Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995–1999): Season 1, Episode 2 - Eye of the Beholder - full transcript

Hercules runs from king Thespius' 50 daughters, all horny for his seed, so he's game when Androcles reports a cyclops who chases and wounds villagers to protect Hera's sacred vineyards. He first meets traveling toga-salesman Salmoneus, who 'elects' him as sponsored hero. Trachis' village leader Atreus' men, who tried to re-divert the river to their fields, are scared off by the cyclops and get Hercules to join; he ducks when the maidens turn up at their campfire, which makes the villagers doubt his courage, but that's easily cured in a fist-fight. Castor, Hera's evil slave-master, who enjoys whipping slaves in the winery, thinks Hercules comes just in time to be decapitated for Hera's feast, but the captain of her guards warns him not to fail. Hercules easily decks the giant, but learns his temper comes from being bullied as a child for being a 'freak' and stays while the villagers divert the river. After the maidens stripped Salmoneus for selling them bad togas, Hercules tells them he only mates for love. Now Castor and his cyclops have failed, the captain kills him and conjures up skeleton-executioners. The cyclops comes to the villagers in good faith, but is immediately pelted and runs off; the one girl he has an eye on follows him to his cave, where he tells her and Hercules, who catches up, the executioners are more dangerous, but offers to help them...

There he is!

- Come on, girls!
- Get him!

He's mine!

Hold him!

I'll get him!

- Hey, Hercboy!
- Hurry!

Come back!

Thanks, darlin'.

Yeah, well, compared to what
I usually hear around this dump,

- you got no problems.
- Yeah, but King Thespius wants

every one of them
to have a child by me.

Yeah? How many daugthers
does the old boy got?


No problem!
You'll take care of 'em easy.

I'm a one-woman man.

Let me fix you some eggs.
That'll put lead in your...

Hey, Hercules!

What're you gonna do
about that cyclops in Trachas, huh?

Ah, give him some room,

The guy had a run-in
with a lion a while back.

He's been a wet-brain
ever since.

- No, it's all right. Let him talk.
- Yeah, let me talk.

This cyclops has been chasing
people out of their homes.

Hurtin' them too. All to protect
Hera's sacred vineyards.


- Is what he's saying true?
- Yeah.

Then I, uh..., better
go see for myself.

What about those fifty sisters?

Oh, it'll be a lot easier
to deal with one cyclops.

- Far enough, little man.
- Okay.

B-B-But I'm just a, uh, a-a pumble
heddler... a-a humble peddler...

- I'm-I'm on my way to Trachas.
- Not through the vineyard!

- But there's no other way.
- Yes there is.

Don't wrinkle the material!


This is the history
of a time long ago,

a time of myth and legend,

when the ancient gods
were petty and cruel

and they plagued mankind
with suffering.

Only one man dared
to challenge their power:


Hercules possessed a strength
the world had never seen,

a strength surpassed only
by the power of his heart.

He journeyed the Earth
battling the minions

of his wicked stepmother, Hera,
the all-powerful queen of the gods.

But wherever there was evil,
wherever an innocent would suffer,

there would be... Hercules!



All right. I admit it.
I look like a stuffed owl.

Now, could you just...
get me down?


Are... you all right?

I just fell out of a tree...
and landed on my nose.

What do you think?!

But you are going to live?

It's too early to tell.

It feels like I got
a lotta loose body parts.

And you never know
about internal bleeding.

How'd you get up there, anyway?

Some lunatic cyclops kicked me
in the rear and sent me flying!

- You gonna help me up or not?
- Oh. Sorry.

This... cyclops..., do you know
where I can find him?

You a friend of his?

No, but I'm planning on
looking him up.

Do tell! Who do you think
you are? Hercules?

- Well, as a... matter of...
- Wait a minute!

Wait a minute!

It is you!
I should have recognized ya!

I'm Salmoneus,
the travelling toga salesman.

- I can't wait to see this.
- See what?

See you put your fist
in that big freak's eye!

What I do
isn't a spectator sport.


Then how about this?
You take me along...,

and I make ya
a sweet deal on a new toga.

- What's a toga?
- "What's a toga?"

My boy,
fashion is passing you by.

I'll explain it on the way.
Come on.

This is a fool's mission, Atreus.

Not if we get this river back
on its course.

Now come on, you two.
Put your shoulders to this thing!

- It's him.
- Keep pushin' here!

- I didn't come out here to die.
- Volus, you coward!

I'm gonna stomp you
when I get back,

and I'm gonna make
your wife and kids watch!

Use your anger on this rock.

Get away from my river!
Or would you rather die?!

You're not gonna kill me,
you one-eyed freak!

Are you crazy?!
Let's get outta here!

Yeah! Go back
with the rest of the women.

- One-eyed son-of-a...
- Don't, Evander!

That's the boy.
Come and get it.

You want some too?!

Okay, now, here's
what I could do.

I could call one of my togas
the "Hercules Deluxes", huh?

Just tell me
which ones you wanna buy.

I don't wanna buy any of them.

Oh, you want something
for nothing, huh?

- That's not what I mean.
- No, what you mean is,

you don't care about your image!

But you better start, my friend,
'cause the public is fickle.

All right, tell you
what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna give you
your own line of togas,

cut you in for a pice of the action,
huh? Huh?!

And here's the advertising slogan:

"Hercules, the giant killer,

takes a giant step forward
in fashion!"

- Pretty snappy, huh?
- Hey!

- Hey!
- Ah, potential customers!

- What's the trouble?
- It's the cyclops.

He's just killed
one of our villagers.

- Huh?
- Yeah, yeah.

Look, catch your breath;
he's not following you now.

Ah... Thanks.

It's my fault we were out there.
Don't make the same mistake.

The cyclops isn't gonna do anything
to him. He's Hercules!

Ah, Hercules or not..., you could
still die if you come to Trachas.

Tell me what happened.

We wanted to get the river running
in the direction it used to run.

Ah, it's-it's the river we've always
counted on for our fish,

and water for our crops.

But the cyclops changed its course
so it would irrigate Hera's vineyard.

Look how green
the land around here is.

- There must be other rivers.
- Oh, no, they're all too far away.

Hera wants the river for herself,
and to destroy us.

She cares only
about her grapes

and the wine that'll be poured
at the festival of the believers.

And the cyclops makes sure
her wishes are carried out.

Not if I have anything
to say about it.

You-You'd help us?
Are you serious?

When it comes to Hera...,
I'm always serious.

Heard you worked up
a bit of an appetite today.

Only fools challenge me.

That's right. That's why
I have you on my side.

I'm too smart
to go up against you.

Yeah..., to my face you are.

Hey, I'm not like those
jackasses in Trachas!

- You better not be.
- Would you doubt me? Huh?

How could you do that?
I pay you... to vent your anger

on people who have...
belittled you all your life!

No one... has ever been
as good to you as I have.

Listen, Hercules,
I can handle the whole thing.

See, you'll be the silent partner;
I'll do the talking for both of us.

You just lend me your name,
and, uh..., I collect the money.

Of course, as the brains behind
the deal, I'll need the bigger share.

Let's say, uh, 73?
If does that sound good?

Excuse me, we're conducting
business here.

Thank you very much.
I mean, I'd risk the exposure.

I'm parched.
I'll be right back. Thanks.

Well, you're the first sign
of hope

any of us has seen
in a long, long time.

You should still postpone
the celebration

until you see how I do
with the cyclops.

Well, there's no one
in this village

who believes it's possibe
for you to fail. Huh? Huh?

- Greetings, Hercules.
- What a splendid gathering, huh?

Yes, wonderful.
I'd rather fight monsters.

Come on! Ya love it!
Ya know you do.

So, is this your lovely [...]?

Hey, you men!
We're looking for Hercules.


I'll explain later.

- Has anybody seen him?
- This may be our lucky night.

He must be around here.
You must have seen him.

Uh, I have.
He's on the road... to Athens.

Are you sure?
Athens is a long way from here.

Then you better hurry
if you wanna catch up to him, my flower.

But before you go..., I have
just the thing for you girls

while you're travelling.
It's called... the toga!

Wear it, and you'll be
on the cutting edge of fashion.

Everyone in Athens has them,

and nobody would be caught dead
at the arena without one!

- I thought you were leaving.
- [...] Except the guys

- getting fed to the lions, of course.
- Yeah..., right.

- Excuse me.
- Believe me, young ladies,

you'll need
one of these little items.

Lightweight, comfortable, and get this:
you slip it off your shoulder.

- And it's perfect for evening wear.
- Hi.

Drop the hem over your knee,
and you can go to work. Huh?

Whaddya say, fair maidens?!

Wouldn't you like a toga or three
in your wardrobe? Hmm? Yes?

- What are you doing here?!
- I'm not bothering you.

Yes you are!

The river is yours.
The vineyard too.

- Can't you let us have anything?
- Uh... No!

- Why?
- Get outta here!

- Hmm.
- Over here.

- Herculy! You sly dog!
- No...

The daughters of King Thespius,

You, sir, truly are the strongest
man in the world, if you can, uh...

...hold fifty hearts in sway
at once.

- All they want is my body.
- I know the feeling.

Hey! Now the cyclops
is attacking our women!

Go ahead, Scylla,
you tell him.

Well, he didn't attack me, exactly.
But he did chase me away.

And I wasn't anywhere near
Hera's precious vineyard.

- I just wanted these.
- Further proof

- that that cyclops is a lout.
- Yeah. Uh... Did he have a weapon?

Why don't you go up to his lair
and find out for yourself?

- Or are you afraid?
- Don't... mind the interruption.

No..., he didn't have a weapon.

Thank you.
Now, is... is there a problem?

Yeah, your manhood.

You wouldn't even stand up
to those women last night.

Oh, I see. So I guess that...
makes me a coward then, right?


Right. Atreus,
can you tell me where I [...]?

Now it's your turn.
First man off his feet loses.

If it's you..., I'm gonna find those
women and feed you to them.

Go on, Hercules!
Dent his head!

Look, I'm... I'm not gonna
play your game.

Yes you are.

I should've sold tickets.

Give me your hand.

- Next one's for you, Scylla.
- I'd tell you not to hurt your head,

if I thought there was
anything in it.

I really... don't have time
for this nonsense.

- Ah, Hercules..., wrong way.
- Oh, right.

- Yeah.
- I knew that.

Shouldn't you rest... before
you go up against the cyclops?

Don't worry. I'm a... at my best
when I can't see what I'm doing.

You're not going to defeat him
with jokes.

- I know.
- You... do have a plan, don't ya?

I've never even seen this thing.
I... don't know what I'm gonna do.

It's just that
so many of the villagers

have been lost to the cyclops.

And I don't want you to be
the next one.

This isn't where I intend to die.

Well, none of the others did,

You know..., if you're gonna tell me
anything..., I wish it was "good luck".

- Well, in that case, good luck.
- Thank you.

Get a move on, slave,
or you'll feel my lash.

Take a good look.

This is the wine that Hera's
chosen people will drink...

at the festival of the believers.

Do those slaves
ever have trouble with their feet?

- You know, diseases, open sores...
- Ah, shut up!

Hey, I was just talking.
If they got lousy feet,

they might as well be
spitting in the stuff.

You tell me why you're here...,

or I'll slap your face...
to the back of your head!

- Hercules is coming.
- You expect me to believe that?

Hey, it's true. I saw him with my
own eyes... last night in Trachas.

then he's dead meat.

- Hey, what's so funny?
- Everything's funny, you idiot!

Hercules is here...
just in time for Hera's festival.

And when the cyclops
gets through with him...,

his head...

will make an excellent decoration
for the main table.

Whoa! Whoa! It's me! It's me!
Nice reflexes!

what are you doing here?

I wanna see you do cruel
and unusual things to that monster.

- I thought you had togas to sell.
- First things first.

- You really shouldn't hold a grudge.
- Don't be so preachy!

You'd feel just like I do
if you were in my sandals.

Maybe so, but I still want
you and your sandals

to turn around
and go back to Trachas.

By myself?! Uh-uh!
The cyclops could get me.

Or a wild beast
could turn me into lunch.

Or the tax collector
might repossess my toga!

So can I come with ya?

Yes. But you're on your own... if
things get ugly with this creature.

You're kidding, right?
I mean..., you're Hercules!

It'd be really bad for you image.

- Company's coming.
- Who do you want me to hurt now?

- Hercules.
- He's here?

And he's looking for you.

They say there's nobody

Who says that, huh?

Whoever said that's
never gone sideways with you.

You're unbeatable. You're a force
for the good of Hera. You're...

What's that?

I found it.

What're you doing
with a girl's scarf?

- You got a girlfriend..., huh?
- No!

Come on..., you can tell me.

You're getting a bit on the sly,
aren't ya? Huh?

Well..., who's the lucky girl, then?
A blind concubine?

Shut up!

I don't have a girlfriend!

Now, that's how I like
to see ya! Nice... and hostile!

Yes, you can go back
to moonin' around all your life!

After you've chopped Hercules
into... tiny little pieces

and scattered them
to the four corners of the earth!

What're you gonna do to him?
Tell me what you're gonna do to him!

You gonna twist his...
See, if I were you...

...the cyclops would probably die
laughing, and you'd be a hero.

- Now pipe down.
- Oh, I see.

You don't want him to know
that we're coming, huh?

- The element of surprise!
- Shh.

Come to buy those togas, eh?

- Oh, no!
- Swine!

- Run.
- Ooh. Ooh...

Come on, girls!

- Don't let him get away!
- Get him, girls!

- I can't do it! I can't go on!
- Don't worry!

- They won't hurt you!
- Ya promise?!

- Where's he going?
- Beats me.

Bad choice of words
for a liar.

Wh-Wh-When did I ever lie
to you?

You've got a very short memory.
Okay, girls..., the treatment.

- Come on.
- Hey, wa-wait...

Wait, wait, wait. Wait a...
Whoa! Whoa, whoa.

Hey! Hey, be careful! No!
Hey! Whoa! No! Hey! Oh! Ooh! Ah!

Okay, you can look,
but don't touch!

Hera, it is I.
Castor..., the faithful.

I come before you..., bearing
a gift... in the form of a promise.

your treacherous stepson...,

is 'bout to die..., just
as you have desired for so long.

My cyclops will see to it

He will bring me the head
of Hercules..., and I will...

You'll do anything
Hera tells you to..., Castor.

- What are you doing here?
- Oh, I'm just making sure

this Hercules
isn't too much for you to handle.

- Did Hera send you?
- Stepmother's intuition.

Everything will be all right.
Everything will be all right!

The cyclops will... will rip out
one of Hercules' arms

and... and beat him to death
with it.

Nice thought.
But if your walking eyeball

doesn't deliver...,
I've got another solution.

Not the executioners.

You don't get a vote.

Let me guess.
You're the cyclops.

Take a good look..., because I'm
the last thing you're ever gonna see.

That's what they all say.

- Stand still!
- Why don't I help you move?

I knew
ya weren't gonna go easy!

Tired yet?

Hey, where'd ya go?

Just kill me
and get it over with.

I think I'd rather find out why
you're always in such a rotten mood.

Go ahead.
Drinks should always be on the loser.

It-It's from the water I guard.

Now I understand why the villagers
want their river back.

It's not their river.

They got there before Hera did.
Diverting it was a crime.

I'd... like it better
if you'd say I...

stole it from those...
gutless wonders in Trachas.

- Why do hate them so much?
- Because they hated me first!

It started when I was a boy.
"Geek", "freak", "monster"!

I heard it all. Admit it...,

you were thinking the same thing
when you came after me.

Yeah.., I was.

You get tired of it
after a while.

But... "tired" isn't a reason
to work for Hera.

Loyalty doesn't mean anything to her.
All she cares about is her wine.

I don't work for Hera.
I work for Castor.

The man in charge
of the vineyard.

He's the only one who ever
treated me halfway decent.

And that ended... when you didn't
kill me. And you know it.

If you want me to fight
for the villagers, forget it!

They don't care about me.
Why should I care about them?

Because now Hera's gonna hate you
as much as she hates the villagers.

Well, then I guess
we're all outta luck.

Not if you give each other
a chance.

Pssh! That's what you think.

You're the one
who has to do the thinking.


"Don't worry", he says.
"They won't hurt you", he says.

- Well... Well, did they?
- Look at me!

You think I'm dressed
like a tree 'cause I wanna be?!

If I'm not careful,
I'll be attracting woodpeckers!

But you're not hurt...

- No.
- Good, because you look ridiculous.

Hey. Hey! The next time
those crazy women come along,

I'm gonna serve you to them
on a silver platter.

By the way,
how'd you do with the cyclops?

- Not bad.
- Did you beat him?

- That's one way of putting it.
- Hah?! Hah?!

You're being modest!
You're being modest, right?!

You slammed into him!
You went "bang"!

Whoops! Whoops! Whoa.

Come on, nature boy.
Let's find you some clothes.

- I wanna hear all the gory details!
- I don't wanna hear any more!

There's no more to tell. Hercules
defeated the freak. End of story.

- Cyclops quit on me.
- Huh?

He just rolled over and played dead,
and after all I've done for him.

- That overgrown eyeball!
- I don't know nothin' about that!

You don't care either,
do ya..., rodent?

You just want the dinars
that I owe ya...,

and then the wolves can start
eating me alive!


Well, think about it
on your way out, you imbecile!

This is gonna be a big enough mess
without having you around.

Then Hercules... hits him
with three lefts in a row...

Pow, pow, pow!... faster than
a chicken pecking at a kernel of corn.

And before the cyclops knows
what's happening to him,

Hercules unleashes
his mighty right hand. Kablooey!

Hits the cyclops
so far in the air...

that Hercules... goes underneath
and catches him. And then...

Your friend, the toga salesman's
a lucky man, seeing all that.

Yeah. He's talking about things
even I don't remember.

Whatever. Now we can get
our lives back to normal,

- now the cyclops is dead.
- Well, he isn't dead.

But... you were supposed
to kill him.

No, I was supposed to stop him
from ruining your lives.

- I never intended to kill him.
- Well, you should have.

Look, there's no fight left in him.

There might not have been
any to start with

if people hadn't always
treated him like an outcast.

- Is that what that freak told you?
- Listen to yourself, Atreus.

- You're answering your own question.
- You keep out of this.

I will not. I know
what you and your friends

put the cyclops through
when he was a boy.

We were protecting you
and every other female

in the village,
you ungrateful wench!

Why don't you worry about your river
instead of calling the lady names?

Ah, what good would it do?

Once you're gone, the cyclops
will be back terrorizing us.

If you weren't such an ass,
maybe Hercules would stay and help.

Well, maybe I'll stay and help,

- You mean it?
- Yes.

I like the idea of Hera's grapes
dying on the vine.

Everybody! We start puttin'
the river back on course tomorrow!

- I'll sell you those [...]
- Woke up alone again, didn't'cha?

I'm surprised the fair Scylla
hasn't taken care of that problem.

That's not what I'm here for,

Yeah, all work and no play...

...means I don't leave
with a guilty conscience.

Ah, well..., ya probably
wouldn't have had time for her, anyway.

I've got a sporting proposition
for you, Hercules.

You set this up, didn't you?

They only released me
when I promised.

- Now, just listen, will ya?
- No, no. It's my turn, all right?

Now, ladies...,
no matter what you think,

I'm not opposed...
to pretty women.

And... I'm not opposed
to having children,

but.. if I'm going
to become a father again...,

the mother will be someone
that I love.

And I... I don't love
any of you.

I mean, I like to look at you,
and I-I...

I... might even... like to talk
to you if I didn't feel

like I was always the fox
and you were the hounds,

but... that's as far
as my interest goes.

I hope ya understand. I hope
King Thespius understands.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've...
I've got some people to help.

That is so beautiful.
He's not like other men.

He's so sensitive.

So that's why Dad
wanted us to have his children.

You're bigger than Hercules!
You're tougher! You're meaner!

And still you lost!
How could you do that to me?!

To you?!
I'm the one he beat.

Yeah? Well, how come
you're not dead?!

- Would that make it better?
- You're on his side now, aren't you?

- I haven't decided.
- Oh...,

you think you're so smart.
"I haven't decided."

Hera... has let her executioners

They're going to kill everybody
that gets in their path!

Why don't you... think about that
for a minute, you idiot?!

- Don't call me an idiot!
- Is that all you can see?!

Why don't you just use that big
eyeball of yours for a minute and...

and take a look around?!
You're doomed!

I didn't think you'd be here
so soon.

You sure you want me
to come along?

You make a good point.

I want Hercules.
And I want him dead! Go!

Come on, everybody.
Let's get this cleared!

You just gonna stand there?

I refuse to compromise
my integrity with physical toil.

Well, then I'm not interested
in buying any of your togas.

You want...? All right.

- You need some help?
- Yeah. Thanks.


Let's give Hercules a hand.

Come on; if we all do this,
it'll work!

- Right! Get your hands down!
- Okay.

And get your backs into it,
get it?

- All right!
- Push! Almost got it?!

Just a little more.

Come on, all together!

Oh, look who's here.
Better late than never.


- We did it!
- We've done it!

- The first labor I've ever done!
- Hmm.

Well, you've set
a good example.

But there's months of work here;
I hope these people realize that.

If they were afraid of challenges,
they would've run off by now.

How about you, Hercules?
You going back on the road?

- Sooner or later, I always do.
- Oh, that's a shame.

We could use
someone like you...

- Go back where ya came from!
- I'm not here to hurt you!

- Freak!
- Don't!

Get outta here!

- Give him a chance!
- He never gave us one!

Well, stop it!
Stop and listen to Hercules!

Hercules is not one of us!

- No, come back!
- You fools.

- Wait!
- Don't! You're crazy?!

Don't go!
Don't go, Scylla!

She'll be fine. Don't worry,
the cyclops won't hurt her.

If that monster kills Scylla,
her blood'll be on your hands!

Yeah, you're the one
who let the cyclops live.

He wasn't here
to hurt anybody.

How can you say that? You
fought him, for cryin' out loud!

'Cause I know who put
the evil in him. You.

- And you. All of you.
- How can you accuse us?!

All of you put the evil in him.

You've got your nerve standing there
judging us,

while the cyclops is.. probably off,
having his way with Scylla.

She's better off with him
than she would be with you.

Oh, my hand!

Would you sell them some togas,
Salmoneus? I'm going after our friends.

- Your fault!
- She better be alive!

Hey, you're the executioners,
right? Yeah. Yeah.

Castor said you were coming.
Let me show you where Hercules is.

We don't need you!

Are you all right?

I'm tired.

I don't doubt it.., after always
being called names by people...,

always having people
afraid of you.

- I'm sorry.
- I know you are.

I-I could tell
you were different

the day I... I saw you
gathering flowers.

But you were still scared,
weren't you?

- Y-Yes.
- Well, let me tell you something.

It's not me you have
to be afraid of anymore.

It's Hera's executioners. They're out
to destroy Hercules... and the village.

- You have to tell Hercules.
- Tell me what?

Hera's executioners
are coming.

Well, then I better
go say "hello".

You can't fight them by yourself.

I don't care what the myths
say about you.

You may find this hard
to believe...,

but... some of those myths
are true.

Does that mean
you wouldn't want my help?

No. It means I don't ask for help,
but I'm not an unreasonable man.

Good! Because I'd like to pay
Hera back for the way she used me.

And... I'd also like to show
you both I... I appreciate

your treating me like something...
besides a monster.

Then it sounds like
we're in this together.

Don't forget about me.
I'm coming with ya.

- But you might get hurt.
- I know.

But I could get hurt
staying here too.

The lady's right.

Very well..., but promise
you'll be careful.

I promise.

The executioners must've taken
the long way here.

It could've been a lie too.
Castor was good at lying.

Let's warn the villagers anyway...,
whether they deserve it or not.

Are you sure they won't
just throw more rocks?

I'm sure;
they don't wanna hurt you.

I never thought you two
would need my protection.

But if that's the way it is...

Very impressive.

We should help them.

No, I won't die
helpin' a freak...

or anyone who sides with one...,
even if it is Hercules.

- Damn right.
- It would be better to die with him...

than to stay here
with eunuchs like you!

Behind you, Hercules!

Ah, thanks!

- You come with me.
- No!

Help! Help! Hercules!

- Hercules!
- To the village!

He's gonna try to hurt us.

Hey, look!

- Oh yeah!
- Ooh. What a way to go.

Hercules is beating them all.

I'm ready to fight!

He's getting away!

- How can I help?!
- I'll give you a boost.

- I'll go to Scylla!
- Right!


Hercules... Hercules, we
owe you a debt of gratitude

- that can never be repaid.
- Yes, it can.

If you really want to repay me,
just be nice to him.

Oh, but we've tried.
We've tried!

Yes, calling someone a monster
always proves you're his friend.

Why are we arguin' about this now?
This should be a day of celebration.

You know,
this man helped Hercules

do something
for you and me today...

that you would never have done
for him.

But how can we be sure

he won't cause more trouble
after Hercules leaves?

If you let me live in peace, I
promise I'll help you do the same...,

as long as you treat me...
with respect.

You're not going to get
a better offer than that, Atreus.

I'd take him up on it
if I was you.

All right.
We'll give it a try. Huh?

I can't believe I didn't make
a single dinar on this entire trip!

I mean, I thought somebody
back there would buy a toga.

Oh, well, I'm sure we'll
do better the next place we stop.

- We?
- Can't break up the team now.

I'm naming a toga after you,

But I told you,
I don't wear togas.

- Ah, picky, picky.
- There he is!

- I-I thought we settled this.
- No, not you, Hercules.

- Your little friend.
- You're kidding!

We have decided
he will do just fine.



What about that team
we had?

A man's gotta do...
what a man's gotta do.

- Right this way.
- Hello. Hello!

- Let me take five at a time.
- Yeah, right.

[...] mathematically.
Uh... Very nice, thank you.

- Good luck.
- Okay. Can I look and touch?

Oh, very nice. Okay. [...]

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)