oh, Anna Mae,

this man traveled all day
long to come here and see you.

It's fine, ma'am. I should get going.

Now, Nathaniel, you just being rude.

You come to somebody's
house and not be fed?

Come on, now.

- Okay. All right.
- We ain't gonna hurt you.

We're just gonna feed you.

I did it.

Smart man.

She'll never know it was you.


It was... nice to meet you.

Don't worry. We'll see each other again.

What are you doing here?

Uh, Oliver's gone rogue.

He's hacking the po-po
for A.K.'s warrant.

Oh. Good.

Could've told me that downstairs.

Yeah, I-I know.

I just thought maybe
we should talk about...

you know.

There's nothing to talk about.

Right. Yeah, yeah. We'll just
pretend like it never happened.

- Because it didn't.
- Exactly.

'Cause, I mean, if,
like, Bonnie found out...

She won't, and neither will Caleb,

who hopefully isn't dead right now.

Yeah, I do just... I want to say this.


It was bad morally. I feel that.

I just don't want you to think
that I didn't... enjoy it.

Because I did... uh, thoroughly.

And you're...

you're something.

Oh, my God. We're gonna
do this again, aren't we?

Yes, please.

Stop, stop.

Oh, God.

We're not these people.

You put your foot in this, Ophelia.

Much appreciated, Big Daddy.

Nate, how did you two meet?

- Work.
- Really?

How does that go?

I mean, you two on opposite sides...

Let Nate eat his food.

Well, he doesn't seem to mind
answering a few questions,

do you, Nate?

I learned to defer to Annalise

on matters concerning Annalise, ma'am.

Well, this is my table,
so you can defer to me.

- Are you married?
- No.

- Divorced?
- He's a widower.

- Mm.
- Oh.

Sorry to hear that.

- Got any kids?
- Mama, please.

I'm curious.

Handsome man like Nathaniel...

I wouldn't be surprised if the women

come knocking down his
door to have them babies.

Well, I won't say it
doesn't happen, ma'am.

Got a sense of humor, too.

I'm in. I found
Annalise's arrest warrant.

It's already done, so snapping
at me now will achieve nothing.

- Most of it's redacted.
- Of course it is.

And Annalise doesn't need our help.

If she did, she would be here

instead of eating barbecue somewhere

sitting on the dock of the bay.

There are no bays in Tennessee.

- What?

There are seven reasons
why arrest warrants

can have their information redacted.

"F" is future law enforcement action.

- "U" is...
- Unknown investigatory techniques.

But what are you getting at?

"I" is informant.

Someone could be informing on Annalise.

- A rat.
- Or you're both just making things up.

Or one of us could be the rat.

- Pass the chicken.
- You want a piece of chicken?

Nathaniel, you know these
three children of mine

never gave me any grandchildren?

Well, it makes sense.

Both Celestine and Anna
Mae are career women.

Who has time for kids when you're busy

helping people with their lives?

What's my excuse, then?

You just haven't found the right woman.

Or man.

That's your little favorite
joke. That's an old joke.

You know, Daddy,

lots of women work and
have kids these days.

I know.

Raising kids is a full-time job.

One I...

clearly never figured out myself.

Never figured out or never tried?

Got a problem, Anna Mae?

Not with you.

You know, I think it's time

we segue this dinner into a party.

Sis, you done messed up already.

Come on, now, Nathaniel.

Excuse me, Miss Ophelia.

Don't break it.


Maybe I should leave.

You stay right where you are.

Let him go. That's what he's best at.

Anna Mae.

Maybe this is the reason why
you and that husband of yours

never had any babies.

Maybe it's because you never learned

to stop acting like
a damn baby yourself.

You're still as selfish as ever.

Only thinking about yourself,
worrying about what you want.

Hey, I'm paging my baby sister
to the dance floor right now!

Come on, Annalise, what's up?

You too sedated to pop that thing?

You got to pop it!

Pop, pop!

Come on, now.

Whoo-hoo-hoo! Y'all better watch out.

She's gonna want to kill me, too.

She won't.

You don't know that.

I do.

'Cause I'm the one she'd ask to do it.

Tell me you're not gonna
do anything stupid.

I won't.

Look at me and say it.

I'm not gonna do anything stupid.

Oh, don't be so mad anymore.

Your daddy just left.

I know.

What's the matter with you?

Did you have that much to drink?

I had a baby, mama.

He died.

Help! He won't stop chasing me!

What are you two doing?

Get out of Mama Ophelia's
kitchen, or you're going home,

and that is without dessert.

No, Mommy!

- Listen...
- You promised!

Mommy does not have time for
immature children tonight.

Now, listen, show Auntie Anna
Mae that you better than that.

You all right?


You said you wanted to know me.

I had a good time.


Just wait till you meet my family.

Were you planning on keeping
the baby a secret forever?

I would've told you.

- When?
- When it lived.

But that didn't happen, did it?

It's why your life is just upside down.

You've been dragging this baby's shadow

around with you.

It's what got Sam murdered, you shot...

I wanted to get shot.

What are you saying?

Don't you ever feel
like it's all too hard?

Anna Mae.

The reason why you feel it's so hard

is because you're trying
to do it all alone.

I need to sleep.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

Wallace Mahoney.

He's some rich guy Annalise
did a case for in Ohio.

Just tell the agent that Rose
told you during the interview

that she was threatened
by the Mahoney family.

That's why she was willing
to lie on the stand.

Eve, please.

Now, I'd do it myself,
but I'd get disbarred.

Or worse.

These people are dangerous,

especially if what you're
telling me is true,

so stop it.

What happened to that boy is sad,

but sad things happen to all of us.

Fine. I'll do it myself.

No, Annalise!

Take care of it.

- This is ridiculous.
- Stop pacing!

- What else am I supposed to do?
- We can't do this on our own.

All right, so, Annalise's
arrest warrant was issued

at 7:30 p.m. on a Tuesday,

so if we just scan all
the police lobby footage

the days before that, see
if we recognize the rat.

When we move to California, I'm
gonna put you in rehab for hacking.

- Wait, go back.
- Did you see something?

I swear I saw A.D.A. Denver.

Reveal thyself, traitor!

- Yeah, there he is!
- Okay, now go slow.

Oh, my God.

Is that...

- Yes.
- Oh, my God.

Holy schnikeys.

- No freakin' way.
- Frank?


We found the rat.

Anna Mae. Anna Mae.

Wake up.

- What's wrong?
- Get up.

Get up.

It's the middle of the night.

I know it is. Get up now... please.

Come on.

What are we doing, Mama?



This is...

for you to write a letter for your baby

to take to his homegoing.


All right, I'll do it. What's his name?


What now?

His name was Sam.

Since when does anyone knock?

It's me, Anna Mae.

I found this in my pocket this morning.


Mom told you to give it to me.

She's just being your mother.

Well, she needs to stop doing that.

I'm so sorry I hurt you, Anna Mae.

Please know that.

Why are you back here?

- I love her.
- Mnh.

You're not here for her.
You're here for you.

'Course I am.

Just like you.

I lost myself out there.

That's what all that running did to me.

But your mama... she
reminds me of who I am.

I think you of all people

should understand how that feels.

Don't you get sick of it?

Coming back here, apologizing,
just to leave again?

Go away.

Hey, it's Frank. Just got to the office.

Where the hell are you?

Annalise, it's Bonnie.

Laurel just told us what
she said. Please come home.

I'm sorry I told you, and
if that's why you left,

please don't blame anyone else.

It's Wes. I just need
to run something...

Annalise, hey. Call me
as soon as you get this.

Oliver's gonna ask you for
a job. I know it, so...

Annalise, A.D.A. Denver... again.

I'm giving you the courtesy
to show up on your own,

but I'm sending in the Tennessee P.D.

if you're not at the
station by 5:00 p.m. today.


Oh, thank God you picked up.

I got her.

Michaela, I'm hanging up right now

if you don't tell me what you need.

It's about your arrest warrant.

There's an informant who's
giving evidence against you,

and we know who it is.

- Who?
- Caleb.

He was never missing.

He was just ratting out to the police

for who knows how long...
maybe since the beginning.

And I'm just so mad at myself
for not figuring it out.

I should've known there'd be
something wrong with him, but I...

Michaela, relax.

I know how to handle this.

What's going on?

I hate myself for this,


I need your help now.

You wait too long to come back,

there could be no mama here
to nurse you back to health.

Subtle, Mama.

Come here.

No lawyer?

I still don't know my charges.

As of now, obstruction of justice

and hindering a prosecution
in the Hapstall case.

You manipulated Caleb Hapstall

into forcing his sister's confession.

Ordered one of your interns

to initiate a sexual
relationship with him.

And then you demanded
he pay you six figures

so there would be no record

of the two of you working together.

- This is funny to you?
- No.

What's funny is that your
whole case against me

relies on the word of
a sociopathic liar.

Excuse me?

Caleb Hapstall is a serial killer.

Call 911.

There's someone in Wes' apartment!


Stop fighting me!

Caleb killed my mother!

Helena Hapstall.

He killed her.

I have proof.

Please. Believe me.

I'm innocent.

Caleb went running that night.

We all know that.

What we didn't know

is that he was wearing
a fitness tracker.

I didn't know you went out.

Just a run to de-stress.

It records your heart
rate, mileage, location.

I hacked into Caleb's,
and it's all there.

Proof that he was at the exact...

... location Helena
Hapstall's body was found.

- This doesn't prove anything.
- No?

How about this?

- Who are you?
- Friend of a friend.


You need to tell them, Catherine.

He's your brother, you love him, but...

look at where you are and where he is.

Please. Just tell them what you told me.

Catherine Hapstall will testify in court

to everything in this statement...

that on the night her
parents were murdered,

she went to Caleb's room.

Why'd you go into his room?

'Cause that's what we did every night...

slept together.

Not... sex, but...

we'd do other things.



But when I got to his room that night...

he wasn't there.

Why are you just admitting this now?

Because I'm in love with him.

She was so blinded by love
that she didn't tell anyone

that Caleb left his room that night

to go torture and shoot his parents.

Philip's DNA was found
at the crime scene.

'Cause Caleb likely planted it there...

just like he planted the gun
in his sister's studio...

all to make sure that he
was the sole Hapstall child,

free to inherit Mommy and Daddy's money.

This is such a reach, Annalise.


What's a reach is you prosecuting me...

a respected, powerful,
law-abiding attorney

who just got shot on the job.

But instead, you can nail a sociopath

who fooled the entire
Philadelphia justice system...

until you came along

and solved the case all by yourself.

No deal.

We know who the killer is here.

You mean Philip Jessup?

He's here, if you want
to ask him anything.

After a two-week manhunt,

police have located alleged
murder suspect Philip Jessup

right here in Philadelphia.

Sources say Jessup
contacted police himself,

claiming he had new information
about the Hapstall murders,

some of which has now led police

to again look at Caleb Hapstall

as the prime suspect in this case.

Are we supposed to believe any of this?

Haven't you learned not to
ask that question by now?

True or not, she's brilliant.

... district attorney's
office dropped all charges

- against Hapstall...
- You okay?


- Everyone out.
- What?

Annalise ran away to escape
all of your annoying faces.

Do you think she's gonna want to
see you the minute she gets back?


... conducting a multi-state
search for his location.

You too.

I've got this.

And sources say Catherine Hapstall

has been speaking
privately with detectives

about her brother's
involvement in both murders,

even withdrawing the
alibi she gave her brother

the night her parents were murdered.

And Caleb Hapstall's location

is not being disclosed at this moment,

the likelihood being he's
already in police custody.

We have reporters standing
by at the police station,

and we will bring you
the latest information

as it becomes available.

Shirley, hi. This is, uh, Connor Walsh.

Yeah, I'm calling because I just
received my acceptance e-mail.

Yeah, it is very, very exciting, but...

I'm actually calling to say
that I won't be attending.

It's a long story.

I have an idea.

Uh, take me off all
future mailings, too. Bye.

- You don't want to move.
- I do.

So... let's have sex,

and whoever arrives first gets
to decide once and for all.

That's not fair. You got a head start.

Well, take off your shorts

and I'll make sure that we start even.


Frank was just doing what he was told.

Is he dead?

I'm so, so sorry.

Take him!


How is she?

She's, uh...

she's good.

But we, uh...

we lost the baby.

They think the accident caused it.

They rushed her into the O.R.

and tried to deliver
him as fast as possible,

but, uh... it was too late.

It's my fault.

No, it was... it was a car accident.

It wasn't.

It was me. I did this.


They told me they just
wanted to get a mistrial.

They said they... they could say

someone else put the bug in there,

but they must've known
where she was going.

You're lying.

Tell me you're lying, Frank.

I'm so sorry.

She can never know.

No. I need to tell her.

That's not happening.

She needs to know what they did!

No, what you did.

What you did!

You think about how she'll feel

knowing it could've been prevented.

She won't forgive herself.

You know that.

Please. Let me tell her.


I lost my son.

I can't lose her, too.

You tell her...

and I'll ruin you.

You owe me.

He held it over him...

all this time.

Why do you keep doing it?

Believing what men tell you.

It was Sam.

It was the both of them.

But I thought I did it.

I thought I killed him. I...
They let me believe that.


Where is he?



He needs to go.





I want to be there, but tell me
how we explain that to anyone.

N... No.

The minute I show up, gossip starts,

and then this... w-what
we've been doing,

that's all anyone is gonna talk about.

- Hold on a second.
- Can I help you?


I think I'm your son.

Why would you think that?

Annalise Keating...