Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 16 - Brother Love - full transcript

In a family that believes in taking care of its own--including administering punishment within the family for crime--one of two grown brothers appears to have committed murder, but which one?

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

I'm gonna leave
you to lock up, Gus.

I'll do it, Mr. Jonas, soon
as I get the cash counted.

I'm already late for
supper, and that rain

ain't let up at all.

We did a good day's
business, didn't we?

It will be near $200.

Well, you lock it up safe now.

Don't you worry about
a thing, Mr. Jonas.

You get along home now.

Well, I'll see you
in the morning, Gus.

Yes, sir. Good night.

Good night.

Don't kill me.

Please don't kill me.

Shut up.

You can't, that
money ain't mine.

It belongs to Mr. Jonas.

Mister, he'll blame me for it...

What do you want?

What are you gonna do to me?

Let me go.


No. No.

Chester, take a
look out back there.


Gus, it's Matt Dillon.


Gus, what happened here?

Robbed. Took all the cash.

We had $200.

Got any idea who it was?

Mask fell off...

I saw him.

Who was it?

Who was it, Gus? Do you know?


Well, which one? Frank or Nate?

Mr. Dillon, he must've
gone out the backdoor,

but I couldn't see
hide nor hair of him.

How's Gus?


Oh, that's a shame.

He talked a little just
before he died, though.

Well, what did he say?

He said it was robbery.

He said it was one
of the Cumbers.

Cumbers? Which one?

Well, he didn't get that far.

Yeah, it don't look to
me like either one of them

could've pulled off
a robbery like this.

Chester, I'm afraid it's
more than a robbery now.

We'll have to get somebody
to take care of the body.

I'm gonna have a talk
with Nate and Frank.

Well, Frank ought
not be too hard to find.

He's usually over
at the Long Branch.


I'll stop by the house
first and tell their mother.

I don't want her to hear it
from somebody else first.

She sure ain't gonna
like it. That's for sure...

Why, Marshal, Chester,

come on in.

Mrs. Cumbers,

look, I, uh, I hate to
bother you like this, but...

It's no bother. Sit down.

Something wrong, Marshal?

Well, yes, Mrs. Cumbers,
you know a Gus Blake

that works down
at Mr. Jonas' store?

Yes, yes, I know him.

Well, the store
was held up tonight,

and well...

Gus was murdered.

Oh, that's terrible.

Your boys around?


Frank's at the Long
Branch I guess.

What about Nate? Is he here?

He's right in his room.

Here, I'll go fetch him.

Hello, Nate.

What's this about
a killing, Marshal.

Gus Blake was murdered tonight.

Why do you come here?

He spoke the name Cumbers
just before he died, Nate.

Well, he could've been lying.

He could be.

You been here ever since
you got home from work?

He's been here since 6:00.

6:00, huh?

Well, this slicker here's

still pretty wet, isn't it?

Ma's lying to protect me.

I ain't been here all along.

Truth is, I rode over
to see old man Ellis

on business.

What time did you get there?

I didn't get there.

Turned back on
account of the rain.


Then you can't prove

where you were at
all tonight, can you?

No, I can't.

But you can't put a
murder charge on a man

'cause his boots are wet.

Can't you take his word?

Why you picking on Nate anyway?

Looks to me like I've got
pretty good reason, ma'am.

If Nate done anything
bad, or Frank either,

I'll punish them myself.

Their pa taught me that.

And he taught them, too.

We Cumbers take care of our own.

I'm afraid this is a
job for the law, ma'am.

I tell you we take
care of our own.

You ain't arresting me, are you?

No, I'm gonna have
a talk with Frank first.

But you stay right here.

I may want to see you later.

And don't get any ideas
about running away.

You'd look mighty
guilty if you did.

Besides, I'd catch you anyway.

Good night, ma'am.


Can I fetch you a drink?

No thanks. I'll
be quitting soon.

We'll have a drink at the bar.

All right.

Hi, Kitty.

Hi, Matt. Hello, Chester.


Say, uh,

has Frank Cumbers
been in here all evening?

Well, he was here when I
came to work an hour ago.


Well, Gus Blake was
murdered tonight, Kitty.


Mr. Dillon.

Two of the same?

Yeah, please.

Hello, Polly.


Hello, Marshal.

Did you hear the news, Marshal?


We're getting married.

Me and Frank.

Well, congratulations.

Well, thanks, Marshal.

I think it's about time I
settle down some, don't you?

And he don't mean
at a poker table either.

Frank, you been
here all evening?

Well, I took a little time off.

How long ago was that?

About an hour and a half ago.

And, uh, how long were you gone?

Half an hour, three quarters?

Well, where'd you
go? Anybody see you?

Everybody saw us.

Marshal, what do
you think of a man

that wants to sweet
talk his girl and then

takes her outside
to look at the rain?

Well, look, I, uh,

I'm sorry I bothered
you. I'll see you later.

Won't be here.

There you are.


Doesn't look like it was Frank.

He's got a pretty good
alibi. Polly's been with him.


I'm glad of that
for Polly's sake.

Must have been Nate then, huh?

Let's go pick him up.

Bye, Kitty.

See you later.

Nate, where are you going?

I'll be all right, Ma.
Don't worry about me.

You're running away,
that's what you're doing.

You're running away.

Ma, he's coming back
for me. I know he is.

Now, Nate, you listen to me.

You can run away
from the law all you like,

but you can't run away from me.

If you done it, I'll
punish you myself,

you know that.

No son of mine is
gonna be shamed

by a public hanging.

I didn't do it, Ma.

Then what are you so feared of?

Why you acting so guilty?

I don't want to go to jail.

I tell you, I couldn't stand it.

Now, let me go.


Nate, you come back here.

Mrs. Cumbers.

I'd like to talk to Nate.

Not here.

Not here? Where is he?



Mr. Dillon,

he keeps a horse down
at Moss Grimmick's stable.

Let's go.

He's not there.

You're making a
mistake going there.

Mr. Dillon, if he
got saddled up,

he could go out the backdoor.

Yeah, Chester, you better
swing around that way.

If he tries to get
out, holler, will ya?

All right.


Moss Grimmick? Is that you?

No, it's Matt Dillon.

All right, hold it right there.

All right, now, get up.

You all right, Mr. Dillon?


Too bad you tried to run, Nate.

Let's go.

That about right, Nate?

It's fine.

How's the arm feel?

All right.

You wouldn't of had much to do

if the Marshal's
boot hadn't tore it up.


Well, I'll see ya
in the morning.



I got to get out of here.

Well, I don't think there's
much I can do about that.

How is he, Doc?

Oh, he's fine.
He'll be all right.

- Doc?
- Hmm?

Would you like a little?

Oh, no thanks.

I've sworn off.

You've sworn off of coffee?

I didn't say that. I just
sworn off of that stuff.

Well, well, uh...

well, what'll I do with it?

Good morning, Doc. Chester.

How are you?


Frank, come to see your brother?

Yes, but not in here.
I'd sure like to see him

out on the street. I've got
some business with him.


Us Cumbers, we were taught
to take care of each other.

If Nate did it,

then it's up to
me to punish him.

So, uh, if you just
turn him over to me,

why, uh, it will make
things a lot simpler.

Frank, you know where
the Long Branch is, don't ya?

What are you talking about?

Well, now, suppose
you just get yourself

on back there and take
your fool ideas with you.



He's just a little upset, ma'am.

It's, uh...

Mrs. Cumbers,
what you got there?

Oh, it's, uh, food
for Nate, Marshal.

Oh, we feed him, ma'am.

I mean, we feed him real good.

- Yes.
- Yeah, well, considering.

But I want Nate to have his
regular home-cooked food.

Ain't nothing wrong with
that, is there, Marshal?

Not a thing, ma'am.

You go ahead right in.

I'll, uh, unlock
the cell for you.

Some way to treat a
prisoner. Home-cooked food.


Hey, Matt, did, uh,

Nate ever confess this
thing to you or anything?

Not at all.

Well, what do you
think about it, uh...

you think he's guilty?

Well, Doc, I just don't know.

Everything sure points to it.

Well, I'll be going
home now, Marshal.

Thank you.


Well, Mrs. Cumbers, can
I do something for you?

- It's his evening meal.
- Oh.

I thought I'd leave it, and
he can eat when he wants to.

Well, I guess you'll
want to take it in to him,

won't you?

If you don't mind?

No, not at all.


Here you are, Nate.

You brought supper.

It'll be dark later.

You know I don't like
walking the streets in the dark.


I'm mighty glad you come.

I'm hungry.

Good-bye, Nate.

Good-bye, Ma.

I'll go home now.


Bye, Mrs. Cumbers.

Poor old lady.

- Hi, Fred.
- Hi, Chester.

Help! Chester!


Nate, what is it, Nate?

My belly!

It hurts.


What can I do for you?

My belly!

- I'll get...
- Help me!

I'll get Doc just
quick as I can.

Is he dead, Doc?

Yeah, he's dead.

That's a shame.

Dog gone, I think I might've
been able to save him

if I'd have got
here a little sooner.

Well, Doc, I come to get
ya just as soon as I could.

Oh, well, I didn't mean that.

Doc, why do you say that?

Well, I think he was poisoned.

- Poisoned? No.
- Sure do.

All the symptoms point to
it. I wouldn't be surprised

if this food isn't full of it.

Oh, Doc, that's crazy.

His own ma fixed that for him.

Just like she always said...

her family takes
care of their own.

Well, I've sure heard
Frank talk that way.

Well, I just think that's,
I just can't believe that.

Chester, Mrs. Cumbers
is a strong-minded woman.

Well, only one thing I can do.

I'll take this food up to
the office and analyze it.

Not that I have to.

I'd stake my life
it's been poisoned.

Well, there's one thing, Matt.

You don't have to
worry about hanging him.

Oh, no. That part of it's all
right, except for one thing.

Now I got to put her in here.

Oh, golly, I never
thought about that.

Well, you know, this could
just keep right on going.

What do you mean by that?

Well, I-I mean, Frank
wanted to get Nate outside

so's that he could
take care of him hisself,

and, well, what's he gonna do

now that his own
mother is a murderer?

Oh, he wouldn't
do anything to her.

We're not gonna take a
chance on that anyway.

As soon as we take care of him,

why, we'll get out
there and pick her up.

Ma, are you sure you-you
got everything you want, huh?

I got everything, Frank.

Well, I mean, I can...

I can you get a steak

or-or something from
Delmonico's, huh?

I don't need it.

Oh. Uh.

Ma, uh, the-the burying
went off real well.

I'll-I'll put up a
headstone in a few days.

It's better there ain't none.

Oh, Ma.

You can forgive him now.

Uh, he's already been punished.

It's better there
ain't no headstone.

Whatever you say, Ma.

I better get going. It's...

It's getting on to 5:00.

Say, Marshal,

are they gonna try her?

Yes, they will, Frank.

Well, I mean, if the
court finds her guilty,

will they hang her?

No. That's not likely, but
she'll go to prison, Frank.

All I wanted to do
is just whip him.

You know, whip him
real bad, but now...

Marshal, I'm leaving Dodge.


Well, for a while anyway.

I just... just got to
get away from all this.

My brother's dead,

Ma's in jail.

I just...

I just got to get away.

Well, Frank, I can
understand how you feel,

but don't you think you ought
to be staying around here

with your mother and all?

I can't, uh...

Ma will understand.

Well, where do
you think you'll go?

I don't know.

Abilene, St. Louis.

Bye, Marshal.

Bye, Chester.

Bye, Frank.



Won't you change
your mind, please?

- Oh, Polly...
- Oh...

We've been all through this.

Oh, please, Frank.

Look, we've had fun, haven't we?

I've been good
to you, haven't I?



Well, then.

You don't need me
anymore, is that it?

Polly, I'm coming back.

I mean, some time.

I'll bring you a present.
Would you like that, huh?

And that's supposed to make
up for not taking me with you,

for not marrying me?

Look, I'm in a hurry.


You can't do this to me, Frank.

You just can't do this to me.

Don't tell me what I can't do.

And if you talk,
you'll go to jail, too.

What do you want, money?
Is that what's worrying you?

No, I'm not worried
about the money.



Well, what happened, Polly?

He was trying to run
out on me, Marshal.

Running out on you?!

That's kind of a poor
reason to kill a man, isn't it?

I could have got him
killed another way.

What do you mean?

I could have got
him hung, Marshal.

It was Frank who held up
the store and shot Gus Blake.

Not Nate.

Oh, I don't believe that.

Why should I lie now?

While I was his alibi,
he was good to me.

Then when he didn't
need me anymore, he just...

threw me away.

They believed in
punishing their own.

I guess I was pretty close
to being one of the family.

Wasn't I?


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