Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 18 - Chapter Eighteen 'Brave New World' - full transcript

Samuel's ultimate plan spells disaster for thousands.

Previously on heroes

- get out of my head.
- this is a dream.

no, it's not a dream!

I came to take you out of here.

In the dream, emma, my friend--

You save her before she
kills thousands of people.

you really think you
can get us out of here?

Let me see you try.

charlie was my heart, my world,

My happily ever after.

I did everything I could
to try and save her life.

Where is charlie?

I'm the only one who knows exactly where

Your sweet charlie is.

please help him.

it is our intent to
prove that the defendant

Abused his power to bend
space and time selfishly

And repeatedly.




you think showing me my dad's memories

Is gonna enlighten me?

don't do this.

you afraid she'll see
the real you, bennet?

- you brought a gun.
- I was scared.

that's the first time you killed anyone.

You actually thought
that I would turn on him?

claire bennet needs some
time to think about my offer.

It's time to gather the family.

We're moving on to bigger and better things.

It's gonna be the greatest
show we've ever done.

dad? Dad?

I'm here.

there's no signal.

- claire? You okay?
- yeah. You?

yeah, here, help me get these ropes off.

Is that a lantern over there?

We're buried.

how far down do you think we are?

I don't know, it felt like we dropped

About 40 or 50 feet.


Can anyone hear us?

can anybody hear us?

help! Hello, can anybody hear us?

hello, anybody up there?

somebody help us!

Help! Can anybody hear us?

hello? Can you hear us out there?

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how long has it been, really?

half a day, maybe.

feels like we were in there for years.

Is your buddy samuel here with you?

came alone this time...

So to speak.

what do you want?

samuel asked me to come here and make sure

Your friends downstairs
aren't a problem for us.

I guess that means you too.

Sorry to break up the lovefest.

come on.

You're having doubts about this.

Look at you. Come on, I can tell.

You don't really want to do this.

what I want doesn't matter.

I don't have another choice.

don't bother.

We got you outnumbered.

you want to leave, right now.

are you trying to push a thought?

All but one of us are pretty...


tonight will be a night unlike any other.


We change everything.

For too many years,
we've been shamed into believing

We're second-class citizens.

When the truth is, we're king of the hill!

they should aspire to be like us,

Not the other way around.

that's right.

and so I make this pledge to you.


Once and for all,

We pull back the curtain
and reveal ourselves

For who we truly are.

After tonight, we will be respected.

Think about what you're doing.

Aah! Don't do this!



Matt? Are you okay?


here. Sit.

- ow! Aah!
- okay, okay, okay.

It's just dislocated.


What the hell is he doing here?

Ah, there you are.

Yes, it's time for your solo.


How do you think all the
people are gonna find us?

You're gonna bring them here.

I told you you had a unique gift.

Now it's time to put it to use.


what dream?

thousands of people will die.

He was right about you.

you disappoint me, emma.

you can't force me to do anything.

I would have preferred

You were a willing participant.

But these things happen.

She's all yours, mr. Doyle.

I've always had a thing for blondes.


- excuse me. Hiro nakamura?
- yes?

the woman in room 1106
asked me to give this to you.

I trapped him... in a nightmare.

What the hell's he doing out? You did this.

It's a long story.

but right now we need to
know what samuel is planning

When and where.

thousands of people are in danger, matt.

get in his head, matt.
Tell us what you see.

why, so you guys can run off
and be superheroes together?

This is ridiculous.

Peter, come on, he's a monster.

I can't believe you actually trust him!

you want something done?

Samuel's gonna show the world his powers...

New york city...

Central park, tonight.

what does he mean, show his power?

samuel's gonna open up the ground,

Kill them all, bury them.

that sounds like a plan I'd
come up with back in the day.

you say that like it wasn't yesterday.

I'm not that person anymore, matt.

I know it's hard to understand.

we got what we needed. Let's go.

you're not going anywhere.

You leave with sylar,
people are gonna end up dead.

And that'll be on you.
I can't let that happen.

let's go.

I'm not going anywhere.

- what are you talking about?
- that would be me.

See, I can still push a thought.

I told you, peter,

I'm not letting him out of here.

we're too deep.

no, we're not.

We can dig our way out.

It might take a while, but--

we'll run out of oxygen way before that.

The more we dig, the faster
we'll run out of air...

Or more precisely,

The faster I'll run out of air.

Your lungs will keep regenerating.

what are you saying?

it's futile.

what do you mean "Futile"?

We have to find some way out of here.

I think I know why samuel
put you down here with me.

So you could watch me die.

lure them in.

Oh, excuse me.

my god.

When I saw the nurse's
chart said "Hiro nakamura,"

I couldn't believe it.

It's been an awful long time, hiro,

Ever since the burnt toast diner

65 years ago.


we have to focus.
We have to think of something.

- claire.
- dad, you have a plan.

I know you have a plan. What is it?

there is no plan.

Now, I need to talk to you

About what you saw up there
in the house of mirrors.


because you're gonna survive this.

If it takes a month,
you will get out of here.

I'm not going to.

- that's not true.
- yes, it is.

And there are things that
I need to say to you.

What you saw up there,
all of it, it's all true.

But it's not the whole truth.

dad, you don't have to do this.

now, we are all products

Of our own experiences, good and bad.

Everything that's happened
to me has made me who I am,

But it can't explain what I've become.

you are my dad, for better or for worse!

don't protect me, claire! That's my job.

to protect me? From the rest of the world?

yes, exactly.

and that's why you
believe that people like me

Can't live out in the open.

it doesn't matter what I believe anymore,

Because the whole world

Is about to find out about you.

We can thank samuel for that.

maybe it won't be so bad.

Maybe the world is more
ready than you think it is.

Things change.


There might be curiosity for a while,

But all it takes is one sylar,

And then the pitchforks come out,

And all hell breaks loose.

I've seen it.

They will turn on you, claire.

It's human nature.

You're right.

Things change.

But people don't.

sylar killed your brother, peter.
He killed nathan.

I've repented.

oh, yeah, during the nightmare.

Right, 'cause that lasted
all of what, a couple hours?

not to us, matt. That was five years.

Look, you heard what samuel's planning.

We can stop him.

I don't expect you to understand

What happened in that nightmare.

And I don't expect you to forgive me.

good, 'cause that'll never happen.

I've done so much wrong to so many people.

Just give me a chance to redeem myself.


I've been inside of your head,
so I have a pretty good idea

Of what it takes to be a good person.

Go inside mine.

And you make the call.

you see it...

Right here.

no, what I saw was
inside your twisted mind.

That wasn't your heart.

I can prove it.

Just give me a chance.

you need to trust us, matt.


Just get-- get the hell out of my home.

let's go.

now you are going to do
exactly what I tell you to do.


emma's doing an incredible job.

It's quite a crowd.

They've all come out to see us.

see us do what?

Our acts?

what else would I be referring to?

those news cameras...

You invite them too?

the world needs to meet us, edgar.

It's the biggest show we've ever done.

you seem nervous.

You aren't nervous, are you?


Tonight changes everything...

For all of us.

he was there waiting

As I left the burnt toast that day.

Some old man said he was a
friend of samuel sullivan,

Put his hand on my shoulder.

Next thing I knew, I was on a street corner

In milwaukee.

It was january 26, 1944.

oh, no.

it was cold.

I was scared.

I didn't know a soul, and I missed you.

and you lived all this time.

I got a job in a munitions factory.

All the girls did back then.

Did you realize it takes
108 pounds of rivets

To hold the wing of a p-51 mustang in place?

Unless, of course, you use the 14-gauge

Instead of the 16-gauge--

charlie, I'm so sorry.

This was all my fault.

I led the evil butterfly man right to you.

It is because I loved you
that he sent you away.

when I said that I was the
product of my experiences,

I left out the most important part...


You came into my life,

And you changed everything.

The man you saw up there in those memories

Could never have died a happy man.

But I can, because of you.

no, no, no, no, don't--don't say that.

Don't say that.

try to find a way to forgive me, claire.


I don't need to forgive you.

I need to thank you.

I am who I am because of you.

I love you.

I love you too, claire bear.

So I want you to promise me something...

That you'll hide.


the world doesn't have to know about you.

You--you can stay in.

You can blend in.

You can pass, claire. You know how to do it.

dad, we don't have to do this.
We can find a way out.

I want you to promise
me you'll stay hidden.

Claire, please.

It's my dying wish, claire.

Please, promise me. - no, no.


No. No!

Dad! Dad, no!



I don't know what to do. He's dying.

not if I can help it. Come on.

- dad.
- noah.

- dad.
- tracy.

we have to get you
through 30 feet of dirt.

You ready?

- yeah.
- come on.

Come on. - come on.

- come on.
- come on.

you're gonna owe me one.

he will as soon as we get out of here.

I hope you can swim.

noah. Noah!

- dad. You okay?
- yeah.

Tracy saved us.

I know. I called her.

carnival's gone?

they're in new york, central park.

I lined up a chopper.

It'll take us right into manhattan.

It'll be here any...


where is she?

she said you owe her one.

we've got to go.

don't beat yourself up, hiro.

I would have waited for you,

But by the time you were born,
I was middle-aged.

I'm just so happy I got to see you before...

you're not well.

the good news is

That brain aneurysm never bothered me again

After your weird doctor friend cured me.


Pretty much everything
else is about to give out.

I can fix this, charlie.

fix this?

How do you mean?

I can fix everything.

I'm sorry.

Will you excuse us for one minute?

he's done it.

He's brought in thousands of people.

this is gonna be a massacre.

we got to find the backstage area.

You know where it is?

yeah, it's back that way.

all right, let's split up.

You go that way, and I'll head off this way.

- okay.
- claire...

Be careful.

you too.

this way.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

The dream. - what?

all these people-- they're all here,

Like lambs to the slaughter.

it's not gonna happen, peter.

Go find samuel.

I'll save them.


Your dream said I save her.

Trust me.

it's an emergency.

Tell hiro he needs to get
here as fast as he can.

where do you think you're going?

don't worry.

I've come to save you.

What brings you to the big apple?


Everybody listen to me, please.

Please, okay?

We need to get you as far
away from samuel as possible.

you don't belong here, claire.

look, I know what he
told you about tonight,

That you're coming out

And that you're gonna be
able to live out in the open.

And trust me, there is nobody
who wants that more than me.

But this is not your coming-out party.

This is his.

well, look who finally came up for air.

What are you doing here, claire?

You're not part of this family.

you're right. I'm not.

But let me ask you something.

Does your family know

What you're planning to do here tonight?

why don't you tell them?

he's gonna kill all of
those people out there.

That's how he's gonna
introduce you to the world.

why would he do that, claire?

He's given us all new life.

If he hadn't found me,

I'd still be living out
in that park. Homeless.

they know the truth, claire.

Tonight is our night.

I never wanted to hurt your family, edgar.

Ask yourself if that's true of samuel.

He killed his own brother.

I'm only here to stop him

From murdering a lot of other people.

then you and I have the same goal.

I can't just kill him
in front of the others.

And you strike me as the
kind of man with a plan.

So what do we do?

it's simple.

I'll be waiting for you in 1944.

When you pop in on that snowy street corner,

I'll take you back to burnt toast diner,

Right where I left you.

and I'd be young again.

and we can finally build a life together.


That sounds nice.

But, hiro, I already had a life.

I had a wonderful life.

65 years is a long time.


hey, there, honeysuckle.

Where's mommy and daddy?

they're talking to the nurse.

oh. Sally...

This is an old friend of mine.

His name is hiro.

that's a funny name.

Hello, sally.


sally, go find mommy and daddy

So they can meet hiro, okay? - okay.


After the war, I married a wonderful man.

We had four children.

I now have seven beautiful grandchildren.

We had a home, friends,

Cherished memories...

A life.

If I were to go back now
and lead a different life,

What would happen with all that?

What would happen to sally?


doyle, I don't want to hurt you.

Just let her go, please.

since when do you ask politely?

a lot of people are gonna
die if we don't stop this.

- are you a shape

Is that dudley do-right in there?

you can't hold us here forever.

I don't plan on it...

Just long enough for
samuel to finish the show.

Isn't that right, em?

Oh, I don't think she heard me.

are you okay?

Sylar, please.

Listen to me.

Please, samuel made me do it.


'cause I thought you were the puppet master.

oh, come on.

What do you care about this girl, anyway?

I am here to save her.

that's not you.

You're like me.


I'm a hero.

you think you're here
to save them, claire,

But they don't need saving.

They know what I've done for them.

do they know that you gain
your strength from them?

You are the source of his power.

Without you, he is nothing.

That's why joseph was
keeping this family small

For all those years, because he knew.

He knew how powerful samuel could be,

That he would lose control

Just like he did when he buried that town.

But you all walk away now,
and he will be weak.

He will be ordinary. He will be nothing.

I think we've all heard enough,
am I right?

he's using you,

And that's what joseph was
trying to keep from happening.

But why don't you tell them
what you did to stop him?

that's enough!

he killed him. He killed his own brother!

you think they're gonna
believe you over me?

They'd be lost without me.

There's not one person
here who thinks I'm capable

Of murdering my own brother.

there's one, actually.

make that two.

lydia told me everything.

well, she's not here to
confirm that now, is she?

Because he killed her.

that's a lie.

Isn't it?

tell the truth, samuel.

You had me kill lydia.

I did no such thing.

you blamed it on me to justify
what you're going to do tonight.

what, you're gonna believe him,

After all I've done for you?

I know I can't stay in this family

After killing one of our own.

But he has to be stopped.

it's up to all of you.

Claire's right.

You walk away, and he's powerless.

It's over, samuel.

come on.

Let's get out of here.

now wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

Where are you going?

Don't you see?

You're victims...

All of you,

Like joseph.

Run as fast as you can.

You'll never get far enough!

Ladies and gentlemen, do you want a show?

Well, this is the greatest show on earth!

we're too close to it.

go! We need to get as
far away as possible!

Go, go, go.

you seem to have found my power.

it's funny how that works, huh?

I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone now.

peter, you of all people should know

They have to fear us!

That's the only way they'll respect us.

All you've ever wanted is respect.

We both know what it's like

To live in the shadow of a brother.

Joseph destroyed my potential, kept me down,

Just like your brother.

my brother didn't let me down.

He built me up.

hiro, you need to teleport
everyone out of here.

huh? All of you?

we need to try-- everyone.

there--there are so many.

They all have to be touching.

you heard him, everybody join hands.

I'll stay...

Take care of samuel.

one, two, three.

so how does it feel to be ordinary?

where did they all go?

They can't have all left.

They're here somewhere!

You can't leave me.

You cowards!

Where are you?

Come back here!

You're nothing without me!

I got to say...

I never liked carnivals.


are you okay?

there was a man named doyle.

He made me play.


your friend...

Took care of him.

what do you think?

I like it.

is everyone safe?

yeah, hiro's taking care of them.

They'll be fine.

head down.

who's taking samuel?

Is it a new company?

an old one.

Lauren called in some favors.

what's she telling them?

there was a gas main rupture.

of course there was.

- and all the other stuff-
- the flying, the rumbling--

All just special effects put
on by a very gifted showman.

you still can't see it, can you?

see what?

the future...

One where we all get to
live out in the open.

claire, you know how I feel about this.

how long can we keep this under wraps?

excuse me.

You were witnesses. What happened?

I have no comment.

can you tell us what you saw here tonight?

what he said.

miss, please, you have
to have seen something.

are you sure, miss?

You look like you want to say something.

actually, I do have something to say.


you're right. People don't change.

You want to know what really
happened here tonight?

Keep the cameras on me.

stay with her. Don't lose her.



you getting this?

what is she doing?

breaking my heart.

it's amazing, peter.

- what is?
- when I saved her.

I didn't have a thought for myself.

I could have killed doyle, but I didn't.

It felt...good.

It felt right.

what the hell does she think she's doing?

She's gonna change everything.

that's right.

It's a brave new world.

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