Hijack (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - 3 Degrees - full transcript

Spotting an opportunity, Sam executes a plan to get a covert message to authorities on the ground.

[door opens]

Who are you?

[inhales sharply] Look, these people...

these people don't mean anything to me.

I don't know any of these people,
but if they try something

and one of you lot let off one of those,
and then this plane goes down.

The plane's secure.

Yeah. [stammers] Right now, it is, yeah.

We don't need any help.

Well, right now you don't,
but what if it all goes wrong again?

- Who the fuck are you?
- [Sam] You went too early, didn't you?

You was gonna do this later on
in the flight,

then that man came rushing
into first class

and he was worried and panicking
and then you gave him a green hat.

The next thing you know,
it was all going off.

That wasn't part of the plan, right?

Go and get his passport.

[Sam] That can't have been...
That can't have been part of the plan.

if it's all going wrong in the first hour,

imagine what could happen in the next six.

[passenger 1] Okay.


[breathing heavily]

[breathes shakily]

[passenger 2]
He's coming down your side, Eddie.

[whispering] Hey, oi. What you doing?

Shh. Shut up.


- "Sam Nelson."
- Yeah.

You think we're stupid...

Sam Nelson?

[Sam] No, I don't.
I don't think you're stupid.

I think you're very smart.

[sighs] But...

Look, I think you get what I'm saying.


Take him back to his seat.

[shutter clicks]

- [passengers murmuring, crying]
- [Sam sighs]


[Jamie] Open it.

You wanna see them again, open it.

[Jamie] Is that it?

[hijacker speaks Arabic]

This is it. I go, and you follow. Yeah?


- [grunts] Grab him, Eddie!
- [passengers screaming]

- Strangle him!
- [hijacker grunting, shouting]

[groans, grunting]


[muffled ringing]

[distorted] Down!

- [straining]
- [Eddie, distorted] The gun! Kick the gun!

Sit down. Sit the fuck down.

- [Jamie] Face forward!
- [Eddie grunts]

[Terry] Don't fucking move!

The gun! Where's the gun?

[breathes heavily]

[breathes heavily]

Like I said, I just wanna get home.

[overlapping radio chatter]

["Lonely Soul" playing]

[line ringing]

[person] I'm gonna say it, yeah? [sighs]

Seven a.m. is way too early

to call someone you haven't seen in about,
what, five years?

I know, I know. I'm sorry.
I need one favor.

[person] I'm heading into my car
in about 30 seconds...

And listen, there might not be anything
in this, but...

...which is my way of saying,
"Make it quick."


My girlfriend's ex is on a plane to London
from Dubai.

He messaged her straight after takeoff
saying there was an incident on board.

She messaged him back straightaway,
can't get through.

[person] What are you asking me?

Well, to check if it's okay.

Look, there must be someone you work with
who can...

It's not a counterterrorism issue, Daniel.

Well, it might be.

And if it's not, I...
You know, maybe there's someone who...

You know, who knows someone who...

- Please, Zahra. I told her I'd try.
- [sighs]

All right. An issue on board?

An incident.

Then he told her how much he loves her.
How he'll, uh... he'll always love her.

Right. And this is definitely her ex
we're talking about?

[Daniel] It's the way he said it.
He wouldn't have said it unless it...

He'd never have said it
like that unless it was serious.

[Zahra] Okay, what's the flight number?

Thanks. Genuinely.

Uh, especially after everything you
and I... You know.

Yeah, yeah, the flight number, Daniel.

KA29. Kilo Alpha Two Nine.
Took off about an hour ago.

All right, got it. [sighs]

[passenger] Why... Why are you
doing this? What do you guys want?

- [hijacker] Shut up.
- [passenger groaning]




You got any ice on the plane?

U-Um, yeah. [exhales sharply]


[breathes shakily]

Whose idea was it to start all that shit?

[both breathing heavily]

Mine. Mine. It was mine.

[breathes heavily]

[grunts, shouts]

- [Eddie groaning]
- [breathes heavily]

Not a good one, mate.

- [Eddie groaning]
- It's not for me. [sighs]

The, um, guy that's in charge,
what's his name?

Stop chatting, mate.

Sit down.

No one's interested in your bullshit.


Don't make me come up there, mister.

All right, I'm starting to get angry now.
Come on.

[child] I'm coming.

We're even later than yesterday.
And that was a record in itself.

Wait. Uh, uh, uh, uh. Velcro.

- They're for P.E.
- [shushing] Velcro.


[mumbles indistinctly]

- [whispering] Bobs.
- [supervisor] Alice?

Yeah, hi. Yeah, I'm, uh...
I'm five minutes late.

- Oh, so not ten like yesterday?
- No, five.

[supervisor] Okay,
and how long is five minutes these days?

Simon, if I say "five", I mean five.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

[Simon] Okay, well,
I'll just tell the plane to keep circling

till you're ready to come to work,
shall I?

[Alice] Hmm? Look,
Bobby had his appendix out yesterday,

which means he's off school today,

which means I need
to find alternative childcare.

And that's further away than his school.

All of which means, Simon,
I'm going to be ten minutes late.

- [Simon chuckles] Yeah?
- Fifteen minutes tops.

- ["When Will I See You Again" plays]
- [Alice] All right, now. [sighs]

Ah, tune.

[intercom chimes]

"This is your cabin crew speaking.

We ask that you remain in your seats
with your seat belts fastened.

Do only as instructed
by those now in charge of this aircraft.

The events of the past few minutes
will not be tolerated.

Any further resistance
will result in a fatality.

Take this as your final warning."

[Terry] Right, give me that.

Now fuck off down the front.

[passengers crying, speaking Arabic]

Hey. Get something for this.

[exhales shakily]

[inhales deeply]

[Simon] Checking for you now.

Yeah. One second.

Kingdom 2-9, what are the timings on that?

Uh, not due till 13:06.

It's still a way out I'm afraid.

Five hours till it hits our airspace.

Can you contact the plane direct?

[Simon] Well, I can,
but anyone can if the Wi-Fi's on.

For some reason, the Wi-Fi's down.

[Simon] Or we could try ATC at...

- Where did you say? Dubai?
- Yeah.

Doesn't really fall under our remit,
but there you go.

Bear with me.

can you get me a number for Dubai ATC?

[pilot] Control, this is BA9850
requesting clearance for take off.

You've got an eight to go on a nine.

- Oh.
- Take a second look.

I'm going home.

[in Arabic] Happy birthday!

[in English]
BA9850, you're clear to take off.

Correct. Talked to the aircraft.

Now everything is fine. False alarm.

Was that about the Kingdom flight?

Yes. British calling.

What'd you say?

I say everything is okay.
Just false alarm.

Uh, no. Not here, my friend.

The boy who cried wolf?

[flight controller scoffs]

Hey. You spoke to the pilot.
He said it was nothing.

What if he's wrong?

How could he be wrong?

What if he's lying?

[scoffs] Why would he lie?

Maybe someone was making him lie.

Maybe he was threatened.

[flight controller] But his voice.

He was not frightened.
He sounded very calm and relaxed.

That's how they sound.

- Pilots?
- British people. Zero emotion.

Tells us nothing.

[breathes deeply]

[Sam] You need to get him out of there.

Look, you've got everyone
where you want them except for him.

He doesn't have to be in there anyway.

Everyone knows that pilots
just do the takeoffs and the landings.

The rest is on autopilot.


So he could be taking us anywhere.

[Zahra] What have you got for me, Heidi?

Flight Path Control spoke with Dubai.

They'd already contacted the pilot.
It's confirmed as a false alarm.

- [car horns honking]
- Shit.

Isn't that good?

Uh... [stammers]
Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean that. [sighs]

[Heidi] You're just having a bad morning.

I'm having the world's worst journey,
that's what I'm having. [sighs]

Right. I want it on autopilot.

[clicks tongue] It is.

Show me.


Yeah, show me, though. Explain it.

Uh... [clears throat] ...okay.
Well, if I, uh, press autopilot there,

I get a message on my flight screen here
that shows you there,

if you look, the autopilot, uh,
AP1, is engaged.

And the program destinations are here.

That's Heathrow, EGLL,
at a bearing of 320 degrees.

How do I know that?

About the degrees?

That it's London.

Well, it's there. EGLL, that's the code.

Europe, Great Britain, London.

So you don't have to touch anything now?

No. Um, not until an hour before Heathrow.


[in Arabic] Peace be upon you.

And also upon you.

- You're in charge here, yes?
- Yes.

I work in ATC.

We think there might be a problem
with one of the aircraft

that took off this morning.

Planes are not my department.

I get that. I realize that.

The cameras.

Can I see the footage?

Can I ask to see the footage?

You can ask. You can always ask.


Thank you.

[hijacker, in English]
Take your seat belt off. Belt off.


[grunting] Let go of my arm. Stop it.

- You're hurting my arm.
- [inhales deeply]

My arm!

Hey! She's doing what you want.

[passenger 1 whimpering]

[passenger 2 grunts]

[breathing heavily]

Go on.

Ask her if it was a gun.

[Mona] Ask if it was a gun.

Sit there.

[passenger 3] What's she done?

She stays here.


You all right, pet? What's happening?

[sighs] What's happening?

There's a man up there
who's gone over to their side.

He's just betrayed us all to help himself.
That's what's happening.

I don't understand.

First one, sit there. Just here.

[passenger shushes] Keep your voice down.

[Colette] She's in a really bad way.
I-I need to get some more supplies to her.

- [hijacker] She's fine.
- She's not.

She's... Sh-She's bleeding really badly.

If I could just get to the back
of the plane.

No, it's not happening.

[hijacker] Sit.

Hello? Sit down.



[breathes deeply]

[game beeps]

- [game theme music playing]
- [pirate] Argh!

Shiver me timbers.

[Kai] Seriously?

You're just going out
like nothing's happened?

Well, what would he want us to do?

- He'd tell us not to worry.
- You don't know that.

- And to get on with our day.
- You don't know that, though.

This is an important day for me, Kai.

If anything changes, we'll call.

Or text.

I'm here. Okay?

I'll leave my phone on.

When has your phone ever been off?


[cell phone ringing]

And? [sighs]

[Daniel] They spoke to the airport,
to Dubai. It's a false alarm.

Are you sure?

[Daniel] All a misunderstanding.

- [sighs]
- [Daniel] Marsha.

[Marsha] See?

This is the problem.
This is the man I'm dealing with.

- [Daniel] Marsha...
- No, this is what Sam's like.

This is what he will always be like.

[Daniel] The main thing is,

whatever we thought
was happening on that plane, he's okay.

Sam is okay.

[sighs] Thank you.


[Kai] So, Dad's okay?

A gun went off, that's all I heard.

- You heard the gun?
- No, I heard that's what happened.

A gun went off in business, there was
a fight, two guys tried to take them on.

That's what people were saying.

You saw 'em then? These blokes?

Only when they brought me back here.
They were tied up.

That's what they must have meant by
"will not be tolerated."

It's why they're doing this in
the first place. That's what I wanna know.

So, what did you do then?
Come on, you must have done something.

Don't talk to her like that.

Well, think about it.
They've not put her here for no reason.

[Terry] Turn round.

- You. Face forward.
- [breathes shakily]

You. Shut up.

Hey, it's gonna be all right, okay?

- [Terry] What the fuck did I just say?
- [gasps]


Passengers of KA29 will be in this area.
Mixed in with other flights.

It's all pretty normal.

So you saw nothing suspicious?

Today? No.

Security's tight here. We're good.


[flight controller] I recognize her.

Neela. That's her name.

Took my daughter to her kid's party.

[security officer] Neela, yeah.

Last week, she stopped a man
from bringing on a starter pistol.

As in, you know... [imitates gunshot]
...a gun to start a race.

Neela's the best.

If there's any kind
of problem, she'll spot it.

Fast-forward again.

That's it? She went home?

[security officer]
Maybe it was the end of her shift.

[flight controller]
Maybe. Did anyone check?

[breathes sharply]

[inhales sharply]

You all right?

Seat belt.

[breathing deeply]

[Alice] Got everything?

Got your water? Got your snack?
Got your reading diary?

Yeah? Right, go on in.
In you go. In, in, in, in.

[Bobby] You said it before.

- Said what before?
- That I had my appendix out.

[Alice] Did I?

You said that last term.

And you can only have your appendix
out once, let's face it.

Um, so if somebody says that twice...

Something smells dodgy. Yes.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna hope that my boss
isn't as clever as you. Now go in, please.

- [engine starts]
- You're late. In, in, in.

- Love you. Bye-bye.
- Goodbye, love you!

[flight controller, in Arabic]
A table for two at the Plaza.

That is what I want for my birthday.

I want to buy you lobster. Okay?

[Fatima, in Arabic] Okay.

So, let's do it properly.

Starters... All the seafood...

- [cell phone ringing]
- A proper babysitter...

Fatima. I'll call you back.


[security officer, in English]
It's Natalia. Airport security.

Uh, your friend Neela, you were right,
she left early. She said she was sick.

[Abdullah] She didn't seem very sick.

Well, that's what she said, apparently.

[Abdullah] Okay. Thank you.

[Daniel] My girlfriend's very grateful.

[Zahra] Yeah, no problem.

She's also angry.
You know? Angry that her ex...

her ex made her think that he was
in danger when he obviously wasn't.

Okay. Again, yeah,

I get why you might call me about all
the counterterrorism stuff, but... [sighs]

No, this isn't a work call.

Yeah, this is getting a bit strange now.

Well, I just...
I just wanna know what you think.

You think that...

[Daniel] I know it's a...
a weird call to make, I do.

You think that for someone
who's meant to...

[sighs] You think that for someone
who's meant to have moved on,

she cares too much about what
this guy says and does?

- Yeah, so... [sighs]
- [horn honking]

[Zahra] So, when I asked you
if this ex really is an ex...

Hey, wh... when you said, you know...

Or when we agreed that it was...
it was over between us, it was over.

[Daniel] We never spoke about it,
you never called me... [stammers]

...you know. That was it.

- Are you still there?
- Yes. Look... [sighs]

Look, Daniel, if it was me, okay,

- and she's worth fighting for...
- She is.

...then she can care about
this guy all she wants,

'cause I'm just gonna make sure that
she cares about me more.

Commit, Dan, or things move on.

All right, let 'em through.

Yeah, and maybe... maybe don't call me
about this kinda thing again, yeah?

[Daniel] Sorry.

It's all right.

[flight controller] Kingdom 2-9,
this is Baghdad control, how do you read?

Kingdom 2-9, this is Baghdad control,
how do you read?

Kingdom 2-9, control, how do you read?

Got a message coming through in there.
Have a listen.

[flight controller] Kingdom 2-9,
this is Baghdad control, how do you read?

[Sam] We need to answer that.

If it's air traffic control,
we need to answer that now.

- Sit down.
- He needs to answer that. Him.

Sit the fuck down!

This... This absolutely needs to happen.

- Is he right? Is he?
- [Sam] No, he's lying.

How do you know?

- [Sam] Listen to what I'm saying.
- [Hugo] How do you know?

He wants the ground
to know something's wrong

because he thinks this is going to stop,

but it's actually going
to make it a lot worse.

I won't tell you again, mate. Sit down.

[flight controller] Kingdom 2-9
on airway Lima 602,

please call Baghdad control
on 123 decimal 52.

Get her.

[Jamie] You can answer that, can't ya?


They won't speak to her.
They'll need to speak to the captain.

Sit the fuck down!

Can I... Please, mate? Please?

Listen, listen,
if they think something's wrong,

they'll scramble the jets,
and if they do that...

they'll shoot us down.

- [flight controller] Kingdom 2-9.
- [breathing shakily]

Urgent. This is Baghdad control.
We need identification.

Baghdad, this is Kingdom 2-9.

[flight controller]
We tried five times to identify.

Apologies, Baghdad. We're here.

[flight controller]
I'm speaking to the captain?

Is this the captain speaking?


- [flight controller] You are the captain?
- [Anna] Correct.

You are Robin Allen?

Captain is Robin Allen?

He wants the ground to know
that something's wrong

because he thinks this is gonna stop.
Can you tell him, please?

[flight controller]
I must speak to Captain Allen.

He's away from the cockpit.

- Captain is away from the cockpit?
- [Anna] That is correct.

So, why say you are the captain?

I speak to Robin Allen right now.
For security purposes, now.

What you've gotta do is get in the cockpit

and tell them everything is all right,
you hear me?

If you put me in that cockpit,
it's only gonna make matters worse

- than they are now. Listen to me...
- Just take your hand off the belt.

- ...I'm not getting out of this seat.
- Just do what he says.

- [Sam] Can you help? Can you help?
- [Robin] You cannot make me.

[Sam] Just grab the belt.
[speaking indistinctly]

Get back in your seat. There's no point.

[Hugo] We're all gonna fucking die
unless you go...

[Robin] I'm not moving. I'm not moving!
Get your hands off me, get off!

Get her, for fuck's sake. Bring her here.

Fuck. Come here.

[Hugo] Jesus Christ.

- Right, here.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Look. Here, all right?
Now don't make them do this.

All right?
Don't make us make them do this.

[breathes heavily] All right. I'm going.

[sighs] All right.

- Okay. [breathing heavily]
- [whimpers]

[all murmuring, speaking indistinctly]


Baghdad control, this is Kingdom 2-9,

Captain Robin Allen speaking.
Good morning.

[sighs] Pilot Allen, please confirm
date of birth, security question.

[Robin] Twenty-second, the second, 1970.

Pilot Allen, please confirm you are safe
and not in need of assistance.

All safe and well, thank you Baghdad.

He went to the toilet.

I, uh... I just nipped out
to the bathroom for a minute.

But where was the copilot?

we've been having a lot of radio problems

so we're not exactly
covering ourselves in glory this morning.

[flight controller] Kingdom 2-9.

Please confirm final destination
and heading. Security verified.


Okay, we are squawking 4625
maintaining a course for London, Heathrow.

Once he's done, take him back to his seat.

So, you've hijacked a plane,
and no one knows about it.

[chuckles, sighs]

Down there,
not one person knows a thing about this.


That represents success.

Come on.

[Alice] Morning.

- [radios chattering]
- [Alice sighs]

What happened to five minutes
being five minutes?

[flight supervisor]
Lufthansa, 958, turn right.

Heading 329.
Descend and maintain flight levels 30.

What's going on with this Lufthansa?

Delayed. I looked after your KLM.
Michael covered your Swiss Air.

Aw. Thank you, Michael.

You nearly had a live one and all.

That Kingdom at the bottom.

Counterterrorism called.
Suspected incident on board.

All sorted now, though.
Pilot said it was a false alarm.

How does that work?

- Sorry?
- A false alarm, how does that work?

Simon got a call, rang Dubai,
Dubai said it was old news. False alarm.

- Simon?
- Why get involved?


- Simon?
- You're in enough trouble as it is.

[Alice] Kingdom 2-9?
You get a call about an incident?

- Suspected.
- Suspected?

You ring Dubai and Dubai say what exactly?

- [Simon] False alarm.
- See?

- So, there were two calls?
- Sorry?

- [co-worker] Here we go.
- Well, you get a call, you call Dubai,

Dubai had already had
a call earlier. It was already sorted.

And what's wrong with that?

Oh, nothing, absolutely nothi...

I mean, that's really weird,
don't you think? Huh?

Somebody on board calls the UK,

manages to get a message to us
via Counter Terrorism of all people?

But the passenger who's done that,
who's gone to all that trouble,

they've also got it wrong?

Maybe they dealt with it.

Then why didn't the second caller
say that too?

If it was all fixed, why didn't
the second caller send any more messages?

Well, because for some reason
the Wi-Fi was down.

Oh, because for some reason
the Wi-Fi was down?

Okay. Yeah.

Something smells dodgy.

[line ringing]

[Senil, in Malayalam]
Hello, this is Senil.

Please leave your number
and I will call you back.

[phone beeps]

[line ringing]

no, we have double-checked with Dubai,

- now we're just double-checking with you.
- Ask if they can share their screen.

Kingdom 2-9 was not responding.
They would not identify.

We try many times.

- [Alice] Ask them to share their screens.
- Okay, you need to share your screen now.

Okay. So, that's what Baghdad are seeing.

That's Kingdom 2-9's flight path
viewed in isolation.

That's normal, to go that way?

Is that the standard route?
Yeah, that's fine, apparently,

and that route would have been
uploaded before takeoff.

And the other line?

Well, you can see the route there.

But the other line.
Ask him to go closer, please.

Can you zoom in for us, please, Jalal?

Yeah. There.

Behind the plane.

That's a deviation, no?


It's a message. That's the plane
trying to tell you something.

[Alice] Yes, I agree.

I don't get it.

Before 9/11,
planes often veered off course.

Now it's tightly monitored.

If anything,
it's a way to signal there's a problem.

Yes, if you're not able
to signal it verbally.

Are you sure that's not just
the weather blowing it off course?

It's too straight a line.

It's a three degree shift.
It's meant to be at 320 degrees

but someone's changed it to 323.

So, something has
happened to Kingdom 2-9...

and someone is calling for help.

[vacuum hissing]

[hissing stops]

Excuse me, I'm, uh...
I'm looking for Neela.

- Is she here?
- They're all upstairs.

Who are you?

We're the cleaners, pal.

Professional cleaners.

They're moving out next week. You want me
to go up and tell them you're here?

No. Thank you. I will go.


[vacuum hisses]

[cleaner 1] That's it, pal.

All the way in the back there.



[knocks on door]

[breathing shakily]

[hammer cocks]

Do me a favor.
Step back into the bathroom for me.

The bathroom's easier to clean.

[Abdullah shouts, exhales sharply]


["When Will I See You Again" playing]