House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 6 - Chapter 45 - full transcript

Claire clashes with the Secretary of State Durant over her involvement in negotiations with Russia. Dunbar must choose between her campaign and her ethics.

China provides 40% of the bailout,
the IMF provides another 40%

and a consortium of American
and Chinese energy companies

tackles the remaining 20%,

in exchange for which
they get drilling rights.

The US would only have
to contribute 150 of the $800 billion.

Russian companies would oversee production
and get a slice of the revenues.

These are the proposed development zones.

We split the drilling rights?

Yes, sir. China puts in more money,
but we contribute our drilling technology.

Should we really be sharing that?

They're already trying
to hack it from us.

Has Petrov agreed to this?

I'm planning to propose it to him
in Brandenburg at the G7 Summit.

We've invited Russia and China to attend,

but we didn't wanna move forward
until we had congressional approval.

- Bob?
- We should discuss privately.

You're going to Brandenburg yourself?

If his health continues to worsen--

We'll assess as we get closer,
but, no, I'll stay here if it looks dire.

We should probably draft
an appropriation

in case we need to pay
for a state funeral.

- Doug.
- Madam Secretary.

I could've come to the White House.

The organ network, it answers to you.

Yes and no.
Uh, in a regulatory capacity--

You have the power to modify
the recipient list.

That's up to the network.

They have an expert committee that--

The president's life isn't going to be
decided by a committee.

Let me show you something.

He was number three yesterday.
Number one got a transplant.

Makes the president number two.
His chances are very good.

But this man, Anthony Moretti,
he's just hours away from dying.

Then let him die.

I'm not doing this.

It's not just the law.
It's the ethics--

Then change your ethics.

Or you can resign,
and your deputy can make this call.

And if he won't,
then he can resign, too.

I will strip away this entire department
until I find who I need.

Now make the call.

- Okay, I'm on.
- You ever use it?

No, I use Google.

Uh, it's a small market share, but still,
it's billions of searches a month.

Now, what if a certain candidate
got more hits,

was ranked higher, more positive coverage
favored over negative coverage?

What if that candidate
was William Conway?

Manipulating searches?
The public would turn on them.

- It gets them millions of votes.
- Can you get me solid proof?

Well, I am not getting involved
in something like this.

What I will give you is advice
as a friend.

Don't waste a year of your life
on the Underwoods.

They've already lost the election
and they don't even realize it.

I know you're only trying to help,

and I'm sure you must feel
frightened about Frank's condition--

You don't have to be delicate, Cathy.

I'd like you to let me do my job.

China cannot be at the center
of this negotiation, or Raymond Tusk.

Involving the oil companies
is the only shot we have

at winning Republican support.

Do you remember when we played beer pong
and you let me win?

The two of us were sitting
right over there, in those two chairs,

and you asked me for my advice.

It was good advice.

And you listened to it.
I don't know why you won't now.

You were proposing a way forward.
This time you're not.

Well, unlike you,
my nomination was confirmed by the Senate,

because they believed
I knew what I was doing.

Forgive me, Claire,
but it seems to me

that you are taking advantage
of the situation

to assert authority
you don't have a right to assert.

Cathy, you don't have Francis right now.

I'm the best thing you've got,
so please work with me on this.

Congress will never approve this.
You're just wasting everybody's time.

- The Republicans will get in line.
- Not the Republicans, the Democrats.

I spoke to Jackie Sharp.
When she heard you developed this plan...

She's a formidable woman, Claire,
and very persuasive.

- Remy Danton.
- Remy, we need to talk about Jackie.

Such a nice night.

Let's go somewhere outside.

And where do you wanna go?

Take me to the bay.

We'll go skinny-dipping.

- I thought you only had a couple hours.
- I'll make up some excuse.

I'm sick of hotel rooms.

We both got a big day tomorrow.

Why are you being no fun?

Because you're trying to kill my bill.

You didn't wanna see me.
You wanted to lobby me.

- Jackie, listen--
- Who told you I was against it?

Birch's Chief of Staff.

Well, I'm sure you stand to make
a lot of money on this, but--

- It's not about the money.
- Isn't that how Claire convinced you?

I just wanted to leave it tonight.
I didn't wanna be mad at you.

I just wanted...

I don't understand why you're helping her.

You've gotta get Birch on board.

The Underwoods have lied to me,

they've used me,
they've tried to intimidate me.

I don't know what Claire's up to,

but I'm not gonna let it happen
without a fight,

not with the State Department against it.

Claire knows.

About you and me.

She got photographs of us

leaving the same hotel at the same time,
multiple occasions.

Take me back to my car.

- Jackie, listen--
- Turn around now, please.

It's the reason I haven't been in touch.

I wanted to protect you...
but she's making--

I don't wanna talk about it.

Just stop the car and let me out
or drive me back.

I'll take you back.

A day or two.

We might not have much warning,
Mr. President.

When the liver is this close to failure,
things can happen suddenly.

You should be prepared.

- What's happening with his hands?
- It's called asterixis.

It happens when the body
can't clear ammonia.

Thank you, Dr. Saxon.

I'm not going to Brandenburg.

No, you have to.

- Cathy will negotiate on my behalf.
- I don't trust her on this.

That's a risk we'll have to take.

The risk I won't take is being overseas
if the president dies.

We don't even know if Congress will
approve the appropriation for the bailout.

They will approve it.
I'll make sure they do.

You shouldn't be worrying
about this now, Claire.

You should be focused on Frank.

We need to put him

on the ventilator to protect his airways.

You should go, ma'am.
Go get some rest.

♪ Pretty Polly ♪

♪ Would you take me unkind? ♪

♪ Tell you my mind ♪


- Now's not a good time, LeAnn.
- This can't wait.

- What is it?
- Pollyhop.

- The search engine?
- Conway is working with them.

They can manipulate
what people search for.

It gives them a huge advantage--

Wait, slow down.
What does this mean?

It means that we lose.

Conway's name, his image,

they can control what people see.
They can force-feed it.

Even if they're not doing that,

even if they're just tracking users,
it's enough to beat us.

You know what people are searching for,
you know everything,

their hopes, their fears,
what they're thinking about

when they're staring at the ceiling
in the middle of the night.

- Who told you this?
- Someone I trust.

I can't deal with this right now.

We have to do something, Claire,
or the election--

LeAnn, my husband just had a seizure.
There may not even be an election.

I'm sorry. I--

If Francis survives,
we will deal with this then.

Right now, I need to focus
on what's right in front of me.

There was no criminal wrongdoing.

That we can fathom.
But why take the chance?

Because pleading the Fifth
makes it look like I broke the law.

I agree.

So I'll tell the truth.
I'll own it.

Yes, that you didn't meet with him.

Are you suggesting that--

It's the attorney general's word
against Heather's.

As your lawyer,
I can't be part of this conversation.

We can still win this campaign.

I'll be in the lobby.

I'll back you up.

The security detail
only saw me and Goodwin together,

not the two of you.

This is under oath.

Underwood's people are trying to smear us.

The whole point of this campaign
was to be the opposite of Underwood.

- I thought you wanted this.
- Not if it means breaking the law.

Do you think he'd even be
having this conversation?

You actually care about the law,

which is why you need to be president.

- Mrs. Underwood.
- Bob, I didn't realize--

The Leader and I were just discussing
the bailout package.

President Blythe
just wanted me to stress

how important it is that the Democrats
stick together right now

with Francis being--

There's no need. I just called the Speaker
to schedule an emergency vote.

I'm sure the president will be pleased.

- How... How's Frank?
- He's hanging in there.

I'm sure you wanna
get back to the hospital.

But thank you for making
the personal visit.

- Thoughts and prayers, Claire.
- Thank you, Bob.

I'll walk you out.
Excuse me, Leader.

You came here to threaten me.

We don't need to be at odds, Jackie.

Do you plan on hanging this over my head
every time I try to oppose you?

You can't fault me for your sloppiness.

That's a "yes."

As long as we're working together,
you have nothing to worry about.

Mr. President,
I wouldn't get your hopes up.

The members of the G7 are already ruffled
because Russia was invited,

and Petrov may be using this opportunity
to embarrass us

in front of the international community.


- The First Lady is here, sir.
- Send her in.

Sir, I would like to finish our briefing--

I'm not gonna keep the First Lady waiting
if she wants to see me.

- I'm sure you've heard.
- Yes, Birch called a few minutes ago.

I'd like to join you
in Brandenburg, Cathy.

Well, I appreciate you
wanting to pitch in,

but I really don't think that's necessary.

Well, I know this plan
better than anyone.

- Mr. President--
- There is only one shot at this.

- Everyone at the same table.
- What about Frank?

In Brandenburg, I can be useful.
I can't here.

The First Lady cannot negotiate
on behalf of the United States government.

The delegation is
at your discretion, Mr. President.

It might be good for you
to have some support.

Her presence undermines my authority
as Secretary of State.

Cathy, Petrov is incredibly stubborn.
Trust me, I know.

Why wouldn't you wanna have
every asset available to you?

- Allow me to do this, Mr. President.
- Sir--

- If it increases our chances.
- It will, I promise.

Then join us.
We're going over the briefing now.

You tried, Frank...

which is more than most people ever do.

Right now, it's just us.

Rest your eyes.

We have all the time in the world.

Danny, what was that?

- Danny?
- Nothing, Mom.

Open the door.

Open the door.

Mrs. Underwood?
Dr. Saxon is on the line.

Excuse me.


Good evening,
or good morning.

President Underwood
is currently being prepped for surgery

to receive a liver transplant.

Barring any complications,

the surgery is expected to take
12 to 13 hours.

Uh, we'll update you
about the progress if need be,

but probably nothing more
until the operation's completed.

We can turn the plane around
right now, ma'am.

You'll be back
before he's out of surgery.

We should do that, Claire.

I'll be late to the summit,
but everyone will--

No. We're almost there.

- We keep going.
- Honestly, Claire--

- Inform the captain to stay on course.
- Yes, ma'am.

Connect me with Seth Grayson, please.

He's already gone in.

The First Lady is currently
en route to Brandenburg

and will not be in Washington
for the surgery.

She will continue onto the G7 Summit
to assist Secretary Durant, as planned.

She asked me to read
the following statement.

"It was a difficult decision
for me not to return..."

But I know my husband.
If he were conscious...

"...he'd tell me to press on..."

...that the best way to be
at his side is to serve my country.

"And I can serve it better in Germany
than in a waiting room.

If there's an emergency,
I'll return immediately..."

...but I have the utmost faith...

" the medical team
at Jefferson Memorial."

I'm praying for a successful procedure,

and I ask all of you to join me
in praying for my husband,

your president.

Right over there, Ms. Dunbar.

Will your attorneys
be joining us?

I've asked my attorneys not to attend.

We have to advise you
that it's in your best interest--

I'm well aware, Mr. Morgan.

It's not my first time at this table.

Thank you, President Zhou.
President Petrov?

Russia shares
China's desire for inclusion.

We are looking forward
to productive talks.

And we also want to extend
our sincere best wishes

for President Underwood's surgery.

He is dearly missed at this meeting.

Thank you, Mr. President.

So, shall we begin?

The most pressing order of business

is the joint IMF, American-Chinese
debt relief package

to the Russian Federation.

We're recording?

Ms. Dunbar, any statement you make
will be part of the public record

as part of the DOJ report.

Although this video is simply
for purposes of--

You can make the video
available to the media.

I have nothing to hide.

So you're waiving your right
to keep the video from public view?

I am.

The attorney general
says you pressured her

to look into Lucas Goodwin's claims--

I've read
the attorney general's statement.

We also have a deposition
from a young woman,

a staffer, who says Goodwin posed

as a volunteer at an event
in Cincinnati on March 8th.

Did you meet with Mr. Goodwin?

I shake hundreds
of people's hands at every event.

If he was in Cincinnati,
there's a chance I may have shaken his.

But the claim that he and I
met one-on-one...

So you're saying
you didn't meet with him?

We have phone records, Ms. Dunbar.
You did speak to the attorney general.

Martha is my former boss
and an old friend.

We speak frequently.
Why she would claim that I--

We need a simple answer,
Ms. Dunbar.

Did you or did you not meet with
Lucas Goodwin privately in Cincinnati?


I met with a man I didn't know
who turned out to be unhinged.

I contacted the attorney general

because she's the top law enforcement
official in the country

and WITSEC is under her jurisdiction.
I did nothing wrong.

Tell us the nature of this meeting.

I'd like to say,
for the record,

that I think this interview
is an act of political sabotage.

Its goal is to make me
look guilty by association,

but there are the way things look
and the way things actually are.

When I investigated Frank Underwood,
he looked innocent, but he wasn't.

I couldn't prove it,
but I knew it to be true.

Ms. Dunbar--

You have proof
that I met with Mr. Goodwin.

I've admitted it.

All that proves is that I'm honest,

unlike a president who would
use the Department of Justice

to target his political opponent
for his own personal gain.

Let me remind you, ma'am,
the president was unconscious

when this investigation began--

It doesn't matter whether
he was unconscious or not,

whether he lives or dies.

The president is the people
who work for him.

I don't think
this is going to work.

Petrov's talking the talk in session,
but he won't meet with me privately.

Chinese are ready to sign,
if that's the hold-up.

It's not the Chinese.

He refuses to meet with anyone
other than a head of state.

Then see if he'll meet
with the president's wife.

It doesn't change the fact
that he is morally corrupt,

and he has corrupted
the institutions that report to him.

That is why I am running for president,
because someone needs to fight this.

So not only did she meet with Goodwin,

she's using the investigation
to attack a president

who's on the operating table as we speak.

Yeah, the way
she keeps defending herself

only gives conspiracy theorists more...

She's done.

Now, I'm not saying
that she was involved...

Without a doubt.

...but many are
taking to social media...

- Seth.
- Hello, Cynthia.

Think you might have anything for me?

...and certainly not a president
whose approval rating...

On your campaign?

Yeah, it's ironic...

I'm gonna hang up now.
Good luck.

...but I think
she may have just tanked it.

Mr. President...
the transplant's complete.

Now they're closing him up.
We'll see how he accepts the new organ.

Maybe we should try and get Claire
on the phone.


Soon. We're waiting for him now.

Okay, thank you, Donald.

- So it's going well?
- Well, unless his body rejects the liver.

- Mr. President.
- Mrs. Underwood.

Mr. President.

I thought we were meeting alone.

As the administration's representative,

I need to participate
in any conversations--

Madam Secretary, I believe my people
were very clear, hmm?

Would you give us a moment,
please, Cathy?

Just a little while.

I'll be outside.

So... how is surgery going?

So far, so good.

Ah, you must be exhausted.
Now, sit. Sit.

I imagine
you'd rather be at the hospital.

Well, this is too important,

and you weren't going to negotiate
with Secretary Durant.

What makes you think
I'll negotiate with you?

Oh, well, isn't that
why we're sitting here?

Hmm. Maybe I just wanted to...
see your face again.

Maybe I'm fond of it.

You are a beautiful woman,
Mrs. Underwood, hmm?

Those lips...

Would you say something for me?

Would you say, um...

"Shame on you... Mr. President."

Really, Viktor?
Are we gonna dredge that up?

An apology would do...

if you want to negotiate...

Well, you would lose respect for me
if I apologized.


Yes, this is true.

I'm not here
for a sightseeing trip, Viktor.

So, Francis needs a liver
and I need a bailout.

- What do you need?
- I need for you to agree to the terms.

Oh, yes, the terms.
The terms, yes.

But why are you here...
and not with Francis?

When your mother is sick,
you go to her.

Not your husband, hmm?

Were the stories true?

Are there problems, Claire?

What are your concerns with the Chinese?

There are too many drilling sites
in sensitive areas.

It's a security issue to us.

And what sites, in particular,
are you worried about?

Oh, you... you are familiar
with the individual zones?

It's my plan.
I know it backwards and forwards.

I see, so that's why
it's so important to you.

Because it's yours.

Is it one of these?

On the Pacific coast?

You asked for me, sir?

I wanna get out of this place
as soon as possible.

I'll make sure of it, sir.

Where's Claire?

She's in Germany.


A lot to catch you up on,
Mr. President.

- Raymond.
- The Chinese are getting skittish.

They wanna know
why it's taking so long.

Now, if Petrov doesn't agree soon,
they may back out.

- Thank you, Raymond.
- I'm on standby.

We need to shake hands on this.

No. No, I told you,
nothing on Sakhalin Island.

It's two zones on the southern end.
Then you have your bailout.

It opens a door I don't want to open.

They're being more than reasonable,
Mr. President.

In whose eyes?

You and China are raping Siberia.

We didn't run your economy
into the ground.

You did.

Is this how you tried to convince
Michael Corrigan before he hung himself?

Because that's what
you are asking me to do,

to tie the noose around my own neck.

What's next?
The Black Sea? The Arctic?

I cannot allow the Chinese ships
to come this close to my sovereign--

Mrs. Underwood,
President Underwood is on the line.

- He's awake?
- Yes, ma'am.

Go, go.
We're done here.

- I can't speak with him right now.
- Mrs. Underwood--

I will let you know when I'm available.

Yes, ma'am.

You should talk to your husband.

I'm not leaving here
until we have an agreement.

But you're an amateur, Claire.

You fly in, you puff up your chest
and you pretend to play president.

But what would you be
without your husband?

A pretty face.

So, yes,
play the president if you like.

Go. Tell the Chinese
they get nothing on the Pacific.

You think you can do that,
Mrs. Underwood?

Your people are hurting.

Six months at most,
they're gonna be marching on Red Square.

I'm done letting you have your dignity.

The truth is you're a beggar
on your knees,

and you will take
whatever we shove down your throat.


Take the deal.
Get your dignity back.

Madam Secretary.

Joint control of zones 61 and 67.

We've got an agreement,
pending the president's approval.

Well, he's sleeping now.

They're moving him back
to the White House soon.

- And how did he seem?
- I only talked to him briefly,

but the doctors say the organ is...
taking well so far.

They're expecting a quick recovery.

You've done an outstanding job,
Mr. President.

- So have you, Claire.
- I'm going to try and get some rest.

Of course.
Have a safe flight.

Experts were pessimistic
that anything meaningful

could come out of the summit.

Draft of the appropriations bill
from the Speaker's office.

Just put it on the desk, please.

...Catherine Durant
had this to say from Brandenburg.

President Petrov and I
worked through the night

in concert with the Chinese government
in order to come up with an agreement.

Along with partners
in the private sector,

the United States, China, and Russia
will collaborate on a plan

to extract oil from untapped sites
in eastern Siberia.

This will then enable a return
to a more stable oil market,

as well as a stable global economy.

Now, in order to make this plan viable

and mitigate any tax burden... the American
and Chinese taxpayers,

the corporations will provide
the bulk of the investment,

the, uh, infrastructure
to extract the oil and the technology.

And then any of the profits

will then be distributed commensurately
among these corporations, as well,

and including
the land value invested

by the Russian government.

So at this time,
I'd like to open the floor

to any questions.

I'm getting a lot of questions
about the First Lady's involvement.

We stick to our message
that she was just there to assist.

Secretary Durant led the effort.

There's multiple reports
that she and Petrov had a long meeting.

They greeted each other.
That's it.

So we deny?

The president
hasn't approved the plan yet.

We wanna focus on his recovery, not the--

- Yes?
- Secretary of Health for you, sir.

I'll find you in your office.

Madam Secretary.

- I just sent you an email.
- Hold on.

What is this?

The father you see there?
That's who we bumped for the president.

He died an hour ago.
Father of two, loving husband.

Delete it right now
from your outbox.

I already did,
but I wanted you to see his face...

the family he left behind.

Well, uh, it will probably
take a few days, but, uh, I'm--

My wife is up.

Thank you, gentlemen.

- Mrs. Underwood.
- Mrs. Underwood.


Are you in a lot of pain?

Nothing I can't handle.


I spoke to his mother.

- Francis, don't--
- Help me up.

Are you sure?

Yes. It's good for the recovery.

Doctor's orders.

They want me on my feet
at least once a day.

Let's take a walk.

Now, let me see if I can do it.

I need a minute.

I'm going to approve your plan.

It's a good plan.

It was hard.

Harder than I thought it would be.

Stay with me.

It's us against them.

Otherwise, what's the goddamn point?

I can't do it, Francis.
I can't come back and be First Lady.

Not that.

Not that.

I said you were nothing,
in the Oval, without me.

It's the other way around.

It would have to be different.

I know.

That's what I'm saying.

Come on. Let's see if you can make it
to the end of the hall.