Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995–1999): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Road to Calydon - full transcript

On the road, Hercules is startled by terrible lightning; an eerily laughing blind seer says it announces much suffering trough pure evil, the doom of Hera's rage and comes along. In the largely deserted nearest town they find the boy Ixion, hiding for the storm demons, and fellow outcast orphan Jana, unwilling to tell what's wrong, unlike Broteas, leader of the recently arrived group of refugees from the fighting at Telyte; water turning to blood proves the curse is still active. Hercules stops Broteas sacrificing bread the hungry people crave for. In Hera's temple the seer learns the goddess annihilated people in the village after a thief took a golden chalice Hera got from Zeus, who fell for a local girl Hera transformed into a wolf-dog while damning the whole town. Hercules offers to guide everyone trough the Stymfalian swamp to Calydon, a curse-free city under Apollo's divine protection, which means braving a murderous winged monster- the people choose to follow him. From Hera's temple arise skeleton warriors, who track the pilgrims underground; a rock rain drives everyone for shelter into the Minoan caves. The skeletons, emerging to attack the pilgrims back on the road, are no match for Hercules, who smashes them into pieces. Now the seer says Hera has send them after the chalice-thief among them. Broteas convinces others Hera is only after Hercules and catches Jana going trough his things, but proves it's not in his pack and promises to sacrifice Jana in the next Hera-temple, which Hercules forbids. In the swamp, the dog trips Broteas- the chalice falls out of his robes; Hercules simultaneously fights the dragon and saves Ixion and Jana from quicksand, into which he then trows the chalice. The seer follows Hercules, as the pilgrims, arriving in Calydon, face less evil and suffering, and adopts the dog.

Ah, refuge.

Not bad. We're here.

It's deserted.

Hey, where is everybody?

Come on out
where we can see you!

No one anywhere.

What is this place?

It's a gift from the gods.

That's what it is.

Listen up, everybody!

This is our reward
for travelling so far

and... suffering so much.

This... is our new home.


Now wait here...
till I check.




Was it something we've done?!

Gotcha, didn't it?!

Don't sound so happy.

Ah, can't help it.

Nights like this
stir my very soul!

This is no ordin'ry storm.

This is evil, my friend.

The coming of doom...,

the rage
of almighty Hera herself!

You sound pretty sure
about that.

Of course I'm sure.

I see everything.

And judging
from what I see tonight,

there's plenty of suffering
on the horizon.

What did we do?

Stay calm!

It'll blow over!

Ixion, where are you going?!

Don't go out there, Ixion!





This is the history
of a time long ago,

a time of myth and legend,

when the ancient gods
were petty and cruel

and they plagued mankind
with suffering.

Only one man dared
to challenge their power:


Hercules possessed a strength
the world had never seen,

a strength surpassed only
by the power of his heart.

He journeyed the Earth
battling the minions

of his wicked stepmother, Hera,
the all-powerful queen of the gods.

But wherever there was evil,
wherever an innocent would suffer,

there would be... Hercules!


You got a name, young fella?

I didn't think I'd have
to tell you.

Testing me, eh?

All right, have it your own way...,

How did you know?

Toldja, I see everything.

Now, perhaps you'll believe me
when I tell you

we shouldn't be taking
this road.

Nothing but trouble
down there.

Then why do you insist
on tagging along?

Well, personally,
I have a taste for trouble.

Besides, I thought I might come in
useful to you because of my gift.

Oh, watch your step.

Suppose your gift
let you see that coming.

No, travelled this way before,

tripped over that thing
many times myself.

You're taller'n I thought.

Come on!
I promise I'll look out for you.

[...] the fire!

Look out!

There we are!

Sum'in bad's gonna happen here.

And you're amazing,
you know that?

Thank you.



Where are you?!

Please come out!


- Ixion?!
- Don't worry, Jana.

- I'll help you.
- Talos?!

You stay away from her!



What in the world's an Ixion?!

- Get away from me!
- Hey, hey!

Take it easy, kid!
I'm not tryin' to hurt you.

- You're not?
- No, of course not.

I was just tryin'
to help that lady over there.

Ixion, are you all right?!

I can take care of myself, Jana.

What were you doing in there?

from the storm demons.

It's all right.

It's all right,
he's not a demon.

I don't think.

Thank you for finding him.

Wait, wait. Tell me...

Tell me what happened?

You better hear it
from somebody else.


I just wanna know if there's
something I can do

for the people here,
that's all.

I better go see
what's on their minds.

I'm not the one in charge.

Maybe... I can help you.

The name is Broteas.

The storm isn't gonna beat us,
if that's what you're thinking.

- I admire your courage.
- Hmm. We've been through worse.

I think you're still
going through it.

- We're stubborn.
- Huh!

And what would you know about it,
old man?

This town's cursed,
is what I know.


I might agree with you

if it wasn't for this brilliance
I have for knowing the truth.

And the truth is...,

there's a pox on this place.

A-A scurrilous malediction!

You'll have to excuse him.
He gets carried away sometimes.

Fat lot you know.

Are you his keeper?

Me?! No, no.

He can take care of himself.

Then who are you?

I'm Hercules.


- Hercules?
- He's Hercules?

When the fighting came to Telyte,

there was no time
for our homes or crops.

It was leave or die.

So you've been wandering
ever since.

Not wandering.

Looking for a home.

What are we supposed to do,

I'll think of something.
But in the meantime...,

you should eat.

I... don't have much,

it should hold you over
until tomorrow.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


There's someone who needs it
more than you.



and despair.

I like it.

I guess you like it too.

A gift for you... from Zeus.

Oh, great goddess Hera!

We, your humble servants,
have gathered here

to make you this sacrifice
in your name!

Hear us!

this meager offering!

Please reward those among us
that have suffered so long...

with your mercy!

We, your servants, don't have much
to offer you, but we...!

I gave your people that food
to eat, not waste.

An offering to Hera
will bring us

much more good fate
than will full stomachs.

Hera doesn't care about anybody
except herself.

You're a fool
if you believe that.

Now let me carry out
their wishes!

Is this what you want?!

See good food burned
while you starve?!

That's what I thought.

Now go ahead
and eat it this time.

Feed your stomach,
not Hera's fire.

Jana! Food!

Looks more like trouble
to me.

No, no, it's okay!

- Hercules stopped the sacrifice.
- He did?

- Well, what about Broteas?
- Broteas?

He couldn't do anything!

Don't say that.
He brought us here.

It's nice to know
you're still on my side.

You'll have to excuse Ixion.

His mouth runs away with him

He's young and excitable;
I used to be the same way.

You were never like me!

That's the fighting spirit

that'll get us through many troubles
to come.

- Do you believe me?
- Yeah, always.


That's all I needed
to be sure of.

Uh, do you want your bread back?

Oh. No, it's, uh...,

it's better that you have it.

You're wasting your time.

Oh yeah, how could I forget?

The town's cursed.

Ah, but it used to be
full 'a life!

Full of people!

Including a beautiful maiden
who caught your father's eye.

Zeus fell for a maiden?!
Well, there's a big surprise.


He gave her a chalice.


Forged by Hephaestus himself!
Solid gold!

Beautiful gift.

Problem was..., Hera found out.

Did she kill the girl?


She turned her into a dog!

And then she condemned
the whole town...,

every centimeter of it.

And no good has ever come
to anyone who has ever lived here.

That step-mother of yours...,

you gotta love her style!

A curse? Huh.
You expect me to believe that?

Think back to the storm.

Think back to the condition this town
was in when you got here.

You're starting to sound
like that crazy old man.

Well, that crazy old man
is right.

Hera has damned this place,

and you've only had a taste
of the evil she can do.

Now get everyone packing
and get them out of here.

You're the one who oughtta
get outta here.

I am trying... to help you.

We don't need you help!

We found a home,
and it's here!

Maybe Hera'll turn you all
into dogs!

- Serve ya right, ya idiots.
- You're outta your mind.

No. Listen to him.

He's predicting your future.

Look around.

We're on our last legs.

Where d'ya expect us to go?


- Calydon?!
- Calydon?

- I've never even heard of it.
- It's a charmed city.

It's protected by Apollo;
there are no curses there.


Probably not a city,

Where's this place supposed to be?

Just beyond
the Stymphalian Swamp.

Haven't you heard of the winged monster
that lives there?

It makes sure no one
gets through that swamp alive.

My kind of place.

I'll lead you through the swamp.

No. You and the old man
go by yourselves.

It's too dangerous for my people;
they are not interested.

Isn't that their decision?



All those who want
to go to Calydon...,

take your place next to Hercules.

Those that wanna stay
and make their home here...,

stand beside me.

I say we cast our lot
with Hercules.

- Let's join together.
- Yes.

- Come go with us.
- All of us.

- Let's trust Hercules.
- Try Hercules.

All together [...]

Come, everyone,
behind Hercules.

He can lead us.

So, Broteas...,

coming with us or not?


What now?

Just a little trouble,
is all.

We're leaving trouble behind.

You can't be seeing
more already.

It's a gift.

Why is it always trouble?

Don't you ever see
anything that's good?

I'm just telling you
what's gonna happen.

Something bad.

Ha... Downright rotten.


Decided to come along
after all, huh?

Don't do these people wrong,

I'll be watching you.

Yeah, I bet you will, Broteas.

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong,
that's the problem.

Hmm. What about
all the gloom and doom

you were predicting earlier?

Ah, wishful thinking.

I see a clear path
and sunny skies from now on.

- That just kills you, doesn't it?
- Ouch.

Losing your touch.

Get the water skins!

Hercules, they're rocks!

In the cave!

The curse can't follow us,
can it, Hercules?

Only as far as the gates of Calydon.

You'll be safe
once we're inside.

You better be right about that.

- End of the line!
- Trash!

It's not for me,
it's for Ixion.

Well, he's as bad as you are.

Choke on your water.

Not thirsty?

We can drink later.

Those hags won't let us
drink from that spring.

Then drink from this one.

The line starts
behind Jana and Ixion.

He just wants
what they all want.

I don't think so, Broteas.

What the...?


- Wh...?
- Pilgrims!

Yeah, I-I-I saw 'em.

- Ah, yes, I saw 'em!
- How long?

A-An hour.

But maybe two. Uh...

N-Near the Minoan caves.
I-I-I-It's not far.

I-It's not far...

It's cooler here.

More gloom and doom!

You know, enough, already.
You know, half the day,

you've predicted
two earthquakes, a lion attack...

an outbreak of Allurian fever,

and you've got three people convinced
they're pregnant.

Well, four.
That redheaded woman... over there...

Two of them are men.

The only thing you didn't see
was that rock storm.

Huh, nobody's perfect.

I don't want to see this crowd
beat you to a pulp, that's all.

Ha. Y... You really worried
about me?

No. If anyone's gonna
beat you to a pulp,

I want it to be me.

What's that?!

- The road is trembling!
- No!

I told you so! Told you so!

You should 'a listened to me,
but you didn't!

You should 'a known better!


Hmm. Ugly? Dress funny?
Smell bad?

You must work for Hera.

Here, take it;
don't hurt him!

This isn't over!

Hera won't stop
until she has what's hers!

What's hers?

What is it?


They vanished!

Where'd they go?!

Probably to Calydon.

Nobody's keeping you here,

All right.

- I want to know everything.
- Oh, what's the matter?

Don't you like surprises?

Oh... Okay. Okay! Okay.

R-Remember the chalice?

It was stolen from the temple
the night of the storm.

- Why didn't you tell me that?!
- Huh?

Because he's a fool!

And so are you for trusting him.

The mighty Hercules. Huh?

You could've gotten us all killed
by those bandits!

They were more than bandits.
Hera sent them.

Yeah..., for the stolen chalice.

There are no thieves here.

Oh, yes there are,
yes there are.

Okay, which one of you was it?!

You can tell me! Huh?!

Who got greedy and
brought Hera's curse with him?!

Well, don't look at me,
I didn't take it.

Prove it.

Olyean was a prisoner
in the Azanean salt mines.

It wasn't for stealing,
it was for killing!

- Hey!
- That's enough! Stop it!

You're letting these outsiders
tear us apart!

what are you tryin' to do?!

These are good people!

That's why I'm trying
to keep them alive.

Huh, good luck.

Your chances of living don't get
any better by standing here.

Yeah. It's about time
you made sense.

Come on, let's get outta here!

Let's get as far away
as we can before dark!


You and I are gonna talk

Did you root out the thief yet?

You should know that.

- You're the seer.
- Ah. That bad, huh?


I've got this feeling it's Broteas.

I thought I was the one
who operated on feelings.

Then operate.

You mean it?

You're ready to concede
to my... predictatory powers?

- That's what I'm here for.
- Ah. Hm-mmm.

Ah. Ah... Hm-mmm.


It's definitely Broteas.


it could be Olyean.

Then... there's always...
Ephedon, and...

That fellow, Talos,
is decidedly shifty.


Rib for you?

I say it's time to get rid
of our problem.

But we need Hercules
to lead us through the swamp;

- we can't make it on our own.
- Oh...,

he'll lead us in.
But will he lead us out?

Well, how else do we get
to Calydon and lose this curse?

Maybe the curse isn't ours.
Maybe it's his.

Look, the storm hit
just before Hercules arrived.

Then the food went bad,
rocks falling from the sky.

And then the attack today.

Yeah, and everyone knows
how much Hera hates him.

What do we do?

Whose side are you on?


or mine?


- Yours.
- Yours.

Then I'll let you know
when the time comes.

Now go,
before he gets suspicious.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.

I was just leaving.

Oh, you don't have to...
rush off on my account.

Are you sure?

If the others see us,
it might ruin your reputation.

I don't put much stock
in reputations,

yours or mine.

You mean, you don't kill
ten monsters every day?

No. Only one or two...,

small ones.


I'm afraid
my reputation's true.

That's what happens when an orphan
grows up in a brothel.

It's the only life
I ever knew.

Didn't stop you from raising
your... son right.

Oh, Ixion's not my son.

He's just... like me.

No family,
no one to love him,


I look after him.

But sometimes I feel
like he's looking after me.

A little of both, I'd say.

What do you think
our chances are?

I'm not worried about me,

but Ixion deserves
to get to Calydon.

Oh. He'll make it.

You will, too.

Even if you don't find
the chalice?

The chalice is my worry.

You get some sleep.

By tomorrow, you and Ixion
will be in your new home.

- Let go 'a me!
- What were you doin'?!

- Nothing, I wasn't doing anything!
- You're a liar!

- Get your hands off her!
- Get out!

- Ixion! Don't!
- But he's hurting Jana!

You let me take care of it.

Turn her loose.

Let's hear her explain
what she was doing

going through my things.

- I was looking for the chalice.
- Did you take it?

I'm no thief.

Check his bag!

How about it, Broteas?

I don't have to show you

But if it'll prove
my point...


- I sense trouble.
- I told you.

When we reach
the next shrine to Hera...,

we're gonna purify this lying,
thieving, little tramp by fire.

You're not sacrificing anybody.

You don't decide that.

As a matter of fact, I do.

Any arguments?


Now try to get some sleep.

You'll need it when
we cross the swamp tomorrow.

Be careful, everyone.

Watch where you walk.

The Stymphalian swamps
are full of danger.

There's sand pits

Help me! I'm sinking!

- You okay?
- Yes, thank you.

No harm done.

Just... watch your step,

- This way.
- Careful.

What's that noise?
What is it?

You don't wanna know.

Everybody, to the trees!

Get in here! Hurry up!

Get your hands off!


You all right?

Stay here.

Hercules is gonna get us all

Then take us to Calydon

Forget Calydon!

This bird's a sign from the gods,
telling us to stay away!

Let's get out of here!

It's coming back!

Get out of my way!



Look! Broteas has the chalice!

You don't understand!

I did it for all of us!

I-I... I thought the chalice
would bring us happiness.


Over here!

Come and get me!

Hey! Over here!


I'm the one you want;
over here!

Hercules, help!

We're in a sinkhole!

Hang on!
I'll getcha out.

Jana, I'm scared.

Hold tight;
don't let go of me.




Here! Grab hold!

Hurry! I don't know how long
I can hold onto this thing!

Broteas has the chalice!

He's got the chalice!

- You brought the curse down on us.
- It was him all along!

People died!

I didn't know
the chalice was cursed!

He brought the curse on us!

I wanted to sell it.

Uh... Make enough money
for us to build our own city!

You're lying.

We'd still be
in that ghost town

if you had your own way.

And you'd be off
living like a king.

You believe in sacrifice,
don't you, Broteas?

Now we'll sacrifice you!

- Yeah, kill him!
- Kill him! [...]


No sacrifices.

But he's a greedy pig!
He deserves to die!

- Yeah.
- No, let him live like an idiot.

It's worse than have him dying
like a dog.

May I?

- What are you gonna do?!
- You want your chalice, Broteas?

Then chase it.

Hey! No!

I see...

wet feet
on an endless journey.

He deserves it.

Greed'll getcha!
Greed'll getcha!

Come on.

Let's go to Calydon.

- How's it look?
- Exactly the way it should.

How does their future look?

Exactly the way it should;
no more curses.

I'll bet that breaks your heart.

People are still gonna suffer!

I... see a sandstorm
approaching Thrace!

No! No... It's not sand!

It's locusts!

This is where life starts all over
for you.

New people, fresh chances.

I'm ready for it.

Come on!
We'll be the first ones there!

Oh. You can, Ixion.

You and Jana.

This is the end of your journey,
but it's not the end of mine.

Oh, I wish it was.

Ah, I'm afraid I have
too many places to go, still.

Sober mates are good.

Well, I'll try
to make them better.

You take care of her.
I'm counting on you.

- I won't let you down.
- Hmm.


if you decide to return...


Come, Jana.
Let's go to our new home.

You should've given Calydon
a chance.

Oh..., more fun with you.

More danger.

Thanks for the compliment,
I think.

You're welcome.

I sense something.

Something hairy...,
with a tail!

A-And-And breath so bad
it can wilt flowers!

Not another monster.

Oh, no.

What is it?

No-Not another one
of those fire-breathing things,

ten times worse
than the swamp bird!

You better have another vision.

It's the dog from Parthus.

Not the one who was a woman?

Here, girl!
Here! Here! Here!

Here! Come!

Come! Come! Come! Come!

- You're off the hook, Hercules.
- I know.

You just got
a new travelling companion.

How'd you figure that out?

Easy. She's cursed.

And I'm not.

Nobody's perfect.

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