Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 9 - Chapter Nine 'Homecoming' - full transcript

As Homecoming approaches in Odessa, Claire's father makes an effort to save Claire's life. Peter, having tried to contact Hiro, flies to Texas in his effort to save the cheerleader. Hiro decided to head back in time in an effort to save the waitress, and Suresh can't get a dream out of his head and feels it has some answers about him and his father.

Previously, on Heroes.

What was right there?

There's a piece about that size.
Simone has it.

She took a bunch
of my paintings to sell.

I need you to get me a painting, all right?
Linderman bought it.

You had a sister.
Her name was Shanti.

She was five years old
when she died,

two years
after you were born.

Who are you?
What do you want?

Mom. Why don't you
tell me where you are,

I'll come get you
and bring you home.

She's dead.


There just happens to be
a very grateful man

lying in the hospital who'd like to
thank one of you for saving his life.

It was me.
I'd like to congratulate you

as an honorary firefighter.

This girl, the one
you've painted here

and here and there,

she's my daughter.

This man here, he's gonna
kill her tomorrow night

at her homecoming game.

I need your help. I need you
to paint this painting.

I've been trying. I can't,
not without drugs.

We are, if anything,
creatures of habit.

Drawn to the safety
and comfort of the familiar.

Is it that they actually believe
that pudding is a vegetable?

But what happens when the
familiar becomes unsafe?

When the fear that we've been
desperately trying to avoid

finds us where we live?


Jackie just
killed my appetite.

Oh, the principal's gonna post the
homecoming queen announcement.


Well, aren't you going
to go see if you won?

What's the point? You're
a finalist, Claire. Go.

Come on.
Let's go.

I'm so nervous.

Good luck.

Kind of nervy for someone
in your position

to be running
for homecoming queen.

My position?
You know, pariah.

You hospitalized
the MVP,

annihilating any hope of us
actually winning the game.

You're not deluded enough to think
you're actually going to win.

No delusions.
It's a popularity contest,

and you've made it very clear
that I am no longer popular.

It's more
than a popularity contest.

Being selected
homecoming queen

is about
serving your school.

God, Claire, I didn't think
you were that shallow.

Congratulations, ladies.
Make me proud.

Oh, my God.
Don't spaz out.


I can't believe it.

I won?

Claire! Claire!

Shut up, you freaks!

You didn't tell Pete about me
buying this painting, did you?

You asked me not to.

I don't get it. What is it?

It's one of a series, the work of
lsaac Mendez, a rising artist.

Peter believes lsaac
can paint the future.

Is this supposed to be Peter?

I'm not sure.

But Peter thinks he needs to be
there to save a cheerleader.

Union Wells High School.

Peter thinks if he saves the
cheerleader he'll save the world.


Is that the only copy?


Peter's got
all these ideas in his head.

Delusions of grandeur.

He thinks he's supposed to
make a difference.

What are you doing?

No, what are you doing?
No! No!


I'm saving his life.

Why? You believe him?

Save the cheerleader,
save the world.

I'm not sure
what to believe anymore.

I am.


What's the range on this?

It can seal a 320Z.

Been known to pierce
body armor at 400 yards,

military grade.
That'll work.

Don't want to
see his eyes, huh?

Must really hate the guy.
You have no idea.

He took my son.

Damn. You call the cops?

Cops can't stop him,

but I can as long as he
doesn't see it coming.

How much?
Two large.

We're going hunting.

So, how long are you
planning on keeping this up?

Until you turn around.

I told you we can't go back.

And I told you Mom needs me.

It's not safe with her.

Look, I still love her.

No matter what she does,
a part of me always will,

but your mom has changed.

Good news,

is that it's gonna be you
and me from here on out.


You mean like Batman and Robin?

Like Batman and Robin.

Only I ain't
wearing no tights.

You can wear tights,
I'm not wearing tights.

Need to hit the head?
No, I'm good.


Did you ever consider

that these dreams you've been
having are just that, dreams?

It's not possible. They were
talking about my sister Shanti.

A sister
I never knew I had.

As children we absorb
powerful archetypes

we bury
in our subconscious.

Your parents were obviously still
grieving over your sister.

Freud would tell you
the same thing.

What about the boy?

The one with the soccer ball?

How do you explain his picture
being in my father desk, huh?

He was one of them right here in Chennai.
Sanjog lyer.

My father identified
his genetic marker.

It says the boy can enter your
dreams, alter your perceptions.

A kind of spirit guide.

You must have seen
that file before.

I have never
seen this file before,

and I have had thousands
of dreams in my life.

These were different.
They were-- They were real.

Look, we have to
find this boy.

Hey, what was so important you
had me meet you over here?

That painting you wanted.

Nathan bought it from Linderman
and had it shipped here.

It's here? Can I see it?


I don't understand.

He said
it was to protect you.

That you're gonna
get yourself killed.

Okay, wait.
You saw this painting.

You can describe it to me.

You really believe this,
don't you?

Save the cheerleader,
save the world.

For reasons
I can't begin to understand.

There are people that are
counting on me to do this.

I don't know if I can,
but I have to try.

This doesn't make any sense.

I probably shouldn't
be showing you this.

It's a digital image.
It came with the painting.

Is that you, Peter?

I don't know.


If it's you then you're gonna
to die at 8:12 tonight.

Don't go, Peter.
I have to.

I have to.

Union Wells High School
is in Odessa, Texas.

I took the liberty
and made a phone call.

Homecoming is tonight.

Thank you. Thank you.

Look, I don't know if this is gonna
happen, just come back, okay?

I will.

Hiro? Hiro?

Hi, this is Peter Petrelli.
Is this Hiro Nakamura?

No. He will be right back.

Who is this?
I'm his friend, Ando.

Ando, right.

Okay, this is very important.

You and Hiro need to
get to Odessa, Texas

as soon as you can.
Union Wells High School.

Okay, that's where
the cheerleader is.

We are in Texas already.

Midland at
the Burnt Toast Café.

It's outside the airport.

You are? That's great!

I'm gonna get on a flight.

Tell Hiro I'll be there
before he knows it.

Yes, okay. I will tell him.

Goodbye, Peter Petrelli.

It's gonna be okay, honey.

It's useless. How is that
supposed to help me find Sylar?

He's not a vending machine.

You can't just put the
drugs in, pull a lever

and expect
a clear response.

I mean, he's a person.

I think your emotions
are impairing your judgment.

But I'm not the only one.

When he wakes up,
have him paint another.


You think
I'm being emotional?

Do you have any idea
what we're up against?

Come here.

Oh, my God.

Sylar wants to do that
to my Claire.

I will do whatever I
have to do to stop him.

Isaac can't help us. It was a
mistake to do that to him.

Go to the high school.
Use the paintings as a guide.

Wait for Sylar.
You'll have help.

When the time is right,
neutralize him.

I'll keep Claire safe at home.
No, it homecoming.

Find Sylar, take him out

and let me
worry about Claire.

Congratulations, Claire.
Thanks so much.

I don't know that girl.

Holla to the queen.

Holla back.

Everybody who wasn't my friend
is now my friend,

and everybody
who was my friend isn't.

Well, it's not
a popularity contest.

It's an
unpopularity contest.

Because you rocked
the freak vote.

I what?

Look, everybody who's like
Jackie voted for Jackie

and everybody who isn't
voted for you.

And in this school the unpopular
vastly outnumber the popular.

Made for
a good campaign strategy.

You campaigned for me?


You think all this school
spirit stuff is stupid.

I never said it was stupid.

I said it's beneath you, but obviously
it's important, so whatever.

Now you have a little piece
of your old life back, okay?

Just don't start acting
like a bitch again.

Look, I got this
off of the internet.

It supposedly
has this really big chapter

on spontaneous regeneration.

So, I thought
I might enlighten you

on the whole
miracle grow of it all.

What? What's with you?

You're being so nice.

I've never been
this nice to you.

I mean, I've been nice,
but I could be nicer.

Then why don't you?

Congratulations, Claire.

Is the gay boy
your date?

You should tell him only one
of you gets to wear the tiara.

Are you okay?

What? That is so unfair!

I already made up my mind.

You are being
completely unreasonable.

Do you have any idea what it
means for me to miss this game?

You'll survive.

But, Dad...

Listen and you listen good.

As long as you live under my
roof you will do as I say.

You may not agree, but don't think
for a moment that that matters.

You are not leaving
this house tonight.

Is that clear?


She is gonna hate you
for a long time on this one.

Let's hope so.

Micah! Micah!

What are you thinking?
Do you know how scared I was?

Now you know how it felt
when you left us.

Micah, what am I
supposed to do here?

Go back. She needs us.

We've discussed this.
Your mom...

Dad, I know she's different, okay?
I see it, too.

Something happened to her when you left.
It got really bad.

Then, sometimes,
she'd show up instead of Mom.



Dad, Mom's sick.

She can't help herself.
She can't control it.

Micah, does your mom know
about Jessica?

No, I don't think so.

Dad, we can't just leave her.

If you still love her
you'll help her.

You're right.

Do you know this boy?

Wasting my afternoon

because of
a ridiculous dream.

No one said
you had to come.

And who's going to keep
you from getting killed?

This is
a dangerous neighborhood.

One look at your fancy shoes and
we'll both be running for our lives.

Have you seen this boy?

Come now, Mohinder.
Let stop this nonsense.

Go back to the university, talk
about this like rational people.

I am not leaving
until I find him.

I know this boy.

For 500 rupees
I can tell you where he is.

This man is a crook.
Give him nothing.

What are you doing?

You came to me
in my dream last night.

I don't come to anyone.
They come to me.


Why do they come to you?

They have questions
that need answers.

I'm not sure
that I have a question.

Yes, you do.

I have two paths
in front of me.

I need to know
which one to take,

which one is my destiny.

You already have the answer
you seek.

What is it?
What's my answer?


Excuse me.

When was this picture taken?

Oh, that was Charlie's birthday,
about six months ago.

Do you know him?
Hiro? Sure!

He and Charlie were tight.

Please, where is he now?

I have no idea, darlin'.

He popped out of her life
weeks ago.

Cheeseburger's up.

Now, let's start that BLT.

What's going on?

I'm here to rescue you.
Let's go.

I'm grounded.

No one grounds a queen.
Come on.

Yeah, tell that to my dad.

You only get to be
homecoming queen once.

And you know what? You've
already cemented your victory

in the eyes of the student
body by punching Jackie.

Plus, if you back out now
she becomes the queen.

My dad would pitch a fit.

So, big deal. What?

He grounds you more.
He double grounds you.

Come on. You deserve this.

I do deserve this.

And tonight you can be
my date to the dance.

Sure. Why not?

For a million
different reasons.

Is it about what Jackie said?

Because I don't care...
I don't care about that.

You think I care about that?

She can call me
whatever she wants.

I'm not gonna be
embarrassed by it.

I know who I am.
I like who I am.

I like who you are.
I just...

I just wish
that you liked who you are.

I'm finally realizing
who my friends really are.

And that maybe being different
isn't the end of the world.

That's just who I am.


You've got to embrace
your inner freak.

Because the only thing
that you'll regret

is denying
who you really are.


Hey, I'm Peter Petrelli.

How are you?
I'm so sorry it took forever.

I couldn't get a flight,
and the taxis in this town...

We still have time.
Where's Hiro?

Hiro traveled back in time
to rescue Charlie.

I told him
it wasn't a good idea.

Peter Petrelli might call,
but he insisted.

What happened to her?
She was killed.

We were sitting right here.

It happened so fast.

Next thing we know
she was dead,

and the killer was gone
in a flash like Okage.



Hiro said
maybe it's the same man

that is going to
attack the cheerleader.

I told Hiro
do-over is too risky.

But Hiro says man who is
too afraid to use power

does not deserve
to have power.

I know when
and I know where

the cheerleader gets attacked.
I have to stop him.

Is this you?

You have a power, right?
Sort of.

Super strength?

You bend time and space
like Hiro?

No, I...

I kind of absorb
the abilities of others,

but only when they're close.


Truthfully, I...
When I'm by myself I don't...

I'm not really anything.

I've got less than an hour.

It happens at 8:12.
I have to go.

You coming?


I will wait for Hiro.

Without him I am not
really anything either.

Maybe you should wait, too.
There's no time.

I have to save
the cheerleader.

But, Peter.

You die.

Where is she? She gone.

Oh, right.

I saw her and Zach skip out
across the lawn ten minutes ago.

She must have climbed
out her window.

Why didn't
you try to stop her?

Because she's a good girl
and she deserves this.

You are being way too harsh.

You don't know
what you've done.

If you hear from her,
call me immediately!

You're wasting
your time.

Freud would tell you

the boy is merely a manifestation
of your subconscious.

Nirad, haven't we already
had this conversation?

No, wait.

You're wasting your time.

Freud would tell you

the boy is merely a manifestation
of your subconscious.

It was more than a dream.
It was real.

This boy can give me
the answers I seek.

I'm your friend, Chandra, but
you sound like a mad man.

Well, all great thinkers were
said to be mad men in their time.

Darwin, Einstein, Gandhi.

Darwin was not ridiculed

by his university's
biology round table.

They weren't even listening.

You're the one
who's not listening.

You think you're actually
going to find these people?

Spontaneous regeneration?

Chandra, I know
that Shanti's death

drove you to find answers,
but it is time to let go.

If you persist
on espousing this insanity

in your writing
and in your classroom

they will strip you
of your tenure.

So be it.

I just finished reading.
It's fantastic, Father.

To think that today,
all around us,

the evolutionary process
continues so dramatically.

Who told you to read this?

No one. I saw it on your
desk, so I picked it up.

You invaded
my privacy, Mohinder.

This was not for you to read.

I'm sorry. But I think it's
extraordinary and I want to help.

By using
the Human Genome Project

we can locate these people.

Not we.
You can't be a part of this.

Why not? Because I
don't want you to be.

I don't understand.

Darwin said a scientific man
ought to have no wishes,

no affections,
a heart of stone.

That's me, Mohinder.
It's not you.

Go home.

You have your answer.

You were trying to protect me.

A heart of stone. Why did
you have a heart of stone?

Heart of stone.
Heart of stone.

My sister.

You found them.

Oh! Sorry.

That was my fault. I wasn't
looking where I was going.

Hey, do you... You know
this girl, Jackie Wilcox?

Yeah. Half time show starts
in about five minutes.

She'll be out on the field.
She's a cheerleader.

Are you a reporter
or something?

Alumni. I'm just curious.

You know,
between you and me,

she's not that special, just
your average teenage girl.

She rushed into a fire
and saved a man's life.

That sounds
kind of special to me.

Yeah, you're right.

I'm jealous.

She's our town hero.

Me, I don't win
too many popularity contests.

Hey, it gets better.

Life after high school.

It gets a lot better.

Halftime, girls!
Come on, pump it up!

Will the nerviness
never cease?

I thought you were grounded.

It didn't take.

How's your eye?

Nothing I can't cover up.

There's something I want to say
to you, co-captain to co-captain.

Say it.

I think you're a menace.

And I'm not
just talking about

you punching me over your
boyfriend, the girlfriend.

I'm talking about
you in general.

We used to be BFFs.

What happened?

Maybe I've gained
some perspective.

I'm tired of trying
to be someone I'm not.

Well, you've been trying to
be me since second grade.

And now you're trying
to be me.

How do you figure?

Your little heroic act of pulling the
guy out of the burning train car.

It wasn't your heroic act.
It was mine.

No, it wasn't.

I have it on tape.

You know, a good friend
of mine once said

it's more important
to be honest with yourself

and happy than popular.

I think he got it right.

Sounds like a loser to me.

Public schools suck.

Did you hear that?
Hear what?

Hello? Stop it. You're
freaking me out.

I thought I heard something.

You're imagining it.
Let's go.


What is your problem?

Don't go that way.

What the hell?

Something's not right.

No, duh.
We're missing coronation.

Believe me, if you don't
want to go out there

and get that homecoming crown
I'm more than happy...

No! No! No!



Are you okay?

Run! Go!

Keep going! Run!

Oh, God. Claire.

Hey. Hey.
It's okay. Come on.

Come on.

What is it?

Go to the stadium, okay?
Find people. Find lights.

He doesn't want to be seen.

What about you? Don't
worry about me, just go!




How did you...

Where is he?

I don't know. He ran away
before I got here.

go get some help, okay?

Okay, I'll be back.

Hey, what's your name?


I'm Claire.
Are you the one?

By saving you
did I save the world?

I don't know.

I'm just a cheerleader.


Dad. Dad.

It's okay. You're okay.

Dad, it was terrible. Jackie...
l know. I know.

We have to go back.

We have to go back. Peter.

No. No. No. No.
He saved my life.

No, he'll be fine.

No, we can't leave him.
We can't leave him.

He almost died,
but then he...

I have to go back.
No. No. No, sweetie.

We have to go back!

The police will take care
of everything.

Let's get you home.

You're lucky to be alive.

It's not luck, Dad.

I have something
I have to tell you.

You don't want to hurt me.

We just need to talk.

You can tell me
all about yourself.

But first, go to sleep.

You need to sleep.

That's the guy.

He's the one in the overcoat
the janitor saw.

Put your hands on your head!

What the hell?
Look at all that blood.

It's not
what you think, guys.

All right, hands up.
What're you doing?

It's not me.
He's getting away.

Let's go.
Stand up.

Mira called.

She said you turned
down her job offer.

You're going back
to New York?

He did it, you know.
He discovered them.

His theory was right.

And that is good news, yes?

Why didn't he tell me?

He wanted you to
live your own life.

So, now that you know about
them, what will you do?

Find them.

Tell them who they are
if they don't already know.

Warn them
of the dangers they face.

And who will protect you?

Next stop, Vegas.

Dad, we don't need to
go back to Vegas.

Why not?

I called Mom.

I told her where we are.
She's on her way.

Micah, get in the car.
Now, come on!

Dad, what's wrong?

We are all at our cause,
the sum of our fears.

To embrace destiny

we must inevitably face those
fears and conquer them,

whether they come
from the familiar,

or the unknown.

My name is Hiro Nakamura.

I'm here to save your life.

Hey, Charlie!

Charlie, come on over
and blow the candles.

Hold that thought, okay?
I gotta go make a wish.