Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 35 - The Other Half - full transcript

Identical twins Jay and Jess and local girl Nancy vowed in childhood that the three of them would always stay together. But now that all are grown, Nancy and Jess have quietly paired off. Someone is seen going into the twins' store one night, and Jess is found shot dead. While arguing that Matt is not doing enough to catch his brother's killer, Jay moves in on Nancy, telling her that he knows about the planned marriage and insisting that he now take the place of Jess in her life. Nancy is unsure. It appears that Jay and Jess may not have been at all alike, as Nancy is discovering, and Jay's father confesses to Matt that if one of his sons had to die, he wishes it had been Jay. Matters come to a head when a man, not knowing of the death of Jess, comes to the store looking for him, telling Jay he's negotiated a price for the piece of land in another state to which Jess had planned to move with Nancy.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

I wouldn't give you
two cents for that rascal.

I don't care if he
is the president

of these United States.

Now, I tell you, Jess...

I'm Jay, Mr. Hoover. Jay.

Jess is in the barn.

Huh? Did I... did
I go do that again,

call you him and him you?

No offense taken,
Mr. Hoover. We're used to it.

Well, you know a body
can't be blamed, boy.

You know, you two are
alike as two peas in a pod.

- So we've heard.
- Why, sure.

All the folks in town,
they always say,

"Jess and Jay are just
like two peas in a pod."

Here, just a few more.

Of course, that's
not really true.

You know, you don't all
look all that much alike

even if you are twins.

But I guess the folks in town,

they're just used to seeing
you together all the time.

You know, "Jess and
Jay," they always say.

"Jess and Jay," almost
like it was just one man.

"Jess and Jay," they say.

"Jess and Jay were here."
"Jess and Jay were there."

"Jess and Jay
were at the meeting."

"Jess and Jay were
at the church today."

Yeah, why is that, Mr. Hoover?

Why? 'Cause you always
do things together, of course.

I ain't hardly ever
seen you apart.

There, that's it.

That's half a cord.

Well, fine.

Fine. Then I'll, uh...

I'll, uh, settle up with you
come next market day, huh?

All right

- Hey, Jess?
- Yeah?

You ready to go home for supper?

No, not just yet.

I've got some business
to do in the office yet.

You go on, Jay. Tell
Pa I'll be home directly.

Well, you want
us to wait supper?

No, better not. I don't
know how long I'll be.

- All right.
- Going by your place, son.

Want me to drop you off?

Oh, much obliged, Mr. Hoover.

Guess I am kind of tired.

Tired. No wonder.

The way you work.

You know you boys are
doing a wonderful job here?

Me and the missus,

we were talking about
that the other evening;

how you boys have taken
over since your pa's taken ill.

You know, it speaks
well for the both of you.

Mmm. Come on!

Guess that's the fella

Jess is doing
business with, huh?

Yeah, I guess.



Howdy, Festus.

Well, now, howdy, Miss Nancy.

I was... I was just cleaning
up my spurs a little bit.

Say, you're out kind
of late, ain't you?

Late? It only just
got dark, Festus.

Well, I mean, for
store-buying and such as that.

I'm on my way home right now.

Well, golly Bill, appears
like I'm right in luck,

running into the prettiest
gal in town all by herself

and needing company.

Needing a strong arm to
help with these packages.

You sure have got that.

And if you like, you
can walk with me

as far as the Feed
and Fuel Yard.

Feed and Fuel... Oh, fiddle.

I ought to have knowed that.

A man ain't got a
chance in this town

with them Bartell boys around.

Why, Festus, I don't
know what you mean.

They're just boys
I grew up with,

lived next door to all my life.

"Growed up with," my foot.

How... how you fixing to
marry up with both of 'em?

You can't choose betwixt
the two, Jess and Jay.

Impossible. I
guess I'll just have

to marry somebody
else altogether.

Well, that's what
I'm talking about.

Why don't you
just give a little ogle

to somebody else
once in a while?

Who's carrying my packages?

Well, that wasn't a
very long trip, was it?

There's a lamp
a-burning in the office.

It's Jess, and it
looks like he's busy.

Guess I better go on home.

Here, I'll take those.

Oh, no, I ain't
near tuckered out.

But it's out of your way.

Well, how do you know that?

If I ain't complaining,
you hadn't ought to.

Who's complaining? Come on.

Good night.



What are you doing?

♪ Gather with the saints ♪

♪ At the river ♪

♪ That flows by the throne ♪

♪ Of God ♪

♪ Yes, we'll gather ♪

♪ At the river ♪

♪ The beautiful ♪

♪ The beautiful river ♪

♪ Gather with the saints ♪

♪ At the river ♪

♪ That flows by the throne ♪

♪ Of God. ♪

Thou shalt show
me the path of life,

and thy presence
is the fullness of joy,

and at thy right hand, there
is pleasure for evermore.

Unto Almighty God
we commend the soul

of our brother departed,

and we commit his
body to the ground.

Earth to earth...

ashes to ashes...

dust to dust...

in the sure and certain hope

of the resurrection
unto eternal life.

Let us pray.


I sure can't remember

when I've seen so
many folks at a funeral.

I can't remember when this town

has been so
shocked over a killing.

Nobody can believe it.

I can't imagine why
anybody would want to kill

a nice boy like Jess.

Wish I could answer that, Kitty.

Looks like the motive might
have been robbery, though.

The cash box was ransacked.

Any trace of that man

that Festus and Nancy
Otis saw talking to him?

Not so far.

Here they come now.

Poor old Sam, he's had
nothing but bad luck lately.

- Sam, Jay.
- Marshal.

I'm sorry I didn't get
over to the funeral, Sam.

I wanted to pay my respects.

I know. It's all right.

We never know, do we,

the riches we have
until we've lost them?

First, my wife...

then my own health, and...

now my boy.

Sam, you still have
another fine boy.

You're fortunate
in that respect.

Yes, you're right.

Jay is my only comfort now,

and he'll have to
take over alone.

Well, I'm sure he will.

Anyway, I just, uh, wanted you
to know how sorry I am, Sam.

Sorry, Marshal?

But not sorry enough to
find the man who did it, huh?

Why, Jay...

I'm doing everything I can, Jay.

Why, of course he is.

Well, if you can't find
him, Marshal, I will.


I can understand
how you feel, Jay,

but you better leave
that part of it up to me.

I'll do everything I can to
find your brother's murderer

and bring him to justice.

Boy's upset, Marshal.

You understand.


Oh, that poor boy.

Well, it's no wonder.

He and Jess were
always so close.

Like a pair of matched horses.


I just wonder if
he's gonna be able

to pull the load
all by himself, Doc.

It may just be a little
harder than anybody thinks.


Oh, Jay!

Remember the day we did that?

You know...

not your father...

not my parents, nobody.

Nobody knows how it
really was between us three...

except us.

That was on my 12th birthday.

We said we'd never ever be
apart, any of us, ever again.

We were gonna go hunt buffalo

and live like Indians
up on the Platte.


Oh, Jay!

Oh, Nan, don't.

Don't cry.

I'm sorry.

I'm being selfish.

I keep forgetting
what you must feel.

I just can't keep
the tears back.

I don't know how you can.

I don't feel like
crying. I feel like...

But that won't
bring him back, Jay.

Nothing will.

I know.

Sometimes I think
about the other night,

when Festus and I saw
him talking with that man.

If I'd just gone in...

he might still be alive.

There's no use
thinking about that.

There's nothing we can do now.


He's gone.

It's all over.

And that leaves Nancy and Jay.


Nan, I know you loved him.

I mean, he was the one
you were gonna marry.

Well, we were too
close not to know.

We couldn't have very
many secrets from each other.


I just want you to know

that I'm gonna try
and take his place.

I'm gonna try and mean
everything that he was for you.

You know how much you've
always meant to me, Jay.

But... right now...

I understand... you don't
have to say anything.

There'll be plenty
of time later.

Two whole weeks, and
the marshal ain't found

any trace of him yet, huh?


Hmm, well, not much
chance of finding him now.

No telling how far away he is.

You know, if we hadn't seen
that fella with our own eyes...

And Festus and
Nancy Otis, too...

I wouldn't have believed
that that... that stranger

was here that night.

He just up and
disappeared so complete.

60 pounds enough?

Better make it 70.

Do you know... do you
know what the marshal said?

The marshal said that
that fella didn't stay no place

in this town... Not
no hotel or nothing.

Why, he didn't even
stable his horse.

He just snuck in town and
he snuck right back out again.

Now, that in itself is proof he
was up to something, isn't it?

You want some
barley mixed in this?

Well, yeah, just a scoop
or two, just to sweeten it.

Jess always does that for me.

No extra charge, that is.

Say, I guess, uh... I guess
the marshal been asking you

all kinds of questions... You
finding Jess's body and all.

How much later
was it after we left

that you came back...
You-you and Nancy?

Oh, maybe two hours.

After you dropped
me off at the corner,

I went and did a few
chores, had supper with Pa.

And then, when it got later
and later, he sent me out to look.

Well, how come Nancy came back?

She wanted to.

Oh. Well...

maybe she was
worried about Jess.

You figure they were in love?

- I don't know.
- More than likely.

But she was as thick with
you as she was with Jess.

Nobody could figure out
which one of you she'd choose.

That'll be $3.82, Mr. Hoover,
with what you have on the wagon.

No charge for the barley.

No charge.

All right.

I'll... I'll bring it around
next market day.

You haven't paid me for
that last half cord of wood yet,

and that was two
market days ago.

What? I didn't?

Well, I'll tell
you what I'll do.

I'll be around and I'll
straighten out the whole thing

come next market day.

I'd like to have it now.

Well, don't press me, Jay.

Jess never pressed me.

He-he always let me go
for two or three months.

But Jess knew I was good for it.

I'm not Jess!

And from now on, this
is gonna be strictly cash.

Well, I must say that's not

a very friendly way
of doing business.

- Now, Jess wouldn't...
- I said I'm not Jess!

I'm running this business now.

And if you don't like
the way I'm doing it,

you just go trade
over at Ulrich's.

Well, now, don't you think

that I might not
just go and do that!

Well, you just go ahead.
I'd be much obliged.

Why, you insolent young puppy!

Hear, hear, now.

What's going on?


Well, I'm sorry, Sam.

I always liked to do
business with Bartells...

With you and Jess.

But this boy here,
why, he's just the limit!

Oh, come now, George.

Give the boy a chance.

He's carrying a lot
on his shoulders.

Don't judge him too
hard. He'll settle down.

Well, I sure hope so,
I sure hope so, Sam.

And I hope he learns
to be a little civil.

Let him have it, boy.

You've got to get
ahold of yourself, son.

Pa, let me run the yard.

We don't need his business.

You need everybody
when you're in business.

And he's the third customer
you fought with today.

Oh, don't read me no lectures.

Told you not to come
down here in the first place.

I don't want you here.

Well, now, I didn't come
down to spy on you, Jay.

I just come down to try
to help out in the office.

Jess always did the
bookkeeping, and I...

Oh, you mean I messed it up
already... is that what you mean?

I didn't say that.

Well, you don't have to.

Comparing everything I
do to the way Jess done it.

Oh, come now, boy.

You've got to
learn to expect that.

It's only human nature.

I can do everything Jess
could do and do it just as well.

You hear me?

I hear you.

But you ain't doing it, son,

because you ain't
giving yourself a chance.

Now, you've got to
get a hold of yourself.

You've got to settle down.

Sure, sure.

Listen, boy, I know how it is.

I understand.

It ain't been too easy
for me, either, you know.

But you've got to forget.


How can I forget?

I don't mean forget
the sudden loss,


just the way it happened.

Well, why doesn't that
marshal find that killer?

And what good will that do?


No, that's what you've
got to forget, boy.

Or it'll eat your heart away.

Forget it, Jay.

Forget it.

Forget it. Forget the
whole thing, he said.

Maybe he's right, Jay.


Are your tears gone already?

I didn't mean that.

I'll never forget Jess.

Neither will you.

But revenge...

he wouldn't want that.

Well, if it was me dead?

How do you know he wouldn't?

I think I knew that
much about him.

He might hate the killer,
yes, want to see him punished,

but he wouldn't
let it change him.

Are you saying I
can't take it like Jess?

I'm not as strong?

You're saying that, not me.

Is that why you loved
him instead of me?

I never asked myself
why I loved him.

I never thought there
was that much difference

between the two of you that way.

Maybe there was.

And maybe I sensed it.

And that's why you
could never love me.

Jay, you're putting
words in my mouth...

and thoughts in my mind that
maybe you don't want there.

I know I've lost Jess,

and I have to face up to that.

And I know someday there'll
probably be another man.

I just naturally
thought it would be you.

So don't spoil it now.

If only they'd find that killer.

But why, Jay?

Why is that so important?

It's not revenge. It's not that.

Somehow, maybe when
it's all over and done with,

maybe I'll feel like
a whole man again.

Maybe I won't feel like I'm
missing the other half of me.

Can you understand that?

I think so.

You see, they... they
just have to find that man.

I just wonder if
that'll really help.

- Evening, Matt.
- Kitty.

- Doc, Festus.
- How are you?


I see our young friend
is still with us, huh?

Oh, yeah.

Third time this week.

You know, I'd
refuse to serve him

except he'd just go
someplace else and...

well, at least I can
keep an eye on him here.

You know, I never saw
anybody fall apart so fast.

Well, I'll tell you what
I think it might be.

Just might be that he feels
guilty because he wasn't there

to help his brother
when he needed him.

Well, could be, Doc.

You ain't had a
lead on that feller

that me and Nancy
seen that night, huh?

Not a thing, Festus.

I've inquired all over
town, asked questions.

I've even sent a
description of him back east.

So far, there's nothing.

I'll tell you
something, Matthew.

He shows hisself around me now,

and I'm going to jab that
pipe right down his throat

and deliver him to
you in a wheelbarrow.

What do you think of that?


Turn around, you skunk!

What did you say?

Jay! Jay!

Get away from him. Come on.

That's not the man you're
after. That's Barney Cogswell.

What's the matter
with him, Marshal?

I'm sorry.

I've told you to leave
finding this killer up to me.

But you're not
doing it, Marshal.

You ain't found him yet.

Well, maybe I
never will find him.

Maybe you'd better
get used to that idea

and forget about this man.

Come on. I'll take you home.

He'll be all right
by morning, Sam.

You, uh, say he tried
to kill Barney Cogswell?

Well, Barney was wearing a
tweed coat and smoking a pipe.

What am I going to
do with him, Matt?

You know, Jay ain't
nothing like Jess was.

The town was all
wrong about that.

That "two peas in a pod" stuff.

People who knew
them, like... like me

and little Nancy
across the street,

we knew they were as
different as night from day.

Jess was the one who
managed, who did things.

He was the strong one.

Nobody ever knew that
because he was always

covering up for his brother.

Helping him, supporting him.


Jay ain't got anybody
to support him.

I try...

Nancy tries, but...

we just don't seem able.

I know it's a... a terrible
thing to say, Matt,

but if one of them had to die,
it would've been much kinder

if it had been just
the other way around.

Well, maybe, Sam, but it wasn't.

So now we got to
try and help Jay.

Let me ask you something.

Do you think it's possible
he's hiding something?

That, uh, he knows
something about this business

Jess had with the stranger?

Well, I don't see
why he'd hide it.

Well, neither do I, but the
two brothers didn't keep

much apart from
each other, did they?

Well, no, but...
there are some things

that even brothers don't
tell one another, Matt.

Well, I didn't think there
was between those two.

What kind of things?

Oh... dreams, maybe.

Or what they thought
about certain people.

And then there were things
they never talked about,

they... they just knew.

Well, this business didn't
seem to be one of them, did it?


And I've been
thinking a lot about that

since you asked me
the first time, and...

and I remember something.

Jess came to me a few weeks ago

and asked me if I'd mind
if he maybe someday

bought a ranch and left Dodge.

A ranch, huh?

I told him he was free to
do whatever he wanted.

Jay could run the
business, or we could sell it,

if he wanted to
go along with Jess.

Didn't make any
difference to me.

I've got all I want.
You know that.

I just wanted the
boys to be happy.

He didn't, by any chance, say

where this ranch
was gonna be, did he?

He never even said there
was any special ranch.

It was all sort of offhand.

I don't know if this has
anything to do with the business

Jess had with the
stranger that night,

but it's all I can come up with.

Well, Sam, it just doesn't
add up to me somehow.

It doesn't make sense.

No, not much.

And another thing...

why would this stranger have
ridden into town so openly,

right in front of George
Hoover and Jay,

walked into that office
if he intended murder?

Well, he... maybe he
didn't intend it then.

Well, maybe not, but still...

You, uh... got
any other suspect?



I'll talk to you later.


Well, I'm back, Mr. Bartell,
right when I said I'd be.

And everything successful, too.


I beg your pardon, but, uh...

you're not the same
Mr. Bartell, are you?

I'm Jay, not Jess.

Ah, of course, the twin brother.

Your brother spoke about you.

There is a remarkable

You had me fooled
there for a moment.

Is your brother around?

No, not right now.

Do you expect him back soon?

No, not soon. Can I help you?

Well, I'm afraid not.

It's Jess I'm doing
business with.

Uh, perhaps I'll
come back later.

Or maybe there's
someplace I could catch him.

No, he's not gonna
be back today.

Not at all?

But we had an appointment.

Well, maybe I could help you.

No, I'm afraid not.
It's-it's a private affair.

Well, my brother and I

don't have any secrets
from each other, Mr., uh...


Angus Maclntosh.

Hays City, attorney-at-law.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Maclntosh.

It's a pleasure,
sir, a pleasure.

Then you do know
about this business?

Why, of course.

We talk everything over.

Isn't that the usual
thing in a family?

Well, uh... I
suppose so, but, uh...

in this case, he wanted
it to be a surprise.

But I think he meant
it mostly for the girl.

Oh, yes, the, uh, girl.

Well, he knew I wouldn't
give it away to her.

Aye. And I don't mind saying

she'll be jolly well pleased.

It's a fine farm, for sure.

He'll be able to give her
exactly the kind of homestead

she had her heart set on.

And I made a very
fine bargain for him.

You can trust a
Scotsman for that.

Yeah, that's fine. Uh...

Well, he didn't
say exactly where...

No, of course not.

Uh, I couldn't tell
him exactly myself

until I'd been there.

It's on a small branch
of the Smoky Hill,

perhaps, uh, 30 miles
southwest of, uh, Grinnell.

Good, rich land,
well-built house,

uh, about ten years old...

everything he'll need.

In short, just what
he was looking for.

And just what Nancy wanted.


I have the contracts right here,

all ready for signature
and the down payment.

It's a pity your
brother isn't here.

We could settle the whole
thing in a few minutes.

The, uh, down
payment, that was for...

$4,000, as I said.

The rest will be taken care
of by the bank in Hays City.

It's all in the contract.

Excellent terms.

I'm afraid my brother's
not going to be able

to buy that farm, Mr. Maclntosh.

Can't buy?

But he assured me.
He gave me his promise.

Do you realize how much
time and trouble I've gone to?

He can't buy because he's dead.


Oh, my word.


It must have been very sudden.

He was killed.

Was it an accident?

No. He was shot...

evidently by robbers.

Oh, my poor boy, this
is most unfortunate.

Such a fine young man.

Such a fine young man
like yourself, of course.

He was.

It's a sad blow, for all of you.

Your father... I
understand he's ill.


And especially that poor girl...

the marriage plans and all that.

Most unfortunate.

And all the work
and time I put into it.

Well, maybe you won't
have to suffer any loss.

How do you mean?

I mean maybe I'll buy that farm.

Well, now, uh...

Any reason why I shouldn't?

No, uh...

I suppose not.

No, of course not. Uh...

I'd be delighted.

I'm sure you'll find it
an excellent investment.

It's, uh... I'm only
surprised to learn

that you were
interested in farming, too.

Well, my brother and I
liked the same things.

We talked about it a lot.

Yes, I think I'd
like to buy that farm

now that my brother can't.

Well, I... I don't
see any objection.

Well, you'll have to
give me a few moments

to arrange the form of payment.

You know, I didn't
expect this so suddenly.

Sure, whatever you like.

Uh... perhaps I'll
walk down the road

and get a bite of supper.

No. Um...

I mean, uh...

why don't you just
stay here, out of sight?

I beg your pardon?

Well, it's-it's gonna be
dark pretty soon out there.

And with all this violence
going on around here...

Robbery, killing...

There might be somebody
just lurking out there in the street.

Well... my word, uh...

I had no idea there
was anything like this.

Well, uh... I'll do as you say.

Uh, I'll stay right here.



Well, what are you
doing home so early, son?

It ain't hardly dark out yet.

I'm going back in just a minute.

I came home because
there's some business

I have to talk to you about.


What business?

Did Jess ever say anything
about buying a farm?

Why you asking that?

Well, never mind. Did he?

Well, yes, a farm, a
ranch or something.

He just mentioned it.

Said he might like to
sometime, and asked if I'd mind.

- Why?
- Well, what'd you tell him?

I told him he could do
whatever he wanted.

I never wanted
anything for you boys

but what you wanted
for yourselves.

And you'd let him
leave the feed yard?

Why, certainly.

And leave me to run it?

If you wanted to.

Or we could sell it, if you
wanted to go on along with Jess.

I never wanted
to stand in the way

of either of you boys.

But you knew I wasn't the person

that Jess intended
to take to that farm.

Uh, I didn't know
anything for sure.

He never said, and
I never questioned.

But if you mean he
meant to take a wife...

I'd say that was only natural.

He'd be wanting a wife
someday, just like you will.

Now, will you tell me
what this is all about?

Well, it takes money
to buy a farm, Pa.

Did you tell Jess you'd
give him the money?

Why, yes.

Why not? It was his to have.

- And mine, too.
- Of course.

You're my son, just like he was.

Well, then, I want it, Pa.

$4,000 down payment on a farm.

A good one up in the
Smoky Hill country.

A full section, a
house, everything.

Why, ain't this kind
of sudden, boy?

I didn't know you
were interested

in anything like this.

I've been thinking
about it for a long time.

It's just what I want.
This is my chance.


Why, boy, you don't know
nothing about farming.

I know as much as Jess did.

Oh, but Jess was...

And I can manage
just as well as he would.

Look, I'll prove it to you.

I'll show everybody.

Just give me the money, $4,000,

and I'll never ask you
for anything ever again.

Well, now, that's a lot
of money, son, and...

how can you be sure
this is a good farm?

You ain't never seen it.

Let me worry about that.

I'm satisfied.

But you got to be sure
about such things, boy.

I mean, there are
people who will rob you.

Now... now, who you buying
this farm from, anyway?

A man named Maclntosh,
a lawyer from Hays City.

And he's honest, all right,
so don't worry about it.

He couldn't be the same man
who was with Jess that night?

Would I be doing
business with him if it was?

No, no, of course not.

But who is he? Where
did you meet him?

Don't you trust me?

It's not you I don't trust, boy!

It's just that... well...

this is all so
sudden and rushed.

I want to look into
this some more.

Give me the money. $4,000.

That's all you have to do.

Just give me the
money and let me go.

Is it that important to you?

All right, son.

All right. I'll give
you the money.


Oh... excuse me.

Uh, just come in to
get a dab of horse feed.

I'm sorry.

There's no one here at
the moment to serve you.


Well, I expect he'll
be back directly.

You're waiting for
him, too, I reckon?


Well, I'll be back
myself directly.

You just stay right
where you are.


I'm sure you won't regret
this move, Mr. Bartell.

It's only too bad the young lady

won't have the
place of her dreams.

It's even possible that
she might someday.

You mean you...?

It's just possible.

Ah, and why not?

You're as like your brother
as a new pair of shoes.

And maybe the farm
will help to swing it, eh?

Good fortune to you, sir.

It's all there.

And thank you.

Where do you stay in town?

Uh, I don't.

Uh, I don't care for Dodge much.

But you didn't drive all
the way from Hays City.

Oh, no, hardly.

No, I came down by stage,

but I stop off
down the road a bit.

Uh, Spearville.

Uh, have relatives there.

That's their horse
and carriage out there.

Oh, that explains it.

It's very convenient.

It's only a few miles
and a lot pleasanter

than a hotel, as
you can imagine.

That's true, and, uh, you
going back there right now?

After I've had me supper.

I detest restaurant food,

but, uh, it's getting
a wee bit late now,

and, uh, last
time, I didn't stop,

and by the time I
got back to Spearville,

I was mighty hungry.

Well, just the same, I
wouldn't, uh, stop if I were you.


There's not a decent
restaurant in this town.

But more important,
with all this crime,

and you carrying all that money,

if I were you, I'd get
back to Spearville

just as fast as I could.

All right, I-I'll do as you say.

It's very friendly of you
to think of me safety.


All right.

Well, good-bye.
Good luck to you.

If you need any
more information,

you have my address.

Be glad to help you.

Thank you. Good-bye.

We don't get there afore
young Jay gets back,

he's a dead man, and I mean it.

Think of that, Matthew...

Coming back to
get the other brother.

Why, I'll swear... That's him!

There he is!

Hold up there, you villain!

Just hold it right there.

What's going on here?

Just don't you move.

I'd like to talk to you, mister.

Ah, you're a marshal.

As a matter of fact,
there are a few questions

I'd like to ask you, too.

I'd be glad if you stopped
pointing that thing at me.


What is it, Jay?

I want to talk to you.

I'm fixing supper.

My folks will be
home before long.

Well, just for a minute, please.

Well, just for a minute.

Come on.

All right, what is it, Jay?

I haven't got much time.

Well, Nan, I want to
talk to you about this.

You never told me much about
what you wanted for yourself,

but I figured it wasn't
staying here in Dodge

and living off a feed
yard and keeping house.

What are you driving at?

Well, I bought a
farm up on Smoky Hill.

A full section, good
house, everything.

You? When?

Just today.

I'm going up right away
and take possession.

Pa's gonna sell the feed yard.

I never knew you even
cared about anything like that.

Well, you do, don't you?

Well... I might.

And so do I.

So, Nan, come with me. Marry me.

Jay, I told you I'd
have to have time.

I haven't had near time enough.

I'm sorry.

You... you go on
and-and get settled.

Then later, maybe.


Jay, I told you,

I... I'm not sure yet.

I can't make any
promises till I'm sure.

You'll have to go without me.

But that's what I can't do.

Why not?

You got to stand on
your own feet sometime.

Well, it ain't that.

Don't you see?

I-I'm doing it all for you.
The whole thing's for you.

For me?

Well, it-it's your dream place.

A farm of your own. Just
what you've always wanted.

How'd you know that?

Well, Jess told me.

He told me he never
talked to you about us.

Well, he did.

Anyway, I know.

That's why I bought
the farm... Just for you.

Well, then you shouldn't have.

If you don't really want it
yourself, it'll never work out.

It will work out.

I swear to you it will.

I'll make it work out.

You mean everything to me, you.

Being a husband to you,

making a life for you,
making you proud of me.

You're the whole world to me.

That's why I can't
go without you.

You've got to come with me.

Jay, don't make
me answer that yet.

If I changed, if...
if I proved to you

I'm as good a man as Jess?

I can't promise anything.

You... you go on to your farm...

get things settled.

Try to find yourself.

And then, after a while,

if you still want
to come back...

we'll see.

That's all. We'll see.

If I'm not here, how
can I show you?

That's the only way, Jay.

Maybe time will change us both.

All right.

Now, I... I have to go in.


Thanks a lot for the
lift, Mr. Maclntosh.

Obliged, Marshal.

If you need me,
I'll be at Fergus's.

Well, good. I'd appreciate it

if you'd be available
for a day or two.

All right.

That's the man!

Marshal, that's the
man that was with Jess!


Jay, put that gun down!

But that's the man
that killed Jess!

That's the man you
saw talking to Jess.

It so happens he's a reputable
attorney from Hays City.

His name's Maclntosh.

But you can tell them all
about that, can't you, Jay?

Why, that's the man
you bought the farm from.

That's right, Sam.

But you said it
wasn't the same man.

You must have wanted
that farm pretty bad.

Almost as bad as you
wanted to get him out of town

once you'd made the deal.

What are you saying, Marshal?

Yes, what's this all about?

You want to tell
them, Jay, or shall I?

I don't know what you're
talking about, Marshal.

You know what I'm talking about.

There's one thing
you may not know.

That night, after
Mr. Maclntosh left Jess,

he turned around and
looked back as he was leaving.

He saw a man
entering the office.

He thought it was Jess.

Tonight, after talking to me,

he realized that Jess wasn't
wearing any hat and coat.

The other man was.

Outside of that, the
man looked like Jess.

When you got back
home that night,

you did some chores out in back,

and nobody saw you
doing them, did they?

How long did those
chores take, Sam?

Oh, ten, 15 minutes.

Just long enough to get
down to that feed lot and back.

Using the alley, nobody saw you.

Nobody except
Mr. Maclntosh here.

Oh, no.


Stay back,
Marshal! I'll use this!

What good will it do you, Jay?

I won't be taken!
I won't go to jail!

You think you can get
away with what you've done?

You know better than that.

Your conscience has
been torturing you for weeks,

and it's gonna get worse.

Stop it, Marshal! Stop it!

You come on out of there, Jay.

No, I-I can't face
all those people!

You think you can
escape your punishment?

Now, come on out of there!

No! No, you're gonna
have to come and get me!

Why don't you come and get me?!

Come on, Marshal, shoot!

Come and get me!

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

All right, Jay.

Why didn't you kill me, Marshal?

Why didn't you kill me?

I already killed a part
of me, the best part.

I just didn't have the
guts to do the rest.

Come on, son.




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