House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Chapter 6 - full transcript

The strike between Frank and Marty starts to get out of hand. Russo has decided to run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

We're almost a
month into the strike,

and we've got millions of kids
stuck home from school.

Do you blame
the White House or Congress?

I personally have very
little sympathy for the teachers.

We're over three weeks
into this strike.

It's costing the country
billions of dollars,

and instead
of offering solutions--

There's a big difference

between taking a stand
and sitting on your hands.

I don't know whether
to call it cowardice...

It's his agenda,
and the problem

is that he stole sound,
conservative ideas.

The only smart thing he's done is lift his
platform from the republican platform.

I admit it, Linda.
This got away from me.

But we can't turn back time.
We have to hold our ground.

While our approval ratings
continue to nosedive?

Spinella and I worked together for years
on dozens of labor-related bills.

- I thought he'd be reasonable.
- You were wrong about that.

Well, I didn't think he'd be
insane enough to go on strike,

and I didn't think the strike
would last this long.

So you've been wrong
twice about this.

Why should I believe
you're right about holding out?

We threatened
collective bargaining

in order to get performance
standards and charter funding.

That's the deal that we made.
We took that stand.

We lay down now,
we lose it all.

There'll be no reform,
just an empty bill.

I understand the logic, Frank,
but we're in damage control now.

We can't close one wound
by opening another.

But we're the democrats.

We're the ones who are supposed
to be defending the teachers.

But you can't have it
both ways, Linda.

You can't have the reform
you want

and keep the teachers happy
at the same time.

You knew that when we started.

then if we have to choose,

we choose to keep
the teachers happy.

That is a mistake, Linda.
We've already crossed the rubicon.

I'm telling you this-- the president
wants to change the bill.

We should've done it
three weeks ago. We didn't.

So you have to do it now.

Give me more time,
Linda, please.

If I can break this strike and get
everything we want in this bill,

can we agree that's preferable
to folding?

Of course.
If we can count on that--

Then count on me
for just one more week.

If the strike isn't over
by then, I'll change the bill.

- Frank--
- No. One more week. That's all.

This is the worst
possible position to be in.

If I water down the bill, the
president will still me as a failure.

If the strike doesn't end in a week,
I forced myself into a corner.

Only total victory will put
me back in his good graces.

The alternative is exile,

which would mean the last
five months were for nothing.

I cannot abide
falling back to square one.

You need me, ma'am?

No. I just was wondering
if you wanted a cup of coffee.

I just brewed a fresh pot.

- I'm good, ma'am. But thanks.
- Are you sure?

My shift's done in a couple hours.
I'll be fine.

No. Come on.
Stretch your legs.

I won't take no for an answer.

What did you do before you
joined the leadership detail?

I was a cop here in DC.

Before that,
I was in the Marines, ma'am.

- Thank you.
- Did you serve overseas?

I did, ma'am.
Bahrain, then Afghanistan.

Served most of my second tour
in the Korangal Valley.

You wanna know
if I killed anyone?

I think I know the answer.

- I got a dinner meeting with birch.
- I invited him in for coffee.

Well, drink it fast. We leave in five...

Get down! Stay away
from the windows!


You'll have six of my best men
covering you around the clock.

I guess I'm wondering why
we didn't at least have

one of your best men
covering us now.

He'll be disciplined, sir.

He shot a gun
in a residential neighborhood.

- I want him fired.
- There will be a full investigation,

and we'll take
the necessary action.

Steve never would've
let this happen.

Is he better yet? Because I would
feel a lot safer if he was with us.

he won't be coming back, sir.

I thought he just had
a gallbladder infection.

He did, but they found more.

His pancreas, stage four.

- Jesus.
- Oh, my God. That's awful.

How much longer does he have?

Not long.
A few weeks.

At least that's what
his wife told me.

We have to go see him.
Can you get the information where he is?

Of course. I'll make sure
you get it right away.

- Thank you, Captain.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.
Good night.

- Front door.
- Yes, sir.

Your weapon.

Your badge too.

Am I suspended, sir?

You had a suspect on foot,
and you fire your gun?

- Sir, I realize that--
- Do you know how this reflects on me?

That one of our men
could be so careless?

Not only do you abandon
your post for coffee...

You could've
killed a bystander.

That slug was found
in somebody's front stoop.

What if it went in their house?

Your badge, Meechum.

Two reasons, which are
really the same reason.

I was sick of working
for other people,

and I knew I could do
a better job than my bosses.

They kept trying to suppress me,
shutting me out.

So I said, "fuck it.
I'll do it my way."

- Then you just quit?
- Not like you did.

I slaved away until I lined up
the money to start Slugline.

Once Slugline gets big enough,
what's the plan?

Are you gonna sell it
like Arianna?

And then who knows?

Whatever the next adventure is.
Maybe Shanghai.

So I shouldn't expect
to have a job in two years?

Do you ever wanna have
any job for more than two years?

What about you?
What's your big plan?

Uh, I don't know yet.

Come on. Slugline is just
a stepping stone for you.

- You know what? I should take this.
- Go. Do your thing.

Hey. You have proof Spinella
was behind it?

Put it in context. Three weeks
into a national teachers' strike--

At the home of Francis Underwood,
who has led the charge on--

There you go. Now post that before one of
my neighbors calls a local 11:00 hack.

- When do I see you next? - I'm background
on this. I'm not your source.

You can't talk now?

- No.
- When?

Soon, with bells on.

What about "more school books,
less bricks"?

Nah, it's too broad.
We need a better sound bite.

Something specific, something that
points the finger directly at Spinella.

- He'll deny any involvement.
- Of course he will.

- So how do we get around that?
- We say he can't control his troops.

- There's no evidence it was a teacher.
- Who else could it be?

He's gonna shift blame for
the strike back on congress.

No. We need something clear,
something clean,

something that sticks
in your head.

"Teachers need a lesson
in self-restraint."

No. You're not hearing me.
People like teachers.

No. We need something
that makes Spinella the villain.

- His lack of control, his inability--
- Disorganized labor.

It's disorganized labor,
plain and simple.

When you've got angry teachers

throwing bricks
through congressmen's windows,

you've gotta blame
the union leadership.

We'll be beefing up the security
for the entire leadership.

And I strongly encourage
Marty Spinella

to keep his people in line.

This is starting to look
like disorganized labor.

Do you really think
Marty Spinella is to blame?

Whether Mr. Spinella
is behind this or not,

he might wanna
tone down the rhetoric

before disorganized labor
turns into organized crime.

No one can prove anything.
So that's the most cogent response.

Well, go on TV and say that.
You deplore violence in any form.

It's congress that should
take responsibility.

I don't want to degenerate
to Frank's level.

We need to kill this brick thing.
It's distracting people from the issues.

She's right. It'll eat up one
cycle, and it'll disappear.

No. This story
is getting traction.

Support for the strike
is dipping.

So is the president's
approval ratings.

But he gets to say in the oval office
another three years, no matter what.

We can't afford
another three weeks.

When I told
the unions to strike,

I told them to prepare
for the long haul.

All right? Their accounts
dry up, we keep going.

We figure it out. I am not going
to blink over something like this.

Fine. But if we lose
the public relations battle,

none of that does us any good.

Frank wants us on the defensive.

I think this story
is going to blow over.

If I'm wrong, we'll reevaluate.

But I wanna give it
another day or two first. Okay?

Hi, Adam.

You all right?
I saw the news.

Yes, I'm fine.

That's gotta rattle
the nerves--

A brick
coming through the window.

It did, some.

So are you staying
in the house?

We've got extra security
now, so...

Well, um, it made me
think of you,

so I figured I'd just check in.

I appreciate that.

We still haven't talked,
have we?

- There's no need to.
- I think we should.

Here's how I see it.

You asked me to come down.
I did.

We both had ideas
about what that could mean.

Probably very similar ideas.

But then you changed your mind.

So be it.

There's no reason

we can't be in touch
or remain friends.

Let's not fool ourselves, Adam.

So I won't call again.

- Done.
- I'm not saying that.

What are you saying?

I just called
because I care about you.

No agenda.

If you wanna talk again,
call me.

If not, I understand.
It's up to you.

You think
I'm being unreasonable?

I think you're doing
whatever it is you need to do,

and I'm not gonna question it.

It was sweet of you to call.

Listen, you probably
need to get back to work.

I know I do.
I should go.

Yeah. Okay.

- Take care.
- Okay.

- Frank, you got a minute?
- I'll see you inside.

I wanna be governor,
and I want your help.

- Am I still on the short list?
- You are.

I haven't had a drink
in over a month. I'm clean.

Is that because I asked,
or because it's what you want?

It was about time I took
responsibility for myself.

Taking responsibility is one
thing, and it's admirable.

But running for governor of a major
state is a whole other ball game.

Let me tell you something,

I got elected to congress

'cause I seized the moment
that opportunity struck.

You kept me on that list.
I wanna seize that opportunity.

If you help me out,
I'll give you everything I got.

Well, that's all
I've been waiting to hear.

All right.
I'll tell you what.

I need to make some calls,
check in with some people.

Give me a few days.
I'll get back to you.

- Of course.
- And, Peter...

I feel like I've met
the real you

for the first time just now.


- Is this a bad time?
- No.

No, not at all.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were coming.

Here. Take my chair.

- Oh, no. I'm fine.
- I'll take these.

Thank you.

- Hello, Steve.
- Hey.

These could use some water.
I'll be right back.

Francis and I were so upset
when we heard.

I'm sorry I haven't come sooner.

I didn't want
too many people knowing.


Francis wishes he could be here.

He wants you to know
he's praying for you.

- Couldn't make it, huh? - No, there's a
big teachers' strike going on right now,

and he's been stuck
in his office for weeks.

I get it.
I saw on the news.

- The brick.
- Right.

I told Francis that probably wouldn't have
happened if you were there.

No. Probably not.

I never seen him pray.

Not in eight years.

You said he was praying for me.

You've seen us in church.

Yeah, but...

I never went inside.

They're just gorgeous.

Mrs. Underwood,
thank you so much.

Please, call me Claire.

- I know you got things to do.
- Of course.

If you need anything at all,
call me. You have my cell.

Anything at all. And I'm sorry
to have surprised you.

No. It was so nice of you
to come.

Thank you.
I know Steve appreciated it.

Check this out.

It's foam.

- How many of these we have?
- 200. But I can get more.

Get more.

Bring it on!

You need to give the teachers
the respect they deserve.

We can't back
away from this, Marty.

- We've gotta face it head-on.
- They provoked us.

They were throwing foam.
Our guys were throwing punches.

We're gonna come off
the bad guys here.

Okay. Okay.
I get it. I get it.

But I wanna be smart about this.

I wanna do something definitive
that'll put this to bed

- and get us back on message.
- CNN,

one on one, you and Underwood.

8:00 tonight.

Frank is excellent in debates.

Go strong against him.
Address the brick right to his face.

- End of story.
- Underwood says he's in if you are.

Okay. But I want as much prep
as possible, okay?

I want to run questions.

You moderate,
you play Underwood.

Wear this one.

Then come in here.
I wanna put powder on you.

Well, somebody at the studio
can do that.

Yes, and they always cake on too much.
I'm doing it.

War paint.

How bloody do you think
it'll be?

Oh, I think I oughta be able to
dispatch with him easily enough.

Oh, you remember Peter Russo?

He's doing well.
He hasn't had a drink in a month.

Oh, good for him.
I like him.

Oh, good,
because he could use your help.

- How?
- We're running him for Governor.

- Ambitious.
- Mmm.

We wanna create jobs
in his district.

It's on the Delaware River.

I thought we might be able
to put a bill together.

Something with
an economic upside.

This has to do
with the shipyard closing?

We need the shipbuilders'
support for his campaign.

You think you might be able

to draft a bill
that he can sponsor?

I'm really trying to focus on
international projects, Francis.

Not domestic legislation.

I understand, but I could really
use your help, Claire.

Does Catherine durant
still owe us?

When you make someone
Secretary of State,

they owe you for life.

We're having trouble
getting our water filters

through sudanese customs.

- I'll call from the car.
- Tomorrow's fine.

- I would have done that anyway.
- I know.

I'm ready for battle.

You wanna come watch?

- No. You go on ahead.
- Oh, come on.

Watch me put the final nail
in Spinella's coffin.

It'll be fun.



Come on, people.
Take your marks.

Congressman, would
you like to respond to that?

Yes, I would. Two billion dollars
of taxpayer's money being wasted.

And congress should be ashamed
of itself for that, Frank.

Oh, what? Did congress force
the teachers to go on strike?

- No, we didn't.
- Really, Frank?

When you threaten
teachers' ability

to negotiate as a union,

when you threaten
their job security,

you threaten their livelihood,

of course you force them
to strike.

And did we also force them to start
throwing bricks at people's houses?

I'm really glad
you brought that up,

because you know
there's absolutely no proof

that that incident had
anything to do with this strike.

And I wanna take the opportunity
to say publicly

that we categorically condemn

any use of violence whatsoever
or intimidation.

What you're saying essentially

is that you can't control
your own people.

- That is not what I'm saying. - That is
what you're saying. You're disorganized.

- Disorganized labor. - You can keep
trotting out that phrase all you like,

but you know what I'd like to do, Frank?
I would like to get back

to the issue here
of educating our children

and the fact that congress is not
living up to their commitment.

Well, you know
what I would like?


An apology.

If not to me, then to my wife.

When that brick came through
our window, it was terrifying.

She's standing right over there.

- Claire?
- We need camera two on the wife.

Now, why don't you
look her in the eye

and tell her that your people had
nothing to do with that brick.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.


Mrs. Underwood, Claire,

I am sincerely sorry

that you had to go through
that ordeal, truly.

And it actually sickens me

that someone made you
feel unsafe in your own home.

And I give you my word that
to the best of my knowledge,

none of our people
had anything to do with it.

But you know
what sickens me more?

That right now,
your husband is using you

as a prop on national television
to try and win a debate.

So I think you're the one
that owes your wife an apology, Frank.

And when
you're done apologizing,

can we please get back
to the issue here

of educating our children?

No. You've got this wrong,

There is no "you" and "I"
in education.

Well, I mean, yes,
there's the letters

"U" and "I" are in
the word "education."

But "Education"
with a capital E...

You know what
I'm talking about.

I don't think I do.

Yes, you do, Marty.

U and I-- Education.

So, what, we're gonna waste the rest of
this debate naming all the vowels in--

I'm happy to play
the vowel game.

You wanna play the vowel game
with me?

All right.
U think I O

U A apology.

But no, no, no.

U O I...

You left out E for "Education."

- So let--
- Defecation--

I'm sorry. LOL.

Uh, uh...


You like sesame street so much?

Why don't you give the kids
the money they deserve?

What I'm trying to say
about education...


I guess school's
still in session.

I guess you
schooled me there, Marty.

Let's move on.

Humor aside, there are more
important issues out there.

I had no intention
of bringing you into this.

It wasn't part of a plan.
I would've told you if it was.

I know.

The idea just struck me,
and I went with it.

I don't mind
that you improvised.

I just wish
you'd done it better.

Congressman Frank Underwood
says he got, quote, "schooled"

by AFT spokesman and chief
strategist, Martin Spinella,

during a debate last night
on this network.

In the past 24 hours,

reruns of the gaffe

have played non-stop on TV news
programs and the internet.

A YouTube clip
set to techno music

has logged
more than 300,000 hits

and spawned
dozens of other spoofs.

♪ No ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ E O I ♪

♪ with a capital "E" ♪

♪ education LOL ♪

That was as clumsy

as the Lee Harvey Oswald
prison transfer.

What was he thinking?

Just give me one second.

There's a deli.
Down the street.

Patti, thanks for coming.

Sit down.
You want some coffee?

No, thanks. I'm good.

Hey, did you see
bill Maher last night?

No, I didn't.

Oh, it was about the CNN thing.

I have to admit, Frank,
it was kinda funny.

Well, I'll have
to catch a rerun.

How you doing? You holding up
all right with the strike?

Let's talk about Pennsylvania.

I have your candidate.

Peter Russo.
First Congressional District.

We crossed him off.

I know. It's a mistake.

He's young, he's handsome.
He's bright.

Nobody knows who he
is outside of Philadelphia.

There's no donor base,
no infrastructure.

You start me off
with funding from the DNC

and I'll raise an army
around this guy.

I will personally
oversee his campaign.

Is that the best we can do?

What's better than a blank slate
in the right hands?

Ed, you need to go.

do you have a moment?

Thank you, Patti.

- Have him call me.
- I will.

Ed? Please.

- What is going on?
- I'm taking care of it.

One second, sir.

All right.
Make it fast, Meechum.

It's not easy for me
to ask this,

but I was wondering
if you could put in a good word

with my boss.

A good word?

They're going to discharge me,

I messed up.
I'm fully aware.

But my job,
it means everything to me,

and I know a good word
from you would...

Look, I have nothing
against you personally, Meechum,

but I can't get involved
in these sort of affairs.

There's protocols and rules.

Sir, please,
if you spoke to Cardiff--

There is nothing that I can do.

If anyone can convince
the captain,

it would be you, Congressman.

I'm sorry. I wish you
all the best, Meechum.


What did Barney hull say?

That we'd be the first to know.

I can't believe
there hasn't been

a single 911 call.

There's been plenty.

It's just not the sort
we're after.

We got that kid in Atlanta.

No, it's got to be here.
I can't be getting on a plane.

It looks too opportunistic.

Maybe if we open it up
a little bit.

No, we cannot
lower our standards.

We just have to be patient.

New rule--
now that the debate's over,

Frank Underwood has to tell us
what the hell that was.

Seriously, Congressman,
was that a joke?

I haven't seen something
just lay there like that

since, uh...

I gotta go all the way back
to my prom night.

Can we just settle
this strike please?

Teachers have been out
of the classroom for so long,

middle schoolers are starting
to have sex with each other.


I don't know why you had it on
in the first place.

I love you, Francis.

I know.

We should say that
more often to each other.

I need to clear my head.

...north and east
of the airport.

I'm gonna need that
in time for that meeting.

Peter, let's talk.

So. I've spoken
to Patricia Whittaker.

She's on board.

You'll be getting four million
in start-up funding

from the DNC.

I'll pick the team.
You announce in August.

But the campaign starts today.

Are you ready?

I've already
put together a platform.

It's mostly broad strokes,
but we can hone it.

Good. The first thing
we need to address

is your sobriety.

Oh, you don't need to worry
about that.

Have you been
going to meetings?

You mean AA?

- Yes.
- That's not really my thing.

If you want my help,

then going to meetings
is my one requirement.

I know I had a problem, Frank.

I accept that.

And I've taken
responsibility for that,

but I don't think going
to meetings is necessary.

You cannot white-knuckle
your recovery, Peter.

This campaign will be
the hardest thing

you've ever done in your life.

I realize that.
I'm prepared for that.

You think you are.
But we can't take any chances.

The party's investing in you.

I need to make sure
you're investing in yourself.

All right.
I'll do whatever I have to do.

You'll start tomorrow morning.

- Doug will take you.
- Stamper?

He's been sober 14 years.

Doug has a drinking problem?

Had. Not anymore.
He'll be your sponsor.

In the meantime, I want you
to meet with my wife, Claire.

She runs the clean water

She's expecting you,

so clear your schedule
and head over there now.


Thank you.

For believing in me.

You're gonna make
a great candidate, Peter.

The shipyard closing frees up
1,100 acres of federal land.

Our goal is to pass a watershed
act for the Delaware River.

We develop the land in an
environmentally-responsible way,

creating jobs in the process.

How many jobs?

We're aiming
for the $200-million mark.

We got a lot of work to do.

We do, but you can start
with the congressman

whose districts
fall within the watershed.

Do you have a draft of the bill
you can show me?

We haven't sponsored
any environmental legislation.

We'll draft it in consultation
with your staff.

Gillian will be
the point person on our end.

I don't have any
legislation experience.

- I'll help you.
- When do we start?

We just did.

Will you introduce him
to the research team?

- I'll be there in one second.
- Sure.

Mr. President?

I want it over.

As soon as possible.

Gut the bill, Frank.

Do whatever's necessary
to end this.

Mr. President,
if we give in now,

the public won't credit you
with a victory.

Not even a hollow one.
They'll chalk it up

as a colossal defeat.

Well, that's on you, Frank.

You let this situation
devolve to where it is.

I've already been blamed

for the largest teacher's strike
in US history.

I won't be held accountable
for it dragging on

months and months.

Mr. President, we have to end
this strike on your terms.

Not anyone else's.

How? By debating
Marty Spinella on CNN?

Sir, you have placed your faith
in me thus far.

I would ask
that you continue to do so.

Whatever you're doing, Frank,
isn't working,

so I'm stepping in.

Gut the bill.
Like Linda said.


I'm sorry, Mr. President,
but I will not do that.

Are you letting pride
cloud your judgment, Frank?

Respectfully, sir,

you're allowing fear
to cloud yours.

Not an easy thing to say no

to the most powerful man
in the free world.

But sometimes the only way
to gain your superior's respect

is to defy him.

What do we have
on the schedule, Linda?

Your meeting with the...

Thank you, Mr. President.

- Do you have my briefing?
- Right here.

Let's look it over.

How'd it go with Peter?

It went well.

Is he game?


Ugh. Thank you.

That's a big weight
off my shoulders.

You sound tired.

Tired. Impatient.

What can I do?

This one's up to fate.

I don't like when
we leave things to fate.

Neither do I.

Does that mean I'm gonna have
the bed to myself tonight?


Can't Doug man the fort?

Well, he could,
but I'd just toss and turn.

If I'm not gonna sleep,
I might as well not sleep here.

Well, I'll leave the ringer on.

Call me if you want company.

I will.


You should go home.
I can take it from here.

It's good for the soul.

10-59. Corner of 16th and Q.

What's that?

Disorderly conduct.

Do you believe in karma?

Absolutely not.

Well, I do.

At least tonight.

Get Captain Cardiff
on the phone.

Let's do something
about Meechum.


Get him his job back.

He fired his weapon.

He overreacted.

On the phone. Now.

Nancy, give me Captain Cardiff,

We might as well do one
productive thing while we wait.

It requires very little of me

and will mean the world to him.

It's a very
inexpensive investment.

Hello, sir.
This is Doug Stamper.

I have Francis Underwood
for you.

I got him on.

Captain, I know it's late,

but I'd like to talk to you
about Edward Meechum.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Thank you.

- Are you hungry?
- Mm-hmm.

You have any trouble
getting in?

Nah, they made me put it through
the X-ray machine twice.

So I hope it didn't
overcook it.

Frank, you always pay too much.
This is way too much.

For the inconvenience.

You know, 20 years
you been coming to my joint.

This the first time
I been to yours.

What do you think?

I could get used to it.

Well, you're welcome any time.

Thank you, Freddy.

Always, Frank.

Got a...
446 3rd Street...

That's a drive-by shooting.

Get details.

Sir, I want to thank you
for talking to the captain.

He told me you called,

and I can't tell you
how grateful I am.

I want you to listen
very closely

to what I'm about to say.

From this moment on,
you are a rock.

You absorb nothing,
you say nothing,

and nothing breaks you.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.

Welcome back.


I'll leave you be.

Where, uh--
where's Janet?

She's been here every day
for the last few weeks.

I told her go home,
get some rest.

Well, is everything okay?

Your text
said it was important.

I don't know how to put this.

The thing is, I...

I've been thinking.

A lot.

About my life.

About the things I haven't done.

Things I haven't said.

I hate your husband.

A lot of people do.

The past eight years,
I watched over him.

But it wasn't him
I was watching.

And every time I saw you,

every time I heard your voice,

all I could think to myself was,

"Jesus, what I wouldn't give."

I can't tell you how many times
I thought about that.

You know what Francis said to me
when he proposed?

I remember his exact words.

He said, "Claire,
if all you want is happiness,

say no.

I'm not gonna give you
a couple of kids

and count the days
until retirement.

I promise you
freedom from that.

I promise
you'll never be bored."

You know,
he was the only man--

and there were a lot
of others who proposed.

But he was the only one
who understood me.

He didn't put me
on some pedestal.

He knew that I didn't want
to be adored or coddled.

So he took my hand
and he put a ring on it.

Because he knew I'd say yes.

He's a man who knows
how to take what he wants.

Is this what you wanted?

Is that the way you wanted it?

Stop. Stop.

Please. Please. Stop.


You told me your truth.

Now you know mine.

Hey, it's Peter.

I don't expect you
to call me back,

but I wanted to let you know
I stopped drinking,

and I went to my first
AA meeting.

Um, I'm supposed to reach out

and make amends
to those I've hurt.

But I guess the real reason
I called you

is just to say I love you
and I miss you.

I hope you're well.

This is work, not play.

Then why'd you bother
coming over?

I was hoping you'd answer
the door naked.

That would be play.

That would be work with a view.

Sorry to disappoint.

How many characters in a tweet?


Type this, let me know
where you land.

Washington DC boy

killed by a stray bullet
in gangland shoot-out."

61 characters left.

"Should have been in school"?

30 left.

"Spinella to blame?"


Press "send."

Now give me a name, details.

Tyler Davis. Third grader
at Vernon Baker Elementary.

Shot outside his home
in southeast

just before noon today.

Where are you going?

- To see the mother.
- You don't wanna...?

There's work to do.
I'll see you later tonight.

Tyler never did anything wrong.

He was a good boy.

Everybody loved him.

It's okay.

If Tyler's school
had been in session,

this senseless killing
would have never taken place.

We need to end this strike now

and get all our children
back in school

where they belong before we risk
another death like this.

So, Mr. Spinella, I am headed
to the capitol right now,

and I will remain there until
you are ready to meet and talk

so that we can end
this pointless strike.

Thank you all for coming.

Let's go back inside.

Mr. Spinella, one question...

Mr. Spinella is not to make
a comment at this time.

No comment. No comment.

Thank you.



You said you wanted to talk.

You said you wanted
to work out a compromise.

I lied.

Excuse me?

I have no intention
of working out a compromise.

So then why the fuck
are we here, Frank?

What the hell's
the matter with you?

You think this
is some kind of a game?


These are real people
with families to feed.

Would you please stop that?

Stop what?

In five seconds,
I'm out of here.

One. Two. Three.

- Four.
- Goodbye, Frank.

You know the difference
between you and me, Marty?


I'm a white-trash cracker

from a white-trash town

that no one would even bother
to piss on.

But here's the difference--

I've made something of myself.

I have the keys to the capitol.
People respect me.

But you, you're still nothing.

You're just an uppity dago
in an expensive suit

turning tricks for the unions.

Nobody respects
the unions anymore, Marty.

They're dying.
And no one respects you.

The most you'll ever
make of yourself

is blowing men like me.

Men with real power.

Yes. I can smell the cock
on your breath from here.

You think you
can get under my skin?

I know I can.

Kiss my ass, Frank.

You can't afford to walk out.

Watch me.

I've got a dead, underprivileged
kid in my pocket.

What do you have?

I have 2 million
honorable teachers.

Fair enough.
But I got something even better.

Go ahead. Open it.


I'll play your game.

You're an idiot.

Stamper threw it.

You're full of shit.

Oh, no, Stamper
threw the brick.

And I made sure Claire
distracted my security.

Are you kidding me?

And to think you wanted me
to apologize to my wife.

You would do something
that low, Frank?

I arranged the brick, Marty,

just like I arranged
this meeting this afternoon.

Back off, Frank.

Why don't you just
get down on your knees

- where you really belong?
- Back off, Frank.

Because the only thing
you're gonna get from me

- is come on your--
- Fuck you!

Everything okay in there?


Look, I'll-- I'll tell them
you provoked me.

I'll tell them that you threw
the brick yourself.

And who's going to believe you?

You just assaulted
a United States congressman,

which is a felony.

But I'm not gonna press charges,

Because the strike ends now.

You think it'll leave a scar?

I have a thick skin.

The next time you ask me
to invite someone in for coffee,

will you please make sure
no guns go off?

I'll do my best.

I saw Steve again today.

How is he?

In a lot of pain.

Should I go see him?

I don't think you need to.

Zoe Barnes.

When he dies,
we'll pay for his funeral.

You don't need to take it?

I'm done with work today.