Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 5 - Easy Come - full transcript

A mild-looking cowboy discovers that it's easy to steal, and, soon thereafter, that it's easy to kill as well.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Ain't fit for a man to drink.

Neither is this.

It was the best
they had in town.

Tobin, you think of everything.

I'm right proud you
partnered up with me.

What'd you expect me to do?

Well, for a while, I didn't
know what to expect.

Think I was going
to shoot you instead?

No, of course not.

Here, have a drink.

Now, that sure is a waste,
even of bad whiskey.


Hey, fella.

Hey, fella.

Somebody been shooting at you.

Ham Tobin.

He killed me.

If he killed you, what
are you doing talking?

We was gonna be partners.


I lost money to him,

in a poker game.

Out here?


Never owe Ham Tobin money.

Need help.

Get me to town.

I need a doctor.

Please help me.

Folks might think I done it.

No, they won't.

I-I'll tell them.

You might change your mind.

Why would I do that?

I don't know, but
I can't chance it.


Don't leave me here.

It ain't human.

I feel sorry about this.

I'm awful sorry.

You poor devil.

I feel terrible about this.

Please, don't leave me here.



- What'll you have, stranger?
- Whiskey.

Now, can just anybody
get in that game over there?

It's not your looks they're
interested in, mister.

- It's your money.
- Oh.

Well, you ain't the handsomest
man in town yourself.

Uh, do you gentlemen
mind if I sit in?

Thank you.


I'll see that.

All right, mister,
let's see your cards.


Oh, no, you couldn't.

You're $25 short, mister.

Yeah, I know. I'll pay you.


Uh, uh, look, just give
me five dollars there,

and I'll pay you right
back out of the next pot.

You'll pay me now.

Come on, you're
holding up the game.

That's funny, ain't it?

Ham Tobin holding up the game.

Is your name Ham Tobin?

None other.

I want that money, mister.


Yes, all right, uh, Mr. Tobin,

I've got it right up
there in my hotel room.

I'll go get it right now.

Wait a minute.

If you're thinking of maybe
trying to run out on me,

don't try it.

Cause I'll catch
up with you sure

and peel your
skin off real slow.

Well, who said
anything about running?

I said I had it, didn't I?

Uh, hey, uh, mister?


I'm in real bad trouble,
and I need your help.

You look all right to me.

It ain't my health. It's j...

Well, it-it could be.

I could get killed.

Well, a lot of men like
you around here get killed.

Mister, this is serious.

If I don't come up with $25,

there's a man gonna put
a bullet through my head.

It-it-it's just a loan.

I'll give it right back to you.

You must be crazy or drunk.

No, hey, wait a...

Uh, excuse me, mister.

I'll be right with you, mister.

Well, now, never mind him, Wib.

I didn't come in
here to stand around

while you sell licorice
sticks to cowboys.

No, ma'am, course
not. I was only saying...

Well, then never
mind, never mind.

Just show me some
more of them bonnets.

I haven't seen a one yet I like.

There's some more over there.


Well, now, maybe this
gray would be becoming.

That's pretty.

How about this?


Wib, don't you have a mauve one?

Uh... no, ma'am.


No, I don't like that at all.

This one?

Are you sure you don't
have a mauve one, Wib?

No, ma'am, I don't.

I believe I like
this one better.

Uh, I-I'll be back
a little later on.

Sure thing, mister.

Take care of you any time.


I-I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

- It's all right.
- Excuse me.


There's your money, Tobin.

I told you I had it, didn't I?

Hey, mister.

Give him a drink, Sam.

Oh, thank you, ma'am.

I hear you lost all
your money over there,

and I figure that deserves
at least a drink on the house.

Well, a fella can't
win all the time.

Anyway, what's a
few months' pay, huh?

Oh, yeah.

I'll tell you the truth, ma'am.

I get awful tired of
cowboying for a living.

There's easier
ways making a dollar.

I tell you, there's a
whole lot easier ways.


You could always
become a bank robber.

No, ma'am, I never could
do nothing dishonest.

Not unless I figured
I could get by with it.

You don't get this
way often, do you?

The name's Sippy,
ma'am, Elmo Sippy.

I was in Dodge
one time last year,

but not for long.

Well, I thank you
for this drink, ma'am.

Where are you headed?

I don't know.

I guess I'll go up around
Elkader somewhere,

try to find me a job.

Thanks for the drink, ma'am.

Good luck to you.

Thank you.

Hello, Kitty.

Well, hello, Matt.

You got the jail full?

Well, no.

So far, I only got one or
two drunks in there. Why?

Well, you're around early.

I thought maybe you
were planning on taking

the rest of the evening off.

Well, I'd sure like to, Kitty.

Let's go.

You... Well, now, wait a minute.

Can't blame me for trying.

Evening, Marshal.
Evening, Miss Kitty.

I been looking for you, Marshal.

Well, sit down, Wib.

What's on your mind?

I ain't sure, Marshal.

I mean, it's only
a guess really.

But I think he done it.

I-I know doggone
well he done it.

Now, wait a minute.
Who did what?

This afternoon, some
cowboy was in the store.

I was real busy, so I
couldn't keep an eye on him.

And tonight I'm short
$25 in the cash box.

And you think
this cowboy did it?

I can't think of nobody
else who might've done it.

Well, that's not
much to go on, Wib.

What did he look like?

Kind of skinny, wore glasses.

Oh, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

His name is Elmo Sippy.

He was in here playing poker.

Sam told me that, uh,
he came up $25 short,

and Ham Tobin
told him to go get it.

I was here when he paid off.

You know, I think
I bumped into him

coming out of your store.

Well, you should've collared
him right then, Marshal.

Nothing I could do except
arrest him on suspicion.

There's no proof against him.

Maybe not; can't
think of nobody else.

All right.

I'll go out and look for him.

He left town.

Said he was gonna go north,

up around Elkader,
looking for a job.

Well, you go after him,
Marshal. It's your duty.

Well, all right.

I should take a trip

up through Elkader every
once in a while anyway.

I'm supposed to; there's
no lawman up there.

It's a couple days' ride.

I'll start first thing
in the morning.

That suit you?

As long as I get my money back.

Well, I'll tell you, Wib, I
wouldn't count on that.

- So long, Kitty.
- See you later, Matt.

Thank you, Marshal.

Miss Kitty, could
I buy you a drink?

I'll buy you one.

Well, thank you, Miss Kitty.


Well, like the saying goes,

the early bird catches the worm.

That is, if it's a worm
you're looking for.

Doc, it ain't even
hardly daylight yet.

Give a man a chance, will you?

I don't know what
you're complaining about.

I've been up all night

and delivered a baby
about an hour ago.

Well, you can spend your
nights any way you want to.

It's all right with me.

Well, I'm glad to
know that you approve.

You're going fishing, huh?

No, ain't gonna go fishing.

Whoa, there!

- Hello, Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

You're either up early
or out late, one of the two.

Well, either way, I'm
sober and unsatisfied.

Well, that's the
way it should be

with a professional
man like you.

Well, I'll tell you what,
whenever you get back

from where you're going,
let's just you and I fix that.

All right, that's a good idea.

Save up your money, and, uh,

we'll have an
evening on the town.

I'll do it.


I spent the night back
yonder a few miles.

I sure wish I'd knowed
your place was here.

Uh, you wouldn't
want to give a fella

a little breakfast, would you?

I done ate.

I was talking about me, not you.

Oh, if you're looking
for a job, I ain't got one.

I work this place alone.

You're alone, huh?

That's right.

Well, I don't think
too much on work,

but when I get to Elkader,

I sure could use a little cash.

I got no cash.

Oh, sure, you have.

You're the kind that
would keep it in the kitchen

in the sugar bowl.


Let's go get it.

Don't shoot me, please.

Then get on in the house.


Please don't shoot me.

Please don't.

Get on over by my horse.

By golly.

I knowed you had some money,

and right where
I said it was, too.

Why, that's, uh...

why, that's-that's $20.

That's a month's pay.

And it sure was easy, too.

Now, don't you say nothing.

You say anything to anyone,

and I'm gonna come back here,

and I'm gonna put a
bullet right in your ear.

I won't.

I swear I won't.

Don't hurt me.

I'll hurt you plenty
if you say anything.

Now, you get that clear, now.

I won't say nothing, honest.

You remember, now.

One word, and you're a dead man,

if I have to travel
a thousand miles.


A real lively place
you got here.


And give him one, too, will you?

My name's Sippy.

Elmo Sippy.

Emmett Calhoun.

Oh, that tastes
good after a long ride.

Where you come from?

Dodge; I left yesterday.

Looking for work up here?

Oh, there's not too much rush.

I got a little money
to last me for a while.

You're lucky.

It ain't so much a
matter of luck, Calhoun.

If a fella's smart, he
can live by his wits.

That's easy.


You're like I was.

Before I found out
how easy things can be.

If you're smart, I mean.

Well, I guess I ain't
very smart, then.

You see, my whole life has
been hard work and small pickings.

It don't have to be
that way, Calhoun.

I found out it don't.

I know.


a fella like me has got
nothing to lose, I suppose.

All right.

Now, this is all I got.

I'll buy you a drink,

and you tell me
how I can change,

and I'll sure as shooting try.

Barkeep, two
whiskeys right here.

Why, why, that's
a real fine thing.

You spending your last dollar.

You're all right, Calhoun.

Sold my horse in Denver.

Spent the money to
ride the stage out here.

You got a saddle?

Fella at the stable
is keeping it for me.

I got an idea.

What's that?

I'm gonna change
your whole life.

I'm gonna show you how
to start living the easy way.

You ain't some kind of outlaw?

No, there ain't
nobody on my trail.

Let's sit down somewhere
and kind of talk this over.

Barkeep, uh,

set aside a whole
bottle here, will you?

You got a place to stay?

I sure ain't.

Well, I'm...

Well, I got a room in
the hotel across the way.

Got two beds in it.

But let's get on the
outside of this bottle first.

Oh, uh, there you
are, gentlemen.

Uh, you know, you
was gonna pay me

for the room this morning.

Uh, you know, there
being two of you and all.

How much is it?

Uh, two dollars.
Uh, that's for him.

You agreed it was a fair price

when you brought
him in last night.

Uh, tell me something, mister.

Did you hear any noise
and scrambling around

when we come in last night?

Well, no, I didn't. What was it?

- A rat.
- A rat?

The biggest rat you ever saw.

We had a terrible
time killing it.

- Didn't we, Calhoun?
- Huh?

Oh, terrible time.

Well, I can't understand that.

Uh, there ain't no
rats in this hotel.

Oh, no?

Well, I wish you'd
go up and take a look.

I'd like you to see it yourself.

Well, I just think that I will,

but I just can't believe it.

You know, this may
not be a brand-new hotel,

but there certainly
ain't no rats in it.

What are you telling him, Sippy?

Shh, shh.


Well, that's better
than nothing.

You took that money.

Only about ten dollars.

- That's all there was.
- You stole it.

It beats working
for it, don't it?

Now you beginning
to get the idea?

You can go to jail for
something like that.

Don't be a fool.

There's nothing easier
than using your head.

Now, I keep telling you.


Well, I'll be doggoned

if I can find any
rat in that room.


Say, you fellas, uh,

trying to pull a joke
of some sort on me?

Well, maybe a little joke.

- Oh.
- Oh, oh.

Uh, here's your money.

One... two.

I hope you ain't sore at us.

Well, no.

Come on, Calhoun.

We deserve a big
breakfast for all our work.


Anybody home there?

Hey, there was a fella
at the window there.

Did you see that, Mr. Dillon?

I'm Marshal Dillon
from Dodge City.

There's nothing to be scared of.

I just wanted to ask
you a few questions.

I don't know nothing.

Well, I haven't asked
you anything yet.

I'm alone here.

Nice place you've got.

I work hard.

I just wanted to ask you
if you'd seen anybody

riding by here last night
or early this morning.


Kid of a tall, skinny
fella wearing glasses?

Ain't seen him.

What'd he do?

Well, I don't know
that he's done anything.

I just wanted to talk to him.

There wasn't nobody here.

You sure about that?

I told you, Marshal,
I ain't seen nobody.

All right, thanks.

Let's get going.

Noon before we get
to Elkader anyway.

So long.

Wish we could've
cooked our own breakfast.

That wasn't the best, was it?

Pork chops fried in deep grease?

- Whew, some mom she is.
- We'll ride it off.

- Let's go on down to the stable.
- All right.

- Hey.
- Huh?

I ain't got no horse.


Well, we'll think of something.

Think of something?

The day started
out good, didn't it?

There ain't no reason why
it shouldn't end up that way.

- Morning.
- Morning.

What can I do for you?

My friend left his
saddle with you.

Oh, yeah, so he did.

So he did.

Tack room's right over there.

Oh, thanks, but, uh...

Go on over there
and get it, Calhoun.

All right.

That's not a
bad-looking horse there.

He belong to you?

- Raised him from a colt.
- Uh-huh.

I don't suppose you'd
want to sell him, would you?

Mister, anything I got
is for sale, including me.

Well, you ain't
too well-groomed,

but we could use a horse.

How much you asking?

Well, I hadn't even
thought about it.

But, uh, I might
consider maybe, uh, $50.

That sounds fair enough.

You really mean it?

You want to buy him?

Well, like I said,
we need a horse,

and he's a good one.

We could, uh...

Hey, wait a minute.

He ain't got a splint, has he?

Oh, no, no, of course not.

No, he never had
nothing like that.

What's the matter with him?

He sick or something?

We just bought his horse.

With what?

With the butt of my gun.

You hit him?

You get saddled;
I'll go find my horse.

But this is horse thieving.

Calhoun, you have got
the prissiest way of talking.

- Oh, now, wait a minute.
- What?

Well, look, Sippy,
pilfering a few bucks

from the hotel is one thing,
but this here is something...

Calhoun, we ain't gonna hang.

We ain't even gonna be followed.

This town ain't got a lawman.

Now, get saddled.


That's right where I
found him, Marshal.

Deader than yesterday's news.

Looks like somebody came
in here and hit him in the head.

Yeah, but who?

Some stranger maybe.

Now, we don't get too
many strangers in Elkader.

There was a couple took a
room at the hotel last night.


A couple of jokers, too.

They stole ten dollars
out of my cash box

while I was up in their
room looking for a dead rat.

You got rats up there now?

No, we haven't, and don't
you start that rumor, neither.

Now, what did
these two look like?

Well, uh, one of them...

Uh, the one that did
most of the talking...

Uh, he was kind of skinny,
and he wore glasses.

Elmo Sippy.

Oh, you know him, huh, Marshal?

Well, I want that man arrested.

I want my ten dollars back.

You see him take it?

Well, no, like I told you,

I was up in his room
looking for that rat.

How do you know
he took it, then?

Well, what about Joe Parks here?

He killed him, didn't he?

Not necessarily.

This man here has been
dead for several hours.

Neither one of these
gentlemen saw a thing.

You mean he's gonna
get clean away with it?

Well, I'm afraid he is.

We don't have any
proof of anything.

I talked to the barkeep
over at the saloon, Mr. Dillon.


Well, he described
Elmo Sippy, all right.

Said he was in there with
some young cowboy last night,

and they got drunk.

Yeah, they was drunk for sure.

You should've seen them
staggering into that hotel

last night.

Anything else?

Yeah, they said that
they was gonna ride down

to the Smoky Hill River today.

All right, let's get after them.

Of course, I don't
know what we can do

if we catch up with them.

Well, howdy.

Come on in and set a while.

We sure could use a
cup of coffee, mister.

Got it right there on the stove.

- Come on in.
- Thank you.

You just set down there,
and I'll fetch you the coffee.

I know how a man feels

after he spent a long
morning in the saddle.

- Well, we sure do thank you.
- You bet.

Well, this is a mighty
nice place you got here.

Well, we've worked
hard enough at it.


Me and my partner,
uh, Jim Walter.

Oh, there's, uh,
two of you, huh?

That's all.

- Have at it.
- Thank you.

If you'd been here
earlier, I could've fed you,

but it's all gone now.

This, uh, partner of yours,

he out on the prairie
somewhere, huh?

He's driving the stagecoach.

He'll be back tomorrow morning.

Salt Lick stage station's
five miles east of here.

He goes up once a week
and does a round-trip

to Hill City, and
then come right back.

You see, it gives us a little
money to run the ranch on.

Yeah, that's just what it
would do, now, ain't it?


I mean, a fella's got
to have a little cash

on hand, now, don't he?

Well, we... we
never keep any of it.

We spend it right away
for supplies and such.

Living sure costs a
heap these days, don't it?

Yeah, you're
sure for fair right.

Now, you don't, uh...

you don't keep it buried
or nothing, do you?

Oh, we don't keep
it buried nowhere.

We don't keep it at all.

I know what you mean.
You know, that money

is the slipperiest
thing in the world

to keep your hands
on, ain't that a fact?

Now, you take a
fella like me, now.

He ain't got no money problems,
'cause he ain't got no money.

You shot him.

Oh, what'd you shoot him for?

You killed him.

Well, what did you do that
for? He was a nice man.

Oh, shut up and start
looking for his cash.

All he got on him
is three dollars

and this old watch.

That's murder,
what you done there.

He was going for
his gun, wasn't he?

He was gonna
shoot me in the back.

Are you crazy? He
wouldn't have done that.

You look around here.
I'm going into the bedroom.

Oh, no, no.

That ain't right.
It just ain't right.

First it's stealing,
then it's horse thieving,

and now murder.

No, sir, I ain't
staying around here.

I wish I'd never run
into that Elmo Sippy.

He's plumb crazy, that's what.

He ain't got a
moral in his head.

I have looked
everywhere reasonable.

We can't go prying
up the floorboards.

- We've got to get out of here.
- Now, listen to me, Sippy.

Three dollars
and this old watch.

That's a crying shame, I
tell you, as easy as it was.

Now, listen, Sippy, I want...

He said the Salt
Lick stage station

about five miles from here.

The stagecoach will
be there in the morning.

I'll tell you what we'll do.

We'll hide out somewhere,
and we'll be there to meet it.

There might be a sack
of gold on that stage.

That'll be easy.

- I ain't going.
- What?

I ain't going, and
I'll tell you why.

Oh, you're wasting
time. Get on your horse.

No, I am quitting, right
here and right now.

We're partners no
more, and that is that.

You're making a real big
problem for me, Calhoun.

Well, I...

Well, you ain't no
problem no more, Calhoun.


Well, there don't seem to
be nobody here, does there?


Hold it, mister.

I'm the marshal from Dodge City.

Oh, well, I can't
take no chances.

You run this place here, do you?

Yeah, I... Name's
Vern King, Marshal.

You see, out here,
a fella never knows

who's gonna drop in on him.

It might be Injuns or
some murdering outlaw

or just plain scallywag cowboys.

Too bad that rancher
a few miles west of here

didn't take that
same precaution.

You mean Hank Barr?

You know him?


Him and Jim Walter are partners.

Jim drives the stage from here

to Hill City and
back once a week.

He's due in tomorrow morning.

Well, Hank Barr is dead.

We just came from there.

Yeah, he was shot down

in cold blood right
on his doorstep.

I can't believe it.

A nicer fella you've never seen.

Who'd do a thing like that?

Well, some young cowboy,

but we don't know
who he was for sure.

And Hank Barr must
have killed the cowboy,

'cause he was laying
there right by the hitch rack.

We had to bury the both of them.

You mean they...
they shot each other?

Maybe, or maybe not.

We're not sure.

Could've been
someone else there.

Elmo Sippy.

Now, we're trailing him,

but we haven't got
any proof against him.

He's kind of a tall, skinny
fella, wears glasses.

You haven't seen
him by any chance?

No, but I'll sure keep
an eye out for him.

- Good.
- Which way you gonna head, Marshal?

Well, Jetmore is the only
town between here and Dodge.

I guess we'll ride over
there and spend the night,

see if we can find out anything.

I guess finding a man
out here on this prairie

is just, well, dang
nigh impossible, ain't it?

Well, it'd take some luck.

So far, we haven't had any.

Sure feel bad about Hank Barr.

He was a good man.

Awful sorry, mister.


Have a good trip?

Oh, pretty good.

You're all alone.

Yeah, I had a
couple of passengers,

but they got out at Hackberry.


Anything in that treasure box?

They didn't tell
me. They never do.

Well, we'd better get it inside.

You never know.

Well, whatever you say.

I got some news for you, Jim.

Oh? What?

Well, we'll talk about
it over coffee, huh?

Make it sound mighty serious.

Come on, let's get this inside.

Drop that box and
get your hands up.

Now, get on inside.


I knowed it!

I knowed it, by golly!

There had to be money here.

And ain't nobody seen me.

Nobody anywhere saw me.

Well, that's easy.

That's the easiest thing...

I could be in Dodge by dark.

And I'll show them what
some real gambling is.

Well, let's go and get
some breakfast, then.

We gonna get to Dodge tonight?

Well, if you don't
mind riding after dark.

After dark?

Well, Dodge can't be more
than 30 miles from here.

Well, as the crow
flies, Chester, yeah,

but I want to scout this
countryside out here.

Well, all right.

Just as long as I get to sleep
in a bed sometime tonight.

Well, you just got out of a bed.

Is that what you
call that thing?

Now, you mean to tell me you
weren't comfortable last night?

I'd have been more
comfortable if I had been sleeping

- on a pile of horseshoes.
- Well, then how come

I had to turn the bed
over to get you out of it?

Well, I was just making believe.

I didn't sleep a
wink all last night.


Hello there!


I knew I seen
somebody down here.

You headed for Dodge?


You a lawman?

That's right, I'm the
marshal over there.

Well, I'll be darned.

I just rode all the way

from Salt Lick stage
station, looking for a lawman,

and I bump into
you clear down here.

Salt Lick stage station?

Something wrong up there?

Well, two men dead, Marshal.

The driver and the
other fella runs the place,

it looks to me like.

Were you there?

Wasn't there when it happened.

I figure I rode by there about
an hour afterwards, though.

There must've been a holdup.

I mean, that treasure
box was busted wide open.

Elmo Sippy again.


That's all you can tell me?

That's all, but I
figured it was enough

for me to put in a
long ride to tell the law.

Well, you did the right thing,
cowboy, and I sure thank you.

I'll see the stage
company remembers it, too.

But we still don't know for
sure who done it, though,

do we, Mr. Dillon?

No. I'm gonna take
a ride back up there

- and see if I can find anything.
- Oh, for heaven's sakes.

So you go on into Dodge,
and I'll be back there

as soon as I can.
Thanks again, cowboy.

Well, at least we'll be able
to sleep in a bed tonight.

You maybe.

I don't get to
Dodge often enough

to waste my time sleeping.

Well, good evening, Miss Kitty.

When'd you get back?

Late last night, I rode in.

Late last night?

Yeah, well, I've been
sleeping most of the day.

I'll tell you, I
was just so tired.

I was just plain tuckered out.

Hmm, I, uh, suppose
Matt's been tied up

all day sleeping, too, huh?

Well, no, he ain't even
here. He rode back up

to Salt Lick stage station
to get a sign on Elmo Sippy.


Take a look over there.

Well, for heaven's sakes.

How long's he been here?

Oh, since late this afternoon.

My luck's bound to change.

It's just bound to.

Don't seem to be doing
too good, does he?


He's been losing steadily.

Well, now that you've found
him, you'd better grab him

before he loses that
$25 of Wib Smith's.

Well, I'll tell you
something, Miss Kitty,

that Elmo Sippy's
been leading quite a life

since he left here.

Nothing that you
can arrest him for

except just maybe
plain suspicion.

Well, what do you
think he's done?

Well, I know what he's
done... He's killed four men.

That's what he's done.
He killed a rancher,

and he killed a stable
hand up in Elkader,

and two men who
work for the stage line.

I don't believe it.

Well, it's the truth.

Course, there
wasn't no witnesses,

ain't no proof,
really, but he done it.

Well, are you telling me
that there isn't anything

Matt could do
even if he was here?

Not a thing, not a
thing in the world,

except wait and catch
him in another crime.

When's Matt getting back?

Well, he should ride in
sometime tonight, I guess.

He'll slip. Don't worry.

He'll slip up before long.

I'm not gonna let
him out of my sight.

I know that.

Well, uh, how about a beer?

On the house, of course.

Oh, thank you.

You owe $60, mister.

I ain't got it.

Then get it.


I'll pay you tomorrow.

You'll pay me tonight,

or you might not live to
see tomorrow, my friend.

Are you threatening me?

I'll give you one hour.

60 minutes.

You ought to be able to
raise a dollar a minute, huh?

All right.

All right, I'll get
you your money.

After all, what's so hard
about getting a little money?

That's easy.

It's real easy.

Excuse me, Miss Kitty.

I got to keep an eye on him.

That was a good game.

Even if you did win
all the money, George.

We'll get back at him next time.

No! Don't shoot!

I was only fooling.

Fooling? About what?

Like it, Harry?

Yeah, it's just great, Mike.

It's light and handy.

Yeah, it's a fine gun.

How much did you
say you want for it?

I said it's worth $20,

but for you, I'll make it $15.

Well, I don't know.

Now, you need a
shotgun here, Harry.

You'll be glad you got it

first night some
holdup man walks in.

You gonna drink
something, mister,

or are you just
gonna stand there?

Well... well, I was
just admiring your gun.

You said you were just fooling.

Are you drunk?

No, I-I thought you
was having a little joke.

I was just going along with it.

Oh, never mind him. Now,
what about the gun, Harry?

Do you want it or not?

Well, give me a little time to
kind of think on it, would you?

- Evening.
- Huh?

How about a drink?

Come on, let's have a drink.

You got any money?

I said, "Let's have a drink."

It costs money to have a drink.

You got any money?


Who said anything about money?

I did. It costs money to drink.

Have you got any? Now, tell me.

Mister, if I had any money,

I'd be inside
drinking, wouldn't I?

I'm broke, flat, busted.


Look, there, there.

There. See?

Nothing, see?

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

Chester, he promised me a drink.

Make him buy me a drink.

- Louie, get out of my way.
- Make him...

When a fella offers you a drink,

Chester, you ought to be nice.

Come on, Louie. Come on.

- On your feet.
- Okay.

Mr. Dillon?

- You know Elmo Sippy?
- Yeah.

He's been in town all the time.

It's too late tonight, Tobin.

I'll get you your
money tomorrow.

Not tomorrow; tonight.

I said it's too late.

I'm beginning not
to trust you, mister.

Tomorrow won't do, huh?

Tomorrow won't do.

Well, then you can just forget
about your money, mister.

Oh, I knowed there was gonna
be trouble here, Mr. Dillon.

If you'd just come
into town five minutes...

- Get Doc, Chester.
- Oh, yes, sir.

I'm all right. I'm all right.

I... I... I had to shoot him

'cause he drawed first, Marshal.

Now, that's self-defense,

and you can't hold me on that.

Tell me something, Sippy.

That stableman in Elkader...

You hit him on the
head, didn't you?

No, I didn't.

And you killed that rancher.

I never killed nobody.

Those two men at the
Salt Lick stage station...

You killed them and
stole that treasure box.

You got the wrong man, Marshal.

It all started right here
when you stole $25

from that
storekeeper, didn't it?

You got any witnesses?

You... you ain't
got nothing on me,

or you wouldn't be
asking all them questions.

I-I'm dying, Marshal.

But you ain't got nothing on me.


Afraid you're too late, Doc.

Yeah. What about him?

He killed him.

This one did?


Him and four other
men that I know of.

Well... if I could've saved him,

then it would've only
been for the hangman, huh?

If Elmo Sippy could get up
and walk out of here right now,

I'd have to let him go.


Well, I've had a
couple of hard days.


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