How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - There's My Baby - full transcript

The Keating 5 are called into questioning by A.D.A Denver about the night Emily Sinclair was murdered. Meanwhile, Caleb goes missing as the manhunt for Philip intensifies.

Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

- Philip Jessup... He's been watching us.
- What do you want?

Blanket immunity to cover
me and my associates.

Why would you need
immunity for that night?

You killed an innocent girl.

Strangled her on a roof.

Is it true? Did Wes kill his mother?

I remember standing over
her holding the knife.

A false memory you might have created

to make sense of this report.

- Wes is here.
- What?

He was waiting in my lobby.

- Call 911.
- What?

There's someone in Wes' apartment!


- Annalise?
- Get away from me! Aah!

Wes, call 911!

Send them to your apartment.

Stop fighting!


- Stop! Just...
- Annalise!

Oh, thank God.

Did he hurt you?

I'm fine. Where's Wes?

He was right behind me.

Ms. Keating.

Where were you?

Take care of my boy.

Rose, no!

Meeting with the Mahoneys.

Has he been charged?

Not yet.

You think I'm going to
freak out if I know she hurt herself.

I don't think you're gonna freak out.

All I know is they took
her to the hospital.


She looked dead when I found her.

- Very dead.
- Good God, Annalise.

What did we do?

We didn't do anything. It was a suicide.

We don't know that.

You really think that boy is capable
of stabbing his mother in the neck?

All I'm saying is,
why would she do this?

Leave her son, when...
from what I could see...

she only wanted to protect him.

Trying to make sense out of
something that doesn't make sense.

You're an expert on a crime
scene you've never been to?

I read the report. The
angle of the knife,

the position of the body,
no signs of a struggle.

Does the FBI really
want to participate in

the railroading of an innocent black kid

who should be grieving his dead mother?

Relax. No one thinks he did it.

But that doesn't mean it's suicide,

especially when you take into account

who'd want to see this woman dead.

She was our only alibi.

In what world would my
clients want her dead?

An alibi who never showed up in court.

Tell your clients they can
expect a visit from me.

- Finally.
- You all right?

- We thought you were killed.
- Why was Philip at Wes' apartment?

- Did he really punch you?
- Do the cops know where he is?

The woman was just attacked. Give her a
moment before you start the Inquisition.

I'm not hurt, but nobody
goes anywhere by themselves

until the police catch him. Nobody.

Come on. Up you go.

Why is Eve here?

Why was Philip in your apartment?

- I don't know.
- You have to know something.

You were at the police
station all night.

Exactly. I need to sleep.

How was your date?

Excuse me?

On the phone last night, you
mentioned you had a date.


Not my soul mate.


Can we just talk about Wes here?

Why did you give him the file if you
weren't gonna tell him the truth?

I don't know.

You always know what you're doing.

Okay, I get it.

You feel like you owe him
something, as do I, but...

he's not a child, or your child.

He's a man, and he can handle the truth.

How did this become my life?

Because you're messed
up, like all of us.

Drive back to New York with me.

I have a doorman, 24-hour security...

You'll be safe.

Nate'll make sure I'm okay.

Come in.

Nate's here.

Of course.

How did this happen?

At this stage, we're just
gathering information.

Why weren't they watching him, though?

We... we gave them the videos.

They knew Philip was in town...

Hey. We don't know anything yet.

- Don't jump to any conclusions.
- About what?

This is all your fault.

We could've warned him.



He's missing.

This is... this is all your fault.

Where the hell you been?

- Police station.
- What?

Why didn't you call me?

Our star witness just killed herself.

I had more important
matters to attend to.

Okay, yeah, I know. I just...

- What do you need?
- To sleep.

You're kidding, right? We
go back into court tomorrow.

I'm not sure we're working
on this case anymore.

- What?
- I just need to rest, Frank.


Dude, what the hell?

The door was open. May I have a moment?

No. She'll call you when she's ready.

Give us a minute, Frank.

I'm not gonna leave you alone.

That's exactly what you're gonna do.

I got to the apartment, the cops
were already there, so I left.

So that's that.

No apology?

What would I need to apologize for?

Losing my son's trial, for one.

I haven't lost anything yet.

How exactly do you plan on winning this

when our only alibi in the morgue?!

- You did this.
- Excuse me?

She was terrified of you. Tell me why.

If you're claiming
that she killed herself

because of the pressure to
testify, that's on you, not me.

You made me threaten her.

She saw Charles at the office that night

and refused to tell anyone about it.

That was a lie. She wasn't there,

and you knew she would lie
for you because... why?


I am the one person that knows

you were on your way to speak to Rose

right before she ended up dead.

You talk to me like that
again and you're fired.

They got every
street cop on the lookout.

That should make her feel better,

considering how effective
you guys have been

- at catching Philip so far.
- We're on it.

Oh, right. Like you were last night?

That was before we knew
she was in any danger.

Oh, so she had to get assaulted

for you to realize that
creep might come after her?


I'm not some chew toy to fight over.

Right. Well...

I'll be off, then.

- Eve...
- It's fine.

- You're leaving?
- Yep.

We still need to talk about my mother.

No, you don't.

This is between you and me.

We'll talk.


Once everything calms down.


That was A.D.A. Denver.

He wants to interview everyone
who was on video at the mansion.

You seem distraught.

Look at your face.


What was going on this night
that had you so emotional?

I don't recall.

You don't recall
running from the mansion

on the same night that
Emily Sinclair was killed?

There's no time stamp on this footage,

so you... and we...

don't actually know what night this is.


And people have told me that
I have a resting bitch face,

so that's probably what you're
reading as "distraught."

You're a good student.

Too good to not realize it's unethical

to have a sexual
relationship with a client.

Past client.

We were done representing Caleb
at the point we became romantic.

- Is that true?
- Excuse me?

Just wondering. Will Caleb confirm

that your relationship started
after your working relationship?

Find him. Maybe we'll find out.

- Where are you from?
- Why does that matter?

Please tell your client
to answer the question.

I am allowed to ask questions

if I don't understand
the purpose of yours...

Laurel. Just answer.

Originally, Mexico.

But I lived in Florida
before law school.

Why does it matter where I was?

Because there was an alleged murderer

in your apartment last night,

and you just happened to be out of town.

My client and I will leave

if you turn this into interrogation.

What she said.

And I was in New York,
if you have to know.

- Why?
- It's New York.

Do I really need an
excuse to want to visit?

Caleb was at your apartment
the night Emily Sinclair died.

Because that's what you told him to do,

according to this statement.

If it's written right there,
then why bother asking me?

Because you're the one claiming
that you weren't having

a romantic relationship
with him at this time,

yet here he is, alone at your place.

Esta gente te traicionará
a la primera oportunidad.

He thinks you and Annalise
are gonna sell me out.

Se me hace que eres una chica lista...

Now he's calling me
smart because he thinks

I'm dumb enough to fall for
this Latino besties schtick.

Why was Annalise there?

That sounds like a question for her.

- It's your apartment.
- Which he wasn't at.

Come on. He must know why his professor

was making a night
call to his apartment.

Is that typical for you two?

- What are you offering?
- Immunity,

to whichever one of you is
the first to cut a deal.

- We have immunity.
- For the night Sinclair died.

But what happens when

every other illegal act
you've committed shows up?

Philip is probably chopping up Caleb

into little pieces right now,

so it seems to me you should be
trying to find him instead of...

...interrogating us and making
insinuations when really, you know nothing.

Pero no, porque usted prefiere
abrir un caso que ya ha resuelto.

So good luck screwing me.

Because you're not really my type.

How'd it go?

Crushed it. Don't know
about these fools.

- Bitch-slapped his ass.
- He's got nothing.

Hey, BonBon.

- This isn't right.
- What isn't?

Everyone taking the heat for this
when I'm the one that started it all.

You want to take the rap, relax.

You'll get plenty of chances.

- Frank...
- Dude's not wrong.

We wouldn't be here if
not for his lead foot.

Wow. Thanks for the support, Beard-o.

- Asher didn't start this.
- Yeah... I did.

No, this started with Lila.

The person who killed her

is the one who should blame
themselves for everything.

You mean Sam or Rebecca?

Look, whatever. It doesn't matter.

Look, I-I did what I did,

and I'm the only one
responsible for that.

You can call it a mistake
or a moment of crazy.

Either way, everyone is
suffering because of me,

and I need to own up to...

So it was Laurel?

She spilled to you?

So you admit it?

Would denying it do me
much good at this point?

Is it Annalise?

Did she made you do this?

- This conversation's over.
- Frank...

Seems hypocritical to judge me

when we're standing a few feet
from where you offed Rebecca.

Keep your mouth shut.

Then we got no problems.

Don't tell me you two are boning.

When have I ever been into blondes?

Laurel drama.

Excuse me? Check, please.

Room 512.

Are you coming?

You ever been to Fishtown?

We still fighting?

How'd it go with Wallace?

Not good.

You want to talk about it?

Why are you here, anyway?

Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?

You know, you brought
me here to help you.

But if all I'm gonna
get is abuse from you...

- Abuse?
- Yeah.

All you do is rip on me.

I'll go get another job
if you hate me so much.

Oh, please. Sam dragged you out of the
gutter, then guilted me into hiring you,

and all I've done is
baby your ass ever since.

You call that abuse, then you deserve

whatever white-trash future I
was trying to save you from.

Glad you got that off your chest.

Did Bonnie see?


Good. Get out.

She's still avoiding you?

I get it. You're mad because I went
behind your back to Annalise...

No, I'm mad because you lied to me.


She gave you this?

I found it on her desk.

Wes, please...

You didn't kill her.

You don't know that.

Excuse me, everyone, if
I could have your attention.

I would like to offer
all of you an apology.

- Asher...
- Just let me say this.

Uh, I'm... sorry for ruining your lives.

Uh, yeah... I don't know.

Maybe none of this would've happened

if you all hadn't killed Sam,

or if whoever hadn't killed Lila...

You mean if Sam didn't kill Lila?

Like we actually know that.

Anyway, the point is, I messed up

and made you all stick your
necks out on the line for me,


I just want to say...

thank you.

Thank you for protecting
me after I, you know...

- killed...
- Okay. Can we not say that?

I mean, Oliver's about to be here.

I'd rather he not hear any of this.

Maybe he should hear it.

Look what happened when I didn't
tell Caleb that Philip was back.

He's probably dead, but if I
had just told him the truth...

No one is telling our sweet O the truth.

Isn't lying to him all the time worse?

I mean, I pretend that we're okay

and that this is the best
relationship I've ever been in,

but that's a lie, too, so...

And you think telling him you're
a killer is going to help?

You tell Oliver
anything and it's all over.

We go to jail. Stop apologizing.

We're all bad people.

That's the only thing we have in common.


- Hello?
- O-Man!

Hey. Sorry.

I know I was supposed to come
here straight here from work,

what with our bestie
Philip roaming the streets,

but I thought you'd all be hungry.

You're the best.

Maybe I should turn gay
just so I could date you.

Let me guess. Caleb's dead.

No. But still no sign of Philip.

How's the arm feeling?

Oh. It's fine. Vodka helps.

So, you're gonna stay put, right?

No running off to campus... or New York?

That wasn't what you think.

I know. It was about Wes.

He told the detectives he
wasn't at his apartment

'cause he was visiting Eve in New York.

So it's true.

- Yes.
- And this is normal?

Wes paying house calls
to your ex-girlfriends?

Of course not.

- Nate?
- Yeah?

Thank you for checking in on me.

Hey, I'm just trying
to keep Eve off my ass.

Talk later.

That's mine over there... in the blue.

Another hit for the win!

You can find another witness.
I know you can find someone.

I can't.

You're just as bad as them.

Take care of my boy.

Rose, no!

Why would you even
think about doing this?

To protect the boy.

That boy isn't your client, Annalise.

Which is why you need to do it.

Just tell the agent that Rose told you

that she was threatened
by the Mahoney family.

That's why she was willing
to lie on the stand.

Eve, please.

Now, I'd do it myself,
but I'd get disbarred...

Or worse!

These people are dangerous,

especially if what you're
telling me is true, so stop it.

What happened to that boy is sad but...

sad things happen to all of us.

- Fine. I'll do it myself.
- No, Annalise!

This is concerning Rose Edmond.

More specifically, her son.

I'm the defense attorney
working on the Mahoney case,

and I have information that
Agent Kain would like to know.

I'm on my way to the station right now.

Okay. She should
be available to meet you.

Great. I'll be there soon.


Start over.

Hey, do you mind if I sit here?

No. Go for it.

I'm Bonnie.

We're in the same ConLaw class.

Oh, right, yeah. Uh, I'm Mike.

Yeah, I can't do this. Ugh.

- You can!
- It's too pathetic.

Okay. I can show you tons of research

that proves getting your
anxiety out in roleplay

allows you to not
experience it in real life.

- I don't care. It's...
- Yes, you do.

Bonnie, you told me this guy is a...

a... a friendly nerd, right?

So who better to humiliate
yourself in front of?



Sorry, just let me...


Yes, I'm her husband.

She's awake!

The baby. How's the baby?

We're taking you in for
a C-section right now.

Why? Is he dead?

- Annalise, I need you to stay calm.
- Is he dead?

Is he dead? Tell me!

We haven't been able
to find a heartbeat,

but that doesn't mean that this is over.

Okay, babies at this
stage are resilient,

which is why we're
taking you into the O.R. right now.

What's important is that you stay calm.

Your husband's on his way.

You are in good hands,
and so is your baby.

We're hopeful, and that's
all you need to focus on.


Come in.

What's wrong?

Denver just called again.

He wants to interview me.

D-did he say why?

No. Which is bad, right?

I mean, I wasn't in any of those videos,

but he still knows I'm involved anyway?

He's just trying to scare us.

Talk to him, you'll be all right.

Will I?

'Cause I haven't done
these like everyone else,

who seem to be really good at them.

You will be, too.

And you know why?

Because you're smarter
than people think.

Where were you at 8:30 p.m.

the night Emily Sinclair was murdered?

Uh, that was a long time
ago so I... I don't know.

- I think you remember.
- Except I don't.

Well, let me remind you,
then. You were here.

Well, the parking garage
to be more specific.

I'm sorry. What proof
do you have of this?

An eyewitness by the
name of Susan Grundy.

Need some help?

She also happens to be the secretary

of one of my colleagues.

She saw a photo of Mr.
Millstone when we were doing

the research-gathering
on the Keating firm.

Could be anyone. I'm
just a generic white guy.

- It's...
- He works in a law firm.

His being in a courthouse
parking garage proves nothing.

Well, I find it very interesting

that the last place Ms.
Sinclair was seen alive

is the same place that
Mr. Millstone was seen.

Add to this that your father
died the same day, and, well...

Any reasonable person
would be suspicious.

Can I grab you in the
kitchen for a second?

No. I've got to tend to this food coma.

Did you two break up or something?

Seriously. When did that happen?

I forget.

Aw, why'd you guys break up?

Your names combine to make Flaurel,

which is kind of perfectly romantic.

Not as cool as Bosher.

Except Bosher doesn't exist anymore.

You really want to know why we broke up?

I think Frank shot Annalise that night.

I thought Catherine shot Annalise.

Yeah, but the D.A.'s theory

is that Annalise had Frank shoot her

and made it look like Catherine did it.

Whoa. Oliver, are you sure
this pizza wasn't laced with something?

- Do you really believe that?
- You're insane.

And you're even more
insane for buying this.

Okay, I don't want to, but if... if...

if you think that there's even a chance

that this could be true, then...

One of you needs to tell the police!

What the hell was that?

- I did you a favor.
- How?

He freaked out at the
idea we framed Catherine,

so imagine if he knew the truth.

You chopping up Sam's
body, for example...


Fine. Just...

You're welcome for
saving your relationship.

I thought you stopped drinking.

I did.

Hand me the bottle.


You have a house full
of terrified people

out there counting on you.

Oh, like they haven't
seen me drunk before.

We're all tired, Annalise...

Well, I'm the only one who got
beaten up by that little bitch,

so, no, you don't get to compare
your feelings to mine right now.


So, what were you and
Frank talking about, huh?

If you're not sleeping
together, then what is it?

Come on.

I always find out eventually.

We were talking about Wes.

There has to be a reason he
hasn't been around here lately.

Why you were at his
apartment last night...

Everything's always about Wes.

I'm the one who gets beaten, I'm
fighting to keep all of us safe,

and all you people do
is whine about Wes!

Because this is killing
you, making you drink.

You protect him more than you should...

And what?

- Does that make you jealous?
- Who is he, Annalise?

Did Wes put you up to this? Is that it?

No. I'm asking you...

Well, you don't get to do that!

Not about this.

I'm sick of all of you.

Get out.

- Get out!
- Ow!

Everyone leave!

Uh, we can't, remember?
Philip's out there?

For reals. Has someone
had a few too many?

A whole bottle of vodka, and if you
all had balls, you'd be drunk, too.

So go!

Carpe diem before this
whole ship goes down.

Wait, wait. What is
that supposed to mean?

W-What is this, a homeless shelter?

What are you doing? Get out!

Go somewhere else.

Except you, Wes. Get in my office.

So, uh, you sad
your boo's not here?


Don't think I haven't noticed

you and our puppy getting all cozy wozy.

I mean, that's why you
and Frank broke up, right?

- Am I right or am I right?
- You're wrong.

And, uh, I'm gonna go throw up now.


There's a killer albino on the loose.

You think I'm weak

and that I can't handle your secrets.

That's not true.

What about what Laurel said?

About Annalise making Frank shoot her?

You had to have known that.

Okay, can we not announce
that to the whole bar?

I've got secrets, too.




I quit my job last week!


- Why?
- I don't know. I...

Maybe it's getting diagnosed.

Maybe it's being around you, and...

everybody in the house, but...

I finally decided that, from now on,

I'm gonna live my life.

Carpe diem, like Annalise said.

Don't take life advice from Annalise.

- Do you think she'd hire me?
- No. I won't let her.

And whatever you say goes?

Oli, you don't want to work for her.

Whatever. We can discuss this tomorrow.

Right now, let's carpe the dance floor.


You sure you need that?

I'm sure.

And so will you.


I blame myself for
everything that happened.

- Scalpel.
- Scalpel.

- Retractors.
- Here you go.

Where is our neonatologist?

Scrubbing in.



He's out.


I wanted to win the case... the point that I let
the clients get in my head.

So I did what they wanted.

I put pressure on your mother to lie.

She couldn't take it,
so she hurt herself.

At least tell me if she's okay.

Patient information can only
be released to family members.

How does telling me if
she's okay hurt anyone?

I'm sorry, ma'am.

My wife, Annalise Keating...
she was in a car accident.

- I.D.?
- Here.

Thank you, Mr. Keating. I'll
have someone come get you.

Uh, what does that mean? Is she okay?

I-I don't get medical updates,

but I'll get someone here
to speak to you right away.

Mr. Keating?

- Yeah.
- Come with me.

All right.

He didn't...?

I'm so sorry.

It's my fault she died, Wes.

If I didn't want to win so bad,
put so much pressure on her...


I let my ambition get
the better of me...


And you lost your mother
as a result, and...

I blame myself for... all of it.


I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


Oh, God!

It was an accident, Annie.

A witness said the driver
blew a red light...

I shouldn't have been here.

I should have stayed home,
turned down the case...

None of that would've changed anything.

Of course it would have.

I did this to him. I did it.

- No, you didn't.
- I did.

Would you like a picture?


A picture of the three of you.

We've found most parents

appreciate having at least one photo.



Annie, they said to take as
much time as we need just...

And I'm done.

Please take him.

Please take him.

Take him.

Take him!

Take him!

Please take him! Take him!


You don't know me.

I'm a... a colleague of Annalise's.

I'm sort of involved
in the Mahoney case.

Oh, right, right. Hi.

I asked the nurse for an
update, but they won't tell me.

- I'm not family, so...
- Um, uh...

Annalise is, uh... she's fine.

But the baby...

He's, uh...

I am so sorry.


Tell them she's... she's off that case.

- What?
- Whoever needs to know.


She's not working that...

that case anymore.

I'm... I'm taking her home.

I will tell them.



A little flavor might help.


We'll get through this.

I don't believe you.

That this was just about that case

or that she killed
herself because of it.

Otherwise, you could've just told me.

I'm done believing you

when you promise me
you're telling the truth.

All I've ever done is
try to protect you.

Protect me from what?!

Annie. We'll get through this.


I am the one person that knows

you were on your way to speak to Rose

right before she ended up dead.

You talk to me like that
again, and you're fired.

She was so scared of you
that she killed herself.

In what world would a mother do that?

- Ms. Keating...
- She said it to my face

that she was afraid that
you would hurt her son.

Now, why would she think that,

that killing herself would
stop you from hurting her son?!

'Cause I can only think of one reason...

- Okay, move or I...
- You raped her.

I saw it in her eyes.

You violated her.

How many times did you do it?

For how many years?

You don't even know because
she was nobody to you.

And then came that boy,
your son, Christophe.

Now you're fired.


My father, he... he's dead.


He's very much alive,

and his name is Wallace Mahoney.

Hey, Caleb.

I know you probably
won't get this, but...

I just wanted to say

that I'm thinking
about you a lot, and...

Was that Caleb?

Still no answer, huh?

I should've told him Philip was back.

Annalise said you couldn't.

I should've ignored her.

She would've killed you.

Like, worse than Philip's

probably killing Caleb right now.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

That was... That was a terrible joke.

The worst.

Sorry. You know why I know that?

'Cause that's me.

I'm the worst.

So you want to take it out on
someone, take it out on me.

Come on. Hit me.

Hit me!

Come on. Make me feel it.

Hit me.



- We shouldn't do this.
- I know.

- It's so messed up.
- My boyfriend's missing.

He'll turn up.

You're right.

Do I need to be scared,
or can I come in?

No, it doesn't make sense.

That Annalise knew about
Sam and Lila all that time,

defended Rebecca when
it would've been smarter

just to let her get convicted.

You did it for Sam.

She can't know.

Why are you here?

I wanted to find out what
happened with you and Wes.

Why is that any of your business?

I don't know.

Maybe because you've ruined all
my relationships since I got here.

You came between me and
Frank. Now me and Wes.

You know what? You're
drunk. You need to go home.

No, not until you tell
me what you said to him.

- I said go home.
- What did you tell him?

- That he killed his mother?
- Laurel...

Or was it that you're the one
that ordered Frank to kill Lila?

What did you just say?

Oh, yeah. Frank told me...

that he killed Lila because
you asked him to do it.

Which makes all the
sense in the world...

that you started all of this.

Sam was cheating on you
with a younger woman.

And then she's pregnant?

So why not use your trusty
hit man to get rid of her

and then play all of us
like your little puppets

as we defend Rebecca, kill Sam...?

It was all you all along...

All along...


There's my baby. She come home.