Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 17 - Bad Sheriff - full transcript

A man shoots his partner, flees, and is caught by two men claiming to be lawmen.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

What are we stopping for?

Just having a look around.

I don't like stopping out here

where there's no
good cover or nothing.

What are you doing?

Just want to make
sure it's loose.

You know, Chet,

you got a lot to learn.

I don't know if I'll live
long enough to teach you.

What are you grinning at?


Let's get riding.

See anything?

Not on that side.

Want me to take
a look over there?

You'll have to get up
off your back to do it.

I don't mind
getting off my back.

While you're trying to
get your strength up,

a whole troop of
cavalry could ride in here.

Yeah, well, we could
use some fresh horses.

Soon as we run across
some, we'll grab us a couple.

Better take a rifle.

Wait a minute.

Take your own.

Just thought I'd save some time.

Yeah, I've always noticed
you got a big interest

in saving time.

Now what are you doing?

Nothing, just getting my rifle.

Wait a minute.

You know something,

I got a funny feeling about you.

What do you mean?

I got a feeling you've been
trying to get the drop on me.

That's crazy.

What are you talking about?

It's a real strong feeling.

Now wait, Gance.

Y-You don't know
what you're doing.

Why would I want to shoot you?

I don't expect it'd be hard
for you to find a reason.

I don't like the idea of
being shot in the back

by my own partner.

No, no, Gance, you got it wrong.

Maybe, but I can't
afford to take no chances.


Getting so a man can't
hardly trust nobody these days.

Drop your rifle.

There's two of us.

You ain't got a chance.

Pick up them rifles, Turloe.

All right.

I never seen you before.

What's your name?


Ed Gance.

What do you want with me anyway?

My name's James Hark.

You ever hear of me?

Can't say as I did.

Well, it don't matter.

That's your partner?

Things didn't work out.

Take a look, Turloe.

All right.

Well, Gance,

you just in all kinds
of trouble, ain't you?

Don't bother me.

It will.


Lookey here, Hark.

There must be thousands
of dollars in here.

No wonder you shot your partner.

Put it back, Turloe, and
untie them saddlebags.

Well, Gance,

what do we do now?

You seem to have it
all figured out already.

Maybe I do.

There's a reward out for you.

How would you know that?

Back in Blue Springs,
a stage company said

there was a $5,000 reward out

for whoever held up that
stage and shot the driver.

It's a lot of money.

Not near as much as you stole.

What do we do now, Hark?

I'll tie them on my saddle.

Don't you want me to shoot him?

No, we keep him with us.

What for?

Well, in case anybody finds us

we're bringing him in
for the reward money.

If we happen to ride clear,

we got all this.

Yeah, and then we shoot him.

We win either way, Turloe.

You know something, Hark?


You're a worse man than I am.

Well, I'm smarter.

You got to admit that.

So far.

The whole way, mister.

Now, pick up your saddle.

Stay with him, Turloe.

I'll get the horses.


Well, I sure don't recognize
none of them, do you?


Well, if they was us up
here and we was down there,

they'd probably stand here
and shoot every one of us.

It's a temptation
all right, isn't it?

What are you gonna do?

You keep them covered
from here, will you?

You going down there alone?


I don't know what
I built this fire for.

Ain't no coffee;
nothing to eat but jerky.

Well, it's kind of nice to
have a fire anyway, Turloe.

Just don't let it
get to smoking.

Why don't you go hunting?

A little fresh meat
wouldn't hurt nobody.

That's just what
you'd do, ain't it?

Go to shooting,
make a lot of noise.

Maybe I ain't so scared
of people as you are, Hark.

Well, look where it's got you.

Look what you're in now.

You know, I sure do like advice

from a man who's sitting
there with his hands tied,

gonna get a bullet in
his head any day now.

Now, that makes real sense.

Well, he's hungry, Turloe.

It's on his mind.

Yeah, well, we
ain't a feeding him.

He ain't no hog going to market.

All right, hold it.

All right, throw the gun out.

Keep your hands in the air.

Now, get your hands up.

Say, wait a minute,
you're a law man.

That's right.

I'm a United States
Marshal out of Dodge City.

Well, what do you know? Now,
ain't that something, Turloe?


Sure beats all.

Well, I'm mighty glad
to see you, Marshal.

My name's James Hark.

I'm the sheriff over
at Blue Springs.


This is my deputy, Bill Turloe.

Oh, yeah?

I've heard of you.

Who left that man lying
back there in the grove?

Oh, him.

You run across him, did you?

Well, I might not have

if somebody had had
the decency to bury him.

Buzzards. Buzzards.

This here is Ed Gance, Marshal.

He shot his partner back there.

We found the money, though.

I-It's right there in
them saddlebags.

Show him Turloe.

Look at here, Marshal.

It's all right there.

The stage company
will be mighty glad

to see that now, won't they?

They was stealing that, Marshal.

They was trying
to run off with it.

We trailed Gance and his
partner right from the holdup.

Caught up with him, too.

How come you heard about it?

I didn't.

Not till just now.

Ain't that something.

What do you think
of that, Hark, huh?

What do you think of that, huh?

He's crazy, Marshal.

Wildest talker I ever saw.

We never know what
he'll dream up next.

This is the sheriff
of Blue Springs.

This is his deputy.

Well, we'll, uh, we'll take
Gance here back to Blue Springs

then we'll ride on down to Dodge
and collect the reward money.



He killed the driver, too.

I see.

Well, come on, Turloe, let's go.

Hey now, wait a minute.

I got an idea; maybe we
better all ride back to Dodge.

That's right, Marshal.

They'll kill me if
they get me alone.

Now, the, uh, stage company
office is in Dodge City.

They can pay you the
reward money there.

I'll just take charge of this.

Well, if you think it's best.

Well, it's a two-day
ride into Dodge.

We better get started.

I'll get the horses.

All right.

Kill the fire, Turloe.

Come on, Gance, on your feet.


Come here.

Come closer.

I'm all tied up.

I can't do nothing.

What do you want?

Sit down. I want to talk to you.

All right, talk.

I been wondering
about you, Turloe.

Wondering what?

How long you known Hark?

Oh, I don't know.
Six months, maybe.

He's a smart man, ain't he?

He's played this
deal pretty smart.

Sure he has.

He's got $5,000
reward money coming.

All his.

All his, Turloe.

What are you driving at?

You think he's gonna cut
you in on all that money?

Why shouldn't he?

You know him.

Think about it.

Well, he sure
better, doggone it.

Or you'll do what?

You ain't no match for Hark.

Once he gets that money,
he ain't gonna need you.

He ain't going back to Blue
Springs, and you know it.

How do you know he ain't?

Poor pan job like
that? Don't be a fool.


that $5,000 reward
money ain't nothing

compared to what's
in them saddlebags.

And I'll split even with you.

Oh. So that's it, huh?

Well, now, cut me
loose, and we'll get it.

It's easy; they're all asleep.

You'll be rich,
Turloe, real rich.

Wait a minute. How do I
know you won't shoot me

just like you done
your last partner?

He brought it on himself.

He was trying to put a bullet
in my back... I had to shoot him.

Come on, now, cut me loose,
and we'll get this over with.

It's the easiest
thing you can do.

Come on, it's the
chance of a lifetime.

Cut me loose; you'll be rich.

All right. All
right, I'll do it.

You're being smart.

Now, look, you've
got the six-gun.

Let me take the rifle.

We'll get the marshal first.

Quiet, now.

Hold it.

How'd he get loose?

Turloe done it.

- Why that miserable...
- What happened, Mr. Dillon?

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right, Chester.

They tried to shoot us.

You woke up just in time, huh?

I stayed awake.

Well, it's good
riddance to both of them.

But I still get the
reward money, don't I?

After all, I'm the
one that caught him.

Well, let's not worry about
the reward money now.

We got to get these two buried.

That'll take till sunup.

- Chester, will you get a fire going?
- Yes, sir.

Will I get my money
right away, Marshal?

I don't know.
That's not up to me.

Chester, you might as well
take the horses downtown.

- Yeah.
- Not mine.

They pay me, I'm leaving now.

Well, well, what about
Turloe's horse here, Mr. Dillon?

I don't want him.

Might as well
take him down, too.

Yeah. Mr. Dillon,
after you finish in there,

could we go over to Delmonico's
and get something to eat?

I'll tell you, four days on that
jerky's about all I can stand.

All right, I'll meet
you over there

- in about half an hour or so.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna get me the biggest,
thickest steak you ever seen

with about a half dozen
eggs on top of to start out with.

You better take it easy there.

You're not the one collecting
this reward, you know.

Come on, Marshal,
time's a wasting.

Well, Marshal Dillon, I thought
you were up north some place.

I was, Sam.

What's that?

This is the money that
was taken off your stage

up near Blue Springs.

Where'd you get this?

I got it.

I caught the man that stole it.

This is James Hark, Sam.

He's the sheriff
up in Blue Springs.

Oh, well say, I'm
glad to meet you.

- I'm Sam Vestle.
- How do you do?

Well, this is good news,
but where's the bandit?

Uh, there were two of them.

- They're both dead, Sam.
- Oh?

But that don't make no
difference about the reward?

Was dead or alive
the way I heard it.

Well, that's right; that's
what the company said.

$5,000, and I'd like
to collect right now,

if it's all right with you.

But you're a...
you're a sheriff.

What's that got to do with it?

I caught him, didn't I?

You tell him, Marshal.

Yeah, he caught him, Sam.

If it's being sheriff that
bothers you, forget it.

I'm quitting that job right now.

Now, you gonna
pay me or ain't you?

Oh, you'll get paid, but
I'll have to send a telegram

to the head office
in St. Louis first.

Well, you do it right away.


And with the
marshal's word for it,

there won't be any question.

Oh, he caught
him, all right, Sam.

- You can tell them that.
- All right.

Well, I guess I won't mind
staying around a couple of days.

It's been a long time
since I seen Dodge anyway.

Buy you a drink, Marshal?

No thanks.

Suit yourself.

I'll, uh,

be by in the
morning, just in case.

Sam, maybe you better
count that money out, huh?

Yes, I better do that
while you're here.

Let me have a beer, Clem.


Here, let me buy you a drink.

Oh, you just save
your money, mister.

Well, I don't have to.

I'm practically a rich man.

Liquor sure does
funny things to people.

What if I was to tell you

I'll be worth $5,000
in a day or two?


James Hark, huh?

Well, didn't know my name
had got around already.

People always talk about money.

You got something against money?


It seems to have
something against me.

Here you are, Miss Kitty.

Thanks, Clem.

Kitty, huh?

That's right.

Well, Kitty, uh,

I was thinking I might, uh,
stay around here for a little while,

if you was willing to help me
spend a little of that money.

That's what we're
in business for.

You can, uh...

Well, you just leave
the whole $5,000

right here if you want to.

Well, that, uh,

that ain't exactly
what I had in mind.

Easy come, easy go.

You can always run
down another bandit.

You make it sound easy.

Wasn't it?

Who you been talking to, anyhow?

How come you know so much?

Hey, wait a minute,

I heard the marshal was
kind of cozy with a gal here.

That must be you.

You're doing all the talking.

Well, let me tell you
something about that marshal.

He ain't so smart
as he thinks he is,

not by a long shot he ain't.

Trouble with you is you
don't know a smart man

when you see one.

Maybe I don't get much practice.

You sure don't.

Well, I'm wasting
my time with you.

That's right.

Guess I'll do my
drinking someplace else.

Go right ahead.

You're not gonna
put us out of business.

You know, if you was my
gal, I'd knock you sideways.

If I were your gal,

that's just about
what I'd expect.

Yeah, what's the use.

♪ My daddy come West to Kansas ♪

♪ To make his home in Kansas ♪

♪ But all he made
was his own grave ♪

♪ When he crossed
the path of Killer Dave ♪

♪ And his last home
was there, boys ♪

- ♪ And his last home... ♪
- You going somewhere, eh?

Huh? What? What?

Well, I thought maybe
you was leaving town.


Now, what in the world would
I be leaving town for, Doc?

Well, I can think
of several reasons.

Most of them
personal, of course.

Well, you can keep your
personal reasons to yourself.

Nobody's interested
in them particularly.

Must be waiting for a girl then.

I'm waiting for
that-that Sheriff Hark,

if you got to know everything.

Well, what... oh.

Reward money must've come in.

No, the reward money
must've not have come in.

Well, what do you
want with Hark?

Well, uh, a telegram
come telling Sam Vestle

to give the reward
money to Hark.


You read it?

Well, of course I read it.

Was it sent to you?

Well, no, it wasn't sent to me.

It was sent to Sam Vestle.

I told you that.

You opened a telegram sent
to Sam Vestle and read it?

That's a federal offense.

- Well, now, now, just...
- Well, you...

- Oh, there-there's...
- Huh?

your man right there.

- Oh.
- Hey, that boy found me at the hotel.

- Where's the marshal?
- Well, he-he's inside.

He's waiting for you.

Uh, I-I-I read it, yes,
but I didn't open it.

Is that it, Marshal?

Is that the money?

Yep, that's it.

Is it all there, all $5,000?

It's all there; the marshal
just counted it himself.

Well, you, uh,

you want me to sign for
it or anything like that?

No, you don't
have to sign for it.

Well, uh, well, give it to me.

Well, Hark, you see, I'm afraid
there's been a little problem

about this money.

You remember the stage
driver that was killed?

What about him?

Well, he left a wife and kids.

What do I care about
his wife and kids?

Give me the money, Marshal.

No, I'm afraid I'm gonna

give this money to them, Hark.

You're gonna do what?

I'm gonna give this money
to the stage driver's wife.

He can't do that.

That's my money.

No, I'm afraid it's his.


What kind of a game
is this, Marshal?

You know I caught them men.

You told them so yourself.

Didn't you tell them that
in your telegram, Vestle?

Yeah, he told them that.

I had him add a
little something, too.



That you were headed away

from Blue Springs
when I found you.

What about it?

You never had any idea of
taking Gance and this money

back to Blue Springs, did you?

I was lost.

You were, huh?

You can't prove nothing.

You can't prove nothing at all.

I don't have to
prove anything, Hark.

I got the money.

Mr. Dillon!

All right, get up.

I should have killed
you out on the prairie.

Chester, take him over
and lock him up, will you?

Yes, sir. Come on, let's go.

You all right, Matt?

Yeah, I'm all right, Doc.

He'll probably be
hurting, though.

- Sam.
- Thank you, Marshal.