Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 1 - Twenty Chefs Compete - full transcript

Chef Ramsay and a new crop of chefs take on sin city.

After ten electrifying years...

You dish it,
but you can't take it?

How dare you?

Hell's Kitchen...

Let's go step outside, bitch.

You better get out of my face.

Is breaking...

All the rules.

This year, I'm gonna
do something different.

Oh, my gosh!

I've never done this before.

For the first time...

Oh, my God.

This is Hell's Kitchen history.

In a shocking season...


That has the aspiring chefs

running for their lives.

Fighting for their lives...

You step up real hard!


Just press the bell, bitch.

And risking their lives...

Oh, my God.


Are you okay?

Medic! Medic! Medic!

Do you know
where you are right now?

This group of chefs...

Hurry up, you dimwits!

You're stupid!

Is the funniest...

Hey, dumber and dumber...

Yes, chef?


Shut the up!

I'm not shutting
the up!

You're a bitch!
Do something about it!

You wanna fight?

No, you.

Most fashion forward...

Hey, Barret,
the hair looks beautiful.

Tickets look dreadful.

Let's go, come on.

You gotta make love
to the meat.

And oddest...

I like the women.
Oh, yes.

Ever to set
foot in Hell's Kitchen.

You're stupid and you smell!

And each of them is sure...

One of you will become
my head chef

That they
will be the chosen one.

At the brand-new
Gordon Ramsay

Pub & Grill...

At the legendary
Caesar's Palace.

That is the dream job.

This is the one thing
I'm actually doing for myself.

I'm ready to rock.
It's on and popping now, bitch.

But to win...

Whoo whoo!

They'll have to survive...

Go, go, go!

The most punishing...

It's not good enough!

We should be two minutes
to window now!

Yes or no?

Hell's Kitchen...

Move out the way!

Where is it?
Behind you.

What is that?
It's raw!


I'm done!

You, you, you, you, you, you,

you, you,

you, you, you, you.

Kiss my ass!

Get the out of here!


They don't call it
Hell's Kitchen for no reason.


I promise you,
you don't wanna be here.

You don't wanna be here.

And now, the newest
crop of Hell's Kitchen hopefuls

arrives in Los Angeles,
anxious to compete.

Cooking is everything to me.

This is what I was born to do.

Being chosen to be here,
I still gotta

pinch myself to make sure
I'm not dreaming.

I may not have 10,
15 years of experience,

but I don't do mediocre
and I don't do failure.

Winning Hell's Kitchen
is absolutely the only option.

I'ma knock the competition
clean out the box.

I'm on the top of my game.

I look around the corner,
and guess what I see:

The HK bus.

Whoo! To the top!

Here we come, baby.
Whoo! Yes!

Yoo hoo!

I'm looking at the other chefs,
and they're all half my age.

This is old-school
meet new school.

I'm super excited.

I'm ready to get
to Hell's Kitchen.

Let's do it!

I'm from Southern California.

When I win,
I'll be living out here too.

I just want to make a good
first impression on chef Ramsay.

Where are we going?

Are we there yet?

Can we go to McDonald's?

I'm super excited
to see Hell's Kitchen.

Let's go.

Get me to a kitchen
as fast as possible.

Are we going
to Hell's Kitchen yet

on an adventure?

I came out to L.A. to cook,
not ride in circles on a bus.

What the 's going on?

Where are we going?
Where the hell we going?

Where are we going?

It's like a kidnapping here.

There's chef Ramsay.


Welcome to Los Angeles.

I know many of you
have just completed

a very long journey
to get to L.A.

But this is not
your final destination.

Uh...Wait. What?

I want you to come to me
right now.

And I'm in...

Las Vegas.

Jump off that bus.

Your plane is leaving
in ten minutes.

Holy !

We goin' to Vegas already.

I'm going berserk!

I'm about to lose my voice,
I'm so happy!

Vegas, baby!

Welcome, Hell's Kitchen chefs.

We are greeted by
bally's jubilee showgirls.


We're gonna be partying,
serious partying in Vegas.

I heart showgirls.
Love 'em!

We're on our way
to see chef Ramsay,

but for right now, I'm gonna
show you some sights

along the way.

Yeah, Molly!

Paris is coming up here
on your right-hand side.

Where's chef Ramsay?

Where are you?

This crazy bitch Gina.

I am ready to throw her ass
off the side of the bus.

There's Ramsay
in the helicopter!

I can see him!

No way.
Hi, I'm Gina.

I am full-blooded Sicilian.

And if my competition
doesn't respect me,

I am gonna knock 'em down.

I mean, it's gonna be bad.

Now, make sure you
take a look over here

at Caesar's Palace...
there's a little treat for you.

Oh, my God!

Hey, look! That's me!

This is crazy as hell.

Felt like a superstar.

We're a Vegas strip
hit right now.

I wanna show
you something else.

I'm gonna take you on
Vegas's newest attraction

called "Vegas 4D."

It's the coolest thing ever,

and not many people
have seen it.

I just wanna sit back
and enjoy the ride

and continue getting that
special V.I.P. treatment.

I'm getting used to it now.

All right, come on, everyone!

What next?
Jacuzzi bubble bath?

Anyone afraid of heights here?

Any heart conditions?

I hate this so much.

I don't know what's going on.
I'm nervous.

I'm scared.
I'm terrified.

Are you
ready for the ride

of your life?


Wow, an auditorium
full of people

cheering at the top
of their lungs.

How much more can we take?
It's just so overwhelming.

Get the out of here.

This is awesome.

And now, a world-renowned chef

with restaurants
spanning the globe,

the recipient
of 11 Michelin stars...

Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay.

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you so much!

Let's give a warm welcome
for this year's contestants.


This year, there
are more chefs competing

than ever before.

Hi, my name is Ja'nel.
My name is Mike.

My name is chef Zach.

They have come
from all over the country.

From Orange County, California.

Boston, Massachusetts.
New Orleans, Louisiana.

And even
from beyond its borders.

I come from Mexico.

If I make it past immigration,

I think I can make it
past chef Ramsay.

Oh, dear.

They may be the
most confident chefs ever.

But I'm about to bust it out
in the kitchen.

I'm gonna explode.

I'm here to bring it!

I got nothing to lose
and I got everything to prove.

He's not shy.
I love it.

I'm chef Jessica.

I will out-work

every single one of you
up there right now.


I don't think any of them
are competition for me.

I could go up against
any of those guys.

After listening to all of you,

I am scared .


Working with me this year,

overseeing the ladies' team,

chef Andi.

And, overseeing the men's team,

new to Hell's Kitchen
this year,

chef James.

Okay, I'd like everybody
to listen very carefully.

One of you

will become my head chef

at the brand-new

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

right here at the legendary
Caesar's Palace!


Working with chef Ramsay
in Vegas, that is the dream job.

My whole life's work
is coming together right now.

This is my time.

This amazing position

comes with a salary
of $250,000.

Yeah! Whoo!


I have a big announcement.

For the first time ever

in the history
of Hell's Kitchen,

the signature dish challenge
will happen

in front of a live audience.

The competition

to become my head chef

begins right now.

Oh, .

Chef Ramsay has
flown 20 aspiring chefs

to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas

to make one huge

One of you will become
my head chef

at the brand-new

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill.

After another.

For the first time ever

in the history
of Hell's Kitchen,

the signature dish challenge

will happen in front
of a live audience.

All of you have got 45 minutes

to come up
with something stunning

that really represents you
on a plate.

Don't screw up.

And, as
they say in Vegas,

good luck.

Let's go!

I wasn't expecting to be
cooking today.

I'm wearing a dress and a nice
pair of wedgies.

Oh, hell no.

Get it done, get it done.
Right here, buddy.

Yo, where's
the food processor at?

Behind you.

I hope the food is as good
as the energy.

Let's go.

Once again, chef Ramsay

has divided the teams
into men and women.

Does anybody need an egg wash?

I'll take that.

There you go.
You got a buyer.

I'm from Queens.

I run a kitchen
very efficiently.

But never in an environment
anything like this.

I'm trying not to burn people.

I'm trying not to get burned
by people.

30 minutes to go.


Right behind, coming through.

I'm from L.A.
My signature dish

will be a stuffed steak.

I love meat, cheese, and onion.

Why not put 'em together?

Five minutes!

Let's go.

I'm just wrapping up my dish.

My lamb ain't cooked yet.
I don't got no garnishes ready.

All I know
is I'm running out of time.

Two minutes to go!

Let's go, come on.

Right behind you.
Coming down.

Move, move.
Let's go, let's go!

Let's go there, guys.
Come on, guys.



Two...One, and stop!

With their dishes complete,

it's now time for the chefs
to face chef Ramsay...

Ladies and gentlemen,
you ready?

I am.

And an
audience of 2,500 people.


Let's start.

First up,

it's executive chef
Danielle from Atlanta...

Thank you.
And head chef Barret

from Long Island.

Before I start tasting,

could you just turn around
for me, please?

Is that "H. K."?

Yes, chef.
Is that a pitchfork?

Yes, chef.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

Run through the dish, please.

Uh, it's a pork loin roulade

with fresh spinach,
pine nuts, oyster mushrooms,

and shitake mushrooms...

With a roasted garlic
mashed potato and shallots.

About how much garlic
did you put in there?

Uh, I put quite a bit
of garlic in.

Just have a taste
of the garlic in there.

No wonder your hair's
standing up.

Not a great start.


describe the dish, please.

I made a parmesan-encrusted
chicken breast

with grilled asparagus
and a lemon buerre blanc.

The asparagus looks burnt.

Oh, dear.

Got that color underneath.

And that color on top.

What happens in Vegas
should stay Vegas, right?

And what happened
in that kitchen

quite honestly should have
stayed in that kitchen.

I'm unimpressed.

Zero, zero.

Not a good start.
Let's go.

Get rid of that.

And now, kitchen
manager Nedra from Detroit

and sous chef Sebastian
from Brooklyn.

Somebody get on the ball.
Let's go.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

I'm trying to avoid, it chef.
I'm trying to avoid it.

I don't wanna...

Okay, Nedra, describe
your dish, please.

Chef, can we pray before
you bust my balls?

Thank you, Nedra.

What did you say in the prayer?

Lord, please don't let chef
bust my balls.

What a beautiful prayer.

Okay, Nedra,
describe your dish, please.

I have
double-grilled potatoes

with a rosemary glaze
on my lamb.

You go girl, whoo!

The good news is...

It's cooked perfectly.

Okay, Sebastian.

These are shrimp
and salmon corn dogs.

Where's the shrimp?
The shrimp's in there.

It's made like a sausage.

Would you taste that, please?

Um, sure, chef.

Say another prayer.

What'd you think?


You got one thing right

before you presented that dish.

You tried to bolt out the back door.
Yes, chef.

I know, that's what
I was thinking.

Congratulations to the girls.

Great start.

I got the first point today
for the girls' team.

Whoo ooh ooh ooh.

Next up, culinary
student Susan from Orange County,

and lead cook Jeremy
from Los Angeles.

Thank you.

Chef, I prepared
a stuffed steak

with smoked gouda.

And your job is?

I'm a lead cook, chef.

And what is that, a rib eye?

Yes. Well, no,
it's not a rib eye, chef.

What is it?

I think it's a, uh...

I think it's a...

I think it's a rib eye.
I'm sorry, chef.

You think it's rib eye.
It looks like a rib eye.

I believe it is
a rib eye, chef.

So you're a lead cook,

and you haven't got a
clue what you're cooking?

Pretty much, chef.
I'm sorry.

Just asking.
This is your dish.

When you slice into
a steak of that quality,

you destroy the fibers
and the texture,

because you're stuffing it.

I'm sorry chef.

Yes, chef.

Now, first off...

Yes, chef?

How many fingers have I got up?


So you're not blind.

Because I can see from here
that your lamb

is absolutely raw.

This is a serious competition.

It's not even warm.

It's raw.

Are you seriously
trying to kill me?

Do you want
to go home right now?

In the first-ever...

Ladies and gentlemen,
are you ready?

Signature dish challenge

done in front
of a live audience,

the women lead the men
by one point.

That lamb

is absolutely raw.

But with Susan's raw lamb,

the red team could be
losing more than just a point.

You can off now.

And what's this mess here?

It's a couscous

with currants
and toasted pine nuts.



Couscous is overcooked,

and the lamb's raw.

Yes, chef.
Is this funny for you?

No points.

Now, executive
chefs Ja'nel from Houston

and Ray from Boston.

This is...

Chef, I have for you
thai grilled prawns

with a spicy Asian Pesto.

Just two of them?
Are we on a budget?

Just asking.
Are we on a diet?

We are not on a diet.

So is it an appetizer
or a entree,

or... where are we
going with this?

Let's go appetizer.



Mmm. Wow, wow, wow.

The sort of sour-sweety
heat that you've got

in that capellini, nailed.

Thank you.
Good job.

Really good job.

Uh, Ray, tough competition.

Uh, right.
How old are you?

You are the oldest chef

we've had on Hell's Kitchen,

let me tell you.

Uh, right.
What is that?

What's in there?

Uh, stuffed veal cutlet
with prosciutto

and gruyere cheese,
topped with a piece

of homemade ricotta.

Wow, Ray.

It's cooked to perfection.

Wow, wow, wow.
Let me tell you something.

The competition has just
gone up a level.


It's a tough one.

It's very tough.

Um...The point...

Goes to both of you.

Well done.

Really well done.

Next, we have
line cook Gina from the Bronx

and head cook Dan
from Westchester, New York.

Dome off, please.
Thank you.

Gina, describe your dish,

It's penne pasta
with homemade meatballs

and a stuffed brigole
with Italian sausage.

Mm-hmm. Wow.

Um, I've got one
very important question.

Did you pick this up
at the buffet?


It's bland.
The penne's undercooked.

I don't get it.

Okay, uh...


Did you throw up on that plate?

Let's go back 45 minutes.


What is it supposed to be?

Eggs Benedict with
a champagne hollandaise sauce,

sourdough bread,
heirloom tomatoes,

and sauteed spinach.

And how did you make
the hollandaise?

I used whole butter.

If it's good enough
for Julia Childs,

it's good enough for me.

Julia Childs would be
turning in her grave right now

if she saw that.

It's fitting that
you made this in Vegas,

because whoever eats that

is sure to get the craps,
let me tell you.

That is a joke.


Bitter disappointed.

I mean, really disappointed.

Uh, neither of you
deserve a point.

Shocking. And you should
be embarrassed, young man.

With the women
clinging to a one-point lead...

Uh, Amanda.
Ladies first.

Executive chef
Amanda from orange county...


Thank you.

Takes on chef de cuisine jon

from York, Pennsylvania.

You've managed to nail it.

Both of you are gonna
get a point.

Well done.

And it's a draw.

things are looking up.

Next up, head
chef cyndi from queens...

That's delicious.
Than you, chef.

Really delicious.

Faces off against
executive chef Michael

from plains, Pennsylvania.

Finesse, seasoned beautifully.

Both dishes impress.

Tough to decide.

The edge goes to Michael.

But only Michael gets the point,

leaving the teams tied
at three.

It's not how you start,
it's how you finish, right?

Yes, chef. Let's go.

Next up,

chef tournant Jessica
from New York City

and line chef Anthony
from New Orleans.

Your domes off, please.

Right, uh, ladies first.
What is that?

I made a pan-seared wahoo

with a vegetable succotash
and a lemon-thyme vinaigrette.

And where are you working now?

I work in mid-tent...
midtown Manhattan

at a steakhouse.

So you work at a steakhouse,

and you cook a wahoo for me.


The succotash is delicious.

Uh, wahoo seasoned beautifully.

Um, it's a good dish.

It was lovely.
It's light.

Very nice.

Thank you.

Uh, good.
Things are looking up.

Now, what is that?

That is a new Orleans
barbecue scallop po' boy.

Why would you stick
all that in there just...

Just as a side,
so it wasn't on the plate.

Make it a little neater.

Let me show you something
really difficult.

That was difficult.

Uh, right.

Now, that is

The scallops are a joke.
They're raw.

That is hideous.

And you've just embarrassed
New Orleans cuisine.

Congratulations, ladies.

Good job.

Guys, pull it back.
Let's go.

And now,
Boston line cook Christian

and Mary the butcher
from Belchertown, Massachusetts.

I have for you a...

ah, Jesus.

I have for you...

That's much better.
A pan-seared duck breast.

With, um, a red wine
and orange reduction.

Wow. Uh,
where you cooking?

I'm a butcher at a market
in Amherst, Massachusetts.

And the duck is still
raw in the middle.

You've got that
white line of fat

yes, chef.

And the duck is chewy.

Yes, chef.
So insufficient resting,

but it's not even
cooked properly.

I'm sorry, chef.
Well, congratulations.

You certainly
butchered your dish.

Now, what is that?

It's called pasta ala Norma.

A sauteed eggplant with garlic,

and it's topped with...
basil and shaved

ricotta salata.

And where did you
get the majority

of your line experience?

I bounced around
through mom and pop shops

in the north end of Boston.

I mean, it looks a mess,

but it's got flavor,

and you've got heart
and passion in there.

Thank you, chef.

One to the men.
Congratulations, well done.

Thank you.

Uh, four to four.
Final pairing.

Ladies and gentlemen,
you ready?

Ladies and gentlemen,

it's the final round,

and we have a tie.

Now, headline cook Zach
from Philadelphia

will face roundsman Jacqueline
from Florence, New Jersey.

Let's go.


Big boy.
What is that?

That's grilled pork chop
with mustard Greens.

And your position is...

Uh, just line cook.

Don't just dish...
"a line cook is a line cook."

I mean, that's where
head chefs are made

on the line, right?
Right. Yes, chef.

I mean...

Combination of the apple,
um, fig.

The dish tastes nice.

the protein, yeah,

is slightly dry.

What about the flavor?

I said it tastes nice.

Thank you, chef.

Thank you, chef.

The question for me is...

Is Jacqueline's better?

'Cause it all comes down
to this.

Okay, I have a roasted
magret duck breast

with a sweet potato roasty
and caramelized brussels sprouts

with a currant au jus.

Seasoned beautifully.
Presented nice.

This is really close.

Both dishes have got
great execution,

presentation, beautiful.

Yes, thank you.

Both holding finesse.

We definitely finished
better than we started.

But this is really tough,
I'm telling you.

Your dishes are gonna decide

who's gonna win

the first challenge.

This is hard.

Duck could have done with

two minutes more.

And the pork chop
could have done with

two minutes less.

Oh, dear. Um...

The winning team...


With the score tied

in the first-ever
signature dish challenge

done in front
of a live audience...


Final pairing.

It all comes down

to the last two dishes.

This is really close.

Both dishes have got
great execution.

Presentation beautiful.

But this is really tough,
I'm telling you.

Oh, dear, um...

The winning team...


Ladies, great job.


Just like in Vegas,

Hell's Kitchen has
its winners and losers.

And when you win

in Hell's Kitchen,
let me tell you,

you win big.


Tonight, you are gonna become

V.I.P. guests in Vegas,

starting right now.

You are in for a night
full of surprises

at Caesar's Palace.

Ohh, yeah!

Men, while the ladies
are gonna be treated

like V.I.P.s,

your evening is gonna be
anything but luxury,

let me tell you.

You will not be flying back

to Hell's Kitchen

or driving in a luxury limo.

You're going back in this.

This school bus will take you

on a long drive through
Death Valley.

I've been assured

that the last time
they checked...

It should make it.

One more thing...

there seems to be a problem,

but they haven't
got it right yet,

with the air conditioning.


Uh, gentlemen, your school bus

will be leaving right now.

I feel like a dumbass,
and I'm not looking forward

to an 8 1/2-hour
school bus ride.

That's an oven on wheels
that may or may not

get us all the way
back to L.A.


Hot in here, man.

Road trip, yeah!

If anybody sings
Wheels on the Bus,

I will lose my mind.


Welcome, congratulations,
red team.

Look at that.

Oh, my God.

Oh...My God.

It was gorgeous.

It was the biggest suite
I've ever been in.

Check this place out.

I've never been to Vegas,
and it is so cool here.

Even the air smelled good,
like they must

delicious-smelling air.

There's Sushi on our table!

There is a Sushi woman!

Oh, my God!

I see this woman
laying on the table

with Sushi all over her body.

This is absolutely nothing that
I could ever have dreamed of.

To the bus!

To the bus!

Oh, man, I'm sorry, guys.

While the women
drink to victory, the men...

Super hot out here.

Welcome to hell, bitch.

Drink to survive.

Man, it's hot!

You know it's hot
when you consider

saving your own sweat
and then drinking it.

This cannot happen again.

Just listen, before we
try to go all Rambo,

"I know what the
I'm doing,"

listen for a second there,
and then we can get it done.

Don't worry about
what happened today.

What happened today
is irrelevant.

Tomorrow is gonna be key, dude.

You'd think that the hot seats,
the temperature,

you'd think those would be
the worst things

about this, right?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Then there's Sebastian.

Gordon's expectations of us
are gonna be like .

So we really gotta focus
on trying to make our paper,

do what we know how to do...
It's not important,

a reason to give a ...
And it's just like

no more egos, let's just do

what we came here to do,
and that's...

We try to go
a little bit far beyond...

We just gotta remember,

it's not that
they don't try to help...

But if one of us gets something
down on one station,

and he... he shows one of us,
like, let's...

One thing we have
to understand, guys,

like if you guys
want to look good,

like, just jump on a station
and you really don't know

what you're doing, don't.

I wanna throw Sebastian
right out the window.

He just talks too much,

just "blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah."

I think one of the reasons
that they really

beat the
out of us today

was the fact that their dishes
were pretty straightforward.

Pretty simple.
Oh, my God!

Sebastian...Time out.

Let's get one thing

They won by a little...
a little, little bit.

Let's play the quiet game.
See how you do on that one.

It's over. It's over.
We're not doing it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

One, I know
we're not back in L.A.,

'cause I don't see no lights.

We didn't break down, did we?

Think we got a flat.

All of a sudden,
the bus is stopping

in the middle of the freeway.

What is this?
Are you absolutely me?

Uh, hello?


I saw this
in a horror movie once.

Hey, it looks
a little too dark out there

for us to be
going over here right now.

Pitch black outside.

I'm looking for
the Wile E. Coyote to come out

and attack.

What the going on?

Kind of don't want to get off.

Should we get off?

When you spend that much time

with somebody,
going through the desert,

you never know
what's gonna happen.

It is called Death Valley,
and if we come back

with one less person,
I didn't see anything.

What was that?

Having lost the challenge...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

The men were
punished with a long,

hot ride through the desert.

It's nothing but sand
and cactus.

And although they're all
eager to get to Hell's Kitchen...

Yeah, let's get off
this bus for a minute.

They welcome
the break from Sebastian

and his constant chatter.

Oh, man.

Losing the challenge
is just not something

that's gonna happen again.

All I'm thinking about is
getting back to Hell's Kitchen

and trying to prove
that we could cook

better than the girls can.

While the men's night
has reached a low point...

Back in Vegas...

Ladies, someone's
here to see you.

The women's evening
is hitting a high note.

It's her!

Oh, my God, Celine Dion!

They got us tickets
to the concert.

I'm like, "Okay."

Tickets, tickets.

How do you top this?

Celine Dion in person?

I can't even believe
this is happening to me.

So good to meet you.

Hi. How are you?

Oh, give me a hug!

Who gets to stand in front
of Celine Dion

and grab her and hug her?

Hi. How you doing,


You look pretty.

That's amazing.
Way to go, girls, right?

Oh, my gosh,
I touched her hand.

I-I almost melted.
She was just like gold.

Like, I didn't even want
to touch her

she looked so beautiful.

All right, ladies.
Big smiles.

Hold it right there.


I cannot believe
we met Celine Dion.

I cannot wait to watch her
perform tonight.


It was a really
overwhelming experience

just to be sitting there
with the events of the day,

soaking in this amazing,
talented singer.

It's an experience
that I'll never forget.

One that I will never, ever,
ever get a chance to have again.

She's so unreal.

After a
thrilling night of fun...


The women depart Las Vegas

seven hours after the men.

Hell's Kitchen,
here we come, baby!


And still arrive
at Hell's Kitchen first.

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.

Come follow me.
I'll show you your dorms.


It is like so
surreal that I'm here.

I'm ready to go in.
I'm ready to start cooking.



Look at this!

Look at the fire down there.

Oh, this is so cool!

This is so cute.

This is really nice.

This is absolutely amazing.

We're close to really getting
down and dirty

in this competition.


But not tonight.

You all right?

It's okay!

Winners always get up.

Oh, my God.
Yeah, man.

Here we go.

Finally! It's late.
I'm tired.

But this is Hell's Kitchen.

This is where I belong.

And I'm ready!

Hi, boys.
Hi, guys.

Have you guys been on
the bus the entire time?

Oh, yeah.

Look at our picture there.

Oh, my God.

With Celine Dion?
Yeah, man.

Holy .

Oh, wow.
So you had enough time

to go party and get
V.I.P. treatment

in the time that I got
to ride a bus to L.A.

It's not fair.

Sorry, guys.

Sorry, boys.

I'm not sorry.

I hope you continue
to keep losin',

because I want to win
every challenge.

This ain't bad at all.

With both teams
finally in Hell's Kitchen...

Tomato relish...

That's like the easiest one.

Everyone is
focusing on studying the menu.

I'm not gonna remember any
of this in the morning anyways.

Except for one chef.

Oh, my God,
are these young girls?

Who's brought
along a very special friend.

* Whatsa matter with you

* it's-a nice-a place

I'm trying to study,
and there's a random chef puppet

having conversations with me
and my other roommates.

I don't know
what to do about it.

Get the hell out of here.

My name is Alfredo Al Dente.

Bitch, who brings a puppet
in Hell's Kitchen?

I like-a the sausage, baby,
over here.

Gordon, what the hell kind of
name is that ?

Tonight, I say you sleep-a
with the one eye open.


We gotta study.

Gina, baby,
they don't understand.

But tomorrow,
they're gonna cry.

Gina, what the
are you doing?

You're acting like
a two-year-old right now.

Hey, Maria,
you got the pasta ready?


Oh, let me see
who she's with?

Come regulate in this room.

Bitch, you better take
you and that puppet

and get the out of here

'fore I kick you
and that puppet's ass.

Oh, .

This is not Sesame Street.

You better watch
your ps and qs,

'cause you don't know me.

After an
exhausting day in Vegas...

Sorry, guys.
Not in this one.

Both teams hit the menu books.

We gotta study.

But Gina and her study buddy...

Hey, Maria,
you got the pasta ready?

Back in the old-a country.


Are about to get schooled.

This is not Sesame Street.

You better watch
your ps and qs,

'cause you don't know me.

The first person to go
is definitely

gonna be this crazy bitch Gina.

Get your together,
home girl.

You may be a little...
Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Listen to me, you guys,
I'm not cuckoo.

I get along with everyone.

I'm the person that makes
everybody laugh all the time.

These girls kind of like
look up to me.

Oh, my God.
They love-a her.

After a long day...

What the ?

I heard that.

This is gonna be
something else.

And a weird night...

All of the chefs are up early

to get ready
for the grand reopening

of Hell's Kitchen.

Come on, ladies!

Well, almost all of them.

It's the first day.
Oh, my God.

Every part of my body
is aching.

My neck, my spine.

I'm not liking how I'm feeling.

Did somebody put something
in my orange juice?

Who's holding us up?

Well, where is she?

I'm feeling like an idiot.

But I have to do
what I have to do.

Good, we got Gina.
Come on.

Good, let's go.
Yo, let's go.

Go, red team!

Morning, chefs.
Morning, chef.

Chef Ramsay
has provided both teams

with the very best equipment.

You have these
J.A. Henckels knife kits.

But Gina's lost her edge.

I'm not seeing things
as they are.

I'm just kind of like
my mind's wandering,

and I don't know why
this is happening.

You need to grab those aprons
and put 'em on, okay?

Let's start workin'.

Behind, behind, behind.

With dinner service coming up,
we gotta come out swinging.

'Cause we're not taking another
one to the chin like that.

We ain't leaving it like Vegas.
Ain't gonna leave it like Vegas.

In the blue kitchen...

Man, I'm getting
the hang of this bitch.

The men are
a picture of teamwork.

Raise on pasta!
Raise on pasta!

I've got some half lemons here.

But in the red kitchen...

All right, why can
I not find this?

The women
aren't fully in focus.

All right, sugar, sugar, sugar.

Gina is not focused.

I have no idea what's going on
in her head,

but she needs
to snap out of it.


I'm standing there
and I'm trying to focus,

and I felt like I was just
gonna drop on the floor.

Gina, what's going on?

Um, I'm feeling like
I can't function.


Gina has given up already.

You're gonna miss everything.

I'm sorry that
I'm doing this, but...

No, let's go.
Let's go...

I am losing it.

The way I'm feeling,

I can't continue.

I need to speak to a medic.


Gina's screwing us
royally right now.

Right now, we're prepping.

This is our kitchen.
We gotta run it.

So what are we doing here?

Are we operating without Gina?



Gina, like what the
are you doing?

We have so much prep.

You guys need
to get with it,

because we're gonna
have service

really, really soon.

We're totally screwed.

Right, ladies, are we ready?

Can you tell me your name?

Do you know
where you are right now?