Heartbeat (1988–1989): Season 2, Episode 1 - Paradise Lost - full transcript

A looming malpractice suit threatens to ruin the clinic financially. Doctors Eve and Cory accept to work for free.

# Heartbeat, why do you miss
when my baby kisses me ?

# Heartbeat, why does a love-kiss
stay in my memory ? #

I'm The Urban Spaceman

# I'm the urban spaceman, baby,
I've got speed

# I've got everything I need

Is this it ?

We were lucky to get the last room.

# I don't need pleasure,
I don't feel pain... #

Nice view.

This is the one.

Come here.

Oh, Nick.

It's quite nice.

What ?

If you think I'm spending
my anniversary night here,
you've another think coming.


Home ?

"I'll make arrangements,"
you said.

"We'll rekindle
the flame of passion."

I never said "rekindle
the flame of passion".

True. You're not the world's
most romantic man.

Which is why you botched it.

Everywhere was full.

You didn't book
till the last minute.

We'll go away for a weekend soon.

A second honeymoon.

Huh !
Huh !


# The best things in life are free

# But you can keep 'em
for the birds and bees

# Now give me money
# That's what I want

# That's what I want
# That's what I want

# That's what I want, yeah

# That's what I want

# Your lovin' gives me a thrill

# But your lovin' don't pay my bills

# Now give me money
# That's what I want

# That's what I want
# That's what I want

# That's what I want, oh, yeah

# That's what I want

# Money don't get everything,
it's true

# What it don't get, I can't use

# Now give me money
# That's what I want

# That's what I want

Ooh !

# That's what I want, oh, yeah

# That's what I want #

All right, I'm sorry.
That's fine.


Aidensfield Police.

There's a what ?

On Elsenby Moor ?

I'm not doubting you,
Miss Eckersley. Be right there.


What ?

A flasher. Back to work.

A flasher !

Hey, you ! Stop.

What's your game ?

No game. I've just been
held up wi' a shotgun.

It's not random.
This joker knew Mr Duffy's routine.

I need that.
Cheers, Phil.

It's no joke.
He's got my takings and my stock.
And my van is my livelihood.

We're well aware it's no joke,
Mr Duffy.

It's armed robbery
we're dealing with.

Have you got full details,
Constable ?

Everything from shoes and boots
to Granny's fluffy slippers.

High fashion shoes.

Genuine imitation patent leather.

And they go mad over my mock-croc.

I've had t'same patch
at Ashfordly Market for 15 years.

They all know Duffy's
boots and shoes.

As you say, Mr Duffy.

Pity you're not
as specific about the hijacker !

I didn't ask
his name and address (!)

What Sergeant Blaketon means -

I don't need a translator.
I speak good English.

All I know is what I've told you.
Height, build - medium-ish.

Ish ?
Medium-ish. A bit like him.

I couldn't see his face
for his Balaclava.

And you think he was a Scot ?

Well, he sounded like that.

The Highlands or the Lowlands ?

# THE TROGGS: Wild Thing

# Wild thing

# You make my heart sing #

Can we tempt you to a drive ?

You couldn't tempt us
to a chip butty, Rupert.

Peasants don't respect gentry.

I wish our peasants were like this.

Less of the "peasants".
What are you called ?

Er, Tim. You ?

Rose. Staying at the Hall ?

Yeah. But only for a few days,
so make the most of me.

Come on, then. Just for a bit.

A bit of what ?

How about you, Julie ?

Hey, our Julie ! Stay where you are.

We're only going for a ride.

You please yourself.

My lass isn't making a show of
herself with Lord High and Mighty.

That's a bit strong.

I was talking to my daughter.

I'd best go.

You'd no right showing us up.

I've every right.

We've known each other
since we were little.

You're a grown lass now.
I know how lads behave.

Especially his sort.

They reckon village girls
are there for their pleasure.

But where's his body, then ?

This is his body.

So there, Smartie. That's his body.

What shall we do with this one ?

Hello, Ada. What are you doing here?

I saw 'em all coming in.
They said there were tea.
I wondered what were going on.

It's my new mother and baby group.

It's not to do with doctoring ?

Well, not as such, no.

Why, is there something
bothering you ?

Just my usual aches and pains.

It's a bugger, getting old.

I'm sure it is.

Have a cup of tea, then go home and
I'll pop in and see you tomorrow.

I don't want to be a trouble.

It's no trouble at all.

Oh, bless you.
You're welcome.

She's a grand lass, this one.

Could we have a chat, Dr Rowan ?

It's a bit noisy here. Come across
to the surgery later on. Thanks.


I hear the anniversary was a fiasco.

Is there a divorce looming ?

No. Did you get that list
of missing shotguns, Phil ?


March 18, June 22, August 9.
There's the serial numbers.

Forget March. Barney Clark always
says he's had something pinched.

And the others ?

June 22, Mrs Wilson, Holly Cottage.
August 9, Ashfordly Hall.

Ma Wilson's place is a junkyard. I
reckon the gun's under that clutter.

Yeah. What about the Hall ?

His Lordship left his gun
in t'gun room to be cleaned.
It went walkabout.

A bit careless.

Young Rupert had a couple
of Hooray Henrys over.
I reckon one of them half-inched it.

What for ?

Their idea of a "wizard prank,
old bean, ha ha".

Some prank.

It's chickenpox, Ellen.

I should never have brought them.

Not to worry.

Have none of the older kids had it ?

Only mumps, measles
and whooping cough.

Right. Well,
take them straight home.

Marilyn's not too bad now.
If she gets worse
you'll need to keep her in bed.

You'll have to get
some calamine lotion.

If the baby gets it, cotton mittens
will stop him scratching himself.

There we are.

Thank you.

You're welcome. Bye, Marilyn.


Is the guv'nor about ?

Aye, he's inside.

Oh, nice motor.

How the other half lives.

You from Newcastle ?
Close. Gateshead.

How long you been round 'ere ?

Long enough. Foreigners both ?

You feel it sometimes.
Worked here long ?

Three months. Before that
I was at the Royal in York.

Till I did my back in
and wasn't much use as a porter.

Ready, Pearce ?

I understand you reported
a shotgun missing...

I believe I did.

Any news on that, Pearce ?
Not that I know of, Your Lordship.

That's not the best treatment
for your tyres, sir.

Somebody nicked cook's tarts ?
The Krays would be
in their element here.

I'm enquiring
after a missing shotgun.

Found it last week in the stables.

What was it doing there ?

Not the foggiest.
I forgot to mention it.

Where's it now ?

Funnily enough, in the gun room.

Mind if I take a look, sir ?
Not at all.

If you find fingerprints on it...

..they are bound to be mine.

A child with chickenpox
in a playgroup !

What did t'doctor say ?

Cover her with calamine lotion,
keep her in bed, and the rest
of the kids might get it.

And how are you ?

About time.

You've been out all day.

You haven't been with Ashfordly ?

I said I wouldn't. I don't lie.

I know. But you should be studying,
not gallivanting around.

You won't get to university
if you don't.

Dad, Billy's got spots.
Show him, Billy.

I don't want to.

What is it, Mam ?

Doctor Rowan said they would.

Well ?

It wasn't the one at Ashfordly Hall.
That turned up.

Why weren't it entered ?
They didn't report it.

They live on a planet of their own.

Any news on the van ?

Not yet.

We've circulated details.

We have an armed robber on our patch
and I want him found.

I know, sarge. Can I have a word ?

Right, in the office.

Well, go on.

Could Rupert have anything
to do with all this ?

Are you off your head ?

He's Lord Ashfordly's son.

Anyway, the family's loaded.

But he was around
at the relevant time.

He knows the area
and he had access to the gun.

He made a point of telling me
his prints were on it.

Anything else ?

Not yet.

Whatever you do, Rowan,
do it discreetly.

Right, sarge.

We don't want to upset
the landed gentry (!)

Come here. Come on, Alfred, come on.

Come on. Let's get some tea.

Come on.

Alfred, come here.
Where the hell are ya ?

Alfred !


What have you got ?

Come here, Alfred ! Come here.

Alfred !

Alfred, come here !

Am I disturbing you, Dr Rowan ?

Hello, Julie. Of course not.

Has Marilyn got worse ?

Oh, no, no.

This chickenpox...

..is it dangerous ?

You've not had it ?


It is contagious
but mostly among children.

It's worse for adults but unpleasant
rather than dangerous.

What is it, Julie ?

What about for women havin' babies ?

It's German measles
that can cause complications.

Your mum's not pregnant again ?

Oh, no, no, no. It's just that...

It was silly of me.
Sorry to have bothered you.


Is there something
you want to tell me ?

Are you sure ?

Oh, yeah. I've seen
my mam's symptoms often enough.

Have you told your parents ?

God, no. My dad'd kill me.

I doubt that.
He's really proud of you.

That's just it.

He wants me to go to university
and make summat of myself.

It'll break his heart.

It's not impossible to have
an education and a baby. Women do.

Not in Aidensfield, they don't.

What about the young man involved ?

Will he stand by you ?

I'm not a slag, Dr Rowan.

We love each other.

I'm sorry, Julie.
I just want to help you.

What does he have to say
about the idea of a baby ?

He's very pleased.

Is he a local boy ?

I can't tell you his name.

Well, that's up to you.

But it'd just be between us.

It's not that.

I promised, Dr Rowan.


Julie !


..if he's not prepared
to go public...

..and you've no plans
to get married...

..well, all you can do
is tell your parents.

I know it won't be easy.

But they're going to find out anyway
and, believe me, you'll need
their support.

(Marilyn wants another biscuit.
I'll be back soon.)

Where're you going ?

Not again ?

Leave the girl alone.

She can't have her nose in a book
all the time. Off to Rose's, love ?

Yeah. I might do.

First Cut Is The Deepest

Make sure you're not home late,
do you hear ?

# But if you want,
I'll try to love again

# Baby, I'll try to love again,
but I know

Sorry I'm late.

# The first cut is the deepest #

# CREAM: Strange Brew

What is this ?
Chateau Gijnon. Not bad.

What the hell?
He won't miss a bottle or two.

Papa gone to Durham, Pearce ?
Caught the early train.

Good show.

While the cat's away, eh ?

Not a good idea, Master Rupert.

I think it's a splendid idea.

Won't he mind ?

Who's to tell him ?
Danny boy won't split.

None of my business.

Sensible chap.

Right, what are we waiting for ?

Once more unto the tottie,
dear friend.

No, Mr Duffy, not so far.

I do know that without the van
you can't earn a living.

But we're doing our utmost.

How old is she ?

She's old enough.

Yes, Mr Duffy,
as soon as I hear anything.

Are you, Rowan ?

Am I what, sarge ?

Doing your utmost.

As far as I can.

Well, that's not the way I see it.

As I see it,
all you've done so far...

..is come up with a cockamamie
theory about young Ashfordly.

With not a scrap of evidence
to back it up.

Where you come from you may call
that doing your utmost, but I don't.

No, sarge.

Even you shouldn't find it too hard
to stumble over four gross
of boots and shoes.

No, sarge.

Don't just stand there
agreeing with me. Get out there.

Hello, Claude.

New boots ?

Is the old war wound playing you up?

It's a corn.
Right beggars, aren't they ?

You shouldn't be wearing new boots.

They are new, aren't they ?

Well, middling.

Where did you get 'em ?

I bought 'em.

Where from ?

Ashfordly Market.

When ?

..it's a good bit back.

Mind if I take a look ?

What for ?
Take 'em off.

What, now ? I'm asking you to take
your boots off, not your pants.

I'm glad about that.
I've heard about coppers.

You're worse than Blaketon.

You'll have to hold my dog.

Here, you're a police dog now,

I don't know what you want to see
these for.


Do you ever wash your feet ?

Now and again.

What's my hygiene
got to do with you ?

Whereabouts on Ashfordly Market ?

Duffy's Boots and Shoes.
He gives good value, Duffy.

A free set of corns with every pair.

You got a receipt ?

Come off it.

I saw Greengrass wearing
a brand-new pair of boots

the same make and style number
of some of them that were nicked.

What're you waiting for?
A confession ? Go and get 'im.

Armed robbery is not his style.

What about the boots ?

He said he bought them
from Duffy's stall.

Duffy said he's been flogging
the same line for a year.

Greengrass could well be
telling the truth.

Ada !

It's always worse first thing
in t'morning.

Pains me something chronic.

Keep mobile. Just about the house.
Don't struggle to the surgery.

Some doctors think I make a fuss.

Well, I don't, Ada.

I told you, I'll call in any time.

Look over there on t'sideboard
- something for you.

In the brown paper bag ?


There's really no need.

Oh, I want you to have it, love.

I'm glad you came to Aidensfield.

Just looking at your face
is a tonic in itself.

# THE WHO: My Generation

Bloody lighter doesn't work.

What are we drinking to ?

Here is to...



# I hope I die before I get old

# Talking about my generation,
this is my generation



Rosie. Come on over.

Hello, darling.

# Don't try and dig what we all say,
talking about my generation

# I'm not trying to cause
a big sensation #

What are you playing at ?

I beg your pardon ?
Turn the engine off.

It's an offence
to drive if you're incapable
of being in charge of a vehicle.

Ah, but I'm perfectly capable.

That's for us to decide.

I'll have to ask you to accompany me
to the Police Station. Keys, please.


Dr Rowan.

Hello, Mrs Lane.

Spots ?

Mm, it might be.
There's a lot of it about.

I'll pop round shortly.


Can I have your name ?


Get your father
to sort these people out.

What's going on ?

I've arrested this man.
He was driving vehicle
registration no. SOP177...

Sherlock Holmes (!)

Do you mind ?
I saw that his eyes were glazed
and he was unsteady on his feet.

Lock them up, to cool off.

Do you know who I am ?

Do you know who he is ?
Do what he says.

Get the doctor. She'll confirm
that they're both intoxicated.

Your wife is acquainted
with the procedure ?

Yeah, of course.

No reply.

Where is she, Rowan ?

You've got them all over you.

Shall we do your tummy quickly ?

There you go.

Has Stephanie had them ?
Not yet, no.

Oh, dear.

Tired Of Waiting For You

# So tired, tired of waiting,
tired of waiting for you

Is she not answer- ?
Don't say a word.

It's lovely weather we're having.

# I was a lonely soul

# I had nobody till I met you

# But you keep me waiting
all of the time

# What can I do ?

# It's your life,
and you can do what you want

# Do what you like

# But please don't keep me waiting

# Please don't keep me waiting

# Cos I'm so tired, tired of
waiting, tired of waiting for you

Aidensfield Police.

Hello, love.
"We need you at the station."

OK, I'll be there as soon as I can.


Now stand still,
with your arms held out straight.

What's ninety-four
minus seventy-three ?


Twenty-two ?

No, no, hang on.


Dr Rowan.

"The Leith Police dismisseth us."

Sorry ?

"The Leith Police dismisseth us."

Get him to say that.
Really, Sergeant.

Dr Ferrenby always does.

Very well.

Rupert, can you repeat
"The Leith Police dismisseth us" ?

For you, Dr Rowan, anything.

"The Leith Police dismisseth us."

I say! Bravo, Rupert.

He's passed the test.

He was drunk when he was brought in.

Yeah, and abusive.

Abusive ? Moi ?
I wouldn't say boo to a gander.

Would I, Tim ?

All right, put a sock in it.

Is that it ?

I do know the procedure.

He seems competent.
Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Super. Can we go ?

Doctor's word is final.
I know that, Constable.

Right, no charges.

Let 'em go.

You are an angel, doctor.

This wouldn't have happened if
we'd been able to reach you sooner.

I have sick children
all over the district, sergeant.

If there's nothing else,
I'll be off.

I'll have one of those.
YOU can make your own.

Sorry I asked.

It's not that. I'm talking about
you siding with Blaketon.

I didn't like to see you
make a fool of yourself.

Are you just piqued
because you didn't make an arrest ?

I should have done.

You resent the fact
I have some authority.

You're talking rubbish.

Why can't you respect my job ?

I do.

It didn't seem like it today.

What's this ?

I won't reply.
It might incriminate me.


You're the policeman,
you work it out.

Where did you get 'em from ?

A bribe from Rupert.
The earrings come next week.

Please, this could be important.

Ada Clough.

A present from a grateful patient.

Some people think I can do my job.

Only some.

I didn't mean no offence.
It were a thank you.

She's been so good to me.

It isn't everybody 'as got time
to sit and listen to an old lady.

You've done nothing wrong. It was
very kind. She appreciates it.

I just need to know
where you got them.

Claude Greengrass give me 'em.

Greengrass ?
Oh, he often fetches me bits.

A few eggs, a bit of fruit
and even a chicken sometimes.

But they were fancy and
they wouldn't fit over my bunions.

It were a shame
for 'em to go to waste.

Ada...you're a doll.

Take it easy.

How long have you been driving this?

How did you find this place ?

It wasn't me that found it,
it were Alfred.

It didn't occur to you
to report it ?

And who gets blamed
for nicking it ? Muggins.

Imagine what Blaketon'd say.

So you knew they were nicked ?

Well, not exactly.

They didn't have labels on saying
"These goods were stolen".

So where's the rest ?

I don't know.

It were just the pair of boots
and them slippers I gave to Ada.

Oh, and these, look.

This pair of odd 'uns,
which are no good to nobody.

What's that ?

It might be evidence.

Not against me, it's not.

Here's my key.
You can search my cottage.

All right.

I'll come wi' you.
Do you want these ?

He's definitely a local.
He knew about the barn.

That's your theory out. Rupert
wouldn't stash it on his dad's land.

He might be counting on us
thinking that.

He was very cool
when you brought him in.

No sign of nerves
- the way he got round your wife.

I'm sure any doctor would have
come to that conclusion.

You might be. I'm not.

Scene of Crime office
has just been on.

T'only other dabs found on that van
were Greengrass's.

And you still say
he weren't implicated ?

I bet my next leave on it.

He admits to touching the doors.

Besides, Duffy said
the hijacker was medium build.

Claude can't be described
as medium anything.

He might have an accomplice.

Well, it's possible. But I doubt it.

So what have we got ?

An empty van.

Two odd shoes.

And a cigarette butt.

We need a bloody sight more
than that to go on.

Unless you're waiting
till he nicks a ten-tonner ?

Who is he?!

Leave me alone.
I should've kept this quiet.

I said tell me his name.
Do you hear ?

And I said I can't.

Come in and sit down.

Please will you talk to Dad ?

Tell him he doesn't need to worry.

The person to do that
is your young man.

He will. But he's got to get
some things sorted out first.

That's as may be.

Look, all this secrecy
isn't helping anyone.

If I tell you his name,
will you swear you won't say ?


Ashfordly Police.

Yes, Your Lordship. On my way.

# MOZART: Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

Good evening, madam.

He banged on the door
making absurd accusations.

I never even touched her.

Do come in.
Be with you in just a moment.

It doesn't sound like Jack Neagle.
Was he drunk ?

Ask Pearce. Pearce,
put the Constable in the picture.

Sort the fellow out
so it never happens again.

I'm telling you, it wasn't me.

Yeah, yeah.

What happened ? Neagle said Sonny
Jim had got his daughter pregnant.

Had he been drinking ?

Maybe a jar or two.
They had a bit of a punch-up.

You'd think Neagle
had broken his neck. You ?

No, thanks.

Right, then.

I'll get back to work.


They won't ask me in
for a glass of port.

Night, then.

Whatever bother's going on here
lately, he's at the centre of it.

Not this time, Nick.

Rupert's not lying.

He isn't the father.

How do you know ?

Julie told me who it is.

Speak up or there'll be trouble.

You know I can't.

This time it was a black eye.
Next time he might not be so lucky.

It's my job to keep the peace.
Now tell me who it is.

Julie trusts me.

I won't break confidentiality,
not even for you.

Hello, George.
Be with you in a minute. OK, lads ?

George. Can I have a word, please ?

Sharmans' Shoes of Leeds.
Buy t'same every July.

Claude been mouthing off ?

Silly bugger.
No wonder he's limping.

Them boots he found were too small.

You know he never
looks a gift horse in the mouth.

Do you sell cigarette papers ?

I sell cigarettes. Speak to
Alice Wickes in the village shop.

I already have.
Right, thanks, George.

Just run it by me again.

Lord Ashfordly smokes cigars.

Jack Neagle gave up
after an attack of bronchitis.

And Rupert only smokes Gauloise.

Aye, bloody poseur.

Now, the shop and the pub
both corroborate that
our man rolls his own.

Same as this ?


Right, you'd best get onto
that posh hotel in York. Fast.

Yes, it does sound like chickenpox,
Mrs Carter.

Yes, there's a lot of it about.

The hotel manager's
never heard of Pearce.

Right, then, let's go.

Evening, sir. I believe you have
a Danny Pearce working here ?

He's my chauffeur.

Could we have a word with him ?

I think he's down at the pub.

Do you think
we could search his room ?

I'm sure you have your reasons.
Come in.

First Cut Is The Deepest

# I would have given you
all of my heart

# But there's someone
who's torn it apart

# And he's taken almost all
that I've got


What are you doing here ?

I need to talk to you, Danny.


Up there, at the top.

All right. Thank you, sir.
We can handle it from here.

# The first cut is the deepest

# Cos when it comes to being lucky,
he's first

# When it comes to loving me,
he's worse

You've not told anybody about us ?

Of course not, Danny.
I promised I wouldn't.

Good girl.

I just want to know
that you meant what you said
about us getting married.

Of course.
You don't think I'd ever leave you ?

You and our nipper
mean the world to me.

Looks like he's done a runner,

# And if you want,
I'll try to love again

# Baby, I'll try to love again,
but I know

I love you, Danny.

I love you too, sweetheart.

Look, I've gotta go now.
So I'll see you tomorrow.

# The first cut is the deepest

# But when it comes to being lucky,
he's first

I'll see you tomorrow.



Nice colour.

We've got the little rat.

# Oh, you've gotta know,
the first cut is the deepest !

# Yes, it is !

# Cos when it comes to being lucky,
he's cursed

# When it comes to being lucky,
he's cursed

# But when it comes to loving me,
he's worse #

That's very impressive.

Pick him up
and I'll inform His Lordship.

Are you gonna come quietly ?

"Dancing about on the floor.
Hitting Mr Change-about."

Thanks, lovie. How are they ?


This one's had three jam tarts.

I hope you're not sick, Billy.
And how are you ?


Are you ? Good.

The man who stole the van was that
young man who works at the Hall.

I always thought he was very quiet.
What I've seen of him.

Julie. Julie !

Julie ?

If Danny did it, it were for us
- for me and t'baby.

So's we could get away from 'ere.

That's not the way it was, Julie.

Firstly, his name's not Danny.

It's Mick. Mick Lewis.

And he's not a Geordie.
He's from London.

He's got quite a reputation
because he's so good at accents.

That's not a crime.

No. But he's got a record
as long as your arm.

I don't care about the past.

He just needs a chance, that's all.

I know Danny.
He's a good person inside.

I'll stand by 'im.

There's more, Julie.

Have you seen that tattoo
on his arm ?

It's an old girlfriend's initials.

It's his wife, Julie.

Susan Margaret Lewis.

The mother of his two children.

That's where all the money went.

I don't believe you.

You're lying.


Julie, love.

I'm so sorry.

It'll be tough on her.

But she'll come through it.

Her parents will
bring the baby up as their own.

Julie can go on to university
if she still wants to.

Nick, where did you find it ? How ?

I've been coming here for years.

# SMALL FACES: Lazy Sunday

# There's no-one to hear me,
there's nothing to say

# And no-one can stop me
from feeling this way

# Lazy Sunday afternoon,
I've got no mind to worry

# Close my eyes and drift away #



Oh, Nick.

You've got chickenpox.

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