House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 13 - Chapter 52 - full transcript

As the hostage situation continues, Claire secretly negotiates with an extremist leader. Frank confronts Hammerschmidt.

This is the president.

- Put on Conway.
- You will speak to me.

No, we only talk to him
or we hang up.

Do you hear the helicopters yet?
Or the dogs?

We're getting closer and we will find you.

The only question is will you
work with us before we get there?

The money's not happening
and neither is the military withdrawal.

But you're smart enough to know that.

The objective here is Ahmadi,
and that's what I'd like to discuss.

Well, the choice is yours.
You either meet our demands or you don't.

I spoke at length last night
with Governor Conway.

I was of a mind
to ignore your call this morning,

but he convinced me
that we should keep talking.

Isn't that right, Governor?

- I just want a peaceful resolution.
- As do I.

You wanted to include the Governor,
I want to include Ahmadi.

- You're trying to stall.
- You refusing to speak to your leader?

Is he on now?

You release the Millers,
then we put him on.

No, you don't get to dictate terms.

We show good will
when you show good will.

I'm giving you ten seconds
to reconsider your position.

After that, we disconnect the call.

We'll kill them.

Ten seconds, starting now.

Five seconds.

- End the call.
- One hostage.

- All three.
- One.

Give us the daughter
and the mother.

No, we keep the girl.

You managed to get the President
of the United States on the phone

not once, but twice.

You will release
the daughter and the mother

or you will never hear from me again,

and you will lose your chance
to speak to your leader.

Tell me now.

They've disconnected, sir.


Mr. Ahmadi.

You can shower upstairs.
There's fresh clothes in the closet.

The only people who know
are the Chairman

and the SEALs who escorted him.

- Do we have a secure line?
- Direct to the Oval.

Mr. President...

I would have never condoned
bringing Ahmadi into this.

Well, lucky for me,
I'm not making decisions

based on what you would
or would not condone.

Watch me tell the press
you put words in my mouth.

Feel free.

I think they'll have a hard time
believing you, though.

Check your messages.
I'm sure your staff's been emailing you.

Arrange for a car to get the governor
and his family to the airport.

Have a safe trip back to New York.

I've had lunch brought in.

I'm sure it's been quite a while
since you've had a hot meal.

- I won't be eating it.
- Aren't you hungry?

I don't wanna get sick
while I'm being tortured.

No one's getting tortured.
Please, have a seat.

You want me to tell these men
to release the family, right?

If I don't, you'll do what you have to do.

Oh, if we had any intention of that,
you never would have left Guantanamo.

Nor would I be here.

Where is here?

Virginia, in a government safe house.

And why you?

Out of respect...
for the gravity of this situation.

I think your intention
is to humiliate me.

You've been properly clothed,
offered food.

How are we humiliating you?

I'm sitting across from a woman.

There's no reason
to keep up the facade.

You and your brother
are not fundamentalists,

nor are you Syrian.

This what the CIA's feeding you?

You're Iraqi.
Your real name is Al Awad.

Actually, it says that you joined
the Baath Party in 2000.

You were the assistant
to the undersecretary of infrastructure,

2001, 2002.

Say whatever you want.

My brother will deny.
You won't convince anyone but yourselves.

We expel the Baathists

and you go from a bureaucrat
to an extremist.

But you're a well-educated man, Yusuf...

and you don't care about Islam
or the caliphate.

You're just using that
to radicalize soldiers.

Just as you use democracy and freedom.

So now we understand each other.

Yusuf Al Ahmadi remains
in solitary confinement in Guantanamo.

If Caroline and Melissa Miller
are released,

we will allow supervised contact
with the kidnappers.


Ahmadi has consistently encouraged
acts of terror like this one.

What makes you think
that any sort of dialogue

will lead to a peaceful resolution?

Well, the alternative
is no dialogue at all.

We don't wanna leave
any stone unturned.


Will you comment on
the Wall Street Telegraph article

about Governor Conway's
alleged interference

with the House Intelligence Committee?

Well, it confirms
what we suspected to be true,

but I think you want
the governor's comment, not ours.

Congressman Walleck
is misrepresenting events.

- You're saying he lied?
- I'm saying he misrepresented.

I have a number of friends
on the Intelligence Committee,

and do I speak with them sometimes?
Of course.

But that's not the same as interfering.

So you never discussed the Russia plan
with anyone on the committee?

We may have discussed it,

but it's not as though
I was issuing orders.

And I have to say,
everyone's primary focus right now

needs to be on the Miller family,
not this.

Did the president ask you
to leave the White House?

Uh, we agreed that I'd done my part,
and that the rest is up to him.

Can you tell us about
your conversation last night

with the president,
regarding Ahmadi?

That'll be all for now.
Thank you so much.

Question, sir.

Let's go.

Uh, hold on,
I'm still fastening Lily's car seat.

- Will...
- Not a word.

Well, I have to tell you,
the general's apeshit

over what you said about
being ashamed of your service.

He may talk to the press.

Nobody does any press until we have
a proper response to all this shit.

Daddy said "shit."
Shit, shit, shit!

Stop it!

You need to bring me something on Walleck.
We need to discredit him.

- Are you done yet?
- You don't need to snap at us.

- Are you done yet?
- Yes.

Let's go. Now.

That's if they're released.

We'll fill in the blanks
once we have details.

This is if the worst happens.

Yates wrote these?

No, I... I took a stab at it first.

Also, Tom Hammerschmidt called.

He wants an interview with the president.
He wouldn't say what for.

What outlet is he with now?

He's back at the Herald.
Said he emailed you directly.

I need the room.

Everyone out.

Get me the Herald.

Tom Hammerschmidt.

Well, there's a cell tower here.

Uh, typically very low traffic,

but it showed higher usage
during the time of the call,

especially the southeastern antenna.

So we should be able to ping the hotspot,
zero in?

Eh, it's hundreds of tower faces.

I can give you the general area,
but pinpointing will take longer.

I can't even guarantee it's gonna be them.

I want every one of those towers analyzed.

Well, we're better off concentrating
on ambient background sound.

If I can match that to other calls made
in this area around the same time as...

I'm not asking your advice.
I'm telling you what I want you to do.

Focus on the tower data.

We were concentrating on this area,
but it looks like they're closer to here.

We've got ground teams
setting up a search grid.

Can we use satellites?

We are, but there are over 100
possible structures within the zone.

- Each one of them needs to be checked.
- How long?

If we get lucky, within hours.
If not, could be tomorrow.

Sir, Mr. Stamper's here.

- He says it's urgent.
- Thank you.

Hammerschmidt says
they go online today,

whether you comment or not.

Travel logs are not hard evidence.
These quotes are circumstantial.

But all of it combined...
I don't know how we spin this.

He's got heavy hitters on the record.

Should I release the photos
of Jackie and Remy?

They told him about the affair.

He's putting in the article
that we threatened to expose them.

How did this happen?

This is as much on you.

I can put together a list
of the people he hasn't gotten to yet.

And give him proof of a cover-up?

He's right.
If we reach out to Tusk or Lanagin...

I want Hammerschmidt here.

- Sir, I wasn't suggesting...
- Set it up as soon as possible.

The U.S. government
will never recognize the caliphate.

No, of course not.

But we can reintegrate the Baathists
into the government.

What government?
There's no government in Iraq.

There is no Iraq.
There's Baghdad.

Shia, Sunni, Kurd...

Syria is the same.

You maintained order
before we shut you out.

Now, we can't support a theocracy,

but we can put the military
back in control.

What do we do
with all the soldiers we've recruited?

They won't accept a secular government.

You'll keep them in check.

With force, if necessary.

Use our guns on the men
who carried it for us.

What does it matter...
if you have back your power?

If this is your intention,
why have you said nothing publicly?

Because you know that all of this
has to be done behind closed doors.

We need to give the appearance
that we neutralized ICO.

What happens
if they don't release the hostages?

Well, then you go back to Cuba.

If they do,
then we put you on the phone with them...

and you tell them to release the third.

And then you send me back to Cuba anyway.

I do understand why you don't trust us,
but what is the alternative?

These people die,
and then it gives us

all the justification we need
for a full offensive.

That's years...

and you won't completely destroy us.

Not completely,
but enough to make you irrelevant.

Or we can quietly work together.

ICO fades,
and you and your generals get control.

Hey. Uh...

- Do you know where Claire is?
- No, we're trying to find her.

She usually keeps me informed
if she's going somewhere.

Have you asked Secret Service?

- They didn't know.
- They have to know.

I'll go ask again.


She wasn't at the residence.

- You went up there?
- Ten minutes ago.

What's going on between you two?

You think I haven't noticed?

How you two talk?
How often you're here?

I don't even have unrestricted
access to the residence.

I was with her when her mother died.

It made us close.

Don't read too much into it.

Well, however close you are,

just make sure that nobody else
can read too much into it.

Well, if you see Claire,
tell her I went home.

If she needs me.

Don't meet face-to-face.
Have him submit the questions in writing.

Yeah, but if I meet with him,
maybe I can give him pause.

No, he's trying to trap you
into giving something away.

That's not going to happen.

- The timing on this...
- How's your end?

He's getting there.

Well, you focus on him.
I'll handle Hammerschmidt.

Are you smoking?

- How did you know?
- I can hear it.

If this story comes out,
it won't be the smoking that does us in.

Have they been killed?

You look upset.

Do you miss your wife?

You don't care about my wife.

Ah, I don't care
about either of you...

whether you live or die...
or your children do.

But if speaking to your family
once a month will get us there,

I'll put that on the table.

I haven't seen my wife in three years.

I have a son I've never met,
a daughter that doesn't remember me.

This is our path.

Even if they're killed?


Because they will be.

I'm willing to die, and so are they.

- Would they have made that choice?
- What choice?

All they've known are your bombs.
Poof, gone.

We're effective
because we make you feel the pain.

We've felt it all our lives.


- Tom.
- Mr. President.

I'm gonna ask that everything
we discuss today is off the record.

- Understood.
- Now, the last time we met,

it was in the vice president's office,

and you claim that I acquired
that office by manipulating Matthews.

I don't claim that.
President Walker does.

Oh, yes. A man made bitter
by his own mistakes.

And you also claim
that I then acquired this office

by pushing out that very same man.

- Danton and Sharp corroborated.
- Oh, yes.

Two people with very big chips
on their shoulders,

fabricating all this nonsense
to justify their infidelity.

You're saying you didn't blackmail them?

I pressure a lot of people, Tom.
That's part of politics.

But never those two.

Danton's parents say LeAnn Harvey
came to their house in Miami.

Well, I imagine that's because
he wanted LeAnn on the Russian plan.

Then why did she come to him
instead of him coming to her?

Look, I'm not gonna get
into the weeds on this,

but let's just cut to the chase.

The allegations that you're making

are just as ludicrous as they were
the first time we met.

I had nothing concrete then.
This time I do.

Three people with an ax to grind,
no hard evidence and some travel logs?

I'd hardly call that concrete.

- It's enough for a story.
- You're floating an idea out of thin air.

Let's just call this what it is:
blatant sensationalism

- tied to the election...
- I don't float.

Tied to an election
to boost your circulation

because the Herald is losing readership.

Sir, I don't float stories
to see if they're seaworthy,

and I don't give a shit about circulation.

The only thing I care about
is the truth.

The truth?

So have you reached out to Raymond Tusk
for a comment? Or Daniel Lanagin?

I don't see their quotes in here.

I mean, if you're going for the truth,

doesn't that include being thorough?
Being balanced?

Which is why I'm giving you
an opportunity to comment.

And what about any members of Congress?
I don't see their quotes in here.

I'm sure they'll answer my calls
once this article comes out.

Oh, I think you're afraid
to make those calls,

'cause you know
they'll see this for what it is...

unsupported tabloid gossip.

The assistant whip,
your former Chief of Staff,

an ex-president of the United States.

That's not gossip.
It's news.

There's no way the Justice Department
doesn't open up an inquiry.

And if they don't,
the Republicans in Congress will.

Downplay this all you want,
but you know where this story leads.

I know what this story is.

Political sabotage, plain and simple.

Margaret Tilden used to have
some integrity, Tom.

And so did you.

Why are you wasting
America's time with this,

in the middle of this crisis?

Where is your conscience?

That's the question
I want you to answer.


Sir, they emailed a location
of the mother and daughter.

Will you please show Mr. Hammerschmidt
into the Roosevelt Room?

There's no need.
I'll be going.

Oh, no, no, no.
You and I are not done, Tom.

Caroline and Melissa Miller were rescued

at approximately 12:30
Eastern Standard Time by FBI field agents.

Aside from the psychological trauma
of their ordeal,

both are unharmed and healthy.

I'll be calling them soon,
and I hope to meet them soon,

once they have had
their full medical examinations.

And while I am greatly relieved
to have them both safe,

James Miller remains in danger.

And we will not rest
until I can come to this podium

and make another
announcement like this one,

informing you of his safe return.

Mr. Grayson will answer
any questions you may have.

I must get back to work.
Thank you all very much.

They're alive.
You can take some credit for that.

I'm sure Underwood's flying them
to the White House right now.

Caroline and Melissa
will remain under...

That's the image everyone will remember.

The warm embrace, the reassuring words.

I mean, he's not gonna let me take
one ounce of credit for this.

If they choose to talk
with the media, however,

we will certainly facilitate that.

- I will now take some of your questions.
- What if it were Lily and me?

Will, what if it were me and Lily?

Would this be your thinking?

- "The political fallout"?
- Don't, Hannah.

Don't get weak on me.

I can confirm that that is an area
where our focus is,

but that's about as much
detail as I can go into.

Have the kidnappers made contact?

And if so, did you put them
in touch with Ahmadi?

They have not made contact.
We encourage them to do so.

And, yes, the offer still stands.


Uh, what assurances do you have
that Ahmadi will say what you want him to?

We don't,
and we can't force him to.

But we're hoping
that he will work with us on this.

Who's managing the call
from his side in Cuba?

I'm sorry,
I can't go into details on that.

Both were blindfolded in the car,

but the mother estimates
a drive time of 45 minutes.

That narrows the search
to six structures.

Unless they're on the move.

If they're past the roadblocks already,

they've gotta stop somewhere
to make the call.

And we've had some progress
on tracing the call.

Hey, hey.

You're taking my algorithms.

We need more teams on this.
There is not enough room here.

You know my instructions were
never to let anything leave this building.

We have an order from the director.

Well, if you put more teams on this,
it'll cause confusion.

Go home, Mr. Macallan.
You've been here for two days straight.

I am not leaving this

in the hands of people
who do not know what they're doing.

We've got it covered.

Go home. Get some rest.
We'll let you know if we need you.

These boys don't wanna kill anyone.

If they did, they wouldn't have
released two hostages.

They're actually looking
for an excuse to back out.

If the media plays that video,
I look like a traitor.

We tell them it's a precondition.
If they share it, the deal is off.

How do I know you won't?

I can't force you to believe me...

but we are hours from finding them.

And you know how this goes.

Jim Miller dies.
They die.

You go back to Cuba.
We go to war.

We're already at war.

Yusuf, you have one chance
to change the conditions at home.

You squander it, you destroy everything
you have ever fought for.

What do you know about
fighting for anything?

We're done here.
Send him back.

All right.

I'll do what you ask.

Put him back in his jumpsuit.
We'll film in the basement.

Yes, ma'am.

Tell the senator
I'll call him when I get back.

- Mr. President.
- Oh, Cathy.

I realize we haven't had a chance
to discuss everything.

We'll talk foreign policy consequences

once we've resolved
this hostage situation.

It's not that.
The Herald contacted me.

A reporter called my office.
I've read the email.

- You didn't call them back?
- 'Course not.

All right. Don't do or say anything.
I'll handle it.

- How?
- I don't know yet.

Walker says we conspired
for Secretary of State,

and saying I gave him asylum
during the investigation.

If they publish this,
I get skinned alive, too.

We're going to be all right, Cathy.
Trust me on this.

I just spoke with Secretary Durant.

We have a timeline.

My folks don't hear from me,
they start making calls on the hour.

Durant was first.

Birch is next.

Then Womack.

Michael Kern.

It was Zoe's article
that ruined his chances.

You knew her.
You were in her neighborhood.

This is irresponsible, Tom.

When the whole nation is in the middle
of this major terror threat.

That's the same reasoning dictators use.

You remind me
a little bit of Kate Baldwin.

You've lost your objectivity.

Uh, it's funny you mention her.

Kate thought Lucas was onto something.
I told her to let it go,

that there wasn't anything there,
but there was.

Well, where are the facts?
Facts, not quotes. Facts.

You wanna see a fact?

This is a fact.

I told you he was crazy,
and there's the proof.

He had the facts wrong,
but he had the story right.

He saw through you.

So what is the story? That I'm some sort
of psychopath? That I'm a killer?

Oh, I never believed you were a murderer,
and I still don't.

But it's becoming harder
not to entertain the thought.

Well, should I get you a gun,
so you can shoot me, too?

He was right about your soul.

What's in your bones.

That you're ruthless.
You're corrupt.

You destroy whatever's in your path.


Name me a president you wouldn't
describe in exactly the same way.

We're all ruthless.
We all destroy.

But corruption?
That's a matter of perspective.


It's a matter of law.

All right, you seem
a little confused here, Tom.

One moment you're talking about my soul,
and the next moment you want to get legal.

Let's at least achieve
some clarity here today, shall we?

You want the real story?

Zoe Barnes?

Yes, we knew each other.

I scratched her back
and she scratched mine.

And you printed all of it.

You were her source
for the education bill.

- And Michael Kern.
- You sabotaged him.

Okay, ask yourself
why I would have done all those things.

Because the education bill was a disaster,
and I had to move the president off of it.

Because Michael Kern was
a terrible choice for Secretary of State.

We could do better,
and we did, with Cathy.

I was trying to help Walker.

I was trying to steer a weak president
in the right direction.

Now, you want to print that story,
you go right ahead.

But the rest of it is just nonsense.

You didn't make any deals
with Raymond Tusk?

- Absolutely not.
- Then why did you pardon him?

Same reason I pardoned Walker.
Because the country had to move on.

You didn't orchestrate his impeachment?

Why would I want to impeach a president
I was working so hard to help?

You're still here.
He's not.

I was trying to save him
from himself.

Unfortunately, I failed.

- Do you trust your instincts, Tom?
- I always have.

Then look me in the eye.

I've told you the truth.

What you said...

is it on the record now?

Do you believe me?

Not for a second.

Then, no.
Not a word.

We'll give you a few hours
if you want to make an official comment.

I'm ready to go now.

If they release the father, you're a hero.

It's not enough.
I don't know how we survive this story.

My mind keeps racing,
over and over and over again.

What we could've done differently.
How we could've covered our tracks.

The people we should've kept closer...

I'm frightened, Claire.

If we can't stop the damage,
we have to control it, Francis.

There is a solution.
There always is.

Hold on.

They're on, sir.

We just got word.

- They've called in.
- Yes, I was just told.

All right, this first.
One thing at a time.

- The link is up?
- Yes, ma'am.

We've located the building.

Matches the description
from Caroline Miller

and the drive time
from where they were found.

Are we certain that they're there?

No, sir, but we have a team en route.

Let's see how the phone call goes,
and then we'll decide if we're gonna move.

The line is open.

Go ahead.

- This is the president.
- Where's Ahmadi?

We're about to connect him via video,
so you know that he's speaking freely.

But before we do, be aware that if
you release any of this call to the media,

anything we discuss will be off the table.

Put him on.



I know you are trying to free me.


Listen to me.

You've already done your duty.

You have made the world pay attention.

But the U.S. government,
they will not free me.

And if you harm this man,
they'll bring more bloodshed on Muslims.

Let him go.

They have promised me they will
only charge you for kidnapping...

not as terrorists.

Are they forcing you to say this?


Who are you looking to?


They've hung up.

What did he just say?

What did you say?

Tell me what you said.

I'm not a traitor.

Keep him down here.

"Release the video.

If they don't send me home, kill them.

If they find you, kill him.

Make sure you have proof that I..."
And then it goes black.

Where that leaves us,
we don't know right now.

The White House has not briefed the press
or issued any statement...

What do I say to this?

- We say nothing.
- No, I can't say nothing,

'cause I got 100 reporters
that are about to break down that door.

We are not going to expose ourselves
until we have something concrete to go on.

Like the guy's head rolling?
Or are you saying nothing then, too?

Or how about the Herald article?

When that comes out,
are you gonna say nothing?


Look, I will lock myself up in here.
I'll bury my head in the sand.

But eventually,
it's me that has to face these people.

All right, I can't hide the way that you...

Stop. Stop!

Keep your shit together.


Eat some food.
Rest your eyes for a little bit.

I'll let you know when I know more.

- Oh, sir, a...
- Not now.

- You brought him here?
- I brought myself.

It's serious, Doug.


Go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go!

Go! Go! Go!

- Clear.
- Clear.


- It's empty.
- All clear.

- It's empty, sir.
- Confirmed. All clear.

Francis, did they find...


- I thought Ahmadi was going to...
- No, we are where we are.

We knew it was a risk.

- You okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.

Let's get you upstairs. Tom Hammerschmidt, 15 minutes ago.

In the article, it says the president
was asked to comment, but declined.

Among those quoted
are ex-president Garrett Walker,

Congresswoman Jackie...

How many phone calls
have you got so far?

Uh, at least 30.

- You?
- Ah, I stopped counting.

Where should we go?

Surprise me.

No, we don't say anything.

We'll let him burn in the lights
for a few days and see how this plays out.

And then we blanket
every swing state with ads.

Thirty seconds, in silence.
Just the headline.

Let that sink into people's gray matter.


We'll talk soon.

Come here.
I wanna show you something.

I'm still upset.

You can't pretend that nothing's happened.

I am not weak.

I shouldn't have said that.
I know you're not.

And here's something else I know.

You're gonna be the next
First Lady of the United States.

All right, stay in your office.

I'll call you back in a bit.

Some Prinivil and aspirin, please.

It's out?


Doug's got Macallan with him, too.

They're expanding his program,
but without him in charge.

So we're not safe there, either.

Well, if he was...

if he was there to manage it,
but he's not, so...

No, we're not safe.

- Should I call Dr. Saxon?
- No, it's not necessary.

- Thank you very much. That'll be all.
- Yes, sir.

Three weeks...

then the election.

It's nothing.

And then we lose.

And they investigate.

And everything we...


I feel...


I do, too.

We make time.

We can't fight everything off
one by one, Francis.

But if we make this...

we make it work for us.

Create chaos.

More than chaos.






I'm done trying
to win over people's hearts.

Let's attack their hearts.

We can work with fear.

Yes, we can.

You should put on a fresh suit.

The navy blue.

Yes, the navy blue.

- Where's Macallan?
- We sent him home.

All right, tell him to stay put.
We'll tackle that later.

Have Seth inform the networks.
The Oval, one hour.

- Do you need him to draft something?
- Tom will write it.

- He's not here.
- Then get him here.

What about the last part
that you crossed out?

Uh, "To mourn is not to fear.
To grieve is not to admit defeat."

You should keep that in.

But it presumes he's going to die.

He is going to die.

We talk to the lawyers first,
then you can talk to the press.

I've got major funders
pulling out already.

The president should put in calls
to set them at ease.

No. No calls.
The campaign's on hold.

We lose that money, so be it.
We need to stabilize.

I don't think he should say
the part about mourning and grief.

I agree, but Yates said
they wanted it back in.

Is it true?

What Hammerschmidt wrote?
Is it?


That's the first time you've lied to me...
since you stopped lying to me.

My fellow Americans,
over the past two years,

certainly within
the last several days and hours,

I have asked myself,
"What does it mean to be president?

What does true leadership look like?"

It's a question many of you
have asked yourselves

as November approaches.

Right now, as I sit in this chair,
in this office,

where so many of my predecessors

have steered our nation
through turbulent times...

I realize that this job is one
that transcends politics and rhetoric.

Entrusted to anyone
who sits behind this desk

is something far more elemental,
the very survival of our nation.

And I, as your president,
must confront the storm before us.

That storm is terror.

More dangerous and unpredictable
than any hurricane.

It has endangered us abroad.
It has endangered us at home.

And right now, it has placed James Miller
in the gravest of dangers.

We attempted to communicate
with his captors.

We hoped for a peaceful solution.

We're relieved that Caroline
and Melissa Miller are safe and sound.

But terror is blind to reason.

Given the opportunity to renounce terror,
Yusuf Al Ahmadi chose to encourage it.

So, unfortunately,

we must now move beyond reason.

We must respond with force.

Because there is no scenario
in which we will release him.

He will remain in United States custody
until his dying breath.

If the captors call again,
we will not answer.

The time for conversation is over,
no matter the consequences.

Regardless of whether James Miller
is released or not,

rescued or not,

killed or not...

ICO will be destroyed.

We are at war.

It will be a war more total

than anything we have waged thus far
in the fight against extremism.

Soldiers will die.

Civilians may die.

There will be pain.
There will be suffering.

We will be confronted with
the most horrific aspects of humanity.

We will confront the inhuman.

Evil itself.

But we will triumph.

It is not a war we will lose.

And if the worst happens
to James Miller...

we must remember,

To mourn is not to fear.
To grieve is not to admit defeat.

God bless America,

and all of those
who believe in freedom and democracy.

- Any news?
- They just posted on Twitter.

9:00 sharp, live on the Internet.
We won't find them before that.

Do we have the capability
to block the video?

Well, we might be able
to block some sites,

- but if they have enough mirrors...
- Don't block anything.

Yes, sir.

The whole world should watch this.

And we should, too.

- What you said, "We're at war..."
- I want to build a coalition.

- More air strikes?
- Ground, air...

The full force of our military.

Well, I wish you would have
consulted first.

- This type of escalation...
- Not escalation, Cathy. Obliteration.

This is
your response to the article?

We're doing what's necessary.

When you find them...
you will kill them.

If we're able to apprehend alive,
we may get...

I understand, Mr. President.


I wanna be 100%.
I can give you that.

But it's gonna be a lot harder if I...

If you want me here by your side,
I will be.

- But I'd prefer...
- No.

You do what you have to do.
Be back when it's over.

I will.
Thank you, sir.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Do you want to come inside?

- The kids there?
- Yeah.

- You're not letting them watch...
- No.

No, I forbade them to.

Although, I mean, with school and...
and their friends,

it'll be impossible to prevent if...

if they really wanna see it.

They all right?

Are you all right?

I will be.

I have to be.

All these people in their houses...

about to see this awful thing...

that they'll never be able to erase.

Were you there,
when your husband died?

In the room?


Have you ever watched someone die?

I know you gotta go
back there tonight...

but when you're done...

whenever that is...

you're staying here.

We do this in the name of
the Islamic Caliphate,

in the name of Yusuf Al Ahmadi,
in the name of God.

Melissa, I love you.

Caroline, I love you.

Please, dear God, look out...

Turn off the sound.

That's right.

We don't submit to terror.

We make the terror.