House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 8 - Chapter 8 - full transcript

Frank has a library named after him at his old military school. Peter tries to win back the support of his hometown. - nowa jakość napisów.
Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

Oglądaj legalnie, polecaj i zarabiaj –

Control stacked,

Now, mind you,
the whole collection

could probably fit on a Kindle,

but at least the cadets
will have another place

to get out of the rain.

Did you have any input
on the design?

I approved the blueprints.

If something's gonna
have my name on it,

I want to make damn sure
they build it right.

I think my husband
fancies himself

a bit of an architect.

Well, Jefferson
designed Monticello.

And he also fucked his slaves.

Luckily, I don't have any,

so that particular temptation
hasn't presented itself.

The Sentinel...

South Carolina's premiere
military college.

They taught me the values
of honor, duty, and respect.

They also hazed me,
tried to break me,

and, senior year,
nearly expelled me

when I volunteered
for a Senate Race

and my studies suffered.

But that didn't stop them
from soliciting a hefty sum

for their new library
30 years later.

How quickly
poor grades are forgotten

in the shadow
of power and wealth.

Your drink is only
about half as full

as it should be, Frank.

Are you trying to get me drunk?

Drunk, passed out
in the gutter,

so I can steal your wife.

Did you get the email
about the riflemen?

- What email?
- From my office about the invitations.

I was hoping
they would be here.

I'll check the list,

but I don't remember any email.

Oh, not a problem.
I was just wondering.

Well, shit, Frank, I'm sorry.

Don't you sweat it
for a second.

In fact, here's how
you can make it up to me...

freshen my drink.

That I can do.

Congratulations, Congressman.

Remy. Nice to see you here.

Gerry and all the folks
at Sancorp

give you their regards.

Well, I'm sorry
they couldn't make it.

Where's Claire?

Oh, she's here somewhere,

fending off admirers.

Sancorp was very disappointed

she turned down their donation.

I can imagine.

And they're also concerned

about Peter Russo
running for Governor.

Now, how do you know
about that?

Three quarters of Pennsylvania

sits on top
of the Marcellus Shale.

If I can't find out
who's running for governor,

I don't deserve a dime
of what they're paying me.

This watershed bill
Russo sponsors

places a lot of
restrictions on drilling.

Remy, congress is in recess,

and this weekend
is not about work.

I apologize.
You are absolutely right.

Is Sancorp your only account?

I have plenty.

But my other clients
didn't pay for your library

or my plane ticket down here.

It's a nice little junket
for you.

I do hope you're
taking in the sights.

This isn't my first trip
to Charleston.

But I'll bet
it's your first time

not as my press secretary.

It is.

Who else do you have coming in?

I didn't want to pack
tonight too much.

You know, these receptions are
usually just for the money people

like yourself.

Normally, this is where
I would start to drone on

about the Sentinel's history,
its philosophy,

its yadda, yadda, yadda.

But I'm going to save that

for my big speech tomorrow,
and that way

I'm not gonna bore y'all
to tears twice.

Tonight we're going
to turn it over

to a man who needs
no introduction,

because we all know
what a son of a bitch he is.

Seriously, though,

Frank Underwood exemplifies

all the virtues we try
to instill in our graduates.

We're so proud to call you
an alumnus, Frank,

and to have your name

as a permanent fixture
on our campus.

Congressman Frank Underwood!

Thank you, president Higgins.

I first want to thank
Sancorp industries

for providing the funds
to make the library possible.

When I matriculated here
as a young cadet,

Jimmy Carter had just
been elected president.

After I graduated, I wished

that I could have
had another four years,

just like Jimmy.

Well, neither of us
got our wish.

But I left this campus
with fond memories.

The first time I ever...

d Oh, I wish I was
in the land of cotton d

d Old times there
are not forgotten d

d Look away, look away,
look away... d

I got your damn email.

d I wish I was in Dixie d

d Hooray, hooray d

d In dixieland,
I'll take my stand d

d To live and die in Dixie d

- d Away d
- d Away d

- d Away d
- d Away d

d Away down South in Dixie d

d Away, away d

d Away down South in Dixie d

d From the halls of Montezuma d

d To the shores of Tripoli d

d We will fight
our country's battles d

the honey child,

when she stepped out in the...

trying on the bra

on housewives of Atlanta,

and I teased you about that,

and I said...
i called it the honey child,

because she's
the honey child now.

Anyway, here's the thing...

How long has that light
been like that?

I don't know. A month, maybe.

And nobody's come to fix it?

Nobody don't fix
nothing around here.

Well, have you asked?

Shh. I'm watching.

Leave it alone.
I'm used to it now.


Better, huh?

Now it's too dark.

What did you do that for?

Listen, ma, I'm running
for Governor.

I'm going to announce it
in a few days.

That's why I came up to Philly.

There's a community
meeting tomorrow.

I'm going to talk
to the shipbuilders

about a plan
to bring their jobs back

so they'll support me
in the election.

I don't know nothing
about that stuff.

It's over my head.

Okay, listen, there's going
to be some stories

coming out about me
in the news...

about my past.

I just wanted
to give you a heads-up

so it doesn't
catch you off guard.

I don't watch the news no more.
A bunch of garbage.

You want to see some pictures
of Kevin and Sarah?

Too dark to look at pictures.

No, no, no. It's on my phone.
You don't need any...

get it away from me.
I hate those things.

Brain cancer.

I'm a crafter,
and I have a hot glue gun,

and I can very well
do this my...

It wasn't just up the stairs.

It was up three
flights of stairs,

in the science building.

And Guckenheimer, what he did...

"well, you look lovely
today, Mrs. Governor."

And the thing took a dump.

Right. And they
couldn't get it back...

you can get a cow up
three flights of stairs,

but you can't get it down.

And that's why Andy said...

"who wants steak for dinner?"

How are you boys doing?
- We're good.

- You think I'm fat?
- Take the Fifth.

Seriously, Phil, here,
thinks I got fat with old age.

Ah, you're a big man
with an even bigger heart.

There you go.

She said you're chubby.

Frank, I'm going to go
back to the hotel.

Okay? Have fun.

- I love this woman.
- Yeah, she...

don't let him get
into too much trouble.

They'll have grounds
for impeachment

when we're done with him.

Better get another drink
before they close up.

You're coming with me
to help carry them.

You're gonna be
a waiter tonight.

Lazy-ass cadet. Lazy-ass cadet.

Yeah, hold on
a second there, partner.

You had no idea we were coming?

Complete surprise.

I thought Higgins might have...

no, he played it perfectly.

Made me think
you weren't coming at all.

Are you kidding? We wouldn't
have missed it for the world.

On the library, are they going
to put "Frank" or "Francis"?

Francis. It's the same
as the name above the door

in my office in the Capitol.

is better for libraries.

"Frank" is better
for bumper stickers.

I got a few of those.

Does anybody ever
actually call you Francis?

Claire does.
She's the only one.

She seems like a real prize.

She is.

Bar was already shut down,
but look what I scored.

Hi, Caroline.

What do you want?

Is Paul around?


Did you invite this man?

Answer me. Did you invite him?

What are you talking about?

Caroline, stop!

No, you're not
going to stop me.

Paul? You got a minute to talk?

There's nothing to talk about.

I want to apologize

for when I saw you
last time in Washington,

how I treated you.

Is that it?

And I want to talk
about the shipyard.

I got a plan to fix it.

You don't want everything
going into the roth ira.

5, 10 grand a year.

I'll set you up with a nice,
diversified package.

Low-risk, high-yield.

I think Claire and I
have things

pretty well under control.

If I brought a senior U.S.
congressman into the fund,

hoo hoo hoo, that would really
up my stock in the company.

What are you all
gabbing about back there?

We're talking about
the old library.

Yeah, what's happening to it?

They gonna tear it down?

I don't know.
They could gut it.

They could turn it
into a student center.

Hey. We should sneak in there.

Like we used to.

- I'm game.
- Do it.

Hell, why not?

That's it. There you go.
That's it.

Shh. It's a library.

This... this...
the... the Sentinel...

The association
had about 3 million

saved up in reserve
for emergencies.

Split that up between
12,000 members,

it's nothing.

A couple of weeks' groceries.

There's a bill I'm working on.

Major federal funds

going towards public parks,
green commercial spaces,

cleaning up waste sites.

That's construction jobs,

park management, retail...

- how many?
- 5,000 jobs.

That's not even half.

It's a start.

- How soon?
- A year, maybe two.

Two fucking years?

What are we supposed
to do until then?

- Listen, there's a
community meeting tomorrow.

- I heard.

I'm gonna go over
everything in detail.

- You gonna be there?
- Wasn't planning on it.

I'd like you to be there.
Everybody respects you.

Want me to vouch for you?

Listen, I'm gonna
tell you something

that only a handful
of people know.

I'm running for Governor.

I announce soon.

But I need
the association behind me

before I do that.

Now, I know I let you down
with the shipyard.

But if I win a governor's race,

I can get everything
back on track.

You show up on my doorstep
asking for my forgiveness.

Now you want me
to be your lapdog

after I lost my fucking job?

This watershed bill
is just the beginning.

If I'm governor,
there's so much I can do.

It's bullshit.
You just want to use me.

It's not like that.

Yeah. It's exactly like that.

Jesus Christ, Pete.

You fucking politicians.



I didn't realize you
and Frank were staying here.

We always stay here
when we're in Charleston.

You know that, Remy.

The '08 campaign.

I promise it was a coincidence

my assistant booked it.

Is, uh, Frank around?

He's not. He's off cavorting
with old classmates.


You want to sit down
and have a drink?

They booked me
the Bridal Suite.

There's champagne on ice.

My, my, you've grown
very confident

since you worked for Francis.

I've always been
confident, Claire.

Oh, you never would have
invited me upstairs.

Never had the Bridal Suite.

The staff always stayed

in the best Western
four blocks away.

Enjoy your champagne.

I wasn't suggesting
anything more than a drink.

Weren't you?

Purely being polite.

Good night, Remy.

The Bridal Suite's
on the top floor

at the end of the hallway,

if you change your mind.

Good night, Claire.

d I know a girl upon a hill d

d I know a girl
all dressed in pink d

- d She made my... d
- d Fingers stink d

d Sound off, oo-wah d

d Make it loud d

3, 4! Yeah!

Here you go.

Hey, Kenny, I think you got
a little too big for this.

I think the hole
got a lot smaller.

Don't let a little
girth stop you.


Here it is. Look, look, look.

Oh, oh, you found it, killer.

Oh, wow, look at that.

d Oh, Shenandoah d

d I long to hear you d

d Far away d

d You rolling river d

d Oh, Shenandoah d

d Just to be near you d

d Far away d

d Around the way d

d Cross the wide Missouri d


Good, and you?

Oh, I'm in Charleston,


What are you doing here?

I thought I'd surprise you.


Come on. Let me show you
where I went through puberty.

I can totally see you
here at 16.


Got in some trouble
on this bed, huh?

Woke up the whole block.

Hey, how'd it go with Paul?

He told me to fuck off.

Which is what my mother
told me,

in her own special way.

Am I going to meet her?

You don't want to meet her.

I just wanted to stop by,

say hey, see her face.

it was really sweet of you

to come up here.

I'm officially convinced

you're the most amazing
woman I've ever been with,

but I meant it when I said I
wanted to take this trip alone.

This thing tomorrow
isn't going to be pleasant.

Which is why I came...
to be here for you.

Moral support.

I know these people.

They're going to lay
into me big time.

Tomorrow's an important
day for the campaign.

Don't fight me on this.


So do I get a hotel?

Do I stay here?

Come on. Don't be like that.

A hotel would be
more comfortable.

But it would be a waste
of valuable campaign funds.

Oh, campaign funds.

You see that crack
up in the ceiling?


I used to fall asleep
staring at it every night.

I know every inch and curve.

It's dark in here. I'm scared.

- Whoa, whoa.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Be fucking careful, man!

Let there be light!

What were you thinking about?

How come you and Frank
have never had kids?

You've never had kids.

Yeah, but I'm not married.

Answer the question.

We just decided not to.

There wasn't
some big conversation.

I think you're lying.

Think whatever you want.

You've honestly
never thought about it?

I mean, yeah, maybe,
once or twice.

I mean, I don't feel
there's some void.

I'm perfectly happy without.

What about you?

Can you imagine me
wiping a baby's ass

and changing nappies?

No, I can't.

Actually, yes, I just did.

I'm gonna have
to get off the phone.

You've ruined everything.

Well, we really should get off.

It's been...
Over an hour, I think.


- Go on then.
- I'm hanging up right now.

No, I am.

Come on. Don't quit on me.

Oh, I lost count.

Don't be... don't quit.

Oh... oh, God!

Oh, you win.

Oh, but it's not a fair fight.

You run a rafting company.

I sit behind a desk all day.

Oh, I'd love to see your ass
with a paddle,

bouncing through
a class-four rapid.

If I can whip congress
into submission,

I'm not afraid
of a little white water.

You can't tame a rapid, Frank.

My heart is beating so fast...

If I have a heart attack,
it's your fault.

Mine too.


I need another drink.


I think I'll have another too.




Don't bogart that.

Do you think
this place made us?

How do you mean?

When I walked on campus today,

I wondered,
"did it mean anything?

"If it's just a place we spent
four years of our lives...

or was there more?"

I don't know.

I do know
you were always the guy

that was gonna get a building
named after him.

I knew that the moment

I saw you cuss out
the drill sergeant

when we were knobs.

The library is a sham.

Higgins asked me a favor.

I asked someone else a favor.

They slapped my name on it.

Politics. Like everything else.

Not everybody
gets asked those favors.

Or knows how to deliver on 'em.

Oh, in 50 years they'll just
replace it with something else.

Just like they're
doing with this for mine.

You still built something.
However long it lasts.

The library doesn't matter.

But I want to think
this place did.

I think it meant a lot to us.

And what about us?

Honestly, I haven't really
thought about it that much.

It's a long time ago.

We were so close.

Like brothers.

More than brothers.

We were kids, Frank.

We messed around
a couple of times.

I was so drawn to you.

I could always make you laugh.

How did we lose touch?

You went to law school.
I joined the army.

You ran for congress, I...
i moved to Colorado.

30 years goes by.

I got children older
than we were back then.

Do you have anyone, Frank?

I have Claire.

Besides Claire.

I have. From time to time.

If I want someone, I want them.

It's attraction.

Made me happy
to make you happy, Frank.

Didn't see any harm in it.

You know why I love rafting?

When you're on the water,

all you're thinking about
is what's right in front of you.

Everything is in the moment.

I don't really have time
to think about the past.

You meant something to me.

I believe that.

All gone.

I don't feel so well.

You gonna be sick?

No. No, I just...

Take a break.

Can we just take a...

For a little bit?

Until I feel better.

Take as long as you like.

I got nowhere to go.

It's almost 7:00.

I don't even wanna sleep.

Come on.

One... Two... Three... Four...

One, two, three, four,

we are the sentinel.

1,100 acres are developed.

- Yes.
- 30% public parks.

- Yep.
- 45% shopping offices.


25% middle-income housing.

You going?

Is it required?

I don't think so.

Who is he that they're
naming the place after?

Some guy who went here.
I think he's dead.

We had to set up
the chairs yesterday.

It was hot as shit.

That sucks.

I'm gonna try to get some
shut-eye before the ceremony.

- I'll see you all later?
- Later it is.

Frank, before I forget,
here's my card.

So your money manager
can call me.

Get some rest.


You look like you're hurting.

It was an all-nighter.

- Was it fun at least?
- It was fun.

I need to get some shut-eye.

Remy's staying here.

He harassing you
about the donation?

Oh, nothing I can't handle.

Go get some rest.

- Were you good?
- Not bad.

I mean, I wasn't a starter,

but I had my time on the court.

I think you look sexier now
all grown up.

We're ready for you.

You said two years.

I think two years
is a realistic estimate.

- If it passes at all.
- Which I think it will.

You think or you know?

I can't predict 100%,
but I'm confident it will.

You think, you're confident,

you can't predict 100%.

How does any of that help us?

I'll tell you something.

I am 100% unable to pay
my mortgage right now.

I'm 100% unable to buy my kids
school supplies.

We supposed to live off
my husband's disability?

There'll be paid
training programs available.

How much will they pay?

Uh, granted, it's less
than you made at the shipyard.

- So how much?
- It's about $6 an hour.

Jesus Christ.

That's not even minimum wage.


You have to see
it as an investment.

The training programs
are a valuable resource.

You're not getting it.

I can't afford
to make investments.

Six dollars an hour
puts my family on the street.

What do you want me to work?
Five jobs?

If you get a part-time job,
that and the training programs...

do you wanna know what I think?

I think you sit around
in Washington

coming up with all sorts
of fancy numbers and solutions

that look good on paper.

But that doesn't cut it
for the rest of us.

You said you had our backs,
you lying piece of shit!

We don't eat paper for dinner.

You can't put a paper roof
over your head.

When we all voted for you,

I didn't think that
every one of those votes

was another nail
in our own coffin.

Everybody just sit down
for ten minutes.

We can go over this proposal
point by point

and you can get
the information that you need

to get the resources
that you want.

It's like they don't want
to find a solution.

They're scared.

I understand
that they're scared,

but that doesn't mean
they can't listen.

You don't know these people,

I worked in your office
for three years.

I spoke to them.
I took their calls.

I replied to their emails.

You didn't grow up with them.

I don't need to grow up
hand to mouth

to empathize
with the fact that...

they're not interested
in empathy.

The house keys
are in my jacket.

I'll call you.

- Peter.
- I said I'll call you.

Do your homework.
Sister Mary Joseph.

You didn't do it.
Don't lie to me.

I used to use the same ploy
with my parents.

Nah, baloney.

We do the homework
and then we eat.

All right, who's hungry?

What do you guys want?


You know mommy
makes macaroni...

No, pizza.

No pizza.
You guys can eat that every...

take the kids upstairs.

How'd you get in here?

You still keep the spare key

behind the loose brick
on the porch.

You break into my house?
You scare my kids like that?

We gotta talk, Paul.

We talked last night.
Now get out.

I can convince these people,
but I need your help.

- Leave my house.
- Sit down.

I don't wanna have to hurt you

with my children upstairs,

Then help me.

This is your last chance.

I'm not going anywhere.

Ugh! Get back upstairs!

What are we doing?

I don't wanna fight you, petey.

I don't wanna fight you either.
I will.

But we don't have to.

What do you want me to do?

You elected me
to represent you,

but I couldn't
forestall the inevitable.

The shipyard was closing.

If not this year, then next.

Or the year after.

We all know that.

I could have lied to you.

I could have pretended
to do more.

But I don't believe
about living in the past.

I only care about the future.

Here's another truth
that's gonna be hard to swallow.

I'm all you've got.

Nobody in Washington
gives a fuck about you.

No one.

He's right.

Whatever you think of petey,

we either go with him
or we got nothin'.

Now, does what I'm offering you

come anywhere near
what you want or deserve? No.

But you gotta open your eyes
and take what's in front of you.

We can build on that.
5,000 jobs becomes 10,000.

Then 15,000.
Not in the snap of a finger,

but faster
than doing nothing will.

Can I count on all of you?

All right,
I'll take that as a yes.

We'll need
your contact information

so we can send you materials

to share with your friends.

Now, let's talk about the way

the money's
gonna get phased in.

It's gonna happen in six stages.
Stage one...

d Oh say does
that star-spangled d

d Banner yet wave d

d For the land of the free d

d And the home of the brave d

Left face. Forward march.

Francis Underwood's career.

Harvard law degree.

One of the youngest
state legislators

in the history
of South Carolina.

A 22-year veteran
of the U.S. Congress.

House majority whip.

Speaks volumes about the values
young people learn here

at the sentinel.

Values like honor, duty,

like sacrifice, service,
and respect.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the Francis J. Underwood


Thank you.

I wrote a speech.

But I'm not gonna read it.

Nothing is permanent.
Not even this building.

I don't mean
to sound ungrateful.

I am very grateful.
I'm deeply honored.

And I am...

I'm very moved.

I had the good fortune
of spending most of this weekend

with a group of friends.

Friends I haven't seen
in a very long time.

Friends I made here.

Most of you young cadets

probably, uh,
don't know who I am.

A politician, a name,
a few accomplishments.

But I don't blame you.

When I was your age,

why, I didn't care much
for what men in gray hair did

or what they had to say.


I wish I could describe...

Harmony. That's the word
that stuck in my mind.


It's not about
what's lasting or permanent.

It is about individual voices
coming together.

For a moment.

And that moment lasts...

The length of a breath.

That's what I think
about my time here.

You'll have to forgive me.

I had more than
a few whiskeys last night.

You know, when I was a cadet,
we could drink all night

and then get up in the
morning and march 20 Miles,

but these days I'm lucky
I got up these three steps.

I wanna thank you very much.

This is a great honor.

I wanna thank president Higgins

and of course
the love of my life, Claire.

Thank you all very much.

- You okay?
- Yes.

Nurse Madison,
please pick up line two.

Hi, ma.

This is Christina.
I told you about her yesterday.

- Hi, Mrs. Russo.
- Hey.

We just came by to say goodbye.

We have to catch a train
in about an hour.


They still haven't
fixed that light?


Things went well today.

I think the folks in the yard
are gonna get behind me.

Peter did a great job.

Hand me that blanket.

The A.C. in here is nuts.

What happened to your hand?

I got in a fight.

Did you win?

Yeah, I guess I did.

That's my Peter.

So you're fucking my son.

Lighten up.
I'm just messing with you.

Excuse me.

Yeah. Hold on a second. Yeah?

Yeah, my mother's in room 409.

She has a light out
that needs to be replaced.

All right.
I'll take care of it.

Okay, thanks.

Look, babe, if you put
that pink thing on,

I'm telling you...

Hold on. What is it?

The light in my mother's room.

I told you
I'll take care of it later.

No, you'll take care of it now.

I gotta go.

And turn the A.C. down
while you're in there too.

Yes, sir.

Thank you very much.

You're very welcome, sir.

Take care of yourself.

I'm real proud of you, Frank.

I hate to admit it,
but I feel the same.

Well, having all you here
was what made it special.

Now you stay in touch.

- Will do.
- See ya, buddy.

Beautiful ceremony, Frank.

Yeah, they did a good job.

Your speech.
I'm glad I was here for that.

Me too.

You should come out
to Salida sometime.

I'll take you out
on the Arkansas river.

- I should do that.
- Any time you want.


All right.


Edward has the car ready.

I'll be right there.

Take your time.

You hear from Peter?

Looks like the shipbuilders
are on board.

Tomorrow morning we start
working on his draft

- for his announcement speech.
- Got it.

And I want the brief
on the mock-up

for the watershed bill.

I got that with me.

Ride with me to the airport.

We'll go through it in the car. - nowa jakość napisów.
Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.