Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 8, Episode 23 - Ash - full transcript

Ben and Ash are business partners and the best of friends, until a blow on the head changes Ben's personality and leads to a confrontation over a woman that may part the friends for good.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(lively music playing in saloon)

(people talking, laughing)

Hey, cowboy.

Is this the best saloon in town?

Mister, just how long's it
been since you had a drink?


three months.

Well, then, I'd say just about
any place that sold whiskey

ought to be the best.

(laughs) You're right, boy.

You're right.

Yes, sir?

Whiskey, bartender.
A whole bottle of it.

There you are.

And there you are.

Doggone it, Miss Tillie,

you're just about the finest
woman I ever did meet.


That's very flattering,
but you hardly know me.

Oh, I know enough
about you, all right.

As a matter of fact, there's
some things about you

that remind me of my mother.

Well, Ash Farior, you ought
to be ashamed of yourself.

Why's that?

Mentioning your mother
in a place like this.

Oh, gosh, it's good
enough for you, ain't it?

Emmett Hall doesn't think so.

Who's he?

The man I'm going to marry.

MAN: I'm the man
you're going to marry.


You're gonna marry
a man like him?

Well, what's the matter with me?

Well, doggone it, mister,
you just ain't no kind

of man at all for a fine
woman like Tillie here.

Now, you just keep out of this,

or you're gonna
get your nose broke.

Uh, gentlemen, if
you'll excuse me.

No, no, where you going?

Wait a minute.

You mean this ain't
that Emmett Hall fella?

Never saw him before in my life.

Why, you got a
fine, uncivilized nerve

come busting in here like this.

For a little, runty fella,

you sure got an awful big mouth.

And with men like you,

I usually start by cutting
them right off at the knees.


Now, if there's gonna
be a lot of blood,

maybe it's better that we
just shed it outside, hmm?

I'll be right back, honey.

No, he ain't, honey.

Come on.

So it's gonna be
with knives, huh?

All right, if that's
the way you want it.

Are you trying to say I'm scared
to fight you without a knife?

Well, you're such
a little bitty fella.

Well, doggone.

I'm sure gonna enjoy this.

Well, maybe so, mister.

But you're sure gonna have
to work some for your pleasure.

Whoa, I don't mind.





ASH: Why, you...


DILLON: All right.

All right, break it up!

Come on, break it up!

That's enough, both of you.

Come on, on your feet.

(both men grunt)

Are you stopping
the fight, Marshal?

I'm stopping it.

It's all right with me,

so long as he
knows I ain't licked.

And I ain't licked, either.

Well, I'd call it a draw.

Now, suppose you two
just shake hands on it.

My name is Ben Galt.

Ash Farior.


You're a game little fella,

Ash Farior.

I've whipped lots more
bigger men than you.

You're a hard one, all right.

All right, the
fight's over, boys.

Break it up.

- Oh.
- Thank you, boy.

No, this...

(Ash chuckles)

I'd be proud to buy you a drink.

Doggone it, it's my pleasure.

Let's find a water trough
first and get washed off a bit.

I always said that you...

you got to fight a man

before you get to know
him real good, you know...

That's the truth, Ben.

That's the truth.

That's the only
time that you really...

Good whiskey and good company.

A man can't hardly
ask for anything

better than that, now, can he?

You're a fine fella, Ash.

I am right pleased
that I run into you.

Why, thank you.

By the way, what
business are you in?

The fur business.

I'm a trapper.

Oh, well, now.

I'm in the hide business
myself, you might say.

I hunt buffalo.

Ah, now that must
be awful hard work.

Oh, no, no harder than trapping.

I suppose not.

But I'm real weary of it.

It's a sorry way
to make a living.

Why don't you quit?

Why don't you?

I keep telling myself
the same thing:

I'm gonna do it
one of these days.

Whoa, look at you,
you're a pretty one.

(Ben laughs)

Well, it sure looks like

they're good friends
right now, don't it?

Never could figure men out.

I, uh, think I'll have
a word with them.

Emmett, please don't.

There might be trouble.

Not unless they start something.


I understand you men
had a row about my girl.

Your girl?

My name's Emmett Hall.

Doggone it, he's the
one she's gonna marry.

Yep, that's right.

Everybody around
here knows about it.

She's a right
pretty girl, Emmett.

You done yourself proud, boy.

Come on, sit down, have a drink.

Uh, no, thanks.
Tillie's waiting.

Then we understand
each other, gentlemen?

- Sure.
- (Ben groans)

Emmett, we're nothing but a
couple of raunchy prairie rats

ain't seen civilization
for quite a spell.

No, we don't mean no harm.

Well, excuse me
for bothering you.


He's a real nice
fella, now, ain't he?

Yeah, yeah. And
he's mighty lucky, too.

You know, I wouldn't
mind if I found myself

a good-looking
woman like he's got.

(Ben grunts)

I just got to settle down,
that's all there is to it.

Maybe go into some
kind of business.

I been thinking
about settling down.

I been trapping
for 25 years now.

I figure I had enough.

You got any money?

A little.

I got me an idea, Ash.


open a freight office...

and you put in with me.

Maybe we can get it going.

Well, doggone it,

that sure could bear
some thinking, now, can't it?

50-50 partners, Ash.

Boy, what do you say?

It sure would beat trapping.

And who knows,

I might even get paid
come Saturday night.

Here's to it, partner.


(Ash laughs)


Well, hello, Ash, Ben.

- Marshal.
- Howdy, Marshal.

You two look like
you're hard at it.


We're even thinking of
hiring on new help, Marshal.

Now, there's a good idea.

Keep you two out of trouble.

Doggone it, Marshal,
at the end of the day,

we're too tuckered out to
go looking for any trouble.

(chuckles) You
know, if that's the case,

I wish there were more
men around this town

in the freight business.

Well, I'm glad they ain't.

See you later.

So long, Marshal.

(Ash grunts)


Okay, Bill, you
can get started now.

Go ahead.

(Ash sighs)

Mr. Galt?


Hawkins, how are you?

Mr. Galt.

Now, Hawkins, ain't
nobody called me "mister"

my whole life.

Ben will do fine.

Now, you sit down there.

So, what's on your mind?

Ben, I, uh...

You need some
fertilizer hauled, is that it?

Oh, I need it, all
right. I need it bad.

All right, how about
day after tomorrow?

- No.
- Well, when?

Ben, I come into town today

hoping I could pay you
for that last load you hauled.

I drove my last two heifers in.

But the price of beef went
down, and I couldn't buy more

than to get a little food
for my family, and...

and pay for the fertilizer.

That's all right, Hawkins.

No, it ain't.

Well, you need the
fertilizer out there, don't you?

Especially now you
ain't got no stock left.

But I got no money to pay you.

BEN: Well, you just
opened an account here.

Pay when you can.


Oh, you're a good man, Ben.

You just go on home now,

and I'll see you
day after tomorrow.

Thank you.

I, uh... sort of took
that on myself, Ash.

Hope you don't mind.

Doggone it, Ben, I'd have
done the same thing myself.

You know what?


I'm feeling the need for
a little beer coming on.

What say we step
into a saloon tonight?

That's the most sensible
thing you've said all day.

Give me a bottle of whiskey
and a glass, barkeep.

Who's that?

I don't know.

Sometimes I think I
ought to turn this place

into a private club and allow

only the decent
people to be members.

(chuckles) That's
a good idea, Kitty.

Why don't you do that?

I'm going to the day I
decide to starve to death.

Good evening,
Miss Kitty, Marshal.


Well, there's at least
one person going straight.

Is Emmett Hall really
gonna marry her?

He sure is... He's
building her a house.

They're gonna
wait till it's finished.

(laughs) Well, I got
to get to work, Kitty.

- I'll see you later.
- All right.

Evening, honey.

Sorry. I'm waiting for someone.

Well, I've been
waiting for you, too.

What are you drinking?

I'm not drinking.

Oh, come on,
have a little drink.

Make things, uh, easier.

Look, uh, why don't you
come back tomorrow?

I don't put nothing off
till tomorrow, honey.

Especially a pretty woman.

Now, I got a bottle
down the bar. Come on.

I said no.

Well, I said yes.

Now, come on.

You don't stop it, I'm
gonna start hollering.

- (laughing)
- Let me go.

Let me go. Let me go.

Let me go. Just let me go!

You get out of here, mister.

What are you men
mixing in this for?

I said get out.

While you can
still walk, that is.

Well, you talk mighty big

when your partner's
around, don't you?

Oh, Ben, would you mind

stepping back two paces, please?

Why, sure, sure.


Very nice.

Oh, evening, Miss Kitty.

Well, I'm mighty glad
you two were here.

Oh, we kind of figured we
owed it to Miss Tillie here.

And I want to thank you.
I want to thank you both.

You want we should put
him outside, Miss Kitty?

I think that's a real good idea.

Howdy, Ash.

Well, what in the world
you men up to now?

Well, he was kind of
in the way, Emmett.

You couldn't get to the
bar less'n you step over him.




Hey, Bill.

Howdy there, Ben!

You back already?


Not such a bad trip.

And just missed
all that rain, too.

Yeah. By the great horn spoon,
look at the size of that load.

- Yeah, it's the biggest yet.
- (chuckles)

They want us to keep it
here in the office for the week,

and they'll pick it up.

- We got a job to do, haven't we?
- Where's Ash?

Oh, he's working
on the books inside.

You can leave him be; we
can handle this ourselves.

Oh, sure.

Well, let's get to work.


Ash! Ash! Come out here!

ASH: What's up, Bill?

BILL: Doggone it. Doggone it.


You run and get the doc, quick.


Ben, doggone it, Ben.


Marshal. He's hurt bad.

Real bad, Marshal.

That's what I heard.

There was nothing I
could do. Nothing at all.

Doggone him, why couldn't
he have been more careful?

How is he, Doc?

Well, that's a bad head wound.

I sure want to get him up
to the office soon as I can.

He ain't gonna die, is he, Doc?

Well, Ash, I sure
hope not. Matt...

will you get some help
and rig up a stretcher

and get him up there?
I-I'm going on up.

All right, I'll see
what I can do.

Couple of you men
give me a hand here.

♪ Walkin' down the road
with a pack on my back ♪

♪ A pack on my back,
pack on my back ♪

♪ Walkin' down the road
with a pack on my back ♪

♪ Gettin' along
to Californ-i-a ♪

♪ Along... ♪

- Oh, Mr. Dillon.
- Chester.

- Well, what have you got there?
- Oh, mail.

Well, heavens, I
would've gone down there

to the post office for you.

- I was just redding up the place here.
- It's all right.

- I was down there anyway.
- Yeah.

Doesn't seem to be much
here for me, does there?

- Well, you better look a little closer.
- Why?

There isn't any.


DOC: Oh, Matt.

Can you come up
to the office with me?

Uh, Ben's conscious now.

- Well, that's fine.
- Well, I...

I don't know
whether it is or not.

Why not?

Well, he just...
Well, why don't you

just come on up there with
me and then you can see.

Chester, uh, would you
go down to the freight office

and ask Ash to
come up to my office?

- I want to see him.
- Yeah, sure.

- What happened, Doc?
- Well, didn't Chester tell you?

- Yes, but...
- Well, come on. Let's go upstairs.


Ben. Oh, I'm sure glad
to see you're all right.

Beat it.

Ben, it's me, Ash, your partner.

Don't you know me, Ben?

Don't he know me, Doc?

He knows you.

Ben, I'm sure glad
to see you're all right.

Is that so?

Guess your head's probably
still bothering you some, huh?

You ever have a barrel
fall on your head, Marshal?


Well, then let me tell
you, it bothers some.

Oh, now, Ben, that
ain't no way to talk.

The marshal was
only taking an interest.

I thought I told you to beat it.

See you later, Ben.

What's the matter with him, Doc?

What's wrong?

Well, Ash, sometimes
a blow on the head

will change a man completely.

Just completely.

You mean to tell me he's
gonna be like this all the time?

I don't know; nobody does.

May be this way for a
long time, maybe not.

Doggone, ain't there
nothing you can do?

Well, we can be kind
of patient with him.

When will he be able
to get back to work?

Well, I want to keep
him like this for...

well, at least... at
least a couple of days.

Sure. Well, you let me know
when I can see him, huh, Doc?

I'll do that.

- DILLON: See you later, Doc.
- Matt.

- Heads up there, Chester.
- Oh, golly.

Hi there, Ash. I
almost run you down.

Hey, now, you better
watch out where you're going

or we're gonna lose you
down a well one of these days.

Well, I don't think that
that there's gonna happen.

By the time you find out,
it'll be too late, wouldn't it?

(chuckling): Yeah,
I reckon it might.

- What you got in the bag?
- Oh, coffee.

Ben likes fresh coffee.

He's coming home today.

Oh, is that right?

Well, I'm sure glad
to hear about that.

So am I.

Well, I got to hurry
along, Chester.

- So long.
- I'll see you, Ash.

Well, welcome home, Ben.

How you feeling?

I was just sort of fixing
things up around here.

H-How you feeling?

I feel fine.

Uh, now, why don't you
just sit down somewhere,

and I'll get you a
nice cup of coffee?

It's fresh-ground coffee.

Just the way you like it.

This place sure is a mess.


I'm sure sorry, Ben.

I tried to red up things
around here, but...

well, now that you're
here, things will be different.

Doggone, I sure have missed you.

Bunch of junk.

The whole place
is a bunch of junk.


I suppose most any
freight office looks like this.

Uh, you... you been
away for a while.

You just forgot
what they looked like.

Ain't that coffee ready yet?

Uh, sure. Should
be ready right now.

Here you are, Ben.

You know, I was thinking.

Why don't you take it
easy for a while and relax?

I can go on doing
the work around here.

No one has to take
care of me. I'll get along.

I meant just for a little while,
until you were feeling better.

Don't treat me like I was sick.

I'm well.

I'm gonna do my own work.

I just don't want nobody
feeling sorry for me.


You just do what you
feel like doing, Ben.




What do you want?

I-I got to talk to you.

(sighs) Make it short. I'm busy.

It's about the money I owe you.

I can't pay it yet.

What'd you come in for, then?

I thought I ought to tell you.

It's the money I'm
interested in, not talk.

When can you pay?

Honest, Ben, I'll
pay you just as soon

as I get any money at all.

You rotten nesters,
you're all alike.

You expect everybody else

to make up for your lazy,
good-for-nothing ways.

Well, let me tell you
something, Hawkins.

You ain't getting
by with it this time.

Now, hold on there, Ben.

I heard you promise yourself
he could pay when he can.

You're getting soft, Ash.

It ain't up to us to support

every no-good bum
that comes along.

Hawkins ain't a bum.

He'll pay us when he can.

Don't you pay any
mind to him, Hawkins.

I know you're good for it.

Thanks. Thanks, Ash.

I-I'll do the best I can.

Now, don't you get
yourself all riled up.

I'm having a drink.

Wait till tonight,
and I'll go with you.

(indistinct chatter nearby)

(indistinct chatter continues)

Whiskey here.

You better go get Matt, Sam.

- Evening, Tillie.
- Evening, Ben.

Beat it.

Now, look here!

I said beat it.

Do you want your
face punched in?

Ben, what's the matter with you?

You're going to be with
me and nobody else.

Now, mister, you
just get walking.

- Here, let me alone!
- Just...

Stop that, Ben!

What's got into you?

Now we can have a
nice little drink in peace.

I'm not going to drink with you.

Tillie, I've had a yen for you.

You be my girl, now,
Tillie, you be my girl.

Ben, no!

(Tillie grunting)

(muffled): No!

(Tillie continues grunting)


Let go of her, Ben!

Doggone it, leave her be!

- Kitty...
- Hey, you come back here, you!

Get out of my way, Kitty.

You're gonna have
to walk right over me.

Then, by golly, I'll do it.

You do, and I'll
claw your eyes out.

DILLON: Hold it!

What's going on here?

He got rough with Tillie.

And he knocked Ash out
when Ash tried to stop him.

All right, Ben, let's go.

Go? Where?

I'm gonna take you over
and lock you up for the night.

Now, come on, let's go.

Take it easy.

MAN: You got him?

(Ash groans)

You all right?

Ash, how are you?

Good morning, Doc.

- Marshal.
- Hello, Ash.

I suppose you came for Ben, huh?


Think you can keep
him out of trouble?

I'll sure try, Marshal.

I can keep him busy
down at the shop.

Well... I hope so, Ash.

He'll be your responsibility.

How is he, Doc?

Well, Ash, I just don't know.

Sometimes I think he's
improving, and then...

well, he just doesn't.

Doggone it, he
was the best friend

a fella could have
in the whole world.

He's gonna get
better, Doc, I know it.

Well, I hope so.

He's got to get better.

I can't stand it this way.

Ash, I'm gonna
tell you something.

Don't want you to get
your hopes too high on that.

I've seen things
like this before, and...

Ben may never be any better.

(key rattling in lock)

I suppose I kind
of figured that.

But I ain't gonna desert him.

Well, I know that.

What are you doing here?

I've come to take you home, Ben.

I need you at the shop.

You had no call to
lock me up, Marshal.

Now, Ben, you know, if
Emmett Hall had walked

in there last night and
found you roughing up Tillie,

he might have just killed you.

(scoffs) I can whip
Emmett Hall any time.

Ben, there's one thing
you got to understand:

You keep on like this,
you're gonna get in trouble.


Why don't you just go
on with Ash, like he says,

and then come by
the office tonight?

I want to see you.

Thanks, Doc, Marshal.

What's the matter, Ben?

Ain't you feeling good?

No, you go on in.
I'll be back in a while.

Uh... where you going, Ben?

Are you my keeper or something?

Oh, doggone it, Ben, there's
a lot of work piled up in there.

All right, if you'd
been working on that

instead of running after me,
you might have had it done.

You start drinking again,

you're gonna get yourself
in a heap of trouble.

You gonna quit bothering me?

Now, wait, Ben!

And... don't you
go following me.

I'm warning you.


TILLIE: Coming.

What are you doing here?

The barkeep told
me you lived here,

- so I just walked in...
- Oh, no, get out! Get out!

How dare you. Get out of here.

Listen to me, Tillie.

Listen to me good.

Emmett's going to
kill you when I tell him.

Never mind about Emmett.

I'm making you an
honest proposition, Tillie.

Well, I don't want to hear it.

I'm going to marry you.

What are you talking about?

I got the buggy outside.

I figure that's the easiest
way for women to travel.

Oh, no...

And I figure that we'll
just drive to Pueblo.

It'll take a few days,
but we'll make it fine,

and we'll get married there.

No, Ben.

Now, the first
thing I ever told you

was that I was going
to marry Emmett Hall.

And I am going to marry him.

And soon.

No, you're going to marry me.

No, Ben, no.

I'm going to marry Emmett.

I don't know how to
make it any clearer.

What's the matter with me?

I'm a better man
than he is any day.

Ah, you women
don't know nothing.

I'll show you.

Take your dirty hands off me.

Who do you think you are?

You're coming with me.

I'd rather die first.

Why, you're nothing
but a dirty buffalo hunter.

I smelled you the first
day you came into town.

Now, don't you talk like that.

Oh, you make me laugh.

You could never be a
better man than Emmett.

What's the matter with
you? Don't say that.

Don't you ever touch me.


Well, so you finally got back.

What are you doing
with the rifle, Ben?

It's my rifle, ain't it?


Where you going with it?

What's it to you?

I ain't going to let you out
of here with that rifle, Ben.

Well, now, I don't know
how you could stop me.

Will you quit fretting?

I ain't going nowhere.

All right, then what
are you doing with it?

Will you shut up!

Go back to work.

Give me the rifle, Ben.

The only part of this
rifle you're going to get's

- a bullet.
- Ben!

Now, quit bothering me.

I'll be back directly.

Don't you go messing.

I'm warning you.


Hello, Ben.

Hello, Marshal.

How you feeling?


Ben, I came to talk to you.

(sighs) Something on
your mind, Marshal?

Yeah. That rifle.

What about it?

You know, it's still against
the law to kill a man, Ben.

(exhales) I ain't shot one yet.

It's a hanging offense.

What I do...

or what I don't do is none
of your business, Marshal.

Yet it might get to be my
business in a big hurry.

Then why don't
you wait till then?

All right, but I'm gonna
warn you about one thing:

Emmett Hall's pretty
handy with a gun.


Some people around here
got pretty good imaginations.

Why don't you just leave me be.

I got work to do.

So long, Ash.

(piano playing "Camptown Races")

Evening, Ash.

Oh, evening, Miss Tillie.

I'd like to talk to
you for a minute.

Why, sure. Would
you like a drink?

No. No, thank you.

It's about Ben.

Oh, you worried about him, too?

There's talk that
he's after Emmett.

Oh, now, now,
hold on, Miss Tillie.

He ain't said a word about
it to me or anybody else.

Course, uh... it
could be true, all right.

He's got to be stopped.

Oh, the marshal
tried talking to him,

but he just wouldn't listen.

There ain't much
he can do right now.

It's just not fair.

Emmett didn't do a thing.

Well, Ben ain't done
nothing wrong yet,

except be a little ornery.

Oh, I know it's a terrible
thing he's thinking of doing,

but the doc says
it's like a sickness.

He could be all
right any time now.

Anything happened to Emmett,
I just don't know what I'd do.

He's the only decent man
who's ever loved me, see.

Just doesn't happen
very often to a girl like me.

If I lost him, Ash,

my life wouldn't
be worth living.

Don't talk like
that, Miss Tillie.

It's true.

If Ben has to shoot somebody,
why doesn't he shoot me?

Now, why would you say
a terrible thing like that?

'Cause it's my fault.

Ben came to my room.

It's because of me
he's gunning for Emmett.

Oh, Ash, please tell him that.

Tell him to come and shoot me.

He did that?

Doggone it.

Doggone it anyway.

Now, don't you
worry, Miss Tillie.

I won't let him do
any more harm.

I'm gonna put a
stop to it right now.


If you tell Emmett,
it'll only make it worse.

(crowd murmuring)



(gun cocks)

I been looking all over for you.

Don't come any closer, now.

I ain't gonna let
you do it, Ben.

You gonna try to stop me?

Emmett Hall ain't
done nothing to you.

I ain't gonna let you
kill an innocent man.

I told you, Ash, you
stay out of this, now.

Now, get out of my way, Ash.

The marshal was right.

No matter what, Tillie
ain't gonna go with you.

Ain't gonna go with you!

Can't you understand that, Ben?


you start minding
your own business,

or else I ain't going to
be your partner at all.

Go on home!

Now, I told you, Ash.

Get out of my way.


I'm coming on, Ash.

Don't you try to stop me.

I've got to stop you, Ben.


Ben, I didn't want to do it.

I'm... I'm terrible sorry, Ben.


All right, some of you
men get him up to Doc's.

Now tell me about it?

I shot him.

That's all you can tell me?

It's all that's
important. I shot him.

I'm going to have
to lock you up.

I know.

Let's go.

How is he, Doc?

Well, he's alive.

He was out gunning
for Emmett Hall,

or at least that's
what Ash thought.

What Ash thought?

Well, Ben never
did say for sure.

Well, I guess Ash is in
for it pretty good, then,

if Ben dies, huh?

Is he gonna die?

I don't know what's
keeping him alive.

Mr. Dillon,

Doc says for you to
bring Ash up to his office.

Said for you to hurry,
that it's important.

All right.

I'll get him. You stay here
and keep an eye on things.

Come on, Ash.

What's going on? What
happened, Marshal?

I don't know, but
Doc wants to see us

up in his office right away.

How is he, Doc?

He wanted to see
you, Ash... Both of you.

Ben? Ben?




I'm terrible sorry, Ben.

I'll tell you, Ash...

what you done took real guts.

It's all clear to me now.

You kept me from
doing a terrible thing.

And I'd just like to say...

Ash, I...

I'm beholden to you.

No, Ben. No.

There's something
else I got to say.


that shooting last night...

That was self-defense.


That's what it was.

Ash shot me in self-defense.


I must have fired at him

three, four times

before he finally
took a shot at me.

You telling me the truth, Ben?

Well, now, huh...

things have come
to a pretty pass...

when the law won't take
the word of a dying man.

(inhales deeply)

Ash. Ash.

Yeah, Ben.

We're still partners...

ain't we?

Ain't we?

S-Sure we are, Ben.

We're still partners.


I suppose you know...

he didn't tell the
whole truth, Marshal.

As far as the law is
concerned, he did.

It was self-defense, Ash.


I'd like to leave if I could.

It's all right.


BEN: You're a game
little fella, Ash Farior.

I always did say,

you got to fight a man
to get to know him good.

I'd be proud to buy
you a drink, Ash.

You're a fine fella, Ash.

I'm pleased to run into you.

"Farior & Galt Freight."

Yeah, that sign looks real
good up there, don't it, Ash?


We're still partners...

ain't we?

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