Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 17 - Chapter Seventeen 'The Wall' - full transcript

Peter is forced to travel into Sylar's mind to ask for him to save Emma and the two of them find themselves in a limbo state-like deserted city where they try to find a way out. Meanwhile, Samuel tries to further manipulate Claire...

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Previously on Heroes.

Wait a second. Is that Claire?

Hello, claire.
- Samuel wants to surrender.

Really? Why?
- To protect his family.

He's willing to turn himself over
As long as the rest of the carnival

Stays safe and under the grid.

I found him on the hill...
With this!

Peter, she's gonna kill
thousands of people.

It will be a bloodbath.

Tell me exactly what you saw.

You cannot save her.

But someone else can.

Don't worry.

I'm here to save you.

He's trapped, peter.

What the hell did you do?
- I went inside his head,

And I trapped him in
his worst nightmare.

He'll never hurt anyone again.

I have to bring him back.
- No. No, you can't do that.

You go into his head,
you might not come out.

Peter-peter, don't!
Peter! No, peter!







Is that really you?

I came to get you out of here.

It is you, isn't it?

I thought I was alone here,
that everyone was dead.

What are you doing here?

I came to drag your
sorry ass out of here.

Now, let's go.

There is no getting
out of here, peter.

I've tried...

For three years.
- Three years?

What are you talking about?
It's been three hours.

Wait a minute.

You're not...

Really here.
You're not real.

It's just my mind, isn't it?

This is my mind
playing tricks on me

As part of my
punishment, isn't it?

You think I'm gonna
let you taunt me?

You stay away.

If you follow me,
I will kill you!

Do you understand me?


I swear I'll kill you.
Get out of my head.

Calm down.
I'm telling you the truth.

I came to take
you out of here.

Why do you keep saying that?

I went to parkman's
house to look for you.

He put you here.
This is a dream.

No, it's not a dream!

This is real.

You really don't understand

That this is all
just a nightmare?

Hell, yes, it's a nightmare

Three years, completely alone.

Not years, hours.

All right? Parkman
trapped you here.

Parkman? That's impossible.
- Is it?

What's the last
thing you remember

Before coming here?

I remember...

Wanting my life to change,

Thinking I was gonna spend
all of eternity alone.

Exactly. And here you are.

Look, I've got
parkman's ability.

I can take you out of here.

Why would you want to do that?

The brother of the man I
murdered coming to my aid?

Because I need you to help me.

Look, I could leave
you here to rot,

But I need you to save her,

My friend emma.

In the dream, you save her

Before she kills
thousands of people.

No. You got the wrong guy.
I'm not the savior kind,

And you should know
that better than anybody.

It's gonna happen, and
you're gonna save her.


You really think you
can get us out of here?

Let me see you try.

Go ahead.


We're not going anywhere.

We're trapped here, forever.

We got to do
something with her.

That we will, eli.

If you'll excuse me.

I want to see my father.

He's safe, unharmed,

Which is more than he deserves

After shooting into a
crowd of innocent people.

My dad didn't shoot anyone.
If he had, you would be dead.

You're not that
naive, are you, claire?

Your father came to this carnival
with a gun, Intent on using it.

Isn't that why you tried
to negotiate my surrender,

Because you were afraid he was
gonna do something like this?

No. I want to
see my father now!

Your devotion to your
father is touching,

But you're blinded by it.

It's time for you
to open your eyes

And see your father
for who he really is.

I know who he is, And nothing you
say to me is gonna change that.

Of course not. That's
why I'm gonna show you.

- Claire.

Thank god you're all right.

Untie him.

Not quite yet. Damien.

Damien has the ability to
reveal a person's memories.

It's fairly painless
if you don't fight it.

You think showing
me my dad's memories

Is gonna enlighten me?

You deserve to know the truth.

Let her go, samuel. You
don't need her anymore.

You afraid she'll see
the real you, bennet?

Don't do this.

Take a peek, claire.

See where it all began.

All right, now,
this one has it all

White walls,
wire wheel covers,

Wood grain, everything.

The kids'll love it.

Well, what's the
payment look like?

$150 a month.

I know, that's, uh
- that's kind of steep, right?

Look, um...

You didn't hear this from me,

But you guys should go
to val's discount motors

On la cienega. Get the same
model, maybe a year older,

Probably half of
what you'll pay here.

Really appreciate that.


bob, pick up line one.

Bob, you have a
call on line one.

Guess who?

Um, let me see.

Soft, lovely hands,

Long, supple fingers.

I don't know-candy?

- Oh, I'm in trouble.

It's my wife.

- What are you doing here?
- I just thought I'd come by,

See how the world's most
handsome salesman Is doing.

Well, if I see
him, I'll ask him.

Me...Not so good.

I stink at this job. I
have no killer instinct.

You don't belong here.

You should be
home writing plays-

Somebody has to pay the rent.
- Who needs money?

- We can live on love.
- Wouldn't that be nice?

What's going on?
Is something wrong?

I hope not.

It's just I have some,
uh, unexpected news.

And promise me
you won't get mad.

What is it?

I'm pregnant.

I know-I know we
didn't plan this,

And you always want to be
the man with the plan, but...


You're happy?

Of course I'm happy!
I'm gonna be a father!


You had another
wife and family?

I'm sorry I never told you.


It doesn't matter.

Let him go.

You're not the
least bit curious

About what happened to
your father's first wife?


No, it's his business.

If he wanted me to
know- - there are reasons

He kept it secret
from you, claire.

Isn't that right?
- Let her go.

You got what you wanted,
someone to blame-me.

Look at the fear in his eyes.

He knows what's coming.

I'll leave you with damien.

I think you'll find it
very informative, claire.

Don't do this,
you son of a bitch!

Did you order pot stickers?

Double order
- you're eating for two now.

Oh! Can you believe this?

You and me-parents.

What's it gonna be like?

I have no idea.

But I can't wait to find out.


The moo shu has arrived.
- Mm. Go. Go.

- Uh, what happened to mr. Yin?

He usually delivers.

Yeah, he
- he couldn't make it.

Okay, so, uh, how
much do I owe you?

All of it.
- Aah!

- I can't move.

What did you do?
- Where's the rest of the money?

- How did you do that?
- Kate, give him your purse.

This is it?
- That's all we've got.

- Take it and go.
- What are you?



Oh, my god.

Kate. No.

No. No.

No. Kate.

Give it up, man.

Can't go forever
without talking to me.

I mean, you've gone a
month. That's impressive.

There isn't anybody out there.

There never will be.

I'm not gonna spend the
rest of my life here,

Alone, with you.


It isn't exactly
heaven for me either.

Here. I know you like comics.

I couldn't find
doc savage or flash-

What the hell is
wrong with you?

You need to stop
messing around and focus.


Focus, right? 'cause we
got to get out of here

So we can go rescue...

What's her name again?


Her name's emma.

It's time to face reality,
peter. That girl is gone,

And if she was meant to kill
thousands, They're dead too.

Everybody's dead except us.

The only thing
that's real is us.

You think you've
been here for years,

But this is all just a dream.

If this is all a dream,
how are there books, huh?

How did parkman make books?
- Because it's your dream.

How could I possibly
know all the words

To pillars of the
earth or catch-22?

I don't know, maybe
you read it somewhere,

And it's in your subconscious.

Yeah, well, I didn't
read 9th wonders!

I did.
- So now we're in your head?

I don't know! I don't
know how this all works!

Don't you want to
get out of here?

Yeah, of course!

You don't, do you?

You don't want to
get out of here.

Look, maybe I deserve
all this aloneness...

This nothing
- maybe I earned it.

Yeah, maybe you have, but
I can't do this on my own.

I need you to help me...


All right, peter.

You want me to help you?

I want to help.

Where did that come from?

That's the wall from
parkman's basement.

What's it doing here?

This is our way out.
- What?

Don't you get it? We
have to break through.

Can I help you?

I was just leaving.

You're hurt.

Let me see.

I'm a doctor. Please.

You don't have to do this.

I don't want you
to get in trouble.

I have a hearing
loss. Say that again?

My name is lauren.

I came here to stop
samuel sullivan.

You were with the
man who shot everyone

Bennet never fired his gun.

Your leader, samuel, is
not what he appears to be.

He's the one responsible.

He wouldn't shoot
his own people.

You're wrong. He's
done terrible things.

And now he's trying
to galvanize his people

Around a common enemy.

I got to check
in with the doc.

samuel's coming. Don't
tell him I'm here!

Everything all right?

It's all right.

I just want to talk.

Well, look what we have here.

Your first wife was
murdered by a special?


That was a long time ago.

And the person I was then
died that night with kate.

I'm sorry I never
told you, claire.

That's okay.

Some things you just can't...

Say out loud.

But that's the reason why
you joined the company.

That's how you became
mr. Bag and tag.

No, I don't need
to see any more.

Don't move.

What, you want my
wallet? Take it.

I said, "don't move"!

I'm not after your money.

What, then?

Information. I
know what you are.

I know what you can do.


It doesn't matter.

I'm looking for somebody
- one of you.

One of me? Wh

What are you talking about?

You mean there's
someone else like me?

Don't give me that.
What you do isn't normal.

You have to know each other.

The guy I'm looking
for is named richard.

He's about 6 feet
tall, got dark hair.

Maybe 23 years old.

He can move things
with his mind.

He killed my wife.

I don't know
anyone else like me.

I swear.

I don't believe you.


- It was an accident.
- You brought a gun.

I didn't know
what I would find.

I was scared.

That's the first time
you killed anyone, huh?

What happens next?

One owner, low miles
- hottest car I got on the lot.

It's the best I can do,
so, uh, take it or leave it.

- Well, I thought you said
- You know, if you don't want it,

I got another buyer over here
who's chomping at the bit.

What's it gonna be?

Uh, I guess we'll take it.

Excellent choice.

I'll have my manager
draw up the papers.

Excuse me.

Hey, there.

Can I interest you in a car?

Not really.

I'm here to offer you a job.

Do I know you?

We've been watching you.

The way you killed
that special-

The repairman.

We'd been tracking him too,
only you got there first.


Your secret is safe with us.

We're impressed,

So impressed, in fact,

We'd like you to
come work for us.

Who are you?

My name is thompson.

My associates
and I can help you

Find the man who
killed your wife.

And then you can
help us find the rest.

How's it working out for you-

The, uh... One of
us, one of them?

To tell you the truth, it's
been quite an adjustment.

I mean, claude can go
invisible anytime he wants.

It gives him a
distinct advantage.


You're supposed
to be partners.

What is it, trust issues?

I mean, how could it not be?

He's abnormal.

I mean, sometimes
when I'm alone,

I get this feeling in my
gut that he's watching me.

You know what I mean?
- Yeah, I do.

You know, your case is
highly unusual, bennet-

How you came to our attention,
what happened to your wife.

It would be only natural that
you would harbor a grudge.

What are you getting at?

17 cases, three deaths,
all attributed to you.

They were all accidents.
That's been verified.

Two corned beefs. You
boys need anything else?

No, we're. Uh
- we're all set.


At this point, the company
has too much invested in you

To cut ties.

But we do need you
to make a change.

Take a wife, start a family.

Is that a joke?

No, it'll put your life in
balance, calm you down...

So there will be
fewer incidents.

A wife?

I can't do that again.

Sure, you can.

That cute number who brought
the sandwiches will do fine.

And if I refuse?

You won't.

It's like the company
arranged your marriage.

They encouraged me,

But I chose your mother
because I loved her.

You know that.

The company seems to make
a lot of decisions for you.

Made they made a lot of decisions,
And that's all over with.

Everything you're
seeing now, all of it,

All of the memories,
that's all they are.

It's just the past.

Hello, gretchen.

Hey, mr. Bennet. What
are you doing here?

Came to see claire.

You wouldn't happen to know
where she is, would you?

- no idea.

You don't have to lie for her.

I know that claire stole the compass,
And I would bet good money

The two of you drove out
to the carnival together.

My question is, why didn't
she come back with you?

She wanted to stay.

She said she'd
be back on Monday.

You left her there?

Do you not see
what's happening?

That she is getting
involved in something

That she clearly
doesn't understand.

Maybe she wants
to understand it.

This isn't a game.

These carnival
people are killers.

You don't think I know that?

She needs to be
with people like her.

And if they're
not good for her,

You have to trust her
to know the difference.

You have to stop
encouraging her.

You need to work with
me on this, gretchen.

I want her to be happy.

She is happy, with
you here in college,

Living a normal life.

What if that's
not enough for her?

It has to be.

What's he doing here?

Are you gonna erase my memory?


Not if you do what I ask.

You were missing.

I didn't know how to find you
- if I would find you.

You don't trust me.
- I don't trust samuel.

Gretchen is fine.

You threatened her!

And this was not
some distant past.

- This was now.
- Claire.


You should eat.

Don't need to eat.

Don't need to sleep.

Don't need anything.

Any progress today?


It's just like yesterday...

And the day before that.


The day before that.

Now it's been-

I don't even know
how long it's been.

Don't tell me how
long it's been.

You can't even dent it, peter.

I don't know how much
longer you can keep this up.

As long as it takes.

I know that look.

You have it all the time.

What look?

Like when howie kaplan beat you at the 50
- yard dash

And you and I ran to
school every morning

And kept training
and kept it up, right?

That is nathan's
memory. That's not yours.

I told you to stop doing that.

You're not him.

You're nothing like him.

So you've told me.

Look, peter, I know that
I've said it before, but...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I killed him.

I'm sorry that I
took him from you.

I am-
- sorry!

You keep saying that
- "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

That's not gonna
bring my brother back.

It doesn't change anything.
- You're right!

Nothing changes!

We're stuck here
forever, you and me!

I can't take it anymore.

You're with that company-

Cut from the same
cloth as bennet.

This doesn't have
to end badly for you.

You can turn yourself in,
release bennet and his daughter.

- Why would I want to do that?
- Because you love your family,

And you don't want them to get
hurt, And they will get hurt.

You people are always
so sure of yourselves.

Don't you think I would know
what's best for my own family?

And what is that?


We're strong enough
to show ourselves,

Take what's rightfully ours.

You don't have the
right to take anything.

Of course we do.

We deserve
admiration, respect.

And you intend to
hurt people to get it?

What would you have me do-

Continue with this life...

Live in a carnival?

Why not? You've lived
here happily for years.

Wasted years,
unfulfilled years.

I could've been so much more.

You know about me?

About the film?

Do you know how powerful
I can really be...

If I brought them all here?

My brother said I could
move mountains, cities.

I wonder. Is it true?

Can I change the world?

I hope to god we
never find out.

What did the world
ever do to you?

Should've treated me better.

Don't do this, please.


The bennet girl left
the house of mirrors.

Well, I'll just have
to have a word with her.

It's time to
gather the family.

Tell them to pack up.

We're moving on to
bigger and better things.

Tell them it's gonna be the
greatest show we've ever done.

You've been quite
helpful, lauren.

Eli, you and your friends
take care of her, would you?


What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna end this.

I can't bring
nathan back, peter.

But I can sure as hell
swing a sledgehammer.

I'm sorry to put you
through that, claire,

But I hope through
this painful experience

You can finally see the truth.


You were right, samuel.

My dad is a bad guy.

I belong with you.

You're my hero.

That's what you
want to hear, right?

That's what this is all about.

Why didn't you show me
the memory my dad has

Of shooting lydia?


Or was that just
not on the program?

Maybe he didn't pull
the trigger last night.

But does that negate all
the times that he has?

Your father, to this
day, lies to you,

Deceives even you,
his darling daughter,

Because he can't
trust any of us.

You actually thought
that I would turn on him?

You just don't
understand, do you, huh?

Maybe it was 'cause no
one ever really loved you.

You call these people your
family, but they're not.

They fear you.

Give me my dad,
and we're leaving.

No, sorry.

You're too important
to me, claire,

Especially now when
everything's ready to change.

What's going on?
Where's everyone going?

I was talking to a new
friend about who I am,

What I can be, and the
way she looked at me,

She was so afraid.

I want to see that look
again a thousand times over.

Meaning what?

It's time for our
biggest show ever.

No more hiding in the shadows.

It's time to show
ourselves, be strong.

We're going to new york city,

Bring the whole
place to central park.

Then we'll show them
how powerful we are.

You can't do that.

Some lives will,
unfortunately, be lost.

But they'll learn to
fear us, respect us.

It's what we've always wanted.
- I have never wanted that.

Claire, you will
inherit this new world.

It's your legacy.

And you will remind them what
I've done long after I've gone.

That's why it's so important For
you to be a part of our family.

You are desperate...

And you're small.

I will never be a
part of your family.

You sound just
like your father.

I had so hoped
to convince you.

Maybe in time you'll
change your mind.

Don't hold your breath.


Your father's back in
the souvenir trailer.

I had a little trouble
with the government lady

Playing some cat and mouse,
but the mouse got away.

Do you want me to go find her?
- Not worth it.

Everything okay?
- It will be.

Claire bennet needs some
time to think about my offer.

I'm gonna give her
that opportunity.


I want to explain
what you saw.

We'll talk about it later.

What is that?

Now I'm ready to go...

New york city.

Sounds fun.

It will be.

I'm afraid you'll
have to join us later.

There's some loose
ends to attend to.

Before lydia died,
she spoke of people

Who want to interfere
with our plans.

I'll need you to stop them...


Happy birthday.

It's not my birthday.

Yeah, I know.

You just wore out
your other copy, and...

And I saw that
one, digging around.

I appreciate you...

Being patient with me,

Keeping me sane.

That's very kind
of you, peter.

Thank you.

You want to know
something weird?

Every time you
pick that thing up,

I think you're gonna hit
me with it really hard.

that is weird,

Because every time I pick it up, I feel
like I'm gonna hit you with it too...

Really hard.
- Why?

Because you are who you are.

I wish I could
accept your apologies,

But if I forgive you,

Then I'm not
doing right by him.


If you let go of your anger,

You're afraid you'll
lose him forever?

So you've held on to
it this entire time?

I feel it slipping
away, but...

Then I look at you, and
I see you killing him.

You took my brother
away from me.

We've been here for I
don't know how many years...


I've changed. I've repented.

I'm never gonna hurt
anyone ever again.

And all this time, you
were afraid to let me out.


I'm not that guy
anymore, peter.

You know that.

I know.

I know you're not.


How long has it been, really?

Half a day, maybe.

It feels like we were
in there for years.


Does that make
it any less real?

Let's go save emma.

Sorry to break
up the love fest,

But I'm here to make sure
that that doesn't happen.

There's no signal.

Claire, you all right?

Yeah, you?
- Yeah.

Here, help me get
these ropes off.

Is that a lantern over there?

We're buried.

How far down do
you think we are?

I don't know.

It felt like we
dropped 40 or 50 feet.


Can anybody hear us?

Help! Can anybody hear us?