House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 4 - Chapter 56 - full transcript

With a tight race and low voter turnout on Election Day, things look grimm for Frank. But he's got one more trick up his sleeve.

I don't understand why
the numbers are so low.

- It doesn't make any sense.
- Turnout's bad.

I hear at Politico, they're
concentrating mostly on Conway art.

Shut up or you're fired.

... Division rivals.

The fighting was quite a spectacle

but, unfortunately for hockey fans,

that was just about the only action
to be seen in last night's game.

Will, Mark's here.

- Mmm.
- Hope you got some sleep.

No, not really.

Even went for a run, but...

You hungry?

Um, I just wanted to connect before
the rest of this day kicks in.

I spoke to Marshall.

No, I told him.

Things are looking good.

Very good.

I really want to thank you for
everything. I mean, the ad and...

I had nothing to do with that ad.

No, of course, but...

to thank you for your support.

This is all you.


I'm... choosing my words
very carefully here.

You need to get ready.

Today's gonna be a good day.

You can sleep when you
get to the White House.

Or maybe not.

Get yourself together,
Will. I'll see you in a bit.

Are you ready...

to catch me?

Doug, LeAnn... do you have a moment?

Reporting live from the Piedmont Hotel,

the excitement is definitely...

Better not let them see the
name on your credentials.

Those folks out there
love their president.

I love pound cake.

Doesn't mean it's good for me.

How are you doing, Seth?

- You got some foundation right here.
- Oh, jeez.

And we call it the news.

I'm doing commentary.

Which means eventually
someone gets to ask me

if my articles affected
the President's loss.

Or his win.

I wish you the best, Seth.

You'll land somewhere.

You're that type.

We're going to have
a great night tonight.

You don't have to spin me.

How shall I say this?

When I was single, I always
picked the loser's party.

I met the last Mrs. Hammerschmidt
drowning in tequila shots

at the Bob Dole ballroom.

And here I am... single again.

- You're not in Texas anymore.
- Doug, please.

- Please what?
- Don't think you know me.

Look, I just want to be
sure that you're ready for...

Macallan will do what he has to.

I like to win.

Trophies, medals, staring
contests. You name it.

You understand that, you understand me.

Hello, everyone.

Well, it's still early.

There's a lot more
election to be had today.

And we just want to apologize that,

because we have a
little more work to do,

we're not gonna be able
to get over to the ballroom

as early as we would like
to. But once we do get there,

we are going to shake the hand
of each and every one of you,

to thank you for all the extraordinary
work that you've done for us.

That's right, a round of
applause all the way around.

And we'll see you all at
the party a little later.


Yeah, a little.

First time I've fucked a president.

- Oh, don't say that.
- Marshall said...

I'm not a president yet.


I got to put on a suit.

- People will be here soon.
- Will...

can't you let yourself feel it?


Ready when you are, sir.

Put the Governor on, please.

- Hello.
- Mitch, this is the President.

I understand you've been briefed.

Oh, Mr. President...

this is catching us
all off guard over here.

State, local, we had no idea.

I understand.

I'm with the Vice President,
the Secretary of State Durant,

and on the line with us is
Counterterrorism Director Green.

Governor, sir, I'm sorry,
but we needed to act.

I contacted local law
enforcement directly.

Well, it took a while to get to me.

Mitch, the counterterrorism director

will be sharing information that
we must keep amongst ourselves.

We do not want to do anything
that affects today's voting.

Forty-five minutes ago,

we raided the home of
Muhammed Kalabi, sir.

On Deaderick Ave.

- Yes.
- It's near the Coliseum.

The suspect was not in his apartment,

but we did find bomb-making material.

- Jesus, uh...
- Now, Mitch...

the last thing we want
is for you to panic.

You must know that you
have the full support

of the federal government here.

Um, it... well, what... what's next?

We believe his target is
one of the voting centers.

We know you have soldiers in place,

security measures and checkpoints.
Director Green is on his way to you.

There will be a command center
out of the FBI office in Knoxville

where we will coordinate.

My family voted at the
Coliseum this morning.

Mitch, listen to me. Whatever
you need, we will provide.

How are the Ohio numbers?

It's hard to gauge
with turnout this low.

That was kind of the point.

For the other side, not Democrats.

The governor's worried.
Do you have any numbers?

No, just what we gave you.

I would think that the
president might have access

to some numbers that we don't.

When I get them, you'll get them.

- We're worried.
- Hang in there.

I'll touch base with you
after the three o'clock wave.

If you could all just give me
a moment, please. Thank you.

You better head over to the ballroom.

One of us should make an appearance.

Sir, the day has finally arrived.

Yes, and let's see just
how long this day lasts.

Imagine my surprise
when the NSA called me

about Muhammed Kalabi just...

moments before you did.

Situation is still unfolding.

On Election Day?


it's been quite a
journey working with you.

Kalabi slipped into the country,

and he's planning a terrorist attack...

against a voting center in Tennessee.

And that is a terrifying proposition.

Well, I may need you to
stay around the White House

a bit longer, Cathy, until
this situation is resolved.

Of course.

I was only saying...

it's been a good run.

As if she could ever get under my skin.

I don't need to get
to the party just yet.

Sweaty palms, eager to
pay me their last respects.

When what they really want
to do to show their respect

is to empty their bullets in my
body, just to make sure that I'm dead.

Patti, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting.

Miss Harvey was just telling me

that there's been a
change in the schedule.

Yes, unfortunately, we're
in a bit of an emergency.

Uh, but I hope it will be resolved soon.

Tom, hello.

- You know Mr. Yates, don't you?
- Yes, we met at the convention.

So LeAnn will be at the hotel.

She can reach me if you
feel I need to be there

sooner rather than later.

Uh, in case it's later...

I want you to think
four years down the road.

- I'm sorry?
- They trust you.

Four years is no time.

We have a car waiting.

So we're shaking hands today?

I think it's best we keep it like that.

Well, shake it like you mean it.

How's that?

So you want me to just
head over to the ballroom?



I do like looking at
you across a large room.


This is for when you win.

I wrote a concession speech as well.

With increased security
at polling places

across the country,

will fewer Americans vote
for the president this year

than in any election in recent memory?

Particular attention is being paid
to typical battleground states,

Ohio and Pennsylvania,

where voter turnout has
become a central issue

that could make all the difference
in this historic election.

You know, if turnout is
low in Philadelphia...

the Underwoods are going under.

You need a better in than that.

You look like you've been chewed
up and shit out twice today.

Seems like you're
having trouble focusing.

You ever see a doctor about that?

Um, what?

Oh, 'cause I feel pretty
comfortable diagnosing you

with too much on your fucking mind.

Hey, let me get you something
real. I'm celebrating.

Two Oban.

Celebrating what?

Oh, you know Tom
Hammerschmidt's long lead team?

You're looking at the newest member.

That guy never gives up.

Mmm. I tell you what he's up
to, feed him things from you.

Don't you think it's a
little late for quid pro quo?

Oh, the Underwoods could still win.

We'll see.

Either way, you still
have a couple more months.


I'll land somewhere.

Your phone.

Can somebody give me a
second today, you know?

Shit. Excuse me.


... While reports are coming in

of a possible attack at
a Knoxville voting center.

Now, let's take a live look...

Tennessee? What's going on in Tennessee?

... It's a very chaotic
scene at the moment.


... There's a lot happening right now.

Police are... are, of course,

trying to keep everyone
calm and safe here.

And we will bring you...

Where the hell were you?

Tennessee. What the hell's
going on in Tennessee?

Muhammed Kalabi, the ICO guy
from Syria who burned the effigy.

What's the plan?

I stand before you this evening
as vice presidential candidate,

as the First Lady of the United States,

and most of all... as a
citizen of this great country.

Despite the violent incident at
the voting center in Knoxville,

which the President is
attending to as we speak,

we want to assure anyone
who's considering not voting

that it is not only safe to
vote, it is your duty to do so.

It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat.

It doesn't matter if
you're a Republican.

Our nation needs you to vote today.

Violence cannot beget apathy.

We must make our voices heard.


Witnesses report an FBI
and Homeland presence

at the Knoxville voting center.

Do you believe this is ICO-related?

Seth, please! Come on.

- And the FBI isn't talking.
- Neither are you, Gina.

This isn't a presser,
because I didn't schedule one.

- We're just trying to find out...
- That's two, Gina.

If you're looking for a
strikeout, I'm happy to oblige.

No? Good.

There's no questions at this time.

The First Lady's statement stands as is.

I will have updates for you
on Tennessee as I get them.

Is everyone clear? Thank you.


I'm told everything just went wrong.

- The FBI had the bomb guys there...
- But, Mitch...

... for crying out loud!

... injuries didn't go
beyond scrapes and bruises.

Oh, I don't know about that, Shawna.

Twelve people were
taken to the hospital.

Look, is there any
status on Green's ETA?

- Secretary Stewart and I...
- Yes. Just a moment, sir.

... cannot make a
determination without...

- You need to take this.
- What? What?

What the hell is this?


Governor. Mark Usher here.

I think we met at the
conference in Sun Valley.

Yes, that's right.

Well, I wish I were calling
under better circumstances.

I wanted to know what
you're going to need.

I can get some excellent people
down there fast in case you...

you're feeling like you
need the extra security or...

You there?

I'm right here, yeah.

I spoke to Shawna a few minutes ago,

and we agreed that we absolutely
cannot disrupt this election.

You called my secretary of state?

Well, she called me.

She is a leader of the party
in Tennessee. As are you.

Do I need to remind you, sir,
that yours is a red state,

and every Republican in
it is counting on you?

- Thank you, Mr. Usher.
- Now, hold on.

Shawna just wanted to ask what
can be done and what can't be done.

She's like the rest of us,
trying to figure this thing out.

Because of the scale
of a possible threat

which we're still trying to determine,

and because of the importance
of these, uh, voting centers,

we're asking the governor to declare

- a state of emergency...
- Will, could you please sit?

I don't like it.

Three o'clock wave said Tennessee's
locked up, no matter what.

Love, no one can see.

What the hell?

... Be potentially disturbing.

They don't bark when there's a bomb.

What do you mean, "They don't bark"?

The canine units don't bark when
there's a bomb, Mr. President.

Yeah, but the whole building heard it.

They're trained to sit down
when they detect a bomb.

- So did they sit down?
- No.

Then there was no bomb.

We think the barking was provoked.

Provoked? Director
Green, that'll be enough.

These dogs are our last
line of defense, sir.

I think ICO got in there today.

And thank God they
didn't get a bomb off,

but whatever operative they
got in there, I think...

was used to provoke the riot.

I said that is enough.

You think ICO got all
the way in that building

and then just decided
not to set off a bomb?

Well, there are...

We are not going to disrupt the voting.

Mitch, would you please
talk some sense into him?

- I...
- If we don't suspend,

the Bureau cannot guarantee
the safety of these centers.

Unacceptable. Find Kalabi.

The governor does not wanna
have to institute a curfew

this late in the game.

- And, Mitch...
- Uh, yes, sir.

... you are not closing the polls.

You think we should?

I can't weigh in on this.

I need to talk to Shawna.

How many scandals...

should the public be expected to
endure before they say, "Enough"?

Before they say, "I'm staying home"?

Before they lose complete faith
in this democratic republic?

This is a trend that
dates back at least...

to when Nixon avoided jail time.

Okay, we're out.

- You're good.
- I don't need fans, Sean.

Just genuine appreciation.

Would you like a drink?
One is brown and one is not.

- It's gonna be a long night.
- That's not what I hear.

So, Tennessee...

Is the question.


My date knew nothing.

Are you making the rounds?

Crowd's a little older
than I'm used to, but...

yes, they're a talkative
bunch... that don't say much.

I'll take the brown one.

That's Patricia Whittaker over
there. Chairperson of the DNC.

She slapped me once in a bar in Omaha.

For the life of me,
I can't tell you why.

There's something wrong with Tennessee.

Your date is either lying or denying.

What did you mean by this?

On the back of the speech?

Nothing. Forget it.

"There's still time"?

There's still time for what?

What are you doing?

You and your husband.

Getting ready to win an election.

I see the way you're acting.

Do you realize we have every
intention of winning today?


But then what?

I used to go to this
cabin... up in Maine.

The windows don't close properly.

You can smell the ocean all summer long.

I do think it's better
you go to the ballroom.

If you have not voted, I assure
you, you will get the chance.

But I cannot, in good conscience,

allow balloting to continue until
I am satisfied that it is safe.

To that end, as nightfall approaches,

I am announcing an enforced,
state-wide curfew, effective tonight.

If you are not in your home
by 8:30 p.m. central time,

or by 9:30 in the eastern
parts of this state,

you will be subject to
detention and possible arrest.

What the hell's going on?

What's going on is we're gonna
win Pennsylvania and Ohio.

That puts you over 270.

The polls are still open.
People are still voting.

My gut says they're ours.
That's 272 without Tennessee.

That asshole's suspending the vote.

That's up to his secretary of
state, and she's on our side.

- She's gonna have a choice after this?
- Governor, listen to me.

I mean, how long do we
let Francis Underwood

get away with this kind
of shit? Huh? How long?

He won't get away with it.

He won't.

That was Tennessee governor...

Trust me.


Voting centers all across
the state are being shut down,

and anyone not in their homes

by 8:30 central time, or 9:30...

Five o'clock wave from
Philly. I think we're home.

... Detention and possible
arrest. This announcement...

That Tennessee shit is crazy.

Crazy shit happens all the time.

This convenient?

Spare me the conspiracy talk.

The government's not that
powerful... or competent.

A man can ask.

We're looking at 255
Underwood, 245 Conway.

Pennsylvania and Ohio?

Still too close, but
it's almost six o' clock.

When we change Tennessee
from Conway to undecided...

- That brings Conway down to...
- Two thirty-four.

Still way too close.

Yes, but we don't yet know that
he's locked in the western states.

Those states have been
locked up for ten years.

Red, red, red and they'll be red
again by the end of the night.

It's gonna come down to
Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Conway needs both. You only need one.


He'll push back. He
might even go public.

What about the other
five states in play?

The lawyers are waiting.

We can generate lawsuits,
argue suppression, but...

Still not enough.

Olmstead's losing in Ohio,
and he's not taking it well.

I spoke with his chief of
staff, Tanya, this morning.

He's getting clobbered in the
northern part of the state.

Low turnout in Cleveland's not
helping. But he could still pull it out.

He's not going to win and he knows it.

How much time do we have?

Ohio closes in two hours. And
most people voted this morning.

Some of these states
are baked in already.

Claire and I need the room for a moment.

Yes, sir.

- LeAnn, we'll call you back.
- Yes, sir.

Why did you ask him to leave?

Because I just wanted to look
in your eyes one more time

before we do this.


we're doing this.

He can't save us. He
invented term limits.


Get me LeAnn Harvey back on the phone.

Yes, sir.

Do what you have to do with Ohio.

I'm on it.

LeAnn, get the lawyers ready.

- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can.

- No, no, no, no, no!
- And it needs to be done quickly.

It's too sloppy.

Why are you here if LeAnn called me?

Do I really have to explain
to you what will happen

if you don't do this?

I don't care if he loses.

I'm not talking about the
election. I'm talking about you.

What will happen to you?

You have everything you need.
The Pastebin link was sent to you.

Where's LeAnn?

She's not here, and I'm short on time.

Governor, I'm sorry, but there's
only one way to play this.

We need you to pull your poll workers

and your machines from
those three counties.

The Republicans would crucify
me. They own that area.

But those are the precincts that
are most likely to be threatened.

"Likely to be"? Hey, what are you...

What are we talking about here?

Terrorist chatter.

Related to Tennessee?

Yes, sir.

Well, I'm gonna need more
than your word on that.

Oh, I'm sorry, but the intelligence
is classified, Governor.

Then read me in.

'Cause I'm not doing this
without seeing tangible proof

with my own eyes. You can tell Francis.

The other thing is,
with Ohio turnout so low,

people could accuse you of
engaging in voter suppression.


The voting centers and the
troops were the President's idea.

But you signed on to them,
and that's what matters.

You're losing your election,
sir. The signs are clear.

That'd be a real shame for the
Democrats to be down a governor.

But here we have this
confluence of events.

Your disappointing returns on one
hand and the chatter on the other.

I need proof. Otherwise,
people will think...

That you shut down voting
in Republican precincts

to guarantee your own win.

Now I'd say it's a good thing

that the NSA just picked
up on some credible chatter.

This dangerous world left you no choice.

Oh... thank you.

Governor, I was just
handed the classified intel.

Are you on a secure server?

- Yes, I am.
- Please hold.

I'm sending the files over right now.

You're doing the right thing, sir.
We don't want blood on our hands.

I don't care where they're
taking the voting machines.

Just stay...

You chain yourself to one
of them if you have to.

Good. I'm gonna find an Ohio judge.

Voting centers in Ohio have
been closed for almost two hours.

And Conway's got a judge.
He's petitioning to reopen.

But even if they stay closed,
would Ohio get us there?

Other states might be in play.

Rumblings of suppression
are out there, although...

- Well, what else do we have?
- Voter intimidation in Idaho.

What do you think? Should I call
them back and have them file?

I like it.

It has the most resonance with
what's happened in Tennessee.

I also like an assemblyman
we have in Georgia.

There's a congressman in Maryland.

That's one of the states that
didn't request the troops.

But wait. Don't we need
something coming from a voter?

There's a voter in Mississippi.
Said she was too scared to vote.

That TV essentially told her not to go.

Well, that sounds like
a bit of a stretch.

That could be a plus for us,
sir. Really open things up.

If Ohio stays shut, there
could be a ripple effect.

This is all uncharted territory.

All right, let's put a pin
in Georgia and Maryland,

and let's keep the Ohio
voting centers shut down,

and see where that gets us.

Pennsylvania has gone to Conway.

Even if Ohio is still too close to call

and the President does
well in the Northwest,

he can't counter Conway's
gains in the South,

in what would typically
be Underwood territory.

The people have spoken.

I can't believe this.

The President apologizes that
he couldn't be here tonight,

but he wanted me to let you know
that concession is inevitable.

All the states haven't been called yet.

The President still
has time if he needs...

Guys, we fought a good fight.

But, unfortunately, this is
the reality of the situation.


Well, I guess that's that.

Yeah, this is Will.

I wanted to be the first to tell you

congratulations, Mr. President-elect.

Well, thank you, Mr. President.

Oh, what? You think I
learned nothing from Al Gore?

We kept them on the edge
of their seats, didn't we?

I guess that means
the system is working.

I guess it does.

You're about as tough an
opponent as they come, Francis.

Well, I've had a lot of practice.

Now, you be sure to give my
regards to Hannah and the children.

Thank you, Mr. President. I'm...

sure I'll be calling on you for
advice in the very near future.

Well, I look forward to that.

He conceded?


We did it.

We did it.

Excuse me, sir.

General Brockhart is on
his way over to the suite.

Thank you.

Sources are telling us
that Francis Underwood

conceded to Governor Conway

on the phone only a short time ago.

I suspect their numbers
are matching up with ours,

which would put Ohio in
the Republican column.

Enough to make William Conway the
next president of the United States.

- Hello?
- Tanya, put him on the line.

Hang on, let me see if I can get him.

He's my secretary of state,
and he has the power to do it.

Well, then you need
to tell him what to do.

He says he can reopen and extend
the voting day into tomorrow.

Tell him it's not safe.

I've done that, Doug! Obviously,
he doesn't seem to care.

Underwood conceded already.

Do not trot out your secretary of state.

Voting cannot resume.

Now, if you have any doubt,
you swallow it right now.

I'm worried about the party.
What this could do to the party.

Roger, this is so much
bigger than the party.

I feel like I'm risking
my entire career here.

You are.

And if you don't do what I'm
telling you, it's over for sure.


How many hours is it gonna take him

to spit out the fucking words in public?

Hey, screw this. Screw
protocol. I'm heading down there.

- No, you're not.
- It's already tomorrow, Mark.

I mean, this is insane.

- I want to make my speech!
- Ohio is still in play.


What are you talking about?

... Fear from continued
terrorist threats

and the disturbing news
coming out of Tennessee...

I was forced to close a
number of our polling places.

Fuck me.

And in accordance with the
Ohio secretary of state,

the vote is suspended
until further notice.

Now, I know this may put our
electorates in question...

but I had no choice.

New Jersey might not certify. There's
been a variety of irregularities.

Same with Illinois. Looks like
Nevada's making noises, too.

I'm having déjà vu. You ever get that?

Are you seriously asking
me about déjà vu?

Never mind. It's gone.

You never get déjà vu? Everybody does.

I don't.

Don't look so worried, Doug. You
just felt familiar for a second.

It's over.

Now, the presidency
hangs in the balance.

At least six states will not
have certified vote totals

on Election Night 2016.

Good evening.

I guess I should say good morning. Um...

Will wishes he could be here himself...

but we've been advised
that goes against protocol.

I know...

you're disappointed.

Are you okay with the word disappointed?

Shouldn't we acknowledge their outrage?

I'd say we should tread lightly.

For now, we're just
asking for their patience.

Okay, let's do it.

Never a dull moment in this country.

Will wishes he could be here himself,

but we've been advised that
would go against protocol.

I know you're disappointed that
the change you were hoping for...

... that you voted for,

has to wait a little longer.

And, finally, a night
of electoral indecision,

with lawsuits being filed
in nearly every state,

has ended with the mayor of Honolulu,

in the last state to close its polls,

refusing to honor the results of
the election and filing a lawsuit.

Was Hawaii one of ours?

No, I don't think so.

Claire, could you do me a little favor?

I have a splitting headache. Could
you rub my temples for a moment?

Of course.

No, actually the pain
is right behind my eyes.

Could you just... rub my eyes for me?

But you hate that.

I know, but I think
I'll like it this time.

You can do it harder.

Even harder than that.

There's no coming back from this.

Oh, I know exactly
what we're about to do.

If we fail, it's on both of us.
I won't be able to protect you.

And what a relief that will be...

for both of us.

The American people don't
know what's best for them.

I do.

I know exactly what they need.

They're like little children, Claire.

Children we never had.

We have to hold their sticky
fingers and wipe their filthy mouths.

Teach them right from wrong.

Tell them what to think and
how to feel and what to want.

They even need help writing
their wildest dreams,

crafting their worst fears.

Lucky for them...

they have me...

they have you.









One nation...


Doug, LeAnn... do you have a moment?