House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 3 - Chapter 55 - full transcript

The day before the election, Conway holds a 24-hour Skype session with voters, while Frank and Claire stump in key States and try to discredit him.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[theme music playing]

[Webson] I don't have the right
words for what happened that day.

But he was a hero, no question.

Captain Conway's conduct was heroic.

A hero.

Army Captain Craig Squire had
been captured by the Taliban,

held hostage in the Kandahar province.

We realized the intel was bad.

By the time we found him,
we'd started taking fire.

It was like a death
garden or something.

Captain Conway got out of
the plane and got Squire out.

Don't even ask me how.

[Bracco] This election
is too important.

You have a choice between
Francis Underwood and a real hero.

This is what happens when you
throw around a word like "war."

All hell breaks loose.

He saved Squire. He saved all of us.

[Conway] War is real.

[announcer] Paid for
by Americans for Truth.

I don't know how many times
I have to go through this,

but my campaign had
nothing to do with that ad.

That was a super PAC.

- I know, but...
- But those soldiers, though.

They're the ones.

This country owes them a lot.

- But that ad is on all the time.
- You wanna know why?

Because Frank Underwood has
failed to keep this country safe.

The death of James Miller,

the so-called ICO attack at
Capital East Telecom network...

Wait, wait, wait. Are you
saying ICO wasn't responsible?

I'm saying it doesn't matter.

The Internet went down
on the president's watch.

- Don't you think ICO was...
- Now listen, Fred...

- No, ICO is a real threat.
- There's a lot of people waiting

and I promised one question per person.

It was great talking to you, and
please don't forget to vote tomorrow.

Now, how long have
we been going, anyway?

- Four hours.
- Four hours.

That means we got 20 hours to go

and I haven't even had the chance
to thank my friends at Pollyhop

for making this all possible
and live streaming this event.

Benjamin Grant and his crew.

[chuckles] All right.
What's the next question?

Annie? Annie from Maine.
What's on your mind?

Was Fred one of ours?

I think so. We're gonna
keep hitting the ad.

[coughs] LeAnn's got callers
lined up. Are you there yet?

Almost. Then back on the plane.

- I'm about to go on.
- Ohio, still?

Oh, yeah. And how's he looking? Conway?

Well, he's only four hours
in. It's not sustainable.

- But is he commanding?
- He's arrogant, Francis.

- [woman] Mr. President?
- [Frank] I have to go.

Okay. See you in Gettysburg.

You're saying it doesn't matter if
Underwood knew about pay-for-play?

Well, I'm saying it's bad either way.

He either stole the
presidency from his own party,

or he was vice president
in a corrupt administration.

But it's important that we
let the committee do its job.

So thanks for your call, Annie.

Arthur Capo from Del Rey Beach,
Hawaii. Arthur, how you doing?

Why did they want to talk to you?

I'm sorry, who? Uh, what's
your question, Arthur?

Josh Masterson and Zachary...

I forget his last name. But the
terrorists who killed Jim Miller.

Right. Uh, well...

- [inhales deeply]
- All I know is what they said

in their list of demands.

And they believed I would
be elected president.

But really, why? Why you?

I successfully negotiated the release
of Caroline and Melissa Miller.

- [Arthur] But not Jim Miller.
- I wasn't given the chance.

What's your read on him, the
way he answers those questions?

- He's hiding something.
- Right.

But it doesn't matter.

He's modern. He makes
the presidency accessible.

I mean, don't you want to see
the candidate stay up all night?

Are you calling Francis old?

[woman] I appreciate the
applause, ladies and gentlemen,

but I imagine it's for the
woman you really came to see.

[crowd cheering]

"These are dangerous times."

These are dangerous times.

[woman] ...of the United States,

- Claire Underwood.
- [crowd cheering]

He's only a couple years
older than me, you know.

[crowd continues cheering]

Thank you. Thank you, Nevada!

[crowd continues cheering]

I really appreciate you all
coming out here this morning.

No substitute for retail
politics. Especially her brand.

[Claire] Thank you.

[coughs] Could you get
me some water, please?

- Hello, everyone.
- [crowd applauding]

Thank you so much.

Thank you very much. That's very kind.

Oh, thanks so much.

Oh, now stop that. Stop it, stop
it. Enough, enough, enough. Enough.

It's embarrassing,
all of that adulation.

Hello, nice to see you. Thank
you so much for coming out.

Much appreciated.

- Jack!
- Great speech, Mr. President.

It's like you're saying
what I'm thinking.

Well, that is the idea.
[clears throat] Thank you.

Uh, I'm a little worried
about the Conway thing, though.

- Bringing up a lot of questions.
- But not a lot of answers.

Yeah, and we don't need to
keep hearing about that article

the day before the election.
What are we doing about it?

Well, we're here, Jack.

We are fighting back
one handshake at a time.

Gwendolyn, you look absolutely stunning.
May I get a photograph, please, Steve?

Could you do this, please?
Make sure you cut him out.

We have Jeff from Corpus Christi,
Texas. How are you doing today, Jeff?

We saw the ad. About the rescue.

You know, Jeff, I feel like we
have been through this already.

You saved my brother's life, sir.

Craig Squire.

Captain Squire. That's...
that's your brother?


Remember me?

I do remember. Of course I remember.

[Craig] I didn't think
you wanted talk about it.

We lived through it.
That's enough, isn't it?

I never got to thank you and tell you...

Captain Squire, you
would've done the same.

I don't know. I was in there.

They were tossing bodies on top
of me, one after the other...

I was already dead.

That's not right. It's like
I've been dead once already.

But the bodies... the way
they were stuck together.

And the heat and the smell...

But you know when you were
pulling me out, remember?

I... I don't remember much, actually.
It all happened pretty quick.

I know you heard it.

You have to get him
out of this question.

He doesn't like talking
about this. You know that.

- Hannah, let's talk.
- Come on, man. I know you did.

I was just trying to get us
out of there as fast as I could.

[stutters] Craig, we're here.

- We made it.
- Yeah, but...

- You gotta live your life.
- Thanks for taking our call.

Thank you.

[LeAnn] He didn't call him out
enough. He didn't get Conway to...

Look... he did what he could.

[LeAnn] What did he hear?
What did he mean by that?

I don't know. It's between Will and him.

He's wanted Will to come clean
about it for a long time, but...

it didn't happen.

Which is why, for Craig's sake, we
need to get them back on the phone.

Miss Harvey, you've
been on us for months.

I'm sorry it didn't work out. If
this means the deal's off, okay.

We can always find a place to go.

Just let me talk to him again.
We wouldn't want him to...

Jesus Christ! My brother
has been through enough.

We're done.

I need you to leave.

[door opens]


[Usher] He's doing great.

Is he?

That ad's playing for us.

Look, I... I agreed to this.

- But I know my husband.
- I know you do.

And those questions
were to be expected, yes?

It's a good thing
Squire changed his mind.

We can pull some tape and put
something together tonight.

Hit some markets in the morning.

When it's time to vote...

Will saved his life.

This is too much.

I don't want any more
questions about the war.

That's not gonna work.

Look, I can show you numbers,

I can show you how well
it's all playing for us.

- What I'm saying, Mark, is that this...
- I've been at this a long time, Hannah.

You know, when Marshall
told me you were available...

Marshall and I go way back. The
timing is right for all of us, right?

- We're very grateful.
- He will tell you, I don't get involved,

not this late in the game, unless
I know I can make a difference.

So whatever happened to
Will with Squire, whatever...

- It's not...
- I don't wanna know. I don't need to know.

But whatever pain he's
carrying about what happened...

it's working for us.

So, this is what I need from you.

To go back out there and just make
sure he makes it through until morning.

- [sighs]
- Hey.

He has a chance to be a fine president.

A great president.

- Even better.
- [sighs]

Because we could use one.

There's a reason that Squire
didn't appear in that ad.

I'm just nailing down the specifics.

- Let's bring Doug in on this.
- He's on his way to Philly.

And with all due respect, sir,

his skill set doesn't
necessarily apply here.

Do you know how long Doug
has worked for me, LeAnn?

Not exactly, no.

Well, it's just this side of
forever. I know everything about him.

His strengths, his
weaknesses, his skill set

and the contents of his soul.

- I hope you're not questioning my loyalty.
- [coughs]

I just like to know about the
people who work for me, LeAnn.

- I'm pretty straightforward.
- I don't believe that for a second.

The first time I sat down with Doug,

it was more of a confession
than a conversation.

He told me about his drinking, his
past. He was completely open with me.

I don't think we can
rely on Craig Squire.

Then why am I still talking to you?

I'm not hiding the
contents of my soul, sir.

- Reach out to Vanessa Morrison.
- I already reached out to the director.

Yes, but Doug hasn't. So have him do it
and then you come up with something else

before Conway is done
with his little sideshow.

And in terms of what comes next,

I adjusted the opening remarks
and cut some from the stump.

The stump is just fine.

- Thank you very much.
- [phone beeps]

Get me the First Lady, please.

Well, the... the short answer is

in a democracy, everyone
has the same rights...

- [phone ringing]
- The same opportunities.


Do the people around us
understand what it takes?

Look, I know Conway's getting a bump,

but it doesn't mean we can't
surmount it in the next 24 hours.

Do they know what we
have done to get this far?

Tom is sitting across from me right now.

I don't care who you're
sitting next to, Claire.

We're all doing everything
we can as fast as we can.

I don't like it. I
don't like chasing this.

- What's your next stop?
- [coughs]

- We, uh... We're in Scranton in 20.
- You need to save your voice.

[clears throat] I'll see
you on the battlefield.

How's the president doing?

He's acting like he's
still 30 years old.

We both are.

Is that good... or bad?

That depends on if we win or lose.

Because I'm a vet and I'm still
not clear on exactly what happened.

You know, I think everything has been
said by the soldiers who were there.

No. 'Cause your plane, was it shot
down or was it a planned rescue?

Planned, yes.

Until the plan had to change.

- I think you get the idea.
- No, I don't get it, sir.

- You were a pilot, right?
- Yes.

So why were your boots
even on the ground?

Our intel was flawed.

Our intel was flawed and I...
I had to step in. I had to.

Hi, Mike.

My husband is a humble man.

You're never going to get the
details of his bravery that day.

At least, not from him.

To me, his comrades say it all.

Will is a man who is equipped to
deal with whatever comes at him.

And now, I'd like to put in a
word on a more practical matter,

these new centralized voting centers.

Because we've had lots
of calls and questions.

Whichever candidate you support, it's
essential that you get out to vote.

Ask a neighbor for a ride or
call your local party office.

This race is too close for complacency.

[crowd cheering]


[man] You got my vote!

- [crowd chanting] Underwood!
- Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

[coughing] Oh, thank you.

Could you also get me a tea
with honey, please? [coughs]

- Are you gonna be all right to speak?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Listen to your voice, Francis.
- Stop.

You have been running
yourself into the ground,

you haven't slept for days.

Why don't you kick off the speech,

let me take over, and
then I will explain to...

That the president's lost his
voice? No, you're not gonna say that.

We're not gonna have that headline
as we enter the final stretch.

Especially since Sir Lancelot is
out there yapping all day long.

I'm not really sure that
Conway's a Sir Lancelot.

Oh, really? Then who would
you assign that role to?

[announcer speaking
indistinctly over PA]


[spits] God, I hate to
waste that. Excuse me.

There was a young man in line,

on the other side, sort of
against that second door.

Six foot tall...

- Maybe just give us a moment.
- Sure.

Can you see if you can get
some contact information?

Or pull him out if you can. Thank you.

I didn't mean take over. I just
meant let's appear as a ticket.

- "Are we united or are we divided?"
- Francis...

"Here at Gettysburg, one
of the bloodiest battles..."

I know your speech.

But can you finish? You have
to know how to finish, Claire.

[Winters] I have the distinct
honor of introducing you to,

God-willing and the creek don't rise,

the current and next President
of the United States of America,

- Francis Underwood!
- [crowd cheering]

[band playing]

[Frank] Thank you. Thank
you, Congressman Winters,

- and thank you, Pennsylvania.
- [crowd cheering]

And my running mate, my wife,

and my friend and my
partner, Claire Underwood.

[crowd cheering]

[Matthews] I've always got a
few minutes for Doug Stamper.

Again, sorry to keep you waiting.
You sure I can't offer you something?

[Doug] I don't drink, Governor.

Well, I got club soda, tonic...

You said you were going to
establish voting centers.

I was. I tried.

I got pushback from the precinct
captains like you wouldn't believe.

- You said you were gonna deploy troops.
- I tried that, too.

I floated the order past
Roger Frank at the ACLU.

He mentioned it to Barney
Leonard at the Black Coalition.

And within two hours, I
got eight angry phone calls

telling me exactly what would happen

if I chose to protect exurban
areas instead of Philly.

You don't want to lie to me, Governor.

I just came from
Barney Leonard's office.

- You wanna change your story?
- Please.

Barney's gonna tell you that he
threatened a fucking race riot.

You fucking lied, straight up, to
the President of the United States.



- Barney Leonard's office, please.
- Put the phone down.

It's Doug Stamper.

Yes, I need him one more time.

Fine. Hang it up.

I'll get you your troops.

You want the truth?

Not interested. I had that coming in.

It's over.

Underwood's gonna lose
tomorrow. He's done.

And when he's done, you're done.

You'll have nothing left. And
then, you'll just disappear.

Thank you for your time, Governor.

What would it take to federalize
the National Guard in Pennsylvania?

[knocking on door]

The president asked me to get him
some information about Eric Rawlings.

- Who?
- From the Gettysburg event.

Ah, I'll give it to him.

[Catherine] Muhammed
Kalabi, 34, Syrian national.

Local assets confirm his
ID with high confidence.

Kalabi has strong connections to ICO.

Bombing in Beirut last fall.

A month before Beirut,
with Ahmadi, in Cairo.

Currently, sir, there are four
Muhammed Kalabis in the United States.

Two are approximately the
same age as the ICO Kalabi,

and one entered the United
States three weeks ago

from Afghanistan by way of Canada.

He's visiting his girlfriend in Tennessee
who works at a Knoxville bookstore.


So why are you bringing me all this?

You asked for options, sir.

To arrest Muhammed
Kalabi on election day?

Cathy, what's gonna happen when he
tells the authorities he's the wrong one?

But that would be after the election...

Well, that might have played
three or four days ago, Cathy,

but now it's too late.

- Did you have this three or four days ago?
- I would have brought it to you, sir.

[sighs] All right, well,
let's leave it at that.

- [phone beeps]
- Send in Doug.

The secretary is just leaving.

That's all we have on the Squire
rescue. It's not enough, unfortunately.


when it comes to Matthews, I
don't believe he'll deliver.

Let's take this from his hands.
We need to protect the polls.

The request won't come from you.

The way this thing is built,
you're nowhere near it.

Hold on a second.

How are the numbers in Pennsylvania?

They're good, but they're well
within the margin of error, sir.

So we don't want to
look like we're shoving

an armed unit of National Guards
down Jim Matthews' throat, right?

- Right.
- So, I got a call from Barney Leonard.

You pushed too hard, Doug.

But look, we'll have four years to
take care of Matthews, and we will.

But what if there was another way?

[Conway] I don't think anybody,
if they're honest with themselves,

can say they truly trust
President Underwood.

- Why should they?
- [Laura and Doug panting]

With so many threats to our country,

now it's more important than ever
to elect... [continues indistinctly]

[Conway] ...four years
of misguided priorities,

backing the GOP into soliciting
private and special interests.

[stammers] You know what?


- I wanna be that person.
- What person?

The person that does this for,
like, an hour and then leaves.

That's not what this...

Doug, I've been having sex
for as long as you have.

And when you called me,
that's what it sounded like.

And I thought, "Great." But
I'm here now. Where are you?

I should take you home.


- You don't have to.
- Come on.

- I'll take a cab.
- I'm taking you home.

What is going on with you?


You're right. I shouldn't have called.

I gotta get back to work.

[reporter on TV] Reports are pouring
in of protests being staged

outside of many of our newly
established voting centers.

Which begs the question,
are Americans fed up

with our politicians' seemingly
unquenchable thirst for conflict?

- Between Underwood's call for a formal...
- Make a decision?

And the strong military
ticket on the Republican side?

- Basil Hayden's, double, neat.
- Basil Hayden?

You're killing me, buddy.

- What do you got?
- Bulleit's as good as it gets in here.

I'll have that.

- Woman?
- Work.

Yeah, well, nothing's forever, man.

Those two down there, and anyone else
who comes in here until that's gone.

That's for you.

[door opens]

[inhales deeply]



I couldn't sleep.

Is it your throat?

[sighs] Is it enough?

What we're doing?



Then why aren't we farther ahead?

- Most of the polls have us...
- Oh, I don't trust the polls.

With few exceptions, I don't
trust anyone or anything.

We won't know for sure
until the vote's begun.

But turnout for their
side is sure to be down.

We almost had Conway today.

And we did some damage.

And maybe we don't
know what he's hiding,

but the public knows
there's something out there.

- Hmm.
- [Yates humming]

He hums in his sleep sometimes.


Like what?

I don't know.

Nothing recognizable.

Does he do it often?


- Do it for me. What's it sound like?
- [chuckles lightly]

- Let's get you something for your throat.
- No, I'm fine. You go back to sleep.

We're gonna get there tomorrow, Francis.

[Conway on laptop] So, I'm...
I'm at this fundraiser.

It's a beautiful house on
the beach in Amagansett,

and I've been dancing all night
with this incredible girl,

way out of my league.

But it's late, very late,

and I'm a very responsible
young man, so...

I sneak upstairs to get my jacket.

But lo and behold...

she's following me.

And I see my reflection in
the hallway mirror and...

[chuckles] I'm just sweating like a pig.

[chuckles] My heart's racing.

And she walks up behind me.

And as I turn...

I see the moonlight on her face...

and everything just slows down.

And that's how we met.

- Me and Hannah. [chuckles]
- [laughs]

Well, I'm glad to hear I'm
not the only one up this late.

Mr. President, do you
have a question for me?

[Frank] No, I don't. But I
thought I would give you the chance

to ask me a question. Just one.

[Conway chuckles] I'm not sure
I have any questions for you.

[Frank] Oh, don't be shy, Will.

I mean, after all, this
is a rare opportunity.

Just between you and me.

It's just you and me and all
the other Americans out there

having trouble sleeping tonight.

Well, that's because they know that
tomorrow's vote will decide their future.

So that's the question then, isn't it?

Who does the future belong to?

Well, I don't think anyone
but God can answer that one.

All we can do is make a case
for ourselves while we're here.


Here's my question.

I successfully negotiated the release
of Caroline and Melissa Miller.

Then you stepped in.

You didn't let me finish the job. Why?

Do you really want me to
answer that question, Will?

- Because I'm not sure you do.
- Oh, I do.

Because they knew they could take
advantage of you. They saw it.

- How's that, sir?
- They felt it.

Whatever happened to you overseas,

there's no reason to
feel guilty or ashamed.

I served my country. I did what I did...

because it's what I had to do.

Not like some others.

I've been in public office
my entire adult life, Will.

The truth is, I went to
school with guys like you.

Good looking guys
with good intentions...

just like you.

And I mean that sincerely.

And I want you to know that
whatever happens tomorrow,

I never doubted your intentions.

Must be late for you, Mr.
President. Get some sleep.

Oh, I doubt either of us will
be getting much sleep tonight.

- But thank you for taking my call.
- Well, thank you for calling.

Now, there's only one more
question, and it's a big one.

And you're gonna have
to answer it yourselves.

Who's gonna be the next
President of the United States?

- I know who I'm voting for.
- [chuckles softly]

I'd like to thank everyone who
made the last 24 hours possible.

All the... the technicians and crew.

And if we all work together the
way they have, then I promise,

we will truly make this the
first of many, many new days

for the greatest country in the world.

Good morning, America. God
bless America, and thank you.

- [man] And we're out. Okay, guys.
- [crew applauding]

You did great.

- You did it.
- Yeah.

Everyone is so pleased.

I know it was tough,
but you got through it.

- I'm really proud of you.
- Thank you.

- [clears throat]
- [sighs]

Just some questions
that I needed to answer.

I know. But you did it. You did it.

- Great job. Great.
- [Conway] That was great.

- Amazing.
- Thank you.


[Seth] Testing, testing. One, two, three.

Testing. One, two, three.

Uh, a little more gain.
A skosh more reverb.

Uh, testing, testing, testing.
That's good. That's good. Mmm.

I would like to thank the American people
for their overwhelming support tonight.

As your next president, I do
not take this mandate lightly.

In fact... it is heavy as hell.

You got a better chance
than Underwood does.

Those are very high heels, Bridget.

When Underwood loses,
the committee goes away.

You're breaking my heart.

I was looking forward to hearing what
you had to say about Doug Stamper.

Yeah, I was looking
forward to saying it.

I came here to thank you.

I took it down... off the Internet.

It's weird, talking to
you about this. I mean...

uh, you saw it.

- My brother could've seen that.
- Do I remind you of your brother?


- He's a little more present.
- Well, it's my job to look ahead.

Hmm. Good luck with that.

[camera shutters clicking]

- Thank you so very much.
- Thank you, sir.


[scattered applause]

- [LeAnn] We have the overnight numbers.
- Give me the outliers.

Minus two in New York. Plus two
in New Hampshire. Both not bad.

"Half-empty, half-full" is an
expression I have never cared for.

The call you made last
night, it's helping.

We grabbed the headlines this morning.

- Doug?
- [Doug] Yes, sir.

I want you to reach out to Sally Ann back
in Gaffney and get me the turnout so far.

[LeAnn] I can get you the
numbers for the state.

No, I don't want that. I
want the Gaffney turnout.

State numbers come in, you
give them to us as they come.

Anything out of the
ordinary, you let us know.

Other than that, we're
done. Oh, and, Doug?

- Yes, sir.
- You'll know where to find us.


You're worried about
the crowd we just saw.

Not the size. Their enthusiasm.

- [indistinct chatter]
- [phones ringing]

I don't think so.

Jerry, I'm gonna have to call you back.

This is 9:00 a.m. turnout in
our base precincts or swing?



I've got different numbers.
You're gonna need...

I did confirm. Twice.

Doug, it's me. Call me
as soon as you get this.

You handle just automobile
insurance or all kinds?

All kinds. Fire, earthquake,
theft, public liability.

Group insurance, industrial stuff,
and so on right down the line.

Accident insurance?

Accident insurance?
Sure, Mrs. Dietrichson.

Wish you'd tell me what's
engraved on that anklet.

- [Phyllis] Just my name.
- [Walter] As for instance?

- Phyllis.
- Phyllis, huh? I think I like that.

[Frank] Let's do this one.

I'd drive it around the
block a couple of times.

Mr. Neff, why don't you drop by tomorrow
evening around 8:30? He'll be in then.

- Who?
- My husband.

You were anxious to
talk to him, weren't you?

Yeah, I was. But, uh...

I'm sort of getting over the
idea, if you know what I mean.

There's a speed limit
in this state, Mr. Neff.

Forty-five miles an hour.

- How fast was I going, Officer?
- I'd say around 90.

Suppose you get off that
motorcycle and give me a ticket.

So I'd let you off with
a warning this time.

Suppose it doesn't take.

Suppose I have to whack
you over the knuckles.

Suppose I burst out crying and
put my head on your shoulder.

Suppose you try putting that
on my husband's shoulders.

That tears it.

I'm just not in the mood...

Oh, no. Come on, it's tradition.
If Doug needs us, he'll call.

Yes, but it's different this
time. There's so much going on...

- I know, but call me superstitious.
- We're in here.

But we have done this every
election we have ever won.

- Come on.
- I wonder if I know what you mean.

I wonder if you wonder.

It was a hot afternoon,

and I still remember the smell of
honeysuckle all down that street.

How could I have known that murder...

[both] Can sometimes
smell like honeysuckle?

[Walter] Maybe you would've
known, Keyes,

the minute she mentioned
accident insurance.

- [phone rings]
- But I didn't. I felt like a million.

[Frank] Yes.

[Walter] I went back to the office
to see if I had any mail.

Well, what do you mean they don't match?

In my home state?

Well, you and LeAnn better
get over here right now.

What's the matter?

There's something wrong with
the numbers in the precincts

that we're getting from this
morning. They don't match up.

It's never happened
before in South Carolina.

- Well, you have nothing to say about that?
- Oh, I'm sure the numbers are wrong.

Oh, you don't believe that for a second.

[sighs] I can't win with you.

No matter what I say.

How many times did you walk me home?


Oh, I don't know. Probably a handful.

No, it wasn't a handful.
It was 18... in a month.

- It was on my way home.
- [scoffs]

- And what are you saying?
- Nothing. It was on my way home.

No, it wasn't just on your way home.

We tried to go to the Museum of Fine Arts.
It was closed. It was freezing that day.

- Yeah.
- And this was on in your room.

- It was.
- And I asked you to kiss me.

- I made you kiss me.
- No, you didn't make me kiss you.

I wanted to kiss you.

And anyway, I knew we were gonna
spend the rest of our lives together.

And we are.

No regrets, no matter what.

What does that mean? What do you
mean by that, "no matter what"?

- You think we're gonna lose?
- No!


[Claire sighs]

- Are we together?
- Yes, we're together. No matter what...

No, not "no matter
what." Are we together?

We're together, Francis.

Then don't ever bring up
losing around me again.

- That's the boy.
- Thank you, Mr. Keyes.

What kind of an outfit is this, anyway?

Are we an insurance company or
just a bunch of dim-witted amateurs

to write a policy on a mug like that?

Now, wait a minute, Keyes.
I don't rate this beef.

[LeAnn] The turnout in Philly
is lower than they're saying.

- How much lower?
- 30% in our key precincts.

Thirty? How?

It's not just Pennsylvania.
People aren't voting.

Their people, our people.

Wait. If Conway's got
Pennsylvania, then he's got Ohio.

If he's got Ohio, then we lose.

- How did this happen?
- I'll tell them.

That is one thing you are not doing.

[Walter] That was all there was to it.

Nothing had slipped,
nothing had been overlooked.

There was nothing to give us away.

And yet, Keyes, as I was walking
down the street to the drugstore,

suddenly it came over me that
everything would go wrong.

It sounds crazy, Keyes,
but it's true, so help me.

I couldn't hear my own footsteps.

It was the walk of a dead man.

That was the longest night
I ever lived through, Keyes.

And the next day was worse when
the story broke in the papers.

They started talking
about it at the office.

And the day after that, when
you started digging into it.

I kept my hands in my pockets
because I thought they were shaking.

I put on dark glasses so
people couldn't see my eyes,

then I took them off again so they
wouldn't get to wondering why I wore them.

- I tried to hold myself together but...
- Thank you.

I could feel my nerves
pulling me to pieces.

Get me Sally Ann in the Cherokee
County clerk's office in South Carolina.

I'll hold.

They overestimated the
turnouts in Pennsylvania by 30%.

Hi! Hi, y'all.

Well, now, do not call me "sir."

This is Francis Underwood. We've
known each other too long for that.


So, Sally, how was turnout today?

Well, I was just really actually
looking for Cherokee County.

Yes, I just wanted
to hear it for myself.

Great. Thank you.

And we send our love
to Henry and the boys.


- It's low.
- What do you mean, "low"?

[Frank] Low.

[door opens]

[door closes]


- I was thinking about that anklet.
- And what are you thinking about now?

I'm all through thinking, baby.

- I just came to say goodbye.
- Goodbye? Where are you going?

[Walter] You're the one
that's going, baby. Not me.

I'm getting off the trolley
car right at this corner.

[Phyllis] Suppose you stop being fancy.
Let's have it, whatever it is.

[Walter] All right, I'll tell you.
Friend of mine's got a funny theory...

You know what this means, don't you?

This is our house.

We are not leaving.

[Walter] The last stop's a cemetery.

[somber music playing]