House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 12 - Chapter 51 - full transcript

Frank asks Conway to help deal with extremists threatening to murder hostages. Tom Hammerschmidt digs deeper into the allegations against Frank.

Otherwise, it was just socialism,
which is built to fail.

And you don't get points
for failure, Mr. President.

People don't want failure.
They want success.

Let's discuss
our recent success then.

You have been very critical
of the president

for not being strong on terror.

Just last week, U.S. special forces
captured Yusuf Al Ahmadi,

and they have him in custody.

So would you now say that your criticism
of the president was unfounded?

The capture of Ahmadi
is a step forward,

but the real issue here
is sustained security.

The president sent in American troops
without consulting the Syrians.

Now, that's gonna do real damage

to our ability to work with them
in the future.

See, this isn't about notches in a belt.

It's about a safer world for our nation.

A better future for our children.

Governor, I understand that words
like "safer" and "children" play well.

But national security is a complex
and ever-changing landscape

that sometimes requires restraint,
sometimes decisive action.

So I think maybe we want to put aside
what sounds good in the moment

and be adaptable with our policy
in terms of reality.

Oh, I don't need a lecture on reality
like I'm a schoolboy, Mrs. Underwood.

I've actually fought in the Middle East.
So has the general.

Our views on international diplomacy
aren't just pretty words.

We can debate policy
all you'd like, Governor,

but there is one thing
that is undebatable.

And that is ICO is no longer
the threat it once was

without their leadership.

- You're not watching the debate?
- I know what they're going to say.

How can I help you, Doug?

I told you there'd be a day.

There's no reason you shouldn't keep this
and retire with honor.

How are we looking?

high impact on "ever-changing."

And Conway took the bait

and played right into
"schoolboy" and "pretty,"

which gives you "pretty boy."
It was beautiful.

- What about the marriage stuff?
- Well, the more they can keep saying

"together" and "beyond" and "become"
in any context, we score on those.

I don't discuss the private conversations
we have on the Intelligence Committee.

- Whistle-blowing insulates you.
- And kneecap my party's nominee?

I don't think so.

He's going to lie about it at this debate.
They both are.

You're going to tell the truth.

You can't have it both ways, Governor.
We got him, period.

Unilateral, short-sighted action.

Unilateral because you and the general

pitted the Republicans
against my involving the Russians.

That's just not true.

Are you saying
that you did not have the general

contact members
of the House Intelligence Committee?

would you care to comment?

When I resigned my commission,

I stopped talking to members of Congress
about matters of national security.

- So you are saying that you did not?
- No, ma'am. I did not.

You and I both know
that you interfered, Governor.

You admitted so much to me
when I asked you personally.

You told me that the general had spoken
to members of that committee.

I told you that I have friends
on the committee, which is true.

Not that I interfere with committee work.

You lined up every Republican to be
opposed to the Russians being involved.

It was unanimous opposition.

Well, if your plan was
to get Russian support

by giving away drill sites,
I don't blame them.

So just to be absolutely clear,
for the record,

you are saying, Governor, that neither you
nor the general made any contact

with any member of
the House Intelligence Committee?

I absolutely did not.

You're putting me
in an impossible place here.

You put yourself there
when you lied about your service record.

Whose lie do you want exposed?
Conway's or yours?

Go home and think about it.

Doesn't need to happen tomorrow.

It just needs to happen
before Election Day.

I'm not trying
to diminish your contribution

to your husband's presidency,
Mrs. Underwood,

but I do question your experience.

No one's fully prepared to be president
when he or she becomes one.

Not even you.

And look at the polls.

Over half the country
is open to a First Lady as VP.

And more than half of the country
wants a new president.

It's true that you are leading
in the polls for now, Governor,

but the gap has been closing
in recent weeks.

Well, when people show up to vote

and have to confront the possibility
of Claire Underwood as president,

they're gonna have a gut check
and make the right choice.

You're absolutely right.
That means they'll vote for us.

Because they'll look around and realize
that if anything happens to me,

they'll be in very good hands with Claire.

And, you know, she's right.

No one can prepare
to become the president.

But I have been the president,
and now I know what it takes.

It requires confidence, openness,

and Claire has all of those qualities.

I'm sorry, Mr. President. It...
It looks like we have to take a break.

We'll return shortly
to the first-ever simultaneous debate

between presidential candidates
and their running mates.

And we're clear.

Mr. President, Mrs. Underwood,
would you please come with me?

Read it.


"We are citizens of the United States.

We have been taken hostage
in the name of God

by the Islamic Caliphate Organization."

Read it.

"Our country is guilty
of illegal aggression

and mass murder against Muslims.

We beg for mercy."

ICO will grant mercy
only if these demands are met.

One, cessation
of all U.S. military activity in Syria.

Two, ten billion dollars in reparations
paid to the caliphate.

Three, the safe return of our leader,
Yusuf Al Ahmadi,

from his unjust imprisonment.

We will not communicate
with the criminal Frank Underwood.

We will only communicate
with his successor, William Conway.

If these demands aren't met in 24 hours...

mercy will not be granted.

Released to seven outlets.
Encrypted email, deep web.

The hostages are Jim and Caroline Miller,
their daughter Melissa, from Knoxville.

Mr. President, whatever you need,
I'm here to offer assistance.

I'll let you know.

So far, we've identified
the drywall and lighting.

All U.S. manufactured.

The video was shot
on a Panasonic HD camcorder,

most widely sold in the States.

So we know they're in the country.

Well, commercial flight is out.
Private plane is unlikely.

We're confident
that they traveled by ground,

probably the Millers' hijacked car.

Last known location is a Denny's
just outside of Knoxville.

A debit card transaction.

This is footage of them
leaving the restaurant.

Our hearts go out
to the Millers' family and loved ones.

But we're confident
that the president is doing

everything possible
to achieve their release.

I told the president that we'd be willing

to assist in any way
if it would be helpful.

This is a time when America
needs to pull together and...


It's "pull together
and pray for the Millers."

- And then I come in, and...
- I didn't forget.

I just feel this is wrong.

It implies we're willing
to negotiate with terrorists.

We should keep our mouths shut.
Let the authorities do their job.

We don't get press
by keeping our mouths shut.

You had me lie on national television.

And now you want us to send out some video
that only encourages these people?

And you wanna do that
to score some press coverage?

If it doesn't make you feel comfortable,
I can do it on my own.

I'll be outside.

I've had enough of him.

He does have a point.

Look, they're gonna kill that family
whether we send this out or not.

We might as well say
I was willing to show up for duty.

Well, I have to say,
I agree with the general.

Press record.

Press record!

Our hearts go out
to the Millers' family and loved ones...

What do we know about the captor?

Our Syrian assets say this is a lone wolf.

Two wolves, actually.

When we pumped up
the contrast in the video,

we saw a shadow on the wall
from someone behind the camera.

Voice analysis points
to western Tennessee, Memphis area.

Uh, Mr. President, if I may?

Agent Holbrooke,
our top negotiating expert.

Uh, we've run 16 possible models
in preparation for an incident like this.

Now, what we have here
are key elements from three of them.

American kidnappers, the abduction
of a child and proxy communication...

Why did they want Conway?

That's the real question.
I'll tell you why.

Because I would've done
exactly the same thing if it had been me.

It undermines my authority.

Throws me off balance.
Pits me against my rival.

And because I don't have children,
and he does.

They know I won't compromise.
No president would.

But a would-be president like Conway,
well, he might.

Tactically, we need more time.

I can't guarantee that we can
track them down in less than 24 hours.

Here's what I wanna do.

The president
is working with the FBI

and other law enforcement
and intelligence agencies

to locate the Millers.

Now, in order to protect
the integrity of those efforts,

I won't be sharing any details
on their progress at the moment.

In the meantime, the president
is reaching out to Governor Conway

should contact with the captors
be established.

Now, let me be clear.

We're not talking about negotiation,
just communication.

You could've asked me
privately first.

It was tactical,

to show the kidnappers
that we respect their wishes.

This doesn't leave me a choice.

Well, you can always say no, Governor.

We have a plan for how we can
handle this without your participation.

How would that work?

Well, I say publicly that I'm willing
to speak to the captors myself.

Now, if they refuse,
we'd have to be prepared for the worst.

But our team believes that you give us
a better shot at opening a dialogue.

- To negotiate.
- To buy us time.

And if you do say yes,

we'd want you at the White House
as soon as possible.

I need to discuss with my people.

I'm hoping that you'll agree to help us.
Either way, I'll need an answer soon.

I understand.
I'll let you know within the hour.

Thank you, Governor.

Everyone has a flaw, and this is Conway's.

I spoke with the president,
and I said that I'm willing

to assist in any way
if it would be helpful.

He aches for the spotlight.
He feels almost invisible without it.

Now, if he's center stage on this,
he can't fault my performance,

because we're sharing the stage together.

If I get booed, he gets booed.

But it's really the applause
that Conway's hungry for.

Trust me, he'll say yes.

The stage is too big and the spotlight
too tempting for him to be...

a mere spectator.

But I've already said publicly
I'd assist if he asked.

That was a mistake,
and I should've pushed back on it more.

But you can't let him
take advantage of it.

Well, I've said it. It's done.
And now we have to move forward.

This is fucking disgusting.

You say, "After much consideration,

I don't feel comfortable
negotiating with terrorists."

And then I come off not only as a liar,
but as a coward.

Why do this when we're ahead?

By what? Five points?
That's not a lead. That's a coin toss.

My message this entire campaign
has been about serving the country,

showing up for duty,
and now I'm gonna not show up

when the commander in chief
has asked for my help?

...and the speech patterns.

The captor is
the one who you heard on the camera.

Seems to be American.

And the way he's released the video
shows he's computer savvy.

Now, ICO recruiters have been
turning to social media networks

like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

to initiate contact with users
sympathetic to their cause.

- Oh, Tom.
- Earlier groups, like al-Qaeda,

didn't use social networking
anywhere near the degree that ICO has.

It is possible that this captor...

- Mr. President.
- Good flight?

- A little bumpy, but fine.
- Come on in.

You play?

Well, that's debatable.
But I definitely collect.

Uh, this is something.

Yeah, it's terrible.

I don't envy Frank right now.

Have a seat.

- Coffee? Tea?
- No, thanks.

I appreciate you taking the time,
given everything that's going on.

It's not as though
anyone's calling for my advice.

Although I'm not sure
this article is pertinent at the moment.

I'm not here about your scholarship fund.

I don't understand.
My assistant said you wanted to write...

I lied...
so you'd meet with me.

We have a domestic surveillance program,
beta phase,

aimed at finding ICO recruits.

I was briefed
when we got the FISA court ruling.

Well, this is a domestic investigation.
We have to work through the FBI.

Now, they're sending over a team,

and I'd like for Homeland and the CIA
to join them.

This is a sensitive program.
Shouldn't you keep it in-house?

We've been criticized for not involving
other agencies in the past.

I'd like to avoid that.

- You want clearances?
- As soon as possible.

It's all hands on deck, Doug.

- Governor.
- Mr. President.

Well, and this must be Charlie.


the president's hand, Charlie.

- Come on, Charlie.
- You said he was a vampire.

Well, don't worry. You're safe here.

No monsters in the White House.

I'll show you where you're staying.

Come on, Charlie.

- Have you ever been in the Oval?
- Once, when I was a kid.

My Boy Scout troop, we met with Reagan.

Of course they did.

I thought you'd all like to be together,
so I've put you in here,

but, if not, we can put the kids
in the Lincoln Bedroom.

No, this is wonderful.
Thank you.

Is this
where we're gonna live, Mommy?

We'll have to see
how the election goes first.

Something smells.

Oh, gosh.
Lily needs a change.

Um, where...

- The restroom is here, to the right.
- Great, thank you.

You want me to put
a Republican in the White House.

You want a Republican or a criminal?

- I still have loyalty to my party, Tom.
- And where's their loyalty?

They were going to impeach you.

Jackie Sharp whipped Democrats.

Your own Secretary of State
turned her back.

Your party?
It's rotten to the core.

And the core is Underwood.

Aren't you angry
that he stole your presidency?

I'm angry.

I'm angry at myself...

for not seeing it.

- And for not fighting it.
- So do something now.

I wanted to say Tusk lied.

But once I got the pardon,
I knew nobody would believe me.

I thought...

"Just disappear.

Go away."

And that anger...

If I went away...

that anger would go away.

The truth is coming out.

Be part of the truth.

People will believe you.

Once we finish with the press conference,
you'll be done.

We'll take it from there.

You don't want me on the call
if they contact us?

Oh, you're only there for bait, Governor.

I can't have you speaking
on behalf of the White House.

- They said they wanted me.
- Yes, we have a roadmap in place.

Then you'll have to adjust it.

What right do you have to walk in here
and dictate how we're gonna handle this?

I put myself on the line coming here,
and you know it.

I could've backed off
and left this pile of shit in your lap.

Now, if I'm gonna be exposed with you,

then I'm gonna have some say
in how that happens.

Or I head back to New York
and watch you squirm.

Just as I'd hoped.
The more involved, the better.

Director Green, please.

- They here? All right.
- They're here.


This is our director.

- Hello.
- President's Chief of Staff.

We need every white male under 40

with geo-local anomalies
in the past 72 hours.

Already done that,
cross-referenced with your watchlists.

We're voice matching with phone calls now.

Well, we're bringing a team in here.

FBI, CIA, Homeland,
along with our own people.

Uh, yeah,
more cooks in the kitchen won't...

I've cleared them.
We can't waste time grapevining this.

Let's get everyone working
from the same place.

We need to organize workflow.

Right. Uh, let's talk in my office.
It's the second door on the right.

Is this going to be a problem?

I'd prefer them
not breathing down my neck.

- That wasn't my question.
- I told you, we're masked.

Thank you.
Please be seated.

I'd like to thank Governor Conway
for agreeing to assist us.

He and I share the same goal,
which is the safe return of the Millers.

In order to achieve that,

we're willing to open up
lines of communication with their captors.


I will act as intermediary
between you and the president.

To communicate with us,
dial Jim Miller's social security number

followed by Caroline's into any phone
or Internet conferencing service.

There will be a voice recognition prompt.

Have all three Millers say
their names and state the time

and that will connect you.

Our hearts are with the Millers
and their families.

I spoke to their siblings
and their parents last night,

and they remain strong.

And I would ask all Americans
to remain strong on their behalf.

Thank you very much.

Deplorable as this situation is,
we cannot blame Islam as a whole

or the millions of Muslims
in our nation who yearn for peace,

who contribute to our society,

who have the same dreams
as all Americans do.

ICO does not represent Islam.

But there are those
who would use this incident

to justify draconian measures,

like travel restrictions
or forced registration,

who would espouse hatred
or even violence.

The moment bigotry
becomes a form of patriotism,

America is no longer America.

That is why I'm here today,
in the Capitol,

to urge our congressmen and women...

Hear there's a push
to get the ten billion.

Big debate in Ways and Means,
but it'll never make it to the floor.

It's just for show.

I've been with Appropriations.

- Bypass Ways and Means?
- No.

To pay for more ground troops in Syria
if we need them.

So why are you meeting me
instead of at the Capitol?

Tom Hammerschmidt.

Has he called you, too?

He reached out,
but I haven't said a word.

Walker went on record.

Told him I was the one
who whipped the votes for impeachment.

Your story is you thought he was guilty.
There's nothing wrong with that.

So you have talked to him?

He has some theories.

All I did was shake my head
at the parts that weren't right.

You're clean if you don't talk.

I want to.
On the record.

I think you should, too.

We can't.

You will lose your seat
as soon as those photos are leaked.

I may lose my seat anyway.

Conway's super PAC is targeting
every California Democrat in a tight race.

Even if I win,
I'm in a Republican-controlled Congress

with a Republican president...

or I have to do Underwood's bidding
for the next four years.

What about Alan?

I told him about us.

He was kind about it.

We'll divorce once everything quiets down.

If you don't want the photos out there,
I won't say anything.

I don't care about
what the rest of the world thinks of me.

All I cared about was protecting you.

Then let's do this, Remy.

You and I go on the record, he's done.

Joshua Masterson.
Computer science major at Tennessee Tech.

Taken a keen interest in Islamic studies
during the past two years.

Hasn't been to class in three days.

None of his friends or family
have heard from him.

Voice matches the one in the video.

We believe his associate
is Zachary Hawthorne,

high school dropout
who's remained close with Masterson.

Stopped showing up for work last Tuesday.

So if they call, should I...

should I tell them
that we know who they are?

No, you'll introduce yourself, Governor,
then you introduce me.

No, the governor will do the talking,
so should he use their names or not?

It could cause them to do something rash.

- Agent March, our head psychologist.
- So I shouldn't.

Conversely, it could humanize them.
Removes the confidence of anonymity.

But if they run,
it compromises everything.

Not just that.
We're confident on the IDs,

but if there's
the slightest chance we're wrong,

it weakens our position.

Then don't use their names in the call.

Uh, sir, our script is written with
the understanding that I'd be speaking.

We'd have to rework it for the governor.

Well, then let's rework it now.
We don't know when they'll be calling.

You know, the circumstances are awful,
but I have to admit...

it's been nice
to take a break from the road.

I don't know how you do it,
running mate and First Lady.

I'm still trying
to figure that out myself, actually.

I think it's admirable.

If we win, I'd love to do something more
than update my Instagram.

When I criticized that,
it was just because...

No, not at all. I didn't take offense.
It's politics.

I'd love to do something
like your gun bill.

- It's a shame it didn't pass the Senate.
- You support that legislation?

Mmm, I'm from England.
We think your gun obsession is madness.

Will does, too, but he can't admit it.

Mustn't upset the base.

Ah, yes, the base.
Mustn't upset the base.

You know, you're actually
a role model of mine.

I mean, your work on the environment,
sexual assault, being ambassador...

I mean, obviously,
I'd prefer if we win.

But if we didn't, I think you'd make
a wonderful vice president.

Mommy, what are you drinking?

It's coffee, sweetheart.

- I want some! I want some!
- Shh!

- Not so loud. You'll wake your sister.
- Can I have some?

You're not old enough.

But do you want some water
or some juice?

I think we've got some juice
in the fridge.

I'll get it.

He's very cute.

Do you regret it, not having children?

Oh, I'm sorry.
That's too personal.

Do you ever regret having them?

We've got voice verification.
They're on the line, sir.

Do I need to keep them engaged
so you can trace the call?

No, Internet call.

Rerouted every three milliseconds.

We have two main objectives.
More information, extending the deadline.

But our top priority
is a first concession. Proof of life.

- So you'll promise nothing.
- Okay.

Keep in mind
that they may be recording this call.

It's publicity they want.

Okay, I'm ready.

This is Governor Conway.

I'd like to speak
with Jim, Caroline and Melissa.

You speak to me.

I need some proof
that they're still alive.

Please tell Melissa
that her grandparents miss her very much

and, uh, they are praying for her.

You're not gonna make us
feel sorry for 'em.

How sorry did you feel

when you dropped bombs
on innocent Muslims, Governor?

The president's a coward.
He sends others to do his killing.

But you're worse.

You make speeches about how proud you are
that you fought in an unjust war.

How would you feel if a bomb
was dropped on your daughter?

If she was blown up
and had to be buried in pieces?

You're American, right?

Our allegiance is to Yusuf Al Ahmadi
and the Islamic Caliphate.

America is our enemy
and must meet our demands.

Uh, you understand that I can't speak
on behalf of the government.

I can only communicate
what you say to the president.

I'll need some time.

You think we're stupid?
He's listening right now.

This is the president speaking.

We talk to Conway only.

But if you want anything to happen,
I'm the one that can make it so.

Then why have you done nothing?

I'm talking to Congress about the money.

I'm consulting with my military advisers
about a pullout,

but nothing can happen in a few hours.

You just want more time
so you can find us.

Are we looking for you?

But that's only so you'll turn over
the Millers without incident.

But there is no handing over.

Either you give us what we want
or we kill them.

Nothing will happen
until we have proof of life.

All right, here's your proof of life.
Cut out the girl's tongue.

- No!
- This is Conway.

- No!
- Please, before you do anything...

- Mommy!
- Josh. Zach.

Do you think we care
you know who we are?

No, stop!

I'd like to speak with you,
just for a moment.

I... I have something to say,
but I need Melissa to stop screaming

- so I can hear you.
- No!

Can I hear her voice?

We need her voice.

I'm here.
I'm Melissa.

Hi, Melissa.
My name is Will...

You heard her voice.
Now talk.

Oh, no.

Yes, I...
I've killed a lot of people.

Some of them innocent people.

And every single night...

I haven't even told my wife this...

but every single night,
I have nightmares.

I picture my own daughter, Lily,
and my wife...

and my son,
just like you described...

blown away.


Now, you could say that I...

I have these demons
because what I did was wrong

and that your cause is righteous.

But I believed
that my cause was righteous, too.

And if I could take it all back...

I wouldn't do it again.

The truth is...

I'm ashamed of what I've done.

Now, the president is right.

We need more time to work on your demands,
but more importantly,

I'm guessing you've never
killed anyone before.

And speaking as someone
who knows what it means to kill,

you owe yourselves more time

before you do something
you can never take back.


9:00 a.m.
You have till then.

They've ended the call.

You did
an excellent job, Governor.

Thank you.

We have a recording
of the Situation Room call

released by the captors a short while ago.

Before playing this audio,
we want to warn viewers

that there are sections
that are very disturbing.

You might want to mute the television.

- Where is everybody?
- They all got pulled on the hostage story.

Get 'em back here.

And Maggie Tilden, too.

Transcribe this, right away.

Fifty mile radius
outside of Chattanooga.

- Gas purchase on a stolen credit card.
- One of Masterson's classmates.

Should we just release
their photographs at this point?

I'm getting bombarded with calls.

Well, the governor
used the first names.

Someone's gonna put it together.

- We might as well exploit it.
- Sir.

- George.
- Mr. President.

Normally, I'd give you time to reconsider,
but time is in short supply today.

- I can't. Not to my party.
- The party will survive.

Conway might not, but too bad.
He lied.

If I do this to him, I don't survive.
I'm vilified.

I wanna show you something.

Do you know what this is?

This is your magnet

from the vote count board
when I used to be whip.

There were so many times when

you weren't in the column
I wanted you to be in, George.

And we both know
that I could've forced you

to vote the way
I wanted you to dozens of times,

but I never did.
I held back.

To protect your honor.

And one of the advantages of being whip
is that behind every single member,

behind all of these magnets,

was at least one dishonorable thing.

Yours just happens to be
more dishonorable than most.

So I'm putting you
in my column this time, George.

LeAnn told me you were in here.

I'm working on your statements,
in case the worst happens.

It's tense, this building.

You can feel it in the walls.

I went for a walk earlier.

It was in the air.

People were talking in whispers,
even though there was no reason to.

Or their eyes are glued to their phones.

And there are no children out...


I guess they call it terror for a reason.

Worse than terror.

People girding themselves for a tragedy.

Mmm, and it could go the other way.


How are you holding up?

Hannah is minding her children.

I'm minding her.

Her husband really knocked it
out of the ballpark, huh?

Do you think anything he says is genuine?

Doesn't matter, does it?
It worked.

You said once you thought
he was all surface, Conway.

Yeah, a narcissist.

But give him a pool to reflect in...
Watch out.

- He knows exactly what to do with that.
- Unless he overreaches.

Is that what you were hoping?
That he was gonna fuck it up?

Because he's not gonna fuck it up.

He's too smart for that.

"There he soared,
zipping past Big Ben and the London Eye,

over Buckingham Palace
and Piccadilly Circus.

Look at him go."

I'll be right back, Charlie.

...the vigil is especially somber,

but there remains a great deal of hope

after the deadline was extended
earlier this morning.

- Many credit that extension...
- What's the latest?

They've narrowed the search zone.

During the call,
Melissa could be heard screaming

as Masterson orders Hawthorne
to, quote, "Cut out..."

Left of the sink.

- That's when Governor Conway stepped in.
- Oh, I'm sorry. You want one?

- No, thank you.
- We're going to play

some of what he said right now.

- Is it your liver?
- Yes, I...

- Clear mind.
- I've killed a lot of people.

Some of them innocent people.

And every...

Oh, why'd you turn it off?

I was there.

That's gotta drive you crazy, huh?

How much good press
I'm getting out of this.

- What's funny?
- Nothing.

Come on, tell me.
I want in on the joke.

You think you can get under my skin.

Oh, I got under your skin
the first time we met.

- When? New Year's?
- Mmm-hmm.

I believe I complimented you that night.
But you go ahead,

you tell yourself what you have to
in order to stand a little taller.

I feel sorry for you.

Two years.
That's all you're gonna get in here.

You're not gonna last
any longer than Walker did.

And what kills you
is that I'll make a great president.

The kind of president
who'll actually be remembered.

And isn't that worse than dying, Frank?

Being forgotten.

You actually think
you'd make a great president.

Mmm. Today was just a little taste.

99% of this job is in the dark.

I mean, you had
your little moment in the sun today,

but what are you gonna do when you have
to make a thousand decisions

that no one will ever
hear about or appreciate?

I think you're excellent
at running for the president,

but I don't think you're equipped
to actually be one.

Don't be condescending.
I'm the Governor of New York.

Ooh, Albany, really?

You're a pretender, Will.

And if you win,
you'll go from pretender to fraud.


Uh... I'm putting the kids to bed.

Don't let me keep you.

- Maybe you should send them home.
- No, not yet.

Do you have something else in mind
besides Walleck?

Yes, and I'll need your help.

Have you seen him?


Mommy, look what I found!

Oh, look at those.

Give those back.
Those aren't yours to play with.

- Can I keep them?
- Oh, um, hand them over, Charlie.

- Charles.
- No, you know what?

You should keep them,

because you should get
everything you want in this life.

Um, say thank you.

- Thank you.
- No, thank you

for coming to the White House to visit us.

We should get some rest.
I'll see you at 7:00.

Oh, I'll be up way before then.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

You need my help how?

- Who else knows about this?
- No one.

I'll need you to make arrangements
as quietly as possible.

All right, I'm on it.

I'll let you know
as soon as I have a location.

Good. Then go home
and get a few hours of sleep.

I can't sleep tonight.

You should try.
We'll need you fresh in the morning.

- Get me the Chairman Joint Chiefs.
- Yes, sir.

He's on the line, sir.

Mr. Chairman.

When do you wanna reach out
to the White House?

I've drafted the email.

- You looked this over?
- Yes. We're okay on the legal front.

But shouldn't we wait
until this crisis is over first?

No. This is perfect timing for us.

Tom's right.
Let's hit him while he's distracted.

How is it?


Well, you didn't have much
to work with in your fridge.

You need to do some grocery shopping.

- I don't cook a lot.
- Obviously.

- If you have to get back to your kids...
- No, it's fine.

Haley's 16.
She'll call me if she needs anything.

Have they been watching the news?

and they're freaked out by it.

I mean, who isn't?
But they've got thick skin by now.

Handling it a lot better
than some of their friends.

I know a lot of parents

aren't even letting their kids
out of the house tomorrow.

Not even to go to school.

My kids are gonna go, though.

I'm not gonna let these monsters
rule over our lives.

- Thanks for coming over.
- Of course.

I know I'd just be staring
at the ceiling if I tried to sleep.

Well, you have a lot on your shoulders.

Yeah, normally, I'd go to a meeting.
I... I just, uh...

You just wanted someone
to take care of you.

And it's nice to take care of someone.

Good morning, Governor.

Your phone.


We have video of a car at an intersection
near Chatsworth, Georgia.

The bird song,
deep background from the phone call,

puts them in a wooded area.
Southern Blue Ridge.

We started canvassing now.
FBI, state troopers.

The line is open.

Uh, okay.
Where... where's my script?

I'll be doing the talking.

I'll let you know
if I want you to participate.

Sir, if we've established a dialogue

between the kidnappers and the governor,
we should...

Start the call.