Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh - full transcript

After a shocking change, many are left unhappy and the tension in the dorms is at an all-time high. The next day, the chefs are challenged to work in pairs and cook different types of fish ...

Previously on
Hell's Kitchen: All Stars...

Come on. B! B!

The teams earned ingredients

in a letter lottery challenge.

- M.
- Mascarpone.

- Mayo.
- Mushrooms, Chef.

Ah, man.


Robin delivered
another disappointing dish.

I'm struggling to give that a one.

One out of five.

But perfect scores from Michelle...

- That's a five.
- Thank you, Chef.

- Dana...
- That is a resounding five.

- And Elise...
- Five for five.

Once again, slam dunk.

Propelled the Red Team

to their first challenge victory.

That's how you do it, ladies!

During dinner service prep...

So, I'm a personal chef to celebrities,

and I have my own catering company.

I'm on my feet three hours a day.

Three hours, bro?

Van lost all respect for Josh.

You're acting like
a little bitch right now, John!

And his disdain bled
into dinner service.

- Here?
- No, no, no!

What the [BLEEP] are you doing, bro?

- Here!
- Just [BLEEP] say that then!

They're gonna get into a fight.

While the Blue Team spent

most of the night fighting,
in the red kitchen...

- I'm walking with two scallops.
- Chef, lobster Welly.

The ladies had
their best dinner service yet.

Nicely cooked, the duck.

And pulled off an impressive victory.

This is definite redemption for us.

After a fiery deliberation...

You served it knowing it was burnt.

No! You got me twisted, man.

I'm [BLEEP] staying right here.

- You guys are the best chefs?
- Get the [BLEEP] out of here.

- Sit down.
- You want to hear it again?

You can't burn.

Gio and Josh were nominated,

but the Blue Team was united
on who they wanted to go.

He's been the weakest link all day.

Chef Ramsay agreed.

Josh, you're going to the Red Team.


Swapping him with Robyn.

- You're going to the Blue Team.
- Oh, my gosh.

Allowing both of them another chance...

[BLEEP]. To see if they can

deliver on another team.

Tonight, the quest
to become the head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's
Hell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace
in Las Vegas continues.

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And now, the continuation

of Hell's Kitchen: All Stars...

Get out of here.

It's really an uncomfortable feeling

to go from one team to the next.

We were just starting to gel,

And now it's gonna turn to pudding

- Yeah.
- This is an uphill battle,

and if you can't adapt, you die.

So, I need to talk
to the Red Team, my team.

Elise, can we go outside?

No, I don't want to go outside.

Can we go somewhere
where we can have a chat?

- The Red Team?
- I'm not ready to chat.

Well, that's not a good start.

Who does he think he is trying
to call a Red Team meeting,

and he's been on the team
for 30 seconds?

I don't think so. I'll tell you

when it's a meeting, and it ain't now.

I'm not worried, 'cause as soon
as he [BLEEP] up,

he'll be right back up there,
so I'm not worried about it.

- Listen, you need to, like...
- I'm accepting it.

Jump off your high horse, Elise, please.

- It's not about no high horse.
- You do, yeah.

It's about me worrying
about my team gelling.

You're the only one not gelling
right now, so...

I'm the only one not gelling?

- Yeah, I just got on your team.
- I've been gelling with my team.

You're not gelling,
'cause you're the newcomer.

He couldn't wait to run in here
and put a red bandana on.

That's corny. No.

Listen to me.
What you really need to do is

come into this team
with a really open mind

because you are about to work

with a lot of really strong

that aren't gonna take any [BLEEP].

- Listen.
- I'm just letting you know.

Do me a favor: you worry
about you, I worry about me.

No, we're a team, we're gonna
worry about each other.

Listen... whatever.

Josh, unfortunately,
has a very aggressive attitude

about this whole thing,
and I'm not gonna let that

be the downfall of the Red Team.

We just got it together.
You know what I mean?

And now we have
to figure it all out over again.

You need to talk to your girl.
And we will all come together.

- That's not "my girl."
- That's the way it works.

Okay, don't... Sit up.

What's the matter?

It's not that bad. They're a good team.

I just... It's just a mind-[BLEEP].

Listen, he wants you
to put your best foot forward.

He thinks that you're
just too comfortable,

and he wants you to get
out of your shell.

You can't look at it
as a negative thing.

- No, this is a positive thing.
- I'm trying, I know.

- He wants to see the true Robyn.
- Yeah.

That's what he's looking for.

If you need somebody to push you,
I'll [BLEEP] push you.


I just don't understand. Why me?

I don't deal well with being
the new kid in school.

The fact of the matter is,
you're part of our team now.

This is a clean slate.


I feel like I'm aging here.



Morning. This is Michelle.

Hi, Michelle, Chef needs
you guys outside right away.

All right. Got it.

All right. Chef needs us in front.

You ready, Red Team?

- Good morning.
- Oh, my God.

- Oh, [BLEEP].
- Oh, my God.

- Is that a turkey?
- What in the actual [BLEEP]?

Line up, please.

Oh, God.

Now, as you can see,
your sous chefs were up

early this morning corralling
this incredible array

of fresh protein.

- Oh!
- So brutal.

I'm an executive chef currently,

so none of these animals are
really cute to me.

I look at them and I think,

"Duck, you're bringing me $26 a plate.

Cow, you're bringing me $28 a plate.

Goat, 18 bucks, but still
you're bringing me money."

Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Barbie, if you could cook

with anything you see in front
of you, what would it be?

- The steer.
- Manda, what would it be?

I would go cow, Chef.

- Cow. Benjamin?
- Lamb, Chef.

Lamb... those are all reasonable choices.

- Uh-oh.
- But a great chef

thinks outside the box...

Or shall I say the pen?

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, [BLEEP].

I would cook with...

- Straw? Hay?
- This.

- Oh, my God.
- What the [BLEEP]?

A beautiful cedar plank.

Right, listen carefully.
Here's how it's gonna work.

In today's challenge,
all of you will be working

with these wood planks:
cedar and hickory.

Many different types of protein
can be cooked on wood,

but there is one type
that really benefits

from this technique,

and that is...

- Fish.
- That's right, you got it.

- Yes.
- There you have a beautiful

wahoo, an incredible fillet of salmon,

cod, and barramundi.

Now, you will be working in pairs,

and one person from each team
will be cooking alone.

So, decide who's gonna pair up with who,

and who's on their own.

I think the smartest thing:
we'll let Van cook alone.

- Is that all right?
- Yeah.

- I want to cook salmon.
- Want to do it?

- Yeah.
- All right.

- We'll do wahoo.
- You want to do cod

- or barramundi?
- Barramundi.

Okay. We'll do cod.

Blue Team, all good.
Everybody on the same page.

- Okay.
- Salmon.

- I'll do salmon.
- Barbie and I said

- we were gonna do salmon.
- I called salmon.

- Jesus.
- Well, okay, we said it

before you did.

This is what I've learned about Elise:

when she wants something, she takes it.

I'll cook alone.

All right, fine. You can cook alone.

You know what, Elise?
Take your stupid salmon.

A fish is a fish is a fish.

I'm confident enough to cook
anything that I have to cook.

- Follow me.
- Oh, we're cooking outside.

Oh, we are. See those amazing pits?

You'll each cook your fish
over that incredible flame.

I'm ready to burn, burn, burn.

- I got OG Giovanni on my side.
- Oh, yeah.

I know he done cook on a hot rock,

he can cook on wood,

because they might not have
had gas grills when he started.

Um, right, are you ready
to dance with the fire?

Yes, Chef.

45 minutes starts now. Let's go.

In today's plank cooking challenge...

- Yikes!
- Oh!

Chef Ramsay will be
watching each pair closely...

Cumin. Ground marsala.


Yeah. That's perfect.

Each will use their choice of fish...

Pesto. You want to do a pesto
on top of the fish?

We're gonna rub it. We'll rub it, okay?

Type of plank...

Are we all using hickory, guys?

I'm gonna use cedar.

And fresh seasonal produce...

Okay, we got a lot of earthy
going on here, though.

- Like...
- We good?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

To create a tasty fish platter.

Hey, Van, what are you gonna make?

I'm gonna do a play on Nicoise salad.

- Nicoise salad?
- Yeah.

You got eggs in the Nicoise salad?


- Are you boiling your eggs?
- Yeah.

I know it's a little risky doing
hard-boiled eggs

over open fire, Chef Jocky,
but don't worry about it.

I've never seen eggs cooked
on a barbecue.

That's a first for me.

I'm a all star, baby. I got this!

Ten minutes gone, guys.

Get your fish on.

- Ooh, [BLEEP].
- What?

Here, move that.
I got to get mine over there.

Getting our planks in the fire

to make sure everybody's stuff fits,

you have to work with the fire.

It's a dance.
It's like dancing the merengue

with a beautiful woman.

Can you move it to over here?

Yeah, if you don't mind.
I got to put this fish on.


Coming around.

Ben, I'm putting ours
a little bit lower in there.

- Okay.
- 'Cause I want to get a lot

- of that smoke flavor.
- Yes.

Just over 12 minutes to go.

Got to get that wood hot, guys.

You can drop the wood
into the embers, as well.

- Yeah.
- Yes, Chef.

Just be careful, please.

Can everybody, like,
just be really careful?

I have a pile of beets here
in the embers.

We're gonna have to put more underneath.

- Don't suffocate it.
- It needs to catch.

There's not enough fire there
to cook anything.

Chef Ramsay put me on the Red Team

'cause he believes in me,
and he knows that I can

take the Red Team to victory.

You're gonna suffocate it
if you put that many coals

on top of it.

- I need more fire.
- Well... wh...

- Josh.
- Oh, what happened there?

Oh, my goodness.

- What's wrong?
- He's just smothered our fire.

He's gonna tank our team.

- Josh.
- What happened?

Josh has just put the fire out.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.

You're gonna suffocate it
if you put that many coals

on top of it.

- I need more fire.
- Well... wh...

- Josh.
- Oh, what happened there?

- Oh, my goodness.
- What's wrong?

He just smothered our fire.

- What's the matter?
- Josh has just put the fire out.

Josh just put the fire out.

Cooking Over an Open Fire 101.

- Let me finish it.
- No... I got it.

White hot coals.

Barbie, did you fix that fire?

I've almost got fire.
We're almost back, okay?

This just takes time.

I need to stoke the fire
for the whole team

because Josh ruined the fire
for the whole team.

- We're good.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

Aah! Back home, I grill better

than a man grills,

but I'm not feeling the fire pit at all.

Oh, my gosh.

I don't know what the [BLEEP]
to do with this stuff.

Oh, my God, I cannot take this.

30 seconds remaining, come on.

This is the most stressful [BLEEP].

- Smear it on.
- Ten...

- Gorgeous.
- Oh, that looks great.

- Nine...
- That one's perfect.

- Eight...
- I need zest, I need zest.

Seven, six, five...

Oh, my God.

Four, three, two,

one, and stop, guys.

High-five, girl!

- Nice job, guys.
- Good job.

That was the most stressful
[BLEEP] of my life!

Now, I've arranged for the
country's plank cooking experts

to help me judge this challenge.

- Wow.
- Please welcome

Chef Ben Ford.

Oh, cool.


I am so excited.
That is the son of... Han Solo.

- Welcome back to Hell's Kitchen.
- Good to see you, Chef.

This man knows as well as I do

some of the best food anywhere
in this country right now

is cooked outside.

Absolutely, it's really
about giving up your inhibitions

and trusting your instincts.

Love that.

Listen carefully.

Chef Ben and I will be deciding

which dishes are deserving of a point.

Let's begin with the battle
of the cod, please.

Michelle and Jennifer
and Robyn and Nick, let's go.

- Let's go, Nick.
- Let's go.

Let's start off with a point!

I'm from New England.

Me and this cod... you know, we're
like brother and sister here.

Drop off your dish and step
back, please, thank you.

I know how to cook
with it... I use it all the time,

so we got this.

Michelle and Jennifer,
describe your dish, please.

So, we have a black cod that's seasoned

with some Mediterranean spices.

We also have some charcoal eggplant.

The fish is seasoned beautifully.

Probably would've held back a little

on the vinaigrette on the eggplant,

let those natural flavors,
that smoky flavor come out

a little bit more,

but the Mediterranean flavors are good.

- Interesting start.
- Good job.

So, it's my first challenge
with the Blue Team,

and I'm gonna show them
that I'm here to fight,

and I'm here to play.

They should be happy to have me
instead of Josh.

Robyn and Nick,
describe the dish, please.

Chef, we have chimichurri-basted cod.

We used the hickory wood.

And then there's a fresh salad
of smoked oranges and fennel.

He's really enjoying it.

The smoke's nice on that

because it's not too overpowering.

Thank you, Chef.

The fish is pretty close
to perfect, nice job.

- Thank you, Chef.
- I think I'm gonna have

to give a point to the Blue Team.


- Team Gay.
- Team Gay!

Yes, baby, Team Gay here.

Whoo! Team Gay, killin' it.

While the Blue Team
takes an early lead...

- Wow.
- Both are beautiful.

Manda and Barbie face off

against Jared and Benjamin

in the battle of the...


Manda, describe your dish, please.

We have a cedar-smoked wahoo
with leek ash.

The fish is perfect.

I really, really like the fact
that you used this leek ash.

- Very good dish.
- Yeah.

Thank you, Chef.

The son of Solo loves my food.

The Force is so with me right now.

After a strong
showing from Manda and Barbie,

Jared and Benjamin hope to impress

with their hickory-smoked wahoo
and salsa verde.

You got that balance right
with the acidity.


The flavor of the wood is perfect.

Thank you, Chef.

This is a tough one.

- I got to give a point each.
- A point each, well done.

- Good job, girls.
- Nice job, guys.

You guys all remember
how I feel about ties:

it's like kissing your sister.

You don't win, you don't lose.
It's just [BLEEP] awkward.

Next up is Dana and
Josh's cedar-smoked barramundi

with pablano vinaigrette...

- Delicious.
- Very beautiful piece of fish

that you cooked there.

Against Van's cedar-smoked barramundi

and Nicoise salad.

Smart idea with the Nicoise.

Boiling eggs in the fire pit.

The eggs are perfectly cooked for me.

Thank you.

I'm gonna give them both a point.

Ugh. All right.


Great, another tie.

Hey, sis, come on over.

The Blue Team leads, three to two,

and the Red Team's fate
now lies in the hands of Elise

and her cedar-grilled salmon
and mustard aioli.

I was very unsure about the
fire pit, but I'm very certain

that I know how to cook fish,
so I'm not worried.

I'm gonna nail this.

I really like this aioli on top.

The fish is cooked beautifully.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Good job, girl.

As Elise's dish receives high praise,

it is up to Milly and Giovani's
hickory-smoked salmon

with brandy glaze

to seal the win for the Blue Team.

I wouldn't put brandy
on top of a fish, personally.

Yeah, I don't love the glaze.

Give us the point. Give us the point.

Chef Ford, come on.

The Red Team needs
to pull out a win today.

I'm gonna give one point
to the Red Team.

- Yeah! Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you, thank you.

Good job, Elise.

No pressure. We are all tied up.

Oh, my God, this is ridiculous.
Another tie.

I'm out of sisters.

Listen carefully: Chef Ben and I
will break the tie

with the best dish overall.

The two best dishes of the day
was Elise's salmon

and Robyn and Nick's cod.

Are we going to the Blue Team?

Please, please, please.
I'm praying to God.

I'm praying to my magic rock.

My fingers are crossed.
My toes are crossed.

Everything's crossed right now.

Or are we going to the Red Team?

Oh, my God, I'm, like, sweating
here and biting my nails.

It's so close that I can taste
this victory.

I'm gonna give it to
the Blue Team, Robyn and Nick.

Team Gay, baby! Team Gay!

Yeah, Robyn and Nick! Yes, let's go!

- [BLEEP] you already know!
- Uh!

That's what I'm talking about!

Shout out to the universe
for putting Josh

on the Red Team.

Definitely the trade of the century.


A big thank you to Chef Ben, please.

Thank you, Chef.

- As always, thank you.
- Thank you.

I can't believe we lost,

but Ben Ford as our guest judge
was awesome.

Voom, voom!

I love my lightsabers.

Today, for the first time in the
history of this competition,

both winners and losers will be
going to the same place.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, snap.

However, you will have very
different experiences.

- Oh, God.
- Oh, God.

You'll be traveling
to an incredible property

nestled in the California foothills,

Apex Ranch.

Blue Team, you'll be traversing
the olive groves

on horseback.

- Awesome.
- Oh!

That's cool.


I ain't never been on a horse.

Only time I see horses is when
cops riding them during riots.

So, this about to be crazy.

Off to the dorms, get changed.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

I'm so excited to get out there
on the ranch, baby!

This is like being home again!

'Bout to ride some horsies.

'Bout to go get back in the saddle, boy!


Red Team, while the Blue Team
will be riding horses,

let's just say you're gonna have
a rather crappy day.

Oh, [BLEEP].


We're gonna have to clean up poop.

Head to the patio. Let's go.

I'm pissed off at Josh.

He totally bombed us with our fire,

and we're gonna be stuck
with him until we lose.

[BLEEP] Josh, man.

You went and dumped cold coals
on a hot fire.

We needed fire, and there wasn't any,

so coals create fire.

Not cold coals.

Listen, why do you bully everyone?

You're just a bully.

- I'm not a bully.
- Of course you are.

Look at you. Sit down.

I'm not a bully, and nobody on this team

would agree with you
in saying I'm a bully.

Men that are soft like Josh
tend to think

that strong women like
myself are bullies,

but it has nothing to do
with me being a bully.

It has everything to do
with me telling you

we not gonna put up with this [BLEEP].

Okay, this is how the Red Team works.

- Oh, that's not how life works.
- We point out what went wrong,

and we discuss it so that
we don't make the same mistake

over and over... we avoid that.

You're not a bully? Sit down.

Did you get your dose of HGH today?

Will you just take a seat, please?

- HGH?
- What?

Yeah, take a seat and relax a minute.

Oh, [BLEEP].

Elise is all about taking
the blame and pushing it

on others... Elise is
a master manipulator.

But you know what?
I see right through it.

Say something once, and we'll move on.

Know that I heard you all
and cut the [BLEEP].

- Yikes.
- Cut the [BLEEP]?

Are we done? Are we over it?

I don't remember the last
time I was on a school bus.

- Stinks.
- This stinks.

They're here, Divot.
A bunch of prisoners.

Look at 'em.

Hi, welcome to Apex Ranch.

We've got about 27 horses here.

This is what it's all about.

Oh, God.

Oh, boy. What is in store for us today?

A giant pile of steaming poop.

Ugh! Oh, man!

We've got a lot of work to do.

We've got to get all this manure moved.

Okay, get on up there.

- Oh, my God!
- Why would you do that?

Don't worry. It's good for your skin.

Oh, my God. This is disgusting.

It smells so bad.
I don't even want to talk,

because I feel like the smell is
getting in my mouth.

Oh... oh!

Oh, my gosh.

Hot and steamy over here.
Hot and steamy.

I have been on Hell's Kitchen.

I've done many [BLEEP] punishments.

But this one... is [BLEEP].

Oh, it's so squishy!

I'm literally stuck.

- Get out of that.
- No, no, I'm gonna fall!

I'm gonna fall!

The horses are even laughing at us.

- Whoo!
- Yeah, baby!



Yee-haw, boy!

I want to ride in a convertible.

Michelle, that pile of [BLEEP]

is bigger than you!

- Oh!
- Damn!

Oh, yeah. Now we're talking.

- Nice shirts, guys.
- Thanks.

You're all matching.
Welcome to beautiful Apex Ranch.

Beautiful day to go trail riding.

Oh, you're gonna show a lasso...

Yeah, lasso the Italian guy.
I see how this is.

All right.

We're pretty much gonna saddle
up and get on out of here.

- Who's the big guy?
- Me.

- Milly.
- You're gonna be over there

- on the white and black one.
- Aww.

- Oh, there you go.
- He's a big baby

and he's a lovey-dovey.

Listen, this horse is
like a wooly mammoth out there.

I'll walk you. I'll feed you a apple.

But I just wanted to chill
with the little horses, man.

This one right here got,
like, weave for days.

Take that to my hood, it's a wrap.

Oh, we're set, huh?

- You guys good?
- Yee-haw!

Damn, that's the biggest horse
I've ever seen!

That's a nice horse.

- That's a beautiful horse.
- Aww.

- Ooh.
- Milly looks so scared.

- This is great.
- Really nice back here, yeah.

Yeah, you guys got a nice backyard.

I'm having
the time of my life right now.

I feel like John Wayne.

I'm here to slay some dishes
in Hell's Kitchen.

Pew! Pew!

Now, what is he doing?

- Ooh.
- Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


You're not scared? You know
how to ride a horse, huh?

- Yeah.
- Slow down.

Slow down. Slow down. There we go.

♪ On this farm I'm cleaning [BLEEP] ♪

♪ E-I-E-I-O ♪

I'm a rancher now.

Hey, Josh, you want to help me
get this thing up?

What happened?

Well, because we're getting tired.

'Cause what? You're getting tired

'cause you're not doing it
the way it's efficient.

Why do you have to be a dick?

Like, I seriously just asked you
for [BLEEP] help.

I'm tired of these girls.

You know, just because
I'm the only guy doesn't mean

I have to do all the work.

You don't want to help, just say no.

You want my help? You want my help?

All I said was, "Will you please..."

Put that in the barrel.
Want me to write it down

so you have directions?

Are you [BLEEP] kidding me?

- Put it in the barrel.
- Don't talk to me like that.

I will tell you right now:
I might be little,

but I am not the person
that you talk to like that.

- Oh, my God.
- You will respect me.

You're a [BLEEP] idiot.

- What's wrong with you?
- You are the stupidest person

- I have ever met.
- My God.

One thing you aren't gonna do

is disrespect me, and I might be 4'8",

but you aren't gonna
talk to me like that!

Manda, I got your back. Shoot,

I wouldn't put up
with the disrespect neither.

- You're an idiot!
- Why are you yelling?

This is why none of your team
wanted you.

Manda, you got more [BLEEP]
coming out of your mouth

than I have in this pile.

You're an idiot.

I'm taking these dirty clothes off.

Show time!



Not sure.

He's pretty pissed at us,
like we did something to him.

God help me.

It's a very difficult situation to be in

when the Red Team doesn't want you

and the Blue Team doesn't
want you, and, you know,

there's no Green Team to go to,

so I just feel like I'm alone.

But tonight is about proving to myself

that I deserve to be here.

- Wellington's glazed?
- Yes, Chef.

Yeah, good.
There's too much fat in here.

- Yes, Chef.
- Way too much fat.

- All right, Chef.
- It's a nonstick pan, right?

Yes, Chef.

Stand by, Red Team, please. Yes?

- Josh, let's go.
- I'm gonna be talking.

- Apron on, please, Manda.
- Oh, [BLEEP].

Milly, get a spatula in there.
There you go.

- Yes, Chef.
- Get it nice and whipped up.

You're in pole position here
tonight, okay?

- Yes, Chef.
- Pole.

- Get that bacon rendered.
- Yes, Chef.

Let's go.

- Marino.
- Sí, Chef?

Open Hell's Kitchen, please. Let's go.


Once again, the restaurant and bar

in Hell's Kitchen are fully booked

with enthusiastic diners...

We want the bubbles, yeah.


Who are looking forward

to an unforgettable evening,

compliments of Chef Ramsay's
all-star brigades.

- Table sitting.
- Robyn, where you at?

- You all good?
- Yes.

Heads up, ladies!

In addition to the classic

restaurant and bar menus,

Chef Ramsay has included

a smoked salmon rillette special...

You start with your salmon.

While this one is working,

you're doing the guacamole.

Which will be served tableside

by Van from the Blue Team
and Barbie from the Red Team.

Okay, Blue Team. First order.

Your at the gates. Let's go.

An order, four, coming to table 22.

Two carbonara, two scallops.

- Yes, Chef.
- Let's go!

Scallops down. Three minutes out.

Less oil in the pan for the scallop.

It's a nonstick. What does that mean?

Doesn't stick, Chef.

So, you don't need to [BLEEP] fry them.

Oui, Chef.

- Focus.
- Oui, Chef.

Last time I checked,
we're not in [BLEEP] France.

So, stop saying "oui." Just say "yes."

Right side. There you go.

Beautifully cooked.

Benjamin, hurry up.

Oui, Chef!

Come on, where's your tray?

One's broken. One more scallop, please.

Oui, Chef.

I don't know how to say
"no, girl" in French, but...

no, girl.

Benjamin, we will succeed.

Oui, Chef.

Go, please, yeah?

As the Blue Team says bon voyage

to their first appetizers...

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Over in the Red kitchen...

- I want to win tonight.
- Yeah, we all do.

We'll be fine. I've dealt with worse.

Josh is hoping to win over his new team

with a strong performance.

Bar, on order. Two fish and chips.

- Let's go, Josh.
- Yes, Chef.

I can put them all in together?
It's gonna crowd it, though.

No, no, no, no, you're gonna
get batter everywhere.

Yeah, I got it, you don't
have to talk like that.

Then don't ask a stupid question.

Everyone has got it out for Josh,

and it's like, I wish
everyone would just, like,

take a step back.

- Josh, you good?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

I have to see for myself if he can cook.

I need bowls.

Josh might surprise us. Let's see.

Where the [BLEEP] is Josh?

- Right here, Chef.
- Come on!

How can you walk around so slowly?

- Hey.
- Yes, Chef?

- Are you switched off?
- No, Chef, I'm not.

These are done. How many pieces, Chef?

Two. Just two.

Okay, I can... I can help you now.

Just serve the fish
and the chips, please.

- Yes.
- Josh, you got to re-fire these.

They're too dark.


- Is that too dark?
- I think so.

At this stage,
if you can't fry something,

um, you need to go get a job at, like...

a law office.

Jeez, Louise.

As, like, a receptionist.

Where's the bar food?

I have to re-fire the fish, Chef.

How can we fall behind with bar food?

I need bar food out.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine, Chef.

- Come on, then, please.
- Yeah, I'm trying.

I'm hustling. I'm working my tail off

to try and get everything out.

Are you gonna be ready to go
on that, Josh?

I'm working on it hard.

I'm here to talk the talk,

walk the walk.

I just need to show them
that I can cook.

Josh's slow start
has his new team concerned.

These are done.

But a quick recovery...

That looks great.

- That's good, delicious.
- Yeah.

Keeps the diners happy.

And now a surge of bar food
and appetizers is

leaving the Red kitchen...

- Behind you.
- Two carbonara.

Service, please.

And the Blue kitchen.

Two fois gras walking to the window.

Carbonara walking.

Special, fois gras, table ten, yes?

I don't know if I want to share it.


All right, guys,
let's keep moving, keep moving.

On order, four, covers table 23.

Entree: two chicken, two halibuts.

Yes, Chef!

- Halibuts down.
- All right, chicken's in.

We can let that cook down a little.

I just came off the win with Nick today,

and I'm totally comfortable
on the Blue Team right now.

Let's keep rocking.

We got this, guys.

Those are my boys. Team Blue, guys.

Whoop, whoop!

First entree is two chicken,
two halibut.

Coming out in one minute, Chef.

- Good.
- Look, two chickens.



Guys! Guys!

It's 45 minutes into dinner service.

Look, two chickens.

And Robyn's chicken...


Yo, I need you to flash
two chickens real quick.

Oh, my God.

Has her teammates floored.

Sorry. It fell on me, bro.

- Oh, my God.
- Robyn dropped the chicken.

- And where is it?
- It's on the floor.

[BLEEP] me.

No, she dropped the chicken.

It fell on me.

- Hey, you, come here.
- Yes, Chef.

When you drop something,
what do we need to know?

- I told them.
- Yeah, me.

- Yes, Chef, sorry.
- Me.

- Yes, Chef.
- Okay?

- Me, and me only.
- Yes, Chef.

Chef Ramsay, he just looks
right through you.

He's piercing my soul with his eyes.

I need the [BLEEP] entrees!

- How long?
- We need five minutes.

The chicken in raw.

[BLEEP]. [BLEEP] me.

Hey, let me know if you need
anything, okay?

I need a lot of things, but...

What do you want me to help you with?

Nothing, I just... I needed the chicken.

With Robyn's chicken
stalling the flow of entrees

out of the Blue kitchen,

in the Red kitchen...

Uh, Michelle, everything over here good?

- Yeah.
- All the chefs seem

to be birds of a feather.

What can I do to help?

That is, except one.

Uh, are you busy?

- Elise, are you busy?
- Yes.

What do you need?
Elise and I are on meat together

and she doesn't do anything.

Yo, what the [BLEEP]? Look.

- Egg is up there, yes.
- Okay, where's my spinach?

- Wow.
- Elise!

Elise is like,
"I'm just gonna stand here

until my next order comes in,

and I'm not gonna help anyone
else but myself."

On order, six at table 30.

Two lobster Wellington,
two beef Wellington,

two New York strip.

Yes, Chef.

All meat.

Elise, you okay? You got that?
Are you good?

I don't need anything.

Elise does the bare minimum to skate by

so that no one notices that she's not

actually doing anything.

As Elise takes a stoic approach

in the Red kitchen,

over in the Blue kitchen...

Entree: one lamb, one beef Wellington.

Yes, Chef.

Does my couscous go in that?

Couscous goes with the lamb,

and it has preserved lemon,

- And what else?
- Parsley.

Milly is using a much
more conversational style

to the way he functions
on the garnish station.

- And the baba ghanoush.
- And who?

Ha. The baba ghanoush.

This is my first time up on garnish,

and two brains always better than one,

so now I'm basically just using
Nick as my other brain.

Like, Nick,
do I got all my [BLEEP], bro?


No, just gets turnips.
Just gets carrots.

- Milly.
- I know, but I got to go...

- Focus!
- You got to memorize

your menu by now... I mean,

the cream is gonna start
separating from the...

From the... what is it?

Cream from the crop? What is it?

What's that saying?

The cream of the crop.

But is the cream...
Does it separate from the crop?

Milly, let me know
when I cut the Wellingtons.


Milly! Milly?

Anyone home?

I see you there.

Y'all ready? I'm walking garnish.

- What?
- Milly, we need

to go to the pass at the same time.

Put the garnish down and go.

Entree... how long?

One minute to the window.

Milly, you need to be ready
when they are.

- Yes, Chef.
- You can't say, "I'm ready."

That's not good for your team, right?

- No, no.
- I'll ask you this, Blue Team:

- do you want to lose?
- No, Chef!

Come on, guys.

Chef, I'm walking garnish.

How do... where do these eggs go?
Just in a little pan?

Protein's in the window,
no [BLEEP] garnish.

- Yes, Chef.
- He doesn't even care.

What do you need? Sell this?

- You're done with this?
- Yes, and the eggs are coming.

All right, set, Chef.

We're not letting this buffoon
take us down.

I am gonna make sure

that we push
through this dinner service.

Coming right now!

Just take that
and I'm gonna come with this.

- This?
- Yes.

You're done with this?

God, a "thank you" would be nice.

Little brat.

Why's it all watery?

Hey, come here. Taste that spinach.

Look at the [BLEEP]...
Look at the garlic in there.

Just taste that. Taste that.

- That's horrible.
- Too much garlic.

- Taste that.
- Way too much.

Look, I've now got... Look at that.

That's liquid.

Chef, do I need to re-fire
those two halibut?

Depends how [BLEEP] slow he is.

I got it, I got it. Just let me regroup.

- Come on, move.
- Are you working this station?

Can I work this station, then?

Well, then, work it!

Either way, we need garnish!

Stop arguing and put the food up!

What are you working?
You're working spinach,

so what are you giving me?

I'm gonna do the lobster, then, Chef.

What... the lobster what?

- What lobster?
- There's no lobster on.

Mash! Get the mash ready!

I got it, it's ready.
Will you stop yelling?

When you start giving us what we need.

Thank you.

Where's the garnish for the Wellington?

Chef, working right now.

Hey, what's in your hand there?
Come here!

Come here. All of you, come here.

Hold that in your hand.

The Wellington's in the window.
Where's the garnish?

It's in my hand, Chef.

In your hand? Ice-cold?

I'm doing my best, Chef.

Your best is not good enough!

Say good-bye. Get out!

It's over an hour into dinner service...

Hey, what's in your hand there?
Come here, come here.

And the garnish station...

The Wellington's in the window.
Where's the garnish?

It's in my hand, Chef.

In your hand? Ice-cold?

Is proving to be
quite the handful for Josh.

I'm doing my best, Chef.

Your best is not good enough!

Say good-bye. Get out!

I'm sorry, Chef.

I didn't mean to let you down.

But my team is toxic right now,

and they don't want me there,

and it really hurts...

It really hurts my feelings, you know?

I've felt like an outcast
in my life before,

but never more than I do now.

Come on, guys.
Now you're down one, let's go.

Pull it together.

Josh gets booted, and it's, like,

the greatest thing Chef Ramsay
could've done for us.

Three New York Strip,
one lobster, one lamb.

- Five minutes to window.
- Yes, Chef!

Why doesn't he have

a pot of seasoned potatoes
all ready to go?

I don't know.
We're a strong female team,

and we can handle this.

Chef, here's the lamb garnish.
You want it over here?

- Walking to the window!
- Manda.

Here you go. Go ahead.

Right behind!


Good job, girls. Keep talking.

Josh is out of the kitchen,

and all of a sudden,
things turn right around.

Can you... When you're done with that...

Get the mashed potatoes for this?

I got it, I got it, I got it.

Garnish is going up to the window.

Wellingtons are being sliced.

Does anybody need anything?

Even Elise is acting normal.



Lamb, stunning.

Thank you, Chef.

I mean, I thought it was a'ight.

- Dana.
- Good job, girls!

Despite being one man down...

Worth the wait.

The ladies of the Red Team are

wowing their diners.

But it's delicious.

A trend Robyn hopes
to duplicate for the Blue Team.

Let me know when the
Wellingtons are out.

Yes, Chef.

Good, good, good.

Beautiful. Look at this.


I feel like I'm getting my stride back.

I feel like I'm finally getting
the groove where I need to be.

Wellingtons are ready.
Here you go, Chef.

I feel like a phoenix rising
from the ashes.

♪ Wahh ♪

Hey. All of you, come here.


What's wrong with my Wellies?

Just... just touch that.

It's [BLEEP] ice-cold.

Yes, Chef.

♪ Wop, wop, wop ♪

- Do you have another one?
- Yes, I have one right there

- on the cutting board.
- Let's go, then!

Let's go! Let's go! Come on!

Can you explain to Robyn

if you slice it and it's
ice-cold, you don't bring it?

Don't bring it up if it's ice-cold!

I'm trying to help so much.
All I get is kicked in the nuts!

I'm sitting here, and I'm thinking,

"I gave up my life to be here."

I'm not gonna go down without a fight.

I'm gonna go back. I have to go back.

I got to tell Chef Ramsay
that I'm not done.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes
to come back.


If I have to go down,
I'm going down swinging.

Chef, I need to be here.
I need to be here.

Wait, what? What are you doing here?

Two out of the five, yes?

Followed by two lobster Wellington...

Excuse me, Chef.

What are you doing here?

I need to be here, Chef.

- What are you doing here?
- I need to...

Followed by two lobster
Wellington, New York strip,

- two beef Wellington, yes?
- Yes, Chef!

What is he doing here?

- I don't know, Chef.
- I don't know. Josh, get out.

Let's go with the halibut.
In the back room, you,

[BLEEP] now.

What are you doing?

My body told me to come back, Chef.

I believe in myself.
I need to be here, Chef.

It's 90 minutes into dinner service.

Chef, I need to be here.
I need to be here.

And Josh re-entering the Red kitchen

has Chef Ramsay asking...

- What are you doing here?
- I need to be here, Chef.

What is he doing here?

I don't know, Chef.

I don't know. Josh, get out.

We can't deal with you right now.

In the back room, you, [BLEEP] now.

What are you doing?

My body told me to come back.

I need to be here, Chef.

- Young man.
- Yes, Chef.

I put my [BLEEP] on the line
for you big time.

- I know you did, Chef.
- Okay, third ticket tonight,

protein in the window,
ice-cold garnish in your hand.

Yes, Chef.

What more can I personally do?

Big heart, talented guy,

but you are not ready to become
my head chef in Vegas.

That is it. Over.

Give me your jacket now.

- Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.

- I'm in the middle of service, Josh.
- I'm sorry, Chef. I don't mean to...

I wish you well. Front door.

Front door! Good night.

You don't ever want to
let Chef Ramsay down, but

he knows I'm resilient.
He knows I'm a fighter.

He knows I have a big heart.

And I gave it my all.

Although it didn't work out, I know that

Chef Ramsay still appreciates me.

I wouldn't be surprised if
he called me up again.

- Thank you, Marino.
- Bye.

You know, not many people

in this world get second chances,

but if anybody's gonna get
a third chance,

it would be me, right?

Salmon, duck, lobster Wellington, lamb.

Last table, let's go.

Yes, Chef!

Blue Team, can we focus

on the last table?

Yes, Chef.

Come on, let's go.

We got this, guys.

I'm basting chicken.

Lobster Welly garnish is in the window.

Walking Welly garnish to the window.

Wellies walking.

That better be my lobster Wellington.

Now it's beautiful.

Walking salmon.

Lamb to the window, Chef.

Nick, I'm walking
two New York strips, okay?

- Walk, perfect.
- Yes.

Thank you. Walking strips.

Walk halibut, walk halibut.

That's the best lamb

that's gone out this kitchen.

Thank you, Chef.

That looks really beautiful.

- Oh, my gosh.
- That's so pretty.

It's, like, the most perfect
halibut I've ever had.

Hey, stoves off.

- Blue Team, shut down.
- Oui, Chef.

Let's get one thing right.

Josh ran out of lifelines.

So he's gone.

Thank you.

- Red Team, are you gonna miss him?
- No, Chef.

Blue Team, you're going to
miss your old teammate?

No, Chef.

Tonight, the winning team is...

The Blue Team.

Thank you, Chef.

And the Red Team.


Scared me.

Nobody's leaving.


be prepared to adapt

and prove to me

that you are worthy

to continue every day, every week,

every service in this competition.

Is that clear?

Yes, Chef.

Good night.

Good night, Chef.

Next thing we need to do
is start picking off

those boys one by one.

See ya.


Talk to you later.

Go home.

Nice job, guys.

Tonight was definitely
not a perfect service,

but at least I survived,

and no one from the Blue Team
went home. So...


Thank you, Jesus!

Deuces, Josh.

I can't deal with somebody

who sucks at cooking

and has the nerve to be
rude and disrespectful.

Listen, people need to go,

because there can only be one winner.

Duh, me.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen...

Taste that for me. Is that done?

- 30 more seconds, you're done.
- Okay.

When Manda looks to Michelle for help...

It's crunchy as [BLEEP].


Michelle, you told me it was cooked!

But gets duped twice instead.

It's done.

It's raw.

Thanks, Michelle.

My bad.

Michelle can kiss my ass.

Will it result

in the most well-planned

sabotage in Hell's Kitchen history?


And take Michelle

out of the competition for good?

I'm just gonna go home.

It's all next time...

Can I get a medic?

On a dangerous episode...

Medic! He's bleeding to death.

Of Hell's Kitchen All Stars.