Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 2 - Nineteen Chefs Compete - full transcript

Previously on Hell's Kitchen...

Here we come, baby.

20 chefs from
all across America...


Arrived in L.A.
anxious to begin the competition.

Are we there yet?

And were greeted
with their first surprise.

I want you to come to me
in Las Vegas.

We're going to Vegas!

After a special V.I.P. tour,

they got
an even bigger surprise.

For the first time ever,
the signature dish challenge

will happen in front
of a live audience.



Let's go!

Right behind you.
Coming down.

Gonna win this damn thing.

Two, one, and stop.

During judging...
Wow, wow, wow.

Thank you, chef. Yes!

You've managed to nail it.

Very good.

And Cyndi...
That's delicious.

Impressed chef Ramsay.

Thank you, chef.

While Sebastian...
That is disgusting.


What happened in that kitchen

should have stayed
in that kitchen.


Did you pick this up
at the buffet?

And Dan...

Did you throw up on that plate?

Made a different
kind of impression.

Zach and Jacqueline,
let's go, guys.

It all came down
to the final two dishes.

This is really close.

Congratulations, ladies.
Great job. Yes!

We the winner!
We the winner!

We were the winner tonight.

The victorious women...

To the best!

Received the royal
treatment at Caesar's Palace.

I cannot believe
we met Celine Dion.

While the men slummed it
back to Los Angeles...

Hot in here, man.

On an uncomfortable...

I think one of the reasons that

they really beat
the out of us today...

And monotonous...

I want to throw Sebastian
right out the window.

He just talks too much.

8 1/2-hour ride
on a school bus.

We really got to focus
on trying to...

Oh, my God.
Sebastian, time out.

After returning from Vegas,

the women settled into
their Hell's Kitchen dorms...

So cool!
This is...

And discovered there
is another chef on their team.

What's the matter with you?

We got to study.

It's a nice-a place.

Bitch, who brings a puppet
in Hell's Kitchen?

On the first
day in the kitchen...

Let's start working.

The men are determined

to bounce back from defeat.
Behind, behind behind.

Dinner service coming up,
we got to come out swinging

'cause we're not taking another
one to the chin like that.

But on the
women's side, Gina is struck

with a mysterious illness.

I can't function.

Are we operating without Gina?

Find out right now if
she's out of the competition...

Do you need to go
to the emergency room?

Tonight on Hell's Kitchen.

And now, the
continuation of Hell's Kitchen.

The doors have not yet opened
for dinner service.

Gina, what's going on?

Um, I can't function.

And Gina is already
feeling the pressure.

I'm sorry that
I'm doing this, but...

No, let's go.
Let's go back here.

Sit down right here.
Medic! Medic!

Can you tell me your name?

Do you know
where you are right now?

I was, like, standing in line,

and I was getting overwhelmed.

Okay. Are you feeling okay
right now?


Like, my mind's wandering
about all stuff right now.

I need just to relax my system.

You're not dizzy or anything?

No, I just don't
want to be in a kitchen.

Let's go, ladies.

While the red team shucks,

scrapes, and slices
in preparation

for the impending
dinner service...

Now we a man down.
What are we gonna do?

We gonna pull it together.

Up in the dorms,
Gina focuses on Gina.

I need to be away
from everything,

away from all my teammates,
and concentrate

just on myself
and get myself together.

While the red team
has lost a chef,

in the blue kitchen...

Did anybody see how he

pre-heated up
the potato puree?

One chef is just lost.

He's got the potato right here.

He's got the leeks right here.

It's ready to go.
This is bass, so put bass.

Working side-by-side
with Jeremy, I'm gonna tell ya,

I think his inexperience
shines through.

I'm just a little
concerned right now.

While Jeremy
struggles to keep up

in the blue kitchen,
in the red kitchen...

How we feeling?

The women are
moving full speed ahead,

despite being down a chef.

Are we gonna win tonight?

I definitely think
that without Gina here,

we are a stronger team.

You good, baby?
I'm good, mama.

We don't have that dead weight
dragging us down.

Let's go ladies.

I just needed a rest.

And I'm gonna bounce back
really fast.

All right, Jacqueline,
so what did I miss?

What'd you miss?
You missed everything.

All right, ladies.
Let's go.

Yes, chef.

Guys, line up.
Let's go. Quickly.

We are opening Hell's Kitchen
for the 11th time.

Whoo! Oh, yes. It's a big one.

Let's do it.

Let's be honest.

I'm not looking for perfection.
Let's get that right.

But I am expecting each
and every one of you

to give your best,

and for every customer
to be fed.

So I'm guaranteeing
a complete dinner service.

How's that sound?

Yes, chef.


Oh, my God.

This is our first night
of Hell's Kitchen.

That's not an easy thing to do.

We will stop at nothing
to complete a service.

Sorry, chef.
Oh, come on, J.P.

John Philippe!

Oh, my God, J.P.?

Where has he been
for three years?

I told you
to be here yesterday.

Got delayed.
I really tried to be on time.

Get changed, J.P.
I'm pissed off.

Honestly? Unreal.

Okay, get on your stations.

Let's go, guys.

Open Hell's Kitchen.

Yes, chef.

Let's go, guys.
Come on, let's go.

Tonight is the grand re-opening

of Hell's Kitchen.

The beef Wellington.

I'll have the halibut.

And in addition
to his classic menu,

chef Ramsay has added
a tableside appetizer

of ale-steamed mussels,
which will be served

by Amanda in the red section
of the dining room

and by Christian
in the blue section.

And it's accurate.


I need the tickets.

Yes, chef.

You know, you disappear
for three years

and then you turn up late.
Sorry, chef.

How rude.

Okay, ladies.

On order.
First ticket in.

Three couples, table 31.

Two burrata, one scallops,
one mussels.

Yes, chef.

Okay, do you have a spatula?

Where's the ones
I flip the scallops with?

Where's the other ones?

That's these ones.

Crazy Gina.

She doesn't know
what she's doing.

She hasn't been here all day.

Now she wants to cook scallops.


Gina's in la-la land,
flipping the scallops

a million times.

You know, it's a simple sear.

One side, other side,
that's it.

Over and over, come on.

Don't flip it back over.
Don't flip it back over.

You ready, scallops?
Yes, ready.

Okay. Lock it, girl.
Lock it.

God only knows what these
scallops are going to be like.

This is not the way
the red kitchen wants to start.

Who cooked the scallops?
Here we go.

We're already
going to get laid into.

Who cooked them?
I did, chef.



Thank you.

These are
the immaculate scallops.

How does this happen?
Good job, girl.

To the shock
of her teammates,

Gina has delivered
perfect scallops.

Told you I can cook scallops.

While in the blue kitchen,

the men can't even deliver...

On order, two risotto,
one mussels, one scallops.

A response.

The correct response
is, "Yes, chef."

The blue team's response is...


Yes, chef.

Thank you.

For all the
appetizers to be delivered

to the first table
at the same time,

Sebastian on appetizers
in the kitchen

must be in total synch with
Christian in the dining room.

Would you guys like that
spicy or mild?

A slight kick.
Slight kick.

Let's start
rocking the little pan.

I've worked
in different restaurants.

I know how to make risotto,
but, like,

I've never really focused much

on cooking Italian food.

I'm not putting it down.
It's just, like,

I'm Mexican, so I like
those spices more.

Sebastian, how long?
Walking it now!

Thank you.
There you go.

Scallops walking through.
Scallops just walked.

Thank you.
Scallops walking by to pass.

Excuse me, gentlemen.
Excuse me, chef.

Behind you, chef.

That's raw.

All of you, come here quick.

And I mean quick.

Spoon, taste.

Oh, my God. Here we go.
Please, no.

Our first ticket.

These are... yeah.

Regroup and get it together.

Yes, chef.

Gonna get it together, chef.
Gonna get it together.

Zach, the scallops
were cooked beautifully.

Thank you, chef.

I don't know what to do.

My mussels are ready,
so I said, it.

Put them right in front here.
Enjoy, guy.

I'm really pissed right now.

I'm doing my part out there,

and my team can't get
the first table together.

Oh, and by the way, the mussels

are being served to the table.

While Sebastian
starts over on the risotto,


Nedra, how long
for the risotto?

I need five minutes on risotto.

Is anxious to prove
her earlier success was no fluke.

How long on
that risotto, Nedra?

Nedra? You almost done?

Bitch, I just told you
five minutes.

I know how long
it take to cook scallops.

Scallops, how long?

How long for that risotto?

"How much longer?
How much longer?"

Shut up, Gina.


Nedra won't tell me anything.

Scallops going in.

So I'm whipping up
the scallops.

Scallops ready.

Uh, no.
No, no, no, no.

I need two minutes on risotto.
Two minutes.

You crazy bitch.

Why did you cook the scallops?

Walking with risotto.
Walking scallops.

Right behind you, chef. Hot.

All of you, come here.

Let me show you
a little waterfall.

Oh, my gosh.

Just touch them.

Cold, overcooked.

Switch up scallops, guys.

Mary, do you want
to do scallops?

No, I want to do scallops.

Somebody else
has got to do risotto.

What do you mean?

Oh, hell no.

Gina, don't throw me
under the bus

because your
ain't right.

How long on scallops?

Nedra, just off.

You got some good color
on there.

Don't burn it.

This bitch couldn't
cook a scallop to save her life.

And I know that
chef is about to find out.

I got the scallops ready.

Go, Gina.
You got to go.

Walking scallops, chef.

Good luck to you, Gina.

Risotto right behind
you, chef. Hot.


All of you, come here.

I guaranteed
a complete service tonight.

You can't even hold it together
for the second ticket.

Get out, Gina.

Nedra, the risotto
was delicious.

Thank you, chef.
Let's go, ladies.

A beep, beep whoo!


How many minutes?
"Uh, five minutes."

Okay, that was
two minutes ago.

I am so pissed.

Those little bitches.

They better watch out.

There's gonna be war.

It's opening night
in Hell's Kitchen,

and the red team...

Get out, Gina.

Once again finds themselves

Gina-less in the kitchen.

While on the blue side...

Okay, risotto's ready, brother.

Scallops walking
up to the pass.

The men are finally
ready to impress chef Ramsay

with their second attempt

on the first order
of appetizers.

Come on, guys.

Service, please.

Here we go.
Come on.

Blue team is on a roll.

Second ticket.
Keep it rolling, guys.

Three cappellini,
one scallops, one mussels.

How long?
I need 60 seconds.

We are finally gelling together
as a team.


Scallops walking
up to the pass.

Excuse me, chef.

Taste that.
How hot is that?

All of you, taste that.

It's too spicy,
and it's disgusting.


And again, scallops
cooked beautifully.

What the is going on?

It's like deja vu
in this .

How many times have
you cooked scallops tonight

and not served them?

Twice, chef.
Sorry, bro.

Sebastian, get it together!

Yes, chef.

Come on, guys.
Let's go.

Okay, Mikey-wikey.

I messed up a few times,
but I'm getting in

with the groove,
I'm playing around.

Trying to make the environment
a little bit looser.

Zachy, talk to me.

We got three halibut,
one branzino.


Hey, you.

Hey, come here, you.


Chef Zach!
Hey, look at me.

Hey, look.
Is this a joke?

No, chef.

Sorry. I apologize
about that, chef.

Yeah, do me a favor.
Get out!

Yes, chef.
off, will you?

Get out!
Yes, chef.

Upstairs! Get out!

So Sebastian gets kicked out.

We didn't see that coming.


What are you doing?

Where the hell are you going,

Okay, yeah, you can come back.

Second time, get out!

Gah, are you kidding me?

off. Wacky!

The blue
team is now down a chef,

and it's up to jon to handle
the appetizer station solo.

I need two minutes, please.

While in the dining room...

My blue team's backed up
a little bit,

so I'm gonna give you the mussels.
Uh, okay.

Christian is
successfully serving mussels...

Will I
still get the risotto?

Whether the
diners ordered them or not.

I just started going to
the tables that had

their food waiting for so long

to try to help
our blue team out.

I apologize for
the service of my team

and hope you guys enjoy.

Walking with risotto, guys.

Meanwhile, with Gina gone,

the red team is cranking out
the appetizers.

Go, please.

Yeah, asparagus.

Now it's up to Jessica
and Cyndi on the meat station

and Danielle and Susan
on garnish

to keep up the momentum.

On order.
Four couples, table 51.

Entree one chicken,
one short rib,

pasta, two Wellington.

Yes, chef.

I don't understand
how you're expected

to remember all the tickets.

Six couples, white table 30.

Entree two halibut,
one bass, one pork,

one lamb, one Wellington.

Yes, chef.

You okay?

I've never worked
in a brigade before.

Oh, really?

I cannot believe
that Danielle is a head chef.

A head chef of what?
A hot dog stand?

Three risotto,
two burrata.

Let's go.

What are you reading that for,

I was trying to see
if that was a ticket...

just to see
what you had just called.

Where is your ticket
that I've just called?

Well, it's supposed to be here...
And it is not there.

Let's walk three steps together.
Yes, chef.

One, two, three, and it's there.
Yes, chef.

You're making such
hard work out of nothing.

I have no idea why Danielle
can't get it together.

I'm embarrassed for her.

Three steps, first ticket,
second ticket.

Yes, chef.

No off.
Yes, thank you.

While Danielle
gets a lesson in Kitchen 101,

on the blue side...

My risotto's ready to walk, dude.
Yeah, let's go.

Jon, without
the help of Sebastian...

Service, let's go.

Has gotten
the men back on track.

Thank you, buddy.

It looks really nice.

And they are now
ready to move on to entrees.

Two lamb, two Wellington.
Five minutes to the window.

Yes, chef.
Five minutes, in the window.

I'm pretty excited
about working meat tonight.

I decided that
I was going to do the lamb,

and Barret has the Wellington.

Wellington's in.

I cook lamb every day.

I mean, we run it for specials.

I was even thinking about
putting it on my next menu.

Jeremy, 2 1/2 out on two lamb
and two Wellington.

Got it?
Got it.

I need to still cut it.

You don't think
that's still raw?

Not once it rests, bro.
All right.

Ready to go?
Put in the pass.

I know my lamb's
perfectly cooked,

so I don't think
we have anything to worry about.

That's raw.

Yeah, hey, come here.
Come here.

Oh, my God.

That you want to re-fire, chef.

You've got to be
kidding me, man.

Like, suddenly I don't know
how to cook.

Firing another Wellington.

While the blue
kitchen waits for a do-over

on Michael's lamb,
over in the red kitchen...

Keep it going. You had
two Wellington, one lamb.

How long?
Six minutes, chef.

Let's go.

Chef Ramsay is
looking for Cyndi and Jessica

to deliver on the meat station.

You putting your lamb back in?

You've got to brown
off the crust and then

we got to let it rest
before we slice it.

Oh, you're right.

Jessica's fresh
out of culinary school,

so this could be a disaster.


Lamb, slicing.

It's ready to go.
She basically

just has to slice and walk.


This is not rocket science.

Seriously, slice the lamb.

How long does it really take?

How much of an amateur are you?

Where's the lamb?

Just cut through it, babe.
Cut through it.

I'm trying.

Oh, my God, this bitch

is cutting lamb
for 6 hours now.

Bitch, there's only
24 hours in a day.

I want that lamb now.

Right behind.
Right behind.

Lamb rising.

Lamb, chef.

Oh, mother.

Who cooked the lamb?
Me, chef.

Thank you, chef.

Who would have thought?

Girl can cook some meat.

Chicken walking.

While the red
team pushes out entrees...

Service, let's go.

Looks great.
Ank you so much.

Over in the blue kitchen...

Garnish, two lamb,
two Wellington.

re-fire Wellingtons...

We're good.
We're good.

Are perfectly cooked,

but Michael's lamb...

Guys, I'm not
sending it out under.

Could use
a little more time.

I got to go with these.

Don't go up there yet, bro.
The lamb is not ready.

Michael's lamb is not ready.

Come on, guys.
I'm waiting on the lamb, chef.

I'm sorry.
You're waiting on the lamb?

(Michael yeah.

I was waiting for the lamb,

waiting for the lamb,
waiting for the lamb.

It's, like, medium.
It's not medium rare anymore.

You need to go.
Yeah, hold on, hold on.

Wait for me.

Can't rest no more.
We got to go.

Guys, walking two Wellington.

me, man.

Barret, thanks for that, buddy.

That's .

I just can't believe
this is happening right now.


Come on, Michael,
a bit of energy.

Yes, chef.


Oh, God.

It's coming back.

Time out. Stop!

The bone thicker
than the meat.

There needs to be meat
on there.

This is not a
dog's chew toy.

This is lamb.

And if that's not bad enough...

They're way overcooked.

Horrible. .

Michael and Barret,
dumb and dumber.

You don't slice the Wellington

until the lamb's ready.
Yes, chef.

And when it's together like...
Oh, you.

Chef, can I please
come back, chef?

Dude, really,
what are you doing?

Perfect timing.

You. You come here, you.

You're making me look stupid.
No, chef.

The blue team,
one hour into service

and not one entree out.

You, for the last time,

take him and him...

And get out!

It's just over an hour

into Hell's Kitchen's
opening night,

and the blue team
has failed to deliver

a single entree
to the dining room.

How much longer could it be?

And the unwelcome
return of Sebastian...

Chef, can I please
come back, chef?

You. You come here, you.

Has pushed
chef Ramsay to the limit.

You, for the last time,

take him and him and get out!

And let me
tell you something.

You come back downstairs again,

you'll be leaving
through the front door.

Now get out!
Yes, chef.

Three of you.

You, on meat.
Yes, chef.

You, on meat.
Yes, chef.

Hey, get out!

Now I'm pissed off.

I didn't do anything
to get kicked out

of this dinner service.

Chef Ramsay
looks to Ray and Anthony

to step up and rescue the meat.

They're already cut.
Close 'em up.

But over
in the red kitchen...

Where is the kale?

He's looking
for something else.

Yes, chef.

Black kale for the lamb...
Look at you both staring.

You're not even
answering me, Danielle.

Danielle, get it together.

She's cooked the lamb perfectly
and garnish.

Where's the kale?

Come on, Danielle!

I'm trying.

I've never
done this before.

I need the kale.

Protein's nailed perfectly.

We're missing the kale.


It absolutely will be one minute.
Yes, chef. Yes, chef.

Just lightly, lightly,
lightly tossed.

Danielle's all over the place.

She doesn't know
what she's doing.

Like that?
More along this color.

I'm spending more time
babysitting Danielle

than I am worrying about
my own garnish.



Touch them.

All right, chef.

Oh, my God.

That's my garnish.

Who cooked them?

I did, chef.

Yeah. You, get out.
Get out!

Hey, madam.
You think it's funny?

No, no, no.
Take your with you.

I know that this is not funny.

I don't deserve to be
kicked out of the kitchen...

Danielle does.

She was the one
bringing the station down.

don't stop the re-do.

Hurry up.

After that, two
chicken, two Wellington.

Two chicken, two Wellington.
Yes, chef.

Sorry, chef.
I'm confused.

Do you need the one
for the re-do

and the two chicken
and two Wellington?

Or do you just need the two
chicken and two Wellington?

Get out!

Get out!

It's just really hard.

And it's a lot harder
than people know.

While the women
look for someone to step up

on the garnish station...

Let's go.
Someone help.

We've got to get
this chicken garnish going.

Chef Ramsay...

Blue team, let's go.

Pushes the men
to keep the entrees coming.

Walking, chef.

Two lamb, chef.

Service, please.

Mm. Cooked perfectly.

Keep it rolling, guys.

Three halibut,
one bass, one chicken.

Come on, guys.

Yes, chef.

I'm looking at Jeremy
sauteing off kale.

I can see the kale literally
catching fire, getting burnt.

Chef, turn that down some,

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, don't even serve that.

I'm not.
Worry about your side.

Let me do my side, yeah?


Hey, no territory .

It's my station
and I don't need his help.

So shut up and do what
you're supposed to be doing.


Here we go with three halibut,
one bass, one chicken.

Yes, chef.
Seven minutes to the window.

What we going with?

Two... uh, two halibuts
and one chicken, chef.

Three halibuts.

Three halibut
and one chicken, chef.

Three halibut, one bass,
one chicken.

What we going with?

Three halibut, uh...

Jeremy, he's
telling it to you.

Just say it right back, man.

I'm pretty sure birds
can do that.

Three halibuts, one bass,
one chicken.

What's going?

The three halibut,
two... two, uh.

Two... two.

Get out!

Bye-bye, Jeremy.

It's 90 minutes
into opening night.

Yes, chef?


And with three
members of the red team

already kicked out
of the kitchen...

I've never worked in a
brigade before.

The rest of
the team is struggling

to fill the vacancies...

Send it without potatoes.

chef Ramsay to take

the unusual measure
of sending the entree

without the garnish,
in hopes he will catch up

on the order
before the diner notices.

Go, please.

We'll send the potatoes

Right, potatoes,
we're dragging,

with chorizo, urgently.

Yes, chef.

I'm swamped right now.

A few of the girls
got kicked out,

and now I'm on fish.

And on top of that,
now I'm on the garnish station.

Oh, my God.

Anybody gonna help her?

Jacqueline, don't
stand there staring.

There's always something to do.

Yes, chef.

Chef Ramsay
doesn't stress me out.

I'm just like, "relax.

Channel the inner zen."

Guys, I need to get my bass in.
Watch out.

I'm looking at Jacqueline.

She not doing
a damn thing right now.

I need water.

Uh, madam?

Yeah, it needs garnish.

You're absolutely right.
My apologies.

Give me two minutes.

So now the customer's
at the window.

Seven minutes ago,
we served the chicken

and where are the potatoes?

Coming, chef.
30 seconds.

What are you doing?
I had to get my water, chef.

Get out.
All right.

Get out!

Chef Ramsay told me to get out,

and I'm like, "All right.

I'm going to go upstairs
and rehydrate myself."

Mary! Garnish.

Coming, chef.

Thanks to
Mary, the red team

finally delivers
the missing potatoes.

Hot pan, chef.

But in the blue kitchen...

The chicken is going first.

Chef Ramsay finds himself

asking a familiar question.

Where's the chicken garnish?

Garnish the chicken.

And what about
the risotto appetizer?

Yeah, 45 seconds.

They need to be more cooked.

Dan, come here.

Just touch that.

Hard, chef.
Dan, please, come on.

We, like, five people down
in the kitchen.

I need you, baby.
I know that.

We are going to complete
dinner service, no matter what.

Two risotto going up.

Two risotto.

Oh, man.

Look at that, there.

Stuck to the bottom of the pan.

, man.

Jon, take Dan and yourself

and get the
out of here.

When somebody gets kicked out
of the kitchen,

it put more pressure
on the next man.


Raymond, taste that.

Spoons are everywhere.

Bland, chef.

Ray, you just stuck your finger

into a risotto in front of
chef Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen.

That's just stupid.

You may be the oldest,
but out of respect, off.

Yes, chef.

You got to be .

Blue kitchen tonight is like

being in the middle
of a natural disaster.

My heart is beating.

I'm not feeling good right now.

It's getting hot.
I start feeling pressure.

You good? You good?

I got to just breathe, Holmes.


Risotto, chef.

Just taste that.

Yeah, .

Get out, get out.

Another person gets kicked out.

That's, like,
another blow to me.

I started to feel something
in my stomach.

I literally feel
my body shutting down.

W-where's Zach?

Oh, my God.

Zach keeps leaving the kitchen.

All I'm thinking to myself is,

"Don't go under.
Don't go under."



It's two hours into

the grand re-opening
of Hell's Kitchen,

and in the blue kitchen,

Zach is
the last man standing...


I'm feeling dehydrated.

It's getting hot.

And I'm starting
to lose consciousness.

Oh, my God.

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Where's Zach?

Zach! Zach!

What are you doing?

I'm throwing up for a minute.

Let me just
get this out, please.

Throwing up.

Throwing up.
Oh, me.

Oh, God.

I'm literally telling myself,

"If you think that, you know,

"you going to pass out,

guess what.
Think again."

Zach. Zach.

You okay?
Yes, chef.

I'm a monster.

First up, two bass,
two halibut.

Yeah, I'm finishing that up.
I got it, chef.

Chef Zach!
Chef Zach!

Bass, Zach?


Two bass, chef.
Two bass.

Go, please.

As Zach
rises from the ashes...

Whoo! Let's do it.

Frustration is rising

amongst the 12 ousted chefs.

I got kicked out
of the kitchen 'cause

I couldn't repeat back
the order.

You got to repeat back
the order.

You got to be able to know that
, man.

Dude, communication's

It's the first of many.

I've been cooking
for half my life, okay?

I've never worked
in a brigade before.

There's hardly any
restaurants that work that way.

Danielle is
making sure everybody knows

she hasn't worked
in a brigade system before.

Guess what?
We know!

We know this already.

None of us have ever
worked in this kitchen before.

Curiosity, show of hands.

Guys, how many people
have worked

in a true brigade before?

While Danielle
continues to ponder

the mystery of the brigade
system, downstairs,

the red team has finally
found their rhythm.

Chicken walking.

Garnish, chef.

Let's go.

And on the other side,

Zach is feeling better
and entrees are flying

out of the blue kitchen
as well.

That looks good.

Last ticket, two halibut,
two chicken.

Yes, chef.

I'm determined
to finish service because

what don't kill you
only make you stronger.

I literally threw
ice on my chest.

Touch this.


Either that or
die on the line.

Last table, girls, last table.

Ready, girls?
I'm walking.

Coming right behind you.

The asparagus salad, chef.

Service, please.

I'm feeling really good
right now.

We completed
the first dinner service.

This is unbelievable.

There you are, chef.

Two halibut, two chicken.


Go, please.

I knocked that
out the park.

Last man standing.

Chef Zach is the man tonight.

Tonight I guaranteed that
we would

complete a dinner service,

but I expected all of you
to be here when I finished.

It was a difficult evening,

but I will
choose a winning team.

The red team.


Good job, baby, good job.

Zach, you gave it your all.
Yes, chef.

That's the kind of commitment
I want to see

each and every service,
all of you.

It's going to get harder.

Blue team, time to do something

that you couldn't do tonight.

I'd like each
and every one of you now

to work as a team
and decide which two chefs

you'd like to nominate to get
the out of here tonight.

Now off.

Yes, chef.

My team, they let me down.

But I guarantee you
the guilty parties

will be penalized
to the utmost.

The two stations
that dropped their ball

was Sebastian's station
and Michael on meats.

As far as Michael, I agree.

I did the Wellington because

he said he was ready
with the lamb.

Michael was a disaster.

He's an executive chef.

He's been doing it for a while.

you should know better.

What's the matter with you?

I know I up lamb,
but at the same time,

I've cooked thousands
of racks of lamb in my life,

and I have a lot of experience
to bring to the table.

Now with that being said,
I'm going to go with Sebastian.

I mean, you got to know
when to be serious

and put your head down.

You know what I mean?

And, you know, you got to know
when to joke around.

Sebastian really needs
to hit the bricks.

This guy is a clown.

I haven't seen him serious
for a second

since he's been here.

I like to have a good time
at work, man.

I do, too.
I like to make jokes.

I like to have a good time,

but when it's in the kitchen,
man, you've got to crunch.

You came in three times
and then I got kicked out...

Yeah, what the
were you thinking, man?

Coming back in three times?

There was only a second time.

No, you came back a third time.

It's very easy
to point fingers.

Tonight, we all screwed up.

What pisses me off
is I wasn't playing around.

I was actually trying
to put out some good food.

Me, I got to nominate jer.

Not because
he's not a good cook,

but, like, he's not
the strongest guy on the team.

I have to second on Jeremy.

Not 'cause
I don't like you, cuz.

But, like, what
happens tomorrow

when we get in service?

You guys know
you're voting on me

not because I can't cook,

but because I couldn't
repeat back an order?

Chef, can I tell you why
I will vote for you?


When I see the Greens
literally turning brown...

But I told you I got it.

When you talk to me
in that tone of voice

and with that you got it...

I'm not.
Worry about your side.

Let me do my side, yeah?

'Cause you were yelling at me.

I'm yelling it
right back at you.

I did not yell at you.

Jeremy reminds me
of a young punk

with a lot of mouth
and nothing to back it up.

You're taking me out
because of what I said,

but can I cook?

No, you can't cook.

You ain't doing it good,

I'm not doing it good?
You ain't doing it good.

I'm 22.
I got a lead position.

Watch for me. I'm gonna
step on you when I'm bigger.

Watch, when I'm something
and you ain't nothing.


'Cause you stepping on me
real hard, bro.

None of us are
right now.

No, he just stepped on me
real hard!

You don't even know
where the I'm from!

Chef Ramsay
has asked the blue team

for two nominees,

and Michael and Sebastian

have been singled out.

But another candidate
has emerged.

You ain't doing it good,

I'm not doing it good?
You ain't doing it good.

You stepping on me
real hard, bro.

None of us are
right now.

No, he just stepped on me
real hard!

You don't even know where
the I'm from!

Imagine how I feel as a chef

knowing I see you doing it wrong
and I don't say nothing.

What do that make me look like?

I know it's you
cooking the dish,

but what the
do that make me look like?

Quit insulting people
before you try their food.

If you feel like that, chef,
then why didn't you say,

"Chef, come and taste it."
I asked, I asked.

I asked everybody
to come try it.

Did he ask any of you?

Zach just threw me
underneath a bus.

But I'm not going
to go down easy.

I'm getting that
stupid restaurant in Vegas,

and I'll be better
than everybody else,

and they'll know it.

How you gonna step on someone's
career like that, dude?

You stepped on
your career.

You just said my career
ain't .

You said,
"Everybody off my station."

You did it to yourself, "B".

The nerve of this guy.

'Cause he knows
what the he's doing.

Clearly you
don't got it. Duh.

You out of here, Holmes.

Men, have you
reached a decision?

Yes, chef.

Did you work as a team?

Yes, chef.

Thank God for that.

Zach, who is the blue team's
first nominee and why?

We have nominated Jeremy,
because we saw something

that wasn't going right
with one of the dishes

that he was doing,
and he refused

to take the criticism,
telling us

to get off his station
and he got it.

The mistake of the cooking
is one thing,

but then the arrogance to not
want it to be corrected

is something totally different.

We can't have
that kind of attitude

in our kitchen going on.

I'm not asking you
to kiss each other's ass,

but when you walk
into that blue kitchen,

you work as a team.

Jeremy, were you arrogant?

Is Zach right?

No, it wasn't
that I was arrogant, chef.

I was frustrated
at the situation, chef,

and I lashed out.

Frustrated and you lashed out?

And whilst
your frustration's building,

you're lashing out

and the customers
aren't getting fed.

Zach, second nominee and why?

Our second nominee is...

After a rough
dinner service where almost

the entire team was kicked
out of the kitchen,

the men have made
a tough decision.

We have nominated Jeremy.

But they are not done yet.

Second nominee and why?

Our second nominee is...



Sebastian is a good guy,

but there's a time and
a place to play.

in the middle of serv...

like, you know,
we're trying to execute dishes.

We can't have that going on.

If you're not serious now,

I don't got you
getting serious at all.

Jeremy, Sebastian,
step forward.

Let's go.

Sebastian, seriously?

You want to
around in the middle of service?

Why did you come in here?

I love cooking.
This is something I love to do,

and I've been...
I've put in my time.

Today. I know
I dropped the ball.

It's just
sometimes my personality

comes out in the kitchen.

Before I came here,

I knew one
of my biggest problems,

one of my biggest challenges,
is my attitude.

And it's something
I have to correct.


You're one of the youngest
in this competition.

I thought you were in
way over your head.

Why do you think you should
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

Chef, I've fought for
everything in my life.

I've strived to do better.

I've alwaydone better, chef.

I've succeeded at
almost everything I've tried.

Today I failed.

I don't plan on failing
ever again, chef.

I let my team down,
and I never do that.

Not only did you
let your team down,

you then gave them .

You got yourself in the weeds.

You started giving
to the team.

That was one comment, chef.

One comment?
One comment.

Tough call.

The person
leaving Hell's Kitchen...

Sebastian, give me your jacket.

Keep doing what I said.
Yeah, man.

It's a kitchen,
not a place for comedians.

Good night.

Right now, I'm disappointed
with myself.

I came here thinking that
the challenge

was going to be
to beat the other chefs

and win Hell's Kitchen,

and I found a way
to defeat myself.

Hell's Kitchen, man.
It's no joke.

This is not a game for me.

This is serious business.


Yes, chef.

Get out of here.

Now this is a fight,

and I'm not leaving.

I'm staying.

Only bad thing
about winning tonight,

we can't send Gina home.

But if we lose,
she the first sucker

that's getting voted off.

I'm voting with two hands,

and my hoo-ha's
count as two, too,

so that's four hands all day.

I can't keep
carrying these guys.

I can't keep
throwing 'em on my back.

Biggest question on my mind is,

who's the next
I'm getting out of here

'cause the star,

the head chef here
is chef Zach.

Sebastian tried to be funny,

but it was his cooking
that was the joke.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen...

The women
celebrate their win...

The red team, congratulations.

By having an all-out war.

If you want to argue,
just press the bell, bitch.

Don't call me bitch.

You crazy.

Don't call me crazy.

I said, "bitch,
you crazy and deranged."

The teams
try a bonding exercise.

Backs up against the wall.
Get down, break it up.

Stop pushing.

But there's
a shocking departure.

Pack your stuff,
and leave Hell's Kitchen.

And will
an explosive dinner service...

Let's go, then, we're
still serving... communication!

Get some momentum!

Push one chef...

Have you got
a drinking problem?

Too far?

I mean, this is
harder than hard.

All next time
on a truly dangerous...

You may have
to go to the hospital.

Get out! Get out!

All of you,
get the out of here!

Highly dramatic...

People are just
dropping like flies.

Hell's Kitchen.