House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 9 - Chapter 9 - full transcript

Frank tries to do whatever it takes to get the new bill past congress. Russo goes on a bus campaign with the Vice President, but the VP is not making it an easy trip for him. Zoe's relationship with Frank gets a little bumpy.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
--- - nowa jakość napisów.
Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

When the enemy attacked,
you ran away.

That's treason.

Now it's time to splatter
your brains everywhere.

Please! Please, don't kill me!

Shut up! Die like a man!

But I have a wife and family.

That's what happens to cowards.

Hey, shh, shh, shh!
You have to keep it down.

- There's an important meeting going on.
- Sorry.

I'll set you up
in the copy room.

You won't be in the way there.

This is gonna be a close vote.

Most of your colleagues
are not gonna wanna spend

this amount of money
in just 25 districts.

Try persuasion first.

Talking points
are in your packets.

And if you want
more detailed information...

research, statistics... you can
contact Gillian or myself.

And when it comes to doling
out favors, talk to Doug.

If favors don't work,
come to me directly. Peter.

I'll be campaigning
in Pennsylvania.

All my events this week

will be in counties
within the watershed,

so I'll be working
the media angle.

But if you need me to get
on the phone with anybody,

reach out to Christina.

She'll work it into my schedule.

I have to say, Frank,

$200 million
is going to be a hard sell.

The natural gas lobby's
already putting up a big fight.

We need to make this
about jobs.

But the drilling industry can offer
far more jobs than this bill can.

This bill doesn't threaten
those jobs,

it just makes sure the drilling
is done responsibly.

It adds more jobs
on top of that.

I've already been approached by
Sancorp with reelection funds.

I have too. They offered me
a donation package

from eight different
drilling companies.

- Remy Danton?
- Yep.

How many of you
been approached by Remy?

Look, I know it's not easy
to turn down money.

But if the Republicans control
redistricting in Pennsylvania,

we lose the house
next election,

and all of you lose
your committee chairmanships.

This is a feather
that we need in Peter's hat.

A loss on this bill
endangers his chance of winning,

and we are fighting
to keep our majority here.

Any other concerns?

I want a first vote count
by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you all very much.

It's brutal.
22 stops in three days.

- That's a lot of sleeping on the bus.
- No sleeping.

That bus is the only place
I can get work done.

You know, Francis did
a big bus tour in '98,

and the bus lost its brakes
going down a hill,

and we landed
in a tobacco field.

He gets out of the car,
knocks on the farmer's door,

writes a check
for all the damaged crops,

and then borrows his pickup so
he doesn't miss the next event.

And it was actually fun.

He was driving. I was shotgun.

We had the whole staff
in the flatbed.

We actually got there
ten minutes early.

- I think I should be here
to help drum up votes.

- Careful, sir. It's very hot.

Look, you and the vice president
will get national coverage.

That's gonna help us
with the count.

I reached out to him.
He never got back to me.

I don't know if he even knows the
talking points about the bill.

I don't think Jim wants to go.

He's doing it as a favor
to the president and I,

so it doesn't matter if he
doesn't know the talking points.

People wanna see him
be folksy, you know?

So just humor him.
Show him some degree of...

- aagh! Aagh!
- Oh, my God.

- Are you okay?
- It was an accident.

Okay, it's time for us to go.
I'm so sorry.

It's all right. I just need to
run it under some cold water.

I'm not going to lie.

I despise children.

There. I've said it.

You can't act
like that in here.

- You have to be a big boy.
- I know.

Peter, we really need
to get going.

We've already missed one flight
because the meeting went over.

I booked us another one
at 9:25, but...

- we have to drop the
kids off at school.

- It's going to be really tight.

If we miss this plane, we have
to cancel our first event.

Nancy, can you take them?

I've gotta get packets ready
for the lunchtime sub-caucuses.

Peter, I'd do it, but
we have a meeting

with Greenpeace in 20 minutes.

- I gotta get their rating on the bill.
- Where's their school?

Connecticut and Q.

- Oh, I can take them.
- You sure?

Yes. It's on the way
to my office.

This watershed act
proves that once again

the anti-capitalist agenda

is alive and well
in the Democratic party.

Let me show you
what's really going on.

Here are the democrats
eating up all of their

soft science, "organically
homegrown" propaganda

that the eco-fanatics
are force-feeding them.

And over here, at the tail end
of all those jackasses,

are middle-class Americans...

people who just
want to work hard

and rely on jobs
in the drilling industry.

And what about
the hypocrisy, folks?

Does Peter Russo
honestly have the gall

to lecture us
on the purity of our rivers

when he has been polluting himself
with chemicals for years?

He's not just been eating grass,
he's been smoking it.

It's the only major bill
he's sponsored in six years.

I know, but they already
have national coverage.

What's the angle?

If it doesn't pass,
I think he'll lose

support from the
shipbuilders' association.

So they lose support.
It's not that juicy.

They're a huge part of his
get-out-the-vote effort in Philly.

It sounds like inside baseball.

Not if I get the vote count.
Black and white numbers.

Nobody has that.
But when I called the campaign,

they stonewalled me.

Same thing
in the whip's office.

Do you know anyone over there?

In Underwood's office?

No, I don't.

Nobody on staff?

- Hmm-mm.
- Oh.

I just figured because
you gave me the Russo profile.

No, that didn't come from them.

But Underwood organized
the campaign.

I'm sorry.
I don't know anybody there.


Hey, it's me. I just wanted
to fill you in on something.

I should be back home at 10:00.
Meet me there.

- Sarah made this one.
- It's a frog.

And I made this one.
Can you guess what it is?

- A lobster?
- No. It's a scorpion.

They're for you.
For the ones you gave us.

Aw, they're beautiful.

But maybe you should
bring them to school, no?

For show-and-tell?
Or give them to your friends.

No. The other kids
will just make fun of us.


Everybody hates us at school.

They say dad's a crackhead
and that we're crack babies.

I looked up "crack baby"
on the computer.

I don't look like that.

Yeah, they say dad's gonna O.D.
like Amy Winehouse.

Well, you tell them
that your dad doesn't do

that kind of thing anymore,

Yeah, we do,
but they don't believe us.

Did you try
going to the teachers?

We can't do that. Everyone
will just hate us even more.

Well, you can't worry about
what other people think, right?

I wish dad wasn't running
for Governor.

- You ever been to allentown before?
- I have not.

What do you think?

Compared to New York,
the parking is easier.

Finding a decent bagel,
not so much.

We make up for it
with the cream cheese.

- Shall we?
- Ready when you are.

Your watershed bill.

You've ticked off
the Republicans, oil, gas...

sometimes you gotta upset a few
people to do the right thing.

Not just a few.
There's a sizable coalition

that wants
to see your bill fail,

including environmentalists
from your own party.

- Don't think the bill does enough.
- We wanted a passable bill.

That's why we aimed
for middle ground...

do you actually care
about the Delaware river?

I don't sponsor legislation
I don't care about.

Until recently, you hadn't
sponsored any legislation at all.

I spent my time in congress
focusing on things

that were important
to my constituents.

- The shipyard.
- Kept it open as long as I could.

Okay. That's one thing.
What are the others?

I'd love to provide you a list

of all the things I've done in
congress, but we've got 15 minutes...

your opponent has
linked your inactivity

to your fondness
for single-malts.

I've been very open
about my past,

and I've done everything I can
to overcome it

in a responsible,
permanent way.

And I preferred vodka
to scotch.

You should get
your facts straight.

Is your watershed act

just a ploy
to jump into the spotlight

and pad your transcript while
you apply for Governor school?

It's real money.

It's real jobs.

And when the Delaware
river is less

polluted than it's
been in 50 years...

it's holding up a real glass of its
water and seeing how clear it is.

That's what my bus tour
is about.

- The vice president is joining you later?
- Correct.

Why has it taken him this long
to endorse you?

He didn't think I was worth it.

But then he heard I had a
one-on-one with the New York Times,

- and, boom, he was on board.
- I might print that.

The more of my
words, the fewer of

yours, the better
off we'll both be.

If I didn't think you were such a
liability to yourself, congressman,

I might even like you.

If your circulation was as high
as the wall street journal,

I might like you back.

Hit me. Next question.

I have to put
up a fight, Frank.

Tell them they're
wasting their money.

- It's gonna pass.
- Are you sure?

When was the last time
I got a count wrong?

If you were certain, you wouldn't
be trying to neutralize us.

Well, Sancorp
has been good to me.

I'm just trying to do you
and them a favor, Remy.

Then why propose the legislation
in the first place?

You must've known
they would oppose it.

The regulatory restrictions
are minimal.

There's a bigger battle
here, Frank.

Sancorp is against any step

toward regulation,
no matter how small.

Russo's planted his feet on
the wrong side of the fence.

How much are you giving
his opponent?

Check the F.E.C. Filings.

How much are
you actually giving?

This is a ten-billion-dollar
industry, Frank.

There's money to spend.

If the democrats lose Pennsylvania,
you know what that means.

We don't want you to lose leadership,
but that's up to you, not us.

You don't have the same kind of
relationship with the Republicans

that you have with me.

Then we'll adapt.

We both have votes to count.
Good luck.

You tell Sancorp
they're being foolish.

I'm not gonna do that.

Well, then,
you're being foolish.

Come on, Frank.

Let's not make this personal.

I can't compete
with Sancorp's war chest.

My only option is asymmetrical...

To pick off the opposition
one by one

like a sniper in the woods.

There will come a
time to put Remy

in my crosshairs,
but not right now.

As we used to say in Gaffney,

never slap a man
while he's chewing tobacco.

Congressman, how are you?

I deeply appreciate you taking
the time out of your schedule...

Hank, I need to eat.

See if you can muster up
a club sandwich, extra bacon.

Fuck me.

Ta-da. Thai cuisine again.

The green curry is for you, and
the other green curry is for me.

I was actually
just on my way out.

I bought you dinner.
You have to eat it.

Or at the very least,
you have to watch me eat mine.

I'm gonna be late
to meet someone.

- Who? Like a date?
- A friend.

Oh, the mysterious fuck-buddy

who you get all
of your stories from?

Lighten up. I was just teasing.

Not that I would judge.
We've all done it.

I used to suck, screw,
and jerk anything

that moved just to get a story.

Really? Like who?

You want dish?

No. It's just...

the Com director
on Ben Schroeder's Senate Race.

A staffer
in the defense department.

My very own White House intern.

He was a real blabbermouth
when he wasn't eating me out.


And I even had a fling
with a congressman.

Which one?

You tell me yours,
and I'll tell you mine.

I've never been with any.

Oh, come on. You're hot.

You're telling me that none
of them have come on to you?

I haven't really been
in those circles.

You are now.

I guess I don't really
give off that vibe.

Oh, you mean the slut vibe?

Look, I don't do
that shit anymore.

'Cause once word got out,

it was like I hit a wall,
and nobody took me seriously.

So, a piece of advice
as far as career strategies go:

It's not worth fucking
your way to the middle.

Chopsticks or fork?

Look, if you go, I am gonna
have to eat both of these,

and that is not cool.

No. I'll eat with you.


Back home, meechum.



How's your hand?


You should change
the bandage, no?


I thought you were
gonna be out late.


- You seem upset.
- I'm not.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

Can I get more than two words out of you?

I'm just trying to relax.


I love you.

I love you too.

Did Zoe expect me to twiddle
my thumbs until her arrival?

Perhaps she's
making the mistake

thinking her time
is as valuable as mine.

Proximity to power deludes some
into believing they wield it.

I put an end to that sort of
thinking before it begins.

And if I'm not mistaken, the
last time I was in Tannersville,

Buddy Corcharan pulled me aside

and told me
I was wasting my time,

because the Republicans

were gonna sweep Monroe County
in a landslide.

Well, Buddy had to eat his hat
and both his shoes

when I won the county
in a landslide.

And let me tell you,
that man has big feet

and an even bigger head,
so that was quite a meal.

My daddy used to tell me
a story about people

who count their chickens
before they hatched.

Although, to be
fair, he probably

didn't know what he
was talking about,

because he grew up
in Pittsburgh.

And I certainly never saw
a hen around my house,

unless you count my mother.

- Do you want me to do something?
- But, seriously, folks...

- No. Let him talk.
- ...I do love this town...

I don't know if he's ever
going to introduce you.

He will. Just give him time.

It's been an hour
. We were supposed to

leave for Carbondale
ten minutes ago.

I can't interrupt him.
He's the Vice President.

We're not on the edge of Penn's Woods.

We need economic
development flowcharts

for the watershed bill sent over
to Terry Womack's office.

- Hard copies, 20 of them.
- I'll do it right away.

How's everything going
with Rachel?

I think she's a little
down in the dumps.

She got a waitressing job last
week, and then they let her go.

- Why?
- She wouldn't tell me.

All she said
was her boss was a creep.

Thirty minutes ago,
I received a text from Zoe.

She intends to apologize,
no doubt.

I respect that she wants
to atone in person,

even though it's taken her over
16 hours to build up the courage.

Janine Skorsky is digging
into Peter Russo.

What in particular?

The shipbuilders' association.

She have an angle?

The watershed bill
is a consolation prize

for them losing their jobs.

That's not an unfair assessment.

She thinks
if the bill fails to pass,

they'll withdraw support.

Not an unfair speculation.

Well, I know how hard you've
been working on his campaign,

so I wanted to give you
a heads-up.

Well, let me know
if she expands her inquiry.

- Into what?
- Anything you deem worth telling.

Well, can I throw her a bone?

She might be more talkative
if I have information for her.

- What sort of bone?
- The vote count for the bill.

I don't have a vote count yet.

Should have a preliminary one
this afternoon.

- You'll let me know?
- As soon as I have something solid.

There's one more thing.

About last night...

oh, no need to apologize.

I'm sure you had
a very good reason.

I do.

I think we should end it.

Not professionally,
the other thing.

Why now?

We have a really good
working relationship.

I don't wanna
overcomplicate that.

All right.

- You're okay with it?
- Completely.

It's over.

And it won't change things
in terms of our arrangement?

Oh, please. I don't punish people
for making adult decisions.

Thank you, Francis.

She was never more
than a faint blip on my radar.

We've served
each other's purpose.

If she wants to be an adult,

let her see how she can fly
once she leaves the nest.

- Claire.
- Catherine.


Thank you for fitting me in.

Oh, I can always find time
for you and Frank.

Well, the reason I'm here is
the C.W.I. Has a large shipment

of water filters
stuck in South Sudan,

and they've been in storage
for the past four months,

just sitting there,
and the Sudanese government...

won't release the shipments
through customs.

My deputy briefed me
on the latest.

Right. And I know
that Francis spoke

to you about this
not too long ago,

but lately we haven't
heard much from the state

department, so I was
wondering if you could help.

We've done our best, Claire.
I put my top people on this.

The sudanese
are just not responding.

Well, is there anything else
we can do?

There's over $200,000 worth
of equipment.

I wish I could. I know how
important this is to you,

but we're about to cut off
diplomatic ties.

It's a directive straight
from the president.

We can't ignore their
human rights violations anymore.

What about back channels?

Well, once we cut ties,
I can't contact their government

officially or unofficially.

Well, is there someone
you could put me in touch with?

I'm sorry, Claire.
My hands are tied.

I would move mountains
for you and Frank,

but I've done all I can.

Of course.

- Okay. Good to see you.
- You too.

you have a major bill

going to the floor
later this week.

- Are you optimistic it'll pass?
- I'm very optimistic.

The Delaware river watershed act
not only protects large portions

of the state's
freshwater resources,

it also creates thousands
of jobs.

I'm confident that my colleagues
on the hill...

there's only one way
to create jobs.

I did it during
my administration.

The answer is tax credits
for small businesses.

You've got to encourage
self-starting entrepreneurs

to start new ventures,

- hire employees...
- But specifically,

- about the watershed act...
- Small businesses,

that's the solution. Everything
else is window dressing.

Thank you all very much.

Thank you.

Good night, Mr. Vice-President.


I need to talk about Matthews.

Yes. I read the press reports. He's
not being very helpful, is he?

He's doing more harm than good.

I want to ask him to leave.

Well, that wouldn't make
for a very good story.

It's better than him torpedoing
the whole bus tour.

Have you tried to talk to him?

No, I wanted to ask
your advice first.

Well, maybe there's a way

to keep him on the tour
and inspire his support.

We have fundamentally
different views.

Well, look, you're not going
to be able change his ideology,

but dig deeper.

Jim is a proud man.
Tap into that pride.

I just wish he was gone.

Well, you do whatever
you think best.

But whatever it is you decide,

be firm
and stand up for yourself.

He'll respond to that at least.

And call me back
if you need anything.

What was the reason he gave you?
Were you messing up?

No. The head waiter said
I was doing a really good job.

He even started letting me take
my own tables on the second day.

And then the manager...
what's his name?


He propositioned you?

Called me into his office,

said couldn't afford to start
taking anyone new on,

even part-time.

Put his hand on my
knee, said he might

be able to make an exception.

So he started sliding
his hand up my thigh.

So I stood up and I tell him
I should get back to work.

He says, "stay."
He unbuckled his belt.

Did you?

No, I walked out of the office
and got back to my tables.

Next day, I came into work,
told me to go home.

I was fired.

Tell me the name
of the restaurant.

You're home early.

I needed a breather.

I didn't have breakfast
this morning.

I might head back
in a little while.

The vote count?

It's going to come down
to the wire on this one.

I spoke
to Catherine Durant today.

She's unable to get the shipment
out of South Sudan.

Yeah, we're cutting
all diplomatic ties.

Foreign affairs
is up in arms about it.

Yes. Which is why she can't
lift a finger, according to her.

It's what she said anyway. Anyway,
I need you to talk to her.

I don't think that
would make any difference.

I thought she owed us, Francis.

She does, but there's limits.

She's secretary of state.

She can't break
diplomatic protocol.

Well, can you make some calls?

If she can't, I can't. Plus I have
to focus on the watershed bill.

I'm taking time out of my
schedule to help you with that.

- Because you drafted it.
- Because you asked me.

I didn't want to do this.

All I'm asking is
that you give me a

little bit of your
time in return.

And how am I supposed to fix
a problem I can't fix?

What about Remy?

Glendon Hill must have contacts
in South Sudan.

He's fighting us on the vote.

Those are two completely
separate issues.

They are not. He does you a
favor, he hangs it over me.

So what you're saying is
my goals are secondary to yours.

That is not what I'm saying.

I think you don't want
to go hat in hand

to somebody who used
to work for you.

I will not be lectured to
the moment you walk in the door!

I called Catherine, as promised!

Her inability to deliver

is not my problem or my fault!

I cannot control changing
global landscapes!

And I will not be cornered

into making promises
I cannot deliver!

I am sorry I yelled.

I'm under a lot of pressure.

You're right,
I didn't think it through.

I just can't go to Remy
right now.

He's poaching too many
of my people.

I've got two congressmen

who will not commit.

I was hoping you might
speak to them.


Vanderburgh and Abrams.

What is it that you want me
to say to them?

They're big on the environment.

don't think the bill
goes far enough.

They respect your opinion.

I wanted you to walk them
through the bill step-by-step.

Put them at ease. I need to
get them in the yes column.

I meet with them tomorrow.
I'll deliver the bruises.

You meet with them later
and patch them up.

That might just do the trick.

Of course.

I think I broke the bowl.

We have contacts there
through our oil interest.

I'm going to need
government intervention.

Wherever there's a government,
we know people.

Even when there's only
the illusion of a government.

Will you help me?

I'd like to.

But for something like this,
I'm afraid there's a price tag.

The C.W.I. Will endorse Sancorp
as eco-friendly.

They can use our logo on any PR

or marketing materials
you want.

We'll need more than that.

They were willing to donate
over a million for that.

These filters
are only worth $200,000.

I'd say that's a bargain.

You turned down that offer.

Landscape has shifted
since then.

- The watershed bill?
- That's right.

You want it amended?

I want you to kill it,
the whole thing.

C.W.I. Has publicly backed
the bill, Remy.

What you do publicly
is your concern.

Gentlemen. Please, have a seat.

So have either of you changed
your mind since we last spoke?

We're still undecided, Frank.

Leaning one way or the other?

If congress is going to allocate
a quarter billion dollars,

we want to make sure
it goes towards a

bill that does more
to protect the...

we've been through all that.
I know your concerns.

So if the protection standards
don't change,

we would rather see that money
spent more effectively elsewhere.

That sounds like you're both
leaning no.

We've been very clear
about what we're asking.


This is you, Abrams.

And this is you, vanderburgh.

And over here...

Is the majority
of the Democratic caucus.

See, you're over there
all by your lonesome.

Now, you don't mind being
the black sheep.

You're the liberal wing
of the liberal wing.

Most of the time you can vote
what you want,

we still pass things anyway.

But this time

it does matter.

And what the two of you aren't
taking into account

is between this end of the desk
and this end of the desk...

Is me.

Now, I'm going to say to you
what I say to every congressman

that sits where
you're sitting now.

Vote your district.
Vote your conscience.

Don't surprise me.

And the most important one
of those...

Is don't surprise me.

Now, you're both to meet
with my wife tomorrow.

And you're to hear her out.

She will go through
your concerns point-by-point.

And I am certain after that

that the two of you will make
the right decision.

This is the part
where you leave.

I have often found
that bleeding hearts

have a ironic fear
of their own blood.

One drop and the seize up.

But offer them a caring hand
and massage them back to life

and they soon start beating
to the right drum.


I've just spoken
to Abrams and Vanderburgh.

Let them toss and turn tonight,

but they're all yours tomorrow.

I'll reach out to their offices
and set a time.

Thank you, Claire.

Of course.
Whatever I can do to help.

Here you go, sir. Enjoy.

Excuse me.

There's a hair on my steak.

I am so sorry, sir. Where?

Right there.

I don't see it.

Are you telling me I'm blind?

No, sir. I'm so sorry.

- I'll have the kitchen.
- What's your name?


You can leave the plate,

I'd like to talk
to the manager.

Yes, sir. I'll go get him.

Thank you.

Good evening, sir.

Uh, Stephanie tells me
there was a hair on your plate.


There wasn't any hair.

Leon, right? That's your name?


Stephanie is a hot
little number, isn't she?

Nice ass.

Did you make her blow you

before or after you hired her?

Sir, I'm going to have
to ask you to leave.

- Sit down, Leon.
- Sir, I want you to go.

- I said sit.
- Don't make me call the police.

I'll tell you what.
You call the police,

I'll call the department
of immigration

about the four
undocumented employees

you have working in the kitchen.

Felony, Leon.

And I might also mention

your girlfriend,
her mother, and her aunt

who also undocumented and living
in an apartment that you pay for.

Prison time for you,

deportation for them.

Not a pretty picture, is it?

Let's talk about Rachel Posner.

How close is it?

I should have the last two votes
I need committed today.

I just want to make sure
no one changes their mind.

I'd prefer not to get embroiled

in environmental issues
at this time.

But it's also
a jobs-creation package.

It's antagonizing oil and gas.

We can't afford
that sort of battle

after all the capital
we spent on education.

All I need is one
public statement of support.

I won't do that.
About you take Linda tomorrow.

You set her up in your offices.

Any meetings or calls
you might need

to whip up votes,
you got her there.

Well, I can't afford to spend a
whole day lobbying on the hill.

Well, you got deputies.

Yes, I do.

Well, you're telling me
you can't manage them

from ten blocks away?

Of course I can, sir.

Look, if it's too difficult...

no, no, no. We'll help you out,
Frank. Won't we, Linda?

Yes. If you'll just excuse me,

I have a few things
to rearrange on my schedule.

What else, Frank?
Tell me what Birch is up to.

No, I know I've already
canceled twice.

They start next week.

Sweetie, I'm trying
to figure this out.

- Linda.
- Excuse me.

- Yes?
- Just wanted thank you

for agreeing to pitch in,
I know you have a full plate.

Of course, Frank.

Is everything all right?
It sounds like...

yes. What time do you want me
to come by tomorrow?

Can we talk?

Can I just call you back
in one second?

I will call you. Yes.

Linda, I am so sorry that the
president has forced you into this.

It was not my intention.

If you would like,
I can talk congress...

no, it's not that.

It's a personal matter.
Don't worry.

Well, what is it?
Maybe I can help.

Just... my son didn't get
into Stanford.

I was supposed to meet
with the Provost tomorrow

to see if I could get him
to change his mind.

I asked the president
if I could go,

and he said yes,
but he must have forgotten.

You should go. I'm sure the
president will understand.

No, no. I don't let personal matters
get in the way of my job, Frank.

Linda, you can't put
your entire life on hold.

And certainly not at the expense
of your own son.

Well, it has been
at the expense of my son.

It's my fault he didn't get in.

I was on the campaign
and I wasn't there for him.

His grades suffered.
His application was...

I wasn't there, Frank.

But I figured if I could just meet
with the Provost face to face...

okay, look, you're going
to Stanford tomorrow.

If you show up at my office,

I won't let you in,
so don't even consider it.

Frank, the president wants
me to be...

he doesn't have to know.

I'm going to have
one of my schedulers

buy you a ticket.
The bill will be fine.

You don't have to do this.

We may have
our disagreements, Linda,

but that doesn't mean we can't
look out for each other.

You tell them you're coming.

- Okay. Give that a try.
- Test, test, test.

All right, Zoe. This is Dave, the
senior producer in New York.

- We'll go live in four minutes.
- Sounds good.

The first topic will
be the congressional

agenda for the fall session,

then we'll move on to the
midterms, then we'll wrap it up

with Peter Russo's race for
Governor and his watershed bill.

- Okay, great.
- Taking you off mic until 30 out.

Hey, Janine, I have to talk
about the watershed bill.

- Do you have a one-sheet?
- Uh, yeah. Hold on.

- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.

Any word on the vote count?

Still no luck. I've called
every democrat in the house

to cobble together a number,
but no one's getting back to me.

So what can I say?

That there's a lot in flux,
and it'll be tight.

Okay. Thanks.

Yeah. Sure thing.

Hey, Francis, it's me.

Call me back.


Congressman Russo.
He says it's urgent.


Good morning, sir.

I'd like to talk
about how the tour's going.

Well, let's talk on the bus.
Don't we have an event at 11:00?

There won't be any events
until we talk.

You're hijacking the microphone.

You're contradicting
everything I say.

We need to be promoting
the watershed act.

Well, I appreciate your
being so forthright.

Let me tell you
what I don't appreciate.

The D.N.C. Is running a man
with zero track record,

except for substance abuse,
to fill my shoes.

I realize you don't want to be
here, sir, but it seems like

you're deliberately trying
to sabotage my campaign.

Despite my better judgment,
I'm trying to save it.

I know the people of this state
better than you, Peter.

They don't want to
hear about watersheds.

They want to hear about jobs.

Well, this week,
they need to hear both.

Well, then,
maybe I should just stand

quietly beside you at the podium
and watch you lose.

- You don't think I can win, do you?
- I'm not optimistic.

You lost the first two times
you ran for Governor.

The third time,
nobody thought you had a chance.

By September, you were 15 points down.
You were out of money.

You had to mortgage
your own house

just to keep your
staff on payroll.

I'm well aware of what I did.
I was there.

My point is you kept going. You hit
67 counties in less than 20 days,

and you proved everyone wrong.

Like it or not, it's my name
on the ticket this time,

and I got the shot, and I'm
gonna prove everyone wrong.

Just like you did.
Including you, sir.

I would like your support,
but if you won't give it, fine.

It won't stop me.

You think it's easy
for me to be here?

I left the Governor's mansion
right in my prime.

To be what? Vice president.

I thought that was a step up.
But you know what?

I don't have a fucking shred
of real influence.

I'm trotted around
like a goddamn mascot,

and this is my home state.

I'm offering you influence, sir.

I'd like your guidance
and your expertise.

But if that's not on the table,
then, well...

With all due respect,
Mr. Vice President,

you should head back
to Washington.

Your husband was very explicit.

I would categorize it
as a threat.

- What did he say exactly?
- Not to surprise him.

Didn't he also tell you to vote
your district and your conscience?

He did, but those seemed
far lower on his priority list.

Well, he would never fault you

if you had a compelling reason
to do what you think is right.

I'm confused.
Aren't you for this bill?

C.W.I. Is publicly for it.

Privately, I have my doubts
for the same reasons you do.

I was under the impression

that we were here so you could
persuade us to vote yes.

Oh, I'm not trying
to persuade you of anything.

I will say this:

If the bill fails,
it's not the end of the world.

We can always sponsor
new legislation.

You know, something with
stricter regulatory standards.

Just to be clear,
you're telling us

you don't mind if we vote
against the bill.

I'm simply saying
what my husband would...

that you should vote
your conscience.

- How are we looking?
- We're short a vote.

I just got off the phone
with Claire.

Vanderburgh and Abrams
are on board.

- Those are definite yeses?
- Definite.

We should be good.


I've been trying to reach you
since yesterday.

Well, I've been a bit busy
counting votes.

You said you'd have
a number for me.

Well, you should try
my press office.

I did. They won't
return my calls.

Well, the official word is
it will be close.

I'm trying to get
the unofficial word.

Oh, I can't appear to be playing
favorites now, can I?

This isn't because
of the other day, is it?

What other day?

You said we'd keep
our professional relationship.

Well, this is what
professional feels like.

The vice president of the
United States, Jim Matthews!

Thank you.

It's good to be back in Bristol.

Go, warriors!

Now, you all know me.
I'm a windbag.

I can go on
until you all fall asleep,

get eight hours of shut-eye, and
wake up to find me still yapping.

And there's a lot I could say
about this young man to my left.

The truth is, I've had a lot of
doubts about him and his ideas,

about his past,
about his youth.

But if you'll remember,

a lot of you had doubts about me
the first time I ran.

And the second and the third.

But over the last few days,

traveling around the state
with Peter,

I have to admit
he's won me over.

He's smart, he's energetic,

and, most important, he's a fighter.

Now, it says "a fresh start"
on that bus over there.

And that's the real truth,

because this young man
will give our state

the fresh start
it so desperately needs.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next
Governor of Pennsylvania,

Peter Russo.

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

How's it going, Bristol?

Today I'd like to talk to you
about economic recovery.

Now, as many of you
may be aware,

mostly because my
opponent feels the

need to spend
millions of dollars

on TV ads about my past,

I know a thing or two
about recovery.

I've learned a great deal
through my personal struggles.

I've learned how to harness
my strength and my resolve,

make them work for me,

much the way your Bristol
watermills harnessed the power

of your beautiful otter creek

and the mighty Delaware river
years ago.

Let me tell you
how the Delaware river

will reinvigorate your economy
for years to come!

We're going to get
the shipment out of Sudan.

- That's great.
- It might take a few weeks,

but I think you should start
making arrangements for Botswana,

where you're gonna set up
base camp and the depot.

Just send me a budget
as soon as you've got one.

Claire, is there any way
we can send someone in my place?

I thought you wanted
to be on the ground.

I would, but I can't this time.

Why not?

I wasn't sure
how to tell you this,

but I passed the 12-week mark.

You're expecting.

Gillian, that's wonderful.

when did this happen?
Who's the father?

There was this guy I met overseas.
Doctors without borders.

We had this thing. Then I left.

But he came back to the states
a few months ago,

and that's when it happened.

Anyway, it didn't end well.
But I want to keep the baby.

- And does he know?
- He's married.

- Oh.
- I shouldn't have. It was stupid.

You don't have to explain.

I'll need some time off
at the beginning of march.

Of course.

And absolutely,
we'll send someone else instead.

I appreciate it, Claire.


You said medium-rare?

Just, uh, let me know
if you guys need anything.

Who would you guess
texted me just now?

I thought she'd last
more than a couple days.

- Going somewhere?
- Just for an hour or two.

I got one last holdout to whip.

What's the vote count
on Russo's bill?

Oh, don't you wanna shower first

before we dirty ourselves
with business?

I'll shower after you leave.

What's the vote count?

Your tone doesn't inspire me
to be very forthcoming.

Oh, the fuck wasn't enough?

You need a special tone too?

Ooh, someone washed her mouth
out with acid this morning.

Whatever it is
you're grappling with,

I am sincerely not interested.

You're almost twice my age.

You said that didn't bother you.

I lied.

If you had a daughter,
she'd be older than me.

In 20 years, I'll still
be younger than you are now.

Well, I can't argue
with basic arithmetic.

You don't find that disgusting?

I think you want me to.

But I've never considered this
any more or less

than a transaction
between two consenting adults.

If you just want the girl who
will do your bidding for you,

you already have that.

Why do you need to fuck me?

I would remind you
that it was you

who initiated our affair,

and it was you who came knocking
at my door last winter.

And it was me who asked that
we stop what we're doing now.

Which I respected
until you picked up a phone

and asked me
to come over tonight.

Because you wouldn't
give me what I wanted

unless I did.

So tell me,
why do you need this?

You don't seem to get
any pleasure out of it.

I know I certainly don't.

I seem to always
leave you satisfied.

How do you know
I'm not faking it?

Are you?

Doesn't it say a lot
that you can't tell?

What do you think about
when I'm up against the wall?

A great man once said

that everything in life
is about sex...

Except sex.

Sex is about power.

So you need a whore,

which makes you a pimp.

I'm not a pimp.
Just a very generous John.

Fine. As long as we're clear
about what this is,

I can play the whore.

Now pay me.

The bill will pass.
We have it by two votes.

You can pass that along
to your friend, miss Skorsky.

If she must say such things in
order to sleep at night, so be it.

Her loyalty costs me nothing but
the occasional crumb of news.

Her hatefulness takes
no toll at all.

You don't compensate a working
girl so you can cuddle after.

Final voting...

A lot of small towns,
some really great crowds.

- No buses losing their brakes.
- Final call for voting.

Oh, please now.
When do you head back?

Tomorrow. We wanna do a press
conference when all the votes are in.

- Members, please cast your votes now.
- Are you all right?

I'm just a little nauseous.
It'll pass. I'm okay.

- You said you're due in march?
- March 14th.

It's so exciting.
How's the morning sickness?

I think I'm over the hump.

I have to pee all the time.
Weird cravings.

It was good to be
on the road again. Invigorating.

Our internals are showing
a nice bump in the numbers.

You made a big difference.

The president is grateful,
and so am I.

Well, it's a team effort, right?

Excuse me. I have yet to say
hello to your better half.

- How'd it go at Stanford?
- Well, I think.

The Dean's a republican, so there
was not a lot of small talk.

But he seemed open to considering it.
We'll know more next week.

- That's terrific.
- I appreciate your helping me out.

Oh, I didn't do anything.
Anybody can book a plane ticket.

That's not true.
You covered for me.

Well, we have to keep the important
things in perspective, right?

Don't think it's bought you
any favors.

Kindness isn't kindness
if you expect a reward.

The man of the hour!

Not yet.
The votes are still coming in.

Hey, how'd you vote?
I voted yes.

I knew I forgot something.

We got this. There's some sparkling
grape juice there to celebrate.

- 30 seconds remaining.
- 30 seconds.

Looking good.

Come on, everyone. Let's go.

Everyone's voting
along party lines.

See? This is what happens
when we all stick together.

This is an easy win for us.

15 seconds.

- Vote now.
- Ten seconds.

Come on.

This can't be happening.

Members, please cast
your votes now.

Voting is closed.

Hr 4913 is defeated.

- Doug.
- I thought we had it.

So this means it's dead?

It's such a shame.
All of that hard work.

I wanna know who lied. - nowa jakość napisów.
Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.