Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 7 - Passing Chance - full transcript

A Greek businessman is planning an unfriendly takeover of Jonathan Hart industries, which is to be done when the Harts are participating in a car rally around Athens. Their race is sabotaged as the businessman is determined to stop them.

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
'cause when they met,

it was murder.

( music playing )

( music playing )

Jennifer: The Parthenon
was built during

the time of Pericles,

between 447 and 432 B.C.,

and was designed by what may
have been the most successful

architectural team of all time.

Isn't it beautiful?

I wonder if Max
fixed the roof yet.

( music playing )

Jennifer: This is the coliseum.

Oh, terrific.

Give me your camera.

I wanna take a
picture of you against

the background of Athens.

- Okay.
- How do I look?

Great. One classic
in front of another.

Oh, thanks.

I wonder how the Rams are doing.

All right. Thank you.

The board meeting will
take place in Los Angeles

on schedule in three days time.

Today is Tuesday.

I should start acquiring
new stock at once,

very discreetly, of course.

And at Friday's board meeting,

I make my move to take over.

Surely he can block you
with the stock he controls.

Only if he discovers
what I'm doing.

It is up to you Victor to ensure

that once he lives Athens,

there's no way his
office can reach him.

So, while he is racing
around the Greek mountains,

you take over the company.

Exactly. That's why I
have chosen this time

to begin my operation.

To a successful takeover bid,

your first foothold
in the United States.

To Jonathan Hart Industries.

To Mr. Hart, may he
never know what hit him.

( music playing )

How far?

He simply hasn't appeared.

Good luck.


How does it look?

Oh, great. Mountains,
cliffs, fire trails,

goat track, and about
60 miles of unpaved road,

piece of cake.

You guys got it easy.

I got to go up in that thing.

Max, are you still worried

about flying around
in that helicopter?

I'm telling you, Mr. H,
it's like taking off

in a giant Cuisinart.

Man: May I have
your attention, please.

Your attention, please.

We're about to begin
the Jonathan Hart

Industries Acropolis Rally.

Three days and two
nights from Athens

and back again.

All the entry fees,
which by the way

total over 750,000,
will be donated to one

of Mr. Hart's
favorite charities.

( cheering and applause )

Man: The winner will
receive a silver trophy.

Mr. Hart thanks you all.

( cheering and applause )

Switch this map with the
one the Harts are using.

I want him running
around in circles,

so confused, he doesn't
get back to Athens

before Friday.

Man: Local police patrols
have been alerted to stop

and get assistance in such cases

or aid from any other source.

The rules are simple
and straight forward.

There are three check-in points,

the first night, at Delphi,

the second night, in
the town of Meteora,

and the finish line back
in Athens at the stadium.

You've been given maps
with suggested routes,

but as the saying goes,
"Check in as you go."

If you believe you have an
inspired route of your own,

follow your nose.

You must check in each evening.

Short of that,
the first to cross

the finish line is the winner.

May I remind you, the formal...

I'm afraid there's been
a misunderstanding.

Yes, yes. I understand
there has been

a misunderstanding,
but I'm afraid it is you

who have misunderstood.

The rules are quite clear

if you care to reread them.

There must be two
passengers in every car

and there is no reference
whatsoever to race,

creed, sex, or species.

Man: We hope to see
you at Delphi tonight

in good condition.

Good luck to all of you.

( cheering and applause )

( engines revving )

Hold it.

( engines revving )

Okay. Go.

( engine revving )

- Mr. Jonathan Hart.
- Here you are, darling. Yes?

Anthony Vlachos. I
thought I recognized you.

Your reputation precedes you.

Don't believe a word
of it. I was born lucky.

Yes. This is Max.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

My wife, Jennifer.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

I see you could lose the race

and still end up the winner.

I supposed someone should
say may the best man win.

No need Mrs. Hart.
It goes without saying.

Anyway, it's a rough course.

I just wanted to wish good luck.

Thanks very much.

Good luck Mr. And Mrs. H.

See you in Delphi.

Hey, Max, don't worry.

Once you get airborne,
you'll be alright.

- Yeah, I hope so.
- Bye-bye Max.

Man: Go.

Man: Go.

Okay. Go.




Hang on.

There is an emergency phone call

for Mr. Hart from Los Angeles.

I'm afraid they just
stepped out of the office.

Will you take it?

- Okay, I'll take it.
- Come on.

( engine revving )

( music playing )

Did they give you any tips on

how to get through the traffic?


( music playing )

It says here that it
was on this very site

that Zeus made his
pact with Aphrodite.

I thought that Zeus was the
head man around Olympus.

Why did he have to make a pact?

Well, he didn't really
have to make a pact.

It's just that
Aphrodite could be

very persuasive
when she wanted to be.

And Zeus fell for
a lady's charms?

That's what they
call it mythology.

( music playing )

Look at that statue of Apollo.

What a magnificent physique.

On second thought,
maybe you better

look at the map.

When it's all over,
Hart will realize

we planned everything, won't he?

Sure. But by that
time, it won't matter.

I wish I could, Mr. Eady,

but Mr. H is nowhere
near a phone right now.

But I'm flying up to
Delphi with the officials,

I can give him the message then.

William: I don't
wanna alarm him, Max,

but I think he ought to know.

Tell him that there's
been some trading

of his stock for the
last couple of days.

It's a little heavier
than usual,

but probably within bounds.

I'll call him Friday
with the report.

Okay. Let's see if
I got this straight.

There's been some trading

but it isn't too bad
and you'll call him

after the board meeting.

Okay. I'll give it to him.

What was that?

There was a great dress
in that store over there.

I wanna remember
the name of this town.

I wanna come back here.

( engine revving )

Blackie, Blackie,
if you stop dribbling

and concentrate just
a fraction on the map,

we stand a prayer of not
finishing up in Belgium.

Right curve now.

Come on, Black Hole,
you ridiculous mutt.

Can't you see? Get off the map.

We are hopelessly lost.

Having trouble?

( laughing )

( engine revving )

Very funny.

Get off the map.

You ridiculous mutt.

How long does it
take to walk to Delphi?

( music playing )

This is murder.

( music playing )

Hey, is that right, if
anything happens,

you can't glide like a plane,

you drop like a stone?

Is that right?

( music playing )


( music playing )

Tell me, don't be so tense.

Loosen up.

This is not a game for me, Ute.

I've planned for this
moment for some time.

You know, once I have
Jonathan Hart Industries,

I can spread my influence
right across America.

And by now hopefully the Harts

are lost among the goats,

somewhere up in the mountains.

And if they find their way down?

Then I will do whatever

is necessary to
protect my interests.

Something tells me
we're slightly off course.

Yeah, but we're
making great time.

All we need now is a
few more gallons of gas

and 300 more horsepower.

( music playing )

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Delphi.

And congratulations
to those of you fortunate

enough to arrive
with all four wheels.

In fact you have
completed the first day.

Hart's office have got
through to their man, Max.

At the moment,

they think it's just
routine stuff really.

Fine, even if Hart
makes his way here,

that news won't alarm him.

( music playing )

Jennifer: Times like these,

I wish we could
call the Auto Club.

Max will be glad he
went by a helicopter.

Poor Max.

He must be worried
to death about us.

Oh, Jonathan.

( music playing )

Jonathan: Hey, can
you give us a hand?

I'll call Max first thing, okay?

( crowd applauding )

Mr. and Mrs. H,

where you been?

I've been real
nervous about you.

You have a very
interesting technique

with dealing with stress.

Come on, sit down. Sit down.

I'll get you something to eat.

( music playing )

Seems your little
trick didn't work.

Got to slow him down.

Keep him from
getting back to Athens

before the board meeting.

I'll make sure he doesn't
get back to Athens.

( music playing )

Here's some Greek cloudberries.

Dolmatas. It's grape leaves
stuffed with rice and things.

And try some of the chili sauce,

so named because it oozes down,

takes the edge off the day.

Max, do you still
have your rally map?

Certainly. Why?

Would you mind
getting it and picking

up our stuff in the car, too?

What's up, Mr. H?

I have a feeling
somebody planned

a little scenic tour for us.

Okay, but watch that
ouzo, it sneaks up on you.

Thanks, gentlemen.

How does it look, Mr. H?

A lot better than your
head at the moment.

Guess you scared
off whoever it was.

Mr. Hart, helicopter is ready.

Thanks very much.

Helicopter... you're
going somewhere, Mr. H?

- No, Max, you are.
- Not the helicopter.

You're going into Athens to
be checked out by a doctor.

But it isn't necessary.

I feel fine. I'm okay.

We'll feel fine once you've
had your head x-rayed.

Wait a minute.

What about the rally?

I don't wanna miss it.

We'll be in Athens the
day after tomorrow, Max.

- We'll give you
a full report. Come on.
- Come on.

Oh, God, do I have to go
in that egg beater again?

But Mr. H, maybe I got
conked harder than I thought.

Maybe I ought to
take a car back there.

Oh, no. Come on, Max.

Come on, Max. Keep
your eyes closed.

You'll be there
before you know it.

Make sure you come back
here after you drop him off.

We'll need you in the morning.

Oh, Mr. H, with the bump
on my head, I almost forgot,

Mr. Eady called from LA.

He said there's some trading

in Hart Industries stock,

but nothing to worry about.

I'll give him a call
the first chance I get.

Come on, get in.

Sorry, there's no
movie on this flight.

Look after yourself, Max.

Don't you think someone's
going a little overboard?

First our map and now Max.

Maybe we should
withdraw from the rally.

Maybe we're the
odds-on favorite.

How can we be?

We're not professional drivers.

You're right, it doesn't
make any sense.

Only if someone wants to
take off with the winnings.

Jennifer: But the winnings
are going to charity.

You know what I'm thinking?


You remember that
story you told me

about Zeus's pact
with Aphrodite?

That was just mythology.

Well, myth convinced me.

Jonathan, that is the worst joke

I've ever heard
in my entire life.

What's wrong with it?

Would you stop that?

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Get out of here.

The Harts have probably
been told about the trading.

If you value your position,

you've got to stop
tampering with engines.

I think, Victor, you
better start tampering

with Mr. Hart himself now.

( music playing )

Jennifer: Now wasn't
it worth getting up

extra early to see all this?

It says here that
this was the spot

where the Pythian Oracle sat.

She would answer any
questions, but always with a riddle.

Jonathan: How did she do that?

People would camp
at the bottom of the hill

overnight before coming
up to ask questions.

The oracle sent out
spies to eavesdrop

at the campsite and get a line

on what questions to expect.

Well, it does take time to
work out a convincing riddle.

Well, go ahead.

Go ahead, what?

Well, we came all this way.

Aren't you gonna ask a question?

Oh, darling, the
oracles are long gone.

You never know,
the old vibrations

may be lurking about. Try it.

All right. But since
this is a spiritual place,

I will ask in private.

Man: Now, wasn't
it worth getting up

extra early to see all of this?

Now, listen, old darling,

you are really gonna
have to play by the rules

or you'll have to
get out of the race.

I've been pretty
square with you.

I gave you the bed last night,

you've had three solid
meal... you devoured

an entire box of my best cigars.

If you have any problems,

speak now or forever
hold your peace.

I'm sure the oracle will listen,

providing you're
moderately articulate.

Oh, good morning.

It's a lovely day, isn't it?

Man: Ladies and gentlemen,

we are beginning the
second day of the rally.

( indistinct ) most of
you tonight ( indistinct )

We offer a special
hope with our sponsor,

Mr. Hart is gonna
ride behind the wheel

and not behind the car.

Are you sure you got
the right map this time?

I've been over
it point by point.

Man: Go.

Hold it number eight.

Go. Number 14, go.

Number 10, go.

( music playing )

Right turn. Five,
four, three, two, now.

Don't get too close.

Just close enough to
watch when it happens.

You know what it says here?

What does it say?

Look out.

Looks like the end of the road.

Wait a minute.

Construction site at
the Dmitri Zemeckis

Memorial Highway?

You want some of this?

Jennifer: No, thanks.

Judging from the progress,
Mr. Zemeckis is still with us.

Well, there's 15 kilometers
of dirt road ahead.

Here it goes.

Jonathan: This
shouldn't be so bad.

( music playing )

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Jonathan, Jonathan,
what's the matter?

Jonathan, can you hear me?

( music playing )


Jonathan, wake up.

( music playing )


Oh, Jonathan,
Jonathan, take it easy.

We're all right.

Jonathan, let me get this off.

Jonathan: See, I told
you it wouldn't be so bad.

He has some luck, this Hart.

Better let me do it next time.


Max? There's a man

calling from the
United States, Mr. Eady.

It must be for Mr. H.

I told you, you shouldn't
be disturbed but he insisted.

He said it was urgent.

Okay. I'll take it. Thanks.

Even if you are an
executive assistant,

you still need your rest.

You know how it is
at the top, Helena.

It's one crisis after another.

I'll fix your medicine.

An important man
like you should learn

to relax and get well.

Helena, you're the best medicine

I've had in a long time.

Max here, what's your
problem, Mr. Eady?

William: Max, I
got to get in touch

with Mr. Hart
urgently. Where is he?

Max: Right now, he's in
the middle of a mountain.

He'll be back tomorrow.

Well, it may be too late.

Someone is trying to take
control of the company.

They can't do that, can they?

Mr. Hart doesn't vote his proxy

by the tomorrow's board meeting,

he'll lose the company
within 24 hours.

Even if I could find him,

he couldn't get back
to Los Angeles in time.

He doesn't have to be
here. He can vote by phone.

Max, this is serious,
you've got to find him.

I'll see what I can do.
Where do I get you?

At the office all night.

Max: Okay.

Helena, I got to get Mr. H.

Did you see that rally
map I brought back?

No, I didn't, but you're
supposed to be resting.

Right now resting would be
the worst thing to my health.

Where is that map?

Max, I insist, the doctor
said complete bed rest.

Oh, here it is. Sorry,
Helena, I got to go.

I wanna get this canteen to
the Athens Police Department.

Have them check it out.

How's your head?

Remember the night
that we celebrated

the anniversary
of our first date?

That bad?


Max: Taxi.

Helena: Max, wait.
You're my patient.

I suppose if you're
running off somewhere,

it's my duty to see that
you are taken care of.

Helena, you're terrific.

( speaks Greek )

Tell him we wanna go to Meteora.

( speaks Greek )

He doesn't know where it is.

It's about 600
kilometers from here,

in this area somewhere
in the mountains.


You got to be out
of your mind, buddy.

About 500 bucks out of my mind.

5 c-notes?

I hear Meteora is a pretty
nice place this time of year.

Max: You speak English.

Well, after driving a hack cab

around the Garment District
in New York for 15 years,

you do get to pick up
the ideas for phrases.

The Greeks, just for tourists.

Garment District, huh?

Did you ever run into a
guy named Three Cop Theo,

ran the game for 34th
Street to 7th Avenue?

Yeah, Theo. I was
in there for 300 bucks.

I paid him back in free rides.

The name is Max.

Hey, nice to meet
you. Name's Nick.

My name is Helena and it's
time to take your medicine.

Man: Welcome to Meteora.

We would like to offer
our congratulations

on the completion of the
second day of the race.

As expected, you are
becoming a smaller, select group,

and a special congratulations
to Mr. and Mrs. Hart,

who arrive tonight with
their engines running.

At this rate, we won't
get there till morning.

Nick: Fifteen years, I've
had truckers, stalled buses,

Jersey drivers,
garbage in the streets,

I've never had sheep.

Miserable animals. No
wonder they eat them.

( sheep bleating )

Man: You realize, of course,
they are a dying breed.

Tragic, we always
travel with a dog.

Find the telephone
junction box for the town.

Destroy it.

( piano playing )

We still have 18 hours
before the meeting,

but just to be sure,
I shall give you

the chance you've
been waiting for.

Man: Good morning
ladies and gentlemen.

I hope you have acquired
a good night sleep

and are ready for the
final day of the race.

On behalf of Mr. Hart,
we hope to see all of you

in great condition in
Athens this evening.

Well, it's time to go.

I've been thinking, darling,

I really think we should
pull out of this rally.

I don't think that'll
do any good.

Why not?

Because I don't
think what's going on

has anything to
do with the rally.

It's Max.

Max: Where's Mr. Hart?

- Mr. H.
- Oh, he's in the hotel.

Thanks, come on.

The Hart office must've
gotten word to them in Athens.

The phones are all cut here.

Hart would never get through
to Los Angeles on time.

I can't rely on that anymore.

It's still not too late to put
their car out of commission.

We're past that now.

Hart's aware of
what's happening.

While he's still breathing,

he'll do anything
he can to stop it.

While he's still breathing.

( engine revving )

As I told you, all the
phones have been cut out

since last night.


( music playing )

Jonathan: Max you take
a taxi back to Athens.

We're going by helicopter.

Max: Okay, Mr. H.
We'll see you over there.

( music playing )

The helicopter's gone.

- Is he alive?
- Yeah.

Max, have the hotel
clerk call an ambulance.

Right. Come on, Helena.

We're gonna have to
get to a phone pretty quick

or we're gonna lose
more than a $50 cup.

We're gonna lose the company.

Hurry it up, will you, Max?

Take it easy.

( music playing )

There's a village
about 15 kilometers

up the road from here.

Unless they've cut all the
phone lines in the country,

we should be able
to get through there.

( music playing )

Well, we just found the chopper.

I don't think he's here to
escort us back to Athens.

Come on, get in closer.

( thuds )

Get in closer. Down in front.

Lower, lower.

( gunshots )

Darling, there's a
tunnel about 500 meters

or so on up the road.

( music playing )


Move in closer.

Watch out.

( screams )

( loud explosion )

Did you get a look at the pilot?

No, but I got a good
look at Vlachos's girlfriend

with a rifle.

Vlachos. Of course.

He's the head of one
of the largest corporate

empires in Europe.

Maybe he's planning
a little expansion.

That turn off is about
six kilometers from here.

I hope they got a telephone.

That meeting is about
to start in 20 minutes.

( music playing )

( indistinct chatter )

I see no reason for the delay.

I move that we
proceed to the vote.

( indistinct chatter )

( music playing )

- Telephone.
- Is there a phone anywhere?

Jennifer: Excuse
me. A telephone.

Do you have a telephone?

Jonathan: Do you know
where there's a phone?

( indistinct chattering )

( music playing )

( cheering and applause )

( speaks Greek )

We're just looking
for a telephone.

( speaks Greek )

( music playing )

Thank you very much.

- Telephone?
- Is there a phone anywhere?


( speaks Greek )

You don't know? Oh, boy.

( screams )

Well, looks like we're
all here for the finale.

( music playing )

Make a wish, darling.

( speaks Greek )

( music playing )

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Eady

has just been
delaying the inevitable.

I'm calling for a vote
and I'm calling for it now.

( buzzer sounds )


Yes, operator, I will.

Ladies and gentlemen, I
have a call from Jonathan Hart.

Jonathan: Can you
hear me all right?

You're coming
through fine, Jonathan,

but you'll have to code.

Hart code. Jackal 15112.

Okay. Mr. Hart, you're clear.

Gentlemen, I understand
there's a matter

that requires my attention.

Did you make a good wish?

( music playing )


( music playing )

The way I figure it,

there's no possible
way we can win.

( indistinct chatter )

I cannot see. Even
though you cannot drive.

I want to finish this race.

- You stop it.
- Do you not understand?

The way I figure it,

we're the only ones
that are going to finish.

We have to win.

Max, I'm gonna hand it to you.

I have been mugged,
ran into, delivered babies,

but this one really
took the cake.

The ride's on me.

Thanks, Nick, but
Mr. H wouldn't allow that.

He doesn't want anybody
to work for nothing.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Once we get back,
it's right to bed.

Is that the doctor's orders?

Let's leave the
doctor out of this.

Hey, it looks like Mr. and
Mrs. H are gonna make it.

You know, after all
that's happened to us,

it hardly seems
fair to win this way.

We've broken every
rule in the book.

But we do it so well together.

( both laughing )

Oh, gently.

( smooches )

Man: And the rulebook says,

the first car to cross
the finish line wins.

In this case, it will
also be the last.

Our congratulations
to Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

( music playing )

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