Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 36 - Journey for Three - full transcript

Two brothers and a friend they met head to California to start a new life. Along the way they learn this friend may have different ideas when it comes to the strangers they meet and towns they pass through because Matt is now on their trail.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


If I'd have had one more dollar,

I would have come out
of that game a winner.

There's no need
to fret now, Cyrus.

There's a lot we don't
know about poker.

We'll have to
learn to play better

before we join another game.

Adam, how are we
gonna get to California

if we don't have any money?

We'll find some
work in Dodge City.

What kind of work?

Any kind that'll pay us wages.

I don't like being broke.

No different from
anybody else, Cyrus.

Did I hear somebody
say we were broke?

Hey, Boyd, I thought
you were asleep.

How can a body sleep in
this creaky old trap, huh?

Hey, Adam says we're
gonna have to get a job

when we get to Dodge City.


'Cause we lost all of our
money in that poker game.

You know something, Adam?

You worry too much.


The only food we
got left is beef jerky.

There's only enough of that
left to last us to Dodge City.

Now, you got any other ideas
how we can make do after that,

I'd be very happy to listen.

We could sell our rifles.

That doesn't make
much sense, Cyrus.

You both worry too much.

Look what I managed when
I left you fellas last night.

Ten dollars?
Where'd you get that?

You know that little
saloon gal I walked home?

- Yeah.
- She let me have it.

Why'd she do that?

'Cause I'm so nice.

Never heard of a saloon
gal giving away money.

I didn't say she gave it to me.

I said she let me have it.

When she wasn't looking.

That's how you got that
money in Wichita, too, wasn't it?

Oh, you're smart, Adam.

You know, you're real smart.

Hey, look.


It's a girl.

It sure is.

Come on, Adam, pull up.

Maybe she'll stop and say hello.

Look, Boyd, we...

Come on now, do like I say.

Come, babe. Hey. Whoa.

- Hello, there.
- Hello.

Where you headed
all by yourself?


You live close by, do you?

About two miles over that way.

Always go riding alone?

Most of the time.

Where you from?

Jefferson City, Missouri.

You're kind of green, ain't you?

Why do you say that?

Oh, I don't know.

I lived out here
most of my life.

I can just tell.

We weren't so green back
where we come from, miss.

Maybe not, but
this ain't Missouri.

Could be you're
in for a rough time.

What do you mean by that?

Prairie ain't easy
on greenhorns.

Say, don't you ever talk?

Yeah, I do.

When there's something to say.

You're honest anyway.

Well, so long.

She ain't getting
away that easy.


Hey, Boyd, you
really spooked her.

Are you hurt?

Oh, my ankle.

Let me see it.

Hey, you really took a spill.

Did you spook my horse?

I didn't think it'd
throw you like that.


Could have broke my neck.

Does it hurt bad?

It'll do.

It's not swelling bad;
that's a good sign.

You want to try to walk on it?

Oh! I ain't gonna
walk on that for a spell.

Here, we'll take you home.

Well, if somebody'd catch
my horse, I can ride him home.

Yeah. Cyrus, go round him up.

Nah, I don't want to.

Never mind. I-I'll go.

He's a spooky one.

He'll probably head
straight for home.

But I'd be obliged
if you do find him.

Don't you fret, ma'am.

Uh, maybe, uh, we'd better
help you over to the wagon.

I don't want you near me!

I told you I was
sorry, didn't I?

He didn't mean no harm.

He was just teasing.

We could take you
home in the wagon, miss.

Be a whole lot easier.

No reason I can't
ride my own horse.

Well, what if he went
home like you said?

We don't mind taking you.

We owe you that much.


what about your friend?

We'll catch up with him later.

All right.

I thought you wanted me to help.

I do.

You lead the way.

Bet your folks will be wondering

where you are if you
don't get home soon.

There's just me and my pa.

He knows I take a ride every
morning before breakfast.

Bet you that's good
for the appetite.

I guess so.

You know something, Cyrus?

I'm kind of hungry
myself right about now.

We just ate something
in Great Bend.

I'm not hungry for food.

I'm hungry for a kiss.

You stay away from me.

- Come on. Give me a little kiss.
- Don't!

One little kiss ain't
gonna hurt you.


Where you been?

We took the girl home.

She didn't want to
wait till you got back.

I didn't find the horse anyway.

Must have went
home like she said.

Sit here.

I'm gonna take a nap.

Move over, Cyrus. I'll drive.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing. Why?

You don't look so good.

Well, I don't feel
so good, Adam.

I'll be all right.

Come on. Let's go.

Looks like rain up ahead.

Yeah, all right.

Come on, babe! Hyah! Hyah!

Here it is, Marshal.

Ah, thanks, Milt.

You bet.



You remember Bart Randall?

Yeah, he's got a ranch up
around Great Bend, doesn't he?


His daughter's been killed.


Oh, no!

He wants me to come
up there and find the killer.

When are you gonna leave?

I guess I'll leave
in the morning.

Come on.

- Hello, Matt.
- Ah, Quint.

- Kitty.
- Quint. Where you going?

Well, I thought I'd go out
of town, do a little hunting.

Seems to me
every time I see you,

you're just headed out of
town to do some hunting.

Seems like every time I see you,

you're walking down the
street with a beautiful woman.

Quint, I love your attitude.

Thank you.

Where you headed this time?

I thought I'd go east till I
found myself an antelope,

and then I'm gonna stay there
until I decide to come back.

How does it feel to
be as free as the wind?

I wouldn't have it
any other way, Kitty.

So long.

- See you later.
- So long, Quint.

Wouldn't that be wonderful
to be as independent as he is?

Yeah, too bad some of us
got to work for a living, isn't it?

Yeah, it sure is.

Come on. I'll buy you a drink.

All right. In that case,
I'll buy you dinner.

I'll buy that.


Seems to me we had
enough food to last us

till we got to Dodge City.

Seems to me we
don't have it anymore.

The beef jerky?

Yeah, the jerky.

We ate it.

I can remember when
you'd have shared with me.

It was all gone before
we noticed, Adam.

Are you ready to starve
the next two days?

I ain't hungry.

Me neither.

Well, I am.

Tomorrow morning, Cyrus,
you and me are gonna learn

how to shoot them fancy rifles
we paid so much money for, huh?

I know how to shoot mine.

Yeah, I know you; I know
you know how to pull a trigger.

But what I mean is we'd
learn how to shoot some rabbits

or something we can
cook and put in our bellies.

You know, I'm sick
and tired of that jerky.

Well, I'm not surprised
considering how much

you've gobbled down
the past couple of days.

Will you leave us alone.

You know, I may just do that.

Me and the mule and the wagon.

Maybe some night
when you're asleep.

That'd be just like you, Adam.

Sneak off in the
middle of the night

and leave me and Boyd out
here in the middle of the prairie.

I'd just as soon be rid of you.

I'd just as soon be
rid of both of you.

Ah, you don't mean that, Boyd.

Listen, if your brother wants
to pull you around by your nose,

you ought to let him.

You said that
we'd stick together

all the way to California.

Yeah, that's the way we
planned it when we started out

and that's the
way I still want it,

but he's got other ideas.


I might just get a
job in Dodge City.

Let you two go on your way.

What Cyrus does
is up to him, Boyd.

I wouldn't talk too big
if I were you, Adam.

You're in as much
trouble as we are.

What do you mean, trouble?

Boyd, I thought you
wasn't gonna tell him.

What is it, Cyrus?


What is it, Cyrus?!

Look, if you really
want to know, there's...

been an accident.

An accident?

The girl's dead.

Yeah, that's right, she's dead.

She, um...

hit her head when I was
tussling with her, and...

I didn't mean nothing.

Cyrus saw what happened.

There was nothing
we could do, Adam.

They'll never find
her body anyway.

Something wrong with
you, Boyd, down inside.

Never mind about that.

I'm just saying that you're
in as much trouble as I am.

So you can just sit there
and think whatever you want.

I don't care.

But don't try nothing foolish.

Or I'll beat the living
daylights out of you.

I'm gonna get some
water for the mule.

Cyrus, Cyrus, we
got to get out of here.

Get away from Boyd.

Oh, Adam, Boyd didn't
mean all that he said

about beating you up and all.

It's not that I'm worried about.

Well, what is it then?

If we keep travelling with Boyd,
we're gonna get in more trouble,

all the time.

You know, I don't
think it's trouble

you're worried about, Adam.

I think you're afraid of Boyd.

Oh, Cyrus, don't you understand

we could go to jail
for what happened?

Maybe even get hung.

Don't you see
how rotten Boyd is?

Now, we have got
to get away from him.

I ain't leaving.

I like him.

Besides, he's more like
my brother than you are.

He looks after me.

Cyrus, if you'd just listen
to me for once in your life.

And I'll tell you
something else, Adam.

Stop preaching to me.

Just leave me alone.

No, Cyrus.

I don't want to talk
about it anymore, Adam.



Cyrus, wake up.

- Somebody's coming.
- What?

I said somebody's coming.

Hey, Boyd.

Boyd, get up. Somebody's coming.

Who cares somebody's coming?

It could be the law.

Cyrus, get the rifles
out of the wagon.

And, Adam...

I'll do the talking.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Saw the smoke from your fire.

I thought maybe you might
have an extra cup of coffee.


That looks like
an Indian's horse.

Well, Indians like Appaloosas.

As a matter of fact, you look
like you could be an Indian.

Well, my mother was an Indian.

Father was a white man.

All the same to me.

You're still an Indian.

You gonna use those rifles

or you gonna give
me a cup of coffee?

You're, uh, you're
welcome to some coffee.

We don't have
much else to offer.

You shoot those
rabbits by yourself?


They'll pay for the coffee.

The coffee's free.

So are the rabbits.

Now, wait a minute, I didn't...

Look, Boyd.

He's just being friendly.

He's offering us some food.

He looks harmless, Boyd.

You know how to skin a rabbit?

Well, shouldn't be
much trick to that.

Be glad to show you how.

No need to bother.

It's no bother.

Uh, I'd appreciate it.

I'm sorry, what's your name?


Quint Asper.

I'm Adam Gifford.

- How are you?
- Hi.

That's my brother Cyrus.

That's Boyd Lambert.

Proud to share
our fire with you.

Thank you.

You're up kind of early
this morning, aren't you?

Well, you have to
get up kind of early

to do any hunting around here.

You, uh, must be
new to these parts.

We're on our way to California.

You live around here?

About a day's
ride... Dodge City.

Well, I figured Dodge City
was about two days from here.

Well, looking at that
mule and that wagon,

I'd say it's about
four days ride.

Go ahead, take a seat, will you?


Well, we're gonna need some
more firewood for those rabbits.

You got any around here?

Oh, sure.

Cyrus, find him some, will you?

Nah, I don't want to.

Uh, I'll, uh, fetch
your firewood.

Tell me something, uh...

how does an Indian
make a living in Dodge?

I run the blacksmith shop there.

Well, how come you
ain't running it now?

'Cause I come
and go as I please.

Well, it would please me
if you'd get on out of here.

All right.

Oh, Boyd, why don't
you leave him alone.

Shut up.

What are you two boys afraid of?

We ain't afraid of nothing. Why?

'Cause you act
like you're scared

of your own shadow, that's why.

Hold it, Indian.

Cyrus, get some
rope out of the wagon.

What are you gonna do?

- Tie you up.
- What for?

Never mind.

You're just too nosy for
your own good, Indian.

You're not gonna tie anybody up.


Stop it.

Oh, he's hurt bad.

What the devil
were you fighting for?

He asked too many questions.

I think he's a lawman.

Nah, Boyd, he said he was
a blacksmith from Dodge City.

It don't matter.

He got too nosy.

He would've turned us all in.

Well, you sure got us in
a bunch of trouble now.

Come on, we got to
get him to a doctor.

No, we ain't taking
him no place.

You can't leave
him here; he'll die.

I'm gonna make sure he does.

No, Boyd, you
leave the rifle alone.

- Get out of my way.
- No, you've gone crazy!

- Just get out of my way!
- You're not gonna kill him!


Boyd, don't. You'll kill him.

From now on, you do
as I say, you understand?

Boyd, please don't kill him.


You all right, Adam?


Don't shoot him, Boyd.

Tie him up.

I'll chase his horse away.

We'll pack up and
get out of here.








What happened to you?

I was trying to be friendly
to three greenhorns,

and I got in a fight with
one and they left me here.

What were you fighting about?

Well, they were in some
kind of trouble with the law

and they thought I
knew what it was.

Which way'd they head?

Towards Dodge, I think.

You feel up to riding?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Well... Quint, you know,

you look like you've lost
a lot of blood there, Quint.

We'd better get you
into Doc's right away.

That suits me fine.

Maybe we'll run
into them on the way.



How do you feel, Quint?

I'm just a little dizzy, Matt.

I'll be all right we
get back to Doc's.

Well, let's don't
push it too hard.

Let's take a look!

Good shot, Boyd.

Hey, that's not
very funny, Boyd.

The ones I told you about.

Yeah, they're target practicing.

Well, we got a pretty
good position here.

You feel up to it?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Hold it!

Who is it?

I don't know.

All right, boys, you're covered!

Who are you?

Matt Dillon, United
States Marshal.

It's the law, Boyd.

Cyrus, stay where you are!

What do you want?

You're under arrest. I'm
taking you into Dodge.

What for?

My friend Quint Asper
here can answer that.

I knew we should
have killed him.

What are you gonna do now?

Oh, don't worry, Adam.

I'll get us out of this safe
and sound, like always.

Just do as I say.

I'll take the marshal,
and you take the Indian.

Throw down your guns and
come out with your hands up!

Come on, Adam,
start using that gun.

Come on, Adam!

Do what I say,
start using that gun!

I... I think he's dead.

He is.

Where's the other one?

I guess he ran off.

He's my brother, Marshal.

All right, you get
that mule hitched up.

We're going into town.

What are you gonna
do about my brother?

We'll worry about him later.

Let's go.

I'll get the horses.

No, Quint.

You better take it easy up
here and we'll get you into Doc's.


Howdy, Matthew.

Come on, Quint.

Golly be, old Comanche.

You look plumb puny.
What's the matter with you?

Oh, I had a little
accident, Festus.

Festus, there's a dead
man in the wagon here.

Get somebody to
help you, will you?

Take the wagon and the
mule over to Moss Grimmick's.

You bet I will.

Thunder happened to you?

I got in a fight, Doc.

Sit down there.

By golly, that's an
ugly-looking thing.

Lie down there.

What do you think, Doc?

Well, Matt, I don't know.

Might have a concussion.

I won't know for a while.

I just better keep him
here with me tonight though,

- I'll tell you that.
- All right.

Look, I think I'll go on along,

unless you need me
for something else.

No, I don't need you at all.

Yeah. So long, Quint.

Adam, tell me something.

How come you were
fighting with Boyd?

I-I wanted to stop
him, Marshal, I...

I didn't want any more killing.

"Any more killing"? What
are you talking about?

Well, we run across this
young girl the other morning...

Young girl?

You don't mean up
around Great Bend?

Yes, sir.

Boyd spooked her horse,

and she fell and hurt her ankle.

Well, I-I went off looking
for her horse, and...

and Boyd and her
got to tusslin', and...

she got killed.

Oh, well, he said
it was an accident.

Where was your
brother all this time?

He was with Boyd.

But I don't think he had
anything to do with it, Marshal.

Why was Boyd
fighting with Quint?

He-he thought Quint
knew about the girl.

Marshal, I'm-I'm kind of
worried about my brother.

He... never did learn
to take care of himself.

Well, I'll go out on the
prairie tomorrow morning,

have a look for him.

Hello, Louie.

Hello, Marshal.

May I come in?


Marshal, you once said to me,

"Louie, if you ever need a
bed, I'll have one for you."

Well, tonight I need a bed.

What's wrong with your place?

It's too cold.

I was gonna buy
some coal oil today,

but the store closed
before I got there.

Now I don't have any heat.

Well, I hate to see
you freeze, Louie,

but you picked
kind of a bad night.

I got a prisoner in there.

I'm not particular, Marshal.

He won't bother me
a bit once I'm asleep.

Well, I guess I can
put you up all right.

Just as long as you
don't make a habit out of it.

I'm not a man of habit, Marshal.

Adam, this is Louie
Pheeters here.

He's gonna be
spending the night.

How do you do?

Well, hello.

I'm not a prisoner,
I'm a friend.

All right, Louie.

If he gets to snoring too
loud, just wake him up.


What's the matter with you?

Where you going?

Thought you were asleep.

Well, I was asleep.
Why ain't you asleep?

Why didn't you stay in bed?

I can't sleep in that
bed, Doc; it's too soft.

I'm gonna go sleep in my own.

For heaven's sakes, it's 2:00.

I know that.

I'm not afraid of the dark.

Whoa. Come on back here.

Come here and sit down.

Sit down there.


Your head ache?

- Nope.
- No pain at all?


Well, you're making a
phenomenal recovery.

You must have a good doctor.

Yeah. If you want
to know, just ask him.

Well, go on, get out of here.

That's what I've
been trying to do, Doc.

And check with
me in the morning.

I'm gonna sleep late
in the morning, Doc.

Well, I don't care
how late you sleep.

Just check with me.

Good night... grouchy.


How'd you get here?


Where's Boyd?

Didn't you know what
happened out there?

Well, I ran away when
the shooting started.

Boyd's dead.


I said he was dead.

Did the marshal shoot him?


I did.

It was an accident.

I was trying to keep him
from doing any more killing.

We struggled over
a rifle, and it went off.

Now, listen, the marshal's
gonna be looking for you

because of that girl.

Did you tell him about that?

I had to.

Well, I ain't going to jail.

It might be better
if you came to jail

and stood a fair trial
than to be a hunted man.

I got to get you
out of here, Adam.

Now, that's talking crazy.

No, I'm gonna get you out.

Look, you go find
a place to sleep.

Come back and we'll
talk about it in the morning.

Where am I gonna find
a place to sleep, Adam?

Didn't that Quint say he had a
blacksmith shop here in town?

Well, you go over to
that blacksmith shop

and you stay there,

'cause Quint'll be spending
the night at the doctor's office.

All right.


Marshal Dillon!

What is it?

It's my brother, Marshal.

Uh, he was just here.


I just talked to him at
the window a minute ago.

Well, now, wait a minute.

I-I sent him over to
Quint's blacksmith shop

and told him to get
some sleep, but...

well, I figure he'll be better
off if you bring him into jail.


Louie, wake up, will you?

- Sure, sure.
- Come here.

Something wrong, Marshal?

Now, look, I have to go
out of the office for a while.

I want you to keep an
eye on things for me.

Well, sure. Sure, I will.




Well, what are you doing here?

I thought you
were over at Doc's.

I couldn't get any
sleep over there.

What are you doing here?

Well, I'm looking
for Adam's brother.

He's supposed to be here.

Why would he be here?

Well, I guess Adam told
him he could sleep here.

I'd better get
back to the office.

Y-You want me to go with you?

No, why don't you stay
here in case he shows up.

All right.

Get up.

Who are you?

Never mind. Get up.

Don't push me. I'll go.

Cyrus, what are you doing?

The marshal's gonna
be mighty upset with you.

Cyrus, put the gun down.

You're just causing
yourself more trouble, boy.

We're leaving, Adam.

You're wasting your time, Cyrus.

I'm not leaving.

Now give me the gun.

What's the matter
with you, Adam?

Don't you want
to get out of here?

Not this way.

It just makes things worse.

Put the gun down, Cyrus.

I come to take my brother
out of here, Marshal.

You put the gun
away, we'll talk about it.

Do like he says, Cyrus.

It's the only way.

I ain't going to prison
for something Boyd did.

You'll have a chance to
tell your story to the judge

at the trial, Cyrus.

No, Marshal.

I ain't gonna do it.

All right, now there's a couple
of questions I want to ask you.

I want to know exactly
what happened to that girl.

I had nothing to do with it.

It was an accident.

How'd it happen?

Well, Boyd was kind
of fighting with her,

and she slipped and fell

and hit her head.

Uh, that was all.

You were there all this time?


How come you
didn't try to stop it?

I guess I was s-scared.

Where was Adam?

Well, Adam... Adam
had nothing to do with it.

He wasn't even there.

All right, let's go.

Marshal, I think
I'd better go home.

- All right, Louie.
- Good night.


Well, Adam, looks
like you're free to go.

I'd appreciate it if
you'd stick around town

for a couple of days though.

Judge might want to talk to you.

Oh, yeah, uh, sure, Marshal.

Uh... I was wondering

if I might talk to my
brother for a minute though.



you told the marshal
that I was here, didn't you?


What'd you do that for, Adam?

Now I have to stand trial.

I know.

Well, you better
get me out of here.

I didn't do anything wrong.

Maybe we both done wrong, Cyrus.

What do you mean?

Traveling with Boyd like we did.

I kind of liked Boyd at first.

Sure, so did I.

He was different from any
person we'd ever met before.

But we didn't know
him, not really.

You said...

we both done
wrong, but it was Boyd

who hurt the girl
and beat up Quint.

That's what I'm talking about.

Soon as we found out
that Boyd was no good,

we should've left him.

Going on like we did with him

makes us just about
as guilty as he was.

You see that?

I guess so.

Hey, do you think the
judge will believe me?

He'll believe you
if you tell the truth.


I-I didn't mean what I said

about Boyd being more
like my brother than-than you.

Sure, Cyrus. It's all right.

Hey, uh, if I get out of
here, can we go home?

Yeah, okay.

But I want to tell you
something, Cyrus.

After this, I'm not looking
out for you anymore.

You're old enough to
stand on your own two feet.

And from now on,
whatever you do,

that's your responsibility.

Are you coming to
see me in the morning?


Good night, Cyrus.

Good night.


Would you like a cup of coffee?

Oh, no. Thank you, Marshal.

I-I figured I'd go over to my
wagon and try to get some sleep.

Why don't you try
the Dodge House?

Oh, the wagon'll be fine.

Little short on money?

Yes, sir.

Huh. I'll make you a loan.

Get a good night's sleep.

Thank you, Marshal.