Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 8, Episode 22 - Shona - full transcript

Gib Dawson brings his beautiful Indian wife, Shona, in to Dodge for treatment of a badly infected hand wound, at a time when racial tensions are running high against the Comanches.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.



By golly... Injuns!

To get back to
Dodge before dark,

we better get started.

Your coffee's good,

but I could use
somebody else's cooking.

(Dillon laughs)

Well, maybe we'll get a steak
when we get back to Delmonico's.

- Suits me fine.
- (hoofbeats approaching)


Do you know 'em?




You're a lawman.

That's good.

We can use you, both of you.

DILLON: What's the trouble?

Injuns. The boy here seen them.

He was on his way to get
his pappy when he ran into us.

It's got to be Comanches.

They've been raiding up north.

Well, I heard
something about that.

Where'd you see them?
How many were there?

- Over there. I'll show you.
- Let's go, Marshal.

Well, now, wait a minute.
Where are you men from?

We're just riding through.

I'm Les Torbert.

That's my brother, Rud.

This here's Joe Riser.

Well, now, let's just
take it easy a minute.

You know, we're
not going over there

to play some kind of a game.

Killing Injuns is the
best kind of game.

They murdered our
pa six months back.

Now let's ride!

We'll go with them.

Lead the way, son.

Right down there. See?

And you're sure you saw a
squaw working on that buffalo?

A real Injun squaw,
sure as anything.

And that's all you
saw, one squaw?

Yes, sir.

One's all you need.

Means there's a war party
around here somewhere.

Squaws don't go on war parties.

How come you know so much?

'Cause I'm half Comanche.

Half Comanche.

I knowed there was
something about him.

What you riding with
a breed for, Marshal?

'Cause he's a friend of mine.

I don't like him being here.

He'll warn them others
when we get close.

You ride on home,

tell your pa there's
nothing to worry about.

"Nothing to worry about."

Go on, you get riding, now.

Yes, sir.



Well, this is where
the tracks led.

Hey, Gib! Gib Dawson!

Well, I'll be doggoned.

Why, Quint Asper!

I see they haven't taken your
scalp yet, you young varmint.

Well, they're still trying.

They'll catch up with you.

What are you doing here?
Who are your friends?

Well, this is Marshal Dillon.

Matt, this is an old friend
of mine, Gib Dawson.

Howdy, Marshal.

How do?

Maybe you can tell me how come

we tracked an Injun
squaw into your camp, huh?

Why, sure.


You remember Quint Asper.

(speaks Comanche)

(responds in Comanche)

(Quint continues
speaking Comanche)

By golly, it is one.

Would you just listen
to all that Indian talk.

You're a breed,
all right, ain't you?

Shona, this is Marshal Dillon.

How do you do, Marshal?


You're a funny
kind of marshal...

Riding with half-breeds,
friendly with squaws.

She's my wife, mister.

So you're that kind.

All right, we've had enough
out of you. We don't want

any more of your talk.
Now go on, get out of here.

This just ain't gonna
do you no good, Marshal.

And I'll see it don't.

Come on, boys.

The last fella didn't want
to leave much, did he?

Never mind him.

Climb down and have
some coffee, Marshal.

I'll fix it.

You must be a trapper.

Guessed right, Marshal.

Wagon's full of hides for Dodge.

You headed for Dodge, Gib?

Why not?

The Comanches been
raiding up north of here.

I hadn't heard.

People around
here are pretty edgy.

They think Shona's gonna
scalp somebody, do they?

(chuckles) Well, I'll tell you,

when it comes to Indian raids,

people don't
always think too well.

You know, it might
not be a bad idea

to move closer to Dodge
when you get a chance.

Might just do that, Marshal.

I wouldn't want her
to have no trouble.

What happened to Shona's hand?

Cut it skinning a
buffalo out there.

Cut it deep, too.

It'll be all right.

Coffee will be ready soon.

Sit down.

Sure you won't change your mind?

I'm sure.

I think I'll just settle for
another cup of coffee, Joe.

Yes, Miss Kitty.

You don't know what
you're missing, Kitty.

You were telling me
about, uh, Gib Dawson.

What does he think of
these Comanche raids?

Oh, he's worried about them.

He knows it could mean
trouble for him and Shona.

I thought they'd be back
in Dodge by this time,

but I guess he decided
to stay out there.

Well, I heard there
was another raid

up on Snake Creek yesterday.

Well, that's about as
close as they'll get, I think.

By the way, uh...

where did Quint know Shona?

Well, she's from his
mother's tribe... Comanches.

They knew each other
when they were kids.


Well, hello, Doc.

- Hi.
- Hello, Doc.

Sit down.

Well, I was going to,

but you look kind of
like you're finished.

Well, we just about are.

I stopped by your office,
but I guess you weren't there.

No, I was over at Ma Smalley's.

One of her boarders
has got the pip.

She boarding chickens now?

Young lady, for
your information,

"the pip" is a common slang
expression for dyspepsia.

And dyspepsia is a common
ailment of the human anatomy.

And, for your further

I don't know the first thing
about doctoring a chicken.


That's what I get
for trying to be smart.

DOC: Well, I'll
tell you something.

Everybody around
here ought to get smart

if that group of idiots don't
stop rounding up Indian hunters.

What group's that?

Well, that Torbert and
th-those other fellas.

Are those the men you
were telling me about?

The ones you met
out on the prairie?

Yeah, but I didn't know
they would be around Dodge.

Well, they're
right down in front

of the Dodge House right now,

trying to get a bunch of fellas
to go Indian hunting with them.

I was afraid this would happen.

I'd better get back
to the office, Kitty.

Oh, well, wait a
minute, I'll go with you.

You don't mind, do you, Doc?

Oh, no, I-I like to eat alone.

Well, it's just that I promised
Sam I'd be right back.

Don't... I understand
it, perfectly.

Go on.

Don't look like I'm gonna
get anything to eat anyway.

Where in thunder'd he go?

I'll walk you back
to the Long Branch.

- Oh, thank you.
- TORBERT: Well...

if it ain't that
Injun-loving marshal.

Have you heard the
good news, Marshal?

Good news to you, he means.

Been another
Comanche raid up north.

Two white men killed.

Does that please you, Marshal?

'Cause it don't please us.

We're organizing.

We got these men
here, and we come

to Dodge for more.

You better let the
cavalry handle the Indians.

The cavalry ain't done a thing.

Besides, we like hunting Injuns.

Best hunting there is.

We ain't friendly toward
them like some people.

Real troublemakers, aren't they?

Yeah, they're a
bunch of lynchers.

You know, that Gib Dawson
that you were telling me about...

I guess it is a good thing

he didn't bring
his wife into town.

Sure is.

How come you got
that arm in a sling?

Hmm? It's nothing.

Better this way, that's all.

Should've stayed
in that last camp,

never tried to move like we did.

Let me have a look at you.

I'm busy.

Sit down.

Oh, please, Gib.

You've got a fever.

You're burning up with it.

It'll go away.

I already made some herb broth.

That hand's infected, isn't it?

A little. It's not serious.

Now let me have a look at that.

Can't hide nothing
from me, Shona.

You shouldn't never try.

You worry too much.

It'll be all right
in a few days.

Why didn't you tell
me it was that bad?

Better get you into
town to a doctor.

We can't go into town.

We're going into town.

There'll be trouble.

There'll be no trouble
with those men.

I'll knock their heads
together if I have to.

That's what I mean.

You'll get in a fight.

Shona, you mean more than
anything in the world to me,

including myself.

And you know that, don't you?

- Yes, yes.
- All right, then.

A little fight now and
then, it don't matter at all.

First thing in the morning,
we're going into town.

I still wish you'd let me

disguise myself
as a white woman.

I'd be a poor man
to allow such a thing.

You're a stubborn man, Gib.

I am where you're concerned.

You make me very proud.

There it is. Doc Adams.


You Doc Adams?

Yeah, come in.

I'm Gib Dawson.
This is my wife Shona.

Hurt your hand?

I cut it.

It's infected.

You Comanche?


Does that mean
you won't treat her?

Who said anything about that?

Here, sit down there.


You should've brought
her to me sooner.

Wasn't much I could
do about it, Doc.

Well, another day, it
might've been a little late.

Now, Shona, I'm gonna have
to give this some attention.

I'll dress it for you now,

and twice a day
for several days,

till it gets looking
a lot better.

That means you're
gonna have to stay in town.

Hold on a minute, mister.

These men and me, we
come to tell you something.

We're gonna let you
get away with it this time,

but don't you never
bring that Injun woman

back in this town
again, not never!

We're staying here;
we're taking a room

- at the Dodge House right now.
- No, you ain't.

You get that squaw out of
town and you keep her out!

- You're asking for trouble!
- And you're gonna get it!

Move them horses around.

Now, you head on
out of town, mister!

Head them out of town, men!

Lay off them horses!

Let go!

Hold it!

Put the gun away.

You see what that
half-breed done, Marshal?

I said drop the gun.

You sure stand
up for the Injuns,

don't you, Marshal?

What's going on here, Gib?

These men want us out of town.

The doc has to dress
Shona's hand twice a day.

TORBERT: Well, let him
go out in the country and do it

if he's so willing to
help Comanches.

Take her up to Dodge House, Gib.

All right, the fun's over.

Go on, get out
of here, all of you.

(men grumbling)

Hyah, hyah!


Stay with Shona,
will you, Quint?


Hi, sir. What can I do for you?

I'd like a room for
my wife and myself.

All right, for how long?

Well, I'm not sure.

Few days maybe.

Well, you'll have to
pay me in advance.

That's all right.
How much will it be?

Well, I'd say about,
uh, three dollars.

(coins jingle)

That's it. Now if
you'll sign the book.

All right, Mr. Dawson,
welcome to Dodge.

- I hope you enjoy your stay.
- Thank you.

Now, where'd you
leave your wife?

She's outside in the wagon.

- I'll go fetch her.
- All right.

Mr. Dawson?

Is that your wife in the wagon?

That's right.

Well, I'm-I'm
sorry, I can't do it.

Here, you take back your money.

Now, look, don't blame me.

They'd run me out of business.

They could boycott me.

They could maybe
even run me out of town.

You don't know how strongly
people feel about this thing.

It's not my fault.

You all set?

You know any
other place to stay?

I knew it wouldn't work.

Oh, don't worry about it.

I'll take you over
to Ma Smalley's.

Come on, I'll show you the way.


Well, hello, Quint.

Ma Smalley, this is a friend
of mine, uh, Gib Dawson.

He's looking for a room.

- How do?
- For my wife and me.

Well, now, I just happen
to have a vacancy.

You're in luck. You
fetch her and come on in.

- Ma'am.
- Hmm?

That's my wife out
there in the wagon.

She's an Indian.

Comanche Indian.

Oh... oh, well,
I-I've been hearing

about all the raiding
up north and...

Oh, I am sorry, Mr. Dawson,
but every roomer I've got

would leave if
I let her in here.

You know of any place else?

Oh, not in Dodge, I don't.

Good-bye, ma'am.


And good luck.


Oh, the old man's got a
shack back there, all right.

Roof's half off; I wouldn't
keep hogs in there,

it's so dirty.

You're awfully tired, ain't you?

I'm all right.

Why don't we go to the stable.

I can sleep in the wagon.

You won't sleep in the wagon.

KITTY: Quint?

Hello, Kitty.

I take it this is Gib
Dawson and Shona.

QUINT: That's right.
This is Miss Kitty Russell.

GIB: How do you do, ma'am?

How do you do?

Well, I've just been at the
marshal's office and, um,

I guess they haven't
found a room yet, huh?

Sure haven't.

I don't think they're gonna.

Well, you ain't
very encouraging.

Well, I know the
people in this town.

Mr. Dawson, I run a
saloon, the Long Branch,

and I'd be very happy to have
Shona come and stay with me,

if you don't have
any objections.

Well, no, ma'am.

That's very kind of you.

Bring them on over,
Quint. I'll be waiting.

- Thank you.
- Thanks, Kitty.

(indistinct chatter, laughter)

(chatter, laughter stops)

It's right up there, Shona.

I'll wait here.

All right, Quint.

Well, if that don't beat all.

That Kitty's got to
be taught a lesson.

Here we are.

What a beautiful room.

Well, I hope you'll
be comfortable.

You better get
right straight to bed.

This sure is good
of you, Miss Kitty.

Come on, Gib, let's
let her get some rest.

I'll be back later, Shona.

(door closes)

You all set?

She's gonna be fine.

Miss Kitty.


Me and the men here, we
got a question to ask to you.

- You do?
- Mm-hmm.

We'd like to know if you aim
to keep that Injun upstairs.

business is it of yours?

We're making it our business.

Don't you have
anything better to do

than hound a poor,
sick Indian girl?

You're gonna keep
her upstairs, ain't you?

Yes, I am.

Thought so.

All right, men, it's true.

She's gonna keep
that Injun here.

All right, let's go.

What are they doing?

They're gonna put
a boycott on me.

I can't let that happen.

I'll keep looking,
I'll find a place.

Now, wait a minute, Gib.

Shona's here and
she's gonna stay here.

I'm not gonna let that
bunch of filthy scum

force me into anything...
Not on your life.

QUINT: She's got
a point there, Gib.

I guess she has, but
I'm sorry it had to happen.

What's going on?
You gonna close up?

I have Shona upstairs.

They're boycotting
her place, Marshal.

It's nothing to worry about.

Besides, I can use the time off.

You want to take
me fishing tomorrow?

Yeah, I wish I could, Kitty.

Got to go up to Fort
Larned for a couple of days,

but, uh, we'll go fishing
when I come back.

I'll be waiting.

And, Gib, you can sleep
over at my office if you want to.

That'd be fine, thanks.

How about Delmonico's
for dinner tonight?

I'd like that.

Want to come along?

- Sure.
- Fine.

Good, I'll be by to pick you up.

- Want a drink?
- No, thanks.

How about you?


Freddy, let's have
some beers here.


Hey, Moss.

Uh, hi, Quint.

I got to get to the post office.

Well, wait a minute, Moss.

I, uh, just remembered

about those three
horses you wanted shod.

I can do it today.

As a matter of fact, I
could've done it yesterday.

I haven't had much
business lately.

- That so?
- Yeah.

Well, um, tell you the truth,

they really don't
need shoeing now.

Well, you were in a
big hurry the other day.

Yeah, I know, but, uh...

Well, you see, I'm
not using them now,

and, uh, it'd just be a waste.

Uh, but I'll, uh,

I'll bring them in
when the time comes.

Well, uh, I got to go now.

Looks like you might
as well close up shop.

There ain't nobody in this town
that'd dare give you any work.

You see, they all been spoke to.

I thought you and your
friends were drifters.

What are you hanging around
town causing trouble for?

The redskins who are
causing the trouble, not us.

There hasn't been an Indian
raid within 300 miles of Dodge.

What difference does that make?

You know what you are, mister?

You're scum.

It's a good thing you're
not wearing a gun.

Well, I can get one.


It's gonna be more fun
watching you starve to death.

And anybody else who
sides with that Injun woman

is gonna get shut out, too.

Get out of here.



(hits table)


Hello, Miss Kitty.

Hello, Gib. Come on in.

Doc's just finishing with her.

Hello, Shona.


How's she doing, Doc?

Ah, she's doing just fine.

Fever broken.

How come she ain't in bed?

Doc said I could sit up.

That's right. She can sit up,

but she can't go
running around any.

That hand is not
completely cured yet.

I want you to do just as I said.

I'll be good, Doc.

All right, I'll see
you tomorrow.

Kitty, by golly,
I'll have that beer.

All right.


Are things all right today, Gib?

Why sure. Why shouldn't they be?

I mean, there's no
more trouble, is there?

Course not.

Now, don't you
worry about a thing.

The town's peaceful, and
it's gonna stay that way.

(men chattering)

I guess everybody's
here that's coming.

We got plenty. What
are we waiting for?

Yeah, let's get started.

All right, quiet. Men!

All right, men, let's
gather around here!

Mr. Torbert's got
something to say!

Hey, you two guys
over there! Come on!

- All right, quiet over there!
- (crowd quiets)

I take it you all know
what we're doing here.

(men murmuring)

Now listen to me.

I guess you all heard there's
another Comanche raid up north.

(men murmuring)

Them Injuns have been
riding around burning, thieving,

murdering white men,
running off with white women,

- and who knows what all!
- Yeah!

When right here in Dodge,
we're feeding and sheltering

one of their very own squaws!

I tell you, it's a disgrace to
every white man in Kansas!

But we're gonna do
something about it!

That's what we're here for!

- (men murmuring) -Yeah!
- Let's hang her! -Come on!

TORBERT: Now, listen.

That dirty Comanche
woman is being took care of

right now over at
the Long Branch.

RISER: It's plumb
sickening! That's what it is!

But we're gonna
learn her a lesson.

A hard lesson!

- Well, let's string her up!
- (men murmuring)

No, no, no, boys.

No, you can't get by with that.

No, here's what you do.

All we got to do is
just rough her up some.

We take her out on the
prairie 20 miles or so,

and we leave her there on foot.

You didn't tell me
nothing about this.

You was off mooning somewhere.

Injun women is tough, huh?

(murmuring, laughter)

She'll stay alive somehow.

What makes you think
it's gonna be easy?

Well, if you had half
a brain, you'd know

the marshal's gonna stay out
of town for a couple of days.

Yeah. What about her
husband and Quint Asper?

If you was half a man, you
wouldn't worry about them.

All right, now listen.

- Quiet now.
- (crowd quiets)

We're gonna keep watch.

When there's nobody
over there but that squaw,

we're gonna go in and grab her.

Uh, who's gonna do it?

Two men in this room.

We're gonna cut cards for it.

Frankie, deck of cards.

How long we got to stand here?

Till them two men
come out of there.

By that time, the
woman will come back.

Look, you didn't have
to cut cards for this job.

I'm beginning to wish I hadn't.

TORBERT: What you
standing around here for?

- What do you mean?
- Go get that squaw.

We're waiting for Quint and
her husband to come out of there.

Are you crazy? I just
seen them at the restaurant.

Now go over and get
that woman out of there.

Come on.




What are you men doing here?

Where's the barkeep?

He went out back.

We was just looking for a drink.

Or looking to steal one.

Come on, Laren.

Why don't you go on
up and see Shona, Gib.

How about a beer, Quint?


You know, Kitty, I don't
like those men being here.

Maybe you ought to lock
this place up for a while.

This place was made
to stay open 24 hours,

as long as there's at
least one customer.

Well, at least they
didn't walk out of here

with any bottles on them.


Why is it it seems like there's
more crooks in town than usual?

I don't think there's any more
crooks in town than usual.


GIB: Quint! Miss Kitty!

She ain't here! She's gone!

Come on, Gib, we'll
check the back way.

- Hey, did you get her?
- (men murmuring)

What are you doing back so soon?

- She wasn't there.
- What?

She was gone. The
room was empty.

Had they moved her out?

No. Her husband and this Quint
Asper and Miss Kitty come back

while we was there.

They suspect anything?

No, they thought we
was just getting a drink.


They've moved her.

They're playing it smart.

They've hid her out somewhere.

I was thinking the same thing.

But how do we find her?

We're gonna search every
house and room in this town.

We'll start with
the Long Branch.

There's other rooms over there.

Okay, let's go, men! Let's go!

(men murmuring)


KITTY: Any luck?

There's a lot of tracks out
there, but no woman's prints.

Whoever took her
must've carried her.

- Where's Gib?
- He went over to the stables,

see if anybody rented a horse.

I'll check the stage
and the train depot.

- It's a start.
- I'll see you later.

All right.

Get over there by that bar.

We're through fooling around.

Riser, take a couple
of men, get upstairs.

You two, come on.

Get out of here, all of you.

Now calm down,
missy. I'm running this.

Just what are you running?

You know all about it.

I know one thing. You
come busting in here again,

I'm gonna be waiting
for you with a shotgun.

All right, where's that other
fella, the squaw's husband?

What do you want with him?

Never mind what I want
with him. Where is he?

Took the day off.

He went fishing.

Oh, don't you get sassy
with me, you rotten breed.

That gun gives
you a lot of mouth.

Oh, if I only knew
which half of you is Injun,

I'd put three bullets
in it right now.

Nobody up there. We
looked everywhere.

Where is she?

You tell me if you want to live.

Only thing I'll ever
tell you is good-bye.

(gun cocks)

What are you gonna do,

shoot an unarmed man in
front of all these witnesses?

Come on. We're
wasting time here.


I'll settle with you later.

Come on!

I wish Matt were here.

When's he coming back?

Tonight, maybe.

What are you thinking?

Riser and that cowboy
we found him with,

they were after Shona, Kitty.

That makes sense.

She was missing, so
they went after Torbert.

Somebody beat them to her.

- Who?
- I don't know.

But I'll follow the
crowd and find out.

You better get yourself a gun.

I can manage.

Tell Gib when he comes, huh?

You bet.

Good luck, Quint.

(excited chatter, dog barking)

- Did you find anything?
- No.

This mob was bound
to find something.

I'll kill the one
that's taken her.

You better get yourself a gun.

I'll get one when
the time comes.

Come on.

(chattering continues)

Nothing in there.

Over here.

Over here! Come on!

- (woman screaming)
- We got her!

Men, we got her!

(woman continues
screaming, men chattering)


No, that ain't her.

That ain't her!

No, let her go. That ain't her.

All right, come on down here!

I'll have that Torbert's
head in a sack

- before this thing's over.
- Take it easy, Gib.

You don't want to do
anything you can hang for.

I'm holding my temper
pretty well now, ain't I?

Yeah, you're doing fine.

(men chattering)

(chattering continues)

(chattering continues)

Come on, open up!

Come on!

She in there?

Come on, keep looking, men.

- Keep looking.
- Come on.

There's nobody in there.
I looked everywhere.

What are you doing,

trying to make it
a one-man show?

I just went ahead of
you a little, that's all.

Don't go ahead no more.

Come on!

Don't they know
nobody lives there?

It's a wonder some house owner
don't shoot them off the porch.

I know I would.

We better split up, Gib.

You, uh, you see if you can
get around in front of them.

I'll double back.

(chattering continues)

All right, let's try over there.

continues in distance)

RUD (quietly): No,
I got rid of them.

You just hold on
for a while now.

Won't be very long anymore.

You comfortable
there in that chair?

Don't look at me like that.

Come on.

Put a smile in your eyes.

That a girl.

You're gonna be all right.

You're gonna be safe.

I'm gonna take this off;
promise you won't holler now.

They're gone. They
wouldn't hear you anyhow.

So you fooled them?

I showed them
who has half a mind.

Maybe now you'll tell
me what you're doing.

I got a buggy waiting.

We're gonna slip out
of Dodge and head west.

What for?

You and me going to Pueblo
and start a new life out there.

Don't you know I'm married?

That don't matter.

First time I seen you,
I fell in love with you.

You... fell in love with
a Comanche squaw?

Now, don't talk like that.

What do you think I am?

Well, you're gonna be
my woman from now on.

Now, you keep quiet.

I'm gonna have a
look at the street.

Wait a minute.

You say you're in love with me?

I'll prove it, too.

Don't you know why I'm in Dodge?

Sure, account of your hand.

It's badly infected.

Doctor has to
treat it every day.

Well, we'll find a
doc over in Pueblo.

I may not live to get there.

Oh, you'll make
it; you're strong.

What about my husband?

Well, he ain't gonna
know where we are.

He'll find you.

He better not.

You're a fool.

Now, you ain't gonna
talk to me like that.

You're a squaw,
and I'm your man.

Now, I'm gonna
go get that buggy.

He'll find you.


(men grunting)




(men continue
chattering in distance)

Quint, are you all right?

- Yeah.
- You've been hurt.

It's all right.

- Can you walk?
- Of course.

Listen, that mob out there,

they must have
heard the shooting.

I got to get you out of
here before they come back.

- Did you kill him?
- No.

Let me help you up.

It's those men.

You stay here.

I'll be back.

(men murmuring)

What's going on here?

Who you been shooting at?

Ain't been shooting at anybody.

Who's in there?

Let's find out.

It's me he was after.

Rud, what are you
doing back here?

I come back here on a hunch.

Found him and that
Injun woman sneaking in.

He was gonna hide her here.

You come back here!

He'll run off with her!

Calm down.

He ain't going nowhere.

Came back here on
a hunch, huh, Rud?

That's right.

Something mighty
funny about this.

There sure is.

What are we standing around for?

We got the squaw; let's
do what we started out to do.

- (men yelling)
- Let's hold it!

Shut up, everybody.

There's two questions
I want answered,

and I want the truth.

Was this breed sneaking you

into the shed when
my brother caught you?


She's lying.

How'd you get in the shed?

He brought me.

I'll kill you!

What's the matter with you?

You take the word
of a squaw over mine?

I told you to shut up!

I got one more question.

What did he bring you here for?

He was going to run off with me.

He was going to
take me to Colorado.

My own brother.

Running off with an Injun squaw.

It ain't true.

I was just holding her for
you, till we could take her

- out in the prairie like you talked about.
- (gun cocks)

You ain't even man
enough to admit it.

You ain't even half a man!

DILLON: Hold it!

I had to do it, Marshal.

It's my own brother,
but he disgraced me.

I had to...

Put the gun down.

I can't do that, Marshal.


Any two of you men I
see together in this town

from now on, I'm gonna
take it as a personal offense.

Now, you get your
friends and get out of here.

You knew she was in there.

He wasn't worth
hanging for, Gib.


Better get her over
to Doc's now, Gib.

He'll take care of that
hand for you, Shona.

You won't be bothered anymore.

Thank you.

Both of you.