Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 10 - Chapter Ten 'Six Months Ago' - full transcript

Claire Bennett is at home reading when the cheer leading captain walk in with a uniform and informs Claire that another cheerleader dropped out and the spot is hers if she wants it. Hiro ...

To everything there is a season.

And a time to every purpose.

The world needs to know
about my findings.
That's all that's important.

It is one thing to
publish a book in the
comfort of the university.

It is another to leave
everything behind.

You're chasing a theory
that is pure fantasy.

The Earth spins at a
thousand miles an hour

as we desperately try to
keep from being thrown off.

Like the first blush
of winter that signals
the great migration.

Was there any warning
of their arrival?

She has a name. Jessica.

A sign?

A single event that
set this chain into motion?

This is what you've
been waiting for.

Was it a whisper in God's ear?

Be the one we need.




And if we could mark
that single moment in time,

that first hint of the
prophecy of approaching

I found a tape of
a conversation my father had
with a man named Sylar.

Hello, Chandra.
You made me this way.

Would we have done
anything differently?

Could this have been stopped?

You helped me to
discover my potential.

Or was the die long ago cast?

And if we could go back,
alter its course, stop it from
happening, would we?

My name is Hiro Nakamura.

I'm here to save your life.

Hey, Charlie.
Charlie, come on over here
and blow out the candles.

Hold that thought, okay?
I just got to make a wish.

Come on.


Come on, honey.

Pretty please, listen.

Very important.

Say cheese.

Can I help you?

I hope so, Mr. Gray.

I can fix it.

My watch isn't broken.

Actually, it is.

The self-winding coil is
loose. Your watch is
running two seconds slow.

How could you know?

Just a talent I have
for the way things work,
how parts should go.

That looks rather complicated.

That... The body is standard,
but the parts, the insides,
are German.


I've been working on it
for seven years.

How much do I owe you?

Oh, please.
Don't worry about it.

You didn't come here
for the watch?

I came to find you,

My name is Chandra Suresh.
I'm a geneticist.

I have a theory about
human evolution, and I
believe you are a part of it.

Read it.

If you'd like to talk more,
I've written my phone number
and address inside.

License and registration?

Oh, this isn't my car.
I kind of stole it.

Can you take off your
glasses for me, please?

I'm gonna have to ask you
to step out of the car.

No, I don't feel like it.

That wasn't a suggestion.

Well, here's a suggestion.

Why don't you go get back
in your car and eat
a dozen donuts.

That is what you cops like
to do, right?

I said step out
of the car. Now.

I think you really want to
eat some donuts.

Major developments!

Lori Trammel skanked her way
through the entire
football team.

Who told you that?

The entire football team.

Anyway, somehow she found
shame and resigned.

Turned in her pom poms.

I'm in? Are you kidding?

Claire, destiny is calling
you. Come on, try it on.

You can model. I'll take
pictures. We'll totally
commiserate the event.

I think you mean commemorate,
and I'll try it on later.

Okay, most girls can't wait
to get their uniforms on.
I mean...

Except Lori Trammel.
She can't wait to take it off.

Why do you have to be
like that?

Okay, first of all
I've earned that,

and if you don't
want it or this...

Kristy Chan is salivating
for your position.

I want it. I do.

Then show it.
Show me some S-P-l-R-l-T.

I'm not gonna drool.

Then prove it, Claire.
Prove it.

Oh, my God.

What were you girls doing?

Oh, this is gonna need stitches.

I'm gonna take her to the
emergency room. Jackie, honey,
grab my purse. Let's go.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Mr. Bennet?


My name is Chandra Suresh.
I need to speak to you about
your daughter, Claire.

Oh, no, I teleported from
the future.

Do not go to work tomorrow.
Very, very...

Wow, huh?

It wasn't raining yesterday.

April showers.
It's been storming all week.

No, no. October.

No. April 24th.
It's my birthday.

Birthday cake?

Happy birthday.

Hi, my name is Niki,
and I'm an alcoholic.

Hi, Niki.

I'm one year sober today.

Happy anniversary!

I work 60 hours a week.

I stink of cigarettes.

I got a kid so smart that
he is flunking out of school.

My husband can't find a job
because no one wants to hire
an ex-con.

There's a leak in the roof,
and I'm feeling thirsty.

Feels like too much for
one person.

So, why are you here?

I don't want another
year to go by without you
in my life, Nicole.

You know, not being in your
life was never my choice.
You kind of made that happen.

Look, I know how you
feel about me.

Lord knows I deserve it.
I was awful to you
and everyone I ever met.

You weren't awful,
you just weren't there.

You can't be awful
if you're not present.

You know, I'm married now.

I heard. Look, Nicole...

I would love to meet
him sometime.

I... I... I really want to
get to know my grandson,
and my son-in-law, and you.

Yeah, well, I don't know if
I'm ready to get to know you.

Hey. How's it going?

Ladies, 10 and a half.

Oh, you know, the reason I
became a nurse was to wear
shoes like this.

Thank you very much.
Of course.

Get a drink?
Yeah, yeah.
It's right inside.

I told him
it wasn't funny.

I know.

Hey, Mom.

Hello, sweetheart.

How are you?
Come on in.


Your father is very proud
of you.

And still,
he couldn't make it.

Well, he had a meeting.
Mr. Linderman's in
Atlantic City with...

Listen, I did this
without his blessing and
without his money.

Okay, so, I think
it's only right that we
celebrate without him.

I have always wanted a nurse
in the family.

We have enough
Thanks, Mom.

So, Peter, have you chosen
a specialty?

I'm thinking hospice care.

Taking care of
dead people?

They're not dead.
They're dying.

And I think it's noble.

Thank you.

What's it pay?

Oh, honey, you know, I'm
gonna go call the sitter
and when I come back,

you are gonna
dance with me.

What's going on?

D.A. Wants me to
prosecute Linderman.

Dad's biggest client?



D.A. Thinks Linderman's
mob ties run so deep,

if I can take him down,
the empire will crumble.

You do that though,
dad will go down, too.

We used to tell him
he was a criminal for
protecting criminals.

Here's a chance to
set things straight.

Take the stink off
the family name.

He's still our father.

No matter what he's done.

You go after him,
you're never gonna
forgive yourself.


Come on, handsome.

Hold this for me,
will you?


May I?

So, what?
You're gonna cut me open?

I'd like to run some tests.
nothing invasive.

A friend at Columbia
has access to an MRI.

Mapping the brain.

Measuring alpha waves,
resting rates,
neuron clusters.

The brain controls
every human action,
voluntary or involuntary.

Every breath, every heartbeat,
every emotion.

If the soul exists,
scientifically speaking,

it exists in the brain.

When I was a kid,

I used to wish some

stranger would come
and tell me my family
wasn't really my family.

Well, they weren't bad people,
they were just insignificant.

And I wanted to
be different, special.

I wanted to change,
a new name, a new life.

The watchmaker's son

became a watchmaker.

It is so futile,

and I wanted to be important.

You are important, Gabriel.

What do you think
my abilities might be?

Grand theft auto, larceny,
robbery, arson, and suspected
of murder in Oklahoma.

That's no way for a lady to
behave, now, is it?

You need a goal, Eden.
A purpose.

Let me go.


You know, with your ability
you can get anything you want.

Created your own morality.

Wasn't a person in the world
who could say no to you.

Now there is.

Great Scott!

Matt. What are you doing?


What are you doing
sitting here? The detective
test is in an hour.


You're not chickening out,
are you?

No, man, of course not.

All right, good, because
second time is the charm
for you. I can feel it.

Just don't go being a
nervous wreck this time, okay?

What's up with the donut?

You're just like
a walking clich?.

Yeah, well, you know what?

After today I am going
to be a different man.

I like that.


Let's go crush it.

Hello. What's up?


Oh, I don't know what
we'd do without you, Hiro.

You have such an amazing

I have gift for you.

Happy birthday.


A Japanese phrase book.

I love it.

Oh, now we can understand
each other better.

Maybe you visit Japan
very soon.

Get out of Midland, far away.

You speak Japanese
very quickly.

Lately, I've just been able
to remember everything.

You have power.

Big memory.

It will only get stronger
in the future.

The future.

Right. I keep forgetting
that's where you come from.

You don't believe me?

I bend time and space.

Oh, yeah,
of course you do.

Charlie, honey,
your order's up.

Hey. Where'd these
come from?

Flower store.
Two blocks from here.


Oh, Oh, hang on.
I have an order up.

Already finished.

Lynnette, you have got to
see this.

Hiro's a magician.

Oh, no. It's...
It's not a trick.

A very, very bad man is
going to come here and...

Tomorrow the swallow
will slay the dragon.

Having a drink
with your sister?

Thinking about it.

Used to be,
I couldn't go an hour
without missing Jessica.

It's important not to forget.

Hal is back.

He came to one of my meetings.

He wants to meet you
and Micah.

He won't meet anybody
unless you want him to.

He's got money.

He really could...
He could help with tuition,

and get Micah into
that private school.

If you want to have Hal over,
let's have him
over for dinner.

We can all say a prayer
for Jessica.

My brother Peter, the hospice
nurse, can you believe it?
It's just...

Oh, it's a perfect fit.

He's selfless and empathic.

He's self-centered
and righteous. Self-righteous.

He's a hell of a lot nicer
than you.

He can afford to be.

He hasn't been under
as much scrutiny.

My dad did what he had to do
to take care of this family,

and that's something
that Peter is never going
to understand.

And you do?

It's my responsibility.

It's my inherited birthright.

I didn't ask to be
dad's favorite.

I never asked to be loved more
than Peter, but that's just
the reality.

What does this guy want?







How is she?

She's been in surgery
for 10 hours.

It's something with her back,
her spine.

I should probably call Mom.
She's got the kids.
It's what Heidi would do.

Can I have your phone?

You're not hurt?


I landed 300 feet
away from the wreck.

Couldn't tell you how
I got there.

Couldn't tell you much of
anything at this point.

Listen, look, yeah,
that's a bad cut.

You need to lie down.

No, not until
Heidi's all right.

Just gonna sit.

Do you remember the other car?


In the accident.

Who told you that?

Who told you that?

I had a dream right before
you called.

My wife's in surgery
and you're dreaming.
That's great.

There was another car,
wasn't there?


Wasn't there?


It was Linderman's guys.

Must have found out
about the D.A.'s plans.

It's my fault for
even considering it.
Hey! Hey!

Taking them on.
Look at me. Look at me.

This is... This is not your
fault. This is dad's fault,

And you know...

You know that this is not
gonna end.


If I agree to take the D.A.'s
case will you give
a deposition?


Against your father?

Mr. Petrelli?



They did it!

See? The swallows slay
the dragons.

"The Tokyo Swallows defeated
the Chunichi Dragons yesterday

"with a surprising rally
with two out in the ninth."

What? What is this?

You read Japanese flawless
in one day.

You have power.

I have power, too.


So because you knew this
baseball was going to win,

I'm supposed to believe
you're from the future.

There is an ancient
Japanese tradition. Origami.

Folding paper.

I read about that.

Yeah, it says if a person
can fold 1000 cranes,
you'll be granted one wish.


How did you...

A trip to Japan?

I don't care if you
don't believe me,

Please tell me you'll go.

Only one ticket?

Just in case you said yes.

Why do you repair watches,

My father didn't really
give me a choice.

Yes, but why not do
what you want to do?
Why not change?

You use a phrase in your book.
Evolutionary imperative.

That which we are
destined to do.

Sea turtles die on
the exact same beach
where they were born.

Lions slaughter gazelles.

Spiders eat their young.

They don't want to,
they have to.

Well, the good news
is you're healthy.

You mean normal?

What? There are still
no signs?


Well, maybe tomorrow.
We're still going to this
CT scan, right?

I think we should prepare
for the possibility that
I may have been wrong.

You may not have
a special ability.

I am so close.

I can feel it.

You came to me.

I am on your list.

These tests aren't
100 percent.

Don't give up on me.

There are other opportunities
I need to focus on.

Oh, what, these people?

They're important? This guy?

Brian Davis,
you think he's telekinetic?

Move things with his mind?
Or are you just going to
toss him aside, too?

You'd better leave now,
Mr. Gray.


That's a very
generous gift, Hal.

Oh, it's amortized over
10 birthdays.

Well, then, you skimped.

Thanks, Grandpa.

It's my pleasure,
young man.

Now, go break the Internet
in half or something.

If I could buy stock in that
kid right now...

I wish his teachers saw
it that way.

We want to move him into
a private school.

It's just, you know,
we're trying to
figure out the details.


If you're trying to ask me for
something, it's already yours.

It's a man's God-given right
to dote on his grandson.

Thank you.

It'd make a really big
difference for us.

You know, I feel lucky that
you let me through the door

after all the things
I've done.

Stop saying that.
You didn't do anything.

Why do you keep doing that?

Doing what?

You... You're only as
sick as your secrets, Nicole.

I know the mantras, Hal.

I've been reciting them
for over a year.

Well, I'm...

I guess I'll go see what
the boy's up to now.

You are doing great.

What the hell is this?
You've torn the whole damn
computer apart!

That computer cost $2000.


What the hell do you
think you're doing?

You okay?

I have no business being here.

Then why did you bother?

I owe you more than
an apology can ever do.

What am I supposed to
do with this?

I don't know.

Make your life easier,
I don't care how, okay?

What did you do that was so
bad that I can't have
my father back?

You really don't
remember, do you?

So, what's going to happen
to my Claire?

How is this genetic
abnormality going to
affect her?

I don't know.
It's possible that nothing
might ever happen.

It's possible.
I might be wrong.

Where did you find
this picture?

Union Wells High School website.

She's growing up so
quickly now.

Couldn't do anything
to stop it.

You cannot,
try as you might.

Do you have a daughter?

How old is she?

She was five.

I'm so sorry.

Mutations are mostly
cancers or diseases meant
to eliminate a species.

Shanti had a genetic anomaly,
and that was the portal
into my research.

My hope is that no one
will suffer as she did.

If you do figure this out,
what happens then?

We can change the world.

Give people hope
for the future.

That is your daughter's

I'd very much like to
meet her.

You can see how that might be
a problem for my family.

Yes, of course.

Let... Let me think on this,
on the best way to proceed.

Well, I appreciate you coming,
Mr. Bennet.

It was educational.

You do remember.

Oh, how could I forget?

Not Niki.

It's me, Daddy.

The daughter that you threw
beer bottles at, the daughter
that you choked,

the daughter
that you killed.

I didn't kill anyone.

No, it was an accident.

They left Niki with you
to be your punching bag.

I came to apologize,


You don't apologize to Nicole.

You apologize to me.

Niki doesn't remember,
but I do.

Someone had to be there
to protect her.

I remember the stink
of alcohol on your breath.

I took every punch so that
she wouldn't have to.

You are not Jessica.

You have no idea who I am.

Nicole, you need help.

You're right. She does.

I thought she had learned
to protect herself,
but no such luck.

You're going to go away
and never come back.

Cheerleading, huh?

What do you think?

I think I can't wait
to go to my first game.

Ah, well, you might be getting
a little bit old the bears
from around the world, but...

No, I'm not.


I love my bear.


Am I a terrible person?

What are you talking about?

I want to be a cheerleader.

I mean I've worked hard to
be a cheerleader, but...

sometimes Jackie can just
be a...

A bitch?

Yeah, a bitch.

No, it's your actions
that make you good or
bad. Cheerleader or not.

Let's take a look at
that hand.

The pain went away, but I
think it's still kind of...

Well, that's healed
really nicely.

Hey, baby.

You hungry?

Thought I'd make some eggs,
carbonara style.

Does that sound good?

I didn't pass again.

You studied so hard.

It's not about the answers,
Jan. I know all the answers.

I don't know why you don't
just tell them the truth.

Yeah, I'll just waltz in there
and tell them that
I can barely read.

Half the words I see
backwards. There's a good
career move.

My baby.


Come on.

A little morning sex,
some eggs, and everything is
gonna seem so much better.

How can you want
to kiss me?

You're my hero.
Don't you know that?

Hey. You are
everything that
I want.

I'm your hero.
I'm your hero.

Look at me.

Eleven years and I am still
directing traffic.

Hey. I'm ready to give
the deposition.

There isn't going to be one.

What are you talking about?

You can't back out now.
We've got to tell the D.A.
Everything about Linderman,

about Dad, all of it.

Dad's dead.

He had a heart attack
this morning.

Just take comfort in the fact
that he didn't know his sons

were about to stab him
in the back.

Charlie! Charlie!

Twenty-four-hour samurai film
festival at the Drafthouse
in Austin.


That's over 300 miles away.

We can make it in time to see
Yojimbo, Seven Samurai
and Hidden Fortress.

It'd be perfect for
our trip to Japan.

You still do want to go?

Yeah. Oh, yeah, no,
it's not that. It's just...
Ever since I met you,

I don't know,
you just make so happy.

You make me happy, too.

Well, it's more than that.

I don't let people get
very close.

There's a blood clot in
my brain, inches away
from an aneurysm.

I'm dying.

But I'm supposed
to save you.

You did.

You did.

Before you got here
I'd decided to give up.

But you have made me feel
more alive and more full of

joy than I could have
ever imagined.




Charlie? Charlie? Charlie?

Can I help you?

Yeah. Uh, somebody
called me.

My name is Brian Davis.

Yes, I called you.

My name is...

My name is Sylar.

Gabriel Sylar.

That's incredible.

Can you make it go away?

Why would you want
to do that?

I... I don't know
what this is,
or who I might hurt.

I... I don't want it.

You're broken.


Suresh was right.
It's so clear now.

How it all works, pieces
fitting together.
It is in the brain.

So, you can help.

Don't worry, Brian.
I can fix it.

It's an evolutionary

Whatever bad you've done in
the past, it's over.

You have a rare opportunity
to start again, to rewrite
the past, to do better.

But if you're not interested
we could just put you back
in your old life.

Odds are you'd be
dead in a week.

What do you want me to do?

There's a professor.
Dr. Suresh.

He has a list of names.

You're going to get
Claire Bennet's name
off that list.

I'm sorry about the glass.

It's just glass.

About the other day,
I should've behaved myself.

That was uncalled for.
I'm sorry.

You were angry. A man can say
and do the most awful things
when he's angry.

Well, I'm different now.
I feel I've been given
a chance to start over.

A new life, new identity,
a new purpose.

I came half way around
the world looking for proof,
and I threw him out the door.

No one returns my
phone calls anymore.
They all think I'm insane.

I don't.

These people are all out there
waiting to be told that
they are important,

waiting to unlock their
true potential. I know it.

I can feel them.

We'll find them together.

We are the future.



This list... You found them.

These people...

Their future is written on
their DNA just as the past
it seems is written in stone.

I have something
I have to tell you.

Was the die cast
from the very beginning?

Or is it in our own hands
to alter the course
of destiny?

Of all our abilities,
it is free will that
truly makes us unique.

With it we have a tiny but
potent chance to deny fate.

And only with it can we find
our way back to being human.

I loved her.

You're sweet.

I'm sweet!

I can go back.

Six months?

I've got to
get back.

If I teleport again
I could end up anywhere.

Lunch for a T-Rex!

I'm stuck!

Yamagato Industries.

Ando Masahashi,

Ando I need
you help...

Ando is sick.

This is
Hiro Nakamura.

May I
help you?

You are a kind and
generous man.

You don't

I'm trying to
save your life.

I love you.

Aren't you and Ando
supposed to be...

on vacation
in America?

I jumped.


I have to
get back to her.

I have to
get back to Charlie.

You're okay!

No. I'm not okay.

What are you
talking about?

You teleported

I took the bus.

I teleported.



But I couldn't
save her.

I couldn't
save Charlie.

So, try again

It won't work.

This power...

It's bigger
than me.

I can't change
the past.

No matter
how hard I wish.

I failed.