Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 6 - A Little Slice of Hell - full transcript

The remaining chefs meet at DeSano Pizzeria and learn about their next challenge, for which they will be given 30 minutes to create a pizza inspired by their assigned country. Marino, the owner of the pizzeria and HELL'S KITCHEN'S Maître D', joins Chef Ramsay and special guest judge Steve Samson, to determine the winning team. Later during dinner service, actress Melissa Fumero and Victoria's Secret model Devon Windsor join as special guests, and while both teams struggle, one just can't keep up.

Previously on
"Hell's Kitchen All Stars"...

Can we go somewhere where
we can have a chat?

I'm not ready to chat.

Who does he think is,
trying to...

Call a Red Team meeting?

I'll tell you when it's a meeting.

Josh got a cold reception

from new teammate Elise...

You're the only one
not gelling right now.

I've been gelling with my team.

You're not gelling 'cause
you're the newcomer.

While Robyn got a boost

from her new teammate Jared.

He wants to see the true Robyn.

If you need somebody to push
you, I'll [BLEEP] push you.

It's just a mind[BLEEP]...

The Red Team's
worst fears were confirmed

in the plank cooking challenge.

Need more fire.
Oh, my goodness.

There's not enough fire there
to cook anything.

What's wrong?
He's just smothered our fire.

It's gonna tank our team.

But solid showings
from Barbie and Manda....

Very good dish.

Thank you, Chef.
And Elise...

The fish is cooked beautifully.
Thank you, Chef.

Kept the Red Team in the game.

But a tasty chimichurri cod by Nick

and new teammate Robyn...

Whoo! Team Gay.

Clinched the victory

for the Blue Team.

This is pretty close to perfect.

Nice job.

Yeah, Robyn and Nick!

Yes, let's go!

At dinner service...

All right, guys, let's
keep moving, keep moving.

While Ben and Jared

got the men off to a fast start.

Two foie gras, walk to the window.

Carbonara walking.
Beautifully cooked.

Milly on garnish
relied on Nick.

Couscous go with lamb, right?

Couscous goes with the lamb.

And who?
The baba ganoush.

And the Blue Team
completed a successful service.

It's delicious.
Whoop, whoop.

But in the Red Kitchen...

Get the mash ready!
I got it, it's ready!

Will you stop yelling?

When you start giving us what we need!

Thank you.

Josh was lost on garnish...

Where do these eggs go?

Where's my spinach?

After time.

The Wellington's in the window!

Where's the garnish?
It's in my hand, Chef.

In your hand?!
I'm doing my best, Chef.

[BLEEP] you, now.

Chef Ramsay knew
what he had to do.

Give me your jacket, now!

Josh left
Hell's Kitchen for good.

And with that, his chance
to be the head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's
Hell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuation of
"Hell's Kitchen All Stars."

Get some rest. There's some
big changes coming.

Good night.
Good night, Chef.

I'm so glad we're all here.

You a [BLEEP] beast, bro.

Everybody hates Josh.

Josh is not on our caliber.

He not a chef.

He had a chef's jacket on.
I don't know why.

So thank you, Chef Ramsay.

Like, you a real one, bro.

It's a good day for everybody, huh?

I mean, except for Josh.

I knew he wouldn't last.

Good riddance.

Josh is gone now. It's just like
a big sigh of relief.

It's like, ahh.

Anyone want to put your
feet in the hot tub?

I'm coming.
You know what? Yolo.

We're ready to have a glass
of wine and get in the hot tub

and to let loose a little bit.

I bet you Elise
is a freak in bed.

No. I'm not discussing anything.

You are not vanilla.
I'm the diva starfish.

I hate him.


I look at Elise,
and when I see her,

and I'm like, she's sexy.

So is Dana. I'm like, those...

She's a freak.

She might be vanilla,
'cause you're Jewish.

One day we'll chat, girl.

You have that nice ass.

I need to go to bed.
Y'all are [BLEEP] weird.

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I have no idea where
we're going this morning.

But I'm excited nonetheless.
Every chance I get,

I can't wait to get out
of Hell's Kitchen.

Good morning. Uh, grab a seat.

So we walk inside DeSano
Pizzeria and Bakery,

and I see Chef Ramsay
moving around some pizzas

in these beautiful ovens.

Are we gonna be making pizzas?

Take a slice.

Now, pizza.

I mean, it's an incredible meal, right?

Yes, Chef.
The pizza is amazing.

Like, I'm from Philly,
so we do have, like,

Italian thin-crust, hand-thrown pizza,

but I've never worked with
a traditional Italian oven.

And I'm pretty sure we're
gonna be making pizzas today.

I'd like to introduce you to the master

behind this incredible pizzeria.

No one knows pizza like this guy.

Come on out.

It's a pleasure.
Good morning.

We good?

Very good.

In addition to being an incredible
Hell's Kitchen maître D',

Marino is the managing partner

of two very successful
pizza restaurants.

It's nice to see that Marino's

got this thriving business
outside of Hell's Kitchen.

Now, Marino, you made a special pizza

for us today, didn't you?

Can you bring it out, please?

I will.
Thank you.

Oh, God.

Now, this is the pizza you need to see.


This pizza that Marino got

is big as [BLEEP].

I ain't never seen a pizza
that big in my life.

I want all of you to create

an incredible pizza.

You'll spin the wheel,

and whatever country you land on,

that will be the inspiration behind

your show-stopping pizza.

And today, you'll be cooking

Let's do this.

This is [BLEEP] pizza. It's in my blood.

It's in my DNA.

I'm a guy named Giovanni.

I'm the Italian king around here.

Now, Blue Team, I'm gonna
allow you to pick first.

Robyn, what chef would you like to cook

head-to-head against on the Red Team?


I want a good fight.

And I know Barbie knows how to fight.

Spin the wheel.

Come on, Robyn.

It is looking like...

an Indian-inspired pizza.

Good luck on that one.

Robyn picked me because
she thinks she can beat me.

Yes, Chef.

Who would you like to go up
against on the Blue Team?

Take a good luck.

Yup, I'll kick his ass.

We'll see, Chef.

Let's go.

Oh, here we go.

South Korea.
What the...

Jared's happy.

South Korea?
I make my own kimchi at home.

Good luck on that one.

Bye, Felicia.

Next up, Milly.
Yes, Chef.

Who'd you like to go up against
on the Red Team?

Uh, Jennifer, sir.

Okay, let's go.

Milly picks me, and I think he's
curious to see what I can do.

This is his way to feel me out.

Spin around. Come on, Milly.


a Moroccan-inspired pizza.

Oh, interesting.
Love it.

I'm a little worried
about Milly and Jennifer.

Because nothing from Morocco screams,

"Hey, put me on a [BLEEP] pizza."

Feisty Manda.

Who do you want to take down?


I'm gonna go against Van,

'cause he's giving me the eye.

Van is, like, giving me
this super-creepy look,

and I just want
to beat him down right now.

Off you go.

Ooh, Vietnam!

Man, I got this in the bag.

We're talking banh mis,
pickled shrimp...

let's do it.

Next up, Nick.

Who do you want to take down
on the Red Team?

Uh, Dana, Chef.

No one on
the Blue Team picks me

to go up against.

I'm pretty sure it's
because they're scared.

You look nervous, Nick.
Go, Nick. Go, go, go.

There she goes.

I'm so nervous.
She's feisty.

There you go.

It is...

it's going on Greece.

It is.

Greece, oh, my God.

I can work with this.

It's something I've cooked before,

so this is gonna be easy.

Uh, Michelle, who
do you want to take down?

There's Gio and Benjamin left.

Uh, Benjamin, Chef.

Why not Gio?

Uh, I just feel like I want
to go up against the best,

and I think Benjamin's
the best one on the Blue Team.

There you go.

That's a straight-up right
answer right there.

Spin around. That's a good one.

You're on France. Happy with that?

Yes, Chef.
There you go. That's my style.


Now everybody's paired up

except for Gio.

You get to join one of those pairings

and do a second pizza.

I'll do French.

I chose France because I think
Michelle disrespected me.

If she wanted to go against
the best pizza maker,

she should've picked at least
an Italian guy.

So I'm looking forward
to kicking her ass.

You have 30 minutes.
And your time starts...

Now! Let's go.

First ten minutes is crucial, guys.

Y'all see butter?

I'm super excited I got France.

It's not too difficult to find a pairing

for French food.

To the grill.

What is?
Y'all's one is on that side.

Then why are the grills over there?

There is no room for anything.

Y'all see butter?
You get green onions?

I don't see orange...

There's pickle ginger.


Everyone's grabbing ingredients

and out of control.

Get outta my way.

It is utter chaos.

Don't touch my pan.

Don't... I'm trying.

It's a tight kitchen.
How about showing some class?

Has anyone seen the top
of the food processor?

This is ridiculous.

Gio! It ain't coming off, so...

Pull it out, pull it out!

Put it right here.

I need a paddle, Gio. Please?

Help me out, Gio.

[BLEEP] hold on one second, man.

There's a lot of people
asking for my help

and I'm trying to focus on my pizza,

'cause if I [BLEEP] up my pizza,

they'll be throwing me under the bus.

Somebody pizza in the oven.

Mine, mine. One second.

Hold on, I got to get it out.

Just under 20 minutes to go, guys.

Where's the rolling pin?
Did you roll it out?

My country is India,
and I'm like, "Okay."

Garam masala tomato sauce,

turmeric, chicken, the palmero cheese,

which is an Indian cheese.

I think this is gonna sound good.

Curry? Anybody seen curry?

I'm going Northern African.

I know what's going on up there.

I'ma do curry lamb meatballs.

I'ma make a hummus.

Boom, there you go.
A Moroccan-style pizza.

I'ma show Jennifer you ain't
got a win over here.

Last two minutes, guys!

They take 90 seconds to cook.

Time is running out, and the
wheels start to come off.

Watch each other's faces.

There's just so much chaos and confusion

going on right now.

We're spinning. Hot.

Barbie, you got to excuse me.

Careful. Get it in.

Get it in.
Oh, my God.

It's not coming off.
90 seconds remaining, guys.

Careful, careful. In and out.

I can't [BLEEP] get it off!

You have to get it in.

Just go really fast.
One, two, three, go.

Just go.
I cannot, it's [BLEEP].

'Scuse me!
I can't get it off!


I am down to the wire,

and I need to get this pizza
into the oven now.

Move, Elise!

It's a [BLEEP] wreck.
What the [BLEEP]?

90 seconds remaining, guys!

Oh, my God.
One, two, three, go. Just go.

I cannot. It's [BLEEP].

It's a [BLEEP] wreck.

[BLEEP] it. It's [BLEEP].
It's... it's [BLEEP].

What the [BLEEP]?
Come on, come on.

With me, okay? I believe in you, okay?

Barbie, shut up, please.

I know you're trying to help me,
but it's irritating.

Keep it together, girl.

You got to keep it together.
Like, don't give up.

Let me pull mine.

You have to hurry up, please.
I'm doing it, Elise!

Five, four, three...

two, one, and stop!

It's over.

Oh yeah, baby.

Blue Team, you have two pizzas
representing France.

I'll only be tasting one.

Decide which pizza is your best.

Um, what do you guys want to do?

His looks better.

Yeah, let's go... You want to go Gio's?

All right, let's go Gio.
Let's go Gio.

Just looking at it, I'd rather
have Giovanni's pizza.

And we're like, "Oh, we got this."

His name's Giovanni.

You can't get more Italian than that.

Now, Marino and I will be
judging your pizzas today.

But I've also added
a very important judge.

"Los Angeles" magazine named this guy

one of the Chefs of the Year.

Please welcome Steve Samson.


I'm definitely excited to have

Steve Samson as a judge.

He got one of the best pizza
restaurants in the world.

Let's begin with the Battle of India.

Robyn and Barbie.

Come on, Barbie.

So, Barbie, describe your
pizza first, please.

I made a twist on white pizza

with mango chutney

and vadouvan roasted mushrooms.

It's a little bit dry,
but I do like the fact

that it tastes very Indian.

It's a good effort.

Right, Robyn, describe
your pizza, please.

So I did a garam marsala tomato sauce.

I took, uh, thigh meat chicken.

I marinated that with coconut milk,

a little bit of turmeric.

Put out some eggplant
and a palmero cheese on top.

Did that go on early,
that eggplant?

'Cause it's still quite spongey here.

No, I put in the...
The tomato sauce with it.

Yes, Chef.

Just raw eggplants...

Yeah, I'm not a big lover of that.

It's got that bitter taste.

You might've struggled
a little with the oven.

The ovens run very hot,

much hotter than conventional ovens.

So I can see that.

So, gentlemen,

on the count of three, please.

One, two, three.


It feels amazing to win.

And if we win by one point,

thanks, Robyn.

Right, next let's do
the Battle of Morocco.


I'm a little nervous.

But when I look over at Jennifer pizza,

like, you can't even really
see what she got on it.

She got so much garnish on it.

So I'm like, "You got
this [BLEEP], bro."

With the Red Team
off to a hot start,

Milly will need Jennifer's
Moroccan-style lamb

and arugula pizza...

I probably would have liked
maybe a little bit more

of the sweet component.

Authentic. Uh, great spice.

Especially the raisins there.
Great concept.

To come up short
against his Moroccan

curry meatball pizza.

Flavors are great.
Very nice. A little dry.

Maybe having, like, a little bit
of some sauce or something wet.

Gents, please, uh, vote for
your best-tasting pizza.

One, two, three.

At least Steve Samson liked my pizza.

Right, next up, Battle of Vietnam pizza.

Vietnam. Let's go.

Let's go. You there.

Van, what shape have you gone for there?

What is that? A... a football?

Oh, Chef, it was a mess.
I was down to the last second.

I think that maybe
he wanted to replicate

the shape of the state of Texas.

With the score
tied one to one,

Van is hoping the judges

can look past the shape
of his banh mi-inspired

Vietnamese pizza...

The flavor here is mind-blowing.

Shrimp are beautiful.

It's just in the baking
and shaping of the pizza,

but good job.

To win the round
against Manda's

Vietnamese pho-inspired pie.

A little bit underbaked,
but, uh, I like it.

Makes me think of pho.
Thank you, Chef.

Uh, gentlemen, please,
is it, uh, the red?

Or the blue?


I just beat Van.

So I cannot be happier right now.

He creeped me out.

I didn't know what else to do.

Let's go, uh, Dana.

And Nick, let's go.

As the Red Team
takes the lead,

it's up to Dana's
Greek lamb and feta pizza...

Toppings are really delicious.

The combination of flavors,
also, with the olives

is very good.

I like it.
Thank you.

To go head-to-head

with Nick's Greek sausage
and toasted pistachio pizza.

Love the pistachios roasted
and toasted on top.

It's almost perfect.

Thank you, Chef.

Uh, gents, please, vote
for your favorite pizza.

One, two, three.

Ah, really good.

Nick has successfully
pulled the Blue Team

back into a tie.

Right, next up: South Korea.

Leaving Jared and Elise

to battle it out

with their Korean-inspired pizzas.

Did you guys eat half of this one?

Um, yes, Chef. It's, um, a... a flatbread.

Challenge is pizza.

It's ugly. I'm sorry, Chef.

Somewhat left to be desired.

The flavors are good.
They're well-balanced.

I like the meat. I like the vegetables.

All the makings
of a great pizza there.

Just badly put together.

Elise, if you blew
this challenge for the Red Tea,

I swear to God you're not
gonna hear the end of it.

Uh, Jared, describe the pizza, please.

Um, I topped it with some
shrimp with raw cabbage

to emulate that kimchi flavor.

Raw cabbage in there doesn't
sound that inspiring.

Um, kimchi's not raw cabbage.

I have no one to award
a point to on this one.

Uh, um, Marino?

I'll pass.
Wow. Steve?

Uh, I think I have to, as well.

I'm sure that if I had
the whole pizza on the plate,

I would've won that round.

But technically, I didn't lose
a point for my team,

so whatever.

We're tied, and it's all down

to the Battle of the French.

Let's go.

Here come Milly and Gio,

and as a team, we picked
Gio pizza over Benjamin.

We better have this one in the bag.

Sliced brie on there,

with a little bit of blistered tomatoes,

crunchy Brussels sprouts,
and toasted prosciutto.

Maybe a little more
utilization of the dough.

There's quite a lot of dough
exposed here.

But good job.
Thank you, Chef.

Right, Gio, describe please.

I did a classic on a white pie.

I took it crème fresh,

added some shallots, some garlic,

a little herbs de Provence.

Oh, dear. Can you just
flip that over for me, please?

Yeah, [BLEEP].

Wow. You can see, visually
every slice was burnt.

You had no idea it was burnt?
No, I didn't.

[BLEEP] rookie, rookie mistake.

The flavors are good.

Just, you know...

Another great concept,

but badly, badly executed.

We probably should've picked
mine over Gio's.

Right, uh, gentlemen,
on the count of three.

One, two, three.

Blue Team, did you have any idea
that was burnt?

No, Chef.
No, wow.

If only you looked underneath.

That's the one thing I didn't do,

was check the bottom of the pizza.

But the team picked my pizza,

so they also better take a small
percentage of this [BLEEP].

Now, all of you join me
in thanking Steve

to be here this morning.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Good job.

Ladies, I've arranged for all of you

to be a guest at the members-only

Hollywood Magic Castle.


Holy [BLEEP]

On the way, you'll be
taking an amazing tour

on an open double-decker bus

to look around Hollywood
and see some exciting places.

Uh, what are you waiting for? Get out.

Off you go. Go, go, go, go, go.

Blue Team.

All of you are in for a busy day.

Tonight is Italian night
in Hell's Kitchen.

That means you are transforming

the dining room ahead
of tonight's occasion.

The tablecloths need to be
completely ironed.

Tables need to be set.

Don't forget the little
condiments, the oil and vinegar.

I want to see freshly-grated Parmesan

on all the tables as well.

Yes, Chef.

You can start now. Let's go.

This sucks.

This is the second time I've had to set

the Hell's Kitchen dining room.

It's horrible.

I feel like the Red Team would
be a little bit better at this

than a bunch of dudes and Robyn.

Good job, girls. Hollywood.

Everybody's dressed all nice-nice.

Elise is in a [BLEEP] ball gown again.

Look at you. You look like a star

with your sparkling dress on.

Elise literally looks like
the Oscars statue right now.

You know, we all look nice today.

Oh, look.

The Dolby Theater.
That's where the Oscars are.

Oh, that's cool.

Look, guys, it's the El Capitan.

That's really cool.
The Chinese theater.

You guys should see
all these stars over here.

These stars over here.

Ha! David Bowie, Spike Jonze,

Janet Jackson...

oh, look, it's Michael Jackson.

It's Michael.

The Red Team's
not fighting for once.

We're all getting along.

This is like
a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It's amazing.

So tonight is a special night
for me, okay?

It's Italian night.

Behind you, you have everything
that you need to reset the room.

So get to it.
Okay, Marino.

I'll set the tables.

Check if you have a round one.

Not the rectangular.
I just assumed, but...

Never assume.

Yeah, I learned that today
with Gio's pizza.

Oh, snap.

Oh! Ho-ho-ho-ho.


It wasn't just my fault.

Anybody could have checked
the bottom of my [BLEEP] pizza.

So [BLEEP] 'em all.

Chicks at a magic show.

Look, we're here.
Oh, my God.

This looks so cool.

Oh, cool!


You guys ready for some magic?

Yeah? All right, my name's Joel Ward.

I'm super excited to be here.

That's a nice ring.
Is that a wedding ring?

Thank you. It is.
I might need to borrow that.

Do you mind assisting up here?

All right, uh, do me a favor.

Elise, I want you to pinch
your ring through the cloth.

It's gonna disappear from there.

It's gonna end up there.
Yeah, right.

It's my job, Elise, okay?

All right, here we go.

On the count of three. Ready?

Okay, watch.

One, two, three.

That was just a little joke, Elise.

That was a quarter.
It's just a little joke.

It's all good.
Elise, calm down.

You're gonna get your ring back.

Do you play, uh, tennis at all?

So here, why don't you
do me a favor here.

Slip that, uh, headband on.

Write your name on the tennis ball.

Maybe put a little happy face.

I'ma put a sad face, 'cause I
don't have my ring.

You're gonna put a sad face? Oh.

This is the best day of my life.

I like seeing Elise panic.

I think it's funny.

Brand new, fresh can.

Can I get you to pop it open?

Pour 'em into the net there.

Let's see. Wait.

Oh, wait, did you see...

a signed tennis ball?

Is that yours? Isn't that sweet?

Ha, ha, where's my ring?

I'm over this whole magic show.

I just want my ring back.


You see something inside?

Here, hold it up.

Hold it up for me right there.

Is that... that's her ring.

That's pretty good.

Let's give her a hand for doing that.

While Elise is grateful

to have her ring back...

You know, I'm sweating from
[BLEEP] grating cheese.

The punishment
is definitely grating

on the Blue Team.

I'm done.

Hand-grating a wheel of cheese.

That's like going to prison.

You never see the end of that [BLEEP].

You just grating and grating
and grating until you die.

Hey, guys.
They're so quiet.

Look at Elise.


That was her wedding dress.

She got married in that to her husband.

Are you kidding me?!
Swear to God.

Robyn, I'm done.


Oh, you're [BLEEP]...

Coming up...

I need to know when that pasta is done!

In one of the craziet
nights ever

in Hell's Kitchen...

find out what pushes Chef Ramsay...

Come on!
Over the edge.

It's an absolute joke.

Get your [BLEEP] together

or I'm gonna take over.

I can't even watch.

That is the worst performance

I've seen in my entire [BLEEP] life!


After a grueling
and grating punishment...

Ugh. I got a half an arm left, man.

You know what I mean?

Now both teams are prepping

for this evening's special Italian night

in Hell's Kitchen.

How you feeling?
I feel good.

Good. You have any questions,
just... I'm here.

All right, Barbie, you're gonna
have to taste a lot of this,

'cause this is all spaghetti.

I have Celiac Disease,

so I am not supposed to have

anything with flour in it whatsoever.

It makes me so incredibly sick.

Keep it together, yeah?

Any broken ones,
don't put them in there.

Let's do this [BLEEP], brother.

Oh, we got this.

Right, gentlemen, let's go.

Si, Chef.

Open Hell's Kitchen for
Italian night, please.

Let's go.

A taste of Italy
has come to Hell's Kitchen.




And the dining room is crowded

with hungry patrons
and elegant VIP guests.

This is so cool.

Still or sparkling?
Still, please.

Thank you.

In addition to Chef Ramsay's

Italian-themed menu...



Diners may also order

an Italian seafood entrée.

You're getting your shellfish.

To be served tablesie
by Elise from the Red kitchen

and Nick from the Blue.

It's stunning.
Stunning, exactly.

Welcome. Good to see you.
Thank you.

So glad you could make it.
So exciting. I'm so hungry.

How fun.

Good evening.
Good evening.

Nice to see you. Welcome.

Thanks for coming, you guys. Yay.

Okay, order on, guys. Here we are.

Nothing complicated.

Four top at table 22.
Two scallops, two carbonara.

Yes, Chef.

Five minutes to the window.
Two carbonara, two scallops.

Working hot apps on a new menu.

It's my responsibility
to get everybody flowing.

So if I sputter, I could ruin service.

Four minutes, guys.

Please let me know when
to drop the scallops.

Benjamin? Hello?


Ben. Benjamin. Benjamin.

You got to talk to me.

Okay? Relax.

Where's the pan for the scallops?

Why is it not down?

Because he didn't tell me
yet to drop 'em!

I told you five minutes,
I told you four minutes...

Oh, my God.
You make that call. Come on.

Communicate with me.
Blue Team, come on!

Put your pans down.
Let's go, two scallops.

Scallops right now!

How many scallops you got in the pan?

One order!

How many you been telling her?

[BLEEP] been calling two the whole time.

Benjamin doesn't
know how to communicate.

He's quiet, and then he [BLEEP] yells.

Is that you speak
in your [BLEEP] kitchen?

How long?
Scallops right now!

Scallops right now.
Carbonara right now.

To the window, Chef.

Scallops nicely cooked.

Good job, guys.
Service, please.

Are you three minutes out?

I need somebody to taste
that pasta for me.

I'm on hot apps tonight.

And I am going to be
slinging out some pasta.

Taste that for me. Is that done?

Mm. 30 more seconds.

Even though I can't really taste it,

I am not letting Celiac Disease
take me down.

Spaghetti right on your right, Chef.

Ladies! Over here!

I want you to taste it. Come here.

Dig in.
It looks like a lot, Chef.

No, just taste it. Just taste it.

Pasta's raw.
It's crunchy as [BLEEP].

Ugh! [BLEEP] me!

Michelle, you told me it was cooked!

I know you can't eat pasta.
I know.

But what can you do then?

I asked somebody to taste it
for me, Chef.

Who did you ask to taste so I
can help eliminate a palate?

Chef, I said 30 more seconds
when she asked me.

And did she cook it 30 more seconds?

I wasn't... I wasn't sure, Chef.

I can tell when pasta's done
just by looking at it.

So Manda should be able to do it, too.

I need a mouth. Here.


It's done.
Michelle says spaghetti's done.

See if that's cooked.
It's raw.

Yeah. Thanks, Michelle!

My bad.

Good job.

[BLEEP] me twice now.

I need to know when that pasta's done!

It's good now.
Are you sure?


Whoo! I'm so sorry, Chef.

Is that cooked now?
Yes, Chef.

Let's go.

Thanks to the additin
of a new taster,

Manda has recovered on appetizers.

Service, please.

And both kitchens
successfully deliver

the rest of their appetizers.

Mmm, thank you.

Well, bon appétit.
Bon appétit.

And ready for their first...

Entrees: two lamb with
salmon with cioppinos.

Yes, Chef.

I need to redeem myself.

I just can't [BLEEP] up
for the rest of the night.

You know, I got to make sure
this food's going out.

Oh, yeah.
They feel good to me.

Garnish walking.
Lamb, please.

Right behind. Two lamb.

Oh, man.

Hey, hey, come here.

Away from the chef table.
Away from the chef table.

Oh, my God.

When you go in that pantry,

that's like Chef Ramsay little dungeon.

He gonna lay you
the [BLEEP] out, guaranteed.

Look how [BLEEP] raw that is!

Are you done?
No, Chef.

Well, what's the matter with you?

'Cause your head's down.

And you, get your [BLEEP] together,

or I'm gonna take over!

Got it?!
Yes, Chef!

Right, sort it out!

Lamb just needs an extra two minutes,

so we have to slow down on the lamb.

Let's go.
Okay, we're gonna do it?

Now we can't rush out the lamb.

We're not rushing anything out.
It's got to rest.


Giovanni, Van, I thought you
guys were the meat all-stars.

You guys can't even [BLEEP]
cook lamb with two of ya.

Is there any lamb ready?

Not yet, Chef.

I need three minutes.
Three minutes.

[BLEEP] now.

We are three minutes and counting,

so it should be fine, yes.

Are you guys sure?
Three minutes?

Three minutes.

We got the lamb in the oven
baking right now,

cooking up to temperature...

hopefully that'll be perfect.

Two lamb?

Needs three more minutes of resting.

Oh, my God.

Three minutes ago, it was three minutes.

Then it's still three minutes.
It's an absolute joke.

Van, come here, you. Come on.

Yeah, he looks so disappointed.

You want to laugh?
I'm sorry, Chef.

You want to laugh?

This is how I deal with this stuff.

No, I... I really don't think it's funny.

You ready to go home?

It's an hour into
a rocky dinner service

for the Blue Team.

It's an absolute joke.

And it's no longer
a laughing matter for Van.

Van, come here, you. Come on.

Because Chef Ramsay has an
important question for him.

You ready to go home?

No, Chef. I came here to win.

What, when you [BLEEP] smirk like that?

We're in the [BLEEP].

It's not a time to laugh!

I understand, Chef. I'm so sorry.

I respect you a lot, Chef. I really do.

I'm not laughing at Chef Ramsay.

I laugh when I'm nervous.
I laugh when I'm happy.

I just laugh.

I'm not gonna change
because of Hell's Kitchen.

Get that one going right now.

I got it right here.

Two lamb. One cioppino tableside.

One salmon. How long?

I'm ready. Let's go.

Coming right now.

Walking with lamb.

That's better.

With the laughter in check

and the lamb cooked to perfection...

Beautiful. Let's go.

The Blue Team delives

their first entrees of the night.

Thank you very much.


Let's go, let's go, guys. Come on.

While over
in the Red kitchen...

Entree: Two veal, two lamb.

Yes, Chef!

Michelle, ask for help. Let's go.

Yes, Chef!

Michelle seems contet
to do it all on her own.

Yo, I'm gonna start getting, uh,
that veal down here in a minute.

I literally feel like
an octopus right now

because I just keep, like,
moving, moving, moving.

'Cause I don't want to get behind.

I don't want to [BLEEP] anything up.

I want to make sure that all these meats

are cooked perfectly.

Putting lamb in the convection oven.

Oh, you all right?

You okay?

Are you sure?

I'm all right.
Oh, my God.

She's like, pffft!

This is karma for the raw pasta.


Michelle's gonna have
a bruise on her ass huge!

Walking with two lamb.

Yes, Chef?

Beautifully cooked.
Thank you, Chef.

Service, please.

While Michelle
has avoided being

the sacrificial lamb
in the Red kitchen...

You ready?

Go to... go to the pan!
I'm not ready!

I can go in one minute.

Jared is under
pressure to deliver.

One minute still.

Come on, right now's the time.
We got to get it out.

There's a [BLEEP] ton going on
in the garnish station.

I got pastas, I got garnishes,

I've got polenta,
I've got mashed potatoes.

I mean, I've got all sorts of [BLEEP].

Salmon New York strip.

Three minutes, Chef.

Three minutes?
Three minutes?!

You just said a minute.
You just said a minute, man!

Listen, I'll tell you
when to go, that's it.

That's all you wait on.

But I need to know your
timing to match my fish.

45 seconds.

The communication issue right
now is Jared lying.

Like, he's literally lying to us

on how long the garnish is gonna be.

Walk that garnish, bro.

No, no, no, no.

45 seconds!
That was ten seconds ago,

and 30 seconds before that.

Are the proteins ready?

Yes, Chef.
Oh, my God.

Jared, you're [BLEEP] us with times.

Listen, I'm [BLEEP]
everything right now.

I get it. Stop telling me.

Come on, Blue Team, please!

Can I get a medic?


Come here. Come here.

Where is it?
It's right there.

It won't stop bleeding, Chef.

Hey, Marino, come here.

He's bleeding to death.

He's bleeding to death!

You got a bigger cut
on the end of your [BLEEP].

Emergency, emergency.

Jared called, "Medic, medic."

I got a cut."

You're calling a medic because
you're crashing and burning.

What's happening, buddy?

I just need a Band-Aid real quick.

You see that cut?

Was it bleeding to death?
No, Chef.

'Cause it wasn't [BLEEP] there!

If I cut myself, I sear that
[BLEEP] off on the flattop

and keep going. Man up, bro.

Can I get some sani-wipe, please?

With Jared in triage
fighting for his life,

over in the red kitchen...

Does anybody need anything?

Need anything?
No, thank you.

Elise is fighting
to be part of her team.

Does anybody need anything?

You need anything, Jen?

No, I'm okay right now.
You sure?


I've been giving my best effort

to be the best team player I can be

since that was something that
they all kept putting me up for

in season nine.

So I'm constantly helping everyone.

Barbie, I got it.

Put them on here.
Barbie, I got it.

I don't like them on here.

I'm just gonna push it back.

It's my station. I got it.

Elise, you're not gonna
come over and bully me

out of my station.

Not today.

Elise, tableside cioppino.
Uh, Elise, go!

I'm going.
Go right now.

I'm going.
Let Barbie finish.

Get on the floor. Let's go.
Yes, Chef.

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.
Come here often?

Jared, are you bandaged up?

Yes, Chef.
How many stitches, 17?

Zero, Chef.
Hey, do me a favor.

Yes, Chef?
Grow some.

Yes, Chef.

Two salmon, two veal.

Where is it?
Running right now, Chef.

Two veal, Chef.

Oh, man.

What has happened to my
[BLEEP] all-stars?

Come here. Come on.

Just touch that there. It's overcooked.

Nothing is consistent tonight.

What's happened to you guys?

Well, what is it?

I look at this, I go back
to the opening night.

It's like two different groups!

On an evening where
guests should be enjoying

a taste of Italy,

the once-consistent Blue Team

has had a night filled with mistakes.

Oh, no.
What'd he say?

He's saying it's not good.

What's happened to you guys?!

Come here.

Oh, my gosh. I feel bad.

I feel so bad.


Right now, we are at no stars!

Medic! Where was the cut?

I'm not sure. I didn't see the cut.

Thank you so much.

Professional medic can't even
find a [BLEEP] cut.

Get out!

That is the worst performance
I've ever seen

in my entire [BLEEP] life!

Get out!

It was a nightmare tonight!

And I can do is smile about it.

But I can't even do that
in Hell's Kitchen.

All right, the Blue kitchen's gone.

The entire Blue Team is missing.

Where is everyone?

Uh, Nick?
Yes, Chef?

Come here.

They were a disaster.

Not just in the middle, not at the end,

and even at the beginning.

And then Van, laughing his head off.

I'm done. Upstairs.
Yes, Chef.

As Nick joins
the rest of the Blue Team

in the dorm,

the Red Team has moved on to their...

Last table.

Come on, girls, we're killing this.

Garnish, Jennifer, please.
Coming right now, Chef.

Yeah, let's go.
I'm walking with salmon.

Walking with New York.

I'm right behind, right behind.

Ladies, beautifully cooked.
Thank you, Chef!

Service, please.


This food is yummy.

Good job, ladies.


I don't like getting kicked out
of a [BLEEP] kitchen.

You shouldn't have called the medic.

I shouldn't have called
for a medic, I should've...

I should've done a lot of things.

Hindsight, you know, is 20/20.

Listen, I know I [BLEEP] up,

but I'm gonna defend myself.

There's other people to blame.

Bad service.
Terrible service.

Do you want to just start?

Give me the lowdown,
'cause I only saw some stuff.

Okay, so Van and Gio, they had
a lamb go up that was raw.

All right, what did...
What did Robyn do?

That salmon that came back.
And the scallop dish.

The scallops.

I recovered 30 seconds
after that scallop.

Well, who cooked that lamb,
that raw lamb?

We both did.

Who walked it to the pass?

I think I did.

I'ma keep it real with you.

If you take raw to the pass,

I'm always gonna vote for raw.

I got to go Van.

Number one sin in the kitchen
is raw food.

I don't care how good you are.

You put out raw food,

I'm saying your name.

Based off what Chef Ramsay
told me on the way up here,

it would be Van.

That's my vote.

I ain't ready to go home yet.

If there's one thing I [BLEEP] know,

it's I can cook.

I have magic.

And I'm gonna fight to be here.

I'm gonna go Robyn and Jared.

I pick Jared and Robyn.

It started on garnish.
That's what happened tonight.

It all started on garnish
and went downhill from there.

I have blood all over my [BLEEP] hand.

Where is it?
It's right there.

It won't stop bleeding, Chef.

You didn't have a cut, babe.

I know I got cut.

My towel had blood all over it.

I mean, Gio and Van
got undercooked lamb.

I got a girl on fish
forgetting to drop scallops.

And I'm just getting pummeled

like a [BLEEP] nerd
in elementary school.

It was very unorganized tonight.

What could we do to make service better?

We need to get
through tonight first.

Then we can talk about what else...

We're just...
Worry about tonight.

I am worried about tonight.
Worry about tonight, Robyn.

I'm not getting a attitude with you.

Please don't get a attitude with me.

Worry about tonight.
I am worrying about tonight.

If Benjamin doesn't like me,
then he can go [BLEEP] himself.

And the boys, all they do
is snap, snap, snap.

Like, let me see a [BLEEP] leader

in the damn Blue kitchen.

I'm sorry, we do things
different on the girls' side.

We let each other know.

When you guys break down, you
guys don't communicate well,

and then you guys yell.
Excuse me?

You need to chill out, lady.

You're not like a pro, okay?

She talks about communication,
but yet she doesn't listen.

I think the team would be
stronger without Robyn.

You need to chill out.
I am chilling out.

I'm just trying to communicate with you.

All you do is talk.
You don't communicate.

You're just jumping up and down,
making noise.

Blue Team, I cannot believe

how far you've fallen.

The Red Team has not only
caught up with you,

they're passing you.

Benjamin, Blue Team's
first nomination is...

Jared, Chef.

Jared was on garnish.
He never caught up.

Continued to be behind
throughout service.

Blue Team's second nomination.

Robyn, Chef.

Jared, Robyn, step forward.

Yes, Chef.

Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I'm just a stronger chef than Robyn is.

Yes, I had a poor service tonight.

I got lost, Chef.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

I got real lost.

But every other night, I have been

a vocal voice in the kitchen.

You were vocal.

Oh, yeah, you were vocal.

It went like this:


That's the only time I heard you
use your voice.

I cut my finger, Chef, and it
wouldn't stop bleeding.

I spoke to the medic.

Jared, he couldn't find the cut.

Robyn, are you bonding in the Blue Team?

I would like to go back
to the Red Team, Chef.

It was an embarrassment
in that kitchen tonight,

and there was no recuperating.

How can you say you want
to go back to the Red Team?

You're part of the Blue Team.
We're a team.

I understand that. I'm just saying,

I think the communication

is a little bit poor on the Blue Team.

And we need to fix it.
It needs to be fixed, because...

Well, how does that getting fixed to say

you want to go back to the Red Team?

Because I...
You're Blue Team.

I understand that I was the Blue Team,

but I never asked to go
to the Blue Team.

I was put here on the Blue Team.

That was all I'm saying.

So I feel like I'm starting
from day one over again.

But I'm a fighter and I'll go
wherever you want me, Chef,

because I want to be here
in Hell's Kitchen.

I know I can do better.

I have heart, passion,

dedication, and I'm not quitting.

I saw someone quit on my team today

when he called for a medic
for a little cut.

And it...
I came right back.

Robyn, Jared...

I'm... I'm done with excuses.

My decision is...


Get back in line.


Take off your jacket.

You've never hit your stride
since you arrived,

and too inconsistent.

Yes, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.
I wish you luck.

Thank you.
Good night.

Good night. Good night, guys.

Bye, Jared.

Chef Ramsay definitely
made a mistake

by sending me home tonight.

It should be Robyn.

She's a mess.

She didn't really cook [BLEEP] tonight.

I have a legitimate cut.

There's blood.

There's visible blood.

I'm not gonna cut food
with [BLEEP] blood

on my hand.

It's not sanitary.

I'm done, guys.
My patience is running out.

And tomorrow will be a test

like you've never done before.

Is that understood?
Yes, Chef.

Get out of here.

Robyn telling Chef Ramsay she
wants to be back on the Red Team

it's disrespectful and a slap
in everybody's face

that's on the Blue Team.

I think the bitch move that
she [BLEEP] pulled up there

is [BLEEP] horrible.

I think the Blue Team's
gonna fall like dominoes.

Sorry, Robyn, we just found our groove.

We don't want you back right now.

Robyn's gonna be the next one out.

As far as I'm concerned,

she can go back on the Red Team.

It don't matter.

We'll be all right on Blue Team.

Medic? More like, pathetic.

While Jared's cut was imaginary,

now he knows what it really is like

to get cut.

Next time on
"Hell's Kitchen All Stars"...

Which member from each team
gets kicked out?

Kicked out?

What the [BLEEP] is going on here?

The competition
gets cutthroat.

Come on, send Robyn.

You said you wanted to go
to the Red Team.

Wow, that was quick.

They told me to go.

And only the strong
will survive.

Barbie, you're out.

I'm not leaving. No, no way.

But these chefs
won't go down without a fight.

It's on now, baby!
Of course it's [BLEEP] on!

Really on!

She better hope I go home tonight.

The gloves are off.

I feel like I'm the underdog.

In a knockdown...

Oh, my God.


Let the games begin.

of "Hell's Kitchen All Stars."