Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995–1999): Season 1, Episode 10 - Gladiator - full transcript

Hercules volunteers to help a woman show her new son to her husband, being kept as a slave. He and Iolaus arrange to be captured to free Gladius and all the other slaves.

I don't know. Maybe I'm missing
a step or something.

- Come on. The guy blind-sided you.
- No, I saw it coming.

Nah, I just couldn't get out
of the way fast enough.

Maybe you were preoccupied
with that seven-foot tree?

- He looked more like eight foot.
- That's what I'm saying,

there's no shame
in getting sucker-punched.

A couple of years ago,
it wouldn't a' happened.

Would you forget about it?!
You're driving yourself crazy.

How could I?

I... found a gray hair
this morning.

Get away from me!
Get away from me!

You're awfully pretty!

- Get away from me!
- Whaddya got for us?!

Get away!

I get her first!

Get away from me!

- Get away! Get...!
- What's going on here?

This isn't your problem.

Why don't we let the lady
decide that?

I was on my way to Apropus
when these men stopped me.

Oh, well..., maybe they're just
lost and need directions.

You see..., if she's going this way,
I think... you should go that way.

Maybe you don't count
so well.

There's six of us,
and there's two of you.

Good point. Ah, Iolaus...,
what do you think? Six ta two.

- Well..., it's not really fair.
- Yeah.

Maybe... we should let them go.

- Let us go?
- All right.

- Uh...
- Is this a joke?

You can go.

Where'd she go?

- You're welcome.
- I think you scared her.

Thanks..., Leutis.

You shouldn't be fighting
so soon after the bear.

The bear was quicker
than I thought.

Your wounds need time
to heal.

I doubt... the crowd
wants to wait.

The crowd?
Or your pride?

Here. Let me.

Hail, Maxius!

Hail, Postera!

Greetings, Maxius!

- To the goddess Hera!
- To Hera!

Our thanks be to Hera
for our continued prosperity...

in business and trade!

- Hear!
- To Hera!

Hear, hear!

And who are the opponents
today, Maxius?

Brave Gladius
will fight a lion!

A very hungry lion
all the way from Africa!

And I'm offering

- on Gladius!
- I'll go fifty dinars!

I'll go a hundred!

Put mine on the lion!

You're crazy!
Gladius is sure to win!


Pride can kill, Gladius.

I'll be all right.

Gladius! Gladius! Gladius! Gladius!

Gladius! Gladius! Gladius! Gladius!

At three-to-one,
I'll take a lion.

- Over Gladius? Our best?
- I sense he's getting tired.

Oh, do you, Postera?

I sense you're getting tired
of him.

He was lucky he survived
the bear last week.

Well..., whichever way
it goes...,

it should still be
a good show.

Hi, Maxius!

This is the history
of a time long ago,

a time of myth and legend,

when the ancient gods
were petty and cruel

and they plagued mankind
with suffering.

Only one man dared
to challenge their power:


Hercules possessed a strength
the world had never seen,

a strength surpassed only
by the power of his heart.

He journeyed the Earth
battling the minions

of his wicked stepmother, Hera,
the all-powerful queen of the gods.

But wherever there was evil,
wherever an innocent would suffer,

there would be... Hercules!


Now what?

This woman attracts trouble
like dogs draw fleas. Come on.


Yeah, yeah.

Hello again.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
run off without thanking you.

Well, maybe that's why
your wheel fell off.

Don't pay any attention to him.

He'll fix your wheel.

You don't have to do that.

No, no, no. We insist.

- Thank you.
- Excuse me.

This is hard country
for a woman alone.

- You should have an escort.
- My husband's in prison.

He's not a criminal.

He's a slave.

Wait, slaves are allowed
in Apropus?

Well, not officially. But Menas Maxius
is the richest man in this area,

and he does what he wants.

He promised to set my husband free,
then didn't.

Now he's banished me
from the land.

- Why do you wanna go back there?
- My husband has never seen his son.

No one should be
denied that.

We'll go with you.

Oh... Now, wait a minute.
Hercules, aren't we headed...?

You're Hercules?

Here you've helped me twice
and I didn't even ask your name.

There's no need to apologize. I mean,
you're worried about your husband.

You're a lot like he is.

Strong as an ox,
quick to smile...,

and handsome as a god.

Thank you.


Does it hurt?

Only when I breathe.

Ah, you're lucky.
Your wounds aren't deep.

You should see the lion.
It was a good kill.

Quick, clean.

If it was so quick...,

why d'ya wear claw marks
on your shoulder?

At least I didn't torture
the beast... or make it suffer.

You're the only one who cares
about quick, clean kills, Gladius.

- All the crowd wants is blood.
- Well, they got it. Mine!

You shouldn't've been out there.

It's one thing to fool the crowd,
but you shouldn't fool yourself.

What are you saying?
That I'm not good enough?

I'm saying that...
you should just slow down.

If you're saying
that I'm not good enough,

we can go right now!

Gladius, I don't wanna
fight you. I'm your friend,

- I'm worried about you.
- I'm fine!

You worry about yourself.

Or young... Turkos there,
with... more brawn than brains!

You watch your tongue,
old man!

You watch yours!

I don't know
what we're doin' this for.

How do you know
you're gonna get in to see him?

I'm working on it.

Well, even if you do get in,
what are you gonna do?

we can't go around...

- busting people out of prison.
- I'm working on it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- What is it, Felicita?
- Those are Maxius' toll collectors.

They might recognize me.

All right.

You know that inn we passed
a little way's back?

You stay there
until we send for you.

- Bu-But I...
- No, no. It's... It'll be all right.

We'll find your husband.

Come on, Iolaus.
We have some work to do.

For the glory of Hera...
and the coffers of Menas Maxius...,

- twenty dinars is the toll.
- Twenty dinars?!

And if we refuse?

First, we'll have the pleasure
of... cracking your skulls.

Then you'll get to see
the inside of Menas Maxius' prison.

- Hmm.
- No.

- Hmm. That's what I thought.
- Oh, no.

Great, here we go again.

I can't believe you...

- you're gonna get us into prison.
- Uh-huh.

- Hold it right there!
- Don't move!

Uh, take it easy.
We'll... go quietly.

Let's go.

You got your choice.
Venison soup or boar stew.

- Well, how 'bout both?
- You got wax in your ears?

I said ya got a choice!

Okay, look,
I'll take the stew.

- Uh, how 'bout a double portion?
- How 'bout a ladle upside the head?!

I got twenty more mouths to feed,
and a bunch a' new recruits comin' in.

Ah, come on, Spagos.

I'm fighting a bear later
this week. Just a little extra.

You're fighting a boar,
and you know the rules.

The better the fighter,
the better the food.

You got a problem with that?
We can take it up with Bellicus.

Oh, let's not.

I don't think our jailer's
capable of friendly debate.

Yeah, well, why
don't ya tell him that?

Here he comes
with the new meat.

- Hey, watch your elbow.
- Leave that be.


You're sure this is the way
to find this guy?

- Did you have a better idea?
- Keep moving!

You shove that thing
in my back once more,

and you're gonna end up wearing it.

- Did you say something?
- Yeah! I...

If you're thinking of helping,
go on. Give Rankus an excuse.

- We'll have to discuss this later.
- Oh, we will.

You'll be with us
a while.

Are you sure there isn't
an easier way to find this guy?

I'm sorry, Iolaus.

I promise you we won't stay
any longer than we have to.

I'm trying to find
a man named Gladius.

Maybe he doesn't wanna
be found.

Why are you... looking for him?

That's my business.

Just what is it you two did
that you ended up in here?

We refused to pay a toll.

That's all?

We refused
with extreme prejudice.

And for that grave transgression,
let me guess...,

two years hard labor?

Thirty days.

You hear that, Turkos?
Only thirty days.

Maxius is getting more lenient
with his sentencing.

It's just a number to him.

Thirty days, thirty years,
what's the difference?

What do you mean,
what's the difference? Ow.

I was senctenced to two years.
I've been here three.

Same here. Sentenced to two.
So far, I've done five.

They told him three;
he's been here fifteen.


If I were you guys, I wouldn't
make any long-range plans.

The only way anyone gets out of here
is in a box.


- Easy.
- Work faster!

Move! Quickly! Quickly!

Get to work over there!

Put your backs into it!

Keep movin', slave!

Could you... make 'em
a little smaller?

Don't mind Turkos. He takes
delight in the misery of others.

- No talking over there!
- Yeah.

Guy has got a sick sense of humor.

All that stuff about us
being here forever.

Turkos doesn't have
a sense of humor.


- Well, all we got was thirty days.
- That's a subject to debate.

It might make more sense

if you thought of yourselves
as slaves, not prisoners.

I fought to wipe out slavery
in this province many years ago.

Then think of yourselves
as prisoners.

To Menas Maxius,
it's all the same.

It seems like not all slaves
are created equal.

- What do you do to get that job?
- You earn it.

If you don't wanna work the quarry,
you fight animals.

The better you fight,
the more you eat.

And if you're really good
like Gladius over there...,

well, they might even send
a girl or two your way.

- That's Gladius?
- Yeah, he's the best.

And he's earned every scar
on his body.

What makes him so good?

- Work! Don't talk.
- That's two.

I'm getting bored
with the games.

Oh, yeah?
Which games are those, my love?

All the games.

Well, we'll just have
to fix that, won't we?


something different.






I just thought of something
you are gonna love. I promise you.

I have news from your wife.

Didn't you hear me?
I have news from Felicita.

- Easy!
- I have no wife.

And if you ever mention
her name again, I'll... I'll kill you.

I can see you're gonna be
a troublemaker.

- Gladius, keep moving.
- Go on!

You too.

What was that all about?

I wish I knew.

Planning an escape?

Just stretching my muscles.

Save your strength.
More than a few have tried.

Usually, they end up lashed
or dead for their efforts.

It still seems better than
sitting here and growing old.

Look..., no one should have
to live like this.

But you pick your fights,
and their time and place.

- Hmm. Like your friend, Gladius.
- Gladius is a brave man.

He's been here fifteen years.

And he's had his spirit
broken and mended

more times than
the bones in your body.

But I've never met anyone
more... honorable or courageous.

Then why does he deny
the existence of his wife?

Because he has no wife.

She died in childbirth.

- Not if her name is Felicita.
- How did you know that?

Because I met her. She's
no more a ghost than you or I.

- She's alive?
- She's alive.

- Gods above.
- They lied.

The question is... why.

For the amusement of the landowners.

Gladius is the best fighter
in the camp.

Maxius makes money off him.


He once fought an African water
buffalo with a shortsword.

That's how he met Felicita.

She was slave to Maxius' wife,
and was offered to Gladius.

No one guessed
they would fall in love.

Felicita said
he was offered his freedom.

He was.

Gladius offered
to fight anything if...

Maxius would let him marry
the girl and set them free.

- So what happened?
- He fought two mountain lions

at one time.
Killed them both.

Then Maxius went back
on his promise.

Told him the girl died.

She's alive.

She waits outside the city
with Gladius' son.


Oh, well...,

if it isn't the banished wife
of Gladius.

I guess you prefer death
to exile!

- What's he doing?
- Skoros is fighting in the pit today.

He thinks if he throws enough salt
and pepper over his shoulder,

he'll have good luck.

Maybe the cook
should try that.

You. Out.

Listen up!

A new order starts today!

From now on, there'll be two men
fighting in the pit.

Beginning with Skoros...

and you.

- I won't fight.
- That's not your decision to make.

I just made it.

Men fighting animals
for the amusement of others?

I don't believe in it, and I won't be
a willing participant.

Have it your way.

Be an unwilling participant.

Drag him out!

To great Hera!

Today, to honor our great goddess,
I've come up with a new contest!

Something even more exciting

than the ones we've held
in the past!

The crowd is sitting down.
Skoros is already out there.

He's armed with a sword.

They've carried the new man out.
He's still unconscious.

Now he's moving!

Today..., we have
two men in the pit!

But they won't be
fighting animals,

they'll be fighting each other...
to the death!

Yes! Yes! To the death!

We want blood!


- We don't have to do this.
- Kill him... or be killed.

I won't kill you.

We can throw down our weapons,
we can make a stand together.

Give it up!
I don't wanna hurt you!

Skoros slashes at him!
A backhand slice!

The new man blocks him!
Now a spin!

Kill him!

Kill him!

Kill him!

I don't kill for pleasure!

I don't kill for sport!

And I'll burn in Hades
before I kill for your amusement!

You've broken the rules,

That fight was to be
to the death.

And who are you
to order such a thing?!

I'm a generous man;
I'll give you one more chance.

Kill him, or be killed yourself.

I'm not gonna kill
an innocent man.

Not for your entertainment
or anyone else's.

Very well then.


Kill him.

You two, get rid of him.

Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

What're ya waiting for?!


Bring the slave
to my chambers.

Come on, slave!

Move it!

You've made quite an impression
in a short time.

Take his clothers off.

You're a big man.

Nice muscle tone.

- I have a proposition to make.
- Let me guess.

You'd like a...
personal slave.

Ooh, don't make it sound
so negative.

You'd have a much easier life
than you have now.

Still not much of a life.

You sound like Gladius.

Oh, did he turn you down as well?

He paid for his disrespect.

His wife did too.

You must be very proud.

You're starting to wear out
your welcome.

What's your answer?

I'd rather sleep in a dungeon
with rats...

than share satin pillows
with a viper.

You have a strange
sense of humor.

Am I laughing?

You insolent pig!

You'll get your wish.
You'll sleep in a dungeon.

But before you get there,

perhaps... forty lashes'll
bleed the insolence out of you.

Take him to Bellicus!

What happened?!

I'm all right, Iolaus.

You know, you could just
break outta here.

- Go.
- It's not time yet.

Get moving!

Hey! Where're ya taking him?

To the tombs.

Postera thinks
he should experience

sleeping with real vipers.

Oh, and she's also chosen
the next opponents!

Turkos... and Gladius.

And if ya don't put on a better
show than the last two,

ya both die!

The new slave's right.
This is wrong.

I'm... getting too old
to fight.

Can ya kill Turkos?

I'll do what needs be done.

- Are you outta your mind?
- This doesn't concern you.

What is this?!

Gladius is sick..., probably
from Spagos' stew.

Tell Maxius and Postera
that I'll be fighting in his place.


We don't have much choice.
Come on.


Come back in one piece.

Gladius cannot fight.
Leutis will fight in his place.

You remember: only one of you
will walk outta here alive.

- To honor and glory of Hera!
- To Hera!

To Hera!

And for your pleasure.

Don't forget my... pleasure,


You're gonna wish
you let your friend, Gladius, fight.

We'll see. Maybe you'll wish
he was fighting.


- is going on?
- Leutis is fighting in your place.

- Spagos! What's going on?!
- Turkos thrusts!

Leutis parries!

A shield blow!

Leutis is staggering!

Now a counter-offensive!
He's got Turkos on his heels!

Kill him! Kill him!

Kill him! [...]

I refuse.

The new slave is right.

We're not animals
to be used for sport.

We're human beings.

You're taxing my patience,

- One last time...
- No!

No more choices!

Kill them both!


- What is it?!
- They've killed them both.




You cold-blooded bastard!


When Maxius says "fight
to the death", he means it.

And this'll help
remind you!

String 'em up!

You'll pay for this, Bellicus.
I swear by the gods!

This is what refusing to fight
gets you.

You bury them properly...

or I swear... I'll bury you.

We don't have to take this.

Why don't we just
break out of here?

We haven't accomplished anything.

- Gladius, these men...
- These men...

They don't care anymore. They've given up
even thinking about freedom.

Or what it's like on the outside.

Then we have
to remind them.


You're coming with us.

- What for?
- You'll find out soon enough.

They carried Leutis through...,

paraded him past us
like the animals I used to slaughter.

I'm sorry.

He fought in my place.

The last living person
I ever loved.

He was a brave man.

For twelve years
I was like these bars.

Strong..., hard;
nothing could pierce me.

Then Leutis came. He was like
the brother I never had.

He gave me enough hope
to reach out to Felicita.

Her coming was like the night
suddenly pierced by the sun.

She lives, Gladius.

- She waits for you with your son.
- No.

- I warned you; don't...
- I've seen her.

Don't lie to me.

I swear, she's safe,
outside the city.

- I want to see her.
- You will.

But first, we have to find
a way out of here.

Looks like you'll be needing
your armour, Gladius.

Your weapons'll be handed
to you in the arena.

That's right.

You two fight next.

We can put an end to this,

If we fight,
it'll just keep going on.

If we refuse...,

- we die like Leutis and Turkos.
- Then we fight Maxius...,

his guards, the people who watch
these spectacles. They're the enemy.

Don't you see why they've pitted us
against each other?

It's because they fear us.

Together, we can
make a difference.

Well, I hope we have
a good show today.

Our guests haven't been pleased of

- And it's affected their wagering.
- They'll like this fine.

Wait till our warriors see
my little surprise.

Get your hands off me!


You told me she'd be safe!

She was supposed to wait for us.

They'll find a way out of this.

I think.


The rules remain the same.
You will battle to the death.

Today, however,
a slight modification...

which my wife will explain.

For our newest slave,
it's simple.

You refuse to fight,
and your friend dies.

But for you..., Gladius...,
it becomes more interesting.

If you balk, your wife...

returns to her former life...,

servicing all the prisoners,
and guards, and!...

anyone else I choose.

- Oh, and...
- I like it!

your son...
will be my personal slave.



Gladius! Remember
what we talked about.

Listen to me. We pretend to fight
until they let their guard down.

- I can't take that chance.
- You have to!

You can't let Leutis' death
be in vain!

Give it to him, Gladius!

Watch his feet! His feet!

Nice footwork!

If you kill me...,
do you really think

- they'll set you free, or your son?!
- Shut up.

They lied before;
what's different now?!

Shut up!

Join me, Gladius.

Help me fight them.

For Leutis..., for Felicita,
for your boy.

I'm done...
fighting and talking.

You have to decide
who will control your life.


or Maxius and Postera.

Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!

The keys. The keys!

The keys! The keys!


Let us out, Spagos!

- Let us out!
- Spagos!

- We're free!
- No more chains!



I've been waiting for this,

Me too.



Maxius, let's get out of here!

Come back here!

Call off your men.

Call off your men!

Or you can both die!

S-Stop! Stop!

Put your weapons down!

- Now it's our turn!
- We'll see who dies now!

We'll spill no more blood!

Freedom... is more precious
than revenge.

And you will... set them free,
won't you?

Sure. Uh...
But, how would I do it?

I mean, I mean, there'll-there'll
have to be some sort of decree.

How would I word it? It's...

Oh, I'm sure Gladius
will help you think of something.

"I, Menas Maxius, decree
that from this time forth,

no man
shall own another in Apropus

or the surrounding provinces!


no one shall be imprisoned
without just cause.

my wife and I

shall enter
into voluntary exile."

Oh... To my son...
and a life of freedom.

And to Hercules,
champion of free men!


He's Hercules.

I... Yeah, I...

- would've... told you myself, but...
- He's modest.

Hercules, you...
you could've killed me.

And what would that prove?

I came here to help.

You know, Iolaus,
I didn't see any signs

of you slowing down
back there.

Yeah, well...,

I was inspired. Gladius,
all those slaves...

- Yeah, you fought well.
- Thanks, Hercules.

- Huh? What is this?
- What? Am I still bleeding or...?

Oh, no, it's nothing;
just a... few more gray hairs.

Hey, come on, Hercules.
That's not very funny, you know?

I'm sensitive
about that kind of thing.

Maybe I could find something
to color it with. What do you think?

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