House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Chapter 5 - full transcript

A feud starts between Francis and Marty Spinella. Russo goes into depression about the job losses at the shipyards.

What do you think of Darren Jarvis?

- At CBS?
- He wants me to be a correspondent.

Not worth your time.

What about Greer Fisher at MSNBC?

Stick to writing.

Do TV on the side.

You're more than a talking head.

- How about Slugline?
- What's Slugline?

If I said Politico wanted to hire me,
what would you say?

I would say that that
peaks my interest.

Six months from now, Slugline will be
what Politico was a year and a half ago.

Everyone at Politico reads it, because
Slugline's breaking stories before they are.

I wonder why I've
never heard of it.

Everyone's a free agent.
They write whatever they want,

wherever they are.

Most people write
from their phones.

Well, if freedom and exposure
are what they're offering,

I would say that is a meeting worth taking.

This Hammerschmidt
thing is blowing up.

I think he might get fired.

There's gotta be 1,000 tweets here.

People defending me,
people trashing me.

There's even a hashtag-- "gozoe."




We mustn't leave any trails.

All of my contacts are in there.

Then it's time for you
to get some new contacts.

Don't worry. I'll get you a phone.
I'll get you two, in fact.

One for work and a burner for play.

Expect them this afternoon.

Oh, and go, Zoe. - nowa jakość napisów.
Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

Oglądaj legalnie, polecaj i zarabiaj –

The reporter?


Just this once?

I'm not sure.

What does she offer us?

A mouthpiece when we need one.

She's been very useful so far.

- What does she want?
- Access.

A seat at the table.

Sounds like she's getting the
better side of the bargain.

She can be controlled.

Are you sure?

She can. I promise you.

Okay. If you say so.

- The moment you want me to end it--
- I know, Francis.

I should get ready for work.


Didn't think you'd
be in till later.

This is your agenda for the day.

Here's your schedule for
the rest of the week.

These are papers that need
to be approved or signed.

Over here are your one-sheets
for committee meetings

and briefs on upcoming legislative action.

I filled Ashley in. She can cover
until you find a replacement.



Thank you...

for getting all this in order.

Ashley can call me if you have any
questions about what's on your desk.

Is he here yet?

I put him in your office.

Marty Spinella, head lobbyist
for the teachers' union.

He wants to rip my head off
and peel it like an orange.

Why? Because I lied to him.
But what choice did I have

when the truth would've ended the
conversation before it began?

- I'll call you back.
- Marty.

You fucking lied, Frank?

No, no. You lied to my fucking face?

- Marty, I did not lie.
- Did not--

We spent the whole
weekend in that room

pouring over this
bill line by line,

and nowhere did it say anything
about collective bargaining.

Let's calm down and sit down,
and we will discuss this.

I will explain everything that's going on,

and we will talk it out no
matter how long it takes.

No, no more. This is gonna
be a very short meeting,

'cause only one of two
things are gonna happen:

Either you assure me right
now that amendment is out,

or I'm walking out that door and
I'm gonna start launching missiles.

The amendment was never
intended to stay in the bill.

It was just there for leverage, that's all.

You threatened to cut federal
funding from union school districts?

That's not a poker chip, Frank.
That's a goddamn dirty bomb.

Look, the amendment is
not staying in the bill.

I just need you to work with
me on performance standards.

Performance standards?
Are you fucking kidding me?

You agreed that they were already out!
You can't just put them back in!

- Marty, look--
- I have a reputation to uphold!

I am the one that made the
union reps stay here for you

while you were in Gaffney playing
with your fucking Peachoid!

Marty-- - You tell me right now!
Is that amendment in or out?

There is a middle
ground here, Marty.

We just have to find it.

I take that as a no.


Marty, do not start a war
you know you're gonna lose.

You fuck me, I fuck back.


Marty and I have a good
working relationship.

Or used to. You can see he has a temper,

but I can usually cut through
that and reason with him.

But I may have pushed him too far,
which is worrisome.

Friends make the worst enemies.

- How'd it go?
- What did you hear?

- A lot of "fucks."
- Well, that pretty much says it.

Let's think this through.

We've got the D.N.C. leadership meeting.

- What? - I'd say you could skip it,
but Birch just dumped it on us.

- When?
- It's here in 12 minutes.

Why here and not the D.N.C. headquarters?

The D.N.C. is doing renovations.

They're gonna be green
energy efficient.

Oh, that's a charming use of party funds.

We've only been in this
space about three months.

It's cool.

Not exactly the Herald, is it?

Have you been to those offices?

Yes. Wrist-slitting was in order.

So, who else is courting you?

- A few people.
- You mean everyone.

There were a lot of e-mails this morning.

That's not surprising.
You're having a moment.

People are interested. I'm one of them.

But if eight minutes passes
on anything, I get bored.

In eight minutes, I can be bored with you,
unless you keep me interested.

I think you can.

And I think this is the place for you to
keep the rest of the world interested too.

It's your call. I won't chase you.

I'm definitely tempted.

Take as long as you
want to look around.

E-mail me your figure.
I'll call you back with a counter.

This is our top priority-- Ohio,

Florida, and Pennsylvania.

We need all of them,
or Walker's a one-term president.

Pennsylvania is why he picked
Matthews as a running mate.

But now we have to
find a replacement.

The special election
is this November.

Patricia Whittaker, D.N.C. chair.

A rare example of someone
whose head is in the game

instead of up their backside.

Competence is such an
exotic bird in these woods

that I appreciate it
whenever I see it.

This also affects the house.

The new governor will oversee redistricting.

We lose seats here, that means we
could lose our majority in Washington.

Well, the R.N.C. is backing Jack Swofford,
ex-Mayor of Pittsburgh.

He's got statewide name recognition
and campaign machinery in place.

It's been three months,
and we don't have dick.

What about the A.G.? Ben Pluckett?

No. Ben's got his eyes
set on the senate in '14.

Which he'll lose because he botched
a sex offender sting last year.

- There's always McHolland.
- He's 78.

When's the last time he held office,
when Carter was president?

Reagan, but same difference.

He has dignity, he has gravitas.

If you need someone to
fill Matthews' shoes--

You can't fill Jim Matthews' shoes,
so we shouldn't even try.

- We need a fresh face.
- The state has a weak bench.

Let's go through all the
sitting Congressmen one by one

and see if anybody sticks
out from the crowd.

All right. I got the list right here.

Okay. Go ahead.

Pennsylvania's first district, Peter Russo.

Cross him off. He's no good.
No experience, no chops.

Okay, moving on. Second district,
Gwendolyn Pierce.

Nah, Gwen's too controversial.
Very vocal on abortion.

- And Caroline?
- She's good.

- And the boys?
- All fucking four of 'em?

You feed 'em.

You got any pictures on your phone?

Come on. Let's cut the shit, Pete, will ya?

What are we gonna do
about the shipyard?

BRAC had their hearing.
They slated it for closing.

Yeah, and why didn't you testify?

We're talking 12,000 jobs here.

My hands were tied, Paul.
People wanted it closed.

- I was under a lot of pressure.
- From who?

People high up the food chain.

- There was nothing I could do.
- That's bullshit!

You go back to BRAC. You talk to the D.O.D.

You talk to the Secretary of the Navy.
You do something.

It's not gonna happen.

- Okay. Why not?
- I told you. It's political.

So I'm supposed to go back to the shipbuilders'
association and say what now exactly?

That they're out of work because
Pete Russo's playing politics?

I mean, Jesus, Pete.

We're the ones who got you fucking
elected in the first place.

Now you're gonna
turn your back on us?

You should go.


I just got here. You're kicking me out now?

Hey, I'm fucking talking to you!

I thought we grew up together.

But this guy sitting behind his big desk...

I don't even know
who the fuck he is.

Where's the Pete Russo who knew how to throw
a punch when his back was against the wall?

That guy was my friend.

Every teacher in the country
a month before school ends?

Doesn't need all of them.
15, 20 states, that's all.

The A.F.T. and the N.E.A.
can't agree on anything.

You underestimate Marty Spinella.

So which one do we target?

We have a better chance with the N.E.A.

You think Chuck Sloan will bite?

Cooperate-- we'll give your people
protection and a place at the banquet.

Fight us, we break you. He'll bite.
Get him on the phone.

It's after 2:00.

Spinella is potentially mobilizing

the largest teachers' strike
in United States history.

- Nobody's sleeping.
- I'll call him right now.

I'm sorry. Are we being too loud?

A little.

- What are you working on?
- The gala.

There's so much to do.

- Did Nancy send you my list?
- She did.

- What'd you think?
- It's a good list.

Thanks for inviting them.

Is something wrong?

It's still not anywhere near
what Remy brought to the table.

Sancorp offered 1.5 million, Francis.

I'm adding up the numbers,
and we're only at half a million.

- I got Chuck on the phone.
- In a minute.

- I can make more calls.
- Enough to raise a million-five?

I can at least get us closer.

I'm going to bed.

Don't move any of this around.

Claire, we made the
decision to turn Remy down.

No one forced you.
I thought we were okay on this.

You're right.

Good night, Francis.

This is Adam. Leave a message.

Hi, Adam. It's me. I know it's late,

but, well,
I was really just calling

to thank you again
for the photographs.

I'm sure they're gonna be
a big hit at the auction.

I hope you're well.

I'm sure they're gonna be
a big hit at the auction.

I hope you're well.

Right this way, Mr. Hammerschmidt.

He's here.

Good afternoon, Tom.


Did you say it, or didn't you?

To you and to anyone who asks, yes, I did.

Do we really need them?

Not unless I should expect a fight.

You shouldn't.

Give us a few moments.

It's not what you called her,
it's that you let her leave the building.

I know how to run a paper,

What I don't know how to do is run a paper
staffed with people I can't control.

Was she really out of control?

To my understanding, she simply
turned down a new position.

It's her attitude.
It's the way she turned it down.

Did you think to ask her
what she'd rather do instead?

- Is it my job to pander to all my employees--
- My employees.

And if they have something to offer
that you don't, yes, it is your job.

We've been through this, Tom.

The paper's operating at a loss.

We need people like Zoe.

I'm very aware

of how much we're hurting,

Staff reductions,
dip in circulation.

Each one of those faces

and every subscriber we lose,

they keep me awake at night.

Now, I won't argue the
business side of things.

It's neither my place nor
my area of expertise,

but know this--

Zoe Barnes, Twitter, blogs,

enriched media,

they're all surface.

They're fads.

They aren't the foundation
this paper was built on,

and they aren't what
will keep it alive.

We have a core readership

that thirsts for hard news.

Those are the people I
work 80 hours a week for.

And I won't be distracted
by what's fashionable.

That's your resignation letter.

Hand it to the lawyers
on the way out.

I'll give you some privacy.

No, no, stay. It'll be quick.

We'll get a drink.

We're going to launch
right here in Washington.

We'll see how Congress likes it

when the streets are teaming

with unsupervised school kids.

Then we'll phase out the
rest of the country.

Everybody hold on for one minute.

What's up?

The N.E.A. is out.

- Hang on.
- What?

They pulled out.


He wouldn't say.

Hold on for one more minute.

Chuck Sloan-- get him
on the phone right now.

I've got him right here.

- Is he muted?
- Yes.

Hey, Chuck. It's Marty.

Listen, you can't do this.

If we don't stay united now,
we don't have a--

You hired me to represent
your interests, right?

How can I possibly lobby for the teachers

when Congress sees us splintering

before we even put up a unite--

All right.

Did Underwood get to you?

Whoa, Frank is dishonest and manipulative.

You've seen that he's lied to us already.

Wait-whoa-whoa-whoa, Chuck, Ch-Ch-Chuck?


Son of a bitch!

- Where are you?
- I'm at the office.

- False.
- You don't believe me?

- Not for a second.
- Where are you?

- About to walk into a meeting.
- With who?

Someone I have to punish.

- Give me a name.
- No name.

What did this person do wrong?

Lie to me.

How will you punish him?

What makes you think it's a him?

Hold on. I have to take this.

Where are you?

Me? I am not at the office.

You're going to give me a
new one of these every week?

Well, I--

I can't continue to--

Not without protection.

Nobody tells me when to
work and when to play.

I'm not being unreasonable, Zoe.

If you can't trust me,
we should be doing this at all.

Well, then, how do we establish our trust?

I have been very discreet.

Oh, professional discretion, yes,

but this is new territory.

You have a camera on your phone.


The kind I wouldn't want my father to see.

Well, I'm going to
need more than that.

Lie back.

Use your imagination.

I want everything
packed for tomorrow.

- We checked already, dad.
- Oh, did you?

Those are my pink Nikes
on the kitchen counter?

And you, Autobot, what is Optimus
Prime doing under my bed?

He better transform himself

into your backpack before
you have to leave tomorrow.

Hey, dad?

Is Christina coming back?

Um, I don't think so, buddy. No.

Oh, I liked her.

Me, too. She's cool.

Yeah, she is cool.

And you guys gotta brush your teeth

and then check the rooms again,

and then it's time for bed.

Got it, pumpkins?

Dad, you know I hate it
when you call us pumpkins.

Go before I turn you into a pie.

Peter Russo.

He's a drunk.

He is at the moment, a very functional one.

Imagine if he was sober.

Even so, you run him for governor,

people are going to
dig into his past.

Well, we turn that into an asset,
not a liability.

Here's who I was. Here's who I am now.

You saw how they dismissed
him in three seconds

at the leadership meeting.

Patty Whittaker is very open-minded,

and I am very persuasive.

You think Russo even wants it?

Any kid who's made it from
the streets of South Philly

to the Capitol
Rotunda is ambitious.

We just need to tap into that,

surround him with the best people

and then build the machine
and push the go button.

So you think he could win.

I think he can be a contender.

Okay, let's say we pull
off a miracle and he wins.

What do we gain by it?

Isn't it better to be holding
the reins in this race

than watching from the stands?

You wife is on the phone.

Put her through in here.

I understand that Pennsylvania's
important for redistricting--

No, no, no, this isn't
just about this race, Doug.

Expand your thinking.

Who else is from Pennsylvania?

No, no, no, not in Congress.

The executive branch.

The vice president.

Hello, my dear. Nancy had my tux
dry-cleaned so I won't embarrass--

The Cotesworth cancelled on us.

I'm leaving right now. I'll come get you.

I've got to go.

What's going on?

The hotel, for tonight's gala.

They refused to let Claire into the ballroom

because their employees are union.


Yeah, he can go after
me all he wants,

but to go after my wife?

No class. Meet me at the Cotesworth.

You got it.

Why can't we just move it to another place?

I looked into that. Everything's booked.

You have to reserve these
things weeks in advance.

I've got Stamper online looking
for another venue somewhere.

Francis, the delivery trucks
are already at the Cotesworth.

I can't have people showing
up at a different place

in case they don't get the email.

This is my fault. I feel awful.

There's a half a million on the line here.

I realize that.

And I can't keep having my work

take these hits on behalf of yours.

It's more than just
an inconvenience.

I know. We'll solve it.

- Hey, I just got your email.
- What did you think?

You don't have to send me
things before you post.

Oh, I thought you might want to take a look.

The goal here is for everyone to post things

faster than I have a chance to read them.

If you're satisfied with the article,
just put it up.

- Okay.
- Are you satisfied?

I think so.

Okay, you are or you aren't.

Whatever hoops the Herald
made you jump through--

- I know.
- ...Let them go.

It's okay to be opinionated, Zoe,

and it's okay to go outside
to get your hands dirty.

You're no longer tied to a desk.

Or that pillow, for that matter.

I'm not going to post it.

Midterm predictions-- they're not news.

They're bullshit.

Well, I agree.

I can do better.

I think you can.

Feel free to blow my mind.

If we do this event,
the whole staff walks out.

I've got 300 guests--

You signed a contract with my wife.

We'll refund your
wife's organization

and pay for whatever the
costs of moving the event

to a more appropriate venue.

And we would have to refund a half
a million dollars in donations.

Can you pay for that, too?

Because I'm pretty sure there's
cause for damages here.

I truly apologize, sir.

Who's your boss?

I spoke with the owners,

and they authorized me to
do what I think is best.

And do they realize that
they are shutting the door

on 41 members of the United States Congress?

Yes, sir, they do.

I had to make a very
hard judgment call.

Well, I seriously question your judgment.

You know, word travels fast in this town.

All those luncheons and
conventions and dinners.

It's going to be a shame to
lose all that work. Isn't it?

you are absolutely right,

but if my staff walks out, I--

Please understand the predicament I'm in.

I got an idea.

I know what we're going to do.

Honey, they're not going
to let us have it inside.

We're going to have it right here
on their front steps, picnic style.

What do you need from me?

I need your manpower.

Yes, sir, I'm on it.

Okay, everybody, stop what
you're doing, and listen up.


Oh, hey, Frank.

- How soon?
- About three hours.

- How many people we talking?
- Just 300.

The florist is going to
send over whatever he has.


Francis, where are we with food?

I've got hotdogs, pizzas,
and soul food coming,

maybe something else.

Girls, here's what I want.

I want four bars,
two on each level.

The food can go there.
The silent auction goes here.

Oh, and cancel the string quartet.
Let's get a DJ.

Doug, how are we on booze?

- Kegs are on the way now.
- Great.

Oh, and call Denise at the office

and have her bring every
donation envelope she can find.

Okay, messages, people.

Congressman Russo's office.

Yes, can you hold one minute? Thank you.

Congressman, people keep
calling about the shipyards.

We don't know what to tell them.

We just say we'll
give you the message.

- Keep saying that.
- Here they are,

the messages and all the
emails we've gotten, too.

You want me to-- Have a good night.

Who did we reach?

Herald, The Times, USA Today.

All right, I want affiliate
stations and cable news.

I want satellite trucks out there.

I want this on live TV.

Okay, I'm on it.

You can't do this here.

Zoe, 8:00 P.M. tonight, Hotel Cotesworth.

Benefit for my wife's charity.

No, wash your face and let your hair down.

This is work and play.

See you.

I can tell you right now I'm
going to need two dozen.

Paul, I'm going to need
those by tomorrow, okay?

Your guests are your problem,
not mine, Julian.

I'll close the gate.

You know, I'm no
expert in fire code,

but I would imagine that
locking your guests in

is a bigger violation than
having them walk around us.

This is trespassing
on private property.

You're breaking the law.

Right, okay.

Let me get Barney Hull on
the phone here for you.

Here you go.

It's ringing.

Who's Barney Hull?

The police commissioner.

No? Okay.

You'd rather talk to him in person,
that's great.

He's coming to the party.

I'll be sure to
introduce him to you.

Thanks for your hospitality.

Bar comes over here.

Put all that booze that way.

What do you want me to do?

I can't lock the gates,
and they've got the police on their side.

Unbelievable. Hold on.


I need 200 teachers

at the Cotesworth Hotel right now.

I need a full picket.

200? I don't know if we can get that--

I don't want to hear it. Just get it done.

I don't give a fuck if they're
teachers or not, frankly.

Just get me 200 bodies.

You know, call the teamsters.
Maybe they'll help us.

We'll give them
glasses if we have to.

Tell the guys to look smart.

Charlie, get off the phone.

I need signs right now, at least a hundred.

You know what? Let them set it up.

It's actually better
for us that way.

This way they can't hide from us.

You've put me in a
terrible situation.

Oh, you did?

...British accent.

Thank you very much
for all your help.

Much appreciated.

Here, we got the signs right here.

Let's hand them out fast.

Everybody single file right down the street.

This way, that way. Okay?

Well, at least he spelled it right.

Teachers protesting

the education reform
and achievement act

have descended upon
the Hotel Cotesworth

in Washington, D.C.

Union lobbyist Martin Spinella

organized the demonstration.

Teachers deserve respect!

Teachers deserve respect!


Now, I knew you'd show up.

You bring that beautiful
wife of yours? Hello...

Pleasure. Thank you for coming.

Come on in. The drinks are on the house.


Spinella got us shut
out by the union,

so we had to have the party
out here on the steps.

I'll take you up
to a bar right now.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you. Welcome.

Teachers, yes! Unions, yes!


Hi. Great.

Thanks again so much for coming.

Adam's here.

You came.

Looks wonderful.

You're going to have to move over,

because I have to serve this
wonderful couple myself.

This is fabulous.

Only Claire could've
thought of this.

I don't suppose you have
anything single-malt back there.

Frank, it's worth every penny
to see you on keg duty.

Well, then don't you think this
is worth just a few extra pennies?

Oh, let's break out the checkbook, Charles.

Did you RSVP?

I assumed it didn't matter.

It doesn't.

I'm glad you're here.

When I heard your message.

You know, I shouldn't have left that, Adam.

Why not?

Maybe we should talk at some point.

Make that check with a
lot of zeroes, won't you?

There we are.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


I'm going to ask a huge favor
of you since you're here.

You want to put me to work.

Yes, please.

- My pleasure.
- Come.

So these are some wonderful photographs

- by an amazing photographer--
- Gillian.

Adam Galloway, nice to meet you.

And this is the
photographer himself.


I just wanted to thank you so much.

Such a success.

My pleasure. My pleasure.

He's the best.

I see Adam's here.

I didn't know he was coming.

- Well, guess what I got.
- What?

Another check from the Holburns

for $60,000.

Come on, praise me like you should.

If Frank Underwood and the
United States Congress--

Hi, my name is Zoe Barnes.
I'm with Slugline.

...Dismantle the rights
of the American teacher?

Unions, yes! Teachers, yes!

Hi. Why do you protest here?

And Congress has to
take this seriously.

We're here for the teachers.

We're here.

Thank you. Thank you.

We're not asking for the world,

and Congress needs to
step up and get this done.

Excuse me.

That dress looks familiar.

It's the one I wore
to the symphony.

Oh, yes, mutual admiration society.

That's right.

So what do you have for me?

What do you mean?

Well, you're surrounded
by Washington's elite.

Are you saying you've
overheard nothing

that could be useful
to either of us?

I'm covering the protest.

The rest of the world
is covering the protest.

You may not have noticed,

but you're the only
journalist inside the party.

I've been feeding you plenty.

Information is a two-way street,
Miss Barnes.

- Hello.
- Claire, this is Zoe Barnes.

You met her one night at the house.

Yes, I remember.

You work for the Herald, right?

Not anymore.

I actually work at Slugline now.

I've heard of it.

You read it, don't you, Francis?


Well, you seem like a very
ambitious young woman.

I like that.

Doing my best.

It's good to see you again.

Please enjoy yourself.

I will. Thank you.

Take care, Miss Barnes.

...On the steps,

and she looks gorgeous,

but really she's thinking,

when can I go the fuck home?

- I'm off.
- Already?

I've done my duty, I believe.

Oh, you know me.

Always have to be the
first to leave a party.

How much did you raise?


80 of that was your photographs.


Write a check for 250,
we'll break a million.

Nice try.

Thank you for coming.

And everything that you did.

Call me sometime.

I will.

So what does a clean water gala

have to do with teachers' unions?

Well, we have over 50 members of Congress

gathered in one place.

But the fact that these members of Congress

are promoting pouring
money out of the country

while neglecting their
teachers at home

is precisely the problem.

But this is private money,
not public tax dollars, so...

But we're not protesting the cause.

We're protesting the Congressmen
and women themselves.

Are these even teachers picketing?

Well, sure, some of them.

And some of them are people in--

Excuse me.

Frank. What are you--?

Don't take the food. We'll feed you later.

Marty, you know that old saying.

The most dangerous
spot in the world

is to come between a teamster and free food.

Don't take the food.
We're feeding you later.

- I'll take it.
- She'll take it.

Who else is hungry?

- There you go.
- Pass it back.

Plenty more coming, guys.

I know you've all been out here for hours.

Thank you, Freddy.

The best ribs in D.C.

Marty, come on.

You said your piece. You got on the news.

Come and enjoy yourself.

I respect you, Claire.
You know I can't do that.

Doesn't matter what side you're on.

Everybody's got to eat.

You can have a plate of ribs.

Yes, you can. Come on.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

Thank you, Claire, but I cannot.

You can do it. Come on, Marty. Come on.

Thank you, I can't. Thank you. Thank you.

Freddy's. You should go to Freddy's.

Several dozen union sympathizers

led by labor lobbyist
Martin Spinella

attempted to disrupt the gala.

They need to step up to the plate

and take care of our
teachers and our children.

The protest dissipated
when fundraiser attendees

offer food and drink to picketers.

Doesn't matter what side you're on.

Everybody's gotta eat.

Turn it off.

It is unclear whether the
protest will continue.

What now?

Call the union leadership
and the chapter presidents.

See if they're ready to pull the trigger.

If they are, we strike at midnight tomorrow.

You were extraordinary.

Tomorrow, people who weren't there

are gonna lie and say they were.

What are you reading?

She can write.

She can.

And you can raise money.

Always for a good cause.

Thank you.

Wait in the car, please.

Hold on. I know who that is.

Hello, Peter.

I am starving. I forgot to eat.

Would you like something, Peter?

No. Thanks.

You should eat.

Don't fight. She'll win.

I will.

Okay. Yes.

You want some coffee?

Yes. Thanks.

Do you have any children?

Two. A son and a daughter.



What are their names, your kids?

Um, Sarah, she's 11,

and Kevin is eight.

Do you have any pictures?

Fuck! I lost my phone.

I--sorry. I should-- uh, I gotta go.

Peter, sit down.

You're gonna enjoy your sandwich,

have some coffee,
and stay the night.

Milk and sugar?


Some fresh towels.

There should be
soap and toothpaste,

everything you need
in the bathroom.

Thank you so much for doing this.

Oh, it's nothing. Sleep well.

What's going on, Peter?

Talk to me.

You think fresh towels
changes anything?

Changes what?

The shipyard.

If I was home and you
pulled that shit,

I'd beat the fuck out of you.

I would crack your skull on the pavement.

That's why I came over here today,

to fuck you up for
what you made me do.

I don't care how nice you're being to me.

I don't give a shit.

I'm gonna wake up tomorrow...

and all these people...

all my friends...

are still fucked.

And I'm still fucked.

You fucked all of us.

But I'm gonna get blamed for it.

So now I have to carry that
weight on my shoulders.

You fucked me, Frank.

I shouldn't have let you do it, but I did.

Are you done now?

Get up.

- No.
- I said get up.

And follow me. Now.

Get in.

Take off your clothes and get in.

Do it. Now.

There was a D.N.C.
meeting earlier this week.

About the governor's race.

Your name came up as someone
we might want to run.

Aspirin. Go ahead.

Everyone in that room wanted
to cross you off the list.

I said no. I stuck up for you.

I said, "Peter Russo, he's got potential.

He's young. He's capable.
He's going places."

I made them keep you in contention.

You're still on that list.

You show up at my house in
the middle of the night,

drunk, to whine,
to try to shift the blame on me

instead of taking responsibility

for yourself and your own actions.

Maybe they were right
in that meeting.

Maybe you are worthless.

I'm the only person who
believes in you, Peter,

but maybe that's one too many.

The hot water will open up your capillaries.

The aspirin you just took
will make your blood thinner.

It's up to you, Peter.

Oh, and if you do decide to
take the coward's way out,

cut along the tracks,
not across them.

That's a rookie mistake.



You need a lift to the hill?

I should go home and
change my clothes.

No, no, we'll drop you.

Want some coffee?


One month.


One month sober.

I can give you that.

Not for me. For you.

Has the seed been planted?

Only Peter can
answer that question.

He has a choice.

Will he wither or will he thrive?

Only time will tell. - nowa jakość napisów.
Napisy zostały specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.