Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 18 - Unloaded Gun - full transcript

Red and Joe Lime are no-good murderous brothers, and Matt has to track 'em down out on the prairie. Trouble is, Matt comes down with a fever due to missing out on so much sleep in the last ...

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

You men are too late.

We're closing up here.

Hey... what is this?

You holler, I'll kill you.

Watch him, Red.

On your feet, mister.

Get your hands up!

What do you want here?

What do you think I want here?

Red, bring him in here.

I ain't got no money.

Give them the money, Mr. Carter.

- He'll kill us if you don't.
- Shut up.

Hey, you're smart; you're
gonna live a long time.

Get over there. Open that safe.

You can't take that money.

It's mine.


I ain't gonna fool with you.

I can't.

I worked too hard
for what little I got.

This won't make no noise.

I want that money.


You know the
combination to that safe?

Oh, n-no, not me.

Mr. Carter never
trusted nobody with that.

Tell him... Mr. Carter.

The boy doesn't know.

You killed him.

You killed Mr. Carter.

He didn't do nothing to you!

Shut up.

You had no reason to kill him.

You'll die for it, both of you!

I told you...

Come on! Let's get out of here!

Now, hold on there!

What are you doing
in there, Chester?

Well, I'm shaking
out the curtains.

What does it look like?

Well, it looks
like a dust storm.

Well, you got to shake
the loose dust out

before you can wash 'em.

Well, I don't suppose
it occurred to you

to bring the curtains out here
on the porch in the fresh air

- and shake 'em out?
- Now, wouldn't I look silly

standing out here
on the boardwalk

a-shakin' out the curtains?
Wouldn't I look silly?

Yes, but the curtains ain't
got nothing to do with it.

- Yeah?
- Where's Matt? Is he back yet?

Well, you don't see him, do you?

Well, I couldn't see
him if he was in there.

Kind of figured
he'd be back by now.

Well, he left last
night at midnight, Doc.

It takes time to
track down two men.

Oh, yeah, that... old
man Carter and that boy.

That's awful.

Oh, yeah, just a couple
of coldblooded killers.

- Midnight he left, huh?
- Yeah.

Well, he just can't stand it.

- What?
- Matt.

Up all night with
drunken cowboys

and holdups and hijackings,
fights, now out on the prairie

chasing a couple of fellas.

Probably hasn't had a
good night's sleep in a month.




Whoa, whoa there.

Come on, Red.

Come on over here.

No, we... we can't
stop here, Joe.

Yeah. Yeah, we can.

Nobody's gonna find us.

We got good cover here.

That marshal'll find us.

- He's right on our trail.
- No.

No, he ain't. He...
he quit back there.

Maybe we even
hit him, I ain't sure.

How do you know he quit?

Because I... I ain't
seen him, that's why.

No, no, he's-he's
right on our trail, Joe.

He's... he's ri...

Nah, Red, don't...
don't do that.

Don't try that. Now,
look what you done.

You just lie still
there, understand?



I sure hope we got him.

I sure hope we
put a bullet in him.

He sure got one in me.

Red... let me take
a look here, huh?

Let me...


Ain't nothin' you can do, Joe?

Here, Red, you hold
on to this, now. Here.

It ain't gonna do no good, Joe.

That bullet's got me
all tore apart in there.

Yeah, yeah, but we... we got
to stop the bleeding somehow.

I ain't gonna make it, Joe.

Sure you are.

Sure you're gonna make it.

We can't quit now; we got away.

Not me.

He put a bullet in me, Joe.

That was luck, see.

That was just plain luck.

You get him for me.

Now, Red, you... you're
gonna get him for yourself, see?

You just need a
little rest, that's all.

I mean, this was a
long, hard ride for you.

Y-You're gonna be
feeling fine tomorrow.

You get him. You get him.


Red, don't die on me now.


Listen, Red, we got
away; he quit chasing us!


All right, Red...

all right...

I'll get that marshal for you.

If I never do nothin' else...

I'll get him.


Oh, Matt?


Ah, hello, Marshal.

You must've had quite a ride.

Put my horse up for
me, will you, Carl?

I sure will, Marshal.

Where's them men?
Did you catch 'em?

Nope. They're still out there
on the prairie somewhere.

Say... what's the
matter with you?

Are you... are you
sick or something?

Carl, I want to tell you,

a bed's gonna look
mighty good to me.

I'll see you later.

♪ You can look all over Kansas ♪

♪ In every Kansas town ♪

♪ You will not find ♪

♪ Another pair ♪

♪ Like her eyes of brown ♪

♪ She... ♪
Oh, howdy, Mr. Dillon.

- Chester.
- Well...

sure is good to see you back.

It's good to be back.

Is something wrong?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm
feeling a little sick.

I think I got a fever.

Well, it sure ain't no wonder

the way you took off in
the middle of the night there

without no food
or water or nothing.

Well, I had to get after
those men, Chester.

Did you get 'em?

I stayed on their trail
for two days, and...

I got this fever... By the
time I got close enough

to get a shot at 'em, why...

my eyes were so
blurred I couldn't see.

You didn't get 'em, huh?

I may have gotten a
shot into one of them.

Mr. Dillon, I think
you ought to see Doc.

Well, Chester,

all I really want to do is...

get some sleep.

Just make sure that...

that nobody...


Make sure that nobody
bothers me, will you?

Oh, by golly, Doc, I
was just going for you.

How is he? I saw
him ride into town.

Well, he's... he's
kind of all wore out.

- He says he's got a fever.
- Fever, huh?

Well, there's sure a lot
of it going around, all right.

Well, he sure
looks like he's got it.

Well, he has.

Hey, get me a glass of water.

About all we got's a cup, Doc.

Just bring me some water.

Well, what's that stuff there?
What are you gonna give him?

Well, I can't tell you.

You mean you're
giving him something

- you don't even know what it is?
- I know what it is, all right.

Well, why don't you tell me?

Well, then because
you'd go buy some and...

Never mind.

Oh, Matt?


- Matt, it's Doc.
- Huh? Doc.

Come on, raise up
here and drink this.

I got to sleep.

Come on, raise up
here and drink this.

- It's for your fever.
- Oh, what is it?

Well, never mind what it
is... Now, just drink it all.

Drink all of it.

All right, that's fine.

Now, you get some more rest,

and I'll be back to
see you this evening.

Go on, lay down.

Well, what do you think, Doc?

Well, he's got a
pretty good fever,

but it'll only last a
couple, three more days.

Oh, for heaven
sakes, look at that.

He must be sick.

Mr. Dillon'd never carry a
gun around as dirty as that.

- How would it get like that?
- Well, I don't know.

- Sure needs cleaning, though.
- Oh, good idea.

Oh, say.

He ever get the
fellas he went after?

- Huh?
- Did he ever get those two he went after?

Well, he got close to 'em.

He said he got
within shooting range,

but then he got the fever
and he had to turn back.

Oh. Well, I suppose...

Hey, Doc, they just carried
Josh Prince up to your office.

Well, what's the
matter with him?

I don't know, I was
across the street,

but I seen you come
in here a while ago.

Oh. Well, all right,
I'll be right up.

Golly, if it ain't one
thing it's another.

Yeah, well, at least
you get paid for it.

Once in a blue
moon, I get paid for.


- Oh. Hi, boy.
- You're Chester, ain't ya?

Yeah. What can I do for you?

- Doc says you're to come.
- What for?

My pa busted his leg, and
Doc needs you to help set it.

Are you Josh Prince's kid?

Yeah. Better hurry.

Well, I'll be right with you.

Let's go.


- Howdy.
- Hi.

You figuring on
leaving your horse here?

Just want to take a look inside.

Just a regular stable,
like any other stable.

I'll just look, anyway.

Well, it suit you?

Yeah, I think so.

First time I ever seen a man

so all-fire particular
about a stable.

Well, I got a particular
use for this stable, mister.

Oh, yeah? What?

I'm gonna kill a man in here.

Now, see here, stranger...

Aw, now, don't boil over.

- It ain't you I'm after.
- Well, I don't care who

you're after... there ain't gonna
be no gunfight in my stable.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, there is.

See, it's the best
place I've found for it.

I ain't gonna meet
him out in the street...

He'd have a better
than even chance.

In here I can get
the jump on him.

Well, there ain't gonna be
no fight, not in my stable.

And I'm gonna get the marshal.

Well, go ahead,
you just do that.

You see, mister...

it's the marshal I'm after.

You're-you're one
of them murderers.

The name is Lime. Joe Lime.

Now, you just go ahead
and find the marshal,

tell him I'm waiting for him.

He killed my brother, mister.

I aim to kill him.

Tell him to hurry, will you?

I don't want to
wait here all day.


We got any stamps, Clem?

I'll see.

Well, we're sure
not getting rich today.

Aw, it'll pick up.

Yeah? When?

Things have been kind
of quiet the last few days.

Sure have.

I wonder when
Matt's coming back.

Have you heard anything?

Well, he's back.

Fella told me he seen him
ride in about an hour ago.

Oh? Was he alone?

That's what he said.

Hm. Wonder what happened
to those two men he was after.

Well, I don't know.

- Miss Kitty...
- Hello, Carl.

- Have you seen Chester?
- No, I haven't. Why?

- Well, I got to find him.
- Well, what's the matter?

Well, you know,
down at the stable

there's a fella by the
name of Joe Lime.

He's one of the murderers
your marshal was chasing.

He said the marshal
killed his brother,

and he's gonna kill the marshal.

Well, did you
tell Matt about it?

No. I was over there... he's
asleep, out dead to the world.

I couldn't wake him. I
think he's sick or something.

Maybe he's got the fever.

And somebody's got
to wake him right now.

Well, I'll wake him. Come on.


Matt, wake up.

Wake up, I said. It's Kitty.

- Hey, Kitty.
- Can you hear me?

Come on, Matt, wake up.

Kitty, I got to get some sleep.

Carl, will you see
if there's any coffee

- in that pot over there?
- Yes, ma'am.

Matt. Listen to me.

Come on, now.

It's Joe Lime.

He's back in town.

Joe Lime?

You killed his brother.

He's waiting for you
down at the stable.


- Kitty, are you sure?
- That's right, Marshal,

and he says he's gonna kill you.

I got to get up.

Well... what are you gonna do?

I'm going down there, Kitty.

Well, you can't do that.

You've got a fever.

I might as well, Kitty.

He'll just come up here
looking for me if I don't.

Well, you better drink
this coffee, Marshal.

No, thanks, C-Carl.
I don't have... time.

Matt, please don't do this.

Kitty, thanks for telling me.

Well, thanks very much, Chester.

Well, it's all right, Doc.

I don't know what
you'd do without me.

- What do you mean?
- Well, it must be

an awful comforting
feeling to you to know

that you can get free help
anytime that you holler for it.

Well, I give free
doctoring to you

every time you holler, don't I?

Well, who's been
telling you that?

Where'd you hear that story?

Well, I haven't
noticed any remittances

coming in from you lately.

- Any re-what?
- Oh, never mind.

Will you get on over
to the Marshal's office?

Well, yeah! Where do
you think I was going?

Well, Matt's sick
now with that fever,

and I don't want you
to take an eye off of him.

Well, I got finished
cleaning his gun,

- that's where I was going.
- So go on. -KITTY: Chester?

Doc? I been looking
all over for you.

- Why? What's the matter?
- Well, one of those...

those killers that
Matt was after

is down at the stable, and...
well, Matt's gone down there

- to face him.
- Well, he can't do that; he's sick.

Well, I know it;
that's why I'm scared.

- Oh, my goodness.
- What?

Well, I... well, I just
wondered if he loaded his gun.



It's Joe Lime, Marshal!

I know who it is.

I just wanted you to
be sure, for Red's sake.

Red was my brother!

You killed him, Marshal!

Come on out of there.

Yeah, sure.

I'll come down...

when you're dead.

I got you that
time, huh, Marshal?


All right, hold it right there.

Throw the gun out.

Uh... don't shoot, hear?

Go on, throw it out.

Don't shoot, huh?

Don't shoot, Marshal.

All right, now, come
on down from there.


Don't shoot.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

I'm gonna put bullets in
you real slow, one at a time.


Hold it, Lime, right there.

Get your hands up.

- Now, you stand right steady.
- That...

that gun was empty.

Well, I-I cleaned it
for you, Mr. Dillon.

I-I forgot to load it
again. I'm awful sorry.

Don't apologize,
Chester, it saved my life.

It did?

I don't understand.

He'll explain it to you.

Take him to jail
and lock him up.

All right, come on, let's go.


All I really want to do is...

get some sleep.

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