Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 4 - Tobe - full transcript

Hard-luck Tobe, who's lost his farm, gets a job in town with Chester's help and takes up with a saloon gal, not knowing she's on the run from a beau who's a con man and a killer.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

I'll open for 20.

I can't.

I'm in.

I'm in. I'll raise you 20.


I'll see you...
and raise you 20.

Just when I get something
decent for a change. I'm out.

Drink up, and I'll fix you one.

I'm not much for whiskey.

Well, I'm in.

How many cards?

I'll stick with these.

I'll take two.

What time is it getting to be?

It's early yet.

It's just 2:30.


I got to get up in three hours.

Your bet.


You can have it.

Didn't do me any good.


Well, this'll keep me
awake a little while.

I got to go.

No, wait. I lost a
lot of money here,

and I'm not leaving
till I get some of it back.

Well, it's getting late, kid.

You can come back
tomorrow night if you want to.

- You're right.
- No, it's still early!

I can't come back
tomorrow night.

Let's play now!

Not me... and I lost
as much as you did.

I think I'll get going, too.

I'm getting so sleepy,

I can't even see
the cards anymore.

- Good night.
- Good night.


That's it, kid.

No, no, no. Y-You and
me... We'll play two-handed.

No, I never play two-handed.

Sorry. Good night.

Now, wait a minute, mister.

You got all of my
money, and it ain't fair.

You got to learn how to lose.

That happens sometimes
when you play poker.

I don't mind
losing when it's fair.

What are you talking about?

You know what I'm talking about.

You cheated me out of
that money. I saw you.

And you cheated
them others, too.

And she doped their
whiskey. I saw that, too.

You didn't see anything, boy.

You city gamblers think
you can come into Elkader,

and-and we're a bunch
of hicks, but we ain't!

My pa's the
sheriff in this town.

He's gonna find out all
about your little poker setup.

You'll have plenty of time
to think how smart I am

when you're in
jail, both of you.

Frank, you fool.

Shut up.

They'll hang you.

He said his father
was the sheriff.

That's why I did it.

This time you've gone too
far. You're in real trouble.

We'll put him in the closet.

By the time they find
him, we'll be in Colorado.

The stage doesn't
leave till afternoon.

I'm not gonna
wait for the stage.

I'll pack, you go to the stable.

You wake up the
livery man, get a rig.

I'll be at the side entrance.

Not this time, Frank.

You got yourself into
this, you get yourself out.

Don't you go contrary
on me now, Mae.

I've had all I can take.

You do what I tell you.

You're hurting me.

Get that rig.

All right, Frank.



Oh, I'm gonna find you.

Well, thank you, Chester.

Well, here's to a very
long and happy stay

at the Long Branch, Miss Hanna.

Well, I'll drink to that.

There just ain't nothing

that's as refreshing
on a hot day.

Where'd, uh...

Where did you say that
you was from, Miss Hanna?

Mmm. Uh, St. Louis.


Big town like that...
That could, uh...

that could be exciting.

Yes, but I'll tell you this.

I never met a man there
who worked for the law.


I bet that can be exciting.

Oh, well, yeah,
sometimes. It's, uh...

But you know,
as a matter of fact,

um, after today,

I won't be what you'd
call working for the law.

I... What I mean is,

Mr. Dillon is leaving
town, you see,

so I... I guess

I'll just be the whole
shooting match.

But does that mean you
won't be coming by tomorrow?

Oh, no, no, no.

Heavens, there
ain't that much to do.

I might even, uh, get
by some in the evening.

Hello, Chester.

Oh, Miss Kitty.

Well, I see you and Hanna
are getting acquainted.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, he's a good
man to know, Hanna,

but don't let him frighten you.

How is that?

Well, with all his money,

he's just liable to, well,

buy you and carry
you right out of here.

Well, she's just joshing.

For heaven's sakes, Miss Kitty.

Matt left yet?

Uh, no, no.

Oh, as a matter of fact,

I got to get back over
there before he does.

Uh, uh...

it's been awful nice
meeting you, Miss Hanna.

Miss Kitty.

Keep the change.

Well, for heaven's sakes.

Why in thunder don't you watch
where you're going, Chester?

Me? Well, it was you.

You was the one.

What is so all-fired
important there anyway?

Well, about what?

Well, that you can't wait

until you get off the street
before you read your mail.

Well, that's none of your
business what's in my mail!

My mail is my own
private business!

- Well...
- And I'll read it wherever I want to!

Well, you certainly won't if
it's gonna cause an accident.

- An accident?!
- Yeah, an accident.

You caused the
accident. You came...

I... I was... I...

You didn't know which way you
were gonna turn when you come...

- You could have hurt...
- Listen, I got better things to do

than to stand out here in front
of everybody, yammering to you.

I got more important
things on my mind.

What? What do you got to do?

Well, Mr. Dillon
is going to Abilene,

and I'm gonna be in charge.

Oh, I know Mr. Dillon's
going to Abilene, all right,

but what are you
gonna be in charge of?

Well, I'm-I'm gonna be in
charge of the whole thing.

Yeah, sweeping out the office

and hanging around
the Long Branch here,

trying to snoop a free
drink now and then,

and looking out after
an empty jail cell.

Well, there's more to it

than looking out
after an empty jail.

Whatever it is you're
gonna be doing,

just don't do it near me.

Oh, go take a pill.


Mr. Dillon.

I swear, I don't know
what's gotten into Doc lately.

Why? What's the matter?

Well, he just so ouchie and...

What's he done?

Well, he ain't done
nothing. It's just his attitude.

He's so grumpy.

Grumpier than usual.

Well, maybe it's the
weather, Chester.

You know, it affects people
that way once in a while.

He sure can be disagreeable.

Hey, you won't forget to
fix that back step, will you?

Oh, no, no. Don't worry.

I'll take care of everything
while you're gone.

Oh, that reminds me now.

The judge stopped by and...

this has to be
served this afternoon.

What is it?

Well, it's an eviction
notice for Tobe Hostader.


They're not gonna take his
farm away from him, are they?

Well, I'm afraid
they are, Chester.

That old man Curtis
done that to him, didn't he?

Well, Tobe's had plenty
of chances, you know.

Maybe he just wasn't
cut out to be a farmer.

Well, that's all he's ever done.

That's all he knows.

Will you handle it for me?

Well, Tobe's a friend
of mine, Mr. Dillon.

Well, I know. I hate to ask
you to do it, Chester, but...

Seems a shame.

He's put in so much hard
work on that farm, and...

Well, look at it this way.
Maybe he's better off in town.

Now, Wib Smith's
been looking for a man.

Maybe, uh, Tobe could
work something out over there.

Well, maybe I ought
to go by and talk to Wib.

Why don't you do that?

Oh, uh, would you pick up
my horse on the way back?


Thanks, Chester.


Hey, Tobe?!

Who is it?

It's me... Chester.

Oh. I'll be right up.

Where are you?

Oh, howdy, Chester.

Oh, what in the world
are you doing down there?

I witched me a new well.

That other one
finally run dry on me.

You didn't dig this all
by yourself, did you?

It's the onlyest
way it'd get done.

Well, you could have asked
me. I'd have helped you some.

Well, thanks, Chester.
It's most finished now.

I'm gonna have me enough water

to grow a fine crop come spring.

What you doing out here anyhow?

Uh, well, I... just
came by to say hello.

Well, that's mighty
neighborly of you, Chester.

Well, actually, uh,
sort of on business.


Yeah, uh, uh, has to
do with your farm here.

You don't want
to buy it, certainly.

It ain't nothing but
mighty long, hard work

and sore little to show for it.

Yeah, well, I expect so.

No, Tobe, uh...

The judge come by and
talked to Mr. Dillon today.

Oh, Chester, no.

Well, you know what it's about.

Well, I spoke to
Mr. Curtis only last week

about more time on that note,
and he said he'd think on it.

Well, he-he must
have thought on it,

'cause he told me
to give this to you.

Oh, no.

Well, it's all legal.

All I need is six months.

Well, he ain't gonna
give you six months,

and that's all
that there is to it.

Of course not.

Not Tobe Hostader.

Wouldn't you think that
something would go right

in a man's life?

Well, I'm just as sorry
as I can be about it.

I ought to jump
back in that hole

and pull it in on top of me!

Well, Tobe,

you can go to work in town

at Wib Smith's
store if you want to.


Yeah, I talked to Wib
before I come out here,

and he said that he
could use some help.

That's mighty friendly
of you, Chester, but...

I never ask for no handouts.

Well, this ain't no handout.

For heaven's sakes, he
said that he needs help.

Now, you could be it.

What's wrong with that?

I'm a farmer.

I don't know nothing
about store selling.

Well, this ain't no
time to proud up.

You could learn, couldn't you?

You mean just like that,
I'm supposed to give up

all I ever worked for.

Well, you can't stay here...
You got to do something.


And how to do it.

Well, you just break
it clean, that's all.

Just walk away from it.

You can start to work in
town at the store tomorrow

if you want to.

"Break clean."

Well, let's get your stuff
that you're gonna need,

and we can ride back
into town together.

Well, that won't be
much, that's for sure.

Well, come on,
I'll help you pack.

It ain't that this place
is so much, I guess.

It's just...

This is where I first set
down roots... or tried to.

Well, maybe your body just
oughtn't to set down roots.

Not so deep anyway.

But I'm sure obliged
to you, Chester.

Look out the way, Chester!


You ought to know better
than to come charging

down the street like that.

What's the matter with
you, Skinner, anyways?

Well, now, don't get
all head up, Chester.

Well, these people
could get hurt,

you doing a thing like that.

Well, now, we're
just funning you, son.

Well, it ain't very funny.

What are you doing in town in
the middle of the week anyway?

Well, now, the boss
gave us off till Sunday,

and we're here to
do a little shopping.

Well, you just
mind your manners.

Keep your shouting down
to a loud roar, you hear?

Well, ain't you the
bob-tailed snorter.

I'm telling you
something, Skinner.

Mr. Dillon left town,
he left me in charge.

Now I'm speaking
to you official.

Ooh, well, now, that
does make it different.

We'll mind our manners for sure.

Now, won't we, boys?

Now, you step right
here into my parlor

and be very good
gentlemen, you hear me?

Now, don't you arrest
everybody, Chester.

We'll be right in here.

Have you noticed that things
are always a lot noisier in here

when Matt's not in town?

They won't get
too far out of line.

Oh, no, of course not.

Chester'll... he'll take
care of everything.

Now, don't you start
in on him tonight.

Me? I wouldn't think of it.

Not much.

Besides, I feel
kind of sorry for him.

Sorry for Chester... why?


didn't you hear about
him having to serve Tobe

with those papers?

Tobe Hostader? Why?

Well, Chester had to serve
him with an eviction notice.

Eviction notice?

By golly, Moss
Grimmick did tell me

that Tobe was
working at Wib Smith's.

Chester got him the job.

Grimmick didn't
say it's an eviction.

There's Chester now.

All right, get out of the
way there, make room

for the little lady, will you?

Sam, best thing you got!

Doc, Miss Kitty.

- Chester.
- Sit down, Chester.

Well, I sure don't like the way

that Skinner is cottoning
up to Miss Hanna.

- She can handle herself.
- Well...

When'd you hire her?

Well, she came in on
a stage a few days ago.

Broke, needed a job.

Chester, how's things going?

Well, good, real good.

Everybody tells me
you're doing a good job.

Well, there ain't
much to do, really.

How about a beer?


Well, yeah, yeah, I
think I might like that.

Thank you.

Sam, let's have a beer.

That happens to be
one of the side benefits

to this job, you know.


When's Matt coming back?

Well, he just left yesterday.

He's gonna be gone
for a few days anyway.

Thanks a lot there, Sam.

Yeah, that was a real nice thing
you did, getting Tobe that job.

Well, I didn't do anything.

I just put him and Wib
Smith together, that's all.

Well, it was a nice thing,
though, Chester, it was that.

You know, I think I'm
gonna turn in, Kitty.

- All right.
- See you tomorrow.

I got some work to do, too.

Well, there's Tobe now.

Oh, well, maybe I'll see
how he made out today.

- Good night, Kitty.
- Good night.

Miss Kitty.

- Tobe.
- Chester.

- Tobe.
- Howdy, Doc.

- It's really good to see you.
- Thank you.

How'd you make out today?

Oh, not bad.

For a hayshaker.

Beer, Sam.

I just hope Wib is satisfied.

Oh, that's all right.

If he ain't satisfied,
you'd sure know it.

Uh, you want to sit?

I guess.

Ain't as bad as you
thought, then, huh?

Matter of fact, it ain't.

I kind of like that jingle
in my pockets, too.

You get paid already?

Day's wages... two dollars.

Well, that kind of makes
you a man of means, don't it?

Something like that.

Chester, I-I truly
am grateful to you.


Tobe, it's nothing, it...

Maybe things are just starting
to break for you, you know?

- Hanna.
- I hope you don't mind, Chester.

I could do with a
break from all of that.

Oh, not at all, not at
all... Sit down, sit down.

Oh, thank you.

Hanna, I'd like for you to meet

a friend of mine...
This is Tobe Hostader.

This is Miss Hanna Clayton.

She just come to Dodge.

Pleasure, Miss Clayton.

Hanna will do.

Thank you.

Can I offer you something?

No, thank you.

Are you a businessman in town?

Ma'am, I work at
the general store.

So, um, this is
where you got off to.

You want something, Skinner?

Well, yeah, I want her
to come back to the bar.

That's what I want.

I'll be there in a few minutes.

Look, I, uh, I bought
you some drinks.

I wish you'd come back now.

The lady's staying here.

If she wants to.

You mind your own business.

Now, look, why don't, uh,
you come on back over...

Maybe I won't stop you,
but I'll sure slow you down.

Now, you make your move...

or get away from her.

You could've broke my hand.

That's right.

Tobe? I...

First time in years
I rared up like that.

It felt kind of good.

Afternoon, Tobe.

Well, good afternoon,
Miss Hanna.

Working hard?

Uh, just making a delivery.

Tobe, I just want to say, I hope

what happened last night
won't cause you any trouble.

You mean that Skinner feller?

Now, don't you
fret about him none.

It was kind of you to
speak for me like that.

It done me some good, too.

Just the same, I'm grateful.


Well, you're busy.

Uh, Miss Hanna?

I'm driving out to
the Collyer place.

Would you like to ride along?

Uh, no offense, mind you.

I mean, it's so hot and all.

We go right past the lake.

Maybe it's cool out there.

Well, I was going to
do some shopping.

I'd be pleased if you'd come.

- All right, Tobe.
- Good.

I'd like to.

Well, let me help you.

We won't stay long.

You can still do your shopping.


That one right
there in the corner.

Thank you.

I guess, like everybody else,

I was looking for
a place of my own.

Where I belonged.

Everybody wants that.

They don't all find it, though.

Take me.

Maybe I was looking
in the wrong place.

Maybe I wasn't
supposed to be a farmer.

That could be.

A lot of people look
in the wrong places.

I guess the thing is
to just keep looking.

Maybe you're right.

I know, when I lost my farm...

I felt like the end had come.

I know that feeling.


You don't have
no worries like that,

pretty woman like you.

Thank you, Tobe.

I didn't mean no...

Yes, I guess I did.

I sure run on, don't I?

I never was one for
much talking neither.

I don't seem to be having
much trouble when I'm with you.

I'm glad you feel that way.

I really am.

It's getting late.

We'd better be
getting back to town.

I reckon.


What'll it be?

Ah, whiskey.

This is quite a place, Dodge.

- First...
- Heard a lot about it.

First time in town?

Yeah, as a
matter of fact, it is.

Well, it's growing fast,

and you can get about
anything you want here.

Well, all I want's a deck of
cards and some amiable players.

- Gambler?
- Yeah, that's right.

Well, you'll find
plenty of players here.

And some pretty good ones, too.

Ah, fine.

I don't deny I like to win,

but I like competition, too.

Well, you'll find
that here, too.

What's your name?

Just call me Sam.

Sam, did you, um... ever
hear of a Mae Young?

Blonde, about,
uh, five-foot-six?

Kind of pretty?

Mae Young?

No, I don't think I have.


By the way, is there
a barbershop nearby?

Yeah, Teeters' place.

Just across the street.

That's good.

I'll give it a try.

I'll tell him you sent me.

- You do that.
- Much obliged.

Thank you, Tobe.

Will I see you tonight?

I'd like that.

I'll be here.

Good-bye, then.

Bye, Tobe.

♪ Run, rabbit, run,
you better get away ♪

♪ Run, rabbit, run, the
dogs gonna get you ♪

♪ Run, rabbit, run,
you better get away. ♪

Hi, Jake.

Well, good evening, Miss Hanna.

Hello, Chester.

You, uh, you and Tobe,

you seem to be hitting
it off all right, huh?


Well, I'd seen you take a
ride in the buggy this afternoon.

Well, as a matter
of fact, we did.


Well, that's-that's good.

That's-that's real good.

Is Tobe coming in
this evening, is he?


he said he'd be over.

Well, I, uh...

Well, I... I better get to work.

Well, how are you tonight, Doc?

I'm fine.

That's good.

Well, what are you laughing at?

Well, I just feel
good, that's all.

Didn't you ever feel good, Doc?


Occasionally I do,
but I don't act like

a Cheshire cat about it...
What's the matter with you?

Well, if you got to know, it's
Miss Hanna and Tobe Hostader.

Well, what about 'em?

Well, they went for a ride
in the buggy this afternoon.

- Went for a ride in the buggy?
- Yeah.

- That a fact?
- Yeah.

Don't you think
that's kind of nice,

them going for a
ride in a buggy?

Chester, you know...

one robin don't make a spring.


Sam, give him a beer, will you?

One robin?

Hello there, Mae.

Sit down.


you look fine.

How long have you been in Dodge?

Just today.

Took some doing, finding you.

I thought you would have
found somebody else by now.

Took some doing to
get out of that town, too.

I expect it did.

I never thought you'd
run out on me that way.

I've got friends here, Frank.

And I've got a long memory, Mae.

Don't threaten me.

All right.

Maybe I'll change my mind

now that I've found out

what this town has to offer.

There's nothing here for you.

Everything I need.

Everything I want.


A whole town full of easy marks.

We could do very
well here together, Mae

Leave me alone, Frank.

I've got a chance here.

Don't take it away from me.

Chance for what?

Things you promised me once.



Well, what do you know?

I'll make you another
promise, Mae.

You do what I tell you,

or you and this whoever it is...

I'll fix good.

And you know I mean that.

Where are you staying, Mae?

A boarding house
down the street.

Ma Smalley's.

Good evening, Miss Hanna.

Leave me alone,
will you, storekeeper?


I'm not thirsty and I don't
need any conversation.

Is something wrong, Miss Hanna?

Nothing's wrong.

Just go find somebody
else to bother.

Bother is the last
thing I want to be.

That's nice.


Miss Smalley.

- Tobe Hostader.
- Yes, ma'am.

Whatever you doing
out this time of night?

Well, I'm sorry... I've
come to talk to Miss Hanna.

Well, it's kind of late to
come calling, don't you think?

Please, ma'am, it's important.

I waited till she was done
over at the Long Branch.

Seems an indecent hour to
come calling is all I can say.

Now, if I didn't
know you better...

Well, like I said,
it's important.

Well, I don't know
what's so important

that it couldn't
wait until morning.

I'm a good friend of hers.

She'll talk to me.

Well, I don't know why I
should mind if she don't.

Come on in.

It's, um... that's
her door right there.

What are you doing here?

I come to talk to you.

There's nothing to talk about.

Please go away.

Miss Hanna?

It's all right, Mrs. Smalley.

He's leaving right now.

Miss Hanna, what
you said earlier...

Will you get out of here?

If I said something

or-or done something...

Tobe, go away.

Please tell me.

All right, I'll tell you.

I got a little carried
away, that's all.

Just forget you ever knew me.

You mean it, don't you?

Yes. Now go away
and leave me alone.

Yes, ma'am.

I'll leave you alone.

It's straight now...
That's why I come.

I'll leave you alone.

You did him a real favor.

You did me, too.

Just imagine how I'd feel,

knowing there was
someone between us.

I'll work for you, Frank.

I'll steer the marks to you.

But don't you ever
touch me again.

Aw, come on, Mae.

All you have to do is
remember the old times.

I said leave me alone.

Don't make a fuss.

That old biddy will
know I'm in here.

And think of your reputation.

Don't you ever do that again.

If you do, you'll be sorry.

Now get up.





♪ All over Kansas ♪

♪ In every Kansas town ♪

♪ You'll not find another pair ♪

♪ Like her eyes of brown. ♪

- Chester.
- Doc.

I stopped by and picked
up Matt's mail for you.

Oh, well, you didn't
have to do that.

Why don't you stop that?

Good heavens, you're
getting the place all full of dust.

Well, I'm just readying it up.

I got so-so busy
with other things

that I just kind of let it
get all stacked up on me,

is what I've done.

Yeah, pressures of
office, I guess, huh?



Doc, if you're looking
for some fresh free coffee,

it's over there.

You won't find it in that watch.

Well, fresh or not, your
coffee's always the same.

Don't make any difference.

Well, that's no different
from what you usually got

to say about it.

Well, what I'm trying
to tell you, Chester...

Nobody can touch your coffee.

Taking a terrible
chance if they do.

You're standing on the dirt.

Oh, Chester,
where's the marshal?

- Ma?
- I've got to see the marshal.

Well, now, he ain't back
from Abilene yet, uh...

Oh, Hanna Clayton's dead.


She-She's been murdered.

- Well, where is she, Ma?
- Dead?

I found her on the
floor of her room.

Here, Chester, let's go.

Oh, I should never have
let him come in to see her.

Whoever would've thought
he would do a thing like that?

It just couldn't have been Tobe.

It just couldn't.

Well, I told you that I
locked the door after he left.

And it was still
locked this morning.

Now, nobody came in.

Well, Doc, don't you think maybe

it could've been
an accident of...?

No, no, somebody
hit her, Chester.

She's got a bad bruise
on the back of her head.

Now, I think she must've
fallen on the stove

and then landed
on that spike there.

Oh, I should never
have let him in.

I knowed there was something
wrong with him last night.

The way that he acted, I...

Well, you just
better go find him.

Just don't know why he
would do a thing like this.

Morning, Chester.


Uh, I want to talk to you.

Well, I got chores to do.

Can't you wait till later?

It's about Miss Hanna.

Well, I don't want
to hear about it.

Look, Chester,
we're friends and all,

but this ain't none
of your concern.

Tobe, I'm gonna have to
take you over to the office.

What are you talking about?

You know what I'm
talking about, just come on.

Why should I?

Tobe, I don't want you to
kick up any fuss about it.

Now, come on.

- Come on!
- Chester, what...?

Now will you tell
me what's wrong?

Tobe, I never seen
you lose your temper.

Except the other night
at the Long Branch

when you stopped
Skinner with that beer mug.

Well, I had reason... you saw.

Well, did you have
reason last night?

What are you talking about?

You don't even know how
hard you hit Hanna, do you?

Hit her?

She's dead, Tobe.


Yeah, you hit her and she fell

and she's dead.


She can't be dead.

Well, she is.

Well, I never touched her.

Well, it's not me that
you got to convince.

Chester, I wouldn't hurt her.

Ma Smalley heard you.

You was the only one
that could've done it.

Oh, Chester, please.

Ma said she locked
the door after you left.

Nobody else could get in.

But, Chester, I didn't!

I'm gonna have to
keep you here, Tobe,

- till Mr. Dillon gets back.
- You ain't arresting me?

Well, I'm gonna keep
you here like I said.

Well, if you don't
believe me, nobody will.

Well, that could be.

They could hang me.

That's right, Tobe, they could.

But I didn't do it!

Come on, Tobe, I'm
gonna have to lock you up.



Tobe? Tobe?

- Oh.
- I never killed her.

Just lay still, Tobe, lay still.

It wasn't my fault... He
run right out in front of me.

Go get Doc, will you? Hurry.


I swear I never killed her.

Please believe me.

Just lay still, Tobe.

Just lay still.

I didn't know what else to
do with her things, Mr. Dillon,

so I brought 'em over here.

Yeah, they sure don't
tell us much about her.

Found out her real
name was Mae Young.

Yeah, for all the
difference that makes.

I don't suppose we'll ever know.

You don't think Tobe
really did it, do you?

Well, I know that
everything points to the fact

that he done it,
Mr. Dillon, but I...

I just can't
believe that he did.

Does Doc give him much hope?


He's doing everything
he can for him.

He's been with him ever
since the accident, I...

I just feel like it's my fault
he got run over by the wagon.

Well, don't blame
yourself for that, Chester.


Well, look, we might as
well put these things away.


Your call, my friend.

I know it's my call.

Don't get in a hurry.

We got all the
time in the world.

I'll call.

Three queens.

Luck's got to change sometime.

That's what I like to hear.

Never say die.

One thing you've got
to say about poker...

there's a fair
amount of luck to it.

Well, you're doing
all right on that score.

Well, now, friend, luck
isn't all there is to it.

Skill comes into it, too.

Well, I just don't
know, Miss Kitty.

It seems pretty hard to believe

that Tobe Hostader
would kill anybody.

I agree with you.

Sure seems so, though,
after all we've heard.

And his running makes
it look all the more so.

That's true.

Got a customer.

Hi, Kitty.

Well, when'd you get back?

Just a while ago.

I suppose Chester
told you everything.

Yeah, can you tell us
anything about that girl?

Not a thing.

She was broke
and I gave her a job.

Did you know that her
real name was Mae Young?

Well, I'm not surprised.

A lot of girls
change their names

when they work in a saloon.

Excuse me, Miss Kitty.

Did I hear Chester say
something about Mae Young?

Well, it seems that was
Hanna Clayton's name.

You know, I heard that
name just a few days ago.


From a gambler.

That's him over at that
table with Tad and Skinner.

Is that an example
of your skill?

I don't know what you're
talking about, mister.

Oh, you got an awful
easy way of talking

while you palm
a card, ain't you?

That's a pretty serious
accusation to make.


Well, I call a cheat a cheat.

He palmed a card on me, Marshal.


Am I hit bad?

Bad enough.

He got me.

Do something for me, please.

What about Mae Young?


I killed her.

I didn't mean to.

It was an accident.


I didn't mean to...

Marshal, Marshal?

There's the card he palmed.

Now, he drew on me...
That's even his gun.

All the boys saw it.

All right, go on
back to your ranch.

Mr. Dillon, there don't seem
to be much doubt about it now.

Does there?

You were right, Chester.

Well, I just hope that
Tobe lives long enough

to know he's a free man.

Why don't you go
on over and tell him?

Yes, sir.

All right, some of you
men, get him out of here.

How's he doing, Doc?

Well, he's fair.

Could-could I talk to him?

Oh, it's important?

Yes, it is... It's
real important.


Tobe, you want
to talk to Chester?


Hello, Tobe.


I was foolish.

I don't know what
made me run like that.

I was scared.

Well, you don't have to
be scared no more, Tobe.

We found out who done it.

You did?

You mean...

you're not gonna lock
me up when I get well?

You're just as
free as you can be.

Well, who was it?

Well, it was an old
boyfriend of Hanna's.

Somebody she knowed before
she come here... a gambler.

I guess she wasn't really

much good after all.


Chester, don't say that.

She was a fine girl.

I think she really liked me.

The first woman I ever loved.

Don't say she weren't no good.

Well, well, maybe so, Tobe.

Anyway, the only important thing

is that you get well
as fast as you can.

You know, Wib Smith, he's
gonna be needing you at the store.


You just go on
back to sleep now.

You get a lot of
rest, and that way

you can get back to work faster.

By golly, that's...

that's good news.

Well, I-I thought maybe
that he might get well faster

if he knowed that
he was free and all.

Well, yes, of course,
that'll help a lot.

You know, Chester, um...


Well, I'll tell you something.


Well, by golly, you've done a...

fine job while Matt's been gone,

and you deserve a
lot of credit for it, too.

- Oh, Doc, I-I didn't...
- I mean it.

By gosh, I want
to, uh, see Matt.

I'm anxious to
tell him about it.


Did, uh...

did you mean that?

Well, of course I meant it.

Well, I, uh...

I'll, uh,

I'll see that you get
in touch with him.

♪ The dogs gonna get you ♪

♪ Run, rabbit, run,
you better get away ♪

♪ Run, rabbit, run, the
dogs gonna get you ♪

♪ Run, rabbit, run,
you better get away ♪

♪ The rabbit run,
the rabbit flew ♪

♪ The rabbit tore its tail... ♪

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