Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 8 - Long Lost Love - full transcript

Jennifer's father sees a woman who reminds him of his nurse when he was wounded during WWII. However, she is a con woman, and impersonating Jennifer's half-sister to get her hands on the Edward's family trust money. When she is put into the will, the plan changes to include murdering Jennifer's father. Jonathan is suspicious and finds proof that the papers that the woman has are all forgeries. But Jennifer is reluctant to tell her father seeing how happy he is.

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H, she's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

because when they
met, it was murder.

( music playing )

( barks )

Man: Steven Edwards will
never know the difference.


I think we should
go a shade darker.

It's close enough.

Come on, it's 10:15.

He's been at the museum
for 20 minutes already.

He's seen me
three times already.

I don't think he's
even noticed me.


He's haunted by you.

He tries to shake
it, but it sticks.

He has to take an
extra drink at night

just to get to sleep.

And he keeps wondering
if he's chasing ghosts.

How can you be so sure?

Jillian, what man his age

would pass up a
chance to relive his past?

Come on. Let's
take a look at you.

( sigh )

I like my wife
better as a blonde...

( chuckles )

but Edwards won't.

And I like you best of all

with that tidy Edwards' dowry.

To government contracts.

To the Founding Fathers
for having the courtesy

of choosing a capital so
close to my home town.

Marie, it's Jennifer.

I'm fine. How are you?

Is my dad there?

Yes, of course,
I'm the in-charge.

Tell me, where are you?

We're at home for the moment

but we're on our
way to Washington.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Will you be here
for Thanksgiving?

We'll be there in six hours

and we wouldn't
miss Thanksgiving

with you for anything.

What a delicious surprise.

Tell me, when are you landing?

At about 4:00.

Jennifer: Dad,
did you hear that?

Uh, Jennifer, I'm
sorry. I've got to leave.

Someone just came in.

I'm gonna miss not
having you two here

for Thanksgiving dinner.

Uh, we're gonna
miss you too, Max.

I'm sorry Max, but that's just

the way things worked out.

I hope you didn't
order a turkey.

About 15 pounds worth,

but Slapsie, Little Al

and Louie have the day off

and we're gonna have a picnic.

Well, that sounds nice.

Thanksgiving in the park.

Turkey, stuffing,
and pumpkin pie.

And the trotters,

we're picnicking at the track

and Freeway is gonna have all

the turkey he can eat.

( chuckles )

( dog barks )

Hey, sounds like
you're gonna like that.

Put him back in
the stables, George.


Welcome home, darling.

Oh, I've missed you.

Well, your own fault. You
left me for another man.

You left me for another man.

Oh, I certainly did.

How are you, Jonathan?

I'm fine, thank you.

- Steven, you look wonderful.
- I should.

I'm just having the
most wonderful time.

She has remarkably
healing powers.

I make sure to maintain
a steady diet of it.

You two sound as
if I'm a prescription,

take three times
a day after meals.

Oh, speaking of meals,

I hope this business
appointment does not

prevent you for having
dinner with me tonight.

Well, I have a few
business meetings

to attend in the city
but other than that,

- we're all yours.
- Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Let me guess,

it's Friday and that means

a wonderful table
at La Cachette.

Another Edwards tradition.

You see? Dad still maintains

a very precise schedule.

You make me
sound so predictable.

No. Not predictable, reliable.

Well, that's better.

There you are.

Let me take that one, Walter.

- Thank you.
- Jennifer: Home!

Well, cheers is to
all loving couples

no matter where they may be.

( chuckles )

Oh, cheers, Dad.

Do you two realize
how lucky you are?

I keep trying to convince her.

I hope he never stops trying.

What do you recommend, Dad?

Well, how about a nice... (
speaks foreign language )

Everything in this
restaurant is good.

Looks lovely.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

I understand you
have no reservations

for this evening.

Oh, that is correct.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

What do you see that you like?

Miss! Miss!

Miss, please, may I talk to you?

I beg your pardon.

Oh, you're English.

It seems to me that
I've seen you before.

I don't see how.

Well, a couple days
ago at the Monet Auction.

Yes. I was there.

And today at the gallery.


I don't even know
you, but my daughter

and her husband
is dining in there.

And you remind me,

you remind me of someone
I knew a long time ago

and she was English, too.

Would you be ready
to order now, madam?

I think we'll wait
for my father.

Could you possibly have
lunch with us tomorrow?

You can bring an
escort if you like.

Here's my card.

Until tomorrow?

( chuckles )

Uh, I'm sorry.

You ordered yet?

No. We were waiting for you.

Is everything all right?

Oh, sure. I'm fine.

Your father has just been

fighting the battle
of all memories,

the older and weaker I get,

the younger and
stronger they get,

only a lot less kind.

Are you ready to order now?

Oh, yes. I'd like to start
with bruschetta romana

and I'll have the
duck a l'orange.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

So, his daughter's in town.

And the son-in-law.

I thought you knew
everything about

Edwards' schedule.

Must be a last minute thing.

I think we ought to wait

until they're gone.

No, we would have
to convince her anyway

sooner or later.

We go forward as planned.

He's invited me to
his house tomorrow.


It's about time Edwards' ghost

came to life.

Sometimes you scare me.

Jillian, it's for us.

Edwards is an old
man worth millions

and it would be a
shame for him to die

before he had the
chance to share the wealth.


- Dad?
- Mm-hmm. Huh? Oh.

( chuckles )

I must have dropped
off for a few seconds.

Wouldn't you be more
comfortable in bed?

Oh, I don't think so.

It's too early yet.


recognize anyone?

Oh, that's you.

Who's the lady?

Her name is Diana Rawlings.

Oh, that was taken a long time

before I met your mother.

She's very beautiful.


I was wounded in France

and they sent me back to England

and Diana was my nurse.

She was killed in an air raid.

I thought I saw her tonight.

But you said she was dead.

She is.

But there's an
English girl in town,

I saw her twice today.

She's absolute image of Diana.

That's why I've
been messing around

with old photographs
and letters.

Darling, I'm afraid
your father's developing

into a foolish old man.


Did mother know about her?

Oh, yes. I told her
everything about it.

Your mother was the best
thing that ever happened to me.

She gave me everything. She
gave life, she gave me you. ( sighs )

I haven't thought about
Diana Rawlings in years.

Your mother was
with me every day

and every moment
when you're here.

I'm always here, Dad.


Thank, God.

( ducks quacking )

This is some way
to spend a morning.

Don't you love fishing?

I don't know. I
haven't tried it yet.

Whoa, what are
you using for bait?

Twice as much as you,

that's why your fish has no fat.

( laughs )

It's such a nice day, Walter.

I think we can
eat on the terrace.

Very good, sir.


Here comes your guest now.

( engine revving )


Hello. I hope I'm not too early.

Oh, no. Not at all.

Not at all. I'm glad
you came Miss...

Rawlings, Jillian Rawlings.

It's absolutely lovely.

Dad, you have company?

Jonathan, if you don't think

I'm being too rude,

I'd like to speak to Jennifer.

But I tell you one thing,

she doesn't need
any fishing tips.


I'll take that, darling.

- Thank you.
- Uh-hmm.

Thank you very much.

What is it, Dad?

That girl from the patio.


Her name is Jillian Rawlings.


Yes, I've seen her passport

and her birthday checks.

Oh, wait a minute. I don't
understand. Her birth date?

Darling, Jillian
Rawlings is my daughter.

Thank you, Walter.

If there's anything
else, I'll call you.

When I met your mother,

they had told her that
Flight Lieutenant Rawlings

had been shot down.

I supposed when he
came back I was two.

She wished me to believe
that he was my father.

I thought your mother
was killed during the war.

No. No. She was injured
when the hospital was bombed.

She was expecting
me at the time.

And my mother
died five years ago.

It was a nightmare.

Trying to get
information about people

who have been missing
or who had been wounded

during those unpleasant days.

But they told me
your mother had died.

I asked and tried to find
where she's been buried.

There were no answers, nothing.

Do you live in Washington?

No, I'm just on holiday.

I don't know a soul here.

My dear, I can't tell you

how to make up
with those lost years.

Oh, but you didn't know.

You don't owe me anything.

But you are my child.

Please, come stay with us

until we can make
the proper adjustments.

This is... this is a lot to
take in at one time. I...

Why not?

It would give us all a chance
to get to know each other.

But my hotel, I do
have a room and...

I could drive you into the city.

We can pick up your things.

Well, you don't have to do that,

I can call a taxi.

A taxi?

That would take about an hour.

If we leave now,

we'll be back in
time for dinner.

All right. Well, thank you.

We'll see you later then.

Dad, are you
sure about all this?


She's an absolute
reflection of her mother.

She was born eight
months after I last saw Diana.

You loved her very
much, didn't you?

Yes, I did.

And I thank you for
being so understanding.

And here I am sitting next to the
most important woman in my life

and I should be letting Walter
make the proper arrangements.


I'll just get my things,
I'll be right down.

I'll wait for you in the lobby.

Why did you bring him up here?

You could have
blown the whole thing.

I couldn't help it. He insisted.

Everything is going very well.

You were right, he
asked me to move in.

I'm always right, Jill.

How did the other
daughter take it?

She's very happy
to have a sister.

Well, stay close to her.

She's the quickest
way to her father's heart

and his wallet.

( sighs )

How am I going to reach you?

No phone calls,
it's too dangerous.

I'll drive out every night.

If you need me, meet me

in the garage at midnight.

( sighs )

Relax, Jill.

We're about to turn
your mother's cloudy past

into a sunny future for us.

Come on, honey.

Relax, relax, it'll be fine.

What do you think
about all of this?

I don't know.

It's kind of exciting.

What did an only child
wish for all of their lives?

A Stan Musial
autographed baseball mitt?

Oh, be serious.

I am serious.

Are you all right?

I'm just so happy for dad.

I love you, you know that.

I love you, too.

( horses galloping )

It must have been
smashing growing up here.

I didn't just mean the horses,

but your father, he's so super.

He's your father, too. George!

I'd like to believe it, but
what if it was a mistake?

Thanks, George.

They were wonderful.

( panting )

Do you really have to go back

to London next week?

It would mean so much to dad

if you could be here
for Thanksgiving.

I would like to,
but I've got a job

and financial responsibilities

and I wish I could, but I can't.

( gunshots )


- Good shot, Jonathan.
- Thank you.

You're what we use to call...
( speaks foreign language )

You must have been thinking
a lot about the war lately.

Oh, yes. Especially '44.

Behind enemy lines in France,

trying to make myself
as unpopular as possible.

The Germans found a unique way

of making things
unpleasant for me.

I was lucky to make it
back to London alive,

although I didn't feel lucky.

And I meet Jillian's mother.

Oh, she was a wonderful nurse.

Yes, they didn't
think I'd make it,

but I got well for her.

Walter, pull.

I've got an appointment in town.

I'm a little late now.

I'll see you tonight for dinner.

All right. Tell my two redheads

I'll be in for lunch as
soon as my luck fades.

I have never seen the
Secretary of Defense

agree to anything
so fast, Mr. Hart.

It's a privilege to
see you negotiate.

( phone ringing )

Oh, this will be your call

from the London Office.

Hello. Yes.

- Thanks very much. Would you
excuse me a minute, Frank?
- Certainly.

And thanks for the
nice compliment.

Hello, Ted.

It's Jonathan here.

I've got rather
a sensitive issue

you can help me out with.

I'd like to have you
rundown a birth certificate.

It might be a little difficult.

She was born during the Blitz.

Her name is Jillian Rawlings.

Right. Can you get back
to me sometime tomorrow?


Thanks very much,
I appreciate it.

Dad, I've been thinking,

and I have an idea.


Jonathan has
been very fortunate.

We have far more money
than we could ever spend.

So I really don't need my share

of the Edwards Trust.

We could give it to Jillian.

Darling, I don't think
she'd even accept it.

Well, you could tell
that she had to take it.

That it was part of
the terms of the trust.

How did you ever get so smart?

Oh, I don't know.

Probably heredity.


( laughs )

Jillian: And then
we went through

every other store in Georgetown.

I think we cleaned them out.

When do I get the bills?

Oh, you don't have
to worry about that.

Speaking of shopping,

I have a little surprise.

It's a present from
Jonathan and me to you.

Oh, Jennifer.

Oh, oh, it's beautiful.

I can't accept
this. It's too much.


It would make us both very happy

because you've
made us all very happy.

I've never met
people like you before.

Thank you.

Well, let's put it on.

Let me help.


All right.

What do you think,
Dad? How does it look?

Absolutely lovely.

( laughs )

Oh. Oh, thank you.

My apologies, I was
delayed downtown.

Nothing serious?

No, nothing that can't
wait until tomorrow.

You two ladies look
absolutely beautiful.

You've been with
them alone all day?

I better go change,
help you out a little bit.

No, Jonathan, I need your help.

I've just learned
something about Jillian

which calls for an explanation.

Now, can you convince us

why you have to fly
to London on Tuesday?

Thanksgiving is practically
an Edwards tradition.

Couldn't you call,
get another week?

It's not as simple as that.

I just can't afford
to lose my job.

Maybe you can,
Jillian, maybe you can.

I just been talking
to my lawyers

and it seems you've
come in to a tidy trust fund.

Having a new family,

I... is enough for me to handle.

You can throw
it away or burn it.

But according to
the terms of the trust,

the money has to
go in to your account.

You can thank your
great-grandfather for that.

Now, when I go,

whatever I have left
goes to my two daughters.

It won't make up for
those lost years but...

Now, you really are family.

Walter: Dinner is served.

Oh, Jennifer, shall we?


Have you got some news

or did you just want
some recreation?

I've got an allowance.

That's what we wanted.

How much?

Well, I'll know tomorrow.

The lawyers are
coming to talk about

the trust and the will.

The will?

You're in the will?

We've got the trust.
That's what we came for.

Look, Jack, I'm getting
a large allowance.

Mr. Edwards will
take care of both of us

for as long as he lives.

I didn't count on the will.

Jillian, think how much better

he can take care of
us if he doesn't live.

Mr. Hart, our
courier from London

just arrived with this.

Oh, thanks very much.

Bad news?

It's bad all right,

but it's 40 years
too old to be news.

Her birth certificate.

Read the date.

"December 2nd, 1943."

Your father didn't meet
Diana Rawlings until 1944.

Jillian is not his child.

Oh, but that's impossible.

What about her passport?

Her passport, her
papers, they're all fake.

That birth
certificate is directly

from the official
files in England.

I don't believe it.

I wish I didn't.

I'm so sorry, darling.

She said that she
was here alone,

but she was with a man,

the night that your father
saw her at the restaurant.

I saw that same man
again at the hotel.

But why would she do all this?

The Edwards Trust.

Oh... it's gonna hurt
my father so much.

Well, he's got to know.

Do you want me to tell him?

No, no.

I'll tell him.

It would be better that way.

Thank you, darling.
I know how difficult

this must have been for you.

Hey, Jennifer.


Is my father in there?


Thank you.

- Dad?
- Yeah?

There's something I'd
like to talk to you about.

Then, come on in. Sit down.


Me first.

You know, as I was
signing my new will today,

I wondered what your mother
would have thought of all these.

I've been thinking
about her, too.

This caused me a
few sleepless nights.

If she were alive,

do you think my
happiness over Jillian

would cause her any pain?

Well, if she knew
that you were happy,

I'm sure that she
would be happy, too.

That's what I thought,

but I wanted to see
how you handled it

and you handled it very well,

nothing but generosity
and kindness.

Darling, you're so
much like your mother.

In a way you've
given me her blessing

And I'm grateful. Thank you.

Now, what did you have to say?

Oh... it wasn't very important.

I love you very much.

Thank you.



Where have you been?

- You're late.
- Don't worry about that.

How's it going?

I think the Harts
suspect something.

They were... they were
very different at dinner,

they were distant.

Maybe they don't
like the idea of having

to share a piece of the pie.

Did the old man sign it?

Why are you dressed like that?

What's the matter with you?

I think we've got to
forget this whole thing.

Forget it. Forget?

Jill, I promise you
Steven Edwards

will not know what hit him.

You're serious.

You'd kill him? You'd
actually murder him?

Shut up. They'll hear you.

Hear me? I'm going to tell them, I'm
gonna tell them that you're planning...

You'd kill me too, wouldn't you?

You only married me
to get at his money?

You never were gonna
settle for the allowance,

you were hoping
for the Will all along.

You know that's not true, Jill.

You know how it is with us.

Come here.

Come here.

I love you, Jill.


That was just an idea.

You don't know what
these people are like.

They're very special.

If anything happened to them,

I couldn't live with myself.

Don't worry, darling,
you won't have to.

( rattling )

Mr. Hart.

Sorry. I thought I
heard a prowler.

I thought the same thing.

Evidently, we've been
following each other.

Everything okay?

Well, I'll check the
locks to be sure.

Good morning, Steven.

Ah, good morning, Jonathan.

You sleep well?

I wish I could say that I did.

Well, something wrong?

I think that this may
kind of somewhat

of a shock to you,

but I don't believe that
Jillian is your daughter.

What do you mean?

I sent for her
birth certificate.

I think she's been
playing us all for fools.

What the hell are
you trying to insinuate?

I'm not trying to
insinuate anything.

It's a fact.


was born six months
before you met her mother

and Flight Lieutenant Rawlings

was her father.

That's a lousy piece
of wartime paper

and all the confusion
they caused.

Oh, I don't think you're being
reasonable about it, Steve.

Being reasonable?

I think you have to consider it.

A woman appears
from out of nowhere.

She claims to be your daughter.

That's ridiculous.

I pursued her, remember?

Oh, there's something more.

She's been meeting someone.

I don't wanna hear about it.

I'm amazed that you
would go to such lengths

to protect Jennifer's

And you think
that's why I'm here

to look after my money?

I don't know what
your motives are.

I can't think of one
that will do you credit.

I'm trying to look out

for some people
that I care about.

And I'm trying to protect you.

I don't want to hear it.

And I'm warning you,

I don't want one word
this again to Jillian.

I will not have my home
desecrated by such poison.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going
to take my daughters fishing.

Both of them.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I don't think I
should keep this.

We should talk.

- All right, Walter, go help
the girls with their tackle.
- All right, sir.

Here, let me give
you a hand with that.

Thanks, Walter.

You bet.

Is he still upset, Walter?

Yes. I'm afraid he
is, Miss Jennifer.

Well, this obviously
isn't the time

to talk with him any further.

I'll call the police

and tell them about Jack Corey.

When you get back,
we can lighten things up.

All right.

We'll give him an hour of peace

and then we'll tell
him the truth. All right?

See you later, darling.

Come on, Jennifer.

Jonathan can survive a
few minutes without you.

Walter, don't
prepare dinner tonight.

I've got something
special in mind.

Yes, sir.

( engine turns over )

I think it's better
this way, Mr. Hart.

You may be right, Walter.

Did you notice anything when you
were down at the dock last night?

I didn't get that far. Why?

Somebody did.

The boats have been disturbed.

I'm getting the
feeling that we both did

hear something
down there last night.

I'll check it out.


- What did you do to that boat?
- Nothing.

I found some wire, now
what did you do to it?

To hell with you.

Walter, pull him
out and tie him up.

( engine turns over )

There you go.

Tonight I'll be the chef.

You'll sample some
Bouillabaisse, Edwards style.

No, no. I may be wrong.

But it looks like Jonathan

is desperate to be near you.

I think something's wrong.

Get out of the boat.

- What is it?
- Hurry up. Come on. Get out.

Get off the boat. Come on!

Jonathan, I warn you.

Look, Jack Corey put
a bomb on this boat.

It's gonna blow up. Come on.

Damn it, Jonathan.

You've got to listen to
him. He's telling the truth.

Jonathan: Get out. Hurry.

Come on, darling. Come on.

Get out of the boat.

( explosion )

Jennifer: Oh, Walter,
that looks wonderful.

Walter: Thank you.

Well, Happy
Thanksgiving everybody.

And to you.

Dad, darling.

You know, the district
attorney turned up quite

a history on Jack Corey.

It appears that Jillian was
being cajoled and manipulated.

She did help us.

She's Diana's daughter.
She'll come out of this fine.

And her testimony will
stand her in good stead,

enough to put
Corey away for years.

You're very talkative
today, Jonathan.

I guess my thoughts
were with turkey,

stuffing, pumpkin pie.

- I take it you're ready to eat.
- Yes.

Well, in that case, I
believe this is your job.

No, no.

A time for a break in
the Edwards tradition

is long overdue.

For more years
than I care remember

I've been carving a turkey.

I think this time it should
be done by somebody else,

a wise ally, an honored guest

and a terrific son-in-law.


My pleasure.

Unh-unh. No, no, no, no.

The side.

( laughs )

( theme music playing )